Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1958
Page 5
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Fish, FlesN, fewl AtROSS f fm&it fottl SVeuftf bird 4 8 Plateau it t*eahorh« 13 Ihdigo 14 Soviet mountains 15 Lfefal mattefS Ifjgcefiic JSAHJoVef 20 Raises 21 dliided 22 Bites ti Kind o . 1 High • ' 8 Female horses Charles Lamb the dog" 26 Network 21 Male sWafl 30 Pay ho attention 16 52 Salty 34 Seal Htfotibles S?Mefill6fis i? Poi-ehtless ohe 28 IhdiVidtiaU iQWadihgbltd 29 Sleep Wg 23 Cohie forth 24 Show disapproval 23 KSchShge brettiiUtrt 26 MiHefal sigh&l 37 Story 39 Russian ftews M eney nd of drink 41 Wager 42 Less assetilve 46 Short —*49 Pauses 51 Poem 62 Seed covering 53 Writing tools 54 Inse'ct egg 55 What a rolling stone doesn't gather 50 Swirl . 57Musical direction DOWN 1 Rabbit 2 Female sheep lw Pouhus Won'f Be Witness LITTLTC "HOCK. ( AP)— Apwnreht- lv Gov. Orval E Pnubus will r not be callod as a witn n ss in a soecial lnpi«lative rommitiee'p nrobe' of whether suhyersivp Rc(ivifi«s warn linked tn the state's raoinl .turm- .<|*n, Attv, Gen. JBriiPQ Bennett, who will h^ndJp nueMinnin^ of wR* nossos said Fnutous has not been askPrt to tesljfv "that I know,of," Publin hearinp's, which will )?P televised locally, start, tomorrow. The investigation l^'ftMa&lod to 'enri Thursday or F.rjfto jn t *ii •' Bepnett (ins ycwptf thp,,ni'pbn \vjll not turn into a "wjloM^hwrit," ^ has 'bpen in the ojanning stage , gjpge lusi'Ansust when ihofXil^an- . ftfes legislative Cnuhcjl auihorjsiqd ^ it's specja) educatjoh-cpjiimittee ]ook into th.e rnatteyr/,", s > PJSP, .-RATH, VAN - ^TC, PICK UP 4 • pvs and editing io CARNIVAL 43 LiHes !he tap 41 Maflafefial 42 PcigH 43 Qemtgod 44 Qodtlesi 40Mihd 4? 48 Bflslle Sd Mohkey places SI Sharp respohs* S3 Mfetfifi FLASH GORDON ALLEY OOP YOU'LL N6EO WHO HELPED RM5B f AU AOVAUC6 ON IT IM TROUBLE I NOWi EOIBI t MU£T 5EE WHAT LVTHI3 WILL SEfr DO FOR HIM! ^ BUI, Dl/(/illlr A <»l BIT PART MR, Wgg OPFE^ED ME( MAYBfr "i'm sorry, officer, my wife dltta't see-the light in time for me to stopj'* PKOiCT, ELLBW'5 ROVALTI6S 6HOULP SWEETIE HE Nodine.Seltzer By Kate Osan ^CAPTAIN EASY OH,DEAR.«THE PHOt^E WOULD RING WHILE I'M BUSV NO-COME BACK-IT'S PROBABLY FOR ME-I'LL ANSWER IT >- HURRY, UR. . Tl-fAT PHONI CONVERSATION I JUST SAT'Ofv A.PORCURI ^ MENDING ) I hear her calling. Whose side. are.yoinon art/way?" © "5» b, Mt* Sw*» too' TJ«. R.j. U.S. Pit 0(1. SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith i'* * . >i *'You gonna be in there much longer?" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES IT LOOKS LIKE H/S' HAIR. IS PVED/ PILLOW, S SUPPING WHY NOT DROP HIM . HINT? COMING HOME NOW PRISCIMA'S POP OUT OUR WAY Py J,,R, Williams WBLl, POfJ'T BK/N6 ME /K) Dh) SA 60M&-KIND OP FS5HY 50UP, AWaOR ? HOK'AY.e&P'O^B " (HIS hWNPS WPRE, CLEAN I WHEN HE WAS SCULPTUR V JKfS THE TURKEY ST V you see WHAT i HAVE ^ jo PUT UP WITH " you ' pep WHAT VPU'LL V HAVE TO PUT UP ' WITH POME PAY? PLSE SASSYI 18. ' OOINA WHAT Y<? A SgMiU?. AT lM.infvtm.yi, » IHI t? »W IfnttJ,!»?. Hn^erstahd"Jt,'^Hpm« ht'hem hit wasttpaptr'basket." ( ,r v, UOOKATTHeM French Seem Becked Into Tight £orrt@r 8y*BAVtB MASSN CAP)—Draftee _„ to bp backed iilto S liglll corhef in her stubborn figh! against the feritish plan to titrtl Western fcurope Ihto a free trade France wants to keep British Competition out of the CoffimoH Market, Which goes ihlo opel'slloi! Jan. i with France, West (*<§]'' mahy, Italy, the Netherlands, BelgfiUm ahd Luxembourg 6& -members. *' Britain threatened a trade tt'n? Monday if the Common Market is hot expanded to include the. 11 other West European nations ol the Organization for European Economic Cooperation, The possibility of a trade w.ti' apparently cost France the full support of her Common Market Partners. After nearly 14 hours of nego« tiations, French Foreign Minister ^Maurice Couve de Murville ad- '.Tiitted in substance. "France is isolated." Sir David Eccles, president of 1 the British Boat'd of -Trade, beamed Io reporters. "We are 100 per cent satisfied/', he said. "We've got just what-we wanted," The Common Market 1 institutes its first 10 per cent tariff cutback .Tan. 1. The six will also increase import quotas among .themselves by an over-all figure f of^, 20 per ^eent and quotas on each'Individual ^item will be at least 3 per cent of the national production of the item during 1058, ;, ', Earlier this .tnpnthlKlhc six agieed to extend'.the tariff cutback to most of their..;OttEC., partners and the 20 per cent over-al? quota figure to the other 11 European nations, The 3 'per cent stipulation was not contained in the Common Market-offer. Britain offered Monda'y-to match ^<he Common Market offer • mid "fhrew in the 3 per .cent rule ..for good measure. The negotiators agreed to study possible compromises and "meet again Jan. '15 to discuss • a f re trade area. Informants snid that meanwhile, as a stopgap peace measure, at least some of the concessions offered by the-Common, Market mernbers would ''take .of-' feet Jan.. 1. The Common Market,' formally fitoown as the European Economic Community, is designed to achieve' a hieher standard of living for the 170 million porpons in the six nations by removing all internal' trade barriers while kenoing i uniform barrier against other na- linno The large! Cor achievement of this is 12 to 15 years. Led by Britain and the Scandinavian countries 1 , other West Kuronpan nations fear their trade with thp six nations would be ,lnpt ATind West Euroop would be solit in two economically, Thev \var>' a 'free trade area of all 17. OEEC nations to remove internal barriers while keeping seoarate national baiTier? against trade from out'-ide West Europe. The French fear that letting the British, fid indirectly thf rest o£ Vie British Commonwealth, into their markets would hurt tlip'r own hiph-rice industries, Thpver -fore, iParjs prefers the smaller fpix-nalion group. lfl«ra«tualifliftn%amatiBB

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