Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 14, 1963 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1963
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, JUNE 14 : 1963 Slmitrrl: 62005 Crosses: 62003 Dots: 62002 (Explanation Bclowl 5- c» 4- -f- V Postal Zones for Alton This map shows the way Alton will be divided under the new ZIP-Code system for post office patrons which goes into effect July 1. A patron who resides in the slanted area will have his mail addressed with the number 62005 when it is delivered. A resident of the crossed area will be numbered 62003 on each piece of mail and a resident or businessman in the dotted area will have his mail addressed with the number 62002. Friday Evening TV Digest (R) Denotes REPEAT Program KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KSD (NBC) 5, KPI.R 11 11 Movie — "The Eternal Sea" (19451 Sterling Hayden, Alexis Smith 9:30-2 Third Man 4 Eyewitness 10:00—2 A 5 News 10:10—2 4 5 Weather 10:15—2 Steve Allen 4 Eye on St. Louis 5 Johnny Carson 4 5 News 11 Three Stooges 6:10-4 5 Weather 4 News- Cfronkite 5 Hunlley-Brinkley 13 Rocky & His Friends 6:15—2 City Camera & Weather 6:30—2 Cheyenne (R) ' 4 Rawhide (R) 5 International Showtime Duryea Not \ Recommends T j i .1 i Cut in Grade Unhappily Type Cast By CYXTHIA LOWKY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) — Dan Duryea, during 20 years of motion picture and television villiany, i has lost count of the death scenes the has played. On Rodgers A proposed cut in the grade alj the intersection of Rodgers andj JBadley Avenues was recom- Wednesday night City by Council Charles James P. McLaughlin of the street repairing committee. McLaughlin said the project was (R) 11 People Are Funny 7:00—11 Best of Groucho (R) 7:30—2 Flint stones 4 Route 66 (R) 5 Sing With Mitch (R) 9 P.S. 4 11 High Road to Danger 8:00—2 I'm Dickens (R) 9 What's New? 11 I Search 'or Adventure 8:30—2 77 Sunset Strip 4 Alfred Hitchcock (R) 5 -Price Is Right 9 Book House 11 Jeff's Collie (R) 8:45—9 The Slave 9:00—5 Jack Paar 9 Drama Festival 10:30—4 Movie — "Manhandled" 1 Dan has met the heavy's inev-!of such an extensive nature that Announce Services at Carrollton CARROLLTON -The Rev. Roger F. Christiansen of Peoria will begin his pastorate of the Methodist Church at the 10 a.m. service Sunday at the church. The Rev. Dan Vititoe will speak at the service Sunday in the Baptist Church in Berdan. Carrollton 4-H daily from 9 to 11:45 a.m. The Rev. Norman Ward will speak at the 10:30 a.m. and thej Girls Have Cookoilt 7:30 p.m. services Sunday at Zion Baptist Church. The training union meets at ti:30 p.m., with Claude Bowker as director. Two Gauguin Dramas j Paper Drive Sel fOt NEW YORK (Pi — Stage andi l |screen versions of a drama about! North Rod <r ei'S Area 'by Julian Lesser and Leon Bar- "* CARROLLTON — Members ofisha. Boy Scout Troop 17 of Alton's the Happy Homemaker's 4-H Club' The script about the French I St. Mark's Methodist Church will and il949i Dorothy Lamour, Ster-ij ta ble fate bv shooting stabbing, ithe public works director felt ill "At the Back of the Universe" poison, electrocution, tumbling, should be done under a contract, is the sermon theme of Dr. Frank , ,,. _. .,,•:_._ i : Tiio td-opt vpnnirs chairman se- Marston for the 10:45 a.m. serv- ling Hayden 11:05—11 Movie — "Moonlieht 1 burning, falling, collision and sui- The street repairs chairman se> cured approval of a project, to cut Masquerade" (1942) Dennis! e j O'Keefe, Jane Frazee •• His special! v-the kind of role I 11-45 '> Movie "Secret of Con- , , •' i • < r corner ot Locust and .u.*j . moMe se cieioiLon, lhat _ star|ed h]mon llislongi p rof .;coi > u r .... . , Marston for the 10:45 a.m. serv ice Sunday at First Presbyterian Glenn; : Stable career as a bad guy—has j Streets to facilitate the flow of vict Lake" (1951) Ford, Gene Tierney ; bc , pn fhc snjveling men ace. But lie! K-.oo-s) Tonight m St. Loins ; a]s(j dops njce]y as , np u . pak | Movie - rtn Aniel ^ smaH a | ock and the trigger-hap-i for consideration of the : committee safety regulations can Romance" n 119441 Brian vehicle traffic. Alderman James Bailey referred traffic Donlevy, Ann Richards 12:30—5 11 News 1U:35— 5 Almanac 12:40—5 Weather 11 Newsreels & Religion 1:15—2 News & Sports 2:M — 4 News & Religion : back and round off the northeast] Church. The Men's Club of the church 'will meet Monday at 6:30 p.m.. followed by a meeting of the Session and the chairman of various organizations. Dr. Marston will deliver the sermon al the 9 a.m. sevice Sunday at First Baptist Church in j the absence of the pastor, the Rev. Darwin Rolens, who is serving as a counsellor of youth at the Baptist Youth Camp in Springfield. driving to on py coward. i Duryea believes he reached 1 ameliorate '.some sort of peak during the past; i television season when he played |^ er '•» phony psychiatrist in an episode j :of "The llth Hour." hypnoti/ingj Tj 1e big buzz in television cir•a woman patient so thoroughly | c ] es concerns negotiations in prog- ihat she killed him by clobbering j rcss among NBC, the Goodson- Saturday Daytime,, Jane 15 Hum with a bottle while sobbing. |"I love you. 1 love you." : Duryea has profited by his spe- Todman packaging firm and Arthur Godfrey about hiring the veteran performer as host on a new The Rev. Dan Vititoe will speakj at the 10:30 a.m. and the 8 p.m. services Sunday at Ml. Gilead Baptist Church. The BYF will meet Sunday at 7:15 p.m. j The Rev. Francis Varble will speak at the 10:30 a.m. and the 8 p.m. services Sunday in Faith Baptist Church. The training union will meet Sunday at 7 p.m., with Chester McKay directing. The Daily Vacation Bible School will be from June 10 tp June 21 in the new church building from 1:30 to 4 p.m. their leaders, Mrs. GleniP^mtcr has already been writl en j conduct a paper drive in the and Mrs. Richard Hamann, iby Norman Corwin, but is to get North Rodgers area Saturday. a Gua- werc guests at a carry-in supperi«oditional material from and cook out Wednesday cveningjguir. biography, "Noble 1 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Godar, with their daughters, Miss Kathleen and Miss Marilyn Godar, as hostesses. Hospital Notes CARROLLTON — Mr. and Mrs. •Walter Hunn of Medora are the parents of a son born Wednesday in Boyd Memorial Hospital, Admitted Wednesday to the hospital medical patients were A. D. Dunham of Kane, Mrs. Frances Driver of Eldred; Mrs. There will be no service otheri Nel | ie Baiimgartner and Miss Than Sunday School in First Chris- Beth Ann Heimer of Carrollton. Kr,' m p.sville = '" ' Savage," by Lawrence and Elizabeth Hanson. The book title has been tentatively adopted as the name ot the show. Plans call for a tryout tour on (he West Coast next spring. square in the Jake Freeh building. Sewing (Club CARROLLTON — Mrs. Everett Mehl and Mrs. C. C. Mohlman entertained members of their sewing club at a carry-in supper Thursday evening at the Mehl cabin at tian Church. The Rev. John T. Finnan \vili| was admitted speak al the 10:30 a.m. servicei sul .g 0rv The Scouts have requested that the papers be tied in bundles and placed along the curb. Proceeds will go toward the boys' camping trip. UP-TO-DATE EXPLANATION LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP)-After the junior choir at a Louisville c h u r c h finished singing, the preacher stepped to the pulpit. When he did, one of the small- fry singers got up and walked out. "f guess," the minister observed, "he's used to leaving the room during commercials." , ,, Wednesday * Sunday in the Baptist Church at Eldred. The children who have Byrl McGlasson of Eldred was! dismissed Wednesday. Dismissed! been attending Vacation Bible Thursday were William Raffety School will present their program Sunday evening at the church. Cntchi-K Large Bass CARROLLTON — Howard Kes- The Sunday Masses at St. John'si s j e , Carrollton fisherman. display- Catholic Church will be at 7. 9 and 10:30 a.m. and the weekday ed a six-pound and nine-ounce bass he caught on a fly rod Wed- 5:45—4 Give Us This Day 5:50—4 News 6:00-^ Town and Country 6:30-4 P.S. 4 7:00—4 Landscaping Your Home 5 Modern Farming 7:30— 4 Cartoon Corner 5 Ruff 'n Reddv 7:45—2 Mahalia Jac!:son 7:50—2 Farm Report 7:55—2 News Break 8:00—2 Spotlight i Ch. 2 4 Capt Kangaroo 5 Corky the Clown 9:00—2 Heckle & Jeckle 4 Alvin 5 Shari Lews 9:30—2 Casper & Co. 4 Might Mouse (R) 5 King Leonardo 10:00—2 Brave Eagle 4 Rin Tin Tin (R) 5 Fury 10:30—2 Sheena (R) 4 Roy Rogers fR) 5 Make Room for Daddy (R) 11:00—2 Cartoonsville 4 Sky King (R) 5 Annie Oakley <R) 11:30—2 Matty's Funnies 4 Story Shop 5 TBA Noon—2 Bugs Bunny 4 Friendship Show 5 St. Louis Hop 11 Modern Almanac 12:30—2 Allakazam 4 Movie — "Danger on the River" (1942) Kent Tay lor, Frances Langford 11 Education 1 iOO—2 My Friend Flicka (R) 5 Top Star Bowling II Newsreels ins game show. "Missing Links," to pasto| . Qf Qur Rcdeemcr sly j pmnierc on the network's morn- c)lur( . h wj ,| have char . Highway Patrol fR) 4 Ch. 4. Views the Press 11 Foreign Legionnaire l:-15~4 News: Carmichael •J-.OI)-- 1 . 1 Wai Pi-front W 4 I'Ypedom on Trial 5 Robin Hood 'R) 11 Suspense The:.ter 2::m— 2 Movif — "The Night My Number Came Up" (li).'iHi Michael Redgrave 4 Challenge 5 Hopalong Cassidy i'R) 3:00—4 Close- Up 3:15— 11 Muvie — See Fri., 11:05 p.m.. Ch. 11 3:30—4 Repertoire Workshop 5 .Movie — "My Dog Rus- Lutheran large of (he 7:30 a.m. and the 11 a.m. services Sunday jn the church. The | Liturgy theme for the 11 a.m. i service is "Act, Now." Beginning Sunday-Thr Devil's Disciple. Mo|ld . 1V| Juno ]7 and ending Kl ,j. jcial brand of sleek menace. Thus 'he never complains seriously 'ahoul type-casting, though he oc-jj n g lineup come September. ',ca*ionally yearns to do some light \ ! comedy. j Recommended weekend view- On Sunday afternoon hr will ap-' j n g : :poar ;is an unsavory character in ; "Major Adams." on ABC. a re- ABC, 7-9 p.m. (CDTi - motion!'j^, Junp , 8 tnm , w ill be Vacn- inin of n "Wagon Train" episode. n j,. tu rc adaptation of George Ber- j |jon ' Bjb|( , ~^. hoQ] f(H . a|] cnild ,. en j from the days when the lale Ward •,]£,!•(! Shaw's play with Sir Laur-i hf , |w ,, cn ,| lp aKCS o { 3 anc | 14. ! Bonri was playing the trail mas-: (>n ,, P Olivier. Burl Lancaster and| classcs wi|] bo he ', d at j ho chui . ch - .7,'i n , 0 "V',"rr M 'Ki'' 15 Douglas; "San Francisco i . , ty" «1M8. Fed Donaldson ; Q u „ NBC 9 . 1() _ doc . u t:(HI-2 Wide Worlrl of Sports L)(Uimr - ADl - ! 4 SS Popeye j 1:30—-1 Movie — "Son oi Lassie' 1 11944i Peter I^awlord. Donald Crisp 11'Shirley Temple Theater 1:45—5 Race of Week 5:00—5 Wrestling 5:30—2 Strike It Lucky Masses will be at (i:30 and 7 a.m. nesday evening while fishing in The Rev. Kielh GerberdinEj,j (ne lake at Robin Hood Country Club. CLEAN UP FIELD! STRAWBERRIES of Greenfield and Mrs. Stella!! Adams of Carrollton. i! Takes Store Job ; CARROLLTON — Miss Linda j Berry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.; William Berry, has accepted a| position as clerk in the Anthony! Jewelry and Gift Shop and began I her work Thursday. Thewshop isi located on the west side of the! 1 Mile East off Brighton * <> <> CARL BRANDS & SON PICK YOUR *)S\tfk OWN AvC a Qt. 372-3745 Field Furnish Your Own Container! iinciilary on police work. RCA WHIRLPOOL AIR CONDITIONERS * liibtullutioii and Rtspuir MARTIN iS & SliKVlCli 2SD-10U SALE!! LAWNBOY POWER MOWERS Reg. $69.95 Reg. $82.50 $ 62.50 '72.50 Toro Mowers $89.95 to $99.95 i EclipseMowers $69.95 to $89.95 ST. PETERS ELECTRIC and HARDWARE 2505 State St. Phone HO 5-8931 KKKK PARKING IN OlM LOT. New HIGH in Yard Care Performance! NEW.. .IMPROVED HOMELITE &ELUXE Takes All Outdoor Jobs In Stride! SJ12U IT AT THK WORKSHOP Godfrey— Ph. 46U-0456 GODFREY ROAD i4 Mile North of the Firehousr. THERE'S ONE IN EVERY HOME Plenty of Hot Weather Ahead! Get Ready Now With PHILCO MODE !, 7t»A'.';i3l AIR-CONDITIONERS! SPECIAL SALE PRICES! 9200 BTU 115 VOLT 6300 BTU 115 VOLT $ GLASS FURNITURE TOPS CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATES Our 37th Year LYONS GLASS CO. 2400 Mil. HO 2-2731 179.95 14,200 BTU 220 VOLT $ 259.95 $ 229.95 16,000 BTU 220 VOLT $ 279.95 11,300 BTU 115 VOLT $ 239.95 19,000 BTU 220 VOLT '309.95 COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS 2606 STATE PHONE T

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