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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 22, 1958
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To City Subicribcri! I? you fail ta gst yeup Star please telephone 74431 by 6:30 p. m. and tupeeial will deliver your '-"*'"* Bo»i« Knife Star For Weather Report! See Column of Bottom sf This , ,.,=, , <., P IH </^M ^« ki/k £A 60TH YEAR VOL. 60 — * No. 59 Js«,ii, t«« HOP1, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, DIC6MBIR 22, 19S8 M*mb6H th* Aii6t)atid Pts«« i Audlf BuMsau B? A». NK Paid Cifel. » met. efidmi J.-pf. 36. 1«8 — 3,468 PRICE Se COPY Russia Planning a New Program of Spending By HAROLD K. MILKS MOSCOW (APt government today The Soviet announced a Vast new program of spending oh scientific research, social wclfai'o and expansion of the Soviet economy. Finance Minister Arscny Zvorev outlined the program to a joint session of the Supremo Soviet, the parliament of the Soviet Union, which opened its annual meeting to approve the government biidy- cl for the coming year. The biggest jump came in the projected government investments to expand the Soviet production I'nuillticc — a • huge increase Of 71,400,000,000 rubles — or nearly 18 billion dollars — over the amount spent in 1958. Zverev said the' expansion fund would total 484,300,000,000 — $121,075,000,000 — including direct government investments of 38,7,00,000 rubles, and 175.000,000,000 rubles of profits from government enterprises to be ploughed back. Investments will be particularly increased, he continued, in the iron and steel, chemical, oil and gas industries, and in engineering. He also annouced an alloca- lion of 30,300,000,000 rubles — $7,575,000,000 — for the expansion of agriculture. Zverev said 27,30,000,000 rubles — $6,825,000,000 — would be appropriated for scientific research. He compared this to a previous appropriation of 23,900,000,000. He said 232 billion rubles, or 50 billion dollars, would be spent in 1959 on education, health, social Continued on Page Eight 3 Judges to Hear State Law Challenge LTTTL/fi ROCK fAP)— A three- judge federal court will hoar' ,a siiit here Feb. 5 in which the N.v lioiial Assn. for the Advancement of Colored 'People is challenging the constitutionality of four recently enacted state laws. The acts, sponsored by Ally Gen. Bruce Bennett, were passed this fall by the special anti-integration session of the Arkansas Leg islature, The NAACP contends the J aws _ Acts 12, 13. 14 and 18 — were designed to curtail its activities. The dale of the hearing was announced Saturday. The case will bo heard by > U.S. District Judges John E. Miller of Fort Smith and J. Smith Henley of Little Rock and Judge John B Sanborn of St. Paul Minn, a menv ber of the Eighth U.S. • Circuit Court of Appeals. Experiment Station report for 2'1-houi s ending at 7 a, in. Monday, High 59, Low 23; No precipitation; Total 1958 precipitation in, 1958 through November, 52,03 inches; during the same period a year ago, 67,90 inches. ARK REGIONAL NO RECAST- , By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS All sections: Increasing cloudiness this afternoon, tonight and Tuesday with slowly rising temperatures, Wednesday partly cloudy and mild. t High this af'rr- noon near BO central and northeast, low lo mid 60s southeast and Southwest, upper 50s to low OOs. '.northwest; low toniaht near 40 central, mid to high 30s northeast, low 40s southeast, mid 50s to near 40 northwest and low to mid 40s Southwest. Exlended Forecast for the period J3oc, 22-Dcc, 27: ARKANSAS about 5 degiees - Temperatures above normal. Normal minima 2G to 38. Normal maxima 45 to B4, Rising trend throughout Wednesday, Precipitation light in showers about Thursday or Friday. THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE I By,THE ASSOCIATED PRESS t , High Low Pr Albany, lear Albncidercjue, clear Anchorage, cloudy Atlanta, clear Bismarck, lenr Boston, lear Buffalo, snow Chicago, clear Cleveland, cloudy Denver, cloudy . PCS Molnos, lear ' 'Detroit, cloudf Fort Worth, oJoi(dy llolcni, cloudy 4nclianapojjs, cloar Kansas "City, clear. ].,os Angeles, clear Louisville, clear Memphis, clear • Miami, clear Milwauke, cloudy Mpls.-St. PjUll cloudy .Mew Orleans, clear . New York, clear " Oklahojna City, c]c;u> Omaha, rlear • . _ Philadelphia., clear- phoenix, cloud j Pittsburgh, clear ; Portland., ,lv}e., clear Portland', Ore., cjc^'r Rapid Cjly, ploudy ftirjinojicj, ?)ou5dy St. Louis, clear $a - '3u , Sail La.ke , Cjly,' cloudy 49 g8 San, Dipgoi* cloudy • (58 57 I Son Francisco, Joudv 55 48 41 ™ Seattle; 1 Ipudy, 4,9- 38 Ig cloiffly ; 7-1 *U . ' * -•--""-- *> QO O*\ Vtf. J»» Space Tracker Dedicated in California BIG PINE, Calif. (AP)—They've dedicaled a 1 ^-million-dollar radio observatory near here that some day may track and guide space ships as they speed far out into the universe. It's believed by many scientists of the observatory's two 90-foot dish antennas are in operation pcienlists will' be able lo peer 30 billion light years back into lime and space. Built by the California Instilule of Technology, with Navy help on financing, the observatory is located in the Owens Vallny, 250 miles north of Los Angsles. Rear Adm. Rawson Bennett II, chief of naval research,,told a dedication audience Friday: "This observatory may be able to reach far enough back into time lo see; our own world as it was billions of years ago — perhaps \y 1 - ile il was slill being formed." «J, The admiral was refer;j,y*to Ihe Einstein concept that ' v *§?e and enough you come back where you slarled. And, since you arc sneaking up from behind, you gel there prior to the time of your departure. A lighl year represents Hhe ,distance Dial a beam of,.l>felili*fth2jrig along at 180,000 miles per second —travels in a year, The farthest.man has been able to see out inlo the universe thus .far is Iwo billion lighl years. This Is the range of Ihe 200-inch hale telescope on Mount Palomar in Ban 'Diego County. Actually, there isn't much point in building a bigger visual telescope because of the distortion of light waves by Ihe carlh's atmosphere. But ihc atmosphere has nu effect on radio telescopes, Even now, with only one of this observatory's antennas in operation, rsdio signals have been picked up from stars a billion light years away. When the second 90-foot mesh clish is ready next spring, observatory Director John G. Bollon ex- peels lo be°in receiving radio impulses from stars up to 30 billion" light years away. The observatory will be able not Opening Battle May Shape Rest of Legislation WASHINGTON (API—Results of two prospective opening day fights may shape the Course of legislation in the House for the entire new session convening Jan. 7. Bolh indirectly involve civil rights. They could effectively shatter for a long time the coalition of Republicans and Southern Democrats which for years has wielded the balance of power in the House. Unless a Compromise is worked out and a bitter light averted, one battle will be over a proposed change in the House rules to offset the coalition's current control of the House Rules Committee. The others involves election of Dr. Oale Alford to succeed Brooks Hays, 'Democrat, as representative of Arkansas' Fifth Congressional District. Alford, a Democrat who ran as an independent, won in a write-in campaign reportedly backed by Gov. Orval E. Faubus. His victory is the subject of a complaint that already has the backing of a special House Elections Committee. The comrratttee recommended Alford not be seated until a standing House committee has made a more thorough probe of his election. The special committee split 3-2 in urging that Alford, a leading segregationist, be denied a seat pending the probe. Two [Republicans and — Democrat, all northerners, comprised the major-, ity. Two Southern. Democrats were the minority. Hays, a moderate on the subject of integration, has not contested the election. It is unlikely that the House would seat Hays even if il tossed Alford out. In that event, a special election would be necessary to fill the seat. Southerners who share Alford's Writer Escapes Hunting Lodge Fire SACK BAY. Vn (APl— fttld. editorial director of the fll'w York Herald Tribune, fled to 'Safety with his wife and their thvee children Sunday (is flames SWopt through the roof ol his isolated hunting lodge. , Volunteer firemen put out Hho blaze before H destroyed the eh- lire building. The Reids, uninjured returned to New York. Winter Makes Official Entry This Morning By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Winter made its official entry this morning. Severe cold again hit the noi'Ui- eastern section. Freezing weather dipped into the Gulf states. Winter's starl in the central and western parts of the country was much more s u b d u e d. Although it was quite hilly ih northern Midwest areas. Coldest weather was confined to most of New England, extreme northern New York state and y's far south as northern Pennsylvania. Temperatures plung'cd to 5 to Earthmen Ready for Contacts With Big Missile ' By FRED S. HOFFMAN WASHINGTON (AP> — Hariri- men were ready today for more two-way radio contacts with the mighlly Attns in>issile-saicllile, now in its fourth day of hurtlliijt about the globe, Hndto contacts tire altcmptod when the nearly 4Vi!-lon satellite reaches a favorable position in re- !,'iUon to four sending and receiving stations In the United Stales, Over the weekend n number of voice and r n d I o-lclolypcwritci 1 messages were transmitted to the fast-traveling satellite!, and relayed bock to posts In California. Georgia, Texas nnd Arizona. Most oC the words that flashed back and forth were those of President Elsenhower wishing, in this Christmas season "peace on earth and good will toward men everywhere." This was the message sent up with the Atlas In recorded form, then erased by remote control and sent again. Barreling nlong at 17,000 miles an hour, the B5-fool Alias Js orbit- Bulletin BOSTON (APi — Federn! Judge Charles E. Wyanhskl Jr. sentenced New England Industrialist Bcr Hard Guldtine to Ihfec months lit jail today fm- contempt of court in falling to turn over company records In a tax probo Miss Mildred Pnpermnn his sec- rotary lor many yonrs, wns given 10 days In jail. Sentences Will shirt Jan. 7. Both were rclensi>tl in personal recognizance ot $1,000 Their convictions were hanttad down Friday by Judge Wys>.nnSk\ Judge Wy/.anski told Gotdflne: "I have no wish Hint you spend this season in jail and I wish to give you adequate opportunity to present this ease to the court of appeals." A look of dismay crossed the 07- year-old Goldfine's face. Miss I'u- porman sagged o bit as the judge passed sentence. Judge Wyzanski said ho baaed his decision on the fuel that Goldfine and iMIss iPapormiln were "Intimate with tribunal proceedings and were well aware of the penalties for flouting the authority of his court." 15 degrees ibelow zero in northern j ng tj ]e earth In an egg-shaped New England and parts of norih- flight pa.tlcrn. ACler H wi^ii orn Now York. They were below launched from Cape Canaveral, zero in other parts of the frigid i Fla., Thursday night, scientists belt. ' said Ihe satellite .had a life ex- It was below freezing in .the eastern Gulf states and readings were in the 30s in extreme northwest Florida and through most -of the states from South Carolina . aiiri Georgia to central Texas. • No heavy snow was reported in the Northeast but steady falls were reported during the night from northern Indiana through central Ohio to West Virginia?! Flurries continued in western sections of New York and Penii- syJvania, Temperatures averaged nbout 20 degrees higher compared to Sunday morning from North Dakolu feelings about integration hopej illlo tne wcstern G reat Lakes Republican." will vole with them j, lon It was 30 degrees warmw. to seat him. They contend thai it al i n t C rnalional Falls, Minn." is not;i a civil" rights issue but a moral issue— tjial'Alford gol th" mgsl votes, that.the loser did nut, SOUTH BEND. Ind.' (APj— Joe Kuliarich, coach of the professional Washington Redskins, has been State Court Tells NAACP to Reveal Members,Finances By JOHN R. STARR LtTTLK liOCK (AIM—The Ar- kntisns Supreme Court today affirmed three lower lourl decisions requiring the National Assn. for Hie Advancement of Colored People to reveal financial tind niemberahlp information If it is to retain its status as a tax-exempt org.miwillon in this slnle. In H joint opinion, the hitfh court upheld $25 fines levied against two NAACP officers under the so- failed "Uennell ordinances" of Little Hock and North Little Hock. A separate opinion affirmed the rlghl of the state ol Arkansas to collect n $5!) annual franchise; tax. retroactive to 1051 The slate franchise tax opinion was unanimous. Associate Justice* .1. Seaborn Holt and George Rosa vl I V» ii Si' 111|$ \\n i t-v vv* at^i i int J ni o W4.W1* •• • ,.._..,-- - _. named 'to replace Terry Brennnn Smilh dissented from the. opinion upholding the Dennett ordinances 14 57 27 28 22 54 31 22 31 23 8 IB 1 26 24 20 16 61 "27 32 19 20 33 -§\ 44 <B 2? 30 19 5g 3,4 68 54 37 13 51 2-J 75 ?Q 22 U 16 }§ 57 4£ • 27 )3 59 38 39 23 30' M 7g OJ ?Q Jji 13 i 54 3? W <J7 33 n only to receive radio impulses over tremendous distances, but send thorn a? well. That's where the tracking and g'uiding of space ships comes in. It's also where Jhe Navy's interest is keen. . "More than $l,30n,UOO of the construction cost was provided by the Office of Naval Reseat ch," 'Adm, Bennett said, "The research we do hcrj' is expected to improve navigation of ships nnd planes, In bad weather, the slars inan has steered by for centuries are not visible. J3efoiv long, fliers aod mariners vvijl bo guided not by the hghl from the slars bul by the radio impulses from them," 'House' has no' right, lo upset the wishes of -the voters. Some/ northern'' Democrats championing! civil rights allege that Alford's victory resulted from illegal voting and other election law violations. House leaders arc pessimistic about averting a fighl over seating Alford. Bul they are oplimislic aboul chances oi workng out an acceptable compromise of northerners' demands for a change in the rules. - A sizable group of self-styled liberals wants lo prevent Ihe Ruks Committee from being able lo 'bottle up legislation, They propose a change in the rules which would force aclion on bills sidclracknd by Ihe rules group, Six moderate to liberal members of the committee often cannot gain a majority vote for civil rights and other legislation in which they are interested over the votes of a more conservative coalition oj four Republicans and tsvo Southern Democrats, Present rules allow the commit- 'tee 4o 'hold rules change proposal, involving civil rights, il could be a long time before the coalition gels together again. Take Weapons Out of Korea, Reds Demand TOKYO (n-t-v — Communist North Korea today again demand' ed thai Ihe U.N,' Command "immediately ship out ail now typos Of weapons and weapons of mass destruction" brought Into £» o u t h Korea. iSimilar Communist do- irjands were ma.de "Saturday atrl cal?goripally rpjeeiod by Ihc U,N. No Word Received From Four Britons L.ONPON (AP) — Radio amateurs throughout Western JSuropu End North Africa fajjed during the weekend lo pi?k up any message irom four Billons' trying 1 t° sail across the AH ai ilic in a balloon. Nothing has been hoard from Ihe balloon, the Small World, since Friday, one woman i peclancy of about 20 clays. In its fir.sl few days aloft, American scientists have .conducted a number of communications lesls they said could lead lo such futuristic developments as space- relayed television- and globe-spinning military communications, The weekend tests involved (!) relaying -Eisenhower's vice-recorded "peace on earth" message, (21 relaying — in coded: form — that message and -another by radio teletypewriter, and (3V leaving the messages in the satellite's tape recorded for a while before triy- goring t. h e i r transmission lo ground stations. Sunday 'afternoon, a station al JTl. Stewart, Ga., sent out seven where Hie mercury dropped lo 3;i | teletypewriter messages simul- below zero 24 hours earlier, ,_ The war cover ns head coach of the Notre Damn football team, Alhletic .Director Edward .(Mose) Krnusu announced today. Kriiusc who told the Indianapolis News in a telephone conversation that Kuhnrich has agreed to a four- year conlracl and will come hero Tuesday for a talk with Brennnn'a assistants. No contract terms were announced. ,i tanoousiy tp 4 , the Atlas, All seven rmingi Irene! was expeej^irnessagi.''? "'cijtsipd; , JSi^enliower'fi Mississippi Valley across most..of the Great Lakes region and southward through the Ohio Valley into the Gulf states, Final Rites Tuesday for Col. Schooley Qol, J. E,' SphQoley^ •A military funeral for U. Col. Jam.es Edsyard Sehooley svho died Dee, J3 near Paris, France, will too held al 2:30 p,m. Tuesday, Dec. g3 at the First Baptist Church of Hope, L,t, Charlie Oroy, chaplain at Ft. (Hood, will conduct services, ajd- set off JO days ago from the 1 Canary Islands. to drift with, the trade sviiids 3,000 miles to Barbados, in the Y*'est Jndies, The last reportetl position of the 40-foot baljon wns about 35° miles south" .of the Canaries. That wa> seven 4PJ' S 'B£0. There Riqljy Is Np N©fd for qo Answer to J?y WARY AWITA "lic-w- W§lj Js< 'up'?''"ihe child asked Ws ipavent, and with typical adult confusion the parent was Questions, questions, .questions. ..iic| (lone of the.m, .seemed to have childish answers, if, indeed, had for acju'lts. , siijipi? answers even and Rev, tor of Beech Stret-t Church of Texarkana. Active pallbearers are Monroe gcoggins, sMark Sodercfuist, «E, G. Lamport, John "I3raden and Or. J. W, BurneH of Texarkana,, Hervey ftoltj J. T, Bow4en and Leo Compion oi Hope; Burial by Herndon-Cornelius wjil bp in ftose Hill Cemetery here. 'Honorary; members of Hope VJ?'\V, American LCT 'gijon and Whitficld 'Lodge 'No. ¥39, Af and PM. (Survivors include his wife, the former Linnie <Lou White ol Tex- arkapa, <lhoir two children. James gdwarcl 111.' and 'Alice, L.ynn; his mother, Mrs. J. p. §chootcy Sr., ^ope, a brother, Lt, Co!. Carl Schooley of Ft. $U}, 'three sUk-r«, IVli's. 'f helm a ISlQQre of Haps, Mvs. u Bailsman of fsjichojson, ,Pa., Sirs. E. W. Baske{,te o-f Dallas. Schooley ,iA,'a.§ a fjope llligh and reccsjyed hi? B;A at Qua chit a $nd 4J4 .posv graduate &t the University of Texas.. JJe jyvus a 3?«4 $l«g»"v-e -N'l^sop and 'a. m,en*erof fteeph, Street Baptist 1 of • Tt.-«wrJsana 1 , fiuiung the 'he , star there was no eslimale local Firemen fro.m an u dealer, A The * following T";n has ,bew ordered to .report for induction into info t|xo Arme,cJ Forces on ,/anuavy PhU Jflm.es_Haryel, «n<J Russell son. . 500 sylUermnt was inuciy, author!ties sate; Htut Konehin -vas paying it olf at $10 a st-upk 1 ' i(r an answer any i$cn$}ble .person knows " is jtlxe "oposite of "down" but ,t{ie nwly j-e- "it's ii^e ypyr 5HOPPI Mm.ro _ •h.Q\v far- is' either one? wb.en you're er/hig. YO.U "Is it where- 'the airplane goes?" cant see ii, but yo,u fust "air the. £>lh,er the R> 1! ? wer l A.H. aj\4 se.cme^ .jp -. 'A, . from the yjiivcrslty of iornRer. Or his Ideals,, "&n ^e Pi ^nflfegi'A vs'hljpej^cj , .. at .S_ o* In jire-ChristfiiftS f£j?gitf&aM*" unit $ta%f .-RfRJ^HC all seven were 'returned from the satellite simultaneously. The seven-message tost also was run, with variations, by ground stations at Fti Sam Houston, Tex,, and near Los Angclos. The weekend also brought publication of a report in which th« House S.PBCC Committee's staff spoke of i Hie .danger that unheralded satellite firings could -cause some-body with a nervous -trigger finger to set off a nuclear-missile war. The report suggested a, qiiiremenl fir advance filing of satellite flight plans. The document was prepared before Ihu Alias launehing— - orbilal puposc had been kept a light secret. But George J, Peld- JTIHII, staff director for the Space Committee, said the launching gives the report immediacy. "The danger is cleai and pros- out, as the committee staff poii»i- ed out," he said. Attempt to Fire a New Rocket Fails CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla, (AP> — The first allempl lo lire a Titan, the nation's newest war rock- el, has failed, but today the launching crew prepared for another shoot in Ihe near future. Titan, first, of the nation's so- called second generation missiles, ^juried,.!' ..(.lash. oj^Uunc Avhon tha Tlrsi' 1 sltl{jd*'6ngiJio Ignileu ••Saturday. Seconds J'.iler il sputtered out when a malfunction occurred. Thf trouble apparently was caused by a fuel lino hose that bursl as ihc engine roared into fiction. This wns Ihn first alleinpt to launch the Titan, ;i !)0-fool Iwo stage intercontinental range biil- lisic missile which is being do- vclopcd for combat use The Titan is described as mow soph.islicnled than -the present Alias ICBM which was hurled into an orbit around Die world last Thursday. Thai mean il is some- whul lighter and mwo flexibju lhan Atlas, but slill capable of longer range, The Titan reportedly could easily match the ,8,000-mile distance over which the Russians claim to 'hnve fired an IOBM, The latter opinion combined ap- pe:ils by Mrs, L. C. Bates of JjilUii Rock, slate president of Ihe NAACP, and Mrs. Birdie WHIIams, president of Ihe NAACP's North Little Rock branch, The majority opinion said there was no ovi'denee the Bennett ordinances required the NAACP to produce any records not demanded of any olher organi/alion claiming tax exemption. Tlic ordinances, patterned after n model law written by Ally, Gen. Bruce Bennell, were enacted by two '•cities in the fall of 1057, at the height of the Little Rock integration crisis. Mrs. Bates and Mrs. Williams complied with most provisions of the ordinances but declined lo produce financial records and membership lists, contending llial-pub- licalion ot names; might subject contributors a n d members to harrnusmeiil. Both women were conviclod in municipal eourtt> and Ihu fines wore upheld in Puluskl Circuit court, >'!')",« Supreme Court ruled the 'Ordinances were viilid insofar as they sought I" determine whether an organization iicUially was entitled lo tax relief ns a non-profit corporation, The majority opinion, written by Associate Justice Ed said the NAACP was not required to furnish any information other thnn was furnished by all olher organisations urdinnnce. Northeast Still ' in Grip of Cold By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Paralyzing cold gripped much -of the Northeast rived today. qs winter ar- Billy Graham Coming to Little Rock LITTLE ROCK AP; — Evangelist Billy Qrahatn will come to coming under the The high count said an Alabama oiise, where a similar law wiu overturned by the U. S, Supreme 1 Co'url, did nol affect loduy's ruling, us the Aliibiiinn law was clearly designed lo put the NAACP out oi buMnuss in thai stale. The BoniH'tt ordinances Death Comes to 26 in State by Violence By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS , : 1'I s i '*** r ^L'w Twenty - six persons died Vio-;*,« lenily In Arkansas during the Weclc'/J which ended losl midnighl — tt$ week Hint wns marked by tragedy^ Irom Ihe outset. ' •£? Ten person died in various mlS-'X| hnps last Monday. ;."'<';"" The following day a family , oC' six — Mr. and Mrs, James E.j|. Sleele and Ihelr four small chll-J| dren — were found dead in lomu ol Monllcello. The coronur:,4'| saf*(l the family apparently dlcd-bC;^ carbin monoxide poisoning caused^ |jy o faulty slave. , ,,,'->.','? By cause of tlcalli, Ihe sevcn-5_,. day toll was: Traffic 8, asphyxia-^ lion 0, fire (i, shooting 2,- hangingy^| 1, fireworks 1, falling tree 'Ir'ln-i dustrlal accidenl (plunge from derrick) 1. ,• -. 'A fircsworks toomto- look the J of a 3-yoar-old boy yesleiday PigKol, despite the fother's ",de'-S spernlo allempl 'lo prolecl ', hlSj Cily Marshal ,' Huberts said Rlckly Lynn child. Lyles son of Airman and Mrs. Clifford^ llollis, was injured falally wheh.,av| "delayed action" fireworks bomb|| hil him in the back and exploded..^ Hospital attendants said the died of a ruptured lung. Lyles giave this account, of UioJ accident: T Ii e ITollls' family, nnolhgr svoru each rluy in which requested infof million is not furnished a separate offence. However, counsel for Uio cities amj the NAACP agieud this provision would not be uifoiwl ponding a court test of the ordinances. The iUite franchise lax case was by Bennett UK one "f LUlle Hock for a weokcntl (.-nijiagoments nejat of Ifmbor, ii was announced today. Mr, W. 0- Vaught Jr., chnlrmuu of the Billy Qrahunl Committee Church, said itho evangelist would speak to religious leaders The mercury plumbed depths in ho re anel^pastor of ( the Jmmamiel the niounlains of NOW Kngland, •"--'•-' "' 1 New York nnd. Pennsylvania. Unofficially, Bloomingclale in Ihe Ad- irondaeks bid for losv honors with a report of 38 ejegrees below '/.pro Wanakcna, N. Y., was credited olticially with 5I belgvv. In New England c second day of subzero brought -J2,} to Lebanon, N.H., and Newporl, VI.: and -2l at j\lontpp|icr, VI,, and Presquo Isle, Maine. St, Marys, Pa., had 20 below, and Philjpsburg, pa,, H below. The hjg chill over most of the nation's eastern Uvo-lhirds, brought u J6 below viero as far south as ftunio, Op. NAACP. Justice; Smith wrote the unanl' opinion which the that night and the following day, Graham spent two days here In March, 1853, and more than 20,000 persons attended a rally Jis eun- 'duclcd. Ho also addressed the Arkansas Baptist Slate Convention here in November, )9fi6, The evaugelisl made a commitment lo conduct a crusade here in 1958 or 1059 but was asked in September, 1057, lo doliiy hi? visit until racial tension c<j«ed. The request was made by Litllo Hock church leaders, All Around Town By The Star Staff merlifc of Ihn case wuie not argued in Ihe lower courts but PulaskJ Chancellor Murray O. Reed's ordui' directing Ihe NAACP to pay Ihe; tax was vnJid. Uisse'iitially tho samu issue was in thi.s case as in luu ordinance citf>c.s the NAACP'H refusal lo .provides mem* ,About 100 acres burned over yes-} sented 'Bethlehem" M a cajitpus tcrday on the .Basil Jiider south of Hope and a barn was d.e» "slroyed . , " pf the loss ,porled two Saturday, bolh grass firps with no damage resulting,* (.•ontt-st and vveru-avyarded third place, 4 U, S, statistical report sho>v? tha't prior to jpecember t, Hemp- staad eaunty had ginned a.238 bales of cotton as compared to ?,348 during the same period a year ago. . '.,«. Lafayette <?ourjty h«d O.W bales gi«iy«J as compared IM 8,151, H year ago , , , Miller County 3,414 jpompared to ?,§5J iast year'. . . $1 Arkansas was 801,778 UP. iQ I as e,9iripa.r(?d to T&,11\ 3 Embezzles Cosh h? Pay Previous Theft PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (AP) Herman Konehju, u 35-year-olrJ boolil?L'C'per \>as> been tu'ciisc-'fj ul einbe!«(C.luw money from his latest employe^ while paying of( hiblail- iiTionts on n .1S)57 embcvxlurncnt. Konehin was picked up in ihw tufiiilwv b'ioro where he had winked for (;iKht weeks. His caj- was j)arkt-d outsido. and in jt, police said, was $2,000 in cash, arid $1,000 in checks niadt out tu the store. The owner of the slure, Simon liiliman, sutd he asked to invt'stijLjalc when he hoaru Konehin wys platuiing to leayo th« city, The bookkeeper js rnarded and has two Jin works nt Iho home of Mrs; t , sisters, ;Mrs, Everett N/ New'6rk,V| whore they were visiting ," '^^ The fireworks bomb, designed t6"|| explode al intervals, had exploded/a once when Ricky ran 'over* grabbed il. The boy's father^! snalched il way jusl as Ihe second^ explosion occurred, injuring--, u '"*"~ hand. ', The bomb spun away and slrucKsSjj Ricky in Ihe back as il exploded,^ a third time, Jlollis, was on Force Base u orsens assignment, Bailor County Sheriff Jack goiy reported that a H-yca boy accidentally hanged himselt:| while playing "cowboy" alone, Gregory said the body of La\v-l* mice Doody was found susppndeclS who was hospltalixed, leave from Tyndall- A[r.|| ase, Fla., prior to 'ani^ " by a ropu from a tree limb his home at the Henderson' com-}^ nntniiy. The vielirn was lhc^spn| of Mr, and Mrs. James Doody, _ The locfivager appuipntly, I t'Ll his head through a> rope while standing orj a hoard atop ' large oil drum, Ihe sheriff saW;.'r Gregory said the boy ' when Ihe ropo broke, Slate Trooper Roy Hogg sai.d^an automobile struck and killed , ns C, Dennis, a lO-year-old boy, on U,S. Highway 65' about three miles norlh of Dumas - ilcrduy. The trooper said 1 tho who lived with his firandmblh<yi| at the Begal community, darle<J' in frpnt of the , car. " At Hot Springs, Deputy lor Robert Ridgosvay ,=aid he u charge of first degree 'iigainst Mrs. Norman 39, in the dealh <'f her husband/* ,"3| Williams, 53, died y ester day." o a gunshot wound in the ufr Hidguway said, Officers , said shooting occurcd at the apartment. ' Says Tax Increase Will Hurt lndy§t*y : CARACAS. ^Voneu'da (AP) ',« sudden'JO per cent hiko'in i, taxes decreed, by the gov?i'nrp.f ' Will hurl industrial , a spokesman lor aT jwr U.S. oU cpinpany s^jd The countrj-'s ruling nounc-C'd Iho 10 per, cent raise ' urduy. Foreign o}l carr>pa.nle,S"Wj),, WASH1NOTON (AP) — Nearly million 'fnoro vplars- vast bat- th^jn Uxo set in 4ha Ah J.atipn o| fiusl official f the

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