Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1958
Page 2
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Page f*»6 HCM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS fttetmtaVsy, f« -i*«i*flu»| i^^^. / i * WO a A.M. ahd 4 P.M. -..Calendar New Concept of Ice Age Is Offered By WASttlNOTON 27 - A formal dance for llth and Program. The last Congress ftuleJ grade students and those of *° "PPropriair funds to cirri this , uiwshjeltd ci-fjp ' be .said | WASHINGTON (AP)—A rovolu- ! But alicndy R< ro Is the acicage |Ifohary new concept of the tee reserve phase of the Soil Bank *"" J —'-'- J —- - Age depicted one great thnt temporarily buculcd the upper United States to groat depths. WCollege age will ije held' 'at lhp i P n . aso through 1039 " Hi ftichord J. Lotlg<*d of Clark '•Hope Country Club on Saturday, I Hpmtuhing is the conservation _ university, Worcester. Mass,, of' 4 Dec. ft beginning nt 8-30 prn.|P hosc l ' ndf>1 ' *hirh farmers sign ,", Hosts ahd hostesses will be Mr I s Ul Ij'-yar contracts, ngrepinjf lo >- and Mrs. George ftobison, Mr. and' us C the hind only for soil rcvltalix- ^-Mrs. Albert Graves and ,Mi '""" ~ ' " 'Mts. dtforgp Peek. fared the idea. Ho said there is evidence ID support a theory that much of (ho Net-ice and 'n,g., legumes, ponds or wild lifci l °P llfl 'f "f the country was toin- fionservation, f pornrily depressed to, depths up The dcndbnr- for 10.53 nlerlfffs,<" 2.0(10 f"et by n massively heavy hits psrsped j Ico sheet. 1 ASC officials snid Arkansas! 1" nis concept clashes with clns- ~ ,• * +. • , ^, ^ ,, fn »'fner« offered to pledge- a half Triplicate Bridge Club will million neves but Congress had aiot meet until Jan. 5 sic theories of fee Age history. It hns long been held that there were font separate pcuods of Coining and Going Mr. and Mrs. Fred Yocotn of the Soil Bank — compared to this ttkwston. Texas, iMr. mid Mrs. \V. , *' (<ar>s 2fi million dollars. E. Sanders, Tom Yocom and chil-,. "Congtt-ss mav in-iM on icdito- f/n1y provided enough funds f< i 310,000 additional acres. i flaciation affecting the United Thus, in 1059, Ai Kansas farmers States, with more or less modor- will realize only pB,703.888 from ' ate effects on the earth's cruslal profile. l,ou«c presented his re^coninn Friday at the opening session o't dien, Sylvia and Thomas (Howard ' tn K tn e cost nt ihr faim program 125th annual meetine of the Atncr- of Hope was the guest of Mr nncl of the future," Mill- told a recent,'can Assn for the Advancement 'Mrs. Joe'Ross and family. Chiist "tnai boy. Arkansas' agricultural meeting "But it will still npprnpriaip substantial sums 'for agriculture if I; members rtro. convinced that they arc working'|'hen. "in a mighty upheaval that of Science. He contends that treat ureas temporarily bnsiiied and ; toward a permanent solution. CdriUnUed.. From Page One •control of blackbirds. But an out-of-Ftate farmer re"ported this discovery: Blackbiid? - don't like rock 'n' roll music. • i ln the year nhend I Our "I'Rep -Wilbur Mills (D-Ark) has genie A Magic Circle Continued From POKO One by three nowly-bullt causeways. Tropic Flower Show lust objective \\as photo- Gardens, an all-'vear ^ / *"-l J ' ,, »IWU* *!i.n.-> \iv-/urv. .lii T j fc\.-|ML. Ollimi.'!! U <1 I C1OI1S Mil Illl-VeOI* ,,-wai-nod thnt Congress may trim show of Uopical flou-eis. enhanced -iback Us.agricultural programs He (by pink Flamingos Among other • .urged'that farm lenders help wnt» things to see nnd do in St Peters- new legislation to solve mmmtint! burs: the popular shuffle board . government - held surpluses anvl club ». llh , 00 p<n|rts nm , lholtsands the cost-price squeeze. Congress will be less responsive to proposals for expensive govorn- menl aid to the farmer, he sold, because, of mounting expenditures in other areas. *" This year farmers in Arkansas , nnd the rest of the nation voted .overwhelmingly for continued &ov- ernmenl controls on acreage allotments for cotton and rice. Continued quotas meant a butter pr-ice | of members, lawn .bowling, horseshoe pitching, chess, checkers nnd Softball. Outstanding in the latter catcrgory is the Old Timers Softball League, But youtli also must be served, so St. "'Petersburg hns come up with .tho^ first city-oporntcd charm ]. Thore wng ono t t| . school, Here, centers are taught nental glncur that spread over the Many'™ " °?..^™^L™^:\ Mc ™ P»rts of North America presumably represents an undue tow of thousands of cubic miles of rock fluid under the continent, tin? depressed glaciated regions from ihe Atlantic to the Pr.clfic began to rise " For 30 years, Louge said, he hns accumulated evidence in New England to support his theory. And last summer, he related, he picked up new evidence in the West anc. Far West. He said that up to now it has been assumed in the latter sections thnt there had been no such hing us a gigantic upwarping of the earth's crust after glacial action had subsided. snid he had found indications instead of four repealed meltings nnd reformings of iec caps in the Mississippi Valley, as classically held, the following took place: SCOURGE OF GRASS—Johnson Grass, a parasitic weed ' unknown to Midwest farmers a decade ago, threatens to spread its deadly growth over a, wide area of the nation's breadbasket. Farmer Charles Cnssoutt explains the sword-like*grass growing more than 10 feet high in Kaskaskia, 111. The Amer--' lean Farm Bureau and Soil Extension Services are battling , to get rid of it. support. V Although com producers - Ar- J»"J»riiy use 'kansaV relatively few agreeing •-1 " s . n f' e thc "' .-voted'to end acreage icstrictior,?. m » M <™<™ an'-agricultural official pointed out , ,that there would have been little Many gp on to «reater things as^rom Canadian centers, extendin- models and even mpvic stars. The i as far south as where SI Louis" - — -- ..... as where St. Louis. majority use the benefits obtained Mo., lies today. , differnce in the corn price support ' °y . no matter how they had voted. -»,, ; "Tljey ,jusl felt that FIIICO s man-object Motorists have n treat in store .for .them ns they leave the city way of the remarkable Sun- Skyway, a toll highway il (which crosses nine miles of the bay : w mnde little difference in price sup-,• port they plight do- belter with an DIXIE DRIVE-IN THEATRE Tonitc & Sunday TWIN - ACTION , FEATURES — PLUS — Comedy,'- Wesfern 'Once Upon d Horse' 7 , COLOR by means of a series of fills and, bridges, and which saves. 40 miles to the lower west coast. The great central span, which towers stones to above height the water. of 15 permits 2, As the great ice cap melted, a deep ice-front Jake was formed, spread Over thousands of square miles of the prairie states from Ohio to thp Dakota?. 3. Hugo icebergs crashed long in thc open waters of the "lake," dropping Canadian stones — some weighing up lo 16 tons—on *he uplands of northern Kentucky, the Frictionless Auto Bearings Being Used By DAVID J. WILKJE AP Automotive Wr,iter DETROIT (AP) — , Frictionless bearings that require no lubrication apparently are coming in 1 for wider use in automobiles. ; Initially the bearings have been Aho passing of ships (bound for the port of Turn pa nnd offers an unhampered view of the area for miles around. .Next 1o greet\vjur eye is'Sara- 1 sola, a rapidly growing commun-! ity famed for its Jungle Gardens mosaic tile creation of da ci .,- s unbroken stretch of white beach, -^ast Supper." and the foothills of the Ozarks. •!, Thorp was an pmprgep.ce of ice-fed rivers, nnd the formation of deep canyons, as the ice melted, "while mammoths and mastodons tramped the plums far nnd wide." and as winter quarters of the Ringling- Brothers Circus. The Ring- ling'Museum houses valuable sculp turo and paintings, and the Circus Nearby Winter Haven is home of the Florida Citrus Museum, open all year. Five miles east nrp the ibeatitiful Cypress Gardens, famed Museum displays all the old and /or both wntcl , skiing sho \ vs and colorful gear of the days when the "big top" was on wheels. Other (highlights are the Cars of Yesterday and the Music Box Arcade. - Turning northward (Florida 17), you drive through cattle and phosphate mining country to Late Wales, in the heart of Hie scenic citrus section, which is noted for ilhe Bok Singing Tower and the Mountain Lakes Sanctuary, with its-world-famed carillons and rare, plantings, Millions hnve visited it since it was first developed by Ed•ward Bok in 1923. 'Hero Hlso is the Blacic-"HUM Passion PJay, stag- i'cl iii a natural ( amphitheater, and •the neanby Great Masterpiece, a - Tonite lliQO P, rare blooms from all parts of 1)10' Another innovation may be world, relocation of exhaust -muff Lakeland is a pleasant spot to end your 'Magic Circle tour of the area. It offers a choice of 13 lakes within its city limits, with gpod 'bass fishing in most (Polk County hns 600 lakes). Pause to see Flori- day Southern College, occupying buildings designed by world fam- testod on They have been used.for knuckle and ball joints, especially in ster- inu mechanisms, The fnctiop.less bearings fare made of strong plastic and cotton strands impregnated with a phe-. nolie 'plastio -Thet manufacturer says they can replace many Conventional metal-to-metal ''bearings. In a recent test the bearings were used in approximately 200,000 miles of simulated trpvul without lubrication, They showed no signs of appreciable wear or oxidation, ( the .ers. Ward's Automotive Reports says one leading car maker is ^conducting experiments with the; exhaust system at the front end. "Information is the V-S instal- Jctions would have' " mufflers j standing upright under each front' tender," Ward's says. It adds th'at resonators would i be ed Architect Frank 'Lloyd Wright, l s »J<?nc»ng . ..... ( _ Break for Motorists (Placed, one on tap of-the other, If you like to swim,- or just! 0 " the J ron * snlle - floor. (The sit nnd wntoh the mermaids — then it is good tidings that . of short would oxhaust discharging pipe be well forward beneath lllt'lt JL 1» KUUU VUUllilS V4taV tlHU»V V)1 , +1 ' j' L "^^ ' • i* the new hosteh-ies being opened, * Bepri « ndiator gjul!o ' P OInUng rea - f ' and whiph are geared to 'the motorists' needs 'and, whirns, are equipped with swiinming ipools, With this usually stEindafd, TV room ajf conditioning-heating and e.v celJent dining facilities, •Among those yisHed by Magic Circle field reporters^ are the two- stqry kqSqnds, Western 'Hills in Shrevpport, J^a. ty.S. BO) built a_- roynd the pool . . . Groton 1 Motor Inn in Conne.ctjp\it , , . Holiday IfiUl, Jvansps Cjjy, ft^o. . , , Western jjjjls |nn. Enter?, Texas (State 183 between 'Dallas and Fort Worth.) - , , in San Franciscp, thp Motel Capri ... in 'MJnneapoJis ,the Cyrtj? Hoie] i'3^ S J) fi w ^djap- en^ jTiotqc Ip^gp in the heaj't, of *h^ cjty, whjpl) not Pflly has a ipool 'but morning pal) sj's|e|Ti by buzzer, eJee}}-Q,n,ic gijegt f'PSistrar tion system, from thp ga}.eh,ause, ice without bejln>en, pipture WJiV- ward, Claimed for the new exhaust system, sa.ys Ward's, is a sharp reduction jn ba,pk pressure, mak- i ng for more po " ve '' a ]( , ss ^ (e} C0)isv)nipt j 0n The agency r.dds' tljat the discharging systems as presently are exnpnsiye .apd inef Evnnge|ist;'John Polizzi"' ' Special Revival Services will be conducted at the ,South Side Assembly beginning December 28th through ,January 4th at 7:30 P, M, was announced today by Pastor S, Joseph Geno, There will be special music at each service, prayer for the sick, and old fashioned gospel preaching^by our invited guest, Mr. Pollzzi is a prfessional musician having played with various symphonic bands and is at present band master'in one of' the High Schools in'St, Louis, Mo. The revival .meeting will be for one week only-and the public is Invited'to attend, It does not, presently appear likely the so-called trans-axle system, or front-end, exhaust installation ' will ' be introduced before 1961 or 1962,,Preliminary work on 1960 models already is, well along. Most industry experts agree however, that .ear' engineers are about ready for 'a rnajpr opera'- tion on-the hupp'in, the car floor, Needed.' to provide space for the , ,.. . . . , ..,. transmission and drive shaft, ii and,' interfere with good- has increased in sjze 'as the cars cpr frame cQn?|rugtion practice, j have been lowered in height. prgsbyjerian Sunday §5hesl Party H?!d , The Presbyterian Sun^sj' Sphop] - 1J {hejr Christmas party pn isjon< evening a,t thp church,. depai-tn>e s nt? of Jhe Sujiijgy •tftflH papi 'ijl -P$'e$enVfr»J!'i'h,9 ias'^srwrfl... ggfeft^eJL' »••'. ~ areas an4 s pool nine dining ," -the-Primary presented -a pQ 6 r,> and gonf; the ' •with a heated, .pool, £luj $\\es hotel splendor;* a«4 -Tth9 tal ppnver. a swgjjjj fl -weH wjthin 4h? pjly limits on new yaliey Bil&ay iW-§. 81 >• Florida ha? Us SUstQmgry winter 'bevy of new hos{glrie§ des(gne4 entries -the CMppia} toy ;ture wit!; 2@Q jy\j(g, yljlph J efs jia an,e sjory " in<l " ~ ' Billion p J Ml ,-t in ( Jiqi gng byi too juniQr P?pf- 'repjsecl Uj^e birtli of Ch,rif4; ty» 'Pion?;?rs and. Seniors prgjeiafsd ft,p 9 g^ P| - aijd AJ J- Fellowship aliRg. yj|it§ w mi p| SH?f9; v«ff a^«j^.- fiefc '*Jift Mr«.'4{!H> ig^rtW^K .i^sllK-f ^;)§f ibesutifujly 'tree after which refreshment? were served at rjaynjes jpajry Queen. 'Present were 1 ^d^ie Rayj)es, M'Pore, Jjrnipy 'Nick Peters pijge, fpmmy Jones, Burjdee, iMjsses Jane er, Jean 'Pgchaftani Jeann^' Jones, ' Cr-u.se, «nd Pvt. gn Jobnsipn of jjp.\vpopt Ddfifors Say Man May B« 188 Years Old Iran (At»)*-two &°<i* tors; h4v6 examined Sa.Ved All Saieh Kufdhi and have corhe away SSyifit "they' arc convinced he Is anywhefe ff-orn 156 lo JS8 .Vcar* old. Kuiphl says ne is 185. Aftdh the r.ged man's story wa« published ifi newspapers the gov- efhhibHt sehl Iwo doctor^ to the Village of keluseh to hirh. Aftef a Iho^tigh ei they issued ft coJnmuhiqtie suyihtf "ift the cdurse of the eJtaitiinatiort he age of Saycd AH Saieh Rutahi as estifnated betwoeh l5S aiid 188." they said the Waft Was healthy eMcept for a weakness in Hie eye?. ears and softie HerVes. the two doclot-s Wet-e Arnif ttaJfly.eh. head of a dish-ict health department, fihd Abdul Vahabj. head of the district's hygiene department. gland's Reserved,- French Plane Foils, 3 of 70 Arc Killed SA.L1SSURY. Southern Rhodesia (AP)—A French airliner with to people aboard crashed on tiikeoff and burned here today, three South African ipassehgers were killed. twenty persons Were taken to a lospital with injuries, The piano wrs totfillv de."troyed. H had left Johannesburg earlier today for Paris via Brazzaville on Rock are spending two weeks with Mr. and Mrs. A. 'M 1 . Rettig, Kathy and Ellen. Mrs. J. B. Ritchie is the holiday guest of iiyir. and -Mrs.. Pat Fore and Sharman in iHattisburg, iMlss Mr, and Mrs. Fadjo Cravens Jr. and sons Chad, Tommy and' Ben of Fort Smith are.the guests of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bemis. Miss Opal Daniel of Hope was the Chrisfmas Day guest of Miss Hazel Matlock. boar borolhy Dix: t'm a fnah of 48 and up to this time have flattered myself that I could solve any problem involving a woman. Now I admit I'm stuck and am turning to you for advice, f take a bus to busi- rtesS every day and for several months a Jady has been taking a from fny corner. She's about 40, blonde, Very attractive and dc- ifihileiy different from any \vorhah 1 have ever known. Naturally 1 have tried to get acquainted but she manages lo resist every effort oh my part to make headway With her. Is there anythirtg 1 can do to convince her of my sincere interest —Lohhie bear Lohhie: A woman at such resistance must have a reason tor it — possibly a husband and some teehagers who need schooling moiiey. You seem like a nice guy and if she had any inclination ^to pursue a friendship with you, I'm sure you would know it by now, GiVe up bbfore you land in hot water. •Dear Dorothy Dix; I've been going steady for two years with a boy who claims he loves me and 'talks . about marriage'. One thing -bothei's hie, He kee>s about six .pictures of ,his old girl .friend in h.ts wallet. Do you suggest "that 1 ask to gel rid of them before I take his ring, or let it go until .after? — reari Deal- PeaM: Uon'.t let any ma decision wail ithtij after you get too late. Settk the picture Llu& right hov. V Dear tJorothy tliJt; Several yeai-s afeo it,y husfeahd ,\Vas divorced ffbrh his first wlfS ahd she obtained ttlstbdy of their 1 child. She t-ethati-ied ahd hef hus« btind died fecehlly, Mow she wahtg Jo sue itiy 'husibaHd lof stippoM of this child. What chaftBe does slie havd of getting M We're hot tort well off ahd hnVe two children,---* Mdryanhe tleaf'M'afyahhei Vottf hxtstad should Cdhslilt a lawyer to Tihd out whefe he ^tahds, Mis respoR* sibility is largely dependent oh the terms of the divorce decree, bear Dorothy Dix! My 22'ycar*old son ,is about to beeorrie engaged to his childhood sweetheart. HoW does he go about asking her parents' approval of the match? Should he ask both patents together; of jttst her father?' —. Mrs. T, P. f, '•Dear Mrs. T, P.I'It's a thoughtful gesture to ask'both parents together. ' 'The girl should not- (be inclilded at thls-.intei.'.vievV., ,,..'*, Miss (Patsy Marcers of Amity and Miss BillJe Sue Waters of Helena, practice teachers from HSTC are spending the holidays at their respective homes. Mrs. Martha* Johnson, Johnny Jo and Stacey Lee of Grand Prairie, Texas are the guests of her parents, Mr, land (Mrs. Vuel Chamberlain. Mr. and Q\Irs. Dallis Atkins are *he guests of Mr. and 'Mrs. Duncan Mitchell and children in Kansas City. a South African travel agency. The plane, a DIG of the Uniorl lAeromaritime de Transport, a private.' French airline, 'carried G3 passengers and a crew of seven. It took off in a blinding rainstorm, and was airborne for only 30 seconds before'it crashed back to the runway. •Christmas holiday crowds watched horrified from the airport balcony as the plane burned on the ground. . . M, S. BATES District Manager 'PIONEER • WESTERN LIFE Phont: PRoipect 7-4494 Hope, Arkantaa CHRISTMAS SPECIALS You can't afford ,to mist. Come by and make your appointment early. JAN ELL'S BEAUTY SHOP West Ave. B and Margaret St. ALL 6 VOLT STARTERS AND GENERATORS - REBUILT - $4.95 EXC. V All Ports For Cors And Trucki • All Site Full Cop Tirci, Alto New And Used Tiret! ie Glass & Salvage Co._ Hwy. 67 Weit Hope, Ark. Phone 7-27i6 .1. . You, the Merchant... You advertise. Why? ^T~- ^— :':•' • r ^^ To talk with people about merchandise? , To.keep your store name;;;:, :,^ before pepplejajsi a'remjnderf: of your services? To; create ; store traffic?. , Whatever your bbjectiiye, your advertising message must be exposed tp a ->,V "!~-p""J"!i-'fv~ • $" Our drciilation our audience that's an indication of voluntary , response, Jwst hpvv responsive are th readers of our paper? figures will till ypu hpiy fold; wh^f they;Arf |pj(d ; pay, ain4 a host of h was - ^enprpus TT^n at 9 jtestiniopja} djnnor {g? •P-^^.^^^.^m^s

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