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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 24, 1958
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, Benmtit II, Wl .-Baltimore Colts Favored Slightly tor Pro Title By AiS66iated Press; Sports Write? NEW YofcK (AP)— The iftalU' ftiofe doits were made a 3'i poiht favorite to defeat New York fof the National Football League championship hckt stmday and Giaht Coach Jim Leo Howeli thihks the odds should be higher, '(The dolts are the best team in the league," Mowell said. "They plainly are beller than Clove* and and 1 expect a much tougher feattle rfom the dolts than we got in any of the games with the Browns," Wowoil may haVe been talking for effect. Big Jim's 'biggest iwoi'fy is the •fear of a letdown on ihd ipa'r.t -of liis squad which battled through five "must" games in suc> cession to .the Eastern Conference Wile, '"The Colts have a lot of poWcrv" JjpO'cll said, "land they ate backed toy <a tremendous line. You can't do the things against them tliat you can do against the Browns, "We learned , that If you can stop •Jimmy Brawn and Ray 'Renl'ro, you can pretty well bottle up the Browns' attack (but the Colts have a bunch of igreat /backs like Lenny Moore, Johnny , . 'Unllas, Allan Ameche and L. G. Dupro. Ameehe may not be a Brown but he can KjM, you that first down and he is aWgood ( blockc nand pass receiver, And how that Moore and Dupre ciaii run. Unilas, besides being a great passer, is a good runner. "And then there's that gang of 800 pounders blocking and punching 'holes >fo rthe boys." In thci ronly hand-to-hand combat this year, the Giants managed to ' eke out a 24-21 victory. That was clouded by atosenc .eof Unitas, o iwas >tinrsinig a eked ribs. . couple of Billikins 1 May Find Key to Cage Success By 'ED 'CORRIGAN Associated Press Sports Writer St. Louis, which has spent most of Ihe years since Ihe departure of Easy Ed MaCauley on the outside' looking in, might just find ,the key to open the door this year, A big 'order? 'Dcfinilely. The Billikins' chief opponents in TtOMN* FOR WORK ••saw? . . ARN6TT VIA the Missouri Valley Conference arc Cincinnati, as the defending champion, with Oscar Robertson waylaying all opposition, and perennial contender Bradley. Where docs that leave St. Louis? Well, the Billikins have a new coach, John Bennington, for one thing. Ed Hickoy left for Mur- quette and a change sometimes can work marvels. For another, Hickey bequeathed nh: successor a veteran outfit. There WHS only one departure by graduation. The 57-58 team posted a 1G-10 record, far from scnsa- Legal Notice lip. 8162 In Ihe Chancery Court of W " " ' Hcmpslead County,' Ark. PANSY ELLIS Plaintiff vs. EDWARD LEE ELLIS Defendant WARNING. ORDER The defendant, Edward Lee Ellis is,warned lo appear in this court within thirty days and answer the i. complaint of Ihe Plalnliff, Pansy Ellis, Witness my hand and the seal o£ said court this 1st day of December I • ' CLARA BYERS, Clerk I - - By KATHERINE B. LAUTERBACH, 'D, C, (SEAL) Dec., 3, 10,:i7,,24;-1958 , , Legal Notice In the Chancery Court of Hempslead County, Ark. [LDRED ROBISON jjWEET , Plaiptifl 30RGE ELLIOTT IJ5WEET , , Defendant Vl .WARNING ORDER tofto defendant, George Elliott lycet is warned to appear in this tional, but a counts a lot. year's experience The Billikins whipped California 53-43, in an intersectional battle Tuesday night to push their record over, the .500 mark, 3-2, They've been beaten only by Kentucky and Cincinnati, hardly a disgrace since these two are running 1-2 in the Associated Press poll. . Bob Ferry, 6-8, and-Bob Nordmann, 6-10, were the St. Louis stalwarts in the defensive game. They controlled the rebounds for the Billikins and that spelled the difference. As for Bradley, ranked 13th. in Legal Notice NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD' COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ' No, 1233 MARY ETHEL BASYE, deceased Last known address-of decedent; 1020 East Third ' Street, Hope, Arkansas ' ,, Date of death; December 12, 1958 'An instrument dated May -16, -956, , was on the 19th day'of'-De- comber/1958, admitted-1 as the last will of the abovl: named decedent,, and the, undersigned 'has been' 1 appointed " executor there» under, A contest of . the' probate, of the- will cap be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided by, law. AH persons having claims against the eslale must exhibit them,-duly verified,, to the' undersigned within sis months from the date of the New Coach of Irish Has a Big Job Ahead By CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN Associated Press Sports Writer SOUTH BENO, Ind. tP) — Notre Dame's new head football coach, Joe Kuharich, has Jiis work cut out for him. 1. He hopes to name his staff of assistanls by Jan. 10. Perhaps some, but maybe none, o£ the dismissed Terry Brcnnan's lieutenants will remain. They arc Bill Fischer, Bill Walsh, John Zilly. Bernie 1 Witucki, Bcrnie Crlmmins, Hank- rStram .and Hugh. Devorc. 2. Interview as many players who will be' around ri?xl fall as possible. ' • ,' 3. Start a hard-nosed recruitin;; Basketball |wt v within thirty days and answer! first publication of this 1 notice, or •*""• complaint of the Plaintiff,'. they shall be foreyer barred and ' Jldyed Robison. Sweet, [Witness my hand and the seal of coui'1 IWs 1st day of December -, CLARA BYERS, C)erk, • LAUTJSRB.A.Clij.D', Q, JXSEAM • -. T -r:: X Kg, 3, JO, 17, 84, J958 ' pyecluded from any.benefit }n the estate, ' , • This, notice first published day.of December, 1P58, •GUY E, BASYB POP, , 1020 £ast Thircl Ifppe, SI, J058 All 6 VOLT STARTERS ANP '- RE5UIUT f All P0rt$ Fpr Can And Trucki All Site fn,ILC«p-Tffli.'Aity .-« a"iio (H9in§ tfrirfcVtti<m?f**-trtt.. ~Xr3»Kzm ftms teS? ;Tt|C| 4. . Produce winning football teams. , v 'Kuharich, a -South -Bend prep star who' moved inlo a guard spot on Elmer Layclen's Noire Dame learns of 20 years ago, visited his alma maler Tuesday. Ho thought (he professional ranks, where he has been coach of the.Washington Redskins since 1954, provides, "a muster's degree for coaching," In beginning a four year contract at Noire Dame, he said he "had a. meeling of Ihe mind,*" with the' university's facully board in control,of athlelics oyer athletic Scholarships, j /'The number L of" scholarships can" be flexible,". 1 ,he said, declining to give any number that may be available,'"We-may neqd more Ihqn another. The schol- jjre adetfuate and the number, given' will compar/t favorably "' with' the . number g'iven by opponents; on/our- schedule." "The'players I want," he added, 'are J-hose dedicated to.football — those with n, deeply > rooted love for the game — lhosi» who want to sacrifice and suffer for it." Some Progress in Newspoper Strike , WE'W YQ.PK (AP) — Tedevpi mediators have 'reported progress (q- Wfid settling ' q deliverers' strike nine New York, Cjty news A,- Maggiolp tempered jijs report Tuesday night by saying there stjl} remain a number of substantial problems t9 be resolved. - Magsiolo said aj( .issues in th» J dispute were, reyiewc-d College Basketball By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Illinois 71. Stanford 02 St. Louis 55, California 43 . Bradley 50, "Dartmouth 44 Akron 70, Seattle G3 Tulsa 60, New Mexico Slate 58 Idaho KO, Kent Stale 54 • Portland 78, North Dakota 49 Montana 82, Oregon 75 Pcpperdine 89, Redlands GO Hawaii 73. Weslmont 71 (ot) College of Pacific 07, St. Pelcrs, (NJ) 53 Fairleigh-Dickinson 79. Wagnei Queens (NY) 79, Hunter 72 Grambllng Invitational (Semifinals) Langslon 77, Southern Univ. 7 Grambling G7, Prairie 'View 5 Kansas Conference (Semifinals) MoPherson 96, Baker 75 Bethany 77, College of Emporl U. S, Russia Report on Their Budgets By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analys WASHiNGTON CAP) — Amcri cans and Russians on Ihe sam day Ihis week got a lillle notie in llicir Christmas Blockings, 1 , ( vas an announcemcnl, by bol (heir governments on liow mud Ihoy expect to spend nexl yeat There was Ihe one lesson lo be learned, above all others, from ihe announcements, If the two counlnes could clear IIP the presen-l arms race running into billions upon ibillions of dollars — people in bolh countries cou]d live belter because their laxes would go down and they'd have more money. By , a coincidence of history happened on llic Hope AOS MUST IE IN OMCI BAY ICFORC NJILICATION — PHON* 7*3431 FOR A5 TAKIK Herb Elliott Hasp Driving Ambition Pf«is §p6rt§ Wrllef Austrnlln <A1')~ Uislrnlln's ttcrb fiUlott, mile mnr* el of Iho age. has otic driving mbltloh — that is to be HIP best larathon runner Iri the world. "Speed is a gift," Ihe phchome- nl 20<ycar-olcl runnings Machine "Endurance Is fin some sails/action om my mile perfnl-mntides of ourso — jusl from Ihe knowledge ml 1 had done my bcsl — bul uthing like Ihe thi'Ul f would get w Instance from running and 'inning an Olympic marnlho." The sinewy, sharp • featured .•nek wizard discussed his athletic hilosophy is sofl casual tones fler being advised that he hud aid today, chievemonl, "1 received ^^T ^^^^P^^P ^^^f I^^^^WJ^^^^ | The schedule ot Soiunaf Period*, us pHttled below, has been tftkett from John Alden Knight Tables, yeuf so lh«i named The Associated Inlo Athlelc of the Year. He is tin? first athlete outsfdo he United Slates lo win the Dionor vhicli is voted toy American sports filers and liroadcaslcrs slilec jtinclcr Hncgg of Sweden, tinothur {real dislance runner, topped the olinK in 1943. Elliott won by a solid margin iver Jimmy Brown, the rushing star oC the pro foolball Cleveland Drowns, and Bob Turley, the Etching slur of the New York Yankees and World Series hero. The Australian received 07 first jlacc votes out of a tolal of 20(5 and 236 points. Points were counted on a basis of three for first place two for second and one for third. Brown had 39 first placers anc 172 points. Turley collected 85 points. Raler Johnson, decathlon .vorld record holder from Kin^s burg, Calif., was fourth with 82; [Johnny 'Unitas, passing quartet back of the pro football Baltimore Colts, fifth, 73, and Ernie Bunks, of the Chicago Cubs, the National League's Most Valuable Player, sixth with 72. Elliott during! Ihe pasl year- ran 10 miles under 4 mlnulcs and sol a world mile record of 3:54.5 aiic; a ,1500 meter record of 3:36. you will be fishing In food or hunting In good cdVcf during these limes, If you W<sh to find the best sport that e&ch day httf to offef, The Major Periods are showtt In boldface type, These begltt at the times shown find last tor an hour and A half or two hou?s thereafter, The Minor Periods, shown In regular type, are oi aomewhat shorter duration, A. M, P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Wcdnes 4:00 10!10 4:25 10135 Thursday 4iSO 11!00 5:15 11:25 Friday 5:40 11:50 6:0,1 —. Salurday 6:30 12:15 flt55 12:40 Sunday 7120 1!05 7,"J5 1i30 The Negro Community Either Hlcki Phone 74671 or 7-4474 Thought for the Day The greater the obstacle, the more glory we, have -In overcoming it; the difficulties' with which we are met are the tun Ids of honor which set oft vl'rturo — Mollerc. Caleltldar Of Events There will.'be a Christmas pro grnm .given at .the TWt, Zioii CMiE Church on Wednesday, Dec. 24 at 8 p.m. 'Hie public Is invited lo allcnd. For Salt ALUMINUM lerec-ns, eiows, sldrffl lfidews, wcnlhef » &lH&pinj ( m* suiatlott, roofing, awmtigs, gui< teHiifli orHnmentitl wiling* Free estimate*. Andy Afldfewii Piiofle 3 SMALL trncta of Inftd ncrif towft siiltit'blc fof chicken ffti-ms, 8f) acres Umber Innd two miles out of Foreman, At-k. See flitlph Stuinddrs or Phohe 7-4001, 18'lf WANT AD RATES • All Won! Ads art poVob'8 !« advdntB bul tseli. Will, b* >lcc8otra 6*(Sf th« fel«ph6n« and **»m#W* JloH tfeeouhh allo*ed with (h6 un* detilondih'O the flccounl 14 pdyabli *h«n lldtemSnf. li t. SO Up (6 13 t« IS 20 21 lo $5 26 16 3d Jt fd 5S .... 34 \6 43 1.50 41 (6 4.1 1.33 . 2.50 3.00 3.50 X.OO 4.50 S.OO 5.SO 15.00 61 OLDS four door, A-l Condition.' New tires, rndlo and henlcr, M!)S Will nrrnttgc finnftclng, Cull 72407. W CttlUStWAS trees, 'BcrtUllfiil Ar^ knnsas Cedars. Your choice! for $1. SiunH's "Toxnco Sol-Vice, 3rtl & Pino. Phone 7-9065. 22-3to 932 IJt/rCK Special -l,,door, rncllq,, hcnler. Clotm, good' condition. Contact J. B. Intfram, 212 N. McsRao, Phone 7-4418. 23-3tp For Rent LOCAL trallors. Bycrs Qulf Se vice. Call Day or Night. 7-91)55; '.8'imoo 5 ROOM house. 301 N., Fcrgtisott Street. Cull 7.-fl678i 17-lmo. Id 50 1.5.0 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 fim« ......... .......... SOc ptff Incfi 3 Hm« ................ 65t bet Inch 6 time* ............. 55c pec Inch 4 IJOOM house. $30 month with bills pdId. PH 7-2247. 10-lf 5 ROOM house completely irc-dc- corntcci. Close Jn, Call 7'.'i207. 24-Sic Notice WK Buy • W* Sell - Wt Hwt RBAL ESTATE R. D. FRAWIO.™ COMPACT A, P. Dcloney, Howard Collier, Tlic IiHerdonoinitnitional Mints- torial Alliance will sponsor the annual Union 1 Christmas service Dec. 25, >at U a.m. at 1-onokc Baptist Church. Uev. J. IS. ^longiut, pastor ot Bethel AMJS Church ^Hll prcachi (Music will be furnished 1jy all choirs of the city. News Briefs By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW HAVEN, Conn.(AP) — A pupil in one of the lower grades proudly told his parents he was Roing lo appear in his room's Christinas play, ''What part do you lake?" lais mother asked. "I'm one of Ihe Ihrce wise guys," he replied. PITTSBURGH (A P) — Santa Clans wore a jet black robe Tuesday. Gray-while wisps of hair receded from his forehead. Black, riipmed glasses framed eyes twinkling >al Ihe piping chatter ot lilllc voices in Ihe usually qulat nnd dignilii'd courtroom. Thai's net Ihe usual description of Sanla, bul Judge A, L. Wolk personified Ihe part as he legally delivered 38 lively children—from fl months lo 17 years of age—to their adoptive parents, just in time for Christmas, Ihese things same day, papers Mediator 1 The deliverers sn( j t no vwpre urged • &Q -re^vajuate their positions beforp fijrther todsy understood 'that' union ne- >C isndej' the pressyrc of membersh.jp "demands, are placing -— u --'s en $ 3,§'{ww week,' W. vacations, 's ninth annual bpliclgv and 8 sick, jeayc pro- .vision. , jjie pv>tytefters'h.ayp offered a W» e _AaM9(kthU vveeH, thg Bjfayys by winning decision. .., ,.- 9J'e hoping " that gradjgy, , will $u,mb,i|j' aJop,g. the Wi, especia,lly sin,cp Cjjycjj Qs- .°$58i by grgdjfeu°fl.' We Pills'ftg' President ± Eisenhower said his budget fpy Ihe next fiscal year, beginning July 1, would call for spending 77 billion dollars bul thai he i expected to get in the same amount in taxes, thus balancing the budget, . Therefore, he said, there will be no call for a general lax increase. 'Iii Moscow, with Premier Nikila Khrushchev nodding approval in the background, Finance Minister Arseny G, Zverev pledged to tooost the government's spending for iAdustry, scientific research and social welfare next ypsr. And he added, lh,ere would be no direct new la,xes. ^Vhorfias E}senho_wer (.poke of spending 77 billions, the- Soviets say fliey'll spend in 'rubles Iho equjvalenl of almost 177 billion 'ni the official -fate of e.v- . Th,at louks like 100 Millions m P.i"e (h,e Russia!) government is spending, ' tjip' figures are misleading, {Micj ir pol pply because ihe rMble j$j£)Qt ponsjdieiTd herp lo-be worth Us jjffieiaj exchange value. gis^nhovyer's total was J<M: the t's expenses. , of 'course, include Ihennoney being spent for 'all purposes' by slates, counties and cjty governments or by private enter^rise 1 on pxpansion or produt'tioji not, ,c;on.ne,cted with tlie goyem- all fh,e'> Russian figures ,j Jpe joyatry's goverame«t(il fvonvihe smaliesl local " up,. Jn.ch^ded arc figure?, for the tt'ftd<5,.,'aJJ run by -the government. , k» r\ n r~ ' i TV c ill * '1 S M fl. LOUISVILUS, Ky, (AP) — Holiday cheer has spread to motorists tagged for traffic viola lions. Officers report Ihey received five fines in Ihe mail enclosed wilh Christmas greetings. The con- GLBNDJVE, Mont. (AP) unidentified man said his science bothered him. He appeared at two Glendive stores just before Christmas to pyy them for goods he shoplifted two years ago, Ono slorc gol $33, Ihe oilier $10, DENVER (AP) Santa Claus doesn't have to be told how to find Mrs, Anna Bollig's chimney. He's been climbing dosvn it for 103 years. Mrs. Pollig will observe her 108rd birthday Chris?lmn,s Day. She was born of German parents in Graff, Tlussia, Pec. 25, Jfi55. She js a widow and lives with q grandson, WEATH'-ERFQItD, Tcjc. (AP)~ 1'ho W^alherford Rescue Squad will set up a highway booth to* night tp serve free coffee to ny- torisls. Squad members hope it will help counteract any effects o| much Christmas cnqey. SAW LAKE CITY (AP)—Mom, berg of Goy. George D. Clyde's administration ' gave him twg Christmas gifts Tuesday, The}' called them the ''keys to SLjccess, in balancing the state Budget," , Th,c i(.prns; A rubber slide rylQ and a. liny press that prints fak.e nioney, 5,000 Rgjbbitf Killed by Idaho Folks . c)ub-s\yjnging tied jacl^rabbits oycr th.e weekend. few r arm |gent .Re^ p^ach, of 'son ,Qpu,nty says 'it wiJJ be days before * there's i pn count, but he guesses 4her« nearjy 5,000. rabbit 'p^syajtie The Blubbers formed, w jnous $\tcle Sunday $nd cjospd 'ill o« two sections Coming and Going W. T. Beeno left (Monday night for Kansas City, Mo. where he will spend 'the holidays with his children. MOV1NGT Lone Distance Call Collect 5M. Fr«« Estimate!, lx>w«r Ratei. . Have Vani — Will Travtl PRESCOTT TRANSFEB . STORAOB CO. PRESCOTT, ARKA1V0AB It-* BAR/HAM Brothers Houite Movers, Insured and free estimate. Write Barham Brothers 'Cale, Arkansas., . 21-1 Ho, IMr, and Mrs, 'Roscoe Smith and daughler Juckie is.spending the Christm'as holidays with lier parents, Mr. and (Mrs. iFrod 'Prince of Terrell, Texas, IM'rs. Pauline iBrown of Grand iRa.pids, Mich, 'and Chartie Sutton ot Chicago arivccl in 'Hope (Monday lo spend the holidays with their 'sister and cousins, IMr, nnd Mrs, (Willie 'Brandon and family, Mrs, iLavena Jiackson of 'Baton Bouge, La. arrived in Hope Sunday night <lo spend the holidays with her sister, -Mrs, Agnas Hardc- mon, College Notes From Philander Smith, of OLdlUe , — - Misses Louise and Bnr- )>ara Graham, Mary Ann Phillips at)d AJcie iMaric Powell, From AlM&N, of 'Pine 'Bluff — Misses 'Alice Sh'aw, Orene Pt-nnis, Shirley Rdbnson, Arlcno MeFadden James Johnson, Robert Tyus n'nd 'Arthur Newton and George Strou- Arkansas Baptist, of iLitUc HocH M'lss "Mildred 'Stuart. Veeck Trying to Buy Out the Chisox CJilCAGO CAP)— Bill Veeck is negotiating to buy into the Chieu' go While Sox but if he has hopes of (,'aiping uompiele conlrol of the club i'or the syndicate he 'heads, ho had better take another look, yeeck is dealing with 'J3orothy C'omiskay jUgriey for her 3.235 sh»ros of slock, r |'hc purchase is expected lo be completed, before the 195'J season opens, However, another £,735 shares of 'stock, are qontroljuci by' Mrs. brother, Chqrios who says thul under no team to leave the /amjly. ComisKey Jjps been dickering to b,yy out his sister but his ghgnpuji Sippear sUin since V^cck en'tered the scene, Cornis^ey now holds shares of gtocis but will jiis full &7? 5 sharps by t4ie lime ' he is 35. Tu.escja.y night, .. issuecj this statement: Chicago While Sox was? fQUji4 e , d by niy grandfather, Chaes j\. Qomiskcsy, an,d hg,s ' 'rutttincd- prowily *y tbe-Cp- isKey family for 5£ years. ' "It was the wi}J of my mother that ownership, of U|e a^o White Sox sho^d, ip tjji^ pomlfkey "{.wouicj ]ike 'would iuovjn " , , oijt of tin* in to i«'«v*r'-'£tf#i8p. -TWSil$?>\v?s 4'pjpstfii by ,UIP )4 bin s'-»s ti\ey wftt, _ _ , . ^^yoi&cy? \ v » MW. &%& a.^ 110 - • Au^iA^Jla,is ih? lwgepl.*'iwlF* * *f^lis En«? D?I •jihvas^fd j^^ib-l^ jJi^wfeVfiMP' ' '* • 1K&P 4 >' s$ Qwly 1 '^ > 9> w i-^. fiio i s J?fi> 'twBffis 'eui|4i!},¥ n fw^ sli|sl<w, ,fowkj" Ift jw^W^d^-Af*. - ',IM.*9 JlwJi-J'W di^ifiiftil^fli^fd, s$^~'4$$$W$r%\&%$Sf$!i$ UOjSP* a ||p|" ibf ,fe'f "t'^bfejts pijiillawcsd, ^fe^gj>ip ; tpa^j\ ynri •!" j,nt9Ai4 w'.do gpliilnj,' '^ '|^RI^t"-~M|Uw^> ^W 9 *, fif^L'f* t »W.'4-^ft' p&^im^^^^^'' &''$$>&'££$~v$thte'h *KWJ'M,-R e 4«'" I t^sU* ,*'|(id,g. oj^g'r.ujp*?,. |^ j^ JBftfeufltt'^ft, oiy^ |i8$ c fA *§, ftfeiP.ittPlifH jUlw}.-^.; "/ ' , '-, < r> f '"' fsft^jjuj''-.',,"4*'! WE Buy and sell Antique Furniture and bric-a-brac, • BYETIS ANTIQUE SHCOV Patmos',--Shover Springs 'Iload,' Phone 7-2057. , f 14-1-mo c iMsf WEEKS old black Pplan China pig, If found call Alvin Wilson, Jit, 1, Blcvlns, Ark. 22-3lp BOXflS'Il-GIlISYlIQUrNTJ dog, Black wilh (whitei trim. Silver chnin a round 7)cck, 'Answers lo name of "Nig," If 'found contact Cln'ronce Pepper, cRl, 2 'Hope, Arkansas, Funeral Directors Ambulancq Service T ' i Burial Association •>,•!" 3 OAKCttEST FUNERAL Dial PR '7-2123 20-lm-c Strvicibi Offered LET, ui renovat* ywt, old m»t- treii, We ipectalist in COBB MATTRESS SHOP 719 W«ft 4tt RALPH Montgomery Mirk«t, cu»- t9m lUughterlfig, We h*v« m"««t for jrour deop frttce, 0«* M be- for« buying, • 17-tt SINGER SOWING MACHINE CO, Sales and SiervJcQ; 513 East'3nJ. L: K, Booth, Phone PR 7^995, ' S-H4I POWER S«w available for removal of trues, slumps pnd etc, For free eslimate call 7^052, 26-J mo, c GOOD bargains, JJvjy, sell, trade or rufinish yyur furpitwc ui my shop, JPijul Pudney, Washington, Arkansas, 29r)>m-(; Wonttd Hope Star route open,for l?oys 38 •years and. over, Apply 8t Hope to California for two 'Navy iboyg, Friday, Dec, gQ. Can'driyo 'and will shUTg, in .espeoscs. FUdne Wonted to P«y ,. , jp, f prj'c t?s pgid for niink (jind «$'oji 'njideSj'^f.te'p 7 'p,m. c<jll feck fiatejiff,'', ^"9 S, Phone ft Business Opportunititi to ser yjg? an<l ctte', (^sponsors, |eren,ce§ 'a area from- cigar' o selling. Car.'ro^ in- above* arc (of eoh- Ih«,i<rl!on5. IMgulor of iklt t)dt« 6<ls will lake the one-day Wte. All dally closjlllcc) advCfllslnfl copy will bo .flcepptod until S p.m. faf . publledllon Ilio Jo||o»M<j day. the publlshof ' ri'terves the right to nsvUd or will all aclveilistfmdrtU of Itrcd tor putalltallon tmd to fCleet ony obiocllonoblo ddverllslng iub* milled Initials of one or mere teller*, • groups of fifluros, such o« house Of telephone numbers count as one word. The'H6po Stor will no) Be raspon- slblo for errors |n Wont Ada um«J errors ore collfcl ID our ottontiort otter fIRST Irtwrlion of ad and Ihen for ONLY Ihe ONC Indorfecl Insertion. PHONE;. PROSPECT 7*3431* Hope Star ,. t Star, of ,Mopo 1899; Pren t»27 Contollrfatad January 18, 1929 Published oycrv wotkday allornoon by? ..STAu'VUeUSHiNG CO. , ' Mrs, C, C. Palmer, President Alex. H. Woshburn, Sccy-TtoJ, mt The .Star Building , , I12-H.South ,Walnut Slrcot Hope, Arkansas < ' Aim, H, Wosltburn, Editor & PublUhtr Paul 1 Mr-Jone«, JManofllna Editor , 'Danol Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hoimcr, Moeh, Supt, ^ ' t Entered a> second cla» matter at -v : , th« Post' O«»|co at Hope, Arkamal, • ' under Hie Act of Morcli 3, 1B97, Momoiir of I ho Audit Bureau of < , . ,. ,/.-.Clrculatloni • ' ' f Subscription kolas (payable In , 'rV advan:'j)' '"_:• •}, By. carrier In Hopb and noighbarlno* K towns — -,' Per week ,..„ 5 .JO' ' Pcfyoor ...',..•. ' - 1460-j" / By mall In. Hompstcad, Ncvoaa, .' La/oyottc, Howard ami Miller Coun--,", »le~s —.,'„'' " "" *' On* month" ,....' Throe month! ,., Sin -,monfh» ,.. ..•!• v i v ,Ort» yeor ,,.„......,i • *"""Ali* other "mall'S^ '' ''' " ''' 'Ope month „..,,,,..,,..,...* ,. 1»3&^ Thl««,, monthl ...,,,.....,. M vt ""• 'J'J? Sr«\mon»h| .„., ,.«l,' ( ,,V ,'.. * J.JO On* yeor !.„,..„„ 1J.M » .IS MS 1,50 6.SO ' N«t'l Advertising- Hcprcscnto»lv«»! , ^ * . ' • . "«f ' ' , '/, Arkomoi Dailies, Inc., 1602 StcrlcK . Bldo. Momph!s*2, Twm.; SOS TOXQJ' Bonk Bldo., Dallas i, )exos; 360 N.. ' f Michigan Avo,, Chicago 1, I II,;' 60 G.', 4?.nd St., New YorK-il'/, N. Y.; 1743 • , Ponobscor Bldg.; ,;De1rolt 2, Mich,; Tcrminolo Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, OMo. ' • " U Member of Th« Aiot fr«Mj The AJsoclcilod prow Is entitled exclusively to the Use' fpr republication 1 of plj;.the loc<jl .'newj .p/Intod Jn this nev/sp'^ipor, as','Well b AP new» ,LAY-AWAY;YOUR TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS NOW - Hope's Best Selection of, <•-, ' Christmas Toys 3t , • i WESTERN AUTO • 113 «, H Mali?; PR 7-4447 Taylor & Jordan USED CARS £, p'O'PY SHOP* , „ FOREIGN CARS -r,:; * ' ** ^ ' " v - If 'r 216 S. Hazel"'" Phone-74022i< •Oryllj,e-T3y!or^ John _B1H TO PUY ' Pln/"PiilpvV,?9o"fax Try'9k .-.,,,,. ' "••* 'rj VY/J9^s or,otherwise,' \ F \ 4 Jnn»r« t ^«Wrt« Ct " H-ifnypniCsrriiJI^fi Fyn«ral Horns j

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