Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1958 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1958
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Tuesday, 23, A!4§A§ CUT IN PAY §V 6H61§i • • NEW ¥bftM fAP) - i>eggy Me- Cay, Who itsed lo coilccl $40,000 annually as a star of television daytime serials, is working 1 how in ah off-fil-ondway stage prodtic- ijftn for $85 a week — deliberate- 1™ "While rnohey Is ft Jrhahy spendored thins," she explains, "it is all wrhhg to fnakfc it^ yrittr goal as: aft actress, 1 did ' soafi opera for foiir years ahd ; while t was gettifig fich, 1 wash't eh' joying being ah actress, ll was Holding more than dailiy drudgery." Miss McCaJ? got the stage bllg two seasons ago in a production, ot "Uiide Vanya." She has returned Joy to All »», this Christmas Season — and our . *£*' fhatiks foj- you/- <";.; ! patronage, * Walton's Gulf Service Hope Arkansas Pentagon Now Dreams of a Mobile Army §y IUV CH8ML1V — (NKA) — PeiT tfigoll ylanlici-s are how dreafnirtg I tit a coriiplctely mobili? anny lluii I would ihdlUde! I Tank divisions that could range fl thousand miles in d fast deep sWeep into enemy territory. They wouldn't slow down cor fuel oi- ammunition, Fuel ahd ohiiTHinitlon- cairyiHg ballistic cargo inlssiks svould be sliot to rondeifvoUs poil-.ts nt 1,500 iniles E>n hotti 4 . f'entoniid atom-age infantrv, iifighUn gin sniall scitil»isolatcd -units 1 forded by the speed of fast-moving I battle to cariy a mirtiinttm of food , and ammunition, With no front or i a I'Oflf, and no stable lines of com- I mlihidation they could still be missile fed supplies u'ilh plh'point accuracy as needed, A 20th'Cenlury version of Mos'by's iterrted Civil War raider units, they'd har- ra'ss t)je enemy miles in his "rear." What they dou],-ln't scrounge off trie land 'would be shot' in within minutes at night, Cargo rockets carrying chemicals that would quickly put out raging forest fires. Cargo Coast Guard missiles carrying aid to victims of I cone at the missile itself ts tivB- a wreck at sen. Red Cross"ftiissllrs )siriict*i! so Irmi U rt-il! fcfitmple carrying medicine to Isolated flood|and Irt crumpBhl take Up" even survivors. , inore of Ihp shock nf landing. The prfrseiit, Lobber, stil} be- ifl th8 fit- fu-^S tested, could bt tnmlc renfly Intgc-tcrtlc producliofi Wilhirt U, S, Building New Creak Entbaiiy ' AtllfcNS, Greee* (A!*) bassador* Jeffics Am- daj- tinned tSu first shtiVel of SWAW6 Liet* 8M SRSABWAV VORK Bernard Shaft- 1? gettlh& n lot of Brnndwny attehtjon riovt< — but because of his life fdld letters instead of his plnys, A dt-niiia "the Snshftil ticHiUS/'-pondbficB w«h Mrs. Palfiek i bell, « Ahd sbrfieday itit-Cj thetc may be tne delivery' , - . . , ot' a division of shock irooli^ to rt y par — Wiless somi.niit' dfcidtsl - »- — <• - ~ ^.*—., >•• •—<——•«-—«—.-»>_— a trouble spot—\iich as ^bahort lo change il rpdically, I with 50n-t3otind nr 2,00fl-i>oiliuli earth for tjie rrirtd^rttlstlB (UHV ertV j — — ih mah-cflfrVina ballistic mis- CohVslr engineers think these pay Itiiiris. They hope I'VeJiltlftlly tn jbnssy the Uiiliied Stftles is bnlidiHB ThoiUfls S !] OS " [cargo rockets ean be rriade fairlyjhirh out eeonomit-fll eni-R-n mis- ih this horr>e of clsssieftl ftl-ehlteo-j pj-csldoht lo l<s tjjjinR planned, .bascd^UtJf*! hlS courtship of Chnrlolle Payfle-TdWtH shend,. Previously , Kfltherihe Coffitstt wns .flrmoiirtcfd to staf irt ft SlflBd work bhscd tljion ShflWS edfWS' actress, Sofai-, howeVeh, tlib U. S, Al-mjr has no tfargo missiles, hof- itny, on order, tUit QorteVfll OyhftHt' ics' ConVrtii 1 'Wvlsloh has just fired successfully a» ekperiment' tal cargo missile of its own that has stirred up this Pentagon fii-p- side strategic thinking. The dohvair LoVber is 0' rocket-powered cargo missile with a range of 6 to 10 rtilies and a top speed of 1,500 miles an hour. It's quite accurate, probably will land within the' length of a football iieUl of where you aim it. Mass-produced, the missile will cost less than $1,000 and be fo per cent recoverable tot Use another day t It Will carry 50 to 150 pounds of cargo. The present version Uses a cheap standard rocket engine, It's powered by a solid litcl. The cm-go missile itself weighs about 200 pounds. Broken down,' launcher and missile can be ear' I'ied by three men. ifi say Miles able lu J,.» 3,000 ml1c$. lops of $ulttibt to eatt) and rberp one IDEAL CLEANERS ill re | WiislHrigiofi, fJ. .„,„„, thd fif§l inaugurated in Ai!r ; Christmas Blessings Mildred's Pastries Hope, Ark. Convaic engineers, claim the Lobber will land with ' no moi'e shock than at the-takeolf, Whim about to land, a small parachute, blossoms out ^the rcdi- and slows- \lilie missile dowti, some What.< Then a large parnchiitc i'lliJs out nnd takes hold. There's a fool- long metal spike in the nose ot the missile that absoibs Some of f the shock as it drives into the' io the, snme thcalcn now for 1 part jn "The Failures." Her sole income,' however, docs not coime from the spic work, Her late father'was president of a large cons'trttotion company Since his death two years ago, shn and her mother have bucn running the business as specialists in building! schools, BAKER'S FOOD STORE ',<S V''v",'«^'fefe.v-l'?t,.':???'.,,. i NEVA and FERREL "The Grocery,On the Square" , A special package of httlHmy wi»he«! Appliance Repair Co. Hope '" A Sincere Wish for a Merry Christmas — and, Thanh You to Our Customers,! Buck's Amlico Service Station Hope, 'Ark. \ ,Stattm fa i i'-'"' n •'•/"• l Hope Beverage Go, me, ' ' 1 ^M&5^

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