Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1958 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1958
Page 8
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Six i Prescott News --~"'""" m -*~* HQM STM*^Jl e V E ^** A Ji S Al Dame Forhinc Slept Through These Zany Mishaps §(f5flte ietfdeftl! tnftl *J«« csuldh't hspb6fi fi «-btit 1\A— ar£ fecWd"ed ifi th<? i§§§ foufidup coffiblted by the NaHSfill Safely CdUfieiL Sdfhe bf the foofy things that happened td {jeoijla fife iilti&lttied« belBWi ifi § eolleeiiea 6f Socketed eatastfopheS more embarrassing than tfagia to it came oul fcfhiiifi HSifeft, ahd B&lta Kappa Gartima Has CHMslrti.*s bihner &. Initiation The Upsilon Chapter of Delta , .K.n.pp-a Gamma met Wedfiosdny, (Ccc. 18. nt the home of Mrs Eliza' .- (belli Bryson for the annual Christ- nias dinner, with Miss Frances •Thrasher as co-hostess. i ' *f\v.o new mt-mbors, Mrs. Isli/.n- toelh llaltom niid Mrs. Willie Down lLowe, were IniUatcd. The initin- ition ceremony was closed itho group singing thu Deltn Sons. . following the initintion tho group WHS served from the dining table centered with red roses. Singing of Christ tnns enrols led 'by Louise Hoboy and an exchange of gifts climnxecl the evening Brownie TCoop No. 't Has Christmas Party gram chairman, N. t\. Nelson and Mrs Nelson. DewrHllons of Miinio- lure slighs filled with gifts. White cnndies wrapped in tinsel were placed nt intervals clo\vn t.hd si do. The invocation was given by Jim Nelson. Dr. Nelson introduced Kev. Alfred Do Blnck, program lender, who introduced Mrs. Fred Hymer and M'rs. DC Black who sang several Christmas .numtoors accompanied by Mrs. Virginia Ann Kill- ney at llie piano. The group sang Chrlstmns carols led by Jeff Livingston. A Christmas story was loifi by Mrs. Frank Mnltom Jr. Guests wore 'Mr. 'and Mrs. Frank Gordon. Mr. nncl Mrs. H. C, Me- Brayer, Mr. and iMrs. Frank llal- tom Jr. nnd Mrs. Mark Justiss, were Lntcrduccd 'and Don Hays and Jorgo Nassau were welcomed as new members. iMr. iMobc-rg presented Mrs. Vlr „,. , , ... , r . ' uvir. JVIOOCTK pi p L'»c[i«;u mi a. vii(Members of Bnnvmc Troop 4 , ; d b , ^ t lth -.•immrl ., r*l, 1>1 til ,v, :, e »lt,HV IM 111," . " ' .. . . . enjoyed a Christmas parly in the home of their leader. Mis D. U jMcHne Jr., with 'M'rs C B. Vim•diver assisting. The (Brownies, .Bnrbnia Wilum, Sara Lou Pounds, Both Lumberl, i iAliJi VundU'er. Belly Woorlfll, Ka- j ithy Bratlon. Kay Ferguson, mien, Gordon, KJlcn McUnc ;md Ann I •Bolton sang Christmns enrols mid j 'had a gift exchange from a beau- ' itlfully decorated tree. Refreshments in Hie Christmas ihiotlf 'Were served. Chamberlain prc- * Mvlngston with a gift , luts tantUng work In the ' . b hl [n b(J , von pw a b f u Goocl . . ,," , alltm tooXL!> Benjamin Gulp Chapter DAR Has Buffet Dinner (Mrs. C. H. Tompkins and Miss i Frnnccs Thrashc-i were hostesses I t.u the Benjamin Gulp Chapter DAR Ion Thursday afternoon at the Law- ,Llpns Club Has Christmas Party sori Hotel. The-buMM. was centered ^Members of the Lions Club entertained their wives, with a Christmas luncheon at ithc Broadway 'Hotel oh Thursday. The invocation was given by Olen Hejiclrix. Program chairman, Seklon Black burn, introduced Mrs. Tip While, :IMrs. George N. Cox Jr. and Mrs. Tom Watson While who sang several Christmas, numbers accompanied iby Muss Martha Grimes at iJie piano. .Miss Grimes also sang several solos. ' iThc : story of "Sanln Clans" w-us 'told by Mrs. Jack Robey. Gifts were brought to be given to the J3&PW Club for their Goodfollow Boxes. • The program was planned by Larry Wahlquisl, Dick Bright and Bricc Stewart. BoOln/r mad eotildh'l describe in Mount ClcmcMs, Mich,, CliartoUe, Nd* BclgttjttM fif* »h« fecllnss of *O«MR Robert Harold Dukes was showing his urcd at last they could teii a»Afj CoWcn, or Newjtorl, Ky, He 6*yc«.oltl daughter how to iddHtic.nl young twins ttichard was standing neat the kitchen realty swinff one of those hula and Robert Galloway wh Ic stove when » bullet rolled off hoons. The instructions abrupt. Robert wore a cast on hte brok. the shelf Into » pot of boiling ly were postponed while he re- en arm, Then his brother got water and exploded. Robert cuperatcd in the hospital from busy. Result! Identical breaks, was shot near the rear burner, a dislocated backbone. identical plaster casts* c o. . H6? EfrfeS «ef« Blank and bright ahd the ufieScpteUd dimple at the Sotfifef of hfef mouth appeared ahd Vanished, and Kobe thdughl, TherVS someone else ahd I wish shfe wouldn't let! me; I don't Want to kh'ow that feithef. Sarbaia said, "Well, he finally agreed but there are all sorts of restrictions about the Children, Half a year with" each of us arid all that. We fought it, claw ahd looth, across a dismal desk, ahd ihc lawyers. It's settled how. t leave for fteho oh Monday, iihd after that I'll probably live on the Coast." She told Adam that night, ahd he simply said, "I've heard rumors, I'd like lo^see 'Dart, poor MaHy loufid her !oi- them. This frafc Vahgie; she wfU lels ly than her predecessor, ds6 younger. twice married, by CV •* fc vc*-i*i^ wv»» j_...._--. - — Helen thought it Hilt*!? gut Adam arid Hofre weft! agreed, if the child tvas a girl. Hope - ' Emilia, Adam had "-*' " * t. ii- wA* A WeUlVCU £J111*11 CM <».v«t*«»» * TWiee married, by nti n 168 "?!heard of it but liked it shy, Vahgie ciahdidly desfeai^dilf^f/^y^ 1 '^^ o! securing a proper third; the good-looking ones rah after other women ahd purely Wasted your hard'eafhed money; the bheS was who saVed) worked, ahd were then that he added, "ahd lot the middle name, Helen." Bdtere the batoy was Infee days old they wefe Callihg her Marty was godmothe faftd who salig, rattled pahs, domed With Vigor, ahd cleaned by fits ahd starts. She provided an at' .nu.a, .vi u« t ™ ^»^~ „„.., , mosphcre of Warmth and placid" guyl?? perhaps I cah inatiufaeturc u y , Vangie loved everything ahd »Hrtl»r.h«rti-innH.v." everybody including, briefly, thu tall, dark, and middlihg « handsome gehllemah who called for her oil days out. Unfortunately, he Was married, Vangie had no hope of making it legal; not even •••••-• - well, explained Varigio, Emmy a good start oh Hope Was happy with Varigle, must contemplate heF rttaf' "Something 1 said worries you, ' " arrangement of nandina ibcrrics and foliage flanked by green candles In brass candelabra. Silver loaves, poinsettiaa and a white reindeer on a slyrnfoam ibnse was placed on a table. •Mrs. Carl Dalrymple. regent, presided and led .the ritual, prayer was offered by the chaplain, 'Mrs. J. W. Teeter. The pledge of •allegiance was given nnd the Star Spnngled Btirmer rend in unison. Mrs. S. O. Logan gave a -report on national defense. Mrs. H. H. McKenx.ie presented tha program on "The American' Christmas in Sons and Story." At the conclusion of her talk Christnws carols wore sung by the group. The hostesses served a dessert course with cofCee. Christmas corsages were given as favors. 'Kiwanlas Entertain Queens The Kiswinis Club were hosts at a ChriSiUmns dinner on Thursday evening at the Broadway Hotel honoring their queens and other guests. •' Across the end of the T shaped ,,~ -. liable were seated President Rus-i'Mome EC Cottage that was'beauti- sell Motors, Mrs. Moberg, Pro-1 fully decorated in the holutay mo- Home Economics Class Have Open House On Thursday afternoon the Home Economics Class o'f 'Prescott High iSchool 'held open Jiouse in the ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS — WITH — KXAR 5 Local School Groups with special Christmas Programs. "Did You See the Child", featuring local performers. 2 Church Cantatas Plus such famous artists as Bing Crosby, David Rose, Percy Faith, Gregory Peck, Loretta Young, Lawrence Welk, Perry Como and many others. From A p. m, Christmas Eve to 5 p, m. Chrisfmas'Day , ,. , you'll love every minute you ' are tuned to KXAR, 1490 op'yowr Radio Dial. OhV'the threat. "That was when a divorce was theoretical; now it isn't just a rnatUir of academic discussion. Do you really think shc.'s met iomconc else?" "Of Course, It she hadn't she Wouldn't have lei I Dati, she would have bedeviled, quarreled with him, and ittn him ragged in the war ot nerves, Not, 1 tnink, a cold war. But now there is someone, so she can dismiss him like a servant who once gave her satisfaction but no longer does." "When wo talked about it Joe' iorc, you said Barbara didn't love him; and you were fight. Well, love. Maybe what he feels for her is love— anyway, it's dependence—and once you kick the props the wish. "If he does her this Way," she asked Hope, "Wouldn't he do me this way to" u When the lime came it svas autumn, after their anniversary. "Why cotildnt it have been oil that day" asked Hope, with an noyanco. Vanyie and Boy waited oul from shrugged. Turnabout Is fair play, ss any William Zaring-. of Indianapolis, A year-old, bouncing baby g\il raccoon will tell you. So when Ihd., was taken aback when he from Chicago wins the gray- Leslie Meserve fired at dne in saw a neighbor's auto drivin B hairs-to-mother award. Judith Mollis. Maine, the ring-tail in reverse over his nice, green Dcllaan toppled from a second- caine down from his tree and lawn. He stopped the car and story window, bounced on . bopped the hunter on the head, barked at the driver. Under- clothesline and landed right- Meserve accidentally discharged standably, the driver, the neiffh- side-up in her own baby buggy his pistol, shooting himself. bor's do*, barked ripht back. which was parked below. tiff. Of special interest was a white and gold not Ircc placed on the coffee table and a white and gold ming tree. Guests were greeted by Carolyn 'Wilson and Jane Hara-is. Alternating nt the guest ibook were Mary Frances ll-1'arrison, Sctly Ligon and Kay Young. Alternating at the tea table covered with ft lace cloth and centered with an ammgemchl of white and gold pine cones and marigold leaves flanked by while candles sprinkled with gold glitter in gold glittered Ibell shaped holders iwere Connie (Harvey, Barbara Bright, Wyan. Jane 'Purtle and June Baptist Intermediate Group Has Party 'Fourteen mem'bcrs of the Intermediate group of the iFirst Baptist 'Church enjoyed B Christmas party on Thursday evening 'In the home of Miss Oarolyn Wilson, A Christmas arrangement o£ pine cones, leaves and a Santa Clu'us centered tiho dining taible. There was >a gi'ft exchange from un ornamented Christmas tree. CSamcs wcru splayed after which the hostess served a sandwich course, THREE FACES OF LOVE by FAITH BALDWIN Q W57 ky Failk laldvhi Cuthrtll. Diitributid by NU Sink*, I Chapter XX When, finally, Hope's pregnancy became known, the reactions were routine. Helen was startled. She cried, "A baby at your ago!" She remarked that she no longer had expected to become a grandmother, but added thoughtfully that -she disliked 'the idea less now than she had a decade and more ago, And Barbara — calling Hope again, once more to ask hur to lunch—"Before 1 go away, and I expect to be gone a long time. 1 ' she s,nid mysteriously. When they met she said, "You look differ- j thing, Hope, You know, of course lhat I never liked you much, noi under that —" He "There's a sort of sex too. 1 don't believe he has .he sheer physical guts but he nay, he just may, It would be a umlshing sort of thiiig, a way 0 get even, like a child saying, 1 wish I was dead, not because the child wants to die, he doesn't even know what dying means, but ic is angry with his parents and so we wishes to die (because he. thinks. Then they'll be sorry. Nosv and then even a child carries this to its final conclusion. Ban might be that child." He was, on the day after the divorce .was granted, They took him to the hospital following 1 an overdose of sleeping pills. He had (he said) not slept for a long time. This was an accident*. Mr. Simmons saw lo it thai it was un- dubitably an accident. You take the pills and sleep, you awake, you drowsily grope your way to the glass and the bottle, quite .forgetting what you've already taken, And many limes it's true. home, while Adam look Hope to the hospital. This nightf was Warmer than any ^in the past week, and still. The waiting • room atmosphere was conventional; anyone svottld recognize It, remembering motion pictures, novels, cartons: smoke, tension, pacing, and rushing to telephones after a nurse had come to the door, spoken a name, asd smiled. The conventional ex.- pectatit fathers were all thet'o, Ihe one who had celebraled early and was in a glazed and happy condition; the one whose chid was 'his fifth and who assured everyone it as just as bad ns the first time—for him. When the child was delivered she asked.a single question. They answered that the baby ' was line; they added lhat it was a girl. And Hope sighed and slept. Adam sat by the bed and walched her sleep. When she opened her eyes, there he was and she put out her hand smiling; he leaned to kiss her, his cheeks were wet, and whose were the tears neithei knew. "I told you Td be fine," she said. "A girl. Didn't you want a boy' raige'* At the christening Marty looKed wonderful, because she" Was happy. She Outshone Heldn, in her ungi-ahdmolhcriy" giir> mcnts, she overshadowed Mope, who was slender arid beautiful, she eclipsed everyone but the baby, who turned purple an yelled her head off. "A fcoo sign," said Vangie. She was, hat< urally, present, "It's always a good sign when they hollers!" Theyd Worried about Soy, but' he was greatly taken by the morsel in the crib everyone knows that most Irish are be* sotted about children arid H!m> .my, as .Soon as site was a'ble to be interested in anything but Wet or dry, empty or full, awake tfj.- asleep, took Boy for granted* When she crept, she crept toward him, rolled with him on a rug; when she Walked, she did so arly, hauling herself up o« short CHPTER XXI Hope's carefully supervised pregnancy ran a normal course. Except during the earliest time, she felt well and vital. "1 could do six weeks' wash," she would say some mornings, "or lick my increasing weight in tigers." But she had no need to wash and "I wanted just you, Susie,' he said, \Vell, he had her, and the child She was round and more thai rosy; 'a baby who scowled, slept and jerked her little fists and legs. Strong and determined, she exhibited personality. "My dear,' said Helen, peering through the nursery window, "she looks ex actly like your father's mother,' at feel, sinking .short fat hands \nd small sharp nails into his coat, and hanging on. Boy tolerated this. Emmy was a Woman n miniature and his personal clol, a woman, had said to him, 'You look after her, Boy." So h». did." ' ' & Barbara was now on the Coast, where she had married a gentleman whose hair was parted on the side tout whose name was parted in the middle. His lather tad once drilled for water in his back yard and it came'up oil. She had sent Hope and Adam a wedding invitation and Hope wrote to wish her well and be- slow a small gift and when the news of Emmy's advent reachc(\ Barbara, she sent a uscles, ex^ travngant, enchanting i r o c k, mainly lace, and a letter written on crested paper "What, no oil wells rampant" asked 'Adam unkindly — and said they simply must come out and see the place and the utterly divine swimming- pool. They never did. (To Be C°ntinued) Ci SKIING POPULAR RICHMOND, Va. (/P) — Skiing is developing as a sport in the'Middle |Aitla>itic .states although usually associated with states to the north. A .Blue Ridge Ski Council has been organized by clubs in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and the They named the baby for her District of Columbia. Adam, but there were times when weren't any tigers, Christmas £ye Program Highlights > g '8 00 PM 30 PM 00 PM 30 PM 00 PM •15 PM 3Q-PM 90 PM 3Q PM 00 PM CAPITQIXMA5 UGHTING LITJU PID YQU SEE THE CHIUP? U>eql Cost TWA5 THE NIGHT PEFQRE XMAS PRESBYTERIAN CANTATA UYN MURRAY WW HOPE HIGH SCHQQl, SUE CU>B BING CRQS5Y . ' ,, ' -OGUE3BY SCHQQt XMAS pfRRYCQMQ - ' 'CHRISTMAS WITH Mrs. Wyrtle 'Hays 'has returned from a visit <ln Houston, Texas with Mr. and Mrs.'lEd Hays, Mrs. S. B. .Scotl is spending the iholid'uys' in iUeosville, i.a. with her son, id, Col. S. 'B. Scott imd Xumily. Holiday guests in the home of •Mr. and 'Mrs.' J, R. ,'Bomis nvp Mr. wid Mrs. Harold''Simpson of Cincinnati, Ohio, Ted Bomis, s^u- dent fit Uike Foyest Academy, in lUkc Forest, III, and HavoW Bemis, who attends Western Military Academy of 'Alt-on, '111 Christmas Dgy Highlights f 7:30-AM EPD1EARN0U3.SIN&S ' *vp«. Miss Mary Jewell Herring, student at Iho U, of A. 49 spending the holidays with her Barents, Mr. 'and Mrs, Jianspl Mr. and -Mrs. hove reHirned to >Des Moines, Iowa 'after <i\ visit .with (Mr, and Mrs, Vernon Buchanan and otli9r t4yos. . J. H. Bemis nnd Mrs, Frank .Tup'm'iUe ' loft Sunday for a hol4- •ciay' \\s\i in Phoenix,' Aviis, with Mr, and Mrs. %<& Pledger and. family 8"d iMicfymd, ancl Mrs, iBop^y and Mr, loin theuv j Tuesday to -Carl , is vising ?t . Barkis . jio}jclay season . 'an,cl , ip'nn and Joe $pent Syncjay ' r. rpiea-'HU?- Jt was not that the pregnancy was obviously advanced, but Dan's wife had sharp eyes "I don't feel U." "Still, you look it." She added, "At least three specialists have mint! 1 "At least thro specialists have assured me that J am," said Hope, smiling, "and I haven't needed them to tell me, especially at the beginning, after break-, fust." "Are you out of your mind'"' Barbara asked, "You'll never have it so.good again.' Hope did not answer. The waiter came to take the order, and Barbara forgot what .she had said. Hope waited and Barbara askpd, "How is Adam taking H? dear, men ar porfccly lulling, 'Pan was always rushing about with glasses of water ami cushions and things, It was fun, rather." . , "Adam," said Hope, "is bear* ing up and J wish you'd ask Dpn to lunch, with him and toll him some of these quaint little customs." She hailed, She had- no wish to cause Adam \o appeal less than thoughtful. '•I'd tell Dan," said Barbara carelessly, "except that we don" talk, except through lawyers and he's living at the. club.' "Oil, Barbara," said Hope, She was unastortishpd but ; fclt sor row,' not bepause either B.arbni'3 cr pap had her affection, or al egjaii.ce but because it \va.s &}• ways an unhappy thing to, disgoy er U\aA something whip)} had beer gravely, and. .lovingly •an' 1 —'"' hod, perhaps, fajled all Barbara said, "¥ou dpn'l lop* oxaetiy&duaiijfourided, dear- Look, it's not ^wfflPri! It's peen comins, on for ages, even, > bpfove th U'0uble,''»;-fiet\ voice dimmed.; tlv food/ft-as sipi,.before ihem; the. ate, drank, .and ''talked, pf U) weather, \ S"d the)} Pavbarp said,, The A.B.C. Symbol.. The right to purchase or refrain from purbhasing this publication gives you, the reader, and no one else the power to , pass judgment pn whether it shall continue to survive, This symbol "-', represents the standards by which your voluntary response is measured, . It testifies to the advertising value pf this pubUc^tioni „•. i "~ »* It alsx> gems as a .constant guide to , " * i * T- W* "w "^ r,i>'. '- * J t. ' pur readers 1 opinion,, Mi', an4 Mrs. ' 1 ' 1 imagine • the difficulty, v, ,S9W\es/XflM ?(on't >nqw- PRQ6UAM. AM AM CJNAH SWg AND PAT' AM PMT CHRIST 1NTQ HQPi HI<SH AM THg5£ ARg THfi , anytlyng about scenes. He Jo, J?»U, himfejf." .She thought 1| I -i - Pan' loyalty aj, SHRiSTMA

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