Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 18, 1958 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1958
Page 9
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f 195J. H8M fTA'Ri"MOM« ARttANIAI ftussio Premier Again Attacks Former Pals Sy HAFS6L6 K. MlLK§ . MOSCOW (AP)—Soviet Prernle Nikita Khrushch'eV has hurled : Kfhcr now ntlaek ?.t the Malenkov Molotov "antipaHy group 1 ." blarn- ing H for major shortcomings If Soviet agriculture. Khrushchev's hew bla?t, hiaclp nt a meeting iMonday o'f the Soviet Communist patty's Centra Committee, came aftbr a tiett press campaign agfiitlst the five high officials Khrushchev topplec from power In the Kremlin shake up in July 1951. .$ Accounts of the speech t&day In TWJS, the Soviet news agency gave no indication of Methei further measures Would be taken against the five men—ex-Premiers Georgi Malrnkov and Nicolai 6ul' ganin, former Foreign Ministers V. M. Molotov and Dimitri Shetf- ilov and former economic dzai La/ar Kagaiiovicli. All have been banished to obscure posts in the Soviet Union. Nor was there any. mention of Gjiji. Ivan Set'ov, who was rc- mW,)ed last week from hi? key post as chief of state security, the Soviet Union's top police official; Serov's future Has not beeii announced, but so "far he 'has not been linked with the antiparty Khi'ushchev claimed Mnlenkpy, Molo'tov and their disgraced' associates: 1. "Tried to stifle the patriotic movement for catching up with tto United States in per capita Deduction of livestock produce." 2. Opposed the virgin lands project, a pet Khrushchev scheme Which he boasted hnd proved tho key factor in bringing a record tgrain production of '140 million tons this year. 3. Attempted to "revise, the par 1y's general Leninst line on basic issues of the coMntry's development." (In this he said "they "failed inelorjously..") ^ "Stubbornly opposed for a nRibcr of years the realization' of Important measures in agriculture and thereby retarded the development of the Soviet economy.' The group, he continued, was responsible for ''the difficult situation in agriculture that developed by 1953." He accused Malenkov of cjec.eiving the party to cover up his failures. * . ' ' ' Khrushchev boasted that despite the shortcomings in various fields o^agriculture, tfie Soviet Union nRady is ahesd of tlie^ UnitPd 'States in total production of wool, butter, milk and cotton. . News Briefs LITTDE EOCK (AP)—Arkansas Power & Li phi Co. yesterday asked the state • Public Service Commission to pevmit.it to sell six million dollars' m^'corhmon stftk to Us parent Middle Souih Utilities Inc. AP&L said it needed the money for new construction and expansion, HOT SPRINGS, ARK. ' (AP) — Plans have been eornnloted for tho 28th annual presentation of a nativity nagoant here 017 Christmas Eve, The program is sponsored by tho National Park Service and the 'Hot Springs Chamibe rof Com- LITTLE ROCK (A?)—A suit contesting the appointment' of Ri)e,y ^. Donohq of For* S,mifh to the Arkansas Gainp and Fish CQJIV rpission 1 WPS snnonlpd" yestprcjav ( o tho state iSijpreipo Court. Dr. S,A, Drcnnrii and other residents oC tho Sixth Cnneressiopol District warjt the court to force Ally. Gem. Ri'Uce Bennett (o file suit aeipast iho apnointnent. T]ip aopen] con- teivls the pixth Di«lriot ws?s loft w!f«nrt rapreseiitation on th,e cqm- mission as a result of Donoho's appointmejit, j LITTL-F.POCJC (AP) - lytore than 200 products from new or o.x- panded industries in Arkansas wore on display in tho .State CppitQl rotunda today to mark the opening of Arkansas Industrial Development Commission's pejv offices-on the second floor, The products ranged from pony oarlSj rpcniong mschines, boats, archc-ry spts, opmonl blocks, livo buffalo fish, eJecU'Pnic gear to lingerie. , I ROACH * HU6H15 INSURANCE Aute « FJr? t yf e § Q MIU M,S. SATIS nepe, 7-J45I ~j i, CARNIVAL Spam At'KOsS 1 s_j-s hockey 4 Winter vehicles 9 -^-=- sled riot !2 £>uton 15 Jspahes* gateway i4Pa'ihileaf 15 Boundary (comb, form) Id Slorehous** 18 Shell* 20 Requisite 22 Sti'.aJ' 24 Legal poihl 25 Small draught 28 Anger 30 Grasp 34 Assistance 35 Biblical place 36fiecent • (cohib', form) 37 French ' 38 Suffix' " 89 Number. 40 Girl's liam* 42 Dress stone 43 Sklnk 44 Loiter 4ti Wapiti 48 felt concetti (With for)' 61 Bridal path . 55 ISlackbird 56 Abdicate . • GO Slight bow 61 Footlikepart 62 Puff Up' ' ' 63 Individual 64 Female "sheep 65 Horseman 66 Small tumor DOWN 1 False go.d 2 Apple center TIZZ SGeramt's wift "in AHhtiriah legend 4 afl ice salibonl S Lahd pai-cei 8 Age 7 Immerss 8 Sifter 9 Ice sail—a» i-atihg 10 Spanish jar 11 Volley «-=*« 11) Jewel 21 Devotee 231^— in a toboggan eveht . HEJIBSU ^ I 36 I SB tumult 2? Mine 20 Hindu (JtieeH SIPok'el-slake 32 Retairl ' 33 fc(ei;hitieS 41 brink ffiadl with malt 24 Fall to follow 43 Used in a suit !h cards \vihler sport 25 English lady 45 Viper- - 47 f ai-dier farrtient' 49 Afhesh 50 del Up 52* "^ sho.e* 63 s'ollfafy 54 Patadis* 61 Yale 58Insahe , 6S follower 2 40 ft 25 " 8 10 M8 irn I I I « JM. Hit. b.VM. e". 4< You keep on hating mud and you'll grow up to b» a raggingtmotherl" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Scltier 18 FLASH GORDON HAWJ8 HI f§ A IN . OLt> I , Mod NEfct>9? "ALU-V OOP l _... NI7NC3W 1 \1t3 £& THAt ILLUStRAf ES tH6" WHOLfe StOftV C5t= M&N'S RlSB tO tH£ jClVILIZlfeDSTWE, MdT THE WHOLl -*WRY- • '^ 1/S1 «»y I By Kate Osan f/ "SKi to-- i-w T,«l B«f. Of. fiH* 19M1 b| NEA Sen« r- y66,ir'LL SUPPORT i WE CAM FATHER C0ULDXI& KNOWN WH^f W& KOyAiriE^ FROM' HI5 PLM WILL EAsNTOUS, ELLEN! B6 TOSETHtiK.1 - VOU WOU'T HW& ELLENi I NEVER REALI2EP 6EWRE HOW UTTI & TO MOfcEl r NEED YOLI-^ MUCH U- VOU NEEO ME 1 . WE'LL 0(5 BACK. TO " FARM TILL VOL 6PK|W<5( I'D LIKE THAT! 6Uf PIDM-T MNX WEBBER OFFER YOU A ROLE. IM TH& PL AVI NO, H£ MAD&J«;1M A 5US06STIOM//J 1LIKB BETT6Ff«7 P FOR NEXT FALL 3 ,, ll .NOW LET5 FINISH PACKiW<S;J^ 'i CAPTAIN EASY LOOK; HERB--OURI-J wives ARE -, STANDING IN\ THE HALL' WAITING FOR,] US TO BLONDIE DAGWOOD-THAT ' WASN'T'OUR.V" A MIRAGE,J IT' NO M1RAG6.V) O; 1/2-1 a 'Vust |>racticing. Pop's- going : sk'iihg v this/weekendl' "If 4 !-changed my title from baby sitter to, chilrt custodian, do you suppose I'd make more FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS *"" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith ."o* <-v^rv.< ' \ITS OKAr/YOU'VE OOPS .'SORRY ALMOST 6OTTHe HANS OFTHe ' EP MOW/ /^OWfe 1PUPR-FGCTTON ' THIS? L • V THAMK ^ey,PAlsy/1 RO IT OKAY,HOW/ V*, /J ^^li^-r^ ^'. . • '.. "s " 'I'm werrit^ sboyt pyr dawght?r'» ,»lebn never have ,§R&U any //'/i ~ -& — \0,OOO tJOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ^;iS ' -'& ' ' I |p 1958 |J> HC* fink,. Inc. T.M. R««. U.S. Pal, POOR SANTA! I FEEL •SORRY FOR HIM ' PRISCILIA'S POP ^OUT OUR WAY •I8 K AN, ELDERLY MAN. WJ'T,H' SUCH A DIFFICULT. JOB! HOW CAN HE KEEP IT-f UP??, I WONDER IF, HE EVER THINRS OF RETIRING-! SURELY HE'S ELIGIBLE FOR SOCIAL SECURITY/ \jf I'M NOT- SEEING , WOLLYHOCR- I* TILL AFTERS., CHRISTMAS. 1 , 15 •SHE ^ V. ? i^'J/yORf^lESj)^ -n By J, R, Willioms , OUR BOARDING HOUSE J W»th Major Hoople ,^|| >^Uu'til&rai-JkMW f »< WW^WW^' J^^*' l , "W""* ,<• *-"' 1 V s 1 , 1 L r ^ - ( _ : " •; -i • ' r •• .fi«^st.Jtote.wnii«u-'. v-"«^ /' .OH .m P-v.j WCK. '/, I HOPE Wg PQN'f 'I RUN INTO ANY e>f. . IS, fti- V 8 f«t. g« ir * f HOLV SMC3KE/ HPW PIP YTH' TWO RABPIT5 HE FLUSHEp,OL)'T T Sf^°^ M 6eT )WTO A ) OF THERE WgNT IN PIp^RgNlT^ < , FOSITIOWl-IKE «__1L-/ PIRECTION5-HIS FRONT FeBT TOOK ^ PFF APTER QNg OF THEM, HIS HIWP -. FEET AFTER THE PTHER, ASJ' " NP HIS HEAP COULPN'TMAKE UP "•^ /WIMP WHICH VVAVTC? 6P/ r/: ,-*, FAMORIT& fTH&MA30R 6ROI < 5 P^Ml k His/HOORIMSTO ORDER] ,HAV5 t A V w "^ • MAS .ATTHf OM'D ^TMU &.PAVIM6' . OF fATCritNa^ OH AS CACTUS: »,' ,/lN ...-. ., THg'SOUP.- .AND SAl-AP} , j^.> *tf itfci- 1 ! JPIPN'T •-OA>ai

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