Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 26, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1958
Page 2
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Page Twe HQPt STAR, H6M, ARKANSAS Eastern Bock to Talks With Its Engineers demand (hat they qimlify r.s For jel operations. to Sl.fiOO a mm (li wti« In low of other lihes Tho carrier s'-iys the how pact proposed by m t d i a I o r s would moan $2.) lidO lo $?0.fiOO a yfcftr for its pilots, making thorn the hisz'1- fst pndi in Hit? world. Arnt'rit-art said the pilots alio are demanding 10 hmirs less fly-' Eastern Air Litter, having ih^ limp n month when npcniii M J-oftt'lied agir-rmcni with its Mi-ik- p|? The tnileiit ".<>iU -iionlh i- ittjt machinists, ninths In tho hnr-} a;, limns fjalnina table loda.v \\ith its sink- Erislctns 550 flight rnginpn. * ing flight eilgiiipfr.s. I hnvp been refilling n twn jinny The lino has been grounded fur more than 6 month. Alfo out nf commission is American Airlines, which is awaiting h decision by striking pilots oh a seven-point settle-nielli fotftnila proposed by federal mtdlalovs. The company accepted it. Ch.iwes are slim Ihnt'the ear- ti'-'rs will be operating in liine to take cftre of A pdst-hollday trans- ("wtaUdri crttsh. •« Aftin the fi,3M) strikitip members r-f the International Assn. of Machinists ratified, tho settlement with ttastcrn, 'Georgp M. Brown i)i evident of a Miami disliict of the union, said his members would Jiot be asked to cross picket linos of flriy other union. , There bas been ho statement by TSastdrn thht it would operate \vitMul' flight engineers, required on' planes With ftiOre than UVb When Ambrlcah's pilots walked off their jobs last Friday, they claimed their wage range of $400 Legal Notice COMMlSfilONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained In the de- cretal order of the Chancery Court of llcmpstoad County, made and entered on the 10th day of December, A. D. 1958 in a certain cause , '.No. 8009) then pending therein be- !twccn Luther Williams, et al^ complainants, and Ruby Bostic' Wil- iliams defendant, the undersigned, aSiCommissioner of said Court, will *ifi'er for sale at public vendue to tho highest bidder, at the EaKt ddor or entrance of the Court House, in the County of Hcmpstead, within the hours prescribed by law lor judicial sales, on Friday, the Oth day of January, A. D. 1059, the Top Scientists Gather to Tell Developments XVASMWGtON <AP> -- Top sci- ( enlists gathered today to swap i ideas and report developments I that could have great significance) its the world races into thr spare 1 Christmas Is Over But New Years Is Close age, One POWERFUL ONE-TWO PUNCH—Newest aircraft-firepower combination of the U.S. Air Force is the F-104A Starfighter, armed With Sidewinder guided missiles on its wingtips, The seek-and-deslroy missiles use an Jflffat-ed tracking! tysfem to destroy targets. advance roporl indicated , that U.S. weaponeers may hav come up with a new type of H- bomb — a lithium bomb pricking a hydrogen-oxplosloh pilnch at lov;er Tho cost. report stemmed from observation of a strange air glow i over the antarctic. This glow and a man-made ntirora, the first ever sighted, were believed linked to U.S. atomic blasts last summer in the South Pacific. Tho observation came the IB-month International Geo- Prescott News Charlotte Easterling Celebrates Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Raster- duriii" ' ""*' honored their daughter, Char"' lottc with ia parly at their home on Saturday afternoon in celebra- pliyslcal Year, now drawing lo a close. , . . , . ICY doings and other topics j sonal decorations ^were Placed were among the 1.800 reports r;l- ed for presentation at the I29lh meeting of the American Assn. for the Advancement of Science. tion of her eighth 'birthday. Sea- M vantage points in the rooms, Games wore played with prizes being won toy Mike 'Robertson, M'lkc Payne and Jimmy Franks. LciTvoiiiadc, ice cream and cake wore served from the dining table with a green cloth and 'Buchanan, Vorc. Joan and Mickey De- IN TOE HEMPSTEAD COUNTY CHANCERY COURT following described real estate, to-'HOPE FEDERAL SAVINGS & wit: The East one-third (E 1'3) of Lot Three (3) in Block Seven (7), in Board's Addition to the City of Hope, in Hempstcad County, Arkansas. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser bo- required to execute a bond as Gibraltar, important British naval base at the entrance to the Mod- _, , pi ^.V'VUIUU *V i Mil U f^iv-^tl *_*wvt« miw. llcrrnncnn Sen, bus an area of two lcentcl . cc , wl(h (hc , wnUo b(rlhcln y square miles. cakp decol . n t e d with holly leaves and berries. iMary Alice Easterling assisted in serving. Favors were sparklers lied with red bows and candy canes. Others present were Walter Nelson, Susie 'Willis, Becky G-aweU, Pain Fore, Ann Bo'lton, Detoi-a Legal Notice LOAN ASSOCIATION PLAINTIFF VS. NO. 815G RUBY V. McFADDEN ET AL .,., DEFENDANTS WARNING ORDER The Defendants, Ruby B. McFadden, Ernestine M. Wilson, Willie V. Taylor, Leon Jones, Herman Jones, Olivia McCohico, T, H. Sandra Rapp, Judy McKitmon, Glencla and Al M-artindale. Robertsons Have Open House •Rev. and Mrs. J, I-I, Ro'bertson entertained with open house at the Mnnse on Fridny evening. A Jfm DeLamar Has Birthday Party Jim DcLiatnar celebrated .his-fifth ibM'hday with « co\\iboy par.ty'glv- en by his .parents, Mr. and M>fs. B. A. DeLamar at their hoiiio on Friday afternoon. The iguests enjoyed playing-with toys during the afternoon after which they were served cake and ice cream from .a table spread with a happy birthday cloth ''and centered .with a birthday .cake .decorated with cowboys and inscribed "Happy Birthday Jim." Favors were in the cowboy motif. Invited guests .were Lynn Nelson David Gordon, Jeff Jordan, Doug Guthrie, John Illesterly, Doug .Gordon, Steve .Hale, .William, Roy Duke, Mike Duncan, Jackie Cav- crness, Linda Dates, Jackie Warren, Kay Reynolds, 'Paula- Gxithrie Janie Westerly, Karen 'Kolba, Donna Daniel, Ellen McRae and Catherine DeLamar. iMrs. DeLamar was assisted by Mrs. H. <B.,/Depa mar, paternal grandmother of Jim. required by law and the order ami j Rooks, lone Norman and Mildred. decree of said Court in said cause, I Doiscdo, and each of them, are Gold tree, red candles and green With approved security, bearing in- hereby warned lo appear in this torest at the rate of G per cent peri court within thirty (30) days hereafter and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff herein. AVITNESS MY HAND and seal as Clock of this Court on this 10th day of December, 1958. from date of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of the purchase money. Given under my hand this 19th day of December, A. D. 1958. J, P, Byers Commissioner in Chancery. Dec. 19, 20, 19*58 \ ' ery were placed on the mantel and other yulotidc decorations were placed at vantage points. The guests were greeted by Pam and Mike Robertson. Refreshments were served from the dining iln'blo covered with a green, cloth. Tho central arnange- ment was of while carnations $ank> ed by white candles in silver hol- CLAHA BYERS, CL.ERK By: J. P. BYERS, D. C. (SEAL) Dec. 32, 19, 26, 1958, Jan. 2, 1959 dors. Presiding -were -Misses Jean WEST'S J. A. WEST CO AFTER CHUISIMA UDIES COATS Sixes 8 ,to 44 to $25,00 $15 and $18 ANOTHfR QROUP Fall Piece Goads Fabrics«— Reg, 1,98 yd, GIRLS COATS Sizes 5 to 14, , Value? to $19,95 OTHERS Men's Press Pants VVes! ' RAYoSTFUNNIt, Ethel and Sobby of. Pine Bluff Were itie Sunday gtieStS of (Mis .antl Mrs. Imon Gee and Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee. Mrs. Jim 'Dewoody .and Mrs, Ar« lice Piltmah were the weekend guests of iMr,- aiid Mi-Si Elmer Walker In Magnolia. Mr. and 'Mrs. Bobby Haynio and Lois Carol of Fayetteville are the guests of Mr, and iMrs. Lloyd Haynie and Mrs. Brad Hamilton. (Mrs. Mildred Dickerson of Hope was the guest Sunday of Mr, and Mrs. D. -W. Durham and Mr, and Mrs. Allen Gee. M'rs. Bob Davis and Brice Stewart spent Sunday with Mr. 'Davis who iq a patient in Veterans Hospital in ShrcVeport. Mr. and Mrs. S. P., Logan are the guests c>£ their daughter, Mrs. ISleele Moore and family in,Dallas. Mr. and Mrs. fDonnell Durhma and Elise of Des Moines, Iowa are the guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'D. W. Durham and Mr. and iMrs. Norman Whitaker. T'ri-Servlce Club Has Dinner Dance The Tri-Service Club entertained with the annual dinner-dance on Saturday evening 'at the. Lawson Hotel. Hostesses were Mrs. Gone Hale, Mrs. J. R. Bemis,"M'rs. Bill Oajes and Mrs. Bob Yar'brQUgh The ia'blcs ,\vere centered withered •and white candles and? greeviery. 'Nandinas flanked by green' opn- dies in brass candelabra" adomed tho bu'ffet. ' ' u IMemtocrs and- their guests included Mr. and Mrs, Gene Hale, Mr. and Mrs, Bill Dates, Mr. and Mrs.'B. A. DaLamar, Dr, and Mrs. Glenm Haa-ston, IMr. and Mrs, Jack Robey, Mr, and Mrs. Ned Duncan, Mr. and M'rs. Bob Yarbrough, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Crane of Texarkana, Mr. and Mrs. J,'R. Bemis, Mr,, land'Mrs. Harold Simpson. of.Cuv elnnati, O., Mr, and Mrs. H,i,lH. McKcnzie, Mrs. Edward Bryson, Mrs, IMarion 'Adam','Mr,, and Mr£. Dudley Rouse, Mr, and 'M'rs. #Ralph Gordon, Dr. and Mrs. Wayne'Jor- dan, Mr, and Mrs, Adam Guthrie 1 , Jr., Mr. and Mrs, Job.'Wyh'e of West Monroe, La,, Mr, rind *Mrs, Dick Bright, . "•>••" • Mr. 'and Mi's, Wilton "Steedj'of Pine Bluff, Dr. 'and (Mrs (i 'Jack Harrell.'Mr an'd Mrs, "Bill W t ard Mr, and M'rs, C, IR, .Gray,'Dr,'''find Mrs, 0, G, Hirst, Mr, and 1 Mrs, Earl Eppler, Don Hays, Mr. . • and Mrs, 'J, 'B, 'Franks, Mr. 'and Mrs, 0. W. Watkins, Mr. and Mrs, TU1- man Worthington, Mr, and Mrs, Jpo Tuminello of Shreveport, La,,' Mrs. Loy Craig of Little' Rpck, M;-, and IMrs, Jim ' Compton nojia, H.award iDavis nn Ifeigli of Texarkana', s' Charles Yarbrough, 'student at Centenary College in Shreveport is the holiday guests of fiis parents Mr. and Mrs. Bob Yarbrough. Mr, pnd Mrs, Wells Hampy their guests, MJ-. and Mrs. las Evans of ?t, Wpi'Wi, Tesas tended the wedding of 'Miss Stel} and \YeJJs Harrtby Jr., at First Baptist Church in Sijndny, 'Mr. and 'Mrs. Dick >]3rigHtj l|s4 OS Iheir weekend guests, iMj, and IMrs. WiltPn Stpea >n.n4 son, ^Pf Pine Blurt', in the Syyejle on Sundsy dinnw 'SWesU Si Mt- Mrs, J, W, Gist were 'Mv- an4 •Joe fuminpjjo and Jet-to Siireyepovt, Lp,, fti'J 1 ,, J. T- 'iVovtjwgion, Jerj-y my, Afghanistan, a monarchy which extends from Iran to the' Khyber pas's in Asia, is'ruled by a'senate of 40 members. The king appoints each member for a life term. '._ , SHAPING UP—Getting"ihe-proper perspective on IVlK-bbrn sculptor' Asson. Pclkov ,in; Rome, comparing British actress Sabrina with his bust of ttte ASSeeiAfEte pae§§ Much of the world today let out its b6lt to &ecomh-ioetale Christ' mas oVere-atihg, cohtihUecl its mi' idav intd the wctkefia and Idoked fofivafd ttf New VfeSt bfeldbrntiHHs, Ah UfidasJ* peace 1 Marked thi* year's obsel-Vahce of the biilii of Christ, -Bespite Meats a! wftf fro* MestJow, there was oniy slight shootShg oli the VWtW's two active Wai- frohls — tho Natidfiat' ist islands off the Coast of Com' ffluhtst China, and Algeria, where the French havi? bwi twitting 'a haHonaiist rebellion. :. the v tensteflS of the old yd/ Wni-e lempoi-arily shelved by th§ hdlklbyers, But troops of the Western Al» llei and the United Nations w'efe an watch, keeping the cold will 1 American soldiers at the bat-bed Wife bftfrleadtS marklhg the lr<5n Cut-tain in Europe had hot turkey dinners brought to their posts, In other pal-Is of Europe. U, s. serv> icemen entertained 76,000 orpnafc*, refugees and .fiosfrllftl patients** Ih do'mmtlnlst'f tiled "EasSt Bet-.* lin. Julius Cardinal Doepfncr preached a Sermon 'attacking th6 tied regime ih his first appear,* dnce since he was named a car* dih'al ,of the Roman Catholic dhurctii -,'tf.S, troops in .Moroecc heard n Christmas message from Dr. Edwin. T*. .Dahlberg, president of, the Nalolna'l Council of^ Churches. Ho. tplci them.-to .strive for an Ina-jr peace , and' added: ."From tf«s inner peace there could come the wider peace-of the \Voild for which all. nations, now .wait." , , fne Roman Catholic,<archbishop of . New' York, Francis Cardinal Spellman, celebrated Christmas Masses for U,S. forces in Germany. He said: "More than we rerill?e A do we need the help of Cod for^only God can quell the malice of his .enemies and ours." , U.N. Secretary General, DM Hammarskjold -paid his annOtil Christmas visit to troops of the U.N. Emergency Force in the Gaza Strip, keeping , peace between Israel and Egypt. i , -, It was • a busy day for Pope John ,,XX1II."' After celebrating' midnight,,Mass Christmas Eve in the presence of the ^diplomatic corps, of the,Holy See he celebral- ed another, at St., Peter!s Basilica at noon. He .then visited tsvo'_Homa Hospitals. 1 , * i 1 ' 1 '', t ~',t~' .-•Later,.,receiving GO orphans and 20 mutilated a'nd crippled children in'the ^Vatican, he broke'down qpd cried.''Smiling through,.'the" tears he told the^ children: "You know, in'jthis life you only 1 cry, twice. The very young, and,the-old. they can 'cry,'" ' ' " ;<»* , + ' • A t) Memo to Advertisers.. . ^ Especially those who look beyond the white space of advertising columns when considering sales messages, Your potential customers and our readers are the same people, Your success, in what you have to.say : about your product or service, is direcl to the, interest readars take in a pubjio^ti^ and what it has to offer,' •'. ,';': ^r^^ f This A.B.Q.* repprt Ml|; w£$|f '. ' facts, the story of our reBporisife- ;, : circulation audience—how.nlatt^p^opifr , and how-ayfc ' and: our readers, ask to we a; latett AiB»0, report, ' •. ,\' , vf

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