Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1958
Page 3
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* bseemkf 25,1IS§. HOM, ARKANSAS FOR "HER" CHRISTMAS MAYTAG AUTOMATIC WASHER No Lint Jo Detenent Damage , * V""">'- ** *»J M • • • • •* >.Am,& ._ JitiPP • _ ^ $ v 8 i *i l s *•• liller is in (he new lilfer Ai'il.ilor. unel« wlieie the lint 11. piovulei cunvl ml lilliiition, I nit is tillered out as Walpi riiuil.ili'S thloiiKh dictator No pans 01 ttayv to Intcileie viilli loailmi; or ilnlo.idinB ' *f t f * I *** 5 * K \ * ^••N'fcVN «• A 'C':^^^/ »;• \>.r.>-».Z'^Ss*-/t i "•^ Wash \tj!t?r.,rirbu l dted{l!iroui!hithe loiipd out r.pi'cully.dcsiRiicd channels in the liolloin in s.M[|iiii: lei slieanis to ampllly lainotit; Ma,ldl! Ar.il.iloi Action. Loosens even de<;p dov.n , • dirl in bccunds ,A\ODEL 142 \ // ^^ You Can Own a Genuine Maytag 'm Two Speed • Cold Water Wash ' for as little as 'end Rinse •Automatic Water Level 41 Ajf*ft QIC f < I'^J'^w* * ~ \ControI t'Suds Saver • Rinse-Con- '•- '| :: ^"^ 'ditioner • Delicate Fabric 'Cycle. . ' 'with Trade LEHMAN'S AUTO AN| W^lME SUPPLY 213 S: Main St. Phone 7-2731 ^9*90h»i5 : S3W»iS*»»iii»i*»iSt»»a» Mr. and Mrs. fllchnrd Notice of' Comvny, Ark. Will pf'estdP trWsf thfe, ' brtd,e's gues^lioak al the wedditig! 1 reception, imrherfinttfly nfldf t|ic t , cerorhony, in the ho.mc tit Ihefcrtde, | i 1010 Ijtutral Sfreof, Pine filuff, AN ; knnsns Calendar j fuesday, Beeemb«f §3 i •The )>Ihh<J ptlfllls of 'Mrs, .tteirh W. Mcftfie Barlow will oiny foH Lheir jjflrchts nhd fHepfls, rupsdn.v ' tiec. 2.1 at 3 Jj.tn. al 400 W. Ave. b. ', HsspHdi Notes Ike Could Ask Santaforo LotofTKings Voting iPeofdes "department of FIi-Sl Metliodist Church will p«-e?» sent a NatnVlty Scene, 'ftiosdny 'and VVecUicsdrty beginning nt 0 ip.in. until 8 p.tn, each night, Mclliodlst Church of Jtol Springs <)ff!c.!ii!!Hjj Ih the dutible-Hntf ceic motly. the bride's three slstdrs \vltl serve ns hbt- nltcndnnls; Mrs. Cecil DiUie Allison. Jr.. mntroh of hem-, . .__ .. .. . or: Miss Catherine tilolint Young, worUi Sr. tlo(je; AlWi Anron Skin- maid of holioi-i mid Mis'! Virginia Her, Hi. 2 Hope; Htttttile lintficld, i so they'd nlwnys be Wee to fnt*. fUnt tvati1t1 be ft i*«t-if&ofl't3fittiv 'mrife trrtfsMit. 1 can (ell froti why. ! t hntfo lo live 1it*e a«6th6f 4weJ' Lvonfs betftt-p the lease is t|t>. And in Vhnl time t would tikfi".te » 'as hnptty fis t«w$lbl<» with a lflttn» Irmim of tt-onWo. t would te?Vi* to 'hnvc some pbncc ftnd>t|ti!d, if,you jhnVe some lo spine. , ,1 know you're a Vdty fctnd Anne Young. Junior bridesmaid. Pi eeeding the ceremony, the candles will be lighted b5" two HI, Notice •Mope ^Duplicate iBfidgt Club \\HU not meet tuitil Jan. 6.' ftoss Young of Mnlvei'n, Arkniisns iMVs. 3.. A. Slnyurd mid bniby girl, and Pnul Uloiint Youhg. ,Jr., son olM-if>pc>; Mrs. Anroii Sl'innw, iHl. 2 Mr. nnd Mrs. Pnttl iJlotuil VOUHB of lllwpei Mrs. Cdcli Rogers. Hope! whnt he HUB cm hi. mlhtt: , ^ ; ' ^^0^ WdTtebk like Mh Cintls: - [yflj, , f |, B had some l ia |p arid rt \Vnshinston. , i nn . v P been living nt, niv pros- W hii e benrd. to henf him tate : Cecil kldd. ttt. 1, tj ) ! ttadrcss the pnst si.v yenra. i vau « c t fl t | n | t ,j w ^. n ,4 saftiis jtJlatts t Joyce Fttyo Ctitlton, il s n blg'whtlo liotisc on Pphhsyl- htmaelf. H tins hjne chitir j le « a t , lwnys promising la ttlrtke;, ' is boiler for tteople. tts'a'ft' ,rt candles will be lighted b> two J lope i .Miss Joyce Ffli'c Cntlton, """ JV» * IM " l? « Vi« * V*i cousins of the bride, Tom hoss «t. a .Uosston,' Mt-s. AHluir t)ou- vrttfn jWemie. It I ns hjite chim' Young, Jj-.. son of Mr. nnd Tom' «ai>. Hope; Alston Posteh «opc! ."«'«. So yew should hnV* no iruit* i, rt been t»»« I vo Youno-Newbern Reveals Wedding Plans Miss Elizabeth Edna Young of Pine. .Bluff reveals' -hor , wedding plans to marry Dh David HaHon Newbern, Captain In'the UntlejJ States Air Fjarcc, Modi.cal Corps,, and Who is stationed al Noi;th Carolina Bapttst Hospital Bowman- Gray . .Medical School, Winston Salem, frbrth Carolina, JanuiiVy 3, 19S8 al 4:00 p. m. in the Chapel of the Lakeside ' Methodist ' Church, Pine Bluff with the Revqrend Fred R. Harrison, Minister of the First Legol Notice Pine Bluff, Afkntisns. •George Piereu NevVbeni, ill., of Hot Springs, Ark. -will serve his brothei* ns best itinn; Bonjnmln ! Love NewbCi-n, brother of the : gtooin nnd Charles Howard Johnston of Little flock, nnd Hugh Clark, Jr., of Marlnnnn, Ark. the groom's cousin .will servo ns ush' CM;S. Mrs. Thomas L. McLean of Mnl- vcrn, Ark. will be organist nnd will nrcompany Mrs. Paul Blounl Young of Pine Bluff, Ark., aunt oC the bride will be soloist, The bride will be given In niiirriage- by her father, Qordoii Elmo Young of Pine Bluff, Ark. .Mis? Catherine Murry Pence, cousin of the bride ;ind daughter o£ IN .THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF O. B. RODDEN, DECEASED, CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF HOPE, ADMINISTRATOR NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY ,GIV,EN, That the Citizen's National 'Bank of Hope, as Administrator , of the Estate of O. B. Rpdden, Deceased, has filed its petition in said court asking for authority to sell to A. P. Deloney the lands, hereinafter described for $1,425.00 cash, at private sale, free of all encumbrances, said land being situated in Hempstead County, Arkansas, and described as follows, to-wit: .Commencing at the Southwest Corner of,the Northeast .Quarter,of the Southwest Quarter (NE>/ 4 SW>/4) of Section _T\venty-eig)it "(28), To'wn- shlp- Twelve (12) South; Range Twenty-four (24). West, and run North 495 feet to an iron stake, thence East 144 feet to a stake on the East line of. Elm Street in the City of'Hope, Arkansas, as extended, which is THE POIN[f OF BEGINNING: Thence North 17'/ s degrees West .alofjg said East line of Elm Street 8 feet for an .alley, thence continue with said East line of Elm Street ,71 feet to a stake, thence East 17M> degrees Nor.th 150 feet lo a stake, thence South 17 1 /-degrees -East 71 ,feet to ,an alley, thence continue in the same direction 8 feet.to the center of the alley, thence West 17Vi degrees South 150 feet back to THE POINT .OF BEGINNING. By order of said court said petition wjll be heard by said court at 10;00 o'clock, A. M., Friflpy, Ja,n- ilpiy 2, 1059, in,the Coijrt R'oom, in the Hempsie.ad.County CpLjr.tjw.use in ihe City o'f Hope, Arkansas, IN TESTIMONY*' WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand qnd the seal of said court on this 12th day oi December, lp58, ARNOLD J. MIDDLEBROOKS Clerk of the Probate .Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas By: ARTHUR C, ANDERSON ,D, C, Dec. 15, 82, Ip58 THEBEARE SO MANY THINGS WE CAN SUGGEST FOR HER GOTHAM GP^DSTRIPE NYLON HOSIERY "LAMPL SVYEATERS AND SKIRT SETS IMPQRTED'-UNEN TABLE DAMASK SETS JLECTRJC BLANKET GUARANT5ID for CQSTUME JEWELRY — LINEN / KERCHIEFS PERCALE SHSITS & CAS '-SL.QYES r- LADliS JB1UPOJ.D \WlllilI1l ' mt>nl (0 real pushy type, tie HoU ,i nei'Vcs. Uis jmmo is 1 do Mtind CoilM pu t some senac •luiani nosier, *u«wi, Mh and Mr*. Phil J36l VedeJilo nwhil mad sowuilmcs - nboul cv- j , M „,„ hcnd mid Rcl him to .glvo ' ... ....i....i . > . M-V 1vl>n 4 v'hni-B.' nl-niiurl plnrlitirt I .... >. _____ . ......~i. n..iln,,« Un hnd Hope nnnoiince tlic tonby .girl Dec. ID, 1058. of n Ump-flt (>t the They're >tli<; •tSfMHoevhls. ti vci-v Memorial Admitted! Mrs. Adeil Marlnr, Mrs. Martini Alberts, ilU. ,2 .._..., «Mrs. Wllllniin Tengue, Hope Lorene Martin, Hope! Prod Harris I big fftmlly,- tlmt>, then otico In n while nt re il u* of '" ' « el "' d btU!k ' „ ,i „)„«,. K ° l nl011 ^ „„ „ , „„, Hi i itnnn' Jlur-sol Seouiiins Hi. o "? o c K ° n01 ' nlidl ''' nppilnlc.lt iryol : Mrs. David B. Wrny nnd bttby jboy, Rt. -I Uppe*, Mrs. .lorry Johnson nitd baby girl, -Hope illurscl !?t!o«Hins, >1U. I Hoipei AVi 'C. tBruncr ,)r,, ,Hopo; 'Mrs. C. llu'so' craKy notions o>e» hns nbnul communism bolliH beltdf thnn chplldllsm? 1 IHink 'IhltiM 1 ) Would not bettor right tiwn.y. At ......... so _ • • . ' , . i' t |,ukb some money, *lop, a lot of money. Not for myself, t'm get' Ul « (llo " R ,1 U , I ' l|ihL ^S ^ Si* ry. ^Vo have B f lot .or ex'. coming up ijoxfyeat aid "*<"*» m ^ ° ' lhe for thorn, roilbei'l, .in!'3 Tfope; Mrs. Virgil! I'm "being 'called names -- ItlW, -' ••'••'" -- -- •••"-• Skimpy -^- beeauso I iti trying'to Hope; ,CoolcJ 'Fulton! Mrs. ,Mildi-ed Tj-otter ..lu^m •»'"" >*' "•• ^"pVJl'f,' '*v'!i.'' 1 Jl n '??ff v.° , n ',H nj IDoyle Reaves, , 4 HtjiJav W..N,/Muuins, t ni.. 1 bm- Butler,' 111. 'l.aibpbViyusl; <tA\^ llonf'y 'L. 'Bow'cleii nn'd ' * — * 1 * *t f * * l» *n'l • W ,*•* _.. - ' ^-«..- ....... . — •--'.!. -•«*•• i > r, t ,, ,v - ». Jowel Mny Jr. -,Hi)PO,) ,'ftl'rs. Carl i,baiby girl, 'Rl, '3 'Hope. cut down on expenses. Sonic department stores use dogs ir patrol and Security, duty. .'/•, for patrol -2 fi'^^p^ Mfl s' 9« i * V » " * ' ' ' '*•>*« "I S^'^-f * f " * ^^*^**i ' * " A ' ' ' ' ) • ^fc s „ u ^ Owen's is tKe store^with the Christmas Money, Savers. With only 2 more Shopping Days until Christmas/Owen's ; still has a big selection ,of giHs for *$en, Women, Children and the Home; Make Owen's your,One Stop Shopping Center for every name on^your Gift List;;and:,SaYe while you Shop! : ,, '(tQ^ZN&^tty^^ SHE'Ll TREASURE * Slips '^* ' ,^fnpA ^B"> ^* i'v 1 '* ^1 ^.f"'^ FOR THE MEN IN YOUR LIFE * Gowns § * Nylon Hose | * Coats * Siuts j]» * * A Neiw Dress ^ iir Robes * Gloves * House Shoes * Scarfs * Panties * Costume Jewelry * Sweaters * Belts * Handkerchiiefe * Purses * Pajamas | % A Npw Watch > -|\'/- Robes * Pajamas * A New Suit Slacks * Shirts * House Shoes Ties * Socks * A Sport Coiit • , v ' . • • . < i, i .V*,' > . .» . Belts ^Jewelry ^ A "New Hat 3weit?rs * CSIpves Jr Handjkerchipf? Bilte t ,-;\^' ; A'New' Towel Sets Sets m Garment

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