Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 14, 1963 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1963
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THREE Rare Occurrence 13- and 1 7- Year Cicadae Emerge By -1IM KU1.P . Telegraph Stuff Wriier - ' People Who have been hearing' about the rare simultaneous j emergence of the 13-year and 17- i year locusts and who have been' watching the sky for clouds of fhn j insects, will have to get out in: Hie woods to see them. B'or the first time since 1742, one I of the two largest broods of. the' 13-year cicada emerged t h i s | spring at the same time as a large j brood of the 17-year cicada. Sci-j enlists say the two broods will ! not emerge simultaneously again until the year 2184. However, they don't swarm in i huge clouds like the plagues described in the Bible, or like grasshoppers, a professor in the Southern Illinois University Zoology Department, said today. He added that anyone wishing to see the locusts would have to go out in the woods where they can he found perched on twigs on in holes in the ground. He predicted that there are probably "millions" of them in wooded areas at the present time. Klrsl No4i<>f!<l May 1 0 The draclae emergence f. r o m the ground was first noticed May 10 at an apple orchard near Carbondale, .'iirording lo an Illinois Natural History Survey entomologist. The insects will continue lo emerge and will be laying their eggs in the underside hark of tree branches throughout all of June in most counties south of ;i line from Lawrenoe.ville to Belleville. ends of branches break down arid Kmergencp of the cicadne pre- die. .showing splotches of dry scnts .serious problems to farmers ;| OMVr . s on || u , d-ees. and others, the scientists said. 1 Unless controlled, the breakage They swarm into fruit trees to '• can result in considerable damage de|X)sit their eggs. Young fruit, | o orchards this season. A punc.- tree branches have been known tO;ture also provides a way for dis- bend down with the weight of j case to ailack the trees. hundreds of adult cicadae. They 1 The insecls, however, do not Dog Found; No Rabies Apparent I A doe that hit a 3-year-old boy; May '-'1 ;md which was hcinc hunted on the suspicion that it had rabies, has been found and appears to be healthy, it was teamed today. Mrs. Kverett Spa Sr.. 620 Olm- 1 stead Avc.. whose son was bitten by the animal, said the doe was found Thursday at Lockhaven', I Country Ciufo and apparently does j ;iiot have rallies. ! The animal was to be taken to ; a veterinarian today for an ex- • lamination, she said, to determine, 'it's condition. ! i Meanwhile, her son. Everett Jr. • :\vill gel his third rabies shot to-i 'day and will have to continue Ihe '. ; series of M until it is definite!., de-i A »-»i r i OT fiTf** t T\ i itermined that the dog is not rab-; ADUL1 LILALJA id. she added. ; An adult 17-ycar-cicada rests wings on twig after emergence from the shell. It may live from one to three days, the female laying eggs in the bark of a tree. The grub drops to the ground and digs in for its long stay. LEAVES A GOOD CASE BEHIND The adult cicada, which most people call a locust, lias just crawled nut of the shell in which it lived in the ground. The empty case, right,, can be found on Alton's May MFT Totals $25,356 ! Alton has been allotted $23,3561 as its share of the motor fuel tax* . . . . „„ .... ,. ,, . jpaid into the stale treasurer' rough tree trunks. There are millions of these in ! . woods now. These photos are part of a series by John ' du ™s My > tllp II1 '» 01S L>e P art- H. Gerard, nature photographer. To Participate in i Stale Bar Meeting j Attorney Marry H. Marshall of I Alton will participate in a sym-j iposium on public relations at the' • STth annual meeting of the Illinois. | State Bar Assn. June 19-2.1 in' (North Aurora. FOR T« muy SHOE STORES *• «» TW mur o 6Wv »«*d Darned War Scene For Exposition \ Hen> Hung in City Hall The House Executive Committee| . , , are not migrants, usually stayingiactuall.v cut any foilage, but cause i a PP' w «l » h 'H Thursday by Rep. j Double interest marked I h e within short distance of where t |wir damage by the laying of the! Rnlph Snilth - Alton ' to sc1 ' up a i hanging of an etching today in i 0 ?'" m ' S :!'. O 'V.. t . O .; StUfl -\.,:! d r S !^ h .^! 1110 « >und! chamber of Alton City they emerge from the soil area, eggs, it was pointed out. Mayor P. \V. Day held up the framed etching for members to 'merit of Finance reported today. | ; Other municipalities with allot! merits are: Carlinville. S2.S99: E'd- Iwardsville, $3.328: Jerseyville. 1 §3,955: and Wood River, §13.23.'?. ; i Air Conditioned '< ; i , : Both floors of the Free Metho-j .dist Church. 271.1 Hillcrest Ave.. 'Alton have been air conditioned. SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO YES WE HAVE AIR Conditioners They like wooded areas. Female cicadae lay eggs punctured bark on the underside of tree branches, laying 400 to 600 eggs at 12 to 20 per puncture. These puunctures, sometimes as many at 40 or 50 to the Inch, weaken the ends of small They are harmless to human; ()f . '' Onsln "' lil1g a Smit . llwostem !Hall. The etching depicts the rais-! "Why. one of those boys in the in \ beings, except for the annoyance. 111 '' 1 ™, 8 imposition building n«ir !Jhg of lhfi Amel .i C an flag on I wo ampus of MU.;j ima s | 10 ,.,] y aftei . American fore- of (heir continual loud buzzing the picture was my nephew," exclaimed Alderman Smith. The Rev. K. P. Mayhew. pas- 1 tor of the church, said this in-' • eluded the sanctuary and the ed- ', 'ucation department. DISCOUNT! LADIU.S' Wedge and Stacked Heels • TIES • CASUAL Nationally Advertised 12.95 setters. Sizes 4 to 13 M, N and S M AC widths "fiJPW Others from S2.89 to Sfi.95 WESTERN SHOE STORES 804-06 E. Broadway noise. Both Ihe. male and female d-i 1 "? building would be of St. Louis' j Smith (old the Telegraph today les occupied the island in 1945. ; After the photograph of the flag ' Display of the etching was ap-iraising was distributed eight to the observance o(',ycars ago. the Telegraph carried cadas live only a few weeks asj l<oil Auditorium type only ^^ _ _ ^ ^ adults. The eggs hatch in six to •'<"'• Tllp structure could he nsedl^ Day . But its placement in la story Telling of the" participation .... eight, weeks, and the young in-1for displays, meetings and eypni tho mincj i room h ., s addeH sig .; of smith's nephew. branches which may break oft in|seels drop to the ground aJid bur-.! (!0mmf>nt!firnpnf cxercnses by S1U. ! n j ri( .., m , n because one of the five! At Ihe Smith home today it was ™..'"• I?* «? J " lhe *™««^ "r ™" „ 1 " n '!? ">"•'- depicted was a nephew orjJJ ,t yZlI± Ma£e Ro^h the wind or from the weight of fruit. Branch Ends Break Some of the damage may be noticed in wooded areas and fruit orchards this month when t h e FULL STOCK OF MORELCO SHA VEKS Pay No Money Down EASY TERMS Home of Bonded Notarized Guaranteed Diamonds and Bulova and Klgin Watches t for the 13 or 17-year period re-jS'" but to anyone needing it. O|)p f fhp ., membe A , d _; w lls , M a of g j(h . A s,m,lar was set mmn Han . y A ^^ of ^3;™'"™; ^* ™£ ^ a t 'that time of the flag raising was quired for reaching maturity, then emerge to produce their own!»P >' ls < .war with five members | Badley Avc " young from the senate, five from thej The etehing, reproduction of aia temporary resident here. The VOUHT insects c a 11 e d ;il °"« p and five from the general " ie ,"'«• '^'^'i™ »> ' , y ,.,° 1'. ..'..." nnhlir. (famous photograph by an Associ- 312 W. Third St. Downtown, Alton Open Fri. & Mon. till 9 p.m. Easlgate Plnza Shopping Center, Kust Alton Open JO a.m. to 9 p.m. Daily nymphs, find their sustenance from iree roots after they drop to the ground. Where infestation is extremely high in orchards, the m y m p h s may eventually weaken or kill trees. Infestation Heavy public. The commission found that, further study of the project was needed. Smith was chairman of the commission last, year, cacadae's continued existence, ated Press photographer, and dubhed, "So Proudly We Hail."' (is one which was recently distributed here by Alton Banking & Trust Co. It was sent to the city council, and formally received by the council at its Wednesday night Instances of finding 20,000 to according to one scientist, is that jmeeling. 40,0(10 cicada mymphs under allhoir emergence always "surpris-j \vhcn a letter from the single apple tree was cited and'es" birds and other predators|accompanying the gift was read, one scientist, in a study near Chi-;which are accustomed to living 1 eago in 195(5, found a density of ion other food. The insects so far cidadae nymphs in the ground j outnumber their predators at each equal to 1,500,000 insects — or!emergence that they are able to more than a ton of them — per'survive in large numbers. i acre. j A major comparative study of! An effective insecticide was de-ithe two types of cicadae is nowj veloped in 1959, scientists said, i underway at SlU's Pine Hills it will kill the insects during the!Field Station, supported by a Na- week after application. Orchard-Itional Science Foundation grant. It istsi have been introducing it into i is expected to answer many ques- their spray program. ; lions about the insects themselves One of the prime factors in the land possible-controlling factors. Postponed The Madison County Homemakers Extension meeting was postponed until Tuesday 1:30 p.m. It will be held in the Godfrey Town Hall. Mrs. Harvey Keene will be the hostess and Mrs. Flora Maxienerj will give the major subject. FIRST-QUALITY EYEGLASSES EXAMINATION, LENS AND FRAMES, COMPLETE Single ONLY ^ WB ~ ~ Vision 9 Bifoi-als $5 more Prescription Sunglasses Same JLow Price! CONTACT LENSES MONEY BACK $ 4 f\f\ GUARANTEE JL W CROWN OPTICAL SERVICE Glasses Dispensed on the Prescription ot DR. ROBERT L. HANDELMAN Illinois Registered Optometrist 406 E. BROADWAY — ALTON — 462-7011 OPEN MONDAY & FRIDAY UNTIL 9 P.M. ?•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • I "i DuPONT PAINTS BUILD BETTER WITH DRY LUMBER HERE'S THE JHIRD WAY TO SHAVE! 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New Norelco Cordlett Speedthover 20C Shaves anywhere ... in yoiir car, outdoors. Runs on four tiny batteries. Only cordless shaver with Norelco rotary blades. Fast 'flip-top' cleaning. Mirrored zipper case. Model SC7970. NEW LOW PRIC6 with REYNOLDS lifetime ALUMINUM New lady Norelco Shaver 201 Rotary blades shave smooth with no razor cuts. Perfect for legs and underarms. New low price. Lovely simulated-sapphire design. 110 volts (AC/DC). New soft zippered case. Model SC9010. le« lh*i* ihaviri d»monttral*d en IVI /vore/c Rotary Blade Shavers NORTH AMERICAN PHIUPS COMPANY, INC., 100 East 42nd Sued. N«v. York 17, New York. Norelco it known n Phi|iitiav« Jo Canad* and throughout the rest of the (tot world* 5" 0.6, GUTTER 10-Pt. $4^.49 Length •• ea. DOWNSPOUT 10-Ft. $<f .88 Length Jl ea. — GEORGIA PACIFIC — PREFINISHED PLYWOOD PANEL 4x8— '/V V.GROOVED PHILIPPINE MAHOGANY . , *4^ r *„.< ANTIQUE BIRCH .... '6%,-,., OAK i . . . i . . O Per Sheet GINTER-WARDEIN CO. 81 HENRY ST. 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