The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 13, 1966 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1966
Page 11
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muk \AitU The Adult Film "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Weolf" Now Playing At The Algona Theatre ONCE IN A WHILE ONE of our kids have asked me, "What In the world did you do for fun when you were young ?" This usually came after one of my lectures on growing up in the depression when movies cost a quarter and a hot fudge sundae, with whipped cream and nuts, only a dime. Only, excepting very rarely, nobody had the quarter or the dime. When I was going through some souvenirs a while back, I found one picture that proved, to me at least, that we did manage to have lots of fun in spite of the hard times. - o THE PICTURE WAS OF THE FORMAL PARTY - a designation that amply distinguishes this affair from any other dance, prom or party. The picture, or pictures, were taken mid-way in the festivities at a 10? a shot studio temporarily located over Graham's store, and although several of the individual pictures have come unstuck from the cardboard where I pasted them, and lost ; the ones that are left were enough to set me remembering. - o « THE FORMAL PARTY STARTED ONE night at an A. F. L. Club meeting. The initials stood for "After-the- Folks -Leave" because we used to get together informally, with or without dates, at whosever's house was parentless for the evening. We were very sophisticated^ We played charades, listened to the Lights Out radio program, read the new magazine, Life, or just sat around talking about what we wished would happen. We thought we were pretty wild, but about the most wicked thing I can remember happening was the time T. Post, on a dare, took a bath in Isabel Greenberg's bathtub. Anyway, one night one of the guys said he always had the yen to wear a tuxedo. Plans for The Formal Party immediately got moving. . • - o - • TUXEDOES WERE NOT ONLY THE starting point of The Formal Party, they also presented the biggest problem. We girls had our dresses from the junior- senior banquets, but you couldn't rent evening apparel as you can now. Or at least .we either hadn't heard about it or didn't have the cash so a list was immediately compiled of every male Algonan who had been to college and might reasonably be expected to loan a tuxedo. The party was to be held at the Algona Hotel, who agreed to let us use the dining room all evening for dancing if we would pay 50$ a head for a three-course dinner. - o- MOST OF US WERE JUST OUT of high school, or in the senior year there, so we knew we didn't dare have a party without chaperones. Most of our folks were nearing 40, so we couldn't ask any of them because they would surely cramp our style. So we went into a huddle and picked a pair we admired, who were not much older than we were, but who would be acceptable to our parents - Dru Caughlin and BUI Steele. So far as we knew, they hadn't been going around together, but Dru was the pretty and popular clerk at a local drugstore and Bill not only had been to college, he also had a clothing store, so he was very likely to have a tuxedo. They accepted and we paired them off for the evening. THE ATTENDEES LIST - WE COULDN'T call them guests, because everybody paid their own way - wasn't hard to compile. As I remember it, the girls were Elaine Hilstedt, Marion Corey, Toots Larson, IrmaDee Phillips, Esther Pratt, Isabel Greenberg, Gayle Shackelford, Ruth Malueg and from as far awayasDes Moines, Ruth Empting. The boys were Slick Mathes, Gunny March, John Bishop, "T" and Cutle Post, John Shilts, Mush Spencer, Bob McCuUough, Chuck Stevenson and Bill Dailey. With quite a bit of maneuvering, I managed to get lined up with my current crush for the evening, but as the event progressed, , he gained some favor with his current crush which started eventually, a marriage, which has lasted more than 26 years. I, as usual, went home with Mush. - o IN THE YEARS SINCE, I'VE lost track of too many of the participants of The Formal Party. We're scattered all over the country and at least one of us, Bill Dailey, is no longer living. Probably most of us are grandparents, now. But If we can" remember back far enough, we can truthfully say, "Yes, we sure had fun when we were young 1" - o DURING THE WEEK OF OCTOBER 9 through 15, people having birthdays Include Diane Allen, Paul Martin, Eleanor Geelan, Barbara Wicks, Paul Seeley, Roger Barr, Ricky Nielsen, Jim Milder,' Clara Keith, Gregory Allen, Theresa Marti, Cathy McDonald, Mike Dooley, Jon Diem, Al Agena, Jim Modrell, Joseph Strautv Jr., Helen Leaneagh, Allen Kuester, Sheila Wlnkel, Joel Morris, Ruth fflgsbee, Colleen Montag, Erman Hanson, Pat Woods, Marlene Elmore, Dottle Martin, Clinton Christian. Wedding anniversaries include Mr. and Mrs. Wally Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Naylor, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Plott, Mr. and Mrs, Ted Herbst, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Parrott, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Davis, Mr, and Mrs. R. G, Buchanan and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lukes. - o »- ' "" -.>. THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR Yellow Rice and Chicken. Jeanie has been exposed to Spanish cooking recently and came home with the recipe and made it tonight for our dinner. It is delicious I 1 fryer chicken, cut up 1 medium onion 2 garlic cloves 1 envelope Vigo seasoning (If you can't find it try 1 tbsp. Safron) 1 - 7 oz. jar pimentos 6 ozs, olive oil 1 small can peas 2 tbsp. salt 1 fresh tomato 1/2 green pepper, diced 1 Ib. long grain rice, washed in cold water 1 qt. water Fry chicken in 3 ozs. olive oil until well browned. Set aside, In a large saucepan, with remaining olive oil, saute over medium heat onion, garlic and pepper until lightly brown, Add tomato and simmer till soft. Add water, seasoning, salt. Stir well. Add chicken, bring to boil, reduce heat and with lid on, simmer 10 minutes. Bring to a boil again, add rice and let return to a boil. Cover tightly, simmer without lifting lid for about 25 to 30 '• minutes. Add peas, and let heat until they are warm enough to serve. Place chicken around edge of large platter and pile rice mixture in center to serve. GRACE Held Meeting The September meeting of the Algona Education Association was held recently in the Algona High School library,. President John Vint presided. Committee reports were given and various appointments were announced and approved. The main business of the afternoon was a report on the National Education Association convention made by Steve George, Mr, George and Mr, Vint both attended the convention last July in Miami, Fla. Have visitors go places ? Your personal news is welcome at The UPPER PES MOINES. After a long night of exceuive drinking and vtcloui •out-baring, Elizabeth Taylor eollapie* In hysteria on th« floor of htr eoll«g» eampu* home, and Sandy Dennli titi In shattered tllence. Powerful scene Is from "Who's Afraid of Vlrglnls Woolf?", new Warner Bros, drama at the Algona Theatre. The Misses Taylor and Dennis, and Richard Burton and George Segal star in the film. 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" was directed by Mike Nichols from a screenplay by Ernest Lehman. QUARTERLY FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND SUMMARY OF PROCEEDINGS School District Algona Community,TownshlpCresco,CountyKossuth I do hereby certify that this report is a true and correct statement of the proceedings pertaining to the financial matters of the board of said district for the quarter ending September 30, 1966. Vaughn K. Rising Secretary FINANCIAL STATEMENT Schoolhouse Fund Balance from Previous Quarter 36,450.41 Total Receipts tor Quarter ._.. none Total to Account for. . . 36,450.41 Total Warrants Drawn During Quarter none Transfer - BondAccount 62.50* Balance at End of Quarter 36,387.91 Plus Investments 115,761.88 *S. H. Fund - Sub Account - Transfer Account only - not actual receipts or expenditures. General Fund Balance from Previous Quarter 211,922.31 Total Receipts for Quarter 10,995.16 Total to Account for 222,917.47 Expenditures Regular Salaries Paid for Quarter 108,319.80 (Teachers, Janitors, Officers, etc., grouped) Other Warrants Issued - amount. ...... . . 62,766.17 j} ... i.^-.,. < f . > . 1 . 17~1-.085.97 ii'E'ndlof Q'uarifer. '.I. .,?. . . .•.,.,...... . 51.831.50 Plus Investments. 80,000.00 LIST OF WARRANTS (except salaries) SCHOOLHOUSE FUND To Whom Paid Amount Transfer - Bond Account $62.50* TOTAL. . $62.50 GENERAL FUND {£o Whom Paid Amount Acme Chemical Co. . . . 411.25 Advance. Publishing Co. .. 291.06 Advanced Systems, Inc. .. 535.30 Airkem. ............ 224.60 Algona Flour Si Feed Co...57.50 Algona Implement Co. .... 12.80 Algona Insurance Agency. . 17.50 Algona Municipal Utilities. 1,426.20 Algona Plumbing and Heating. ... ....... 260.41 Elgin Allen.. ...... . V 189.99 Greg Allen.. . . . ...... . 5.00 Jeff Allen. ..... . . . . . . 20.00 American Art. Clay Co., Inc. ....... 223.17 American Chemical. Society. . ....... ... 3.00 .American Jet Spray {Industries, Inc 213.95 Appleton-Century-Crofts. ..8.30 Lloyd Ashland 234,00 Mrs. Joan Baas . 11.00 Mr. Wes Bartlett. ..... 360.00 Mrs. John Beiser. ..... 50.00 Benson's Welding. ...... 4.96 Jean Bird. 76.00 Dick Bllck Co 629.87 Blossom Insurance ,, Agency........... 1,636.39 Chert Boeckholt......... 93.70 Bowman's Small Engines.. . .' 161.50 Joe Bradley Equipment... 128.08 BrodheadoGarrett Co. ... 51.28 Bronson Building Service, Inc. ........ 12.00 Bureau of Audio- Visual Instr 29.53 . Bureau of Dental Hygiene, . 4.68 Bureau of Labor 16.00 Burgess Publishing Co. , , 8,65 Reuben Butzke, ....... 150.00 California Test Bureau.. . 10,10 Carleton Stewart Music Co 33.25 Carson's for Color 366.62 Jodie Chally. ,,,,,... 173,75 Chronical Guidance Publications, Inc. ..... 65.25 Coast-to-Coast Stores. , .. 34.12 Russ Cook. , , 45.3.20 Cowan Corporation.,.. 11,575.00 Creative Playthings, Inc, . 11,15 Grouse Cartage Co..... ,29.59 Culllgan Soft Water Service.. '.«.. 12.95 Decker Athletic Supply Co.. 1,281.58 Pecker Brothers, Inc.., 1,179.90 Demcp Library Supplies,. 307.41 Department Store Economist, , , , 7,50 Des Moines Register ' & Tribune Co 63.25 Des Moines StatloneryCo.. 11.00 Eugene Dletzgen Co 106.81 Directory Service Co. . ..305.00 Druggists Mutual Insurance Agency. ... 1,543.80 Encyclopaedia Britannica Press 127.00 Estamae 33.10 Facts on File, Inc 7.00 Fareway Stores, Inc 11.48 Mr. Frank Foley 8.00 Follett Publishing Co 6.35 Foster Furniture Co 9.61 Miriam R. Franco 62.73 Jane L. Fraser 117.81 Mrs. Amy M. Geering 11.00 Mrs. Leota M. Geigel 11.00 Joyce Graham. . 82.00 Hammond and Stephens Co 42.48 Kitty Hardgrove. 79.20 Harper and Row, Publishers, Inc 2.45 Harris Fire Control Co. . . 52.00 Hawkeye Books 3.25 Hayes School Publishing Co., Inc 7.00 Hedrick Brothers 39.10 Herbst Insurance Agency. . 89.00 Glen Hill 117.22 Hilton's Super Service.... 712.04 Hood's Super Valu Store. . 19.96 Sara Huber 21.78 Hutzell's Office & School Supplies 2.54 Interstate Printers & Pub,, Inc 22.66 Iowa Bus Sales Co 8,604.00 Iowa Employment Security Comm 4,243.34 Iowa Public Employees Retirement Sys 2,074.19 Jack's O.K.Tlre Service. . 30.35 Nellie James 78.00 _ Johnson Service Co 120,35 Deborah Kelley 124,58 Ken's Auto Service 13.80 Patricia Kenyon 314.19 Linda and Steve Kern. . . . 60.00 Klipto Printing & - Office Supply Co. ...... 23.30 Kossuth Motor Co 5,404.74 Kossuth Oil Co 438.29 Krafft Music CO 72.20 Phyllis Kuhn 82.00 OttoB. Laing 87.50 Lang Distributing Co... . • 43,00 J. S. Latta and Son 87.75 Debbie D. Laws 115.70 Howard J, Lawson 875,00 Jacque Limbaugh , 79.20 Janice H, Limbaugh 83.20 Mrs, Ethel E, Loss 11,00 Don McBride. ......... 20.00 McGraw-Hill Book Co. ... 28.72 Marshall and Swift, Inc. . . 19.00 Linda A. Martin 121.48 Metropolitan Supply Co.., 527.32 Edgar Meyer 325.00 Mrs, Edna Mitchell 10.00 Modern Business Equipment Co , , 7.00 Modern Dry Cleaners and Tailors 20.30 Monroe International Co.... 1.70 Mrs. Dorothea J. Moulton.. 11.00 Money Management Institute of Household Finance Corp 1.50 Motivation, Tne 4.25 Mr. J. Fred Murphy, Treas 50.00 Nation's Business 6.75 National Council of Teachers of English 12.25 National Geographic Society 41.35 National Safety Council,... 41.00 L. O. Nichols 10.00 Lillian Nichols 8.00 North Central Conference.. 75.00 North Central Public Service Co 423.10 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co 636.52 Mrs. Grace O'Brien 200.00 Mr. Paul Ostwlnkle 223.15 Panama Carbon Co. ..... 71.43 Paxton Equipment and Supply 104.91 Perclval Motors 6.53 Marge Perkins 8.00 Mr. L. H. Pertl 8.00 Petty Cash 312.81 Pope Brothers 453,76 George E. Powell. ..... 160.00 Pratt Electric Constr. Co 239.18 Jon Putnam 85.00 Mrs. Sonja Putnam 35.00 Jane Raney 78.75 Read's Furniture, Inc. ... 147.00 Redlng's Gravel and Excavating 48,75 Mrs. Paul Richardson.... 135.60 Connie Riedel 52.00 Vaughn K. Rising 87.50 Joseph M. Rooney, M.D. . 35.00 Deborah L. Sabln 121.66 Sailer's Davis Paint. . . . 324.32 Samp's Duraclean 120.50 Susan K. Samp 122.20 Mrs. Vernlce Samp 10.00 School Bus Fleet 3.00 School Health Supply Co. .. 14.45 School Lunch Program. ... 1.50 Schultz Bros 16.30 Connie J. Schultz 102.05 Patty Schulz 79.20 Dr. John Schutter and Dr. Dean Koob. . ..... 4.00 Science Research Associates, Inc. . . . 1,491.12 Science Year 5.95 Sears, Roebuck and Co. . . 75.99 Silver Burdett Co 12.51 Sing 'n Do Co., Inc. . . . 30.25 South-Western Publishing Co 57.42 Standard Oil 131.64 Sally Steele 300.40 Summy-Birchard Co 9.75 Supt. of Documents 18.50 Tarns-Witmark Music Library, Inc 1.50 Taylor Motor Co 2,852.89 Carol Teeter . 82.80 Trupke Electric '*Motor -ServWTVi'tV? . 6:50 Mrs. ThelmaTschetter...825.00 Charles B. Ullom 35.41 United Scientific Co., Inc.. 109.32 United States Pencil Co., Inc 5.72 United States Government Post Office 52.00 University of Illinois 4.85 University of Texas 42.75 Upper Des Moines Publishing Co 99.73 Utt Electric Service 21.60 Van's Cafe 68.80 Herman Vaudt 3.00 Sharon A. Wagner 135.53 Warp Publishing Co 2.95 Cecil Wattermann 36.00 Nlkl Wegner 127.40 Welch Scientific Co 2.56 Whlttemore Champion. . . . 65.24 Gerald Whlttemore 25.00 Wholesale Tool Co., Inc. . 40.41 H. W. Wilson Co 89.20 Battle Wilson 100.00 Judy Wolter 11.25 Julie Wood. 80.10 TOTAL. . . . $62,766.17 D 5 0 o 0 8 0 B 8 move I clock I, Vaughn K. Rising, Secretary of the above named School District, do hereby certify that this report, pages 1, 2, 3, 4, Is a true and correct statement of the proceedings pertaining to financial matters of the Board of said District for the quarter ending Sept. 30, 1966. Vaughn K. Rising Secretary Subscribed and sworn to me this 5th day of Oct. A. D., 1966. Mary F. Agard Notary Upper DM Meinf**11 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1966 St. JoeKC's St. Joe - KC's met Wednesday evening. Rev. Leo C. Schumacher gave a short talk with Wilfred Schneider and N, J.Wey- dert in charge of the lunch. Grand Knights, financial secretaries and officers meeting was held at Storm Lake Oct. 9, Don Reding, is membership chairman, with every member helping In this activity for the council. SPECIAL KIDDIES MAT. SATURDAY OCT. 15 ALGONA METRO-GdDWYN-MAYER promts WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY - Complete Program begins: 8:00 p.m. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf' - 8:35 p.m. SUNDAY - Complete Programs Begin : 2:00 - 4:40 - 7:20 "Who's Af raid of Virginia Woolf' - 2:32- 5:12- 7:52. SATURDAY KIDDIES MATINEE - Complete Program begins- l:30p.m. -"Gladiators?" - 2:10. p.m. Techniscope and EASTMAN COLOR TODAY Thru TUESDAY, OCT. 13-14-15-16-17-18 SUNDAY PROGRAMS BEGIN AT 2:00 - 4:40 - 7:20 ONLY ONE SHOW DAILY WEEK DAYS - 8:00 P.M. ALGONA IN ERNEST LEHMAN'S PRODUCTION OF EDWARD ALBEE'S HFRIH VIRCSINI IMPORTANT EXCEPTION: NO ONE UNDER 18 WILL BE ADMITTED UNLESS I ACCOMPANIED BY HIS PARENT. ADMISSION: ADULT - $1.50 CHILDREN - 50c Let the good guys protect you! DODGE TRUCK 5 YEAR/ 50 000 MILE ENGINE AND DRIVE TRAIN WARRANTY HERE'S HOW THIS WARRANTY COVERAGE PROTECTS YOUt Chrysler Corporation warrants lor 5 years or 50,000 mile» or 1500 noun ol operation, whichever comes first, against delects in materials and workmanship and will replace or repair at a Chrysler Motors Corporation authorised dealer's place of business gasoline and Perkins dietel engines (I.e., block, heads, and internal parts), intake manifold, water pump, flywheel, flywheel housing, clutch housing, torque converter, transmission (i.e., case and Internal parti, excluding manual clutch), transfer case and all internal parts, drive shafts, center bearings, universal joints, driving axles and differentials, and drive wheel bearings o' its new Dodge trucks, provided the owner has U) (he engine oil changed and universal joints (except seafed-typ*) lubricated and the oil-bath-type carburetor air filter cleaned every 3 months or 4000 miles (every 2 months or 2000 miles on models 400 Ihrough 1000). whichever comes first, (2) the engine oil filter replaced and dry-type carburetor air filter cleaned every second oil change, and dry-type carburetor air filter element replaced every 24.000 miles. (3) the crankcase ventilation system cleaned and serviced every 4000 miles, and (4) the transmission, transfer case and driving axle lubricants changed every 32,000 miles (every 20000 miles on models 400 through 1000). The foregoing services must be performed more olten when reasonably required due to seven dust or regular "stop and go" operation. Every 6 months the owner must furnish to such a dealer evidence of performance ol the required service and request the dealer to certify (1) receipt of such evidence and (2) the truck's then current mileage. (You can tell they're good guys they all wear M white hats) DODGE D-100 This famous Dodge Sweptline Pickup, like all other Dodge trucks, is protected by this exclusive warranty. PERCIVAL MOTORS, INC. 800 SO, PHILLIPS ST., ALGONA, IOWA

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