Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 19, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, December 19, 1958
Page 4
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STAR, .H0M, At KANSAS Bobcats Play Texarkana Here Saturday Night The faopp Bobcat* npr>i thrii lioinp Sfnsnn Snluidni night ,1- ftnihsl a Ipnrn that hrnl Ihnm pir-- Jier this \vpck hy n six point mnr- ToMis' Tiffprs rortv to .tones Field tlmipo fnr t'hp rr> Ultti match. The Tigers came fmrn behind in the fourth prriod last Tuesday night to down tho Bob- Cats there. iMope will toe looking for Its fir.*t victory of the .con^m In throe statts. The SntUrdnv night game hns been designated Bnoctc i nu'b Night tlhd nil members are nraed to br> present Guernsey in Twin Win Over Garland Teams <In play last, night Guernsey win 1Wo of three over 'li<- Gat hind CJly School. The Ournispy Sonioi ibbys won 40 to 30 \v,!h William College §askStbSll 6y tMfe ASSDCIAtfeB PRESS Westminster (fn> 7B. fill Rfi Puncptun 70, ftutgers 41 ' H;irviml 80. Tttfls 54 Bostnn College 0", til-own 54 M'nrshnll iW-Vn.i fit), Coildte of Pai'lfk 1 71 Nlng.-irji 72. Ohir> University 63 Tf'iinossoc- 07, Davidson 52 E. Kentucky 04. Chicago Loyola Wakp forest 83, Virginia W OPOI-BP Washington 100, Washington Lor 1 S? Tuliinr (!3. Bnylnr SS Rnllpi- 70. Dartmouth 74 (ol) l3rncllpy K5. Nabraska 4tt Mnrqiirtlp 70, NYU SD Hnrdin-Simmons o4. 'Wnshinglon St. Louis '<I9 Missouri O'fi. hicp 02 Fi-psno Stfttri 5,',. icinho fi2 Bn, Ntiltli Dakota GO Foster tossing in 2(3 points, David Philyau was high for Garland with 10, Ouernsey Senior girls were cclg- i-d b,v •Qnrland girls 'Jl to 29 despite the 20 points oluil.iti|i,g of ] ,hi Mnsier. Dnrotliy Nix scored 17 I for the .Garlantl crew I The Guernsey Jtmfor girls won handily 31 to 22 with Joan .lones making'11 and Lucille ftosonbaum tiillyinH 10. Stewart was Itlgi'i ser.r- er ill' the same, inakii\g .10 for Uarlnnd. Ciiirdon SelTior and .luni'br. boys prune ID Guernsey Jan. 2- for two Dairies. ALL 6 VOLT STARTERS AND GENERATORS - REBUILT - $4.95 EXC. • All Parts For Cars And Trucks • All Size Full Cop Tires, Also Now And Used Tires! Wylie Glass & Salvage Co. Hwy. 67 Wesf Hope, Ark. Phone 7-2786 Tournaments to Take Over on College Scene By SHfeLboN SAKOWIT2 Associated £ress S&rts Wrltec fnofry whirl of (ho holiday touniamonls starts to spin In full swing tonight. "Four college .fpsllvals In the Smjlh launch (his fnnlnslic period that will stretch past New Vonrs Thp University of Kentucky in* vitaiional will (akr- place at t,cx^ irigton. Blue Grnss Pe-stivnl begins nt Louisville. flip BlrmitiRHaijv Classic eels underway at Birrnihg* (ham. Aln.. nntl tho Cilnclol Invlta* tional nt Charleston, S. C. First round games in rtll four tourneys will be plnycd tonight, 'hie finals will be flepitlod. Saturday night. Second rankdtl Kentucky ffl-8), host in .Us own sixth animal in- vilational, meets Ohio State '1-2) after seventh ranked 'West Virginia ((3-1). the tournaments defending Utlist, has played Oklahoma Stale (2-2). Tenth ranked Worth Carolina (8-0) faces 'Notre Dame (1-3) In the first game of the Uiird annuill Blue Grass Festival. Northwesl- t-rn (3-0), listed sixth nationally, ghes a'gainst 'host Louisville (4-2)' in Uio aftor-plccc, 'pairing Tor the' sixth annual Birfnihghnm Classic are 13lh ranked Auburn (3-0) vs. Wyoming (2-3) ami Alabama (3-2) vs Texas 'A&M (4-0). The Citadel (3-D is the, host la its first, invitational and meets Georgia (3-1) in the second game. (Miami, Fla., (44J) clashes with iiriorlda State 'i3-3) in the opener. 'The fifth annual QuaiHJco Marines' Christmas Invitational Tourney ended Thursday night with 'host Quantico capturing the cham- piortsihi'p for the fourth time. The Marines defeated American University of Washington, 'D. C. 69-63. Tennessee, No. 5, was the only *THIS CHRISTMAS... Give the Most Thoughtful Gift of Al! — A Subscription to the Hope Star Is a Lasting Gift — « Contact the Star'Off ice „ -— NOTHING TAKES THE PLACE OF THE NEWSPAPER IN EVERY DAY AMERICAN LIFE . . . Tsur is always rigM,fl* hgnd^ Is, and svgr agpin if yaw *mh »«» andi fey all t&s. ff nu NO other medium is so constant and consistent In 'prssenijrtg type of news „ , , opinions, infprmQflqn gn4 fptfr,taiam^n| \ f( > pul?Us feryJc?, too. You listen to, qnd Jeok at othgf pgrfifl ( ^bu the ro^rn'-^- and you'yg "(T>i§if4 thf i^rf /• Ycyr Af 4 wipsp'gr i| pps?nt remindgr pf whgi'i '^Qmg 90 in Jht woj:^', , ln,i6 313155 Tho avef-ago (median) ih* corne for persons with income in 1956 was $2,432. A 19&? survey indicated a new record, level of $3,609 for the average income of men, a gain of about $250 over the previous yefif. Among women, the average income in 19S6 Was $1,146', little changed from that of the preceding four years. Since the close of World War It, the average income of men has doubled, while that of women increased only 21 pet cent. ' © Encyclopedia Brltaniilcft" HEAD HOOP—Sharalynn Cole demonstrates-the latest'in hoop spinning in Miami, Fla. :-The headpiece is-called the Bee- Nee Hoop., SHORT NOTjCE-This street! pign seems to be sinHing jnto the' ground in the Richmond, . Va,, suburb of; Lakeside, The ; midget markers are designed •_ to eliminate necH-craning by, ; Hope Star Classified Ads ABS MUST IE IN OFFICE DAY BEFORE PUBLICATION -_ PHOMf 7.3431 FOfc AD TAKER The schedule of SoiUftflf as printed below, has bfeefl tak«fl from John Aldett Knight's SdlUHaf Tables. Plari yoUf days sd that you Will be fishing in gbod teffitbry or hunting in gbod eoVef dttfiflg these times, If you w'sh to find the best sport that each day has ta ottef. The Major Periods are shown Ifl boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last for an hour and a half or two hours thereafter, The Minor Periods, shown In regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration. A, M, P.Mi Minor Major Minor Major Friday 12:05 6.'10 12125 6:35 Saturday 12:50 6!55 1:10 7:20 Sunday 1:35 7:40 1:55 8105 Yerger Boys, Girls Play Friday Night The Yerger Tigers and Tiger- ettcs will iplay host to the.Louis- ville Tigers at Harris Gym Friday night. The Tigers are coming along well during this early season. The Tiscrs last Tuesday night Spliti a twin bill with Lewisville, Senior girls dropped theirs 21-16 With Gracie Harris 'high with 10 points. The Senior boys cased through their game •after a very shaky first quarter. They downed LcwJsville 40-29 with Douglas Williamson hitting Cor 15 points and B. Boss getting 12. A rematch of these teams will Ibe tonight at Yerger Gym with the first game starting at 6:30, WanUd Staf fdtlte op&f5 fof boys i§ years aftd oVSf. Apply at Hope Sffiee. Directors Ahibuiatice Service Burial Association FUNERAL MCMB tilal PR Wt24 20-irrt-e Strviett Offertd LKT Ui reftoVaU yotlt old tres*, We ipecl»lil» ifi pr*i»nr)- ted innerifrria*. COfiB MATTftfiSS SHOP 712 W«*t 4th, Phone 8ALK! Moatjotnery Market, cua- torn ilatlihterbig. We have meat (ftt yoUf de«t> freeze. See ui oe- buylnir, 17-W SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. Sales and Service, 513 E&st 3rd, L. E, Booth, Phone PR 7^695. 5-14-tf POWER Saw available for removal ,of trees, stumps and etc. For free estimate call 7-4052, 26-1 mo, c .Wonted to Buy HIGHEST p'tMcesFp'hld for mink and coon hides. After 7 p.m.. call Bob Ratelil'f, 500 S. Hamillon, 7-2782. 15-fitc College Grid Scores Lower Than Usual By HUGH FULLERTON JR. Associated Press Sports Writer College football in 1957 experienced its lowest scoring season in s claoade. National Collegialo Athletic Assn. statistics for the 1S)58 season, still incomplete, indicate that tho over-all average was just about the same as it was a 'year ago Possibly there was a year ago. Posibly there was a very slight drop. The reason Coaches have boon devoting more rime to defense then they did a few years ago; lhe> have taught defenders to outmaneuver the bloekers and the results naturnlly are good, That's the concensus c>£ nearly 200 press box experts replying to tho Associated Press post-season football questionalre, lEvon though the principal trend noted this year by the same sports writers and broadcasters was a swing toward more varied, imag- inplive and wide open offenses, they considered thn defenses strong enough to control most of (ho games, In one way or another, about half the 'experts saici that more emphasis on 1 defensive play by the" coaches and tho resulting Improyo- ment of the players hod caused the scoring decline in recent seasons. Only a few blamed conservatism and the ball-control o{« fon so, About 315 others pointed specify ally to the T 'and ,°«lit-T forma Wons, whose porm]a,rity SPPITIS to have declined this year. Trip defenses have IP/I mod to stop nJays (rom those forrnntions, fin.c} nl> though coaches have tried npw. or different attains, ihny haven't yet come un with a, style that tmtj'J be stopped, Defenseivp loftios pro vastly improved over those of just 0 few years ago, A cmartorbqp''- "n Inn^er can, oa,*J 8 play in HIR huddl" in oenpf a. rertnin dfff-iislvc IJnwm unci pppt it (o pn'n, Iff has lo fluaio a«d pftoo chiinsp" n'hen tljf teams line up, ' ' A,b.nul> n do?.pn writers ,and. mpptinnofj t H g t ponqppirpti'vv of foqt> HIT o fp>v J?[p' Jegpis that selje^ulfis pff»r fpw sgfj msult is thai tljpr*'s 1JU1? pppoftynity iQ run yp !bjg ' ' %Hi^ The Negro Community Either Hick* Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Thought for the day BlaiViing your faults on your na ture does not change the nature of your faults — Anon. Per Salt ALUMINUM srjreetis, doors, stdfffl ihdmVS, Weather » stripping, iH^ sttlatiofl, roofing, awhthgg, flit' tefing, ornamental railiHg, J'red estimates, Andy Andrews", Phofle" 1-5867. §4f SkAt,L tracts of land Heat- to\Vtl suitable tat chickeH farms'. 80 acres timber land two miles ollt of Foreman. Ark. See ftaiph Saunders or fhotte 7-4001. ifl'tf 1 OLoS four door, A4 Condition. New tires, radio and heater, $495 Will arrange financing, Call 7= 2487, 2'tf MEAT display box and gas ref_rU gerator. Phone 7-2049, -flt-Stp ARTIFICIAL bouquets and wreaths for cemetery decorations. Cainp» bell Florist. 17 miles East oh Rosslon Highway, ' l(5-6tc The bettor informed student of today is the successful Business or profesional leader of tomorrow. Here is the modern way, To answer your chllds questions To make school work easier To make better grades To develop leadership 'The completely up to-d'ate WORLD BOOK. .ENCYCLOPEDIA Buy now.ti'nd save $20,00 over Janua,ry".'lst prices. Call or Write Representative MRS. J, M, JOHNSON Emmet — Phone Tuxedo 7-3058 ; 17-3tp VERY Ornate antique -bed and dresser. Maitble top dresser, -M'rs. died Hall. 'Phone 7-2267. 17-3tc CHRISTMAS Trees. Fresh cut Cedars and Firs. Good shapes. $rl and up. C. B. Russell 'and Son, 901 -W. 3rd. PR 7-9933. 17-4tc 'A'LMOST -new John Deere ,M-T Tractor. 1951 model. See W. D. Hulscy, Washington, Ark. 17-3tp Calendar of Events Friday, PJec. 19 Family Nieht Services will be held at 'BeBee Memorial OR1E Church on Friday at 7:30. Rev. M. 5 .Riley, pastor of Rising Star Baptist will be guest speaker, After services, refreshments will /be served in the toasemenl of the church. The public is invited. Sunday, Dec, 21 A special service will be held at Benson Nursing Homo in Nashville Dec. 21 at 3 p.m. The Garrett Chapel Baptist Church will be in charge of the service, Rev, F.* R. Williams', .pastor, will deliver the sermon, The public is invited to attend, The Interdenominal Ministerial Alliance will sponsor the Annual Union Christmas service Dec. 25, at 11 a.m. at Lonoke Baiptist Church, Rev, J, E, Coby, pastor. Director, 1 Chnrles English: Pianist Mrs, E, L, Hicks; sermon, Eev, J. S. 'Morgan, pastor of Bethel AIMfE Church; Alternate, Elder O. N. Dennis, pastor of Church of God in Christ, Rev. J. E, Coby, president; Rev. E. N. Glover, secretary. The Yerger 'High School Choir will present- n pro-OhHstmns 'Mas- ipal at the Church of God in Christ 91il Bell 1 Street, Sunday, Doc. 21, at- 3 ip.m, The public is invited, JSJdoj- O, N, Dennis, pastor. Brotherhood Club Meets The Brotherhood Club of Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church met in regular session on M'onday night, Dec, (15, H, L, Washington was in charge of the lesson, taken from John ,5 8 •'Jesus Sajth Unto >Him. Rise, Take Up-Thy Bed nnd Walk." He Stressed the importance of one doing things to 'help himself.; not to depend upon others to du a job that is my responsibility, Tl>e ojvtb meets each Monday night, aw!-all men of the church aj-e mvitecj (o attend. Rev. M. S, pastor., legal Notice NOTICE JS W5ER13RY GIVEN, [i] pursuance of the authority directions contained in the de al order of the Chancery pf Jjumpstend County, rnad? prsd on the JOth day of Qe ', A. B. 195^ in a certain pause < '$OQ9) thPft pending therein be' er Williams, et at. corn» «nd Ruby postie iidani, t!ie undej\si £pmmlsslpaie}' pf saicj Court, at pu(jiie y,en 4dpr at the o| tljp HP«SB, jt) ihe gputit/'of j^mpsjeacK ,\viij}»j ihP h««rg prggpvifeeri by Jew fw nvditsifll gales, P« Friday, tlvo 7. A- », , Tim Eist Pfte4hir4 (3). in Bteefe; io liw ga&rt /.a mmiA wwik, A'DM'OST new Roper 'gas range, dining set and other furniture. Own price. See W. D. Hulsey, Washington, Ark. 17-3tp US'ED Power Saws to get 'em out of t/he way. Brands such as •Homelight and 'McCollough tak- • en in on new iPoulan as low as $40 each. See W. D. Hulsey, Washington, Ark. 17-3tp For Rent LOCAL trailers, Byers Gulf Service, Call Day or Night. 7-9955. 8-lm.oc UPSTAIRS apartment, 3 large rooms and private bath, 203 High Street. 15-tf 5 ROOM house. 301 N. Ferguson Street. Call 7-3578. 17-1 mo. 4 ROOM house. $30 month with bills paid, PR 7-2247. 10-tf CHOICE business location. Thirc and Walnut. Oposite corner of new bank at Second and Walnut Will consider installing , German ent partition creating tsvo separate store spaces. Contact Tnltaot Feild Jr, „ S- 6t P WANT AD RATES ^ All Wonf Ad5 at6 , Soydb'l !H edvfirtce but -ads will Be«."*)cceptgd 8»ef th£ fel^fhofi* oflcf' S^--6rt1odd- HoH accounts blldwed *itH' (he' uti- dcdouht IS IS . One three ^ix One 3f WSfriS bav bays Days Month UB fd IS .45 .90 I 10 4.50 6 to 2fl .60. i 50 9 00 6 00 '1 rd §5 .n I SO 5 SO ?.PO So to 30 .00 1.96 300 900 Jl to 35 105 210 3 SO 1650 36 IS 46 1.56 7 40 400 tlflO 41 t6 45 155 ? '0 4 50 • <§ 50 46 tfl 56 1 SO- 3,60 500 -1500 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Notice IfE Buy - W« Sell - W» REAL ESTATE, R q" •PRAKKLI A., P, Deloney, Msntgw Howard Collier, SaltimM Lont! lect 692, Free KftlmatM, la** Rates. * - ' Have V»n» ~ Will Trtv«! PRESCOTT CO,. Brothers House ers.- Insured and'free y^rite Barham Brptfters Caje, Arkansas. ' 214 Mo.' WE Buy and seJ^Antlnue Furniture snd bric-a.hrap. PYERS ANTJ QUE SHOP, P^trrios I Borings Road, Phppe Help Wjinff|l 19S9 cnp be a year of profit for vou. Yflluatole territories for Avon Cosmetics now open in this "area. Avon customers waiting for spr s vice, JlooreseiTtaiivos noeflpd for Fultoii. MoNftb anfl MpQaslslll s<3 vlcintlips. Car ncpossfU'y, Avon, BO-N §77, Rot Springs, Qive direction in your «5g Plymouth Radio, Jieeter, goad Would li^n ^Q trade |ay Con-tgct 1 flWS 3 (Irnes 6 Hmes fil i<: Del ihch 55c per inch above ore fot eon secutive Insertions. Irregular of sklc date ad's will take the ohe-doY rote. All doily classified advertising copv Will be accepted until 5 p.rrl, fdf publlratln" Hin following dayi The publisher ftserves the nqht fa fevlse of edit Oil odvostlserflenrsiiif fered f6r oubllrotion and to re|fct ohy obleclionoble adverllslng submitted. Ifiltlals of one Of mere letters, grouDs .of fianrpR, sufh "as hotise. or teleohone numhers count, as one wofd. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors .aw rnllorl to nur attention 'oftef" fliJ<T Irtttrtlnn of ad and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. fvIE; PROSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star Stor of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published everv weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Seey-Tres, > or The Stor Building 212-14 Sourh Wolnut Street Hope,' Arkansas Alex'. H. Woshburn, Editor & Publisher Paul M. Jones, Managing Editor' Donol Porker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmcr, Mcch. Supt. Entered as second cla'ss matter at tht Post Of«icc at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription Katss (payqble In advan:'j) ^Ti~ By carrier in Hope and neighboring towns — Per week , •• S ,30 Pef yeor lifiO By moll in HempMead/ Nevada, LaFayette, Howard trfld Miller»Counties — One month ,.••>•,- $ -85 Three months '-85 Sin month« • 3 - 5 2 One year ' . ..."..\ 6-50 One [month ' <..,, ..,.„.. V'J Three months >..,...» >£» Six months ; ,. .7.?? On* year •• Mot'l Advertising Representatives; Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Stcrlrk Bldg, Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 T exos Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, .Texas; ^>60, N Mlchiaon Avo , Chicago I, IM,;v<50 E, 42nd "St, Now York (7, N. Y.;M763 Penobscot Bldg, Doifoit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldn,, .Oklohoma Clty^ 2, Okla, , , ' Member of The Annctoted fref<? The Associated * Press is entitled ex- /-1 cluslvely to the use for republicatlon of all the local news printed In this newspaper, as well as all AP news ^ dispatches. > UY-AW AY YOUR TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS NOW — ' Hope's Best Selection of" Christmas Toys at WESTERN AUTC 113 8, Main' - PR 74447 Tovlor & Jordjan USED CARS — POPY SHOP ~- FOREIGN CARS — £16 9, H3??l Phone 7«4022 Orvllle Tayler • John PHI Jordan WAITED TO BUY Pine pHlpw99o' by Truek upad Gyt In yyeeds er oth§rwl§e, HAWtP'-HENDRIX PBM?2T' HQP? Ml^l• ( lnt9,lnn5^ rt ft Mettrti* Ct, 1

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