Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 26, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1958
Page 3
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MJIf, Bgeemfc*i li, 1ISI H8 PI IT At, , AIKANSAI 7-3431 Between i A.M. ifld 4 P.M. Calendar z? A formal danco for IHh and 12th grade students and those of college age will 'be held at Ihe Mo-pe Country (jlut) on Saturday, 'fiec. 2*? beginning at 8:30 fJ.rh", Hosts and hostesses will be Mf, aftd Mrs. deorge Robison, Mr. and Mrs. Al'bert Graves and Mr. ahd ^Irs. deorge Peck, Notice riope Duiplidate Bridge Club will hot meet ttntil Jan. 5. were Christinas day guest of MtS. C". <3. Hughes 1ft Nashville. iMr. ahd Mrs, 'Sen HayHeg aftd family of Hotistoh, Texas' Af-fc Visiting Mrs, fins' Hayftbs and other relatives" ill Mope. Mr. ahd Mrs. Charles A, VonU ahd daughters of ©alias, Texas Will •arrive today to speftd the weekeHct with Mr, >artd .Mrs. J. C, daflloh oH East 3rd st. WilsoH'Ltvely Exchange Vows Miss June Wilson of Texarkana, Texas became the bride of Travis Lively of Hope in an Impressive < Dllblc-ALng ceremony, Saturday, ec. 20 at 7 p. m. in the Rosehill Baptist church in Texarkana. After the wedding a reception Was held in the home of Mrs. Grady Hotiser, sister of the bride. The couple will reside in Texarkana, Texasi Coming and Going , (Lester Hobtos of 'Little Rock ;pent Christmas in Hope with iahd relatives. Miss Auric HUlitly and Mi's. (Mary Jacgei' had Mr, ahd Mi's. J. Ji. Rhodes ahd family of Waldo as guests oh Christmas, The ittowai'd flartnim family of , Oklahoma City arrived Thursday j to spend the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. L. D. BamUrn, iahd they I Will all be joined on Saturday by IMr,. ahd iMrs. tJalc Sarnum and 1 family of Austin, Texas, 'Oh Wednesday, IMr. 'and Mrs, W. B. fLee of Tyler, Texas, and Mrs, J. B. (Laskuy of Ft. Worth, Texas, arrived to spend 'Christmas With Mrs. J. W. L.ee 'and Mrs. Roy Stephenson, Mr. and 'Mrs. E. H. Stewart AENGER *' 2 TONITE & SAT. GIANT ACTION HITS Miss Jean (Laster of Hot Springs is spending the holidays with friends and relatives in Hope. iMr. and Mrs. Joe Barrcntine land children of Pine Bluff are visiting Mr. 'and Mrs. C. E. Barren- dine and IMr. 'and Mrs. O. H. Allen. GARY HURT LANCASTER . TKHNICOLOII IREICASCD1HRU UNITED MUSTS — PLUS — STERUNG (Mr. and IMrs. S. A. Hutson of Ft. Smith were Christmas guests of Mrs. Claudia Hutson, other rela lives, • and (friends, •Mrs. Stith Davenport and 'Sanders were joined on Christmas Eve by M'r. and Mrs. John Pau Banders of Fiayetteville and al spent Christmas in IE1'Dorado witl the Frip Hill family. Hospital Notes Memorial Hosplt al COLOR CARTOON Admitted: Ray Morrison, Rt. 3 Hope, .Ark,; Mrs. James P.. Ken ney, Hope, Ark.; Patricia Ann Jeanes, Columbus, Ark.; Mr. Cecil Wyalt, Sheridan, Ark. Discharged: Joe Daniels,, Bodcaw, Ark,; Mrs. Billy Don Dougan and baby iboy, Washington,' Ark.; Lorene Martin and baby boy, Hope, Ark, Fred Harris, Rt. 3, Hope, Ark, Mrs. Adcll Marlar, Hope, Ark. Ray Morrison, Rt. 3, Hope, Ark, Mr, Carl Gilbert, Rt. 3 Hope, Ark. Patricia Ann Jeanes, Columbus, Ark. Mr, and Mrs. James P, Kenncy of Hope, Ark., announce the arrival of a baby boy December 24, 1958. Late Show Saturday 11:00 P, M. , Branch Hospital Admitted: Mrs, James Hatfield, Hope, Ark,; Mrs, J, T. Smith, Hope, Ark. Discharged: Mr. Benson Poster, Hope, Ark, j Mr, Ira Turner, Washington, Ark,; Mrs, Esther Ward, Ilope, Ark,; Mr, Ronnie Hatfield, Washington, Ark,; Mrs, Audie Rich- \irdson', Hope, Ark,; Mrs, Ncal Cornelixis, Dallas, Texas; Mrs, Phil DclVecchio, Hope, Ark, Mr, and Mrs, Jame? Hatficld an* nouncc the arrival of a baby boy December 23, J958, STARTS SUNDAY Watches Show and Decides on Pet The story of, a sergeant who "promot* " himself re g 6IN- . army of 12 s?d s JQ the m95t hilarious Yigfory gf the war! GREENSBORO, S.C, <AP) »- Eleveivyea!i J -old Bruce SiappeJ's idea oj his own Christmas present was born last year as he watched u skunk oiv television, The animal's perforrnanpe con- vmced v Pruce he needed a new pet, ~ ' 1 pruce spent the ne*t s|s m°nths 'trying to convince his family. The propaganda campaign ended, this vyeel; when Bruce was pcrniJUed, lo buy Petunia— a b.lack.'Ewd>wh,U e sk,unK without B gcgnl -to hey frame, ^ 'There wer? P couple of tjons! Petunia, though gua Jo be d.eod.ori?o4, myst }jye m the bapkyaj-d, and some hamsters Bruce has, been wising \ViW to go, , - r Jap Orchestra Was Formed in 703 A. D. TORVtf (AP) — froi more than 12 bcHlUHcs, Japan's Imperial Court Orcfitislfa has eiltetlalhed kings Afid khatcs, pMhCcs arid plotters iH ah tihchafigirig Mlual thai was old eV'ctt bcfOt-fe llld Vlolih hiade jts Europbah debut. Founded in '•OS A. tJ.i the orchestra has faithfully conserved he cream of ancient Indian and dhiflese imtsifi to gaill its soubriquet as the "Conservatory of the Vord." Its queer harmonics and woird minds have puzzled. Western cars ii- centuries, But only recently studies havn shown that the 200 ancient compositions that make Up the m-* ehestra's repertory bear close sim- laHtlcs to the modern atonal and 2*lone music of Schocnberg, Berg md Hindomith and may have in- lUchccd Debussy at an earlier ime, 'During ils iloiig 1 history, the orchestra has been manned only jy members of its founding fanv lies — except for olio' musician n the group's present 28 mem- jcrs and seven trainees. its Instruments have been exact replicas of the original ones Imported from China and Korea in .he Seventh and Eighth Centuries. Most of the ancient unwritten laws governing the orchestra are still in force. All the members are male. Not a single female musician has been allowed to participale in the court orchestra during the past 1,285 years. Five years ago, Emperor Hir- ohilo sent his kappclmeisler to the court treasure house at Nara, the ancient capital in western Japan. The chief count musician, Sukchiro Shiba, CO, cleaned one original bamboo flute of Its 1,200 years of dust and played the inslrumenl. Tlie "A" tone of the ancienl flute recorded 440 frequencies, ex actly the same as the current in- ternalionally agreed concert pitch. Shiba, direct descendant of the Korean prince who came to Japan in the Seventh Century to organize the orchestra, says: "I was overjoyed at the d'scovory." The court orchestra normally has 16 instruments of eight kinds. "In the early clays, we had many more instruments," Shiba said, "But our ancestors dolor- mined some were musically superfluous and discarded them." Wind is represented by ryute'd, ihichirikl and sho, Ryuteki is almost the same as the Western Clule and Hichiriki is a cross between the flageolet and piccolo. Sho does i,ot look like any \Vcsl- crn instrument, Thirteen diffo.'- enl pipes ranging up lo a fool long cluster around a barrel. When Ihe player blows into Hi? (barrel sho sounds like several different clarinets and saxophones played together, In addition to three ancient drum-like affairs, the percussion section includes a big cas- tenet • like instrument and two huge drums more than six feet in diameter, surrounded by sy n- bolic flames in relief with Ust> -Irngoas and two phoenixes each. Th? IWT large drums arc used when the orchestra plays com 1 danco music. So, a 13.string harp, and biwa, a six-string lute, form Ihe siring section, Like.their Western cowl* ftcrparts, these instruments are plucked, never sawed. The court orchestra members perform in formal recitals on an elevated, carpeted" platform surrounded by red balusters. The musicians, wearing brown medieval costumes a|nci bljack headgears, play t in a squattinp position on the floor, "Normally throe percussion Players take the front row positions, 1 followed by ,two harps on the right and 'two lutes* on the left, Three fliites, threp flageolets and three sho come behind the four strings, " Jfarmony of Ijio court music is ompMely different from usual Vesierp concepts, -The Japanese arrnony js all dissonance under Vestern theory, But -the djssonanpe as 1 g pleasing sound because of •peculiar tones of the instru- New Childs Manager in Hope — Slar Engraving. • • Don Simpson NEWLY APPOINTED manager of Childs Supermarket In Hope, succeeding Harold Knlghti manager of the past two years Is Don Simpson who will assume his new duties December 29, It was announced by Alvln Childs, -president of the Childs Big Chain. Mr. Knight Is receiving a promotion ..and a transfer to one > of the company;. CT.nW'wmS^SSSl.n with Child, for five years and has been a manager of Texarkana Store No. 17 and 18 for the nast two years. H: is married, the father of two daughters, Deborah Joy and Donna. Together with his wife, Bernice and daughters, Don Is moving to Hope within the near future., How Fast Is! -6,500th of a Second? Stops Buzz-Saw The other-day Hope Star bought a second professional model Polcroic! camera and, to eliminate flash-bulbs,-equipped it with an electronic flash, The Ascorlight electronic flash can be stepped up to 1/6,50Cith of a second.' Just how fast is that? ' * ' Any newspaper plant has a good, way of testing It. Back^in our shop Is a metal saw. The elecfric motor, turning 1,750-rmps a second, is belted to give twice that speed, or 3,500 rpms, on'the CirCU ' a /bovTis the lest photograph. In the original-print ,the whirling saw teeth (arrowjcouldI be counted, by the naked eye. ••• -. , --^-- -T j-• Wales is the eniy part ef th e Isipg where' g 9 id -has ' it YW9 liwt mined by s in tl)e Kfe All the pourt mu?io tunes can e played accur^tely-d-from the recjHeney viewpoint, not tonal- y *-T by Westprn instruments, in'"""~£ Keyboard instruments Ji^c and, organ. nfi^ WS 3ll the pourt must* ians'"garf read and play a}l t h c insieni • phinese music scores eeorded, in letters, not the nor- T13J musical notes, " . "from rny studio? j found that ,bgut 4,56Q years a.°'o,* the Chi* lose su,cppedp4 in creating the I'nll.tr.rrjpepnjJ $CalP, Which .- Igbssvian Bach developed ttoi' l, wo year? ^ inter, the gavjrl mu> Congress Faces . , who t-felired from ie Schrtlti to seek the governor- ilp of CnliforniH. Me lost that ace. Lyndon H. Johnson of TPX- s eohlimlcs ns Senate bernocrnl- d lendot. lte|s. Salt* Rrtyburn tt)-TcS) is Hfiltt lo be re-elected Spenkrr r the House — ts post he hits held pYP—Binoculars with bwH-Jn camera arq now bejn'ir t JffiQSSw&U* lb* ''CamWbo^ it pornuta tt» j ^.^r to zero in; on iwaway^Qbje-~ ' 'gnap_ a telescopic picture;, I .->,' L , l push fl button rod- gd; scalp pd tft»t js why tlip ancient S9i<Wl!iS5 with today's, ' epurt musiciaiis Jigvp bpen sf Jipj.'J4ajp^ty's Jiju? 1 ^^" 13 ' c ws aid by ShP mon- TOfeofs }\a,ye tu- es ^pcj prjrie^sges m ' QHApTiR Adam Jpvcd hjs daughter, mainly because she was, Hope's, and hjsj together th*>y Md created, icr, together she „ was shared. Mysteriously the baby-VPS a gu'l vho had once been a #irl in a garden but now was someone dlffoipnl. This he could not explained to his wjfe, »r myone else, ' yhere w»s no friction between n'm and tfupe beejutisu of &»'' rpy's surfjcf ,d,emj.nds,. whpthpr it was. wiping 8t night or a-p^*} ja the roiuyi—SftinpUr/vM* ' Ught-i- go "tonight. J'U «§y and tpll them,, day off »nd 't like to ask her to chapge' f' Because Hope might be qy'cr- tjred ?nd • thepcfp're' ,e d g y, ' J^a, never that,' not tho outer riiaQds whiP^, f-mmy in her Jightfuf ignorance ,.304 JntegraJ wjgdpm madc^. The frictioij was cantered around inner ' * Ui-lhdr q U o s 11 o ns» tind these fldn'l been asked since early in icir Trtarrlngc. How much, wny, ow, with' what lever tt Is not ronsonable, nor Is it diilt, to be Jenlous of someone mall and dependent whom you ourselt love and for whom you vould make" the most astonishing acrlticc; someone for whom you ire responsible, H is not reason ble, but It happens. What he did hot,-, for a lime, call/c was that Hope knew, and hen one nrglit while Emmy slept nd they sat logclher he UTted ils eyes -from his paper, and hers vcre raised from her book, and he spoke lo him from a liltlo Islance away, "Adam," she said, •I love Emmy, loo, but It's dif erenl, darling." Her eyes word joggars. they were enormous am' hey wore frightened. She sold 'We loVe her. Shcs ours — oh net In the sense of eating her up —and, of course, sho belongs to lersclf. Bui ours jusl Ihe samr> Bui we are each other's." In the spring following Emmy' birth, Hal and Marly wen abroad. Marly had tor years been HI,- leresled In sponsoring overseas children who wore In want. One of their projects was to look In upon several of those, scattered about Europe and to llncl o family- remotely connected with Marty's first husband. Jim's cousin, younger than himself, had married abroad nncl kept in touch with him: he and Marty had seen her and her children on their woddingi journey. The children had grown, the war had come and during it lhor« was no communication. ACler- wards Marty had tired to trace Ihe famiily, with no success. Now she succeeded. She found a 12- yenr-old girl culled llildegnrdo. -There was no q u e s I i o n of adoption. Wildegarde had parents, willing lo lei her have Ihe opportunity but not willing entirely to give her up. Proper strings were pulled. Hal was made the chfld's guardian, and after a considerable wait and much red tape they ilcw home with her. She WPS a ,loll, quid child with dark eyes and fair hair; sl.r spoke little English, but her oycn alkcd: they spoke of want, If insecurity and of gratitude. Her mother worked; her father was in a sanitarium, There were 10 other lis'lng children. Marly said afterward that Ilildcgardt 1 did not cry the clay she loft her meager home Sho simply spoke .o her mother, in their own Ian- guag'c, and kissed, her check; nor did the mother cry, She had sh'od her quota of tears. "Hildcgarde has accepted us." Marty told Hope. She accepted Marly's love nnd Hal's outgoing affection; sho was, you 'saw at onco, anxious \u please them, Sho accepted the shortening of her name and the tulor who was to teach her Kng- lish; she accepted the' housq , in the country, the cocker they gave her, and later the pony, always with joy, which WPS not 'firticii- late, tout deep,- always with n faint trace of anxiety. She learned the new language adequately and-quickly and then went to school with othor chil dreiv .Every week she wrote home, and every week thu an swers came. They were so happy with her, Marty and Hal, Marly said, "Y o u I h, In the house." She s m Hod, "J don't Relievo Hal ever remembers I'm so much oj d a r. It's wonderful, because I do Jook it, 'But he needs lo have someone ne:>r, growing UP, young, exciting—for children arc always cxciling, 1 \vould rather have found a boy, fpr companionship,' But the -moment he saw HUdegarde his heart was sot pn her.' "I wonder why" asked Jiopo Jfllcr of Adam. Adam tried to explain, but gave up because he couldn't analyse his feeling that Hal must always be head of the house, assort his masculinity, and have no compe- UUon. Ho didn't know wl *y he felt this, but he did. (I? - - " , CAP ON STRAIGHT?—Culb pooch Sugflt', ( 6f Ohio, faces cruel winter wcathat' with, n sinall^smllfe co»fldent| that her elaborate attire will Insulate well. Pefhaps those blg^ carmiifTs don't quite reach Sugar's cars but Ihey can,be ad justed^ Sugar's prop belongs UK the General Tiro Company > ot Al«rp&.-$ ]•! years, longer than nny other man. 'Hep, John W, MeCormnch- of Massnchusutl will , be ,P,lcked again- 'as House (Democratic leader (Rep. Joseph W. Martin Jr. also of Massachusetts; will con- Unuc as Republican leader. School Closing Continued From Page One valid. . Special Pulask! Chancellor 12u gone D. Wnrcn sustained a df rn'urrur ngnlnsl Iho suit and'dis missed it. A darptin'or .is nloga j)loading assertingl that no cause of action exists. Today's appeal was filed by Little Hock attorney Kenneth C. Coll'elt on behall of Mrs.' Gwrrclt. The stale hlah court probably will jiot got' around lo a' ruling on Ihe appeal under customary routine lor several months. Colin' Turnbull, .famous Scottish anthropologist, spent the,last thi r ca years living with pigmy, tribes',In Die Melgian Congo, Shortly ho' become, director- of the Afr Department of the Museum of Natl- urn History In New York. ' r . •' The University of Micl)lgan f - mnintains a,".Speech Camp" to air doys who Mi S. BATES District Manager PIONEER • WESTERN ' ' Phone! < PRospect 7-4464 Hope, Arkansas CHRISTMAS SPECIALS^; You can't 'afford to Come by and make your, ap-j/ polntment early. V- . -* < r ^ JANELL'S'BEAUTY SHO)?' West Ave... 3 and Margaret St." ALL 6 VOLT SjARTERS^AND p* GENERATORS - REBUILT - $4.95 EXC. ———• — • ' —: T7[ ,. ^ ,» JTTr ~f • All Ports For Cars And Trucks* ^ ; ;, • AH Size Full Cap Tires,, Also New And Used Tires!/ Wylie Glass ,„.., Hwy, 67 West , .Hope, Arjc. Phone 7-2786 ^ to go tp Kuropp lu, s-tudy, the Medieval >'lhe active SPECIAL 35 GOOD GOV/S and 35 GOOD CALVES This isone'rngn's'entire-herd. - ,, These cattle in addition-toogr regulgr Tuesday Auction,. Dec, 30th, -i. ' ' Sullon Livestock Commjssicl 1 , , - * P w •"* "i * ,»- f i > t* Hwy, 67 Weit Phone 7445 J Foe Epjrny wsjs a third t perso,!\. d Rny'qrie, fen^w? Itow ipuch a travel, perspn' «?n tlu'Pftlcen.- f Adam could, pot put h|s ' into ^ovds; he dqrpd i\6t; he i^shanvji fif it! pjsq H n' (ovhjm a ppsccsisiYonp?? , ol, J ' , hjthortp h? had 1 {lot jn ' t_ _ ____ ., 1 -rr* __ . J L. , ^ , becoming 1 .orie.-',or- a $ pearly a t - ^ I

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