Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 24, 1958
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To, City Subscribers'. J * • -If yeu fail fa get your _._. '•' please tilgphsne 7*3431 by 6:30 p. m, ahd a speetal earner - will deliver your pap<*r, Bo*i« knife Per Weather See Column of BoHem el This '.'.•'!* _ .:al 60THGAR VOL. 60 - NO, MOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1958 Member: fht A««tl«l«d FMII I Audit Bureau ol eittutaflani At. Net Paid Ciftl. « met, turflM i.-pf, 38, 1»SJ — 3,400 PRICE SeCDPV Permanent File Weather Experiment Station' report for 24-hours ending at 7 a. m, Wednesday, High 63, Low 38; No precip- litation; Total 1058 preqipHailioa through November, 32,03 inches; during the same period a year ago, r.90 inches.;-. , MISSOURI — Fair west, partly cloudy east and colder southeast, and' cast central portions today; generally fair tonight, warmer. northwest and a little colder extreme southeas-t; Thursday partly .cloudy and warmer south and east central portions; high today 30s extreme northeast lu 40s west and isoutih; low tonight. 20s southeast, northwest, THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE By'THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Pr, . Albany, snow - Albuquerque, cloudy Anchorage, snow ^ Atlanta, cloudy y^,Bismarck, clear Boston, snow juffalo, snosv ijcago, snow levoland, snosv lenvor, clear Jibs Moines, cloudy Jetroit, cloudy V/orth, clear ia, clear fndianapolis, pjoudy ".",.. ;as City, clear irb's- Angeles, ejepr • *_'..!-..:n- cloudy ,02 j'ami, clear snow 39 21 56 28 27 21 57 49 ,8» 30 4 41 32 T 42 18 .02' 42 28 T 43 26 T 36 22 36 23 39 28 G7 39 23 5 43 31 51 27 06 49 45 35 ,20 54, 36 ,51 77 64 35 23 Some Foljks WillBelieve Differently Atlas Missile Fired, Proves Successful •Senills '"''" ' ' &y° JAyr^WfNG . ~"7 people will pass this story oif as more coincidence. Others — those who believe strongly that God works in -strange ways, especially in this season of Christmas—they will see it differently. CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AT?) —The <Air Force 'Has fired its second Atlas missile into space in six days but unlike its sensotion- al satellite predecessor this one blazed back to aarth in minutes, There was no official anonunce-' It's a story nt a girl, Cindy, ment, but it was learned that the Green, 6 months old. When she! latest 80-foot'war rocket traveled • • " --- some 3,000 to 3,500 miles across Collision of Bus and Two Trucks Leaves 7 Dead IS Persons Trapped in Belgium Cove-in SAhVr TttONDj Belgium '(A Sevei'al caves collapsed fienr here};, today ahd the Belgian radio ported that 18 persons were.' trapped. However, a rescue worker said" all the missing mefi knew the layout of the caves thoroughly and he was sure they would Jlnd their was 2 months okl n Jocloi 1 discov ered she had a jotid heart murmur, Her heart 'vr.s so big it was lilling up her chest and doctors leQi'ed it would cut off her breath if something was not done, Something was done', Dr, Robert S. Green, a Cincinnati heart specialists, was called in on the case —a doctor v/hose surname is the same. Dr, Green dlscovorccl that a small bloocl vessel' in Cindy's body '— nacpssary to' the child in the pre-natal stage — had not closed as it normally should after birth, A week', More Cnvislmas, a loam of faurgeans tied and out off this dangerous blood vessel. the Atlantic after -a fiery blastoff late Tuesday night. The spectacular display of Christmas fireworks was on a par with, last Thursday's show when America's biggest 'Satellite — a four-ton Atlas-plopped,, into orbit and began beeping president Eisenhower's "peace on'"earth" message to the world. Tuesday night's launching was (the first appearance of a now Atlas intercontinental ballistic mis- sjlp called the "C series, 1 ' The missile featured some t speciiU modifications, most of them classified, which should result in lightening the Atlas,'paylopd l?y about 100 pounds. '' The start of the shoot appeared killing seven persons and injuring!j Flames burst out in the bus minutes after 11 crashed to a halt In a gully seven miles south of hero,. A majority of tho estimated 2i'- passengers scrambled out before Lhe fire got lo them. Three of the dead were badly burned. The others apparently were thrown from the bus. The bus driver, who last summer received an award for 15 years of safe driving, was among the dead. He svas Samuel Youroe. GO, of Murfrecsboro, Term. Twelve persons, including one ot the truck drivers, were treated at- n hospital. Six were rclearcd One was sent to a Nashville hospital in critical condition. Officers pieced together this account: The 40-passGnger bus, bound from Birmingham to Cincinnali, was passing a coal truck in the' fog when Ja southbound semi-lrntl- er truck 'loomed ahead, The bus whipped back toward, the right lane, hooked bumpers with the coal truck and then crashed almost heaclon into the tractor-trailer. The impact broke the bus loose from the coaT truck. The bus cii- rcened 75 yards further on and crashed to a plop upright in '-he gully, catching fire. The coal truck stopped, with its brakes locked, svlth one wheel off the shoulder of the road. Luther Jim Beasley, 30, truck driver for the Brindley & Son Coal Co,, Pulasld, who was not injured, said: • "The tractor-trailer was blowing his horn and signaling with his lights. He was going mighty slow, if not stopped, whan the bus hit him," The collision 'opened -a hole \ In tlie left side of the bus through which some of the passengers p s- caped, Others apparently used Iho emergency door at the rear. Four of the dead were identified in addition to Youree. They were; Charles H. Thompson, about 25, Cleveland, Ala.; Mrs, Billic Jean Holman, about 13, Brewton, Ala.; and Mr. anr! Mrs, Sidney Parrish of Birming- lam. below. But let 1> Gm-n finish 1)>e; to be highly successful as tho 120- slorv in liis own words—in a JctU'i'fUw gleaming rqoket burst up he wrote to OiijOy nfle> tho cpura- through a blanket of puffy while jfpJs,--Sk Paul, cloudy 3S 27 tioij' sy'as pronounced ,a success;, "You and I share the same' last ,nap,ie, even though we aye not re', Uite'd,' and after the operation I found we were both born on June Orleans, cloudy york,. cloudy 73 62 .71 48,40 pKJuboma City, clear , 5B gO k' r_t-_ n l_ n .. ^ . A(\ 1*7 li'maha, clear- , \ 40 }7 ' ' ihia,. cloudy >Q 30 clear _ .67 - 40 P$Pij.tsbur'gh,, cloudy 4? 30 ^PpViland, Me., ejoijdy 40 21 I'Bnpjd City, clear 45 ^\ fjigh,rp.qndt elovjdy "a 45 -VI, L.OUJS, cloudy 5? 32 , Lak.e City, clear 42 ?0_ . Diego, clear 08 50 , cloudy '58 50 • 4,6 39 -I? 79 55, , 59, 45 , cloudy ,, 'eJowdy - ghjngtori, slondy Convert Hospital night p«?al, o conrpil ie ', -JJavy «osgijal into a ' ' ' wis/adyqgalesl y >r- ; iy^is'i ropsas «i wm^ig&.&p'Wr If l ?W{w.tf^J» AW_»_W«W$!l |".»?« Ms l.i. *> ftciierfll' IK the second, you this year—I, to many years ago." "Cindy, we took all those amax clouds . and 'dgrlecl eastward a fading star, , ' ' • ' Ag the missjje climbed, an eerjy white glosy ' 'was cast' over Ihp launching area by the AUas 1 flashing exhaust tail reflecting off a low, lying 1 ground haze,. As the Cpnvajr rocket streaked cut of sight,, tho Atlas satelljto of a continuifi^ secies^ of-r andTdeveloprrient flight tests o{ the Atlas weapons syst^tn," * fljo jrjijltsfy T»rely reports the results ftt a wesjpoji shoof this, jng facts about your, case and fed was m .,i ? i ng ^s 88th sweep around them into one of those great U!g the globe in an orbit expected to brain machines and the answer j^t, rsevera i more weP k's, • came back immediate]}'. , y^ Ajr Forpe, which Kept the ^'Coincidences like' these just c|o satellite launching a super-secret not happen. God arranged them Jast Thursday, " announced Tues. find Santa working wjth hinj day night Ihat the shooj, "was one you your new heart for Christmas, * , • "But, Cindy, there 1$. a mw» important reason for this, letter, We want to tliank you. For evci? though yQU got tl?o Jiearl you need- so )?adly, ^ you gave us rnuch more. _ , ' 'What 1 J , am' trying fa' say> SSV'cfttfW sl^a^ «d*« r^rfcpuM be cpnfirmcd- ^ S „ CiS,nn,tU in. >, ^IVft^JT^uJ?^ up under heavy stress- now that •the ' special, ro9dific^UoRS_ have Ipeen introdugeij, yhe }i(ti5Xf ea; ,or the highly tpptcd TJloo" debut in. . small wqy to share in the spirit ot ib.s |he, Pljrjst fhild vy-bo gave jvprjd go, nj'ugh." to the laamch, theye v.'cre rumors i\\M either 'anptljer ?ateV aWen>pt would be jnade or The Tjtaji series ,to Jt was .tl;e.IJ|hi "le- js Pilots Consider uggested Plan or Contract ..By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ^Striking pilots ;it American Air, Vs today considered contract rms suggested by federal nit»- (Jjalors lo end their walkout, 'American accepted the proposed |c.tUamcnt, \!l'hc peace propos"\l covered a ylivicly of contract issue!?, includ- i|i'f» wages, fliKlit hours, sick l&nves and vacalion 1 ;. .•jf\r. accepting the proposals, A'tYicrican said It was hopeful Iho pilots would follow suit. A pilots' Spokesman said thev probably would reach n decision today. The pilots' strike at midnight last' Friday grounded n second ot the nation's fhrce largest air lines iduring^ the peak season ot all travel.^" • jEgste^n Air Lines has been idied.iSiifce Nov. 24 by a-strike of fliBihi engineers and mechanics. Tlje twin- disputes remain in deadlock. > f iber airlines, bus companies railroads have expanded scrv- to handle the rush of holiday travelers, Accommodations have been scarce but generally nvnU; Dc^prtD .Ihe <, strikes, the enor in^tis" lofid^.fjf Chrisimas mail was •rel&ted, ^jpK,ipS smoothly. ^ '' '*"W«'•"pilots 1 ,!' rrtemburj of- tlie*"'A' Lines Pilots Assn., struck over dissatisfaction with their wages hours and travel time. Their current pay range is $100 to -1.002 month. The company, however, claim!. Us pilots are alraidy receiving lop pay. It offered a new ceiling o $2,334 a month. But, American said, tlie pilots also demanded 10 hours less flying time a monlr when operating jets. The curren work month is 85 hours, Personnel Is Confirmed by New Sheriff Sheriff-elect Jimmie Griffin -today confirmed that his Chief Field Deputy will be Herbert Griffin, a World War II veteran, >a former iDuffie Hardware Co, employe and for '12 years associated with Federal Jxidge Harry J. Lemley. Arnold J. 'Middlebrooks, present county clerk, whose four year tenure ends Dec. 31, will be associated with Hie Sheriff and Collectors o'ffice, Pwight 'Ridgdill, .'an accountant for over 20 years, employed toy IJenry Watkins and Son for the past JO years, will be de-puty collector. 'Mavis Smith, will also be a deputy collector. She was with <tihe JEJixiployment Service five years Veterans Administration for three years land (has been secretary for Morneaw 'CJaim Service for the past eight years, ^11 are natives of I-Jempstead County, the Sheriff said. The Sheriff will live jo the Courthouse and. take care of th.e jail himself, Students Will Have Charge of Service Christian Student Day will be ob served at the First Presbyterjar Church on Sunday, College stu dents will have entire charge of tb special Service, 5 p, m. The theme will be "Religious Life on My Campus.'' 'Bill 'Lawrence will preside. Miss Shelia Foster will read Ih Scripture Passage. John Barr will lead the Prayer, Talks svill be made on Ihe sub ject by: Miss Shelia Poster, Min Suzanne McNeill, Miss Dian Helms, John Barr and Bill Lav/ He May Find Ouf Facts Too Late Und. OAP) — 1 the mysleriosly motivated thie who stole a clock and a parachute from the Von Bchrcn Mariufsetur ing Co, plant decided it's time t jump, he may find out too la,|.e Owner Allen Von Bchron said the chute is very o{d and probably wii »plit if ji is ti?ed. All Around Town Methodist Nativity Scene i. L Stnr Photo & Itlngrnving YOUNO PEOPLE 'of First Methodist Church presented this Nativity Scene fi f ohi 6 to 8, p. m. last Anight and will, present it again tonight. The scene Is located nt Third and Pine. Senior NYF members In the scene pictured above are Sue> Moore, Johnny Snell. Carol Joy' Myers, David -Moore, Don Ellen, Billy Walters, Tomm Jones, Carole Coop and Susan Sommervllle. '^ , '' Goodfellws Set for Christmqs ' " Star Photo"'& Engraving w; M i J awi*nwifj •^•ww*-i*.ii*tT'f— f — •> — • — i ,.-._- , , 'i' * •**! L from'the High School Band prrty and from'the,Saenger Theater show, Left to right holding baskets are Lloyd Leverett, secy-trcas, and W. H, Gunter, President of the Lions Club. , '. Shepherd Stalks To ward Bethlehem ' By TOM MASTERSON BETHLFJ1EM (AP> — 'An old Arab shepherd trudged wearily up a' parched rock-strewn "JiHl to Belhleheni 1 today, Atop the hl.l) (he old man leaned heavily on his staff -and watched the pilgrims converge on Bethlehem, to relive the, birth .of Christ nearly 2.000 years ago in' a stable beneath an inn. , Some 4,000 pilgrims have swarmed into the Holy Jjfind this Christmas from many countries, Soon there came the ppuling of huge , bells atop the Church of the Nativity. The b'g bulls called the Christians "to -the hew" roelc grotto below, Iri a few hours, ' amjdM tho heavy fragrance of incense, the singing of sacred hymns, and the chanting of mystic prayers a statue of the Christ child was ,10 bo placed in the manger. Thus the climax .«( ancionl Christian ritual, depicting o^aln the Christmas .ftory.-ju.st as-lt has ben done on counties Ch,vjslmas Eves before. • TVIpanwhilo a long .procession era wU-cj "slowly up the , steep ' Ju* clean hills, - around the' hairpin curvts 'of the 1 l^mile mountain road from Jerusalem" to. Relhle- hem. The shepherd 1 squated on his jjcs and watched tho proses- glatter through the narrow cohpled, streets of ancient Bethlo^ bem to 'Manger Square, * Alberto etl v/hite-h(?H)'rt W?! ponsjvuetion Jijghway Pepwtmenl| Pvt. Allison Bo>vden js bom,e,jprj g repord a H-day leaye from Foj't ' in 195,8 according to a, recent' near Fort Smith . . , he is the son report . . , four ftempstoad- County! of Mi', -and, Mrs. Hazfi fiowden, , lotaled 8-8 JOiles at a j « — „—— - ^J11.86Q , ,<, t\v'Q Howard 1 Although Christmas }s tomorrow prpiepts ' oC 5 \ miles cost §96,276 bad news usually follows , . • halo, . V f ', J^ai'ayctte county projects,' to bring this wp at $\$ pr.esent " numbered, only orie, 4,g" mile? at 3; but- ^ytornobJ.lu JLwtnsQ plates ,o{ §?i560 -, • , the projects! on sale at p}e Revenue office -county-federal a{iji poAStrwg-! * ' . Roman Catjipjio patriarch at Jerusalem, was met in Manger Square by a 1 Iwstpof pilgrims gcjiin/e rilsnUaries. Jordan govcj-p- njeni officials, priests end r S§nto Will Need "daw* need h,iQ.,steigh Jfor his, ;jfl ' -Purope .tonight e pf Switzerland and ,Uie «n.4 Austrian • Christians of World Observe Birth of Christ By THE ASSOCIATED Hollgtous services In Chftaltlin communities throughout the World! udny quietly commcmornlcd tho ve uf Iho clny almost two thousand years ago when the Prince- if Pence Was born In Bethlehem./! , Thousands of pilgrims gathered . n Bethlehem to offer ipraycr tot >eace In a world which lives In* he shadow of wiir. Many millions nore mnde Iho short' pllerlmngo' :o (heir community centers 'of A'orshlp ifor Christmas Eve scrv- ces. , j ,i The theme of "Peace on Earth, ' Good Will to Men" was-repented 'n thousands of churches, • >, ,*,*> President Eisenhower snld thu> ^licme of the Christmas story<coitv lained an Ideal of all men, regard-" less of their beliefs. The United i States iwil (work toward .that Idoal, Lhc President said in Washington'. just before lighting the national, Christmas tree In the park bchihbT- Ihe White House. For many in the United States,', It was a day of irritation, ,,-". .Now Yorkers were still without" their newspapers as a twp-wcck- olcl strike of dclivcrymcn T.con^ tinned. x ,(Thousands of. travelers', competed for plane space'mode, scarce (by to airline 'I strikes..Many sw'itched to crowded .trains or buses. Many more couldn't get home for the annual reunion. ( In Bethlehem, the schedule''of; Christmas Eve ran from.,, noon_ through midnight services, •• '-•/ -Between 4,000 and'"5,000 foreign, tourists crowded ,Into^ the _,bleak- little hilltop ' town 12 miles south,', of Jerusalem where Christ, was Little Snow Is Expected for Santa By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Santa Glaus and his reindeei probably won't find much , fresh snow in his tour of the U. S, on Chrislmns Eye. But there'll be slick traveling across a .blanket ot white which remains over wide areas in the jioitharn, tier o states. Snow flurries powdered areas irom 'Minnesota across the Great Lakes and into New York state and northern New England this morning. They probably will continue 'through Chrifitmas. - Theie js snow in much <if the area, most of it from pre-winler storms which hit tbo cnsk-rn tsvo- thirds of Iho country. Heaviest falls during the nigln were along the -southern shore of Lake Superior.- Al Hough ton, Ml«h., a fresh fall of 5 inches rnadn a total of 42 inches ui tho ground. Much warmer'' weather returned to the eastern and southeastern sections, Jiut temperatures dipped lo freezing (rvm tho T«xas Pno- nprtheasUvjud across 01?into Missouri. Headings w«re In the 00s Ihe Gult Coy.t and in the 50s northward through the Carolina!! into [ i^ Virginia. Dominican, Haiti Form ,. 11,737 Christinas',-from' „. Israel, "moslly' Arabs, received Is-'$4,; raeli, permission to cross the Pale- - s ^, stlne war truce line in, Jerusalem, "j^ location/.! ,thft Bethlehom servicca",****'?*; 'A'bout'200 foreign diplpmats.f clor'-'t^f' gymcn and others from Israel v?| also^were given permission to vis- 1 it shrines across the line in'Jo'r"-; dan. ' ' ' "_ Peaceful conditions in the Holy'v^ Land which swelled the . pilgrim-,'/^ ages were reflected in the-Gaza'/ \", Strip between Israel and Egypt.,"v-/r Non-Christians from India !lookO/j over most of th'o guard duty ! alongl p ^ that border while ,United^ K4t|9P s " J .a Emergency Force' troopsi,from ^ '!', t Western nations • enjoyed Iho ^'C'-f'l Jigious holidays. ' \/ <'\ U.N, Secretary General' ' Da't; J 'f llammarskjhold" and the U K'fi) F ~},\ commander, Canadian' Gen, E, L'/';,f| <M. Burns, 'joined the troops' at ,^ Gaza who were ^decoraling dO'lni- A',»'^ ported Christmas trees. • "'"' In Baghdad, Iraqi Premier del Karim Kassem pushed/back -jl l)1e beginning , of curfew until Jl'- 5 V a.m. to permit Christians to aW •# tend midnight services on-Christi % mas Eve, ' •',~ "•<"',%* a f-f Christmas brought'no of tension in Germany, where Christmas tree .originate^ '/mtUr- ,. . million,were expected to-bo«iightt^ ed this year, Resjdents Berlin prepared to celebrate'^t holiday but wondered if t'-'- — bo, their' last free Chrii cause of Soviet elforts to force J tH0;,ii Western allies out of the cily i IJQ \ v miles behind the Iron Curtain^; /K-&" The, people of Russia's.,. ,Buj-g* ,;, poan salelliles went to churc}}«a3 ;•-£ the West did, but in the Soviet-' 1 ' Union Oee, 24 was just day. Those whose faith I vived the >' Communist meat's Jong campaign against^ iigion schedule their holidays ; b^| the old Rusisan calendar -i Christmas fop them cones Westerners in Moscow Christmas parties,, and ,,,*,,..,.,.« ji/ices at their arnbassies, '.s~^-'?S Readers of the - Protestaj}^ Roman Catholic churches f Hie Unlied'States were 'abroad* visit sojno'Qf the thousands '/&{M American servicemeiH w '"""'— " ffi CHJDAP 'Dominican The<AP' rnenls of Haiti and the ppminlean Republic have promised united efforts -. to keep mmmunisfn and each enemios out of His- pampla," ,t|ie West Indies jslumt ii w^s bclievpd lo !»" the first su«h intermitional declurwtion ih Latin Arneriea.. t ' • - Prpsidjsnt Frahcoia .iJuvalier of i met Monday on the Jjqitian- ' fro/i|f«r with Qoncral' ifl,eoiMdas Trujc} Of pearly 5,QQQ spept Christmas JSve ju Kong, where ships pf Jbe'/Mf h'inat were anchored. *""'•'» thnu.*« sands decorated trees In FprmQfaftS Okinawa, Japan and °--« u< '-»—*- - 3 . Islands off the ?Qa,§J Red China, one of "{fop world' sites of a shopting way silence was jn flcgoj^ the'Communist ppHpy oj

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