Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 13, 1963 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1963
Page 30
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PAGE THIRTY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JUNK Id) ,1903 Object to Tavern in Place of Former Club KDWARDSVILLE - Land use rlrissifications in Madison County's new zoninp ordinance are jxisinp problems for the licensee classifications in issuinc conntv liquor permits, and that private clubs in unincorporated areas are issued the regular tavern licenses of a Godfrey township tavern and upon screening and payment of the owner of a tavern property near Edwardsville who is trying to got a 1963 county liquor permit. Hobert P. Noble, 312 Jefferson Avr., Alton, was issued a county liquor license recently to operate "The Nobles" Tavern near Clifton Terrace in Godfrey Township at a location known as the for- inc'i- Milr-oO-Mo Huntinc and t-Vh- int: Gtib. A group of properly owners in the Ouatoca Rluff subdivision of Goflfrey Township ha? filed a complaint over operation of a t.'ivern at thr location which is now classified as in an "R-J" residential district under the county zoning ordinance for unincorporated areas adopted by the board of supervisors in February, the Telegraph was informed today. Was Private Club Basis of the complaint, it was learned at the office of the county zoning administrator this morn- the annual $300 license fee. The other tavern location af fee ted by the county zoning ordinance is the former "Relax Club, lix'ated on Rte. 1."9 just north west of Edwardsvillc. which ceas eil operation last Dec. 31 when the county liquor commissioner i failed to renew its license. The county /oning ordinance enacted in February failed to (classify the location for commer- jcial pm pox's, because thr tav I ; em then was not in operation i ! Now the owner of the property,, listed as Karl \V. Glasper of Lovejoy, is seeking a county liquor pennit to reopen the tavern. but| finds the property zoned other-, wise than for commercial use, the Telegraph was informed. *> ^ ing, is that the establishment's former operation was as a private club. That information was not supplied when the new operator applied for his county liquoi permit for "The Nobles." a letter to county officials from Count Zoning Administrator Charles J Erspamer pointed out today. Erspamer's letter, copies 01 which were sent to State's Attorney Dick H. Mudge and County Liquor Commissioner Harold Landolt, stated: "Please note that operation of a private club is a special use permit in a R-2 district. However, a tavern, a privately owned tavern, is not a permitted or special use in a residential district." Erspamer suggested that Noble appear for an interview at 1 p.m. Friday before the Madison Coun- Koxana Baptists Have Youth Banquet ROXANA — The Young People of the First Baptist Church had a banquet Wednesday evening at the Airport restaurant and 16 attended. The Rev. Carl Holwerda, J pastor of the Delhi Baptist I Church, was master of ceremon-; ies. A film. "The City of the Bees," was shown and Sam Fleming. | Sandra Lovell and Jackie Eslesj made brief talks. Larry Groberj MARCHING ACROSS MISSOURI POINT Legs for eventual erection of transmission towers which will carry power from a plant not yet built march across the landscape. They were driven into the ground by a piledriver at an angle which will give support to the steel towers. The plant is probably two years in the future, but work has begun near Portage. Dog Hasn't Been Found; Bit Boy-May Be Rabid and Jackie Esies were awarded a Christian book as a prize for the outstanding boy and girl. Oilier adults attending were Mrs. Carl Holwerda and the Rev. A search was being made today for a dog. apparently rabid !which bit a three-year-old bo JMay 31 and which its owner was |unable to shoot because of its appealing nature. y Gibbs, pastor of the First Baptist Church. Return Home ROXANA — Mrs. Rosemary Leathers and son. Scott, left Monday for their home in Myrtle Beach, S. C., after visiting since ty Zoning Board of Appeals. Got Regular Permit Tt was pointed out today that Madison County has no special Mrs. Redell Williai Another daughter, Milford, and daug Wednesday for the Mrs. Patricia iter, Lisa, left The dog was described as, j about nine months old, mixec breed, with smooth, short hair tan color with white on its throat tail, and paws. It answers to the name of "Butch." Mrs. Everett Spa Sr., 620 Olmstead Ave., reported the dog bite to police Wednesday. She said hei son, Everett Jr., had been bitten Grande, Calif, after visiting here since May 16. AT THE OUTSTANDING BARGAINS at the Wild Goose by the dog, owned by Cloyed Boomershine, 630 Sheppard St., after the boy had tried to take a bone away from the animal. On June 7, the police report said, the dog began "shaking." its legs got stiff and it foamed at the mouth. The following day it again took an apparent fit, the report said. Boomershine, the police said, then took the animal somewhere near Lockhaven Country Club to shoot it, but on arrival it seemed lormal again. But as he started .o shoot it anyway, according to the report, the animal looked up at Boomersliine and he was unable to pull the trigger. He drove away and left it. Subsequent searches in the ar- Alton Town Audit OKd l By Board The annual audit report on al funds of Alton township was ap proved by the town board Wed nesday evening after it was presented and explained by R. C Scheffel the township auditor. Scheffel showed the town fund's financial position with a balance of $42,199 at close of the fisca year, March 31, was about $2,500 better than at the close of the year immediately previous. The financial position of the general assistance fund, he said, was about $8,000 higher than for the previous year. The board also checked and approved the May reports of Super- 12th Street Blacktop Scheduled Blacktop resurfacing of E. 1?th Street, from Alhy to Uhprly. was added to this year's pnvgrmn of Want Washington, Collee Widened ,ton Avenue from College Avenue C ° l i!irU inn WUS - V ,. ai> ' * S»'» S«"*t «" d Co 1 "** tmm a 544.000 appropriation. ^ ^^ , o Mnfn gtrfiet js needtxl now. Moore said he will set up com- mitees to work with the city hall Alton street improvement;: whenj he cit jroved Wednesday night. The project was ndoptrd on recommendation of the street re>airs committee after Chairmar James McLaughlin reported the ilans had been revamped to include a concrete "stop slab" immediately east of Alby. The concrete slab, 50 feet long, will add il.200 to $1,800 to the cost, no cording to an estimate of Public Vorks Director Paul Lenz. The project is to be carried out '& The Upper Alton Business Mon's Assn. at its meeting Wed nosday ni.cht decided to adopt s firm policy with City Hall. Hank Moon* chairman of t h e i group said widening of Washing' 'ith motor fuel tax funds mid the ippropriation and design will be ubject to approval by the state division of highways. The project will include remov- il of disintegrated street car the present brick in obtaining the last ights-of-way agreements for the outhside interceptor sewer was ndicated when the council ap- roved a resolution authorizing ies under urface. Progress ea have been unsuccessful so far. ^ Stephen B. Kennedy. On audit, it approved for payment claims of $5,581 for general assistance; and $3,306 in claims against the town fund. Town fund disbursments authorized included fees of the t o w n board members at $10 a month for their first month of service. The total was $170. The town board is composed of the members of the city council, the supervisor, and town clerk. Mayor P. W. Day presided at the board meeting. The boy's father at noon today old the Telegraph that a dog ound at Lockhaven may be the •nissing one and that he was to ook at it. He said in the event hat it is not the dog sought, his on would have to undergo a ser- es of rabies shots. Likewise, if dog at Lockhaven is the one sought — and it is determined to >e rabid hots. the boy will get the lane Guides Coming SANTIAGO—Ground controlled navigation equipment is to be nstalled at Chile's main international airport soon. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Prefab Hospitals KHARTOUM — The Sudanese government is experimenting with the building of hospitals from prefabricated materials. mayor to execute an agree- iment with Hellrung Realty Corp. I for a needed easement. The city will have to make only a token payment of $1 for the easement. Rewiring Contract Let A contract was awarded to Cen tral Electric Shop as low bidder at 51,618 for some rewiring in City Hall to provide for 220-volt serv ice. Camp Electric & Heating Service also bid on the work a $2,600. Bids taken Tuesday by the public works department for materi als to be used in maintenance o: city streets were accepted. As phalts will be furnished by Piasa Oil Transport; stone by Mississippi Lime Co. and Reliance Whiting Co., sand by Mississippi Lame Co., and blacktop surface course materials by Thompson Ashalt Co. The purchases are expected to total about 523,000. Alderman Louis Bowman referred to the traffic committee (1) the elimination of a "hair-pin" curve in the 1400-1500 blocks of Vlaupin Avenue which he said has been the cause of many traffic accidents; (2) placing of stop signs at the northeast and south- vest corners of Walker and Chamberlain Streets; and (3) a stop sign at the southeast corner of Lampert and Glass Street. Referred to the health commit- ee by Alderman Clifford Dabbs vas a resolution that the city take .ction to correct drainage so that a pool south of Elm and near Church street, be eliminated. Dabbs said three boys had been rescued from possible drowning there after a recent rain deluge. He averred the city had a responsibility in the matter because it hud run an 18-inch sewer through private property at the point complained of. and had proposed correction under the bond issue sewer program. Inspections Required Dabbs also obtained adoption of a resolution that on all city contract jobs, city inspectors be provided boeth during construction and after completion. Public Works Director Lenz said city and state law required such inspections and that they were regularly provided. The lights and safety commit- :ee through Chairman James Bailey recommended additional and adequate street lighting to assure safety of pedestrians be provided or Rock Spring Drive, north of Brown Street. The committee re- xsrt was received and filed. Fi- lance Chairman Timmermiere said no funds for lights were presently available. Alderman Dar•ell Riley said the need for better lighting was urgent on account of women going to and from Alton Memorial Hospital. to get these projects started. The need of a 4-lane drive into and out of the Upper Alton area is urgent, Moore said.. "We are losing business because people don't want to inch their way through our The group streets." also demanded action on the parking lot which has been proposed by the off-streel parking committee. The lot is to be located south of Merchant Street between Washington and Main Street. Moore said, "The Illinois State Employment Service Is going to he moved into our area and the need for parking wliich is greal now will become an emergency then." Action on the proposed parking lot was laid over by the old City Council and is now waiting action ay the new Council. Moore declared, "We don't want to die on the vine and we need !he off-street parking." The chairman claimed lack of action by the city will force shoppers to go out of town. PRICE SEEMED RIGHT FRANKFORT, Ky. «ff)) — The property on which the capital city of Kenhicky was built was sold for 300,000 pounds of tobacco in 1792, hortly before Kentucky became 'i state. A local merchant bought the site i'om Gen. James Wilkinson, who earlier had obtained It from Humphrey Marshall, lawyer, writer and later U. S. Senator, for $433. Douglas Smith who has been awarded the key man award by Wood River Township Junior Chamber of Commerce. Ecuadorian Cardinal Unable to Visit Rome QUITO, Ecuador (AP)-Illness tvill prevent Carlos Maria Cardinal de la Torre from attending he conclave that will elect a new Pope, his doctor said Wednesday light. The 89-year-old cardinal suf- 'ercd a stroke last December. Cardinal de la Torre's absence vill reduce the conclave to ft naxinium of 80 cardinals. Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty, who is a •ofugee in the U.S. legation in Budapest, Hungary, is not expect- to attend. gs»^^ STRAWBERRY ANGEL FLUFF l'^v,» Mad food cake (approx. Chfll several houre. Note- Fro*** ******** rnay ZS.uga, «*« boxes (roeen berrtet, MILHO! I so RICH : rr VY^""* 1 ^"*-»°WJW^^*-w' {** as cream or* v Mmmmm marvelous MTLNOTt Use it wherever your recipe caD> for milk or cream. MILNOT M rich in vitamins and proteiiw because it takes a whole quart of milk to make one can of MILNOT. And MILNOT whips into creamy peaks at room temperature, toot j & No wonder they Bay: If cows could...theyd give MILNOT for your free MILNOT recipe book write MILNOT COMPAHY. UtthfieWL Illinois, Box 10 FT. ALUMINUM JOHN BOAT WE WILL GIVE AWAY A 10 FT. ALUMINUM JOHN BOAT —JUNE 17TH —SHOP AT THE WILD GOOSE—YOU MAY WIN! HEAVY DENIM, BIB OVERALLS $499 PAINT PAN AND ROLLER - PAINT - 1.351 Gal. 99«Ga, 96' "Rite-Way" Latex WALL PAINT ... OUTSIDE WHITE TURNER PROPANE FUEL TANKS $119 LAWN MOWER WHEELS . HEAVY DENIM OVERALL PANTS $199 SIX TRANSISTOR RADIOS . . $ 5 97 CALIFORNIA LEMONS 18? 49' LARGE SIZE RED DELICIOUS GARDEN ,| •"™* - . A_L .. I ^-, ••.<T A <0>-^ FRESH!!! CARLOAD SALE ALL SIZES AT LOW PRICES WATERMELONS OR ^ ^^^^Mfl^^^^^H AND I SAVE MONEY HOW SWEET IS! sf^ ICE COLD Get These At NYLON SAFETY SO95 Auto Seat Beits . 0 LAWN FURNITURE WEBBING Choice of Colors . . Type "A" Automatic TRANSMISSION OIL APPLES Father's Day GIFT SUGGESTIONS Here! FISHING TACKLE ELECTRIC RAZORS POWER TOOLS RADIOS WATCHES • HAND TOOLS AUTO ACCESSORIES • POWER MOWERS SPORT CLOTHES • TOOL BOXES GARDEN TOOLS • CAMERAS HALF BUSHEL BASKET CHARCOAL 29 C a BROADWAY & MAIN FRESH TOMATOES 1C 3™59 At Their Best Now! EATING ORANGES GEORGIA SWEET EATING PHONE DU 4-9022 OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY WILD CONVENIENTLY LOCATED JUST 3 MILES E, OF BETHALTO ON ROUTE 140 DRIVE OUT SOON-COMPARE OUR PRICES t INSTANT STARTING CHARCOAL LIGHTER FULL QT. 1C VINE RIPE THE BEST CANTALOUPES 3 59 SEE US FOR THE BEST AND THE LOWEST PRICES ON SWEET GREEN LARGE SUGAR LOAF PINEAPPLE |C t«h STRAWBERRIES FRESH DAILY! PEPPERS 1 EC 1 BASKET I W m BROADWAY AND MAIN ALTON, ILL DRIVE-IN PRODUCE MARKET WE SELL WHOLES ALE 2530 EAST IROADWAY

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