Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1958
Page 2
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HOPt S t A R » HOPS, ARKANSAS Saturday, , t9S8 TY f>h8ne ?'3it§1 Between 6 A.M. and 4 KM. Yes, Virginia Editorial Calendar By H. t), QUI06 United Press i Saturday, Beetrttbfer 20 All 7Ut and S\h gi'acle students ar-e invited Io fe Christmas dance al the llope Couhtry Club Saturday. Dee. 20 tit 7:$fJ p m until 10:00 p m. Chaperones aie Mr nnd Mrs LamaV Cox ahd Mr and Sirs Fred Ellis. December 21 "Shelta artd Shaton FoMei will have open house fiom R ill 10 ]i in Sunday, Doc. 21 in the hunii' of their parents, Mi ami Mi 1 * Vincent Foster. Tuesday) beeember 23 The piano pupils of 'Mrs. Helen W. Mt'riae Barlow will ol.iy f<n their parents and friends. Tuesday Dec. 28 at 3 p.m. at <!00 W Ave V Mrs. W. M, Scho'oley Scene For Builders Bible Class Christmns brought t i,, v ,,tlon»l on the The hnst.pss. Mrs. Edward Key as- sist-rl b.i Mrs Thomas Dut'kelt served a cl"llcious plate with coffee and soft drinks Io t'ipiht members •md fnui visitors Th? next meeting will be \1niiuary old, and t'Vo been leaching in the M-PW York public 1 schools roughly 43 years, t intend to finish out IM spring term, fiotil'tmont is mull Tlu» home of Mrs. W M Srhooley WiiJ- Die scene of n Chlistni.is Party (or the Builders Bible Class of tiie Firs, 1 . Baptist church im the evening of Dec. Ifi Co-hostesses were Mrs.. L E Bcothe, Airs. Jl. H, Gleghorn and Mrs Ruy Allen The Bchoolcy home was beauii- ft illy decorated in the Christmas motif The Christmas dory was given by Mrs. Olaf Luck ixnd several phuio and vocal selections were rendered by Mrs Ira Turn- cr nnd Mrs. Duh Davis. Gifts were exchanged from n AENGER TONITE 7:00-8:30 THE IMC RANGER And Th« Lo««> CM-y Of Cold* ~ GEORGE MONTGOMERY .. IAR1N 800TII »mwa rewuciiw • woniu « W*RM« Buos. *- ,; I Cartoon & Comedy i ,_ I * •* * l vs< w *w «v* »•* ~ T^-. • Late vShow Tonite 11 -.00 P. M. DOUBLE ROCK-N«ROLL BIG PLATTER PARADE! frjM-!P*-'ME .6 HOT NEW SONG HITS! STARTS SUNDAY FAMILY FUN . ,\ ALL[ 9 own 590 (or the first time I in r-m sihet life I Th. liost.""* f rived n rte!id"U3 ' M^V YOUR .UP!) — Sixtyolie i.-iiifl iiiUstic .s.ilnd uljto Io the id , y p nrs aKO Virginia O'Honlot in, M nl wiote one of the world's in is' . ..._ 'famous lottoi'S. In it she faskrt Mr. nnd Mrs. Edward Keyi Jr. Home Scene for Christmns PaHy "I nm ready to rctne, ' said The Couple s No I SuntUi.v School the gentle, bHic-cyed latly torlny cinq's of the O.inrtt M.'lnoiial She spoke with only the- slightest cln'i ch nv'l Tuesday, foi c Hi at ' quttvot. in stll e, cultured ca- 7:30 p. m. in the home oT Ml'. 9ttd UlenceS. Mrs. ICdwnid Key on the Columbus I -'Next July. 1 will be 70 years I road ftu Ihflr Chri<.(mn<; I Kldni A U an inspu my \ "Hirlh of Our Savior." ufter which the president. Thomas Duckett pre-j dntory fit 70.' sidrrl over the business. ! One short li a If-term as a junior principal nnd then rcliremr.'nt a quiet .ipni'imen! in Mniihattan. the island that hits always been home for Mrs. Laura Virginia O'Hiinloh Douglas. She was born in Mahhhttan .tuly 20, 1C88, not fat from the spot where C*i«meht Clarke .Moore Wrote the Verse thnt begins '"Twos Ihe Night Before Christmas." iticr father. Dr. Philip F O'Mbnhin. a physician and sw- gooil. Inter moved his family up town into a four-story brick house with 'brmvnstone trimming at the front. Her room had n fireplace \vhcrc she always hung a stocking oh Christmas Eve. The tree was in the parlor downstairs. Uses Old Ornaments "One of my earliest memories js of the sound of the bells on the sleighs outside — a lovely sound in winter—I'm sorry children don't hear them now,' she 13 at the home ol Mr | Thoinns Dtuikett. and M>s DeAnn Lilac Garden Club Entertained With Christmas Party The Christmas party for the :De- Ann Lilac Garden Club was h'eld ; 'o"n| December Hi in the home of Mi's, Jewell Burke, with Mrs. C. 1-t. Samuel as co-hostess. Yutettde Se- corcllrms enhanced the hcime. Following a short business ses- •slon presided over by MJ - S. Roy Burke. Mrs. Audrey Taylor told a Christina's story, "Mr. Jones . Goes to Bethlehem" by Hiirmon B. Ramsey. The scripture from Luke 2 wns rend, arid Mrs. C. B. Samuel voiced the prayer Secret pals were revealed, and the- members 'exchanged gifts. The. priee for the prcttie?) wrapped package went to Mrs. C. G. Critchlow for her gift which was decorated with n small silver and red cor- Christmas plate and spiced tea were served to the members and four rrui-'sts, Mrs. Audrey Taylor, Mrs. Dollie Hurtsficltl. Mrs. Mary Arnold, ancl Mrs. Beaclie Carver. Miss Mary Kay Lehman Entertained Friends Miss Mary Kay Lehman entertained a small informal gathering of friends at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Lehman, on the afternoon of December IS. A small silvered Christmas tree with very tiny ornaments was placed on one Jiving room tiiblc. The fireplace way attractive with white ( candles, holly, and gaily wrapped f jnackagos. Holly was also used at other points -of interest, "After 4m aUernfifujj, of pleasant conversation, the suef-'ts v/ero served delicious coconut cake and oof- Ice by the hostess. said. "And I still have th'n old- fashioned ornaments we used on our Christinas' tree. They arc iised to help decornte the tree of :iYiy seven grandchildren every Centervllle HOC Enjoys Christmas Party The Ccnterville HDC met Dec J7 at 2 |) m. in the 4 homo of Mn> Sit! Skinner for thnr annual Christmas party Business was omitted in order from a beauuliful Hunted tree, Mrs. John McMoy led the proup in sniping Christmas carols Mrs. Betty llavmo read the Christmns stmv followed with prayer by Mrs Skinner. Secret pals were revealed and names were drawn for 1959 secret pals. A surprise miscellaneous shower was given n new member, Mrs. Jack Ray who did not have a secret pal Mrs. Skinner won the surprise; package;, Gifts wrre exchanged horn,a beautiful lighted trio, Fnttt, cake' nnd coffee were served, \o J! rpi > mb l ers and one guests Mr.s, I^cUy Haynio The January meeting will be in the home of Mrs. Denver Coynes. Rpcky Mound HDC Meets In Home of Mrs, Lonnle R°ss The pocky Mound HDC met with Mrs. L'annip Ross, Thursday, il1 2 p, m. for the regular December meeting. The hostess 'save, the devotional followed by the group ro- petUmg the Lord's Prayer in unison. The business meeting was followed with iho playing of several games. Prizes going to Mrs. \Vt\yne Turner and Mrs. Wayne Bain, The door prize was wwi -by Mrs. One After thp games, gifts were e,X' changed from a beautifully decorated treo^ Pelipious refreshments were served tp H members, 1 visitor and 5 children, FLQYDS ftNPBS, i"d, MP) -n- A destvoyed, the ,, burning x\p the firm's ' One day, when Virginia O'Hanlon was eight, she cntVie homo from Public School 98 with word that some of her little friends were saying there is no Santa Clans. She put it squarely up to her father "•My dear fiatiher was always a steal pal of mine. I felt he was being equivocal in the way he was n'nswefinj:—he "wasn't sayin;; •yes with conviction, and he wasn't .saying no. 1 told him I was goinR ,to ask our family newspaper, the Sun. Papa was delighted—it was an out for him." Virginia got a sheet of the family's best heavy writing ixiper. She went to her fathers second- 'floor office, .took n stub nen, ancl wrote a loiter startihtf "denr editor" pncl cndinc: "Please toll me the truth, is •.(hero a Santa Clans' Editorial Widely Used Glittery look for the holidays comes from ne\V ways of wearing costume jewelry. For a slinky black crepe-, dinner dress with Empire waistline, brilliants are the perfect accent (left). This girl uses beautiful rhinestone pins to spotlight her hairdo, accentuate the waistline, dress up^glovcs and bag. ,Jewelry that combines gold metal, Jewels and brilliants in a rich, crusted look gives depth and Interest to a dinner or theater suit (center). Suit Is Worn with shallow shell hat. The pearl "dog collar" Is back in fashion favor (right). Here, it's Worn With short, strapless gown and is set with snowflake center of brilliants. Matching pins are worn on white satin pumps. Imagination and a little flaring can be your guides in choosing and placing pieces of ,-,eWclry. THREE FACES OF LOVE ' BALDWIN (£) 1957 by Foith Baldwin Cuthrell. Distributed by NEA Servlci, Inc. THE STORY: Early in her marriage a doctor had informed Hope that she could not have a baby after losing her first. Now she discovers she !s going' to have one. She is afraid to tell Adam, because she is afraid he won't want her to have the child. CHAPTER XVII If Adam said she must not lave this child, what was -she.sto do? She thought ot the doctor's sfi'ico and the voice saying. ."You ire a very healthy young worp- in." This was not a doctor who would interfere unless her .tiff was endangered.: It wouldn't ; be 'but Acltim would think it ...was And shu thought, further, I- clon;t want thii child, I don"'.t, 1 don't The answer, an editorial writ- | She considered it not as a tpn bv Francis B. Church in the. sonality, not as a dependent in- Sun hr.s boon renroducod nil ov- j dividual, but as a fareless wedge PV the world pnd is hold to he i driven between them; as a help- the most famous editorial article Hess but ruthless entity demand- written. ing attention, demanding Jove. "My familv ^usort io write the | demanding also to share. Sun about .siich things as' nronun- of wolds,' 'said, "nnd when 1 wrote mv letter T nev "• pxpcdocl thore'rt bn anything but n vt or no ;insv"pj-, "Our first word of tho prlitorinl cnnie when a lovelv eentlomnn. Mr. MiitJhows. nn nffirnr of the Actor's Fund, met mv father and sw«" 'Hi'' von =PP Inrln to Virginia' 1 ! leltei Thp fumnus nnsu'Pr ns<;iife-i that there i« inrlped a mis — "hr> f-vi'-.t 0 n 1 ? c' 1 ''- There wasn t enough; there was ^to much; but whether too little to share with a third person or foo much that couldn't bo sru.red. U belonged to her an<J Adam. She spoke to tho unknown. She said in her mind. Wo don't need you. tninl« ns lp"f inr! "n nMst.. 1' Vfi-nirjin times ton ihoiwv) von>-s fronijheied now he will oniitimio to make And instantly was frightened. Would the child know that, this tormless embryonic entity, nnd ! resent it? This was not a secret you could keep for long, the biological processes had ariangVd that. 4 No\-t week, she though! wfaen next ( Pn j morning she woke nnd reniem- 1 beied She had been uneasily dreaming, In her drepm she- could not find Adam, yot knew hp the hnfii-t of ctnlrlhnncl. 1 Mis. f)oufjlaF ami'ed whoi »Vfd if she pvflr mof HIP nuthoi' Wo. wt> novci' UIIOM/ him. ,,i, smooth unbroken walls and. >a x he was next door; but there \ver<3 n no doors, no w i n ci 9 w s, only can help y v ou 9 " She began to tremble, and arkpd,' low, "What makes you think I need help'" • Adam. Oh, there is a client really, but be could have come homo When he called me he paid, 'There's .something troubling Hope and she won't tell me. She pictends it isn't there. I can't press her because if she doesn't want to tell me—-' " "Adam said that? 1 "He did. Are. "you astonished?" "No, not really^" "He. said," Dr.; .Emile went on "—and I was grateful to him— 'Hope loves you, we both do; she trusts you. Perhaps she will tell >ou. But all evening I have seen no sign that you wished t to speak to me "• about "anything oi' consequence. So I asked," She wrung her .hands together m an unconsciously dramatic gesture; tho palms were wet. She said, "It's true that I haven't told Acl&m, I'll tell you, Dr, Emile, I'm pregnant." "But that is wonderful—' He broke off and looked at her w'th loving reproach. "Why haven't you told him, when it will be such happiness?" l( It wouldn't be, I was pregnant once before, we'd been married two years. I had the same doctor I now have, He thought it incredible then that I'd conceived at all, as there was a congenital condition, which appeared to rule it out, But once having done so there seemed no reason am I to say this? You and Adam are young now; you had a young marriage; this has been from the beginning a union and a growing into further union. Am I riglhtV" 'Yes." .OTHY,D.IX Dear Dorothy Dlx: v"-c night last week my fiancee "My wife also was young. 11 ^ I T were jS itti-i^^on ^thc^ufa was as much older, than Elizabeth "" " "" " «••'•"« •«» as Adam is than you. I was passionately in love with her," ha said steadily, "and she with me, This was long ago. The physical, the emotional happiness of a good morriacic were not then much spoken of; by people who were considered daring. Elizabeth had the*- "'innocence of a new ago and era ancl was a European, but she was not ignorant. Then there was the accident. She loved riding, there were many horses; her father, a great horsemai, encouraged her. <Th]? was a hunting accident. When she was able to see me and speak she told me I was free. Shp could not set me free. Hope, nothing could. Then "he \\ts persuaded by her father and the doctors that, given time, she would bn" belter She .would he an invalid they sfiicl, never as strong* a = other women; also, unless there was a miracle, she would not walk apain. but sh" could be a wife, and bear a child." why "everything shouldn't bo all Hone" Hope was crying again, In a choked quiet way, not for herself but for a girl long dead whom she had never known; the girl in the portrait, "They persuaded her, I t>or- sundocl her, so wo wore married emd remained in her father's house, and several years later I took her to her own, But"—he stopped—"there is a Bibliqal way of phrasin" it. It -is in Genesis, It says, 'And Adam knew his wife,' I think the implication very beautiful, beyond, 'the classic word,-;, I never knew my wife, right. It, wasn't. I misearriagecl early,, Adam was furious; he was angry with .me, with himself." ''With you?" I'Yeg, I figured out why only recently. Because I'd frightengdj him--So lie svas angry with mo,' hirrisejf, the doctors, evciyone. We In ilm s n m m wasn't (in )( ,"ilr> it You initi] IIP dif>H Kvpt-vbodv smooth unbroken svalls and n lonU-speak^r, paying ovpr a,nd over, from some remote distance, thouch be w«is n iic/'fhhor of on'r? i J1 ° floors, no wind o w s, only had consultants find all that and 1 - " ' ' -' ' the verdict was, eventually, that *J wouldn't^have a child, ever, » had' been a-^n sort of fluke; they thought it couldn't happen again. But ihe condition cock] bo corrected surgically, I was willing if Adam wished it. He didn't," •"And you didn't either?" Mr. Pann. the editor, wrote it " " You al ' q n healthy young wora- , , nn ' a hcnlthy young woman." i She toiephonod Hr, Envlo find —• asked if ho could *'cbmc 'for dinner on Friday, ~' t ' i At about the "time Adam anr} iUieir guest v/oro expected i\ car , turned in at the driveway bt|t j.t did not have the sound of their car, which had developed persons ahty m the engine, Presently thoy Mississippi's 'Piom (U.S 84 bnnl; to j ? ,-int Qr . m . ) would replace it; things w,gvp wilderness r>Jd via voiir ' lng wo11 - I'ho 12 >ntived mijes ni Trnop ,.,.,.... ,,.., went to the, door with the ,,„,. jonr»]!els the! Jl § ht of anticipfition in her yes, pnUig whir-h later bp- i f° l WUm.g as usual to remove her the kpv pionne'v highwav rpnjl roulp from f^atchez to >Ja,sh- Villo, Sli-Rtfhos of the Trace are stUl Visible in plfieps, \vorn dcwn bv n a»d ha{f of liorse and fopi jnto n sunken, tree-Jined Pver i< passed the ifdt of empire: apron, The oar was a was paying the driver, an,4 not wjth him, ,A d 9m talpt J>epfl Adam "Nothing ^erious. phoned fjnd sgid. UP— A man came unexpectedly into town, I think. He'd haye to ha\^ parly dinner \v\(\\ sp I was to come out arjd, ij tiblo, console you." Thpy went in and D<'. shed his otitpr garments, Up |aid,* "Adam \yill be hei'p Jaier, tn you to rnake fr'esh cpffee , a.i; " inventory of artificial s, desftera.cloes, § tp the o)acH4oune-d,.park.ivaj' inost of thjj travpj»rs gye Jeisurel eight o'cloej?.!' floating y<?r hp find thrill hsw' Jiaye Hope sa^d, wouldn't )iaye fi'9vWej)Cf?.'. , come? and. goes 4 vou v The a. Shp could onlv mutely shake IIT head and put her bond over his. He said slowly, "At first the convalescence: and after she wa? a f r a j d," His eyes on)v compassion, Dr. Emile, Dr. "It was all rlpht, Wo grew into pomplete companionship. -She had a younR, eager mind, most, flexible, except for the one block, Because she eotijd not pjye me that rjuaiitv of love, she gave me another. AJso thpre were friends, ibooVs, music, As soon as she could be taken in n wheel chair, really. I don't suppose I'rn there were places to go." very maternal. the condiUcn. sbrn.eh.ow. ' to have risked itself x things happen." • QHAPTER Jje saw that she was trying not to ery, Ho said, "And I disagree with, 'you. f 1 think you need the ghg spoke then, "s t \ i\ e d. "We are, gornplete," shp said, »'O| eoi,u'se t But completion has rpojn for I hayp Jsnown yo» foe spmo ti»>e JJOVY, and you; in a way enyying, you, if not JpntH r eJy, You sh.a,re together ypry ., i but you sjo P,Pt with others, gy this I in ol She could not speqk, and said aflev a while, "There js i marrif??o a , pertain quality, T^ us call H the x factor. I onnnot express tjijs to YOU, J do not hayo the words, | doubt whether, in nnv languagp we liayp Invented. there, are such word?. T' 1Q ijear. e«t to jl- is the word 'spiritual. tha{ }s f> not nor whav > T wish, to oorjyov. I cannot describe it to ^you. ]t must he ejj, Derjenced,, , 'And, sometimes i earlyj pomotjmes lat§! Mpji qjjd vyornen, who share the Joyous ii n j ty jpf the flesh, lire foitunate, an<l this. is mpye -^re,. I Relieve, usyojly, imagine^ those who add t,9 this the deep ' comijgnjon., Ship, the ijnion o( nji n, ^ ? arja moye /paginate stjJl. gut th,os,e frp,m the 7011 eta no.* gjye si X»»P snip, tng union o{ nji;] d, § prja j^ce. iTb|s Is ;ikp |^,wep, h more /pr.ju.ngle stjJl. gut thps.e i J^rijw^uig,' )i JSpJi^.'fiY'PiV or^as tl>ey y'vg together or'even '}WV«f'4pplPtP^i* ?° J* S°P S( '| towsfi'd, tli? -en4 P| thejv lives . |i vfiUs, 'to friej\4 s v .W^Vwp., thp th|r4 ftcjtor, tljel'e 1 %re - - .,- - yery |wv. TWO qf i |) e s ^ when I heard a noise .above me and upon investigation found her another leaning over the banister. I was lurious and asked her why she didn't como clown if she wanted to know vhat as going on, instead of bem-> so sneaky, about it. The next da/ "when f called to drive my girl to work uyo work In the same biiildimfi her' mother came to the door and nanded me the engagement ring. When. 1 com- tactcd the gin in- person she -said she finallly rbalticd bhe> never loved me, that our breakup had nothing to do with her family. I love her desperately. Should I, try to get her back or forget her? —Bud Dear Bud: Meet her some.e,yen- ing when she leaves the building. Her. mother is not only, sneaky, snoopy and creepy, but bossy, blustery and tyrannical as well. You wouldn't- think of«, leaving a, poor girl in her,<hands forever, would you? By all means,-.rcscue her.- < i - rr; - , ', I Dear Dorothy ,-Dix; „< My 15-ycar-*6ld' daughter- is dating Roger, a boy she ha"s known for three years. He's, 18, they're in love and he wants to* marry her. He says they svill wait three years, until he graduates from college^ Both are active church workers, he's a splendid bpy from a very good family ancl'we would'have absolutely no objection except lor 'their ages, They tried dating > others but it didn't woik, They aren't silly kids but I'm afraid they' won''t i wait the' three years, I have my daughter's' confidence and don't w'ant'to lose t it. What -would you advise?— Enid Dear Emd^Every once in a great while a pair of sorio'upmihded tot'iv agors Jails* In love and faces this situation. How to handle it Ms 'a parent's dilemma. If parents -force them to break off arid date others, the result may bo ah" unhappy marriage with someone hew but ijn-' loved, If these kjds can 'holcljoff marriage for three,' o')' at least' two, years, jt seems certain they r \vilj have a good one. Spend some of the ipterim in preparation. ^feacn 'your daughter >to cook, se\y,,;clean, bud' get 4 and do things thsit'wiij be necessary on a very young man's'egrn- ings?, She's lucky to .have, an 4 ' mother,, Dear Dorothy Dix!' 1 / ' ' } have been happily married for three years ^o,a, man| J 1 lov<3 .vefy^ much, Wn hnve ono 'child, pefo'i-e 1 my marriage. I was, engaged; ,\o a man \yho WHS -greatly liked by niy family, He's a member of an organ. to which, we ajl belong and , is still a -friend of 'the family, Here's the problem. My husband ieeis yery tineomfQi'tebip wjien my into ftp worse conversptjon, — and ' whpn tb,o ex is jnvitcd ) get-together, which-, he js. Jt hasj-gache'4 (ho dlpsp people ay? ypj'y I doubt if ypvu 1 manias? sao. j. jgopard(?eq(, by ihjs Tjj R d'6'jv y third.; {ihpdfljyy ^5 - yej,", Jhjt js.; '(-Mi, I i my husband makes excuses to say away, from my farhily.—Olivia G. Dear Oliwa': iYour family cer-^j) tainly is lacking sense and sensibility and so-istyour ex-fiance. None of them f wotild,ever .make first- Case as diplomats. Lay it on the line to your iolks — either Mr. Ex stays^out of. the picture, and conversation!:., or you do. ' Dear Dorothy Oix: , Nat has anything : a -girl ,could want — Cadillac convertible, good looks, wonderful job, no family responsibilities — and I want him, ££ I've been dating him for a year, once a week.'. He gets along beautifully with my family, I know he- likes me but II can't ge thJm to the proposing stage. I've a,sked him if he loves me and he says he's not sure yet. I .broke off .with , him twice, thinking it would jolt him into action, but nothing happened, Wliat next? 'Dolly T. Dear Dolly: So the hero.-refuses io turn his halo into a wedding ling. You've pushed'him about'as far'fji as you can, so-there's nothing left but to waif— or got a new boy friend. All depends • on how much time you have to waste.' YOUNG OFFENDERS ST.' ALBANS, -England (/P) —'-Of the 0,219 recorded oflenses in Hert- forshire last year 1,142 were committed by juveniles, ' ' • CHRISTMAS SPECIALS can't- afford to mis*. .C'ome by 'and 'make your appointment early. JANELL'S BEAUTY SHOP West Ave, B and Margaret St. XMA§:;SHOPPING? For-Accessories that-are ;,^^Bmti,fui and^ * « "BOUNd"f6,pL.EA5E" r . <. * ,•",•* *. r - „ ,}-.s,hojj-v^ the Fashion Shoppe ;." Ml? 8,'Main ? -'"t,,.;•'7'5850 ' ; *. ±* ' I, ' fV i •" i . •*' Why Be Satisfied ,,, l^s THorT Jhe;iiftT PO^IRSAW fism , Arki O

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