Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 19, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1958
Page 2
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Page Twa HQPI STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS , Bscsmbsr 19,195§ y;t PrescefI Hews South Should See Satellite Tonight Bf-owhfe trodfj 2 M**ls Sl'owme Tionp Nr). 2 nut in ~ Monday aftPtnnon at thr Tci". Af- Wub. Piiiyer was jjivui i> Mi«aM \Vftfd. Mdfreshmehls of cold dun'-* unrl gaily rlecnrated chtirrtlatr nip c>nkes was served by hostess (Tinny Gray, assisted iby bci tnothn (M'rS. C, B, Ofay, to Bio-unp* dhflMoHo Enstorling, Snnclrn Knv Anderson. Charlotte Arnold, He-Ion Friend, Gail Gi-D'hnm, Janptln Me Ajinally and Glenda Smith and tic leader. Mrs. Aubrey Andofsnn they Worked on n Chn^rniu I >v *Xiey were tanking during Ihe- me. I 'M'l <s ipeai-h The with Methodist Men's dun Has Christmas i The monthly covered dKh ., per meeting of the Meihodi.n M ,Chib wns held on Monday e\eniniA . ; m tho educational bilildmu <>f Ihi church, Wives 01 the members wore guests, '- The .serving (able was covered With a white cloth, fled e.mdles 'ipitio cones., red berries run! icd and white net Chrls'.fmis trees ex traded the lefigth of the table , The invocation was given by Ptees- - man Ligsn. - , The devotional \VaS jjh'ert by Bill ". Gates, Adam Guthric Jr. was in rqhargc of the , musical program -consisting of thi'ee piano selections \by Mrs. Virginia AJIII Kinney and ; Christmas songs 'by a quartet com' \iosed of, Je.fi Livingston, Enrl Ep- ',pler, Prccman ELigon >nnd Mrs. Alfred Do IBlack wjth Mrs. Kinney , k avconrpniitii'g the group. '^"Grouip singing was led by Mrs. , PrcA liymcr. -10 persons attended. <" >'Legion arid Auxiliary i' ' Have Christmas Party t The American Legion and the '* Legion Auxiliary held their animal , 'Christmas party at the Legion Hut •'6n (Monday nigh*. A covered di.sJi 'and turkey supper was served from ',a (able covered with a white cloth ;, Centered with a bowl of nandina '/Iborrics and foliage ijiterspersed *^lth Jroslbd sweel gum balls. Red -. Cfihdlbs w'ere placed on each side invocation was given by OMnu- i iff A'lH UnslPRsrs fnr the evening were U'llni'tn Willis MI'N AltlPM e.v and Mrs. ,t W. Gist. small tnules were centered i "r| cniirlles ahd Rt-dMier.Vi Kilven-d leaves, greenery and col- ore-d liifhls b;inked the flre.pl fit ei mnntel C.ifts were exchanged from em illtimmalc'l .Christmas free. Mis? M;irlha Grimes plnyed sdv- oral pinno selections. A (rlel Com* posed of Mrs Tip White, Mrs. Tom Watson White nnd Mrs. George Cnx ,Ir. sunn several Christmas <mn?,s A vni-iil snlci 'O Holy Night' VV«T> sung by Gerald Mel/Pl)and and "Silent Nighl" \v:is sung by the til' |irr!--rnt. I.oyre Anderson offered the closing prayer Jf. Baptist DepartmeMt Has Christmas Party Tin- .liinini T)C'parlment of tile First I'.intist C'luireh enjoyed a Chrislnuis party on Monday evening ill the ehureh. There \yere 33 yiiung people present. Teachers utid offirJ'rs inclucletl' Mrs. Hoy Loomta, supt.,, Mrs. Roy Sl!.iin(on. associate sxipt., Mrs. JI. W. Butler. Mrs. Nfit Woosley, iMrs. Al Plyler. Miss 'Mary Poole, \Vnllaee t'urlle, Watson WilSoh, Warren Piiyri'. 1 . A. 1C. Evans, all teachers nnd MVs. Tim ^McClcllnncI secretary dimes were directed by Mrs. Stitinton and there wa.s a giJt exchange from a gully decorated Christmas tree. Knch one was presented fruit nnd candy. Cooldes and cold drinks were also served, ivfass (At 1 ) — The Smithsonian ASti-ophysical r Observatory s a j s America's 'mighty Allns saleilitp sbmilcl bo Visible over- the southern parts of the fjriilpfl Slflles tonight. '1'hp Smithsonian said that because ol thp ant;le at which it wns launched the satellite would travel north almost «.« fnr Pi Cape llntlcras. •John While, obscrvnlnry public information officer. sfiirl iht 1 sntel- lite should bo much brighter than any previous satellite because of its low point of about 115 miles. He said it should be clearly visible to thp naked pyp. looking like a fast moving bright slai THREE FACES OF LOVE FAITH BALDWIN 1 bf Fjilh i HobS C,(t,(,ll. bhtritmtid b? MfA lihkt, STORY: Aam ,Have beSH mot-4 than 10 yfcahS, them tliey have ietrt and unsuccessful 'Hope believes that in a H d fof 66H18 Mr. find Mrs. Vuel Chnmbe.rlnin spent the weekend in Grand Prairie Texas with their daughter, Mrs. (Martha Johnson and were accompanied home iby their granddaughter. Slacey L«»e Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Duke nnd Jane EliMi'both of Little Ktick were t/he weekend guests of Ihei rpnrents. Mr. and Mrs. 'Henry Stockton and Mrs. Ray Duke. Mr. and Mrs. lillis uVlalonc returned to their home nt Bend, Ore, Monday after a visit with Mrsi Malojie's 'parents, Mr. and Mrs. TV Westerns Will Survive All Critics ' ways here Is successful, yet it lacks many things, Chapter XV So it wns again September when Marty came home With her • husband nnd Adam and Mope had ' dinner in the high-ceilingcd apart' ! meiit, and they talked of their trip nnd the office and other mat" ters and nf they talked looked at Murly and what she , f:iw contented her. I Hal spoke to Adam after din- I npf. "Would I be of any value to you, Adam, if I asked to come into the firm nnd you said yes? , Marty and ! would like that." By CHARLES MERCER '(Ho looked at his wife, with the open look of love. "She keeps reminding me, however, that I've a lot to learn." So it was settled, and during September Hope and Adam took long weekends and no other holi" days. They drove to places where autumn burned itself out. in the colors of many wines, claret and burgundy, sautcrnc and grape . . . Helen joined them one weekend on a mountalntop. She asked about Marty, whom she knew slightly, and about Marty's husband. To Hope's faint amazement she made no unpleasant comment. All she said was "Perhaps they'll be lucky." Hope sat down on a chair by the couch. She thought, She hasn't r.nyonc but Adam and shn to, , We,wish to take this opportunity to express our thanks for the flowers, cards and every other expression of sympathy extended to us during our recent sorrow. May God bless each of you. The Family of Felix Foster 's«'s<sis > ««isie f fei«'5'!?«'e«>e'£«-'ws!< | *i«' FOR A WIFE WHOSE HUSBAND £ - LOVES AND UNDERSTANDS HER! 5 i 'If your" wife has a weight problem, the one Xmas gift that will '.make her happiest Is a lovely, new figure. This Christmas, thousands of husbands will actually # give their wives a beautiful new ~ figure with the famous Stauffer Home Reducing Plan, H The heart of the Stauffer Home Plan S is the motorized "Magic Couch" X pictured at left. For more Informa- * tlon about this most wanted Christ- 3 mas gift, contact: 2 MRS. DORTHIA CAMP 3 Route 4 — Hope, Ark, § Phone 7-2012 °| Poinfs Ofher Than Thpse In Ark, ' i t : ' — CALL — HARVEY ALLEN'S SERVICE STATION PRospecf 7-9963 FOR DAILY PICKUP SERVICE ATTIND iHRISTMAS CANTATA Tabernacle Sunday, December 21 , 7?30 B, m, IO.RN THIS DAY lil'I^S?^^!^^ tOANS iofilt"i)gW ewn^ an$ ,pe?r$tw| -,by jocaj •Tf. WB Y$W fijh, 'MMW/felfmf! s ifid-w# iflyjji y?u fo 4is? ; Jh. ? jn, - * of seven toast and present prominent television dramatists with thp medium. They expressed it in producer David Siis.=klnd in a TV Interview. There comes' now an elocitioni reply to their views in n letter to this department from Frederick Hnzllll. Brennan, a fine craftsman of entertaining fiction and tho story editor anr.l major script contributor to the TV series The Life and LoMoiul of Wyatl Karp. Brennan writes in part: "Despite the noble disclaimer of (the seven writers) that they abhor proselyting for a minority cause or trying to reform tho cultural taste of 180 million Americans, these things are precisely v.hat they are trying to do. "Why? TV is a medium of mass entertainment. Sponsors, advc-r Using agencies and TV producers have no obligation to uplit't Uic cultural standr.rds of the American people by means of propaganda 'disguised as social criticism, satire, 'worthwhile dm ma' or other intellectual snobberies. "TV writers who feel that they have a 'message' can write for special audiences by way of gooks, tho theater, hihgbrow magazines, or even a few movie producers. TV is a medium of entertainment and public information. "in actual practice, TV 'has done very well when it comes to the .freedom of speech nnd expression of opinion.A mass medium which allou's Oscar Levant, Arthur Godfrey, Edward R. Murrow. Chet (HunUey, the Rev. O. tL. Jag'gcrs and Bishop Pike to have their say cannot be accused of strict censorship, "Comedians, politicians 'and college professors are allowed a \vidc latitude — usually'," On tho fomcwhat dubious .rea^nii^i- that they may "provide ent^oi'tainmem. "Once TV is persuqded that it should bo a propaganda i medium lor cultural uplift, we a'i'p in for serious trouble, Who < is to say what is cultural? One man's culture is another man's s boredom. And who will decree what is up lifting? The Broadway stage? Mr. Paddy Chayefsky or 'Mr. Tad Mosel? "Really dig this thlnp, Mercer, You critics may be tired of Westerns. But what if you were forced to watch a daily programing of intellectual snob dramas which dealt with the Negro problem, the Jewish problem, the Catholic problem,the Protestnnt problem, and the ad.iustmonf of; frustraieil longshoremen to 'the pansy gardens of beatnik ballet? , , "Stay in there. > slugging, Mercer! I" , • Happy to have you in the ring any time, Brennan. Newspapers Still Idled By Strike NEW YOBK (AP) — Growing concern, over the ao-daj'-oic] cjeJiV' prtt'5' sti'iljQ has stoppefi publication ojf ^e\v York's major newspapers WRS voiced today b.v sporti promoters pnd officials in this news-hungry metropolis. Thpy blpmed rtwlindjing aUend- Hrpes on (h,e shutdown. Stepped-up sports coverage by rpdjo and television stotions ap- ipnrently has been of little help nnd each spo\-\> except . for tfio Oleveland'New Yorls professjonn] gome, has been hit i" yavying degrees, A Vndispn SaviJire Q9rden,offi' eial e?Umaied flip losp in coHepe and pro basketball attendance at ?5 nor cent, • Murray fioorlmnn, iHiblicitv ell- d or. of the Intcvnfitjonal Poxi'm Uib vh>V> is nvojiintinfl tonight's 'Nino Yaldes , p^ t Mj>^urty f.j»o'h,t in the pardpn, pointed put, ! 'Jt's pven poiny [n gffpct iljc tflnyislon OHdience. Without |l^ cjpijy TV doesn't have him. Then it was driven home to her, sharp as a knife between the ribs, that everyone, in order fully to live, must have someone, not in the sense of possessing but in the sense of belonging — as much as anyone can belong to someone else. v She rarely spoke impulsively except to Adam, but now she did, "Oh. how 1 wish you and Adam could be closer." "I tried,"' said Adam's" -mother "Like a lot of Ihings, it didn'1 work. After a While I slopped,' She. looked at Hope and smilecl. "He's actually what you'd call, : a satisfactory son: .interested, lie'ver making demands; most considerate, never causing what people call trouble or anxiety; and ho hud the good sense t ornairy yon. You knew his father left insurance to educate him?" Hope nodded, and Helen went I supplied the on: "It sufficed. ' extras. Did ho tell you that when he had his first job he ..saved nnd, I suppose, went without lunches and other thing's and eventually repaid me? He had kept an accounting. He did li iracpfully,. but T. knew, he -couldn't stand being under what he thought of ns an obligation," "r didn't know." said Hope, and ihcn. because there war nothing else to say, she added, "I'm s'or- ry. Helen." "It's all risfbt now, You learn to accommodate vourself. Anri there are other things Jn th« world besides, sav, children m for that matter, thnush you won't agree with me, husbands." That night Hone lay dreaming undpf the flowing scent of pine with which the rnld, the crystal air was steped, Wpkinp, she diri nnt knn>v she had slept,-.' nor rtronnipfl; in the ,°pjil • second before eonsciou'-'riefs fully returnee' she felt, as if she were on t verge of some trnmendous d fovorv: if she could hold, and "xamine it, sho would knosv 111 tho secrets nf the universe. And Ihoi-j ns she, wnU-c sho hoard lioi'v R, tho bemused voice "Nnt enough lovfi, not HiHe and a half." she argued Wilfully, yet in her hoaft agreeing. "So what?" Atffcfn asked. "If it bf-okp up tomofrow, they've stiii Bad something a lot of people heVcr have " He smiled. "Hafi- pfehs you and I are luckier lhan» most." once more by flip desk The doctor said, "As f lold you back in (he examining room—yes. Sut the tests Will be confirmation." She s&id. "But t don't — that li. I mean-^ 1 ' She Stopped. She looked at him artd said candidly, "f'm sc'ared." "Vou hetxln't be. We'll took aftef yOu. You'll seii riehf through you!- pregnancy ahd deliver a good, strong baby. You'll be all right, tho i rouble has cor reeled itself Without the surgical interference which, if you rc^ member. I suggested." "1 remember. Sut Adam said, . JM §g¥ W^'je ^qit nle oi tljoijsntxri \vhnt wp>wfi(4^ h Ift run fK oUprs be c under o tewis • " said Adam- His avm wps sti'fiichod af'o.ss thp narrow snnon bet wen, hi* hand on hnr shnuU'pr, "You're talking in your slp°n." Shp apU-pd drows'lv. "Whflt did t'^v?" for slip had already go* fen. "I didn't hear. Go back in sleen. we have to n,iako an early start." Boy was full crown, if not se* date, when, phortjy after the New V»ny, Hone madp "n ooDQJfltmen* with her Doctor. She djd^ wt toll Adam (his ;KW Marty, witil sht< was JiuicliUig tjifij HoAVOvei 1 the change lp IMnrts 1 . Jt h?td ?r^d\ial, not a -blossoming over* niuhl but n surer. si"»ypr growth. an almost inmerpeptible she was a« Jh'm as r'y it possitojft-ibut ?h0 WPVJP her iiiness with strong, ouiej dignjty, ,Thpv talked of m<J»,Y {hinp§ hyj ,main}y flf the old, l;ous,f jRa], jin<i Marty hed bought in the country Mar^v said, M Y p v l U hov§ JQ. h?^ nip, Jiopo, I don't IsRow piulPh i-mt ai)Upwps, l) §h« la."^^. sl says I'll be Ja.kgn by' #yevy " '' 1 it XVI Hope shivered, looking about Ihe big doctor's wailing room, flncl for no good reason as it was Warm. It was also big, the /ufnt- ttli-e solid. 'There- were Other women Wait* Ing with Hope; some were mid' die-aged and looked nervous, thih or fat; one was quite old; the rest Were young of almost young, and obviously pregnant. With thfcse there were csoris, women who looked like their mot-he ft or bost friends. One by one, they vanished as the di et.or opened tha door, easy and relaxed and erooked a fin* ger; he was a tall man, and Informal. He smiled at Hope when he saw her there. "Well, liello," he said. When her turn came she followed him into his office and sat down by a big glass-topped drisk. There were photographs oh it, too. But the Walls were dark with books. The doctor's nurse whisked in, spoke to Hope by name. whisked out again. "How in the world can sne keep us straight?" Hope askeri "She hasn't seen me for years." "It's a secret, answered thy doctor, "and known only to our Miss TV Ho had always called his office nurse Miss T, Hope remembered. He looked up, smil ing!. "Yes, a long time." ho said, "must be over 10 years." "That's right,' Hope added quickly, "I know this Is piobably insane, but I think I'm pregnant again." Her eyes were distended with ou- prehension; he noticed that, and the way she kept folding and unfolding her hands. He nodded and opened the folder which Miss T had put on !iis desk. He leafed over the pagos, and looked up thoughtfully. "You shouldn't be, you know," he said. "according to the records" — • he tapped the folder — "nor according to me. and, as you know," he added, laughing 1 , "I am infallible I" Hope said, "Yes. So, -I couldn't (believe it. You told me — in effect — never." "Medically s p c a k in g, 1 ' he agreed, "this could be something of a mircale. Suppose we find out? There are, by now, ncsv and very explicit tests." ,„ Hc ( , pressed a button, and Miss T arrived, small, mobile, and friendly, She took Hope to ths oxaminiiiK room and told throe amusing stories while Hope un- dros-jed . When Hope emerged, after. Dressing, powdering) her nosy. and reddening her lips, she wem once more to the office and sat No.' "t remember ihat, to. He Was quite violent about it." The cloc- |lor shook his head. "Mave a cig' arclte?" Me said, "If 1 had tirrie I'd wt-ite A papet oh this. Maybe 1 shall anyway." Mope said". "I'm hot frightened thp way you lh } nk," She made" a curious gesture with Her hands. "1 haven't 'old Ad»m yet ntid he won't want me id have the baby! he won t let me have It," "Nonsense," snlcl her doctor equably. "Ut me talk to him.' >Iope went home find for a while sat alone bfifofc Adam returned. They hadn't rffelflcetl Urn, RltfgS yet; the Meaning woman eame extra days. Adam came home. He had been busy, he had had a complaining sort of clay, client-wise. He was tired. Dinner was almost ready, so lio wandered into the kitchen, smacked Hope's bottom, find P irl 1 ed her hair. He asked, "What's cooking?" and she told him. He said that was firtc except he'd had ' it' for lUnch. At the table, "What happened today, if anything?" he asked. She told him that too. or most ol it; she'd lunched with Marty, she'd done an errand. "What's the matter?" he asked. "Nothing's the matter,' she s«.id, her heart jouncing, "What makes you think so? When I was doing my face tonight, I thoug'*', How lucky Adam is!' "1 don't moan how you look. You look elegant. But there is something — " he regarded h*r anxiously. "Sure your head doesn't ache? This new virus or whatever — that's such a convenient term— seems to hit suddenly. One minute you feel fine and the next you're flat on your back. I sent Gloria home today after lunch." Gloria was the receptionist. "There's nothing wrong, dope,' 1 said Hope. "I feel fine." "Did . something upset y o u? Marty? No, not. Marty. What did Helen's letter say." "Lots. All happy r,s a clam." She could not tell him, she .would not— not yet. There must be someone with whom she could talk first. Not Helen — and besides, Helen wasn't available. Helen would say, anyway, You're out of your mind— a ..baby at. this , late date? Marty? Marty would be happy for her, she would think it wonderful, but, her hidden, ,yet somehow so vis : .ble, heart : that she could not have a child for Hal, \yoyld mourn in There wasn't anyone, really. (To Be Continued) The population of Arkansas in the first U.S, census was 1,062. 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