Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1958
Page 4
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Pe§i four H 0 * t S T A H , H 0 M , ARKANSAS About That iiuich maligned ciliirn of every stale in (he Union — the crow — has the outdoor public fairly well divided into two schools of thought concerning liu- desirability or lack of It. For some reason. i'dU Will flHd bill ffw folks ttho ktiow the outdoors In be in ally way moderate in their views on crows. Either they admire the bird m they detest him — no half way ineasnrcs in either rn.sr. Without question, the crnw is the •srhnrlost bird that flies. If any of otlr hiime birds such as grouse. fieshly planted coin low. Ho won't miss a single kernel and he will keep going until his crop Is filled to the bursting point with nice expensive seed corn. We have our hoiisc on n six acre plot of land outside the city limits, next lo the golf course. Otto acre is devoted to house and lawn: the other five grow wild and act as n small wildlife sanctuary. Along with other wildlife, there is a flock of crows thai lives in this area. .hist let a predator, such as an owl. Cooper's hawk, hunting cat. etc.. show u|> on our place and Wbodcock, quail or Die wily old i ihc crows let us know about it itn tihgncek, hnd half Die common ' medialely. We don't shoot those J5etisc» .that is the crows heritage, i crows as we figure they do more ottr•'Upland shooting would bo dreary business indeed. No crow would tee stupid enough to permit a dog to point him while the hunters iwalk in for the shot Of course, t/he eroiv receives credit fo-r ibeing the number-tine Kood- liltn of 'the outdoors In the spring, crows do much damage to nesting j>ood. policing Uu- iplace, than they do hnrm. Tame crows 'make interesting 'pets. To be sure, they are mischievous and they will sleal and hide anything which (happens to Strike Iheir fancy, but they are nmuslng and amazingly intelligent. With a little patience it is not difficult to 'iblrds. 'But crows an- nof iho 'only : loach n young crow to talk. Try JieSt ro'btoers. Opossums, skunks. I to leae.h a r.'aplivo grouse or ring red squirrels, chiipmunks etc.. do - neck lo talk and jlist as lYittclh damage as crows. nuike out. eel linw fo uliljzn thc^c. insects as food, among them tht ermv, f have watched our flock here frar- nding up number six fairway, stuffing thcrtisclvcs with beello ^rubs which Ihoy have learned to find among the -grass roots To be istirc, loo many crows can ibe a threat both to farm crops and beneficial wildlife, such as upland .game find song birds. For this reason, ii is n good thing to Ihlf down ('heir numbers during Ih winter months To ;iay that tht 1 ; provide excellent wing shoolihg to ipul il mildly They are a de finite challenge to arty wing shoot or. Learning to hunt these birds site ccssfully is n study in itself. ItaV ing the intelligence that they do a hunter is often hard pressed to bring them within range of his gun. And what is more, once they are within that range, their erratic flighl makes them exceedingly dlf fieult targets. frankly, I would like lo see the crow given some legal protection. There should too a closed season on him while ho is nesting and rushing his young, During the shooting season, he should at lea-si •30 accorded the dignity of being fame only for shotguns. This business of feeding crows poisoned corn and dynamiting the oosts should not be allowed. Any Basketball §y THE.'A88081ATE6 Farmers complain about crows j One of our damaging insect Im- maklng heavy inroads on newly iporta is the Japanese 'beetle. These planted corn. Well, maybe so. But i hnrdshelled posts at first had no Some day take time to watch un ; natural enemies in our country. old ringneck rooster walk down a Now a number of birds have leJirn- sec how you (1|1C who ma | tos a serious study ot crow shooting can tclll you that you ALL 6 VOLT STARTERS AND GENERATORS - REBUILT - $4.95 EXC. • All Ports For Ccrs And Trucks • All Size Full Cap Tires, Also New And Used Tires? Wylie Glass & Salvage Co. Hwy. 67 West Hope, Ark. Phone 7-2786 can have just as much fun afield outwitting this clever laird as you can in any form of upland gunning. In writing this, we realize tha-t many who read it will not agree with us. Crows are vermin and •should he treated as such. Just the same, if these crowhaters ever look ithe time lo study the bird and to enjoy the wing shooting that "he has to offer, .their ideas may .very well undergo considerable revision. Stereo-Phonic Phonograph Automatic 4 speed record changer, portable Hi-Fi. Equipped to play Stereo records.' $89,95 Matching Speaker ...-16.95 MONTGOMERY WARD . THIS CHRISTMAS... Gjve-fhe'Most Thouqhttul Gift ' - of AH— •;•;; A Subscription to the Hope Star Is a Lasting Gift — Contact the Star Office NOTHING TAKES THE PLACE OF THE NEWSPAPER IN EVERY DAY AMERICAN LIFE . . . i| always righr at again i ^s read $f$ |njfly «*» , : wish ««». and* iy all the family] in an,4 ?njfrjginmfat , . ("" JIW«MS *«' ?,<?«%,. v,- England 45. LI Me Hock Mfliilist <i2 ttnney High 52. Sylvnfi Hills 47 Pine Bluff 55. Blythcville 3! -I hot Springs 40. TexarkfiHa 3? Paris 44. Mena 21 3AA fouf-Hey at fiefiwaj? CohWft.V 33, t Litllc Hock Cslhbiic £7 Malvcrh 44' fttissellvillo 88. f •Oil Bilt tourney at §1 ADS MUST I! IN OFFICt DAY 1CFORC PUBLICATION — PHONt 7*3431 Wfc AD TAKER Camdefi Pail-view 47, SlopHeHs 17 fil Dorado 00, CroRset nO Cslltge Arkansas St a I o Teacher's Northeastern Louisiana M Sniilhorh Stale 01, rkartsas 00 16. Kefitueky (HvltatlShal (Plrst Round) , Kentucky 'OS. Ohio St. ^8 West Virginia C? ( OkJn St 49 blue Ghdss Festival (First ftound) North Cnrollnn 81, Notre Dame 7 Northwestern 73, Loilisvlllo GS • Birmlnaham Clnssie (First Round) Auburn 70, Wyoming 47 Alabama (JG, Texas A&M 02 Citadel Invitational . 77 (First Round) ^ Miami (irla) 83, Florida ^St 79 Citadel 78, Georgia 52 'Hasty Heart' Creditable Show of Month TELEVISION ')N REVIEW By WILUIAM EWA'LD United Press International. NEW YORK (UPI) !— :"ThQ -Tasty Heart," a 90-minute^cntry on CBS-TV ThursdayhighV was creditable addition to ,tho "du Pont Show of the Month" 8 ca!a- ogxie. If I were to carp at 'all—and I always do—It would be to note hat the John Patrick , comedy drama is not a very challenging .heater piece. It has passed tho .esl of commerce on Broadway and in Hollywood and is''hlmos as failure-proof as basic black .vith pearls. Hcdrapinfi it'--..for TV is a spectacular seems, somehow, excesively cautious. However, on TV the viewer has o be grateful for prime' timo crumbs. And a fine, tasty, crumb, ul loaf,'this was., -•* Don Murray in the rple of thi» .loomed Scottish soldier turned in carefully plotted performance hat built block upon block. It's o Murray's credit that tlie, cU< Tiactlc scene in which he turn* ileadingly to his .nomhonions vith: "I. . want. . . to'die., ilone" came off as believably a! t did In loss skillful hands, i' ould hnvc been quite awkwanl The rest of the cast also was Thd schedule of SdlUfiaf as printed below, has been frorn John A'ldert KtiigKt'S Sdlunaf Tables, Plan your days sd'th&t you will be fishing in good teftltory or hunting irt good cover dtlrifig these times, if you W'sh to tihd the best sport that each day hli t<J offer, The Major Periods ftfe shown IH boldface type. These beglfl at the times shown and last for an hour and. a half or tw^o hours thefe-> after, The Minor Periods, shqym''l» regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration. A. M. P.M. .. Minor Major Minor Major Saturday 12:50 6:55 1:10 7120 Sunday 1:35 7:40 Monday 2:20 8:30 Tuesday 3:10 9:20 Wednes 4:00 10'.10 Thursday 4:50 11:00 Friday 5:40 11:50 Saturday 6:30 12:15 Sunday 7:20 1:05 1:55 -8!05 2:45 8155 3:35 9:45 4:25 10:35 5! 15 11:25* G.-05 ' 6:55 12i40 7:45 "1!30 Wantri Star foute 6pefi for boys 12 years and oVef. Apply at Hope Star Office, Funeral Directors Affibutanee Service Burial Association FUNEHAL HOME Dial Pfi ?'2J23 Strvicts Offered LET U* ffeD6V«i» jeut did tftu< We special]!* la fr«iBuri> t«d tnnerntfliif, .COBB MATTRESS SHOP 711 Weit 4th, Phone 7^9021 Ml RALPH Montgomery Market, custom iltughtertng, We have meat tor your de«p tteeie, Sec ui be- to r« buyinf, I7>tt SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO, Sales and Service, 513 East Srd, L. E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. S-14-tf POWER Saw available for removal of trees, stumps and etc, For free estimate call 7-4052. 20-1 mo. c uilo sound — Barbara Geddes, ackie Cooper, Barry Jones' and group of sunportins player,! hat included 'Richard Harris, and 'red Gvwnno, Rex Everhnrt ant ohn MfCurrv, ~ Misa 'Bbl Ga'ddfis' chubby purity vas working full blast Thursday i"ht nnd she graced her role with shine, C o o p e r, presents: with n part that teetered precariously on the edge, of beins t two dimensional, gave i tn wholeness and bounce. , One further crod.it! To director Tom 'Donovan, One scone in' par ticulnr stands out in rnv mind a* showinc a. strong directorial"hand —the one In which Murray is told ho is about to die,-It wns u^der- nlavpd, dplivci'prt in' pp.stnl tones hv tho artops:. Tho Camera did P11 tho emotional work, moving In for bis, seprohing c-losoups;, Tt ot a timfi when the pro- npprtPd n littln subtl" id was a shrewd usn of the Ph°rt Shots; -ARC-TV? Tt To Beaver 1 ' turned in nnojhoi' worm nnd foiir-sauqre job Thpi'9> day pieht—Tt>e show is the mnst unflorrpted of pll hour films, . , Zivn Rodan, tbi» hnroine jn NBC * TV's ^'Behind Closed poors" Tijiyj-sciav nisfrtt was pn admirable ' construction. but I can't say play. nHlPh for. the jha Pharme) §w\oni Fhj) Silvers pre-empts ()is own CpS-TV Fi'l day shpvy ojj Jan. 23 for a onP hour spopial. , . CpS-TY's »play» house pp" \vjlj iieK off'Hs 100th, lelepast a }? witjj ''The , CBS-TV's "Vwr Hit fas-fid^" , ?alute the japQ's qn {js Jan, ' 8 with Sk.in.rjpy Ewys. .pjnHy nnd. Wep powiip Rpljpi', \^ Hayes, *ii *") nU'RIphp show (or Jap, jp , , I^gp stejn,, .about io (al$e off on. ins,b w jl)p]' in .Sup Yaillp; to , (ipvote his Jsn. §5 snppjaj- tp ja?j!, hg§' >•' Things Fairly Dull Around Washington By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — Until I Thursday night's Atlas firing, tho ipast few weeks in Washington have been the dullest in years, But come January things will ibe popping on 'both the congress sional and diplomatic fronts, In the 'Senate some Northern Democrats and Republicans will start a fight to make it easier lo smash a filibuster. This means a quarrel with Southern 'Democrat*, probably a. bitter one. In the House, Southern Democrats will be in' anothpr fight: over a committee recommendation to bar an Arkansas segregationist, Dr. IDale Alford pf Little Rock, from taking the seat now held by Rop, Brooks Kays '(D-A ArXl. Alford was plectpd over Hays by a write-in vote Senate Republicans will her.hav- ing a family battle. A batch of Republicans, who con<:i'dt:r themselves more progressive than thei present Senate leaders, will try d take .over. The political•>sharpshopting^ \yll eet off to a running start in -early January when President Eison- Wonted to Buy IHIGHVEST.-pr.ices paid for mink and coon hides.- After 7 p.m. call Bob Rateliff, 500 ,'S. Hamilton. 7-2782, . 15-fitc The Negro Community Esther Hlcki Phon« 7-4678 op 7-4474 Thought for day To protect from good advice requires more wisdom than to giva it. — C. Collins. For Salt ALUMINUM screfehs, doors, st6Fffl windows, Weathef « strip'piHg) itt« sulation, i-ooliftg, aWhlflgSi gilt* terihgi bfiiamehtal railing, t'reS estimates, Alidy Ahdfews t PhdfiS §4f 3 SMALL tracts of land tteM town suitable for chicken farms. 80" acres timber land two rniicis out of Foreman, Ark. See Ralph Saunders or Phone Wool, 19-tf '51 OLDS four door. A4 ^few tires, radio attd heater, $495 Will arrange financing. Call 7> 2487. 2>tf ARTlFldlAtj bouquets and -wreaths for cemetery decorations, Campbell Florist. 17 miles East on Rosstott Highway. 16-Ctc CKRtST'MAS Tr'ees. Fresh cut Ce* dars and Firs. Good shapes, $1 and up. C. B, Russell ^and Son, 901 W. 3rd. PR 7-0933. 17-4tc 1057 CUSHMAN Eagle motor scoot- or. In good condition. See or call Tommy Montgomery, 7-3301, . .', 20-3tp ONE boys 20" bicycle. -Good' con-: dition. John Bail'. PR7-2504. ao-stp For WANT AD RATES* All Wont Ads a?S pdyab'd !h advont§ but ads will be dccdpted 6vef Ihe telephone and aS^omoda- Hofl accounts allowed with the im- Bsfsfdridiho the acebUrit Is payable whefi sfdlernerit is rendered. Nufiibef 6n« three Slit 6n« 5? Words Day Days Days Moritf Ub t6 IS ,45 .90 1.50 4.50 16 td 56 .60. 1.20 §.0(5 4.00 21 t6 25 .75 1.50 2.50 ?,50 2o to 36 .90 1.?0 3.00 ft 9.60 31 to 35' 1.05 5.1.6 3.50 m.5(> Si td 46 1.36 5.46 4.60 m.60 41 to 45 1 35 .570 4.50 13.50 46-to SO 1.50 3.60 5.00" IS.'OO CLASSIFIED DISPUAY ; 1 time 86e pef ihch 3 tlfrtes dSc.pef inch 6 tlfiies - ;...„........ 5Sc jser inch Rates qufited abbve are for Son- SecutlVe Ihsettlbrts, Irfegillar ;of skif date ads will take the oHe-day rote. All dally classified, advertising copy will be dccepted ,.'uh(fl .5 pim.jjfbf publicotj6ri thft fbliow'incj day. " .; fjj^:i The publisher reserves the .righto revise or edit 6I| ' advestlsements' of fered for publlcatiort artd (-6 reject any objectionable advertising sub- mittpd. : • Initials of one or mere letters, groups of fiourns, such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star; will .not-be respon» slble for, errors jn Want Ads , unless erro'rs arn ccillpd to bur attention after FIRST Insertion of ad arid (hen for ONLY the ONE Incorrect insertion. ; PROSPECT 7^3431: LOGAL trailors. Byers Gulf, Service. Call Day or Night. "7-9955; 8-lmoc UPSTAIRS apartment, 3 large rooms and private bath. 203 High Street. • 15-tf 5 ROOM house. 301 N. Ferguson Street. Call 7-3578. . . 17-lmo, 4 ROOM house. S30 month with bills paid., PR 7-2247. 10-tf Notice Calendar of Events I Stewardess Board No. 2 of Be-1 Bee Memorial OME Church will sponsor a Fish Fry in the 'basement of the church Saturday at 6:30 ip,m. Free coffee s\'ill be served. •The public is invited to attend. WE Buy - We Sell - W« R«t REAL ESTATE , R n FRAKTCLfN rOMPAJTY A. P. Deloney,' M»n»'g«r Howard Collier, Saleitnan hower dumps iis StatQ of the Union message in the lap of Con- gross, This message sets .fortih his program for 1959. Democrats will be tearing Into this all year, Since Eisenhower insists he wants to keep dow spending, his program is bound to be fairly conservative. You can hoar tho Democrats' beef now; tlio program doesn't go far enough, » Not long after his State ot the Union message. OftJspnhowcr wil send Congress his budget'for thi fiscal year stjirtiptr np>;t July 1 This is his esiiinfltr of how murh he- thinks the' government shoulr spend- next year. There'll be spar. ring over that nil ypar, Yat alj this may seem po).atoes cop,ipa);prl wjlh what happens nbj-oad as the »e\y year un folds. , It will be up to Nikita Khru'shphov trf mal?p gonct on hjs, promise about Berlin, or o\yn. or m,ake" th c Western Jlios bgoj? do>vn. He's propiispfl , tn r>ul) §ovinl troops oi|t pf Past- Porljn and warned thn Al'i?s to pot theirs ouj ' pf \V«s(, ' bofoi'o . Juno, 'or Pise, He was prcit^ ugjy about the "or else," • ' Jn Paris, si}id! Wp'll take, our chance on t>he else. They announced. fhey'd stand flrrn on not abandon. .ng ger)in. In this they had the urging and. Mpssing «t West Qer, many. This eoviid unless pjie §ide or into 9 nasty ^situation. U's ,Q ttie pwsj4jj)is now ta slww far-" they i>J'e wjljipg to go, The MifWle East' fhQhWn' evlooj>ed in jtny Jist pf things, la com.e. 5l'g >mocie«itejy quiet QQ\\\ slays gyJpt Jng. At tlS9 the flio^t Ukgly spot fo{- e^pjosion, lo.fi.Ks like Jrpq. '' The reyoJl ihpre p few months ',pyprtlu'ew ihs, Sunday, Dec, 21 A special service will be held at Benson Nursing Home in Nashville, Dec. ,21' at 3 p.m. The Garrett Chapel Baptist Church will be in charge of the service, Rev. F. R. Williams, pastor, will deliver the sermon. The public is invited to attend, MOVING? Long Distance C«U Col- tact 502. Free Erttmtteg, ' Lower Rates. Have Vani — Will Travel FRESCOTT TRANSFER STORAGE CO. , PRESCOTT. ARKANSAS " The Choirs of New Light CME Church of N;ashvill will presenta Christmas Musical 'Sunday, Dec. 21 at 7 p.m. The 45 voice choir will render a special program at the Benson Nvrosing Home on Monday, Dec. 22 at 6;30 p,m, The Interdenominal Ministerial Alliance will sponsor tho Annual Union Christmas service 'Dec. 25, at 11 a,m, at Lonoke Baptist Church, Rev, J, 'E, Coby, pastor. Director, Charles English; Pianist Mrs, E, L, HJcks; sermon, Bey. J, S, Morgan, pastor- of Bethol AME Church; Alternate, Elder O, N, Dennis, pastor of Church of God in Christ, Rey. J, E, Coby, president; Rev. E, N, Glover, secretary, IMf BARiHAM Brothers House Movers.-. Insured and,-free estimate, Write Barham ' Brothers Cale, Arkansas, • ' 21-1 Mo. WE Buy and sell Antique Furniture and bric-a-brac. 'BYERS ANTIQUE SHOP, Patmos - Shover Springs Road, • Phone 7-2057. 14-1-mo c Female Help Wanted 1950 can be a year of profit for you. Valuable territories for Avon Cosmetics now open iir this . nro^a, Avon customers waiting for set-vice. Representatives needed for Fulton, McNab and -McCasldll.and vicinities. Car necessary. . Write Avon, Box 377, Hot Springs', Ark. Give direction to your home, 15 6tc Wanted To Trade ONE '52 • Plymouth Tudor ' Sedan, Radio, heater, go'od condition, Would like to trnclo for a Pickup, Contact Harold 'Avevy, 500$ W, Main Street, Prescott, ,10-3tp ,\.-v'liairtof Hope 1899; Press 1927 : fS Consolidated January 18, 1929 ' /Published every weekday afternoon by V ,.!%TAR PUBLISHING CO. "' ' • Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President *.\ ; »«. s ,>Alex." H. Woshburn, Scey-Trcs,' '~'(Ji\- ot The Star Building 14 South Walnut Street^ Hope, Arkansas Alen.H.'Woshburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor , Dona I Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmcr, Mcch. Supt. ,, Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. '-• Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription kafas (payable 1^ advance) ' v * By carrier In Hope and neighboring 1 towns — ,, Per week S .30 Per year .". .'.. 34'60 . By mail In HempMcad, Nevada, LaFayette, Howard and AAiller Counties' —" ! One month '• •• '. $ Three month* 4 $l» months ... One year "..,.... All other moil,— One month Three months Six * months , One year ,. 1,85 3.50 '6.SO .1; 3,90 7.80 15.60 Mot'l Advertising Representatives! Arkansas Dallies, .Inc.-' [^602 'sterlrk' Bldg. Memphis" 2, T?nn.; '505- Texas Bank Bldg., Dallas'2, Texas; 360'N Michigan Ave.,» Chicago 1, III; 60 f. 42nd Si., New York »7, N. Y.; 1763. Penobscot ' Bldg,,' Delroit 2, Mich.; Terrnlnal Bldn., Oklnhorno C|tV^2, , Okla, ' , ' ™ ' Member of r Tfie AMocfatedf Prefi:'- The Associated Press Is entitled "exclusively tp the use for republlcatlon of all the local news printed, In this newspaper, as Well as all AP, news 'djspatches, _, '\' '', .,.. Yerger High School Choir 1 vvjjl "present a .pre-Ohristnias 'Musical at the CJuirph of God in Ch'rist 9}'} Bell Street, gimday, Doc. 51, at 3 p,m, The pufojic is invited, pastor, Fulton PTA Attends Qpngress Mrs. Partbenip Powels gnd Mrs, War Is on Between Potatoes WASHINGTON (AP") — Js rice Virsinlo Cannon were delegates to less fattening- than potatoes, the PTA Congress which was " "" v "" " ' "' vpcenlly at Toilette, esmmynlty eiut orpni??fl 'A group Qf citizens of S party in the This, could become $ boiljn^ sue in this nation.?}'capital of c troversy, -" For DnwsliaK,' Who .,.,.. ....,.- of M!'- and 311 iDec v v*% t^v^-, vx; BI iltsjv** HM*V ^*f*l J P iic'int ft'W'e mftde IQ o|'gsni?e j( Com,', U!>1 "' Tiwpity Jmpi'9v e m?nt Qlub,'gs "men 1 _H Q were .presejii, on the warpath fajse rjcfi is inet ihe , put fl .such claims by a yjce food fabJe h'a's ne what stop t9 ^" i ,W]iat§ HaRpsulng in «^». m ,,,,,, - ., • „ , 'After a visit with relates 'and, American vi^o screen,''-he, ;rien4s j-iere^ 'Qdel a,n4 George' A veporter-, intrigued by |l}p "-"--•-• igf| tfoji }h_ e jj, home in Los tes t Wd inipyegsed Py Patif,-They acconipan>d own bulk, '-asH<i<J ,th,§ , ,-.—«— 5«^..- ^--i-- *„ hjs person^! spepjfjpatjops (oy arjswev: 6' feet 1" iU9l) 4Q inches in the W'&ist^ ggO weight. ' tl\an ' ¥ S'tixtpm for, the JdaliQ v)J ' la v jj ft. t AY-AW AY YOUR TOYS NOW — Selection of." ' t ' 9 AUTO & Jord«« USID CARS — BODY SHOP 216 'S, HageJ Phone OryJIle Tayl9r r Jehn Pll WANTIP TO PulRweee by TwK Jn W?ed§ o HAROtP'-HiNORlX ' Phsns PR 7'4?gi , A ksulslana, Ijep^r Ark, MATTRiSSi? M ed«; into .. * Mattri •« fit 1

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