Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1958
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To City Subscrlbf ru If yeu fail ta get yaur Star plea§e telephone 7*3431 by 6:39 p. ffls and a ipegial g will deliver your paper, ,i i For Weather Reporti See Cdfurrm afr Bottom of This 60TH YEAR: VOL, 60 — NO. 60 ttaf 6» Mass , j jail, II HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 19S9 M«fftfc*f! th« AMBetattd tttli fc AacW Buttira bf A*. Net NlH tlml. « mil. endlnt fc»». 38, 1958 1,465 PRICE Se COPY Balanced Budget .Unrealistic Say Democrats WASHINGTON (AP)—President Eisenhower will send the new Congress a I960 budget balanced at around ll billion dollars. In an unprecedented announce' rncht of intentions dn advance of -formal submission of the budgot, (/•Elsenhower said in a statement that the budget cohtemplales "higher expenditures than ever before In time of peace for national defense." Some domestic programs, he said, will continue at record levels but others will "be held at varying levels" consistent with the public inleresl, The budget, the President said, will not call for general tax In* creases but will look to increased (3»'oceiipls through ^boosting postage rates and gasoline taxes and through imposing some new user charges for government services, The budget for the fiscal year beginning next July -1 compares With expected expenditures of around SO billion dollars; this year. "The budget for fiscal' I960 has now been decided," .Eisenhower's stalenient said. "II will be a balanced 'budget. Revenues and ex- Continued on Page Four Weather Experiment Stalion report for 24-hours ending at 7 .a. m; Tuesday, High 00, Low 29; Precipitation .18 of an Inch; total 1958 precipitation through November,- 52.03 inches during the same period a year ago, C7.90 inches. Hunter Wounds Hawk, Will Seek to Domesticate It * v ' -pV\^rt> ''I *. *- \ '• -^."ffF*-* «-.-="'-* '£,*?•$> ft-fi 1^4;"' - RK REGIONAL FORECAST By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Central — Mostly cloudy with occasional light nain or drizzle this afternoon, ending early tonight, colder tonight, Wednesday partly cloudy, Thursday partly cloudy and mild. Northeast and- southeast — Mostly clnucly with occasional light rain or drizzle this afternoon and-. tonight, colder ( tonight, Wednesday partly cloudy, Thursday ^ partly cloudy a'nd mild. Northwe'-fi 'i*' and southwest — Mostly cloudy with occasional rain or drizzle this afternoon, becoming partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday, cooler tonight, Thursday partly cloudy and mild, High this afternoon near 60 central and northwest, mid to high 50s northeast, low to mid 60s south- cast and southwest; low tonight near 40 central, mid to high 30s northeast, low to mid 40s south- cast and southwest, low to mid 40s southsvest, A ARKANSAS' — Cloudy with occasional light rain this afternoon find in east portion tonight, Partly cloudy Wednesday, Cooler tonight with' lowest 32 extreme northwest to 44 extreme south, Highest 5000 Wednesday, ' LOUISIANA — Cloudy with occasional rain this afternoon and tonight, becoming partly cloudy Wednesday, Cooler northwest poiv lion late tonight, - T THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE Py THE ASSOCIATE? PRESS ....High Uow Pr. 'Albany,. cloudy 22 18 Albuquerque, clear 51 32 Anchorage, cloudy ,30 20 Atlanta, cloudy 58 30 Bismarck, clear 37 17 Boston, clear 27 24 (Buffalo, cloudy 42 30 j^Chieagb, cloudy 47 37 ' Cleveland, cloudy , 42 3G Penver, cloudy 53 29 'Des Moines, cloudy 57 31 Fort Worth, cloudy 58 54 ,Q3 Helena, clear 40 10 . Indianapolis, cloudy 50 38 Kansas City, cloudy CO 4.Q kos Angeles, cjcar ' 6<J 52 Louisville, cloudy 84 43 Memphis, rain Q l 4<5 3W]ami, cloudy 75 §3 Milwaukee, cloudy 38 31 .)%Mpls.-Sl. 'Paul, cloudy 38 3Q iNmw yprk, qjear , _28 -28 Orleans, pjoiidy' op 57 City', ploudy (30 5g *"," ''.'"' i en QO Omaha. 9l e ' 11 '' 50 6 * • Philadelphia, cloudy 29 g-j •Phoenix, clpa.r 70 44 P-iUsjpyirgh, cloudy, 4,i 3§ Portland, M e -> pl° ud y g7 5 - Portland, Ore.,. dowdy. 47 4! Bapid CU/r clear 46 f ? Richmond, ploudy 45 g§ g£. ttQUJs, clpi^dy ' ' 6} 4" JJfi^H kslfcp Pi'Vi I'sWl ' i 4? 35 ' (San piegQi flpu-fiy ,Cfi 57 .n, Francisco, ilbud/ 5? '" -i- Hope Star photos & engravings TEN" DAYS ago, Gene Allen, Star !inotyper,,shot, wounded and captured a hawk. - ' '"'•'..''» ''.'-. , '' TOP PHOTO shows Allen demonstrating the -fine points of his bird in The Star office at noon today. He is trying to domesticate the bird, which feeds on raw meat scraps.and- human fingers (if unprotected by a • glove). Allen's' counter-moves have been these: He trimmed-off-the sharp cutting point on the, hawk's, beak, clipped the cutting edges of its talons, and clipped its wings. BOTTOM PHOTO points up a trouble photographers run into sooner or later — static electricity which causes "lightning" to ap- near in prints, ,Tha remedy with a Polaroid camera, is to remove the film, clean all camera rollers with alcohol, and load fresh film. Also, do not pull fHm tab too fast. Pull evenly but slowly. Pulling .too fast builds up static,electrlcity on the rollers. • , ' . > THE DISCARDED, bottom photo was a .straight flash-shot -— 'buY'wlth ths'top •plcture!'a"''b<j"nc' e? fl ash 'was'*Usedr 'That is, the flash reflector was aimed at the ceiling — in which case the cam"" ornumbers than when era aperture must be larger by, two using a head-on flash. stops" Settlement of Air Strikie Seems Ohlikely A' ipre-Ohristmass sebtlemcnl of paralyzing strikes against American and Eastern Airlines ap- jearccl beyond 'reach today .— lonnally one of the busiest days of the year for'the grounded lines, Efforts of National Mediation Board officials 'in 'Waishingtyw Monday brought no * immediate :lans for a resumption of con. ;ract • negotiations betsyecn Amer- .eart 'and the striking. Air Lino, Pilots Assn, • , ' The board reportedly scut telegrams to 'both sides suggesting new bargaining procedures, Mediation Board Chairman Levered Edwards said talks might begin again in, a few clays. There v was no development , in the stalemate, between -Eastern and' its mechanics aixl^ flight en- gjpeers, , % i ' An Easter^ spokesman , said today's booking for canceled -flights: had numbered* about 31,000—high- Christmas of 1930 Was a Rough One Cigarette Creates Havoc in a Store WILMINGTON, -fid. (AP) — A een-'age boy's snowman costume caught fii-e Monday when he 111 digni'eUii, 'Me rah s^i-cnmlng hroligh a clothing store and set he to the building. The boy was David Baisl, 17, of Vilinington, hii-ed by the store lo chin-lain, While a phonograph played 'Frosty the SHoWmatt,". the cos- umed jrotitiHstcr danced on llie sidewalk outside- Hhe store. He lit tho cigarette during a break In his routine. As ho rushed hroiigh the block-long store his nirnlng 1 costume set little fires in he piles o( clothing on display. The fire destroyed the store and damaged apartment in the Ihree- stoi'y building, Five persons were overcome by smoke. Blast was In critical condition. ost in tl)C line's history'.,' American estimated ' >v-ould have carried about ?0,00g,passefl- g'ors (oday and Wednesday, American estimated its - daily loss at a million dollar^ since,,the pilots walked out last Friday midnight. Eastern has bepn grounded Since Noy. g-1, '• - r Wonstvuck airlines, buses and railroads expended, 'facilities '< IP till ih,e gap in Die 'prusl^ of hpli- day'traffic, ' Ea§ten\ has Jiid off mds| of HK 10,000 emplpy<?s. t Amcnpan plan? lo put its ?0,000 employes on emergency Jeave' without pay qti- er Jan, 4 il the strike continues. The two /strikes have grounded almost nlOQ planes, about a third of the _commercial U.S. airliners. 'Ala, (AP) — ChriS'lmas we&k, , 1930, the ycai the Depression ,hlt v Autaugavillo •was a, P 'painful-week 'for Mr. anr Mrs.' Pearson, who -operated a general merchandise' store. The Pearsons had laid' in a slock of Christmas, toys, candy and fruits, But-the, parent? ,wlio came to 'their store that week bought only 'f]oui\ bacon and other foods: ' "V • ' The toys gathered dust on the shelves oven though children tugged at- their patents' overalls and faded coats'., , Edward and EJrciHe Pearson •Agreed then that whatever was left over after Christmas would be given away. , / -, Many a family heard an unexpected knock le day,' afler that Chrislmas, - ' / / *• Many, a child who had prelcnd' ed gaiety at finding an apple s»d a stick, of candy and nothing else in /(\is QhrjstrnJis stocking to gaze with joy, as the' Pearsons loaded him with gifts,', , Tt has,happened e'very Dec. 20 since then. The Pearsons' .'day after Christmas giving that' lirsl' year was confined lo homes at Autaugaville. Now (hey epycr a }Q-mile radius. Concern Over Bond of a Treasurer LITTLE ROCK (AP)—An ofti- ial of the slate Comptroller's office said today that some discussion had arisen concerning the bond of Ihe county treasurer in Sebastian County because of an j unusual situalion in salary acls lor the coiinly. However, Aubrey McCasland, head of Ihc county division of the Comptroller's office, said he Jid hot anticipate that there would be any difficulty in furnishing an official bond for Loyd Been, (he county's veteran treasurer, who starts on another term Jan. 1. McCaJsland said Ihe county aclually operates under salary schedules fixed by the Legislature, but thai there still is in existence an initiated salary act voted into effect by Sebastian Couny residents in the early 1930s. The legislalive- fixed salaries are much higher than those voted by the people in the depression era of the liOs. This situation might cause legal complications If there should be a Ian suit involving the bond of the treasurer, who»Js ^V" county's disbursing - officer-^ incl under its heaviest surety, McCasland said bonding companies thought the old law should be repealed and that he personally agreed. Ho said he expecled thai a pro/posed repeal would be introduced in Ihe 1939 Legislature. McCasland said a lew other smaller counties had similar situations but that there had ^een no discussion aboul these, The official said the Arkansas Supreme Court has ruled thai the Legislature may repeal an initiated county salary -act bul may not amend it. - Cost of Living Bounces Back to Peak Level WASHINGTON (AP) — Livint? costs In November bounced back to their peak level recorded last July. The government's Index rose two-tenths of 1 per cent between October and November lo 12:i.t) per cent of the ir>47--!9 base. This equals the prior living cost record in July and is about 2 per cent hlphcr than NovembcM- hut year. lEwan Claguo, Labor Department statistics commissioner, said today that greater sales ot HIM model cars at higher prices in November was the major factor in the .new living cost climb. Most other groups of goods and services advanced in price, but food and gasoline prices were lower. Tlie rise in living cosls will mean a onc-ecnt-an-hour pay increase for about one million wiirk- crs in the steel, aluminum and meal packing! industries. These workers have labor con- iracts providing for semiannual wage adjustments based on the government index. Another group of 80,000 workers in scattered industries. Including some municipal transportation systems, will receive varying increases under a quarterly adjustment. The Labor Department said thai In November new cars being sold to the public averaged. 0.4 per cant higher than in October. Tills rise reflected'October discounts on the sale of 1958 models and the November sale of 1059 models. New cars arc selling at 4.2 per cent higher ,prlces now than new cars sold in November I!)!j7, Claguc said the new living cost rise was .not much lo worry over. He said »he government index has actually been stable during tho past six to eight months, without rising or falling much In any single month. The government price expert also said Ihe present price situation is not one lo bother people from a standpoint ot inflationary danger,, Bittr he . said ifj,. is ^something to watch ,. . "C" 1 Gas Truck Explosion in Texas Leaves 4 Dead, MoreThanlOO Spectators Are Made Victims of t Burning Truck I I A Familiar Scene Downtown DeGaulle Plans to Visit U.S. Next Year By PIERRE PARIS (AP) LEGROS - Premier dc Ttiejr s crowded with Plans Search weather ' and curly L stpjled - the search. Moiid for 1 an Air Force C5i >v|th fliissing,.' and' ,bejitye4 |he . and, so,me S^te offices will ' \ \ . . . with skele- TwflpB.-sJlPQ.v , big, fpurlengined flaw m • JSlinendorf foi? Jaeve Monday mornin," Jrorp later, 41 rpjuejing " miff <3i|ic£?s will Frid.ay city ernpioy^s reeoivcd KtAU OUK AW boxes- of. toys' ?nd ether presents long before "Dpc; g6;'' because tlie {Pearsons decided t>h,a't , leftovers wore not .enough, * The giving W'JJ begin on Ihe Jaw.n Of the paayson home, Then ihe 'Pearsons and" 1 'friend? will drive intp Jhe countryside where signs designate" somp £0 stations ' at which, they will' d|slrjb.ute mpre gifts; reaching perh?p^ V4QO l 3LU ' r sons, 014 and,, young, , ' • ^Vhcn the p,(?nrsojis are. gone Hie tradition will cpn^inye, Their thfec wilj cai - yy',pn the aniiua] ' 'pustom. $500,000 Farm Peal Is Closed NEWPORT, Ark. (A?)— One of the, largest farm sales of recent years in this area' has been an- r.ounced at Newport. In the transaction 3,175 acres of Ilighly developed farm land and equipment was transferred from Dawson Farms, inc., to Walter F. (Buck) Hurley of Diaz, About $500,000 was involved. Jucjson N. rlout, 3 Newport attorney \vho represents Hurley. said the agreement was signed by ills client and former U. S, District Judge Charles F, Dawson cf Louisville, Ky., treasurer of Dawson Farms, •Dawson started buying the acreage, located at Grubbs, Byrd and yjllage Townships, in 1952, U includes 14 tenant houses, 24 metal storage bins with a capacity oC 100,000 bushels of rice and soybeans, and two large hpuses for owner and manager, The transfer gives Hurley ownership ov supervision of £0,000 acres, including- gins, driers end storage bins al JDia?, Newport and Gaulle has begun plans for a trio to Ihe United Stales early next year, sources in a position to know said today. The U.S. governmunl has invitee! him twice lo make a stale, visit to Washington. DC Gaulle's press spokesman insisted that no decision has dcf initcly been taken. But ho sajd DC Gaulle wants to go to Washington and confirmed thai plans are be ing made with this in view. No formal announcimc.nl car be expected until fie Gaulle's now status as president of the Fifth Republic becomes official. Competition Damage I.JTTJ-E flOCK CAP)—A fiogon concrele products firm asked til Arkansas Supreme Court today fo $55,000 in damages suffered frorr allegedly unfair competition, Tho appeal was made by Con creto, inc., which charged Ark hola Sand & Gravel Co. cut pricct in the Rogers-Springdalc area If force the plaintilf .out ot compctl lion. Concrele, Inc, also charged lha Arkhola, which operates in For Smith, Fayeltevjlle and kowell had cut H off from certain suppiie of materials. The plaintiff alleged loses o $18,500 and contended il was PI) tilled to triple damages. Washing ton Circuit Judge Maupm Cum had dismisesd the case, All Around Town ^ Slnr Pholo & Engraving BUSY—MAN Is Old Santa Glaus as he talks with children on downtown Hope streets, giving them candy and gum. This scene IB repented hundreds of times each day. Santa has been In Hope all week. Stolen Auto Recovered; r Two NVrecks "Hope City Police today reported 1hc arrcsl, 'last" night of-.Theodls Lindsey, Jocal Negro, on/a 'charge of auto theft. ^ i " ' -" Officers Sliirley and Howe said he stole it la pit night from, the homo of "IS, ,P, ,Stewart' Sr,,,and ville,, Also yesterday at Third and Walnut Street a truck 'driven by Richard D. llazzard, owned by Kasy Pay .Tire Sloro, and-a city truck driven by Carson Green, collided with some damage resulting to both vehicles, The wreck* was invest!gated by officers Rolhwoll and Howe. At Hickory and Bell Streets aulos driven by Linnie Jackson and Jlollis Nichols collided with slight damage lo the Nichols vehicle, Officer Clyrk charged Jackson with failure lo yield Ihe rigbl-of-wuy, 73 School Districts DropMilloge JJTTLE HOCK .Education Department, reported yesterday that «t least 73 of Iho state's s,chooj districts volcd reduced tax millage rales al the Due, 0 school election, .Education Commissioner Arch Ford said there.was no doubt thut the millya'e reduction wus a result of the state's , n assessment program. Based on incomplete jcporls. Iho millage .statewide drupp ly Th§ Star 5t«fl >4? in ihe past the Star will ofe' gerye Phrjstmas day by suspending p.i^lj^aifion Thursday , , , this is one'-d Ahree hol|d,iys the news- observes eagh year, tho facing July and 'ThsnksgiVi , regular pu;t>lie<ai>on will Qecembpr Staie and County close o.n .Christmas ' |t'^, pretty imMvjii haw ly^s^^'skoi n&^Mm f?flM4%:-2i'?^wlffe;. IMrs. Catherine Lwuterbaek as his aiclp,. '. . Mrs, Carroll TolleH will continue as assistant to Tax Assessor -GarreW WrtUs' • . • the 'big iP corpe in the Sheriffs . although jic has • peoji, questlanud several times Sheriff Griffin wouldn't name h|S , . , but the report is that"D.wight Ridgdill will be the chief office deputy, , , with Mf£Smith as his office' ji^jl 8 . , ijerbert'Griffin will-pro- J>o s/i fieid dgp^y ,jmd Af? sMiddl^tbrooks has as a IU44 a? an office" d.o{*ujiy , , . anyway we'll Hfl^W fPi' suit cume / 1, ' • fvi, T- pp;.§fe(|04^^ %4f4 MP>&$$m oi-aia.'. -.-- '• - f-'v•»>:••: ->'-•- '.;•,.«•. ed from 37.25 lo 38.23 — the first (such reduction in rccenf years, Millages had climbed rapidly a/tor a 104B constitutional amendiujul wiped out on 18-miil ceiling. The doparlmcnt's records showed that g»8 school districts did not eliangc' their millage rfitcs. Twelve approved high'-'!' niilluge, Fcrty-nine diriricts have not reported. ford predicted even greatc-r mil- iage deciuysus nexl year if the reasstssiiicni program is retained. Siale law inquires that property assessments reach 18 per cunt of market value this year mid. 30 p«>' cent by »hid*Upct>wbc'r next year. FaUuru to comply would cost , a county a proproUonate ghar^.ot its btato turnback funds, , , : . Ycsteiday, ihe ^Arkansas 4sscs» sfflent Coordination Department said 32 counties tod now reached an 18 per cent assessment level 01^ higher. T ylchert Usceii.snu'o or higher. The l^tust counties to certified by the ,deptirtnis;nt >verp Arkansas, CriUendea, Qm'r Yance Clay Talks Fail to Solve New York Pxiper Strike ; ' By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS '- N12W\. YORK (AP)—NoKollal"!- were exploring new approaches lo 'ending" a 14-day-old newspaper 'strlko/os Ihey prepared loday foi anolher round of joint' lalks will federal mediators, •^Pub^shers "of Ilia nine closed "clallfes and life striking delivery men resumed joint sessions Mon day after a. five-day break. Federal mediator Waller A. Magglolo said both purllus hnt promised to give serious study to a number of suggestions aimed a "establishing possible areas o agreement." Neither side indicated any break in the deadlock, in fact, Asher Sebwaii'/,, allot- noy for the independent Newspaper and Mail Deliveiors Union, indicated a pofbible stil'tening h ihe strikers demands on a go-it alono basis. Noting that nine other newspa per unions, all members of the A KL-CJO have refused to supper the Doiivercrs Union, Schwarl? .said; "They Clhe publishc-rsl. have been calculating their cost u muelg our proposals on Ihu of Ihe over-all cost of granling Ih same or equivalent benellls to the other unions which i'.rc involved in other negotiations with the pub Ushers. "Now it would SHem to us thu the publishers arc free of this do mand. The other unions have re jepted us and our efforts t" win more than a $7 package. What ev«r the publishers agree lo ad til the request of the Deliverer Union, they ho longer can say they have lo give il to the othe unions." The $7 increase offer, spread oyci two years, is similar lo on <tlr«i?£ly accepted by Ihp New Vor! Newspaper Guild, The offer ha been turned down by Ihe de live rcrs membership. The delivery men uro set-kin, a reduction )n hours, an' extra holiday and a replacement clause covering absenteeism. Their basic pay under a contract which expired Doc. 7 w«s 9'03,B2 a week The nine struck newspapers are I3HO\VNFH3LD, Tex, fAP) ,—, -~ i ''oilr men perished when n bottled - ',< as truck blew up In u shattering^;, ..;,' miption of shooting flumes'and '•'<?,, lying sloel Monday night,'An od?-'^;' imatqd '1BO pofhons, most of them- ,< t v; tpoctators, suffered wounds t and*K - ; 'burns. < . ' j About 45 remained hospitalized;'.* • The whole sky seemed lo be on Ire," a wllncss exclaimed. ." The cries of Ihc injured filled he air al the Scene, on Ihe out- skirls of this wesl Texas cily of H% ,000, ' . " The community turned out,to iclp the wounded and burned, • •- .^ Soon the 'Perry County Hospital i£& )Ulfi receive no morcr, and' 'dyc-;^|" tors and nurses sent them 'l°'"A^ :ibarby towns. ','' ' '.';-'"!f Killed', were the truck driver, ' J two firemen and a .spectator, . . :r ;;, Tho fire which caused Iho ox- f '^j plosion was sot off by Ihe collision /y^ ot the bottled gas - truck and "'_aV:>S pickup, truck. The cab ot lhb,caij«^ Irailcr. truck overturned, ' :,'*,' >?| The spectacular fire drew, ' firu- ^j estimated 250 spectators, < ;>"-"S? Firemen said the throe-compart- ,f^ muni gas tank caxight fire al'Jbolh^^ ends and the center lank uxplodcd'c|| later, shooting melal and flames inlo ihe . massed crowd, Standing in the immediate' v ^ and the remainder across''HhQ'5*| highway. Twenty .C the truck." Tho Rev, James Tldwell, i.sl minister, was credited by res-'' cue directors wilh gre'nlly speeding relief for the injured. ' The minister, from tho hospital grounds, saw the flash ot th'o ex- • plosion, lie alerted the hospital staff thai injuries would be great because he had seen tho large crowd around the g'as truck v ''•',' Blood offers came from Brownfield citi/ens almost simultaneously wilh 1 the explosion, There more offers lhan were needed-'' -" Seven Brownfleld doctors, >' medical student, a minister' with fromc medical tralhing, two, land doctors and three medical corpsmen homo on leave. ^ pitched In and helped with th^/sifj injured. • n '",'i'S 'The oporatio|i was so speedily -^ rnobilixed and carried out that"?;* within two hours the hospital was'- " cluartd except for tho seriously V injured wlio were "bedfast. ' *' One disaster .worker hulvnccs from /'every town -in" Ihe ' area thai had ambulances- must Continued 'orrPage Searcy. gtate Treasurer ton askad Alty. Gen Bruce for- a, ruling begin wiihb.01d.Inn <•"? rnOney, Clayton as!(o4 fee jaw/ul {"o withhold jiasls 'o| tht J/apusry ter gather tlj^n the. "qUHi'ti(3> fll whe.n to turnback it on, tl»e lh{« N<?w 'York Tribune, Daily Tunes, News, Herald Mirror, Worjd Ti-legram and Sun. Journal Amcucan, i j os.l, Long Island Daily Prft>s 9nd l-.oiig Island Star- Journal, Qq§-fed Fire Threat 1 fo a River Barge NASHVH.L.K, 'j;cnn. <APJ — A 4,'asoline-lud fire Ihreutfned tp destroy a loudcd fuel borge on the Cucnburliuid Hiver today but city lifQ(fit?\\ put out the bhizu ntitic •the lo-ss of an eslimaU'd $00.000 woith'o/, carjio, Another $^0,000 ss'orih was saved. • No at)$,\vus. ifijure-U in the bld/,0, winch, broke out on , the "$ctty gr^nt" whijc it" w^r ducked *nt i ar a' Jupl Stprt-ge tank. Fueinen saul determined hpw Vm |'|re started. was c(.lt'|oosc frpm, its ilwatect vw^ty , fiow ^ ftremm loyght it>o said ibe 'ka.rge wU'h about $3,aO,QQO worth, anS prijJiriltuji §f&8p /i'he luej waii tp "ha'vt pumped Int^ ,stQi- t ugt' taiik.s VC^'ji /?, 4«, M'^'iiofe^iw'-dlsti-ia'ut{o« v ; MI 7 Uws, Foundation for First Ft. Smith Discovered . FORT SMfTff, Ark. CAP)—Th/3,;yf guundalion of thp original ]?t., •Smith built in 1817_ and 18JB, ,ha§ been uncovered by'diggcis Jed by archoeologlHts. v . Circuit Judge ' Paul Wolfe^ sai0 ultimate aim of Ihe project wa.s' restoration of the tori 3nd a lhA_ T creation of a national monument."^ at .the site, Wolfe was a founder Historical , Restoration hero which restored the one! gallows pf Federal Judge ac Parker ~ Fort Smith's "hanging judge." The site of the original located at Belle Point, now as Coke Hiil, II is. near, the ' o( Soeiej;y,>£,$ * kaiuas - Oklahoma budge spans Ihe Arkansas River, Army ft. Clyde Collar Jt ; , Jfori Smith said the H wys discovered after two weess of digging by city 'crews, The espavat'on work was d}rfp,ti;vf eel , by Dollar, an 1 amafeuji;j| jircliaelogist; John Shafor ol tic Rock, a graduate itudonl nl the University > of kansas, and Charles 1"{, MeC5i| 111, assistant curatui, at Uitf ' versify. said 75 per -een| wuld bo J-* ST x%~? "1 * T 1 ^E. * ',i M*wt " " • fj/rvft- <fi i~--f. _^*^r • -!.«. *jf'Wf ,W^'" i *t r f i 'W*^ J S^T'.T', i.T<v « J V V*'V t ^T T * ^ f *' < J ** i. V w ' i ^*' 1 ^ J •= ; I i f ' \ iK-l8WVA>"« SiHSSK m %: : .- :iv^/?P^i iJ«i^^/s^^^'M-^MMi^'^

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