Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1958
Page 2
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Hdfl STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS W§dn«tliy, Detimbif 24, 19SS t>h6fii W431 Between 8 A.M. MH 4 P.M. 'Calendar 'Fhe Young Peoples fJeparlirncnt of First Methodist Church ull present a Nntavity Scene, Tilewlay Bfld Wednesday beginning at G (p.in, until 8 p m. each night. Saturday, OeeerrtbOf- & A formnl dance for llth flhd 32U1 grade students and those of colic-go agr will be held at tho Hope Country Club on Sftturdfiy, Dec. 27 beginning at 8:SO .p.m. Hosts and hostesses Mil be Mr. ' , and 'Mrs. George Itobison, (M*. and Mrs. Albert Graves and Mr. ana Mrs. George Peck. Notice "" Slope tXif>li«i.te Bridge Club will -], not meet until Jan. S. *,; Miss Ann Cola Entertained i , With Christmas Dance • Miss Ann Cole entertained with s ' a semi-formal Christmas dance nl :-\ the Hopo Country Club on Decem"-' ber 22. Mr. and Mrs. Jiim Cole «nd Lance. Jean Page, born Ann King, ntid Mnry Alice Caslon, Servllig the guests on Tuesday wci-o tha Missos Barbara Caston, Dorothy Sue Ann Smith, Totirtft. . ..„ .„.-, Linda Thrnsh, Cecilia tiod» win, Priscllla Johnston, and Patsy Burroughs. In chatge of tlic beautiful back,* ground music on Monday was Mrs, Sarah Moses, nnd Miss Ann Sullort held a similar position oh Tuesday. The Bitest book was presided over by Miss Joy Davis ort Monday ami by Miss Judy Beth Davis on Tuesday. About 200 people called during the two evenings. National Laundry Enjoy* Mr, and Mrs. G. A. llobbs assisted j oy( ,a-j'- n._ t.^^i^Hr. lt« »11u»*r»»-»i'1Y^tfl\f\*it'liLni» if i l.* The annual Christmas party was held ijl the Natlptiat Laundry from 12 til 'l p. m, Tuesday. The pnrty began with the «roup sintjlng; "Silent Night" in UnJsoh nnd Leo Itartsfleld voiced the opening prayer, Eighteen afnployccs nnd three Kuests,' Mr. Jack 'Hartsflehl, Mr. Leo Hartsficlci, and Mios Jewell Jolmson frbifi Leo's., Oarage 5 en- tu> the hOstes.H in «...,-- = -.',-. . 4 ity to the 150 high schoolj'and col " • legc students. The aues.ts enjoyed an evening of dbncing at 1 the club%""•• house, which was beautifully dec- v" oratod in a color schepic 1 . of, red At- th'u-close of the party «igifIs were u.xchan'^ed 1 and Mr. 4 '.Rce'(t, rnnnager of the laiin(|j-y, v '"presented ' nch employee with a'lovely fruit Christmd!S Is a Time of Memories fhe ftotnan ctastoiluin, Innli When legionnaires were pn>- tcetori of Gaul, Was the an- tcstor of European castles, '['lie castelluifl was a sciuare or titiadratigle surrounded by a high wooden fence, outside of which was a deep ditch, A large earth mound also Sur-. rounded by a ditch, was in I lie tenter' of the enclosure. The mound was a place for a last stand, when Mn ''f'' IV .13 ('hi!' the V'.,i. !i tin; qnu t 1,.\ , ,', If IK ,,f, . iTcrnorit •Mi hiMr '\,'', I,,. 'hi j ir rln i MOIIVM I,,, ,,.-,s ' hi" 1 i , fiVl'l I 'f' n I, , J V V I nit uth(T <AP> — It I but none of filterc-rl into r 'V were him "f h;ippv days when m/i.'i popular, rotund. Sji'it.i C'l.i'is in Mon- ilhill lov. n 2(1 mile": "i Ir 1 <• :i|.,nt- in n hospitnl ti'ii. A .sm.liu'5? welled i ho ir ojirnoil and tl!it"pd in ?. Mi'. Siinta © f-Jncyclojiiulln 15 rflt a tiniest •i , . t>p."p .'f\. Ti ars rolled n I' omnri.-ii, H checks. . The " ii nt O't-isfmas had !••••• jturiif"! t M-vnr-nlrl Tom Davit's, i I-Vr TOPI I';;? been Santa to Hi'.. . I, of Son nabi-iel Val- I, y (I ill ii Srvrnl months' ago i He <!iif!'f red ,-i s-li-dko i Th" r 1 i! .ircn \vhi- remembered Leon Santn T.i.-sday were David, 4, and Oeblii.- ~ children or Mr. arid Mrs, P;ni! R. nickcr.snn of Mon- Dr. and Mrs. John-McClnnahan Had Open House Dr. and Mrs. John McClanahan had Open House at the parsonage of the "First Baptist Church on December 22 nnd December 23. Aside from the traditional Christinas tree, the house decorations were predominately white and gold: Notice- the Coming and Going Births White Mr. and Mrs. James Toague, 315 W. Sixth, Hone. boy. Jurry Wayne. i Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas i«vi Yo'Ung, 108 N. Washington, Hope, The nickei-sons started a move- boy, William Stanley. rnr-nt to «et Santa's young fans lo Mr. and Mrs. Donald Travis write hin "thr.nk you" and "get Slt'inncr, Rt. 2, Hope, boy, Johnny we'l" Mirrs Pnv "To-ri ' . s ihr be«f Santa wo 'aid President Jerry t McBintnoys Do- Store wh ere To m Mr, and Mrs. John Calvin Grif- fvci li.r 1 fin, Columbus, boy, Wayne Calvin ' McBi -iim , Mr. anci Mrs. Billy Joe Surles. -<parfmeit Mr. and Mrs. Thurmnn Wright nnd son of Odessa, Texas, are In I Cynthia Hope with Mr. and Mrs. Cecil M. Bittle for Christmas. Tony Boyett of Senrcy is spending the Christinas holidays with Mr. and Mrs, Comer Boyett. Mr, and Mrs. J. S. Moore and Jay of'Shrevc- f" pottecl plants Ved poinsettla tia. When Dr. and Mrs. McClanahan 1, Box HO, Washington, girl, ' w<irko':l for oiKhl yefrs. "He was Uhia Drina w..n'1'if-l nith Uiris He even vis- Mr, and Mrs! Martin Luther Fox, itr-rl them at school. Tom knew Jr., 319 Miller Avc , Tcxarkana, the 'rue m-nnuv; of Christmas. bov. .Martin Luther. ™- «'»'. P.^o^nn rh.larcn hnd Mr. and Mrs. James Ray Piirllc. • Ml the uiet hospital room Tom HI. 1, Box 307, Hope, girl, Cheryl '•""! "I -'I ">" ll ' lu ' rs thcy had Kny , P1V"!' l l HI Mr. and Mrs. Charles William "1 always (old the children when Thornton, 1702 S. Elm, Hope, girl, <hi « ,'t o'i mv kn^*? to ray tnen^ New, Relaxed Webb Seems Happy Now gy NEA WOLLVWoot) — And so --. after seven yeaf-s, three wives ahd 2^6 filmed chapters of net" — .tack Webb lived happily eVei' after. All I wanted Were the facts but rfack Webb, ho longer toi-< mehted by the explosives mixture of fame, fortune and private life. slipped me a note oH his relakeu state of mind, I'm .hot overworked and utt- yed anymore," lie grinned. Sgt'. ' Friday"'! third ' marriage lo beauty contest svihrter Jackie brought him .off-stage fa")* Jiappltiesii, But when hd says I Isn't ' overworked anymore he he doesn't mean golf three after' noons a Week. 'The currant . Webb M. 0, (Method of Operation) just means regular 9 to (5 Working hours instead of 16 to 18 hour days, It means ti movie, "3Q," rolling in March; a telefilm Series, "The D. A.'s Man," replacing'.,the ill-fated Ed Wynn Christians ol •a. ffftft} Paw 8ne'" in?r the QtiefhoVs oh evefi days nl the hionth. The Chihest National- i?l comhiahdt'r in thief ordered his troops hot to fire back oil dhrislmas Bfly, bill there Was ho ihdicalioil lhal the Reds Would observe a li-Udt' OK an odd» numbered NSW YOHK (At 3 ) -' Variety Is the secret of sticcesS With ntt nlidiettce, Charles Boyct finds. " nuclieride tlcerh from many ba<!k> bj.it Hot !'Usually art many elements grounds in order lo react well to a play," says the French star, This, he feels, is why perform? {vices bought out toy large o^ sanitations fop fund-raising jni?^ poses are often cold m their response, But in his current 'MarMflge'dO'fcouhd." role ift Boyef HI tIA A lit £j*i*«<'rf ••«»••""• , reports ' benefit alidiehccs have been, -highly responsive. "Apparently the only elements needed are men and women 4o provide "sufficiently opposite ro actions," he declares of the comedy svhich "concerns a marital ynn Show In January oh NBC, -j TV spot iight on the Roarini- another series, "Pete Kelly 1 3 Twenties, The'show is about the c, 'I it.n 4(fe,f f^4* tVlo t«lrtM firt-ln A^^c:'i" l -'" ^.''r , _ .. . _. .. Blues," wailing for the right time and sponsor, - —"H^l But the Jack WebB ntyio unclei'' played it as Sgt. Friday While overplaying 1 it as star, 'produber director, writer and cutter now can aiford the side of (he TV and movie business he pieferrw'd all along —producing and dtretk- ins;, with only occasional acting,! Ihe pilot of "Pete Kelly's Blues" — based on his movie times, not the crimes, of the era with 'im orchestra-leading ' hero. Tlie Webb rriovli? with the trick tie of ""30" is a newspaper tale title J, B. Kooncc visited Mrs, D. C. Tip- rccelvod 1 their guests, they wore pill in Prescott on Sunday carnations. Mrs, McGinn-j ' • pinned her white and gold Mr and Mrs. D. B. Russell, and H - - •• •— son, Rimdy, of Dallas are guests of Mi's. Lois Russell--and of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrell during the holidays. corsage to n dress of bhie ; lace. They took this opportunity- to 'show their parishioners the lovely; suite of bedroom furniture presented to them by the members of the church last summer on the anniversary of their first year In Hope. In the dining room, also, decorated in white and gojd, the guests Personql Mention Friends of Mrs, Hazel Watkins Underwood of Dallas will be glad, served cnkcs, cookies, and to learn that she Js IKW a resi- hot spiced ten. Mrs, Ray Lawrence 'and Mrs.' Jewell' Moore Jr., prc- . sided at the tea table on Monday night, and Mrs. Henry Hayncs and Mrs. F, M. Horton served'on Tuesday night, Intormodiatc girls assistjnK In the dining room on Monday' were .the Misses Pat Kogfrs, M pry. Ann Q?aty,' Ginger Bpwdon," Pamal.i ENGER 6:30 i 8;30 dent of .Hope and will continue to do private, duty among- her friends. ' , - - • i • • •» (JflStCIDlG CTQ ,- f \i/, I J Qf VY OlIQ - Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Co-' lumbus Simmons, Rt. 4, Hopo, girl, j Ocbra Mae. Mr, and Mrs. Cecil Elmo Smith, Box 51, Fulton, boy, Thomas Gary. Mr, and Mrs. Vance Joe Broom, j 502 13, M, Hope, boy, Gary Joe. i Mr. and Mrs. Hatlcy Burke, Ht.;.',., , , 3, Hope, boyT James Kendal. i^,, K1 Mr. and Mrs. 1. J. McKamic, Rt. | lcfl s . 1, Hope, boy, Jerry Allen, Negro Mr, nnd Mrs. Theodis Johnson, Rt, 3, Hope, girl, Loretta. i Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Hick-, man, 507 N. Hazel, Hope, girl, Leo A, I .Mr, and Mrs Hugh Harris, Min- 1 cral Springs, girl, Suzanne. i Mr, and Mrs, Jewel Dixon, P. N<?ws BrJefs LITTLE TiOCK i' AVI— Chester B. Bevrynvm. :'V. of Biinlon was 'it when an nutoim- bile m whi.'ii h<- v as a oassenfier Hiif'iwuy 5 .incl wrecked near Posi-djle. west of Little Rock Sheriffs cle-'i'iH-s said Iho vehicle was driven bv Robert B. Berryman. 21. of North Little sulferecl serious in- A SCENE EVER NEW—Rich costumes of the kings contiast with the humble garb of the Virgin and Joseph In this "Adora- ation of th'e Kings." The Holy Family receives the royal homage In the traditional scene which has been depicted many times but never loses the freshness of the spirit of Christmas. It's an anonymous oil-on-wood painting of the 15th century German school. The work is in Toledo (Ohio) Museum of Art. H'LiC L/i . W *1J " fivtrfffr-'f. -I about 12-hours'in the life '6f '.ah assistant managing . editor. Ih newspaper lingo, "30" is a» end 'of 'story mdrk, Jack will star .in thi'f film,, probably ;his only-act-, ine assignment'in '591 4 i, "The D; A.'s Man,", with a which was based on hls, v -, radio ^ losjlfe a hd ' a ^^ e ^, show -will be sold Jae'k* I'lopes, ° eu ^ n f fl n"^ & '^alLaty because of tho continued .film. 0JveL "3 oc p TV eycld, but as an tlcn. undercover investigator for 'a district • attorney, Jack, says his Dear Dorothy Oix: „ I've flipped over a senior at school. I told Mom .about .him hcrp will put 1 a new riant on .things, OROTHY Problems Are Different Even If Names Are Same Dear Dorothy Dix: ; over the United States and Canada. A few weeks ago you had a-let- IMany .readers sign E letters with '"He never arrests anyone 'br and she said even,if he asked me uses a gun." Webb explains tor a date I couldn't accept toe- . "He's like a Raffles — he can cause he's known as a hot rodder | never reveal himself, mere will iciLiat; lie a- iMiuwii cio u uwi« iuu-nci j • -- v > it, and hasn't got a good reputation, r be no courtroom scenes m tin I don't think this is true because ! show and the stories will MT •ve been with him in a crowd and based on fact but 80 to Op per le's awfully nice. Sometimes I-go cent fiction I say it will smack I 1 he's awfully mwt:. ouuicuiiiiua i"BV /. ~ ' ~ , ., .• to dances just toecat.se I know "f. VDrapnet' only because it..? he'll be there tout all he 'says to being made by us. One man s me is "hi." I'm not interested in films are like - one songwriters songs —sort'of-in.lhe r,ame groove but'not really,-the "-'same," -< "The D. 'A,'s Man," he believes, will, bring to-TV, in 1959 the star of • the year, 35-veav-plcl r'ole. John iunes. tcr alboxit a gh-1 who was going i fictitious names, so' anyone who tries to connect a letter in this -U u, I - r - - , . j ; tl iCD iv/ v.»ji»»ifcv,u tt A^VW^,*. »*•. !,..*.« [with .a married man. You had told | column with an actual person is c I her once to discontinue the associ- really stretching the possibilities h-ive avvarc'ccl a , , , . , O Box ,170, Hope, mrl, Co-rorina. V3 "?. r i Arkansas U-vor bank sin- EDWARDIAN'PROMENADE, By James Lavcr. Houghton Mifflin, $C 50. _ ' ., ' , -' \ Qtieeiv Victories . death'in.lpOl markocl', the end'of ai^ crq.V'l^jp outbreak "pf Wprl(J Win 1 -1 rparkod ihe end- pf ano((ief pi-a 1 ; ,mu«?h . Chriitma* P«y Fram\,,l;OOf,-M. shortor, n"n t;ra' of rnthpr Mr, 'and Mrs. Charles WHHr hiU/ail-m ponira-t I-, Yancey P *' y ': '. " ui ntion tout she wrote again saying she oouldnt stay away from him. Tno letter was signed 'Amelia' and c mce tlHrit is my name (and a very , . Mr. and Mrs, Frank Tin m>r, P'ul- tn-n m ;i 1 .MO loot niif -H al" or 'con^c- unusual one) I have been subject, i i l '" s . > it a- ton, boy, Timmy Ray. Mr. and Mrs. Tsiah Benny Hen- <irix, FuUoii. boy, Joffery Donald. ' Mr. and Mrs. J, W. Holmes, lOast Berry, Hope, boy, Rickey Charles. | Mr. and Mrs, Jack Dempson Me- Clollen, 507 N. Hazel, Hope, boy, HonnM IJewayn. , Mr. and Mrs, Aggie B. Jcffei- 'i HOO foot ,->! .i-ich ft n ?!r«;>m from and fill revetment IP/ B.'-nrt. ]U 5 A un- tho Highway 70 TJTTLE ROCK ?nck jjolicemen Tli'' «-e'iool ,, r (AD —L are going than stability,. a;)" introduction' our ow(i century qven more than a closing phase of the last. During- this, decode'anc! q 'half,' ycm and I, mnivy, of us.'.li^e- Lnver, came' in; "i}nd he ^'oes over it once lightly, 1 as 1 he snys T- though no{. so lightly in fact, \ It was' surfaces that interested , and this 'syps parUcu.lajly tlu> without 'comforts' Jiku central heating flfld indoor , • There wore'- the often , fashions of'Bakst, Word) and Potret; there were the 'Lon> dan setfspn, the season, i South se(i- , son, the'/" pountj',v'')io'usd , scasopi bipyo)os"gnve WBy to iviotor cars which," n"doptor told" r n'. 'wojrlpd public, wei'p " probnbjy '^ood ' t for ' ijeplth; tt)o , -airplane j " " IhoiigH pleriot's ll)ght,'-n diju'tst sup'pppp.. '^ stunt: "Yoli caiVJ 'carry o/,, passengers," v> •' , ' 'change was* ,pomjng; r A is" splri ' eonl, brpvvevs- .. be- peov|,.'l(0!'£l This ^r. .That ! ' i . , . son, 520 E. 7, Hope, boy, Hobi'rt * ht ' v-u-thw Loo Mr. and Mrs. Richard W.kori, i" ld thn ' Mr. and Mrs, Herman Friorson. ' ^Uhit Rt. 3, Box 378, Hope, boy, 1 lei man ' ' llr ' Mr, and Mrs. Joe Eddie Jt-fk-i- ""__" ,".. to «unervlston of Tvnffo Institute! Int"rmM<ni"l Association vs'ill bcfiin Ancil M. every menibor of Ihe 'i!'lT>p>it would nttcnrt two rmu'ses, each tit of Fo'i-o. * son, Rt. 1, Washington, girl, G\\-r-n- dolyn Yvonne, Mr. and Mrs, Lucky Moovo, Washington, boy, Clerland, Mr, and Mrs. Othean two. A Bt, ! 1 Box 171, Hope, fijrl, Jarnice, . '.' ni.in U\iiv v,il" coivluct thn schools, eaoh of w'ncll will iot-[i ao honvs rf tramina. The 'fVtn", v 'Ul bo in"lru';ted in sub, (t'f-is <"i"h !»= iP-i n 1,11.1 acc-iflept,", u-eovrts. vnl,"5 of 'jmt or twqject banker. Ai'UsJs , ii) Pjirls prayjdpcl pie^ as 'new p? ' tlu> new world - • ~- - W/olls Mother of Six Killfd in Wr^ck YELLV1LLE, Ark, year-pjd cnothpr of six vas killed j and her husband and his brolhrr' — 2.1- yesterday when thoir cat j n logging truck sideswipc.l i>n country yofld six mill's usist oil is Mrs. Kuln Vvon Kin • j of Bruno, :dpntifipd as tho tlnvor' suffered mwoi zn- o Trooper 'Fovuit Alien, said . th(? truck driver, WtUium UrtuU r, ! of was not h.ut SAODLE TRAMP ^f lr,.*^.""Y* m ~ -'^-' < ^'^jt'-s' > f. '.*' *>,_„ ^ •••««* rt u^e 01 iv*vui.i^i. i'n> > ui v and .Mrs. J, C, Spcaiman, > f ,,, f , hi , 10 nf vl)!n t,,.s nnd flt. i Hone, girl, 'Lender Sue „ u( (Uroc ,; 1K ; traffic. Mr. and Mrs. Robert McC'im-e, Rt. 2 Box 102, Hopo, girl, Darlmc 1 , Mr, and Mrs, Honry Turnlino, nt 4, Box asi, Hope, boy, 'Richard Enrl. i to constant teasing since it appeared I'm a secretary in an office with 10 men and they have caused me considerable embarrassment. I don'.t worry aibout them so much but suppose a visitor comes to the office some clay and gtl tho wrong impression. How can I get those men to stop .teasing me? —''Amelia. of coincidence. Take the ribbing in good grace and remember that people only tease those they like. The men in your office gel a kick out of your embarrassment — I bet you 1 blush — and when'you'Wd 'back a little, they switch the subject. Sorry if I've'caused you trouble but that's the way the cookie crumbles, dating anyone else. How can I get ihim to take interest in me? — (Woebegone. IDe'ar W,: Aren't you stretching a simple situation rather far to make a problem out of it? So you have, a .crush — everyne does'. You will recover just -as you got over measles, whooping cough and chicken P9X.. It's very .doubtfijl if you 'could ever get the jieart- throb to notice you,. even 'more doubtful that,you'd ever.get Mqm/s- 'permission tp go outi with him! So . . . 'f, __ ,. r , "n i\jriijy'ci nvr 1 *^'" * nj* v* *.j r"- ..T-.lot the thing he. Don't go out of a Herb S i lri n t ; r type of natural your way to find ,complication? humor,' 1 • ' where,' at present, there 'aren't ; .)A - • Western hero in a Brooks .Bros," suit?'.',I wondered: , '.'That's just about , Bright," Jac|^; smiled,' ' , ' " < Webb, a handy follow with the <;ix-footcr who likes to say he's from' "a Tennessee town '(Lynchbur?) of 172'peopie ami 9n dofs. The .peoolo are real ^rir-ndly..^!! the clogs aren't." '! "Compton,' says Jack, ... "is *,n real Southern HdVq runner. Ho's reallv n" Western hero type with' .any. Dear Dorothy (Dix; Do you trunk 29-28-33 is fat for an 11-year-old girl? My,, brother isjf ac ts, savs bachelor Compton., is 'always callipg'me "fatso." .Please^ .charactor, Hip family has '' Dear Dorothy Dix: In your opinion, if a young man Dear Amelia; Your co-workers is thoughtless, indifferent, even have certainly gone 'far rffield to'rude, to his mother and sisters Satisfy a sense of humor, .The only possible connection between you and the letter writer was the name which is not as -rare a? you seem to think, My' column t appears t all toll him I'm not, — Kid-Sister. Dear Sis; Well yoij'.re certainly not undeveloped, When a gal. is so concerned 'about her triple .throat at 11, where can we expect ora!cd''the. famed will'he,treat Ws wife the same!hear little girls lisp 'their'<)fiea<- .' n ' r -rr> ' I tM,Y>nrv,«nie rilnniir •unl'K -1110.1,'' TlnTnOR way? — Eve, of POPLAR BLUFF, Mo, r T Brpw«tpv, 83, law- nd fni-men- nemooratic stqto is dead of , (\\v\ vsterday in a po'-jlav , hospital es\--ter « f ns n mnmbor of •e of llfprpsentatives fi'om to 1013 iiom Jetierson • nv-H'tieid Iqw in St. Lovus i i"'n to 1940 and mow*? ar Bluff six yoars pao. for CMN's Only SAl/r LAKE CITY $R\$ tl^st Mrs. King was crushed by p log which i-im-i Jqpse fcpn) ]ha truck «nrt cipsnvd tl-"> hoi"-e cfuaht firs Monday, Mr. the wmclsl)jpld nf her car. ,,-jnri Mi-fi. KdSward, 1^. g King', furmer iv-.'irew's j-nain eonfcm was of Bruno, nv'vc-d "(j'OW Tii>«on s A 1 '* 7 - > ^ ago. , .*, - Jor vyomen, «ssas?iaaUon at tlip most °l all; but sonio i)W Wi ' i s-month-fld son, Bart. l " I The baby died of burns, and went stxd'.y horne j^ till the- iirs\ young wav ' Sjj(/ls j men' thev entered their 'burned .horn? stolon a 1nr- containing $-J3-^ • th(> family hart IvH'lav ti-tp to vlsjt Pu?bJo, Colo, 511 Mops, pv in FARMER'S .9 li«h,t touch, U " bool? ps tho with, ;>n4 Hobert'RiisbT \vjints to llus-jOn cartM f«?v- lijnd sO' But In? ^ acres' to Qod. j,txjr bjjsi fi^vjgo, of us ; have bei?n some frwiUj.|^e<«y, t To b,e legal, t,Ue deed "must fee' vivacious cicluovcri it> person a.n.$ s« fai', said , in qpbr Rlisby, thU'lm bcou qu.ite l white PJI the Ust k-m hills -of Tennessee for three genorations: he owns, a 40;acrc , fornia alfalfa ranch and i Uie emphasis on bust-waist-b'i.ps"to 'ijp n honey bces ( on " a lemon ranch , end? I guess'we may. someday 'near.Santa. Ba'cbnra, Calif, , Hia only 'acting, to date has been *>• mall -role in • J'The' Ryan' Girl I surements alowg with their'namos ' nt n"on turn' Ask' VOIIP 'mother- to ''play in, 1949,' some j TV Dear Eve: probably worse,. Be at age t\s r o,', Ask'youi"mother-to and n, series", of Army snwrt. iPrpfit by this preview of | go 1 >easy>'on ^larches and,hard'' on wen remodng '

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