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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, December 18, 1958
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To City Subicribtrii tf ysu fail te gef yaur 'llaf please fglsphafis 7*3431 by 6:30 p, m, and a §peeial earner will deliver yaur paper, . a*, i «,B>K t ,», i* i,.» P > 60TH YEAR: VOL. 60 « NO, 56 Ex-Red Testifies I R. School Crisis Planned By JOHN R, 4 STARR LITTLE ROCK (AP)—A former Communist testified at a Legists* live probe today he was certain the National Assn. for the Advance' ftO/nt of Colored People, backed by Communists, "set up" the Little Rock school integration crisis as a test battle In a Vast subversive scheme. Manning Johnson, a New York Negro, said the Communists and the NAACP were "modern carpetbaggers" in their efforts to 6b' tain control of the Negro in the South. Johnson, who said he was a Cnmmunirt Party member from mO to 1940, told a state Logisla-' tive Council investigating committee that Little ,Hock, Pine Bluff and other large areas of "Arkan sas wore designated years ago for intense concentration in further ance of the alleged Red plot. The witness said he joined the party because he ^thought it would advance the -interests of the Ne gro, but quit when he discovered the Communists subverted Negro rights to interests of the party. *Io said nine Negro students whrf integrated Central High School here last year were placed there pimply to create a race issue. Otherwise, he said, the Negro students would have yielded to Gov. Orval E, Faubus' discretion and withdrawn after the governor surrounded Central with National Guard troops, allegedly to prevent violence. Johnson said the Communist ^ieme for Sections of the South and Arkansas was laid while he was s member of the party and s he was thoroughly familiar with The eventual goal, Johnson said, was seizure of land from white owners,, a breakup of the existing stale boundaries and'formation of what he called "a black republic': which would hsve the privilege of governing itself as a state. Johnson, who snicMio had been .^"'vigorous opponent pf<" J -co'm- munism since his break'with' the party,'said this was the'third state subversive investigation at which he had testified, He said he had worked closely during the ipass IB years with the FBI, the Justice Department, and Senate and House committees investigating subversion, Johnson was the only \vitnos3_at the morning session on the third md final day of the commilee's jfelblic hearings on alleged subversive influences behind racial unrest in Arkansas. e*fti»iUat*9 JM. II, 1*2 For Weather Report! See Column at Bottom ef This Page HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 195S MtmfciH fh« A»t«ia»*<! Mil I Aa4if IUFHH B AT, Nbl Paid Cifit, » m»i< irtAmi fell. SB. 1»Si ** PRICE Se COPY Brit '(R-N'.H.) HOPES FOR COMPROMISE — Sin. Style,_..... talks to reporters after visiting President Eisenhoweiyat'-the White Howe. Brlelges said Eisenhower told him he hopes'f> !«"-"«""le between Liberals and Conservatives for,Re posts in the Senate will be settled by Impending lean lead- Conference on Surprise Raids Ends a Failure GENEVA (AP) — The 10-nalion conference on prevention oE surprise attacks ended today in complete failure. , • ' The.talks never got down to a serious discussion oi a surprise attack alert system because East and'West were in total disagreement on the. .very purpose of ,the conference." r ';-> . '.S[/ ' "' r - " The Soviel,bloc made a^vain''^: NATO to Repel Aggression With Nuclear Arms PARIS (AP) — NATO foreign ministers affirmed today their "manifest will to use ntu-lcar re- allatory -forces to repel aggression." in a 500-word communique issued at the end of a three-day North Atlantic Treaty Organlxo* lion ministerial mooting, the diplomats stressed that a step-up-.-in Soviet armaments means NATO must "sustain without relaxation" efforts lo boost the defensive power of the alliance. Tile ministers, the commtinisxie said, reaffirmed their fundamental belief "That NATO defensive strategy continues to be based on the existence of effective shield forces and on the manifest Will-to use nuclear retaliatory forces lo repel ag'gression." fort at Ihe f final7meeting to havc.-Jan/S—-oV;any oilier dale" "> ,,-re5umpUo)i',off *;t)ie. r.,w" ^. -.—^V't*' ';. Y.£/ij l c Weather •talks. •• 'The Weslei-n, group/led by .William C. ' Foster ' of thq United States, firmly told the, So'viel bloc it was useless to reconvene unless an agreed bases for the dis- icussions could toe established in direct contacts between the governments concerned. The ' United States, Britain, France, Italy and Canada represented the North Atlantic Treaty powers; and the Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, "Romania and Albania the East bloc. The conference opened Nov, 10 r,nd became bogged down from tho slarl in procedural arguments. The Western side submitted numerous technical proposals in the hope' tho Soviet bloc would, agree to discuss these without bringing Experiment Station "report for 24- hours ending at 7 a.m. Thursday, --,-.-.. High (13, Low 29, No precipitation; up political issues,, Total J958 precipitation through November, 52,03 inches; during the $rjyno period a year ago, 67,90 inches, < . , TH ASSOCIATED PRESS '. . ...High Low Pr. Albany, snow AlbuHuerque, clear Anchorage, snow Atlanta, clear Bismarck, cloudy Boston, clear Burtalo, clear Chjcago, cloudy i^veJand, cloudy Penver, clear , Pps J\?°ines, • cleai- ' Detroit, cloudy . Fort Worth, cjw Helena, clear Jndianapo]is, ' cloudy Kansas City, clear Los Aneoles, cloud/ Loviisyillo, clear Memphis, cjoiidy - cjoudy ' e/ dlatidy .,Sl. Pavs!, pjotidy , Orleans. sJof»p VorH, elPSi 1 1 Pklahom/i eity,-p)pa} 1 ,09 ,03 ,13 18 ,J4 ,02 32 20 59 32 31 2fi 57 35 '40 22 32 17 34 24 37 36 ' 49 , 28 37 29 t 34 ,19,' ,01 SO ?? 47 22 55, }? 4.7 3(J ~ 81 51. 45 "18 57 . 38 7? 59 ,74 35 15 ?7 & ' ea ^g 39 ' 30 57 W ' 4? §6 4Q §9 44 Portland, Rapid Pity, gjcar ^ Qpy, Qrvftl P. Faubus will oe-ao. . "tU Rioles Picked to Heod State Senate • ' i ' LITTLE BOCK ,AP)~ Stale 1 Son. Roy L. Riales of Menu will f bo ji'csidcnl pro tem of the 1959 Arkansas Senate, v e was elected unanimously yes^ terday at the 'biennial duck dinner iere for stvile senators, iales, who served in the House 'ronj 1938 to 1948, has been in thv Senate s)nce - 1?54, As president pro iem — ,whq presides in lh? absence of the' lieutenant gover- 7o'y — }<iales succeeds Sen, J. Leo FortChdffee One of Three > Camps to Close WASHINGTON' (AP)- — The Army's closing of - three /.camps raised expectations today of' further military shutdowns in^lKo current economy r drive. Ft. Chaffee, Ark., was one'...ofjjthe,;three. . 'The retirement" Cf''in'. Polk-in Louisiana-and-'its millions of acres of maneuverv'ground, '-announced yesterday, .-"also' foreshadowed _ the ending of/large scale ground man- cuv'ers"' J which r made'lhat part of the South famous in/iWorld ,.Wqr , —— - d ? y ,?>'.v-V'|''' .,' ij> \ ' favy^yaBct^SjA^Vc F,prce to may be announcing closings within the next few weeks or' months since they also must weigh money limits against missile age needs. The Army said economy forced it to close down Ft. Polk, Ft. Chaftee and Ft. Miles, a small antiaircraft firing range in Delaware. It figured the shutdowns next summer would save 10 million dollars a year, , The Navy, hit by tho same Eisenhower Administration orders lo hold down spending, may be the next to curtail or close down completely somo -of .its continental shore establishments. Navy officials' arc undertaking an appraisal of their non-combat supporting facilities right now, Ft. Polk loomed large in the Army's preparations for the last World War, - , The Army ,was, loath to close Polk, but the, emphasis today has shifted from ' ground to airborne mobility, . , The Army said, military personnel at Polk will be .taken inlo other Army" units, Details "will h e an. nounr;ed later, In the meantime, well over 1,000 civilians-' at, Polk and an equal number, at Chaffee. will be given a ghanee to peek Army jobs at other camps 'or forls, The Army said' civilians who cannot be'hired-elsewhere in the military establishment '"will bo given every posgibje ftojp in lining up other jobs, - - - of Leechville, M' Shirey Jr.,'. a member of the "Arkansas Commerce CommiK' sioii, was fe-elecled secielary pf the Senate." - '-• , Qpy. Nqthep pprdon napjed .mefober committee ^o seleol raphPJ' 5 ' elevks. sej-getints at 'pages , ai-i^i pjheri persoanot JQ operate the Sena.!/),, committpe mejmibers - arc: , PUis -Pagan p,f Ceremonies as Cardinals Get Red Hat FRANK' BRUTTO VATICAN CITY (AP) — Amid glittering and moving medieval pageantry. Pope John XXIII today placed the red hats of thoh- high office over the heads of 20 of the 23 new cardinals of the Roman Catholic .Church. More than. 35,000: cheering' persons filled the vast Basilica of St Peter for the glittering pub]y> fp'> sistory, the climactic event" in the ceremonies this week which have increased the College of Cardinals increased the. College o£ Cardinals to 74 men, largest in history. The new cardinals approached the papal throne singly, hanrU folded -in prayer. Thejr ; bright scarlet trains / .trailed .nine fyfi \& hind' across 'the green velvet carpet. SURVIVORS — Capt. Daniel J. Holland of Fort Worth, Tex., is glvun first aid by Air Force medics and ranchers at the crash scene of a B-b8 Hustler bomber near Tucumcarl, N. M. Maj. E. D. Sn-.ith, the pilot of the Cfirswell AFB bomber, was killed when he attempted to bail out. Lt. Col. George A. Grade!, the navigator, was also injured nfter parachuting from the plane. (NEA-Telephoto) Cantata at Presbyterian Church Sunday The Christmas Cantata "Carols of Christmas" will be .presented Sunday morning at 10:55 a.m. at the Presbyterian Churcii by the choir under the direction of Mrs. |R. L. Gosnell. Christmas Invitation (Choir) — "Oh, Come, iAll Ye Faithful;" "Angels From the Realms Of Glory;" "Oh, Come to My Heart, Lord Jesus;" "Joy to the World;" "Bethei lohem." _ "-*• Tiho -Propheys. -Singing (Olioir and Women's"Chorus) "Lo, Ho*w the fRosebud Springing." "The Message of the Angels;" "Good Tidings of Great Joy" (Tcna Pilkinlon and Women's Chorus) "The First Noel;" "While .Shepherds Watched Their Flocks;" "It Came Upon tho Midnight Clear;" "The Triumph of the Skies (Choir and Women's Duet) "11 ark! The illerald Angels Sing;" "The Angels;" "Canlique de Noel." "The Dark, Silent Town" (Suz- r.nnnc Booth and 1 Choir) "Away In Pleads Guilty in Prescott Officer Slaying PRESCOTT, Aik. CAP)—A Ken tuckian plcadcdi guilty yesterday to a charge of murder in tho-fata shooting of a policeman who ar rcsled him for a traffic violation Tenth in order was one of tlv two new American cnidiiials, Archbishop Richard James Gushing of Boston. The othet, Archbishop John O'Hara c.f Philadal- phia, was 13th. (Each of the new princes 'of the church knelt quickly, kissed the Pope's slipper and then his hand, Each time the pontiff bent low to touch chocks with the new member of the Sacred College. Then for each, Pope John re- A. JA'angcr;" pealed this solemn charge in Lat- (Bethlehem;" the praise ot Almighty God and the honor of the Holy Avoslolic See, receive the red hat, the special badge of a cardinal'.* rank. By this you are lo understand thai you must shew yourself fearless even to the shedding of your blood, in making our holy faith respected, in securing peace for Christian people, and in promoting the welfare of the Roman Church. In the name of the Father and of the Son and uf the Holy Ghost, Amen." While tho Pope spake., two assistants held one of the hroad- jrimmed, flat-topped hats. -~ t-he galero — over the head of the LITTLE ROCK (AP)—The, first •O Little Town of •Silent Night," "Guided By A Star" (Men's Chorus and Choir) "We Three Kings of Orient Are;" "March of the Three Kings." "The Adoration" (by Georganne Lowe and Choir) "Fairest Lord Jesus;" "Oh, Come, All Yo Faith- "Thrice 'Holy Day" (Choir and Women's Chorus) "Sicilian Mar|. tUymn,' 1 Student KiMing Rplice. Mo./, "AP- -- A SI, ' Loujs University 'studwtj 'run over py a ' car arid apparently shot ' three tirqss 1 ' was found dying "Wednesday nighj in a ease that s- ppliejj balfjed,- t . The , student Jfin^es S. Bui' 1 g?, of ' suburban Rje^mond 'cli^ 1 ' Witljqyt speaking. otprigt^ had'J^und him in ,a 5 fo>!.d ju /font of the City P hea,d a \\-cre vvpre topsy-.tpjjay, _ 4 almost were, -from -'a small weapon and 'that half ,woyn,ds ' in tlfc chesl but r ,-„„,;! fteJSUW -^^(Bseppatef. ^febW8!r,& May Get to Deduct Cigarette Tax lew cardinal. The ceremony proceeded quickly, lasting about a minute ior each cardinal, The vast throng was lushed and the pontiffs gtron. Flop towards allowing Arkansas to deduct state cigarette taxes from, thoir federal income tax vvas laken yesterday. The state Legislative Council's voice rang through the basilica, revenue and taxation committee Each cardinal moved awayjvoteci to recommend to the I^gis- without ,his rod nal. They will be Mature a change _m slalo>law to delivered later in the day and never again appear In public until allow tho deduction. Cigarette taxes now aco not the owners are dead. Whc-n a audible because they are indirect cardinal die?,' his hat is .placed j taxes. The committee said It on his? catafalque and then suspended from the ceiling u£ cathedral, hoped to get around this by declaring the tax directly affepts tho Around Town Air Line Strike Costly to Miami MIAMI, Pin. (AP) - The Enst* urh Air Lines strlke t how In Us Mlh day. Is costing Miami area •esorl men an estimated six mil 1 loh dollars a week. The grounded Eastern planes lormally bring 177.000 iinsscnsrors lo l-'lorldn during December, ti company spokesman sold only Ifl >er cent of those can be handled iy other airlines serving the stale. iCaslcrn flights were halted Nov. «!•! when flight engineers and machinists walked out, over wage do* nands. The maehlnlsls. who have •cached a lonlaUve nsrocment-but are polling the union's membership on Its provisions before deciding whether to return lo work. The engineers and company are holding separate conference? with i federal mediator on Iheir dispute. A company spokesman said .here wits no progress whatever "Wednesday. ', ?,.* Nicely. 21, of Londjn Ky,, cntorcd his plea nflcr nine jersons had been chosen for a jury in circuit court here, Judge Lyle 'Brown recessed court until f this .morning wheli c|ucs|,lon(ngV'of,' other prospective jurors will be resumed. The jury must be completed lo fix Niccly's punishmcnl. Nicely wns charged with shooting! Ed Viidcn, 35, in City Juil last September, Nazorene Yule Program Is Sunday p.m. "is Christ In Your OhristmnsV" is the name or the play to bo presented at the Church of the Nazar- one at 7 p.m, Sunday, Dec. 21, Jt is a thrilling story of a newspaper iboy who used his available means to lead jail kinds of people into seeing the true meaning of Christmas. ' Immediately preceeding this presentation, will 'be some readings and ipoems given by children of the church, Alford Plans to Push His Case at Once By GORDON BROWN WASHINGTON (AP — The Hnys-AJford. p I « c 1) i on dispute movnd today toward a possibly Iblller fight that could rock the House. A special HOUSJ commllloe vcl- od -3-2 Wedncjdi/ lo rccamme.id that Dr. Dale A!f.-."l, LUtAo Bock segregationist, tic denied a seat pending u!n Invcstlgalion into charges of irregularities and fraud in his election. The two no volt;/, came from Southerners. Alford, who testified he believer he was elected honestly, promised to push his case at once. Alford entered the November election at virtually the last min- ule. Running as a write-In candidate, hu bent Rep, Brooks flays (D- Ark), an avowed moduralc on segregation,, by about 1,200 votes. The commiUoc'B Southerners, Chairman Clifford Davis (D-Tcnn) ;ind Rnbert"Joncs (D-Ala), agreed the election should bu InvestlgaU cd. But they said Alford should be sooted pending thu outcome of Ihc inquiry. This, Ihey said, would be in line with past procedure, The Southerners were outvoted by Representatives T h o tm a s O'Neill (D-Mass), Kenneth Keating (n-NY) and David Donmson (R-Ohio), The formal clii'V.onge lo Aiford's election camu not from Hoys but from John F. Wells, Lilllo Rock publisher of a weekly newspaper, Wolls lold the committee theie wore numerous irregularities iu the vote. He said .slickers used by the Alford write-in voters wero illegal, and that there were more votes than listed voters in some inbtancfis, and that Gov, Orvul E, Faubus of Arkansas and othors conspired to unseat Hays. flays said that Hncc he is not contesting the election, "it is the sim.plo question oi whcllK-c it was pn honosl election." Hays will be honored tonight at Mikoyan Visit to U. S. Gets Quick Approval WASHINGTON (AP) — THd United Stales promptly ngfccd today lo n Soviet request fof t)en» uty Premier Anasltis I. Mlkoyati, , n close nssocinlo bf Nlkiln Khrush* , chov, to visit Washington dflrly\ luxt month. A State Deparlmenl spokesman added thnl if Mlkoynn was Inter- ' usted In seeing Secretary of StaUS - bulles he certainly assumed Out* IPS would reatllly rccc!v« him. Pi-ess officer Lincoln White said ho could not spcnk for President' , Elsenhower. But In Reneral, ho do elarcd. he astimed that "anyone ''• he (Mlkoynn) wished lo 'see would bo i»lad lo see him." , ,.' . The Associated Pros learned 1 , Weclnosdey nlijhl that Mikoyan had proposed n visit to Washington,to sou Soviet Ambassador Mikhail A. - Menshlkov and that the request , wns forwnrdcd here Wednesday-" for government aetlon by the U.S.- 1 Embassy in Moscow. " ' ,' ' A visit by Mikoyan would"open -<, tip the possibility of high level Soviet-American policy talks, •••" Today White nnnounccd the ro- quest, V.'S. agreement find Indfi,' caled the poslbilily of talks, on- U-ndc — Mikoyan's primary Interest—and other policy Issues. Furf. thcrmore, in reply to questions,,, While said that if Mikoyan wants, to visit some parts of the United States other than Washington, 'T; , 'don't Ihinlc there would--be" »ny.'0. objection to his going." " ""* Texarkana Sends Paper to N,Y, ' T-EXARKANA. Ark. fAPJ—Tho Texarkana Gazette launched Operation airjift today to provide news papers for New Yorkers who have without papers because ul » Charged in Death tif Her Father 'DEDHAM,' Mass, CAP)—-, Socially prominent Miss Isabel Rtfssull, 4. 1 ), is churged with murder in llie^ death ot .her "father, a 'one'llme.^'jp wealthy, .business.* executive,-.,V'rtrf^',«^M? The body ol Joseph 13, Russell,' 74, v.'as found Sept. I under shrub- ,. heiy at the family's palatial' e's- t .' late in Westwood, a fashionable /suburb about 12 miles southwest r <. of Boston, ' \ •>, A medical examination report,,' showed Russell's chest had been', crushed and his back broken. It - > was not until Miss Russelll Iwas , brought lo court Wednesday that '}, it was learned :i police-* investigai '• lion had been under way, r >«',-. Disheveled, and her hair slrlngy\ s after battling with nrresting offl-,' cors, Miss Russell pleaded inno-^,:^ cent before District Court Judge Gilbert W. Cox, Before entering" court, sell suid: "f did not kill my fa*> thcr. I don't know" whal Ihls, is all about, The last time.I saw my- v , father was at .midnight last $cp« -%| tember. The next lima was when.;,? 4 * him lying on the ground ,- a dinner' to pe attended by government oificials, church load- Lrs and others. strike, SQmc 4,000 • copies of today's Cazpttc were t« bo flown to. ad» vqrtislng pxeoutMos, ip New York K. f/usmsan, Copile By The Ster Steff lisher, spid, The operation is to Ije repealed tomorrow, , (> i've always wanted IP publish, the -New .York Times in Tpxar« Uussinun said. "This is as close as we will get." • IN THE 'MHjorCh.cs .- ... ler • Clarence Holloman', LHUc 1 'Major Fuller « he son i ol Mr. and Rpek, .graduate iroro the A^.HJ^^- Ho<ner J'ulJcf oUiopo. . " Cour.sc given by the famous at F«'i Leaven- 1 A Fellowship Degree will be con worth, Kansas on p,c««'f)nbor J'Jjfunt-d by - |je will then return' to Fort Sam Houston •vyljove- ho is an insiruutor in th<? * Army 'Medic^ Sei'"ic'« School, Brooke Army Mc-dieui Cepter , . . Major JJoUwnan t'Jie 'husband ojf-the former putqe, "dawghter of UK. and J, pjitrick Puflie. of they have two children, ' at 1:30 p. m. ail Basons are Lodsc No, »igm . , . to be present, Ginnei\s in lijis area who v.'ej'e at potton cojnpetJUye at Memphis, Tenij. iar cludc4 V, G' Qawett of GranviUc- Duke ot Magnolia, of Fultan wifvano Hope, rk., recently ,e4 in cpmbaV ef|ieieijcy ' Walrher Oefs tv Je for Pay RQCI? QJonn P, vVValthev of Couiv ty took - his first «racjc si feeing governor yesterrifiy, ' §pe«kpi' flf the look the posf after O.QY. Pijybus left for hjonrpe, LJJ., fi spe'ak" at a Uttle RqcH Pijy rally, <The,ghaJn o| w(\\w}ty ?'tves L{. Nathan Gordon and 5,pn. J, " "of lem o| the Senatp, for Jh,e .post feui uoj at Bids Taken on an Ammo Depot UlTh® ROCK <AP> ~ Nubbol?. Construction Co. ot Conway mady the apparent Jow bid of $60,381 yesterday for construction o( an an> munition storage unit at Littjc flock Ai'r Force Base. Army Engineers said three other bjds were received. The project, lo be eompleled in ISO djys, c£j|Js for a one-story concrete building measuring 54 by CO feet, Jt will be used in ordnance operations. Other 'bidders included Ark-Mo,, Construction C<?. 9[ BJytheyjlle, $93,89^ 150 Lego) Deer Kill? in Aihley ORQSSJSTT, Ark. (AP>— AI J5Q legal dpcr kills were made in Ashley Couiny during 1 tho second, half of the stale's deer season wjiich unjied Saturday, unolficUil repprts displosed tqday. Same wardens said fiva Illegal k|i|s> \vcre macie during the period, Ashley Bounty lud the state with 448 iogal -kills in the ilrst hall of the ileer season, Thi? year's total- ot 996 legal hills compares to spy for the county outsido.' Her uncle, Richard Russell, 'for* - N mar mayor of Cambridge and. congressman, "pleaded with, ,ths-^ court that Miss* Russell be com-"'., milted ut once lo a mental instil 11 lutlori for "observation, ',»' /*, • i4 -^ Judg'e Cox denied tho plea anclCfsJ ordered Miss Russel^ jailed until' -$i a decision Is made wJietlicr/sli'e.^"* should bo held for grand juvy^ fiction, , ,- >-'-; Miss Russell was arrested at^ff Brooklino hotel «where she'a.nd'%; sister, Francos,' 48, Jived sinca (hg 1 .., father'^ dpath, •• * v j,- ,'*f Thu victim was a former ner in the insurance firm Obrion, Russell & Co. ' The two sisters were tho ficiarios of their father's will, though once affluent, he left $55,000, Found Innocent in Pedestrsin Fatality . • • 1. •• » • ROOK (AP)-A , old motorist accused of fatally juring a pedestrian during a segregation 'demonstj'atiqn iound innocent yesterday by fjc Judge R, W. Lastcr, Tho youth, pouglas ^, wqy, was charged *5fith homicidyin thp death of Jt, n, Qopdwln. McQoodwIn was strupH Treadway'i? car in downtgwn' tic Rock Sept, 22 while a par#V m xs& of Central Hlih School "' paraded tp show Gov. Qry|l K. against the JT»ubuj'- ' (Jjed » week ''

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