Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1958
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

. Page Six H 0 P E HA R , Hj9 PI •, ARKANSAS , Bscemfeer 55, 19§§ FREE Delivery oore Dros. Dial 7-4431 Serving You Since 1896 Swift Premium Butter Ball's 9 to 16 Lb, Hen Turkeys THE VERY BEST Lb. HALF or WHOLE Heavy Smoked Delicious Flavor 18 to 20 Lb; FRESH DRESSED MILK-FED No Limit Fresh Dressed Hens 5Lb. to 7Lb. HEAVY SMOKED SMALL WHOLE 8Lb. to 14 Lb. 100% Pure Pork '"Home Made VALLEY COLORED Swift Premium SLICED 303 SiZE CAN CRANBERRY Ib Crate •^y^^j^^^^^js^^^^K Hope Star Classified Ads ADS MUST 6E IN OFFICE DAY BEFORE PU&UCAtlON — PHONE 7-3431 FOR AD TAKER PonBoofhels All-Southern id Player OIILANPO. Fla. (Af) — Six Ar-1 kflnyjis p!"Vcri Siilurrlnv u/pro I finned to ihp fM-m^ri A1UPouth>cn i 'fool hall souari tht> .South' s top ill' i rj.fcrsrholasltc honor far hi«h school. gridiron stars. Arkansas' representatives n'ei'C! Cefil (Bud--'"! Tiickctl. 2H-i, lUtr.'d, Little flock Control: Don fi.no> lie. 210. b-T'k. Mo"" 1 , Tominv nihser. 185. btifk. El Dorado; Steve Hathi'olo 175. hack. .t/iHio .ork Central. Richard Branch, U3il, tofiltle. El Dni'nrlo. Kenneth 2-ini, 19B. guard, Litlln Rock Central Warned to the honorable mchMqn list were 'bank Jim Hotley of Litlle Rock Hall, centor Chris Coi'bin" of Fort PmlHi, hp"V EH WnMnti r>r Osceolhi. back Herbert Mirtin of , El Dorado. b 1 " 1 '' Dnr»ijp Dunslon ol West lyiomohjs mid back Carl Akin of Hot ,SnrinK.s. •The unusual Gist man of the 1058 squad was ca<isor! ( by a tic in Ar- katisas between plranch and Zini. "Mnvitig, 1 seen both pin*'.. I, cap- not call otip bettor than the other." ' said Orville Pnole o( the Hot Springs New Era. Arkansas' state 1 Clinirmati. A panel of 132 coaches and sportswritors, with 10 scouts assisting each plate chairman, took part in selecting the 39th annual All-Southern le-'-im. The ; splection is sponsored -by • the. Orlando ! Sentinel. Wanted Far Staf f&Ute 6beft fof boys 12 s aftd ovef. Apply at Mope stsf OHiee, Funeral Directors Ambulance Service fiuHal Assodation OAKCttESt FUNERAL HOME Dial Ptt 74123 20*1 hvc Services Offered LET ui rehoVAt* yoUf old mat tfe»s. We sptiClalli* hi Dfe»»uH CO&B WAITRESS SHOP 7la Wert 4th, Phone 7-2021 RALPH Montgomery Market, ctis torn alaughterkig. We have meal for your deep freeze. See UK be .fore 'buying." 17*tf SINGER SEWING MACHINE ..CO. Sales and Service, '513 East 3rd. L, E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. 6'14'tt POWER Saw available for removal , of trees, stumps and' etc. For. .fi'ec estimate "call 7-4052. 26-1 mo. c *^^ 1r^^^^^9 ^^^f ^^^^^^^^^r BasketbnU Collecifi Bv THE St. Johns fNYl 30, Virginia 7.1 Fordham 88; Columbia 73 P?nn State 78. Oolpnte 54 Villanovn 7.4. Duke fl7 . , Ohio Univ 58, Cornell 54 ot Ohio Wcsle.vfin flf). Bnff.ilo SI fii Canisius 68. ColW o ot Pacific 5!) Ipna 59, Colby 52 Conn 59. MnnhnH-an 57 Vanderbilt 87. navtmouth 71 Maryland 08. V'nk" Forest,. 65 ', Georgia Te.ch 92. South Carolina 62 Murray dOI an. i\Tior-i<;(ppi go Talane 65. Centenary 55 Florida 78, Fla. Southern 63 Ark State 70. NoHheast La 58 c SE Okla 71. NW La 69 „ Kansas Stair 68. St. Josephs iPa), 55 Cincinnati 57. PI. Louis , r 'Q NC State t>6. Kansas 03 Calil 68 Wisconsin 53 Butler 81, Tonn fifi Illinois 83, NYU 7fi Michiaan 82, Doliiware fafi \Vichj|.n 82, Soulhorn Cal 70 Purdue 55, South Dakota 44 Drake 78, Colo SI a to Uni" (56 Tuisa 84, Hardin-oimmons 7fi Marquetlo 70, Cwietlon 49 Valparaiso OR, West Michigan 59 SMU 67, Minnesota E.°. Texas Tech 80. Mi&ouri 70 New Mexico A&M 58. Rice fl.'i New Mexico 79, UCalif (Siintn Barbara) 73 -.Oregon State 73, Indiana 6!) Stanfqrd 53, Son F,rancisco 4S Bvjgliam Young 75, Santa Clam 65 m UCLA 56, Colorado 54 . Utah State 79, Sf, Marys (Calif) 63 \} The schedule of Soiunar Periods as printed below, has been taken ^from John Alden Knight's Soiunar .Tables. Plan your days so thai 'you will be.fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during ithese times, if you w'sh to find thr best sport that each day has t<- offer. The Major Periods are shown In boldface type. These begin at thp times shown and last for an hour and • a half or two hours thereafter. The Minor Periods, shown in regular tyjjel jfl.re .of" somewhat shorter duration. • A. M. P.M. ' Minor Maior Minor TClainr Monday 2:20 8:30 2:45 8:55 Tuesday , 3:,10 9:20 3:35 9:45 .Wednes 4:00 10:10 4:25 10:35 Thursday 4:5,0 11:00 5:15 11:25 Friday 1 5:40 11:50 6:05 'Saturday 6:30 12:15 6'55 12:40 Sunday 7:20 1:05 7:45 1:30, ALUMINUM Screens, doofs, §t6fffl Windows, weafhef « strijjfjirnj, ifi sulatioh, roofih*, stortings. |til' tefiiig. ornamental fhiliHgi F>66 estimates. Andy AntifeWsi Phe fi'tf SMALL tracts of laiid fieaf toWfl Rtiilaible for chicken farms, 80 adres limber land two rnSles ciltt of foreman. Ark. See Kdlph" Saundei-s or Phone 7-4001, 19'tf '51 QLbS four door. A4 Condition, Ne\V tires, radio arid heater, $495 Will arrange financing. Call 7 2487. 2'tf ARTIFICIAL bouquets and Wreaths for cemetery decorations. Camp' bell Florist. 17 miles ElaSt on Rosston Highway. 16-6tc 19S7 CUSHMAN Easlo motor scoot' er. In good condition. See or call Tommy Montgomery. 7«3361. ONE boys 26" bicycle. Good cton> ciilion. John Bair. PR7-2304. 20-3(p, CHRISTMAS trees; Beautiful Ar-. -kansas Cedar 1 ;. Your choice fqr'. $1. Stuar.t's Texa'co Service. 3rd & Pine. Phone 7-0965. 22-3tc LOCAL trailors. Byers Gulf Service. Call Day or Night 7:0955. 8-lmoc 5 ROOM house. 301' N. Ferguson Street. Call 7-3578. 17-lmo, 4 ROOM house. $30 month with bills paid. PR 7-2247. * 10-tf Notice K Buy - w,. Sell - W* R«n» REAL -ESTATE a n r-p M.TT^T.TTI ^njWRATJT A. P. Deloney, Mantiw Hnwnrrl CnlHer. Cull Co 1 left 502 Tlntes i,onp van* — Will TriWl : co Captures From T^xqrkana Hope^s Bobcats'officially opened 1ho hpimX .season 'here Saturday niffjit, 'takireg Tojjarnana's B team ftwiee, Tihe .Texans wiere in a tournament at Texarkana and kept their starting leani at homo. The Tiger 'B 'boys went clown in defeat to the Hope B boys 37 to 28 with 'Robinson and Arnetto making W each, ; . Then the Texans went against the Hope Seniors and they didn't fare 'any toettnr.wil'h 'the final tally being Gl to,46. Hope teams \vjll take p rest during the holidays and will resume play on vtan, 6 in the Henderson »1tate Teach'e^s College (ourna- •merit, ' . There's No Finer Oiftt For «a asfQrtmwt i patted in folerfitl, $ny &itt fpsktsft\ «'t lor a very RARHAM Brothers '.House Mov. ers Insured and free '<«stlrhate. Write ' Barham Brothers t Cale. Arkansas * .21^7 Mp. WE Buv and sell Antiouo Furniture and brir-o-prac, .BY.EIRS .ANT1- OTTiE SHOP. Pafmos - Shover Springs Road, Phone 7-2057! 14-1-mo c To Trade '52 PlyrnouMi Turjor Secfan.' Tindio. heater, eood condition, 1 Would likp to trade for a nickurv Coptaot Harold Averv, 506 1/ o ,W, Main Street, Prescott, 19-3tp Insfruction AIRLINE Several young men and women will b'e selected inirnediatcly for training for attractive, high-salaried positions as Aii> line Secretary, Hostess, 'Res- ervationist, Communicationist, Station Agents, Passenger Agent, Records. Short, lo\v- : cost training 1 can qualify. Must . bo between 17-3P, have high school education and pleasing personality, Includes special training in pej'spnaJ de.velQp* ment for women, AH inquiries confidential. Write, giving ad" dress and phone numper, to; Training Division! NaUQnal School of Awonautics, Accredited by N, H, S. C, Box A c/o Hope Star, fifope, Ark, ' • , J2-22-HP Uosf 8 WEEKS old black Polan ni^, If found pall 'Alvin Wilson, 'Rt. 1, Blevins, The Negro VVANT AD RATES All Wafif Arte 5-<? Sbyoh'e !H fldvoii^ but 6ds will be 'jccepted !6V$f 'Jhe ieleplibPiS dtid ir.-orriorfa- •flfifi fifcebuflts allowed with fhe uH- defS(SRi3iR;5 fHp dcrourit is pciyabld "*Hefi IfateWeHi Is fcndefeH. 6riS 16 >6 56 J) fa 5S JA fa 30 31 ta 3S S* W 40 :4i td & .46 fd 50 ?f\ °o 1 70 1 PCi 7 10 7 ^0 . Si* t>"\>5 t ^0 200 7 sn 3 no 3 ^0 a oft 9 00 l7.no 1356 1506 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY . 3 6 time! SOc cef Inch A"?(r p^f IftrH 55c Pef jrich dUr>*eH above o>c f<5f coh ittseHiohs. Iffcdulof of skit date ad? wfll .ti^n fhf> nnts^Hrtv rcife All dally cla<«l'l6d advoftlslrtq copy , .Will b? OrcoptnH until 5 o.m, fbf pUH|lf6tt'?* i ^'"^ frillAwihfl day. ' iThe publisher ru'pfVcr, the Hqht to .revtsS of edit: all advcstl«emenfs of fered ifof publirntibh bnd to felect -objectionable advertising sub" . . . " Initials of one of more loHers, gfoups of ftrtnfni, *:u<"h 05 house, of telephone nurri^nr? count a* one word. The Hope Star will hof hi* rosoon- slble for effort in Wan! Ads uhleiS errors .o^ ^nMnrl to our nHrjntloh •ofie.r* f 'v p '* 5C T |t-"^octinn of oH ond then iforlONLY the ONF Incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7- 3431 Hope Star Star of Hope 189?; .Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published evorv weekdav afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Wn'hburn, Sncy-Tros, at The Star Building ;Z12-J4 Sout 1 ! Wo'nuf Street • . Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Washburn, EcWor & Publisher Paul H, Janes, Mananlng Editor Donol Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W, Ho'mor, Mcrh Supt. Entered >* socond '•'ass matter ot the Post Office nt Hip», Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897, Member of "-e A»dlr Bureau of r' Circulations Subscription Fsatas (payable in advani'j) By carrier In Hnoe and neighboring u i.,i,.i , i towns — Per week S .30 Per year , U60 • «By pioll In Hemp'toad, Nevoca Lafayette, Howard /eld Miller Counties ' — One month , $ ,85 Three monthi ....,, 1.85 Six . rnontht ?.*<> .One ,veor .., 6.50 AM other moll — One' month , 1.30 Three months 3,9(! Six 'months 7 80 One year' ... IS.50 Nat'l Advertising Representatives! Arkansas Dailies, Ir-., 1602 Slerirk B|dq. Memphis 2, TMin.; 505 ""exes Bank Bldg., Dallas ', texas; 360 N Michinan AVP,. ChlrarjO 1. III.; 60 E. 42nd St., N°w York 'V, N Y,; 1763 Penobsrot Rlrlq, Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal 9ldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla, •Member of The A»*>cloterJ from . The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively "to the use for republicatlon of g|l tfre loc'pl news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news i .pisnotches. iUY-AWAY YOUR TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS NOW- ' 'Hope's Best Selection of Christmas Toys at WESTERN AUTO 113 8, JVIaln PR 7-444? Tjoylor & USEO.CARS — BODY SHOP CARS — .816 f, <Haw Phpne 740?? OrvJIJ? Tsyler • John PHI Jordan WANTIP TQ BUY PMlRw'o.9e by TruQk In )fVge0§;pr otherwise, HAROLD HENPR1X Phen? PR ?4?gi •16th *'ieuislan^ HP??! ArK. • fjr Everyone ^ aiw.ther's faujtg ' - day pf -tedal 41Uange wilj nnmi^J Union .$?hl'i|tiT\a§ i-jqiec, §5, at> U ^.nx . jtist Church. Rev. J,- S, pastor of • Bethel $ preach, .^usie all phcur,s o| ,tP , Minis. ^®$$&!$~" : * -^ujSkH Cnf Piy " PAYI5 Ambulance v i ^f*^j , ; ™ "•*'(§ j' • • ' ' < '<; ',•-/,s>i'.'','"AW, 41,, •§,''" A --"--'-- lii

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