Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 13, 1963 · Page 29
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 29

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1963
Page 29
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THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE TWENTY-NINE Grim Outlook for Racial Situation After Evers Killing EDITOR'S NOTE - A Negro leader, Medgar ,W. Evers. died early Wednesday !of an assassin's bullet in the back.' Associated Press writer Relman Morin, who lias been awarded two Pulitzer Prizes for his reporting, analyzes the possible effects of the slaying on civil rights drives, interracial communication, white moderates and the extremists. By RELMAN MOKIiV TUSCALOOSA, Ala. i/Pi — The grim potentialities for the whole nation in the killing of Medgar W. Evers, liighly placed Negro leader, are particularly evident in the South today. Southerners see the dun^oi 1 of strong Negro read ion sctli.ig up a strong counte.rreadion among the. white populace and if that happens, as a Southerner pu f it, "All hell will break loose." Evers, Mississippi field secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of CYiio' People, was shot in Ihe back shortly alter midnight Wednesday. Me died 50 minutes later. In the aftermath of his death, the outlook for the deeply aggravated struggle over civil rights in the United Stales appears to he taking these forms: I. Increased aggressiveness among Negro organizations in the drive for full civil rights. In numerous major cities. Negro leaders were In meetings. Telephone calls around Ihe nation frequently brought the answer, "He is in conference." After one such meeting, Arthur L. Johnson, Detroit NAACP offi- cia, said: "The result of Evers' death will be intensification of Ihe drive of Negroes to achieve what Medgar wauled." '2. Several Southerners spoke of the possibility of white counier- roaction. Louis Eckl. editor of Ihe Florence (Ala.) Times, said: "This is the danger: that people will stop thinking and start shooting. Gen- eially speaking when you have a violent tiling like this it firms the Negroes up. It i.s a hignly explosive situation and liable to cause them to become more extreme in their actions and thinking, and could lead to disusier." 3. Newly established lines of communication between the races in the South are under severe strain today, if riot actually broken down. In many Southern cities, moderates of both races have gradually been restoring eornniunicaiions in an effort to find peaceable solutions to the Negro demands Jor equality in the schools and in other facilities. These gains are threatened today. 4. Evers' death appears to he a severe setback for moderates of both races and an encouragement to extremists on b.ith sides Both white and Negro o said they believe the Bla lims would "make immense capital out of this." "It's made to order for them," a Negro leader said. 13 in Jersey and Calhoun Draft Quota i JERSEYVILLE—Thirteen men i will be called to fill the Julyj quota for the Selective Service! Board in Jersey and Calhoun counties according to information received this week. The Jersey County call is for five men for induction and five for examination. In Calhoun County, one man will be notified to report for induction and three will Steel Union Pushing for Sabbaticals B,v SAM DAHSON Al' Business NCMS AnaKnt I forth in the can company eon-|ic;ils. or longer annual vacations, I tracts, calls for 13 weeks of paid jor shorter work weeks, means (vacations every five years for:that many more 1 in line for fringe I employes with 15 years or more | benefits. These rantre from pen- seniority. This is an additional tojsions to health insurance, to ;in- tlir usual vacations in other years.:employment payment charges, to If the steel industry M«IWS. olh-;l' aifl vacations. er unions may be expected to try And fringe benclits have been ; to reach like contracts in many i gelling more emphasis than; fields. I straight wage scale increases in| I The sabbatical idea is put forth NEW YORK (API— Sabbaticals|»s one of several lalx>r progiams for industrial workers as well as'f°'' combatting unemployment. like labor negotiations in rrcenl vears. But the unions see the sabbati- as one of their best schemes Rail Clerks Charged With ~ Violations CHICAGO iAPi — Counsnl for two Chk-aijo fu- initial railroads professors is becoming a top union goal. lion. ; The trip Examining for physical e.xarnina-j The United Steelworkers America union i.s expected to re- to the Armed Forces and Induction in St. Louis will he made by chattered bus on July 25. The Muslims are a Nesjro ex-i ' tremisl organization which aflvo j stol ' f> facilities. cates complete separation of ihe 1 "But when the Negroes races. Muhammed L'li.jan. their li'ader, told The Associme.l I' in Pheonix. Ariz., last week that the white man is "the essence of evil." Another example was a white 1 Birmingham, Ala., biisines»inan. Hn said he had been prepared to •igree to desegregate downtown demonstrating, I said I would be damned if I would give mem one inch," he said. In these respects. levers' death has dealt a fearful blow to the efforts of members of boih races to find an accommodation tor the anguished struggle over civil rights. i. It's a spread-the-work plan. shorter work weeks, earlier re-1 they j lirements. longer annual vaca-i-' 0 '' (ions, and various schemes foi for combaltinu the unemplovment lav to increased automation. i™d security is a big thing this . V( ' al ' con- veal won next week whether it has' lronin K ollt the UpK Hlld downs of Sml "' OX| "'" S such extended vaealions' cmploymenl '" indllstl ' ius U ' i1h siibbatical leavp plan of the from the major steel companies. ! st1 ' 01 ^ t '- vclical patterns - (companies will cost about This union got sabbaticals ac- Managemani's chief objection!cents an hour when it goes copied by American Can and Con-;»« s been the cosl - Someone elsej^fW » px( tinental Can companies last falli nils lo '"' P iiid wllil<1 1hl ' older i^.ved while for their :!2,000 union members. !employe—also being paid—is en- rearranged. the The steelworkers have pushing hard to extend this to the basic steel companies in the nego-'''' s '"K tialions that have been going on charg for weeks and which are set to i (s (>r reach a climax in the next few! days. beenLi°- vill K his 13 weeks off. The extra' - Slr(>l company xpensc is added to a long list of i insisted that in d clerks 1. a b o r against the carriers tract negotiations were in progress. ^ in Attorney .Martin M. Lucenter. "'- reiircsenting the Chicago and "'to'Western Indiana and the Belt January—it was de- Rnilway of Chicago, made the plant .schedules: were ., mls ;;,tjons Wednesday during a hearing in L'.S. District Court broken off The slnkr lasted onl\ hours, him ever, and uas olf b> union officials after porarv restraining.' order sued against Ihr i-lerks b\ District Court .indue •Indue ,fo.-c|>h S. P>TIA. heai'ing the raihoads suit injunction, said he exp>' freight and ter- KJU , , )js n] , |nt , tod;l> B(|| { has charted thatjjh,. joMvaiiiinu ovder \\ill i violated the Rail;in effect until Friday t« Act by striking iHlhrr side an oppm luniiv peal if they arc not •• his ruling. In his argument the National Mediation Boaid pn- » feu ; tried the dispute May 31, but the c-0i?d union proceeded \\ith the strike i tern Ihe following day. This, he said, I.HS is- was a violation of 'he Railway a I'.S. I.alioi 1 Act. Milton Kramer, counsel for the •A in i :s union, ^aid the railroads notified for an Hit union in April that they int' j nd- •l< to "d to make certain changes in i,. -.'lid the |X)sitions of clerks without i-i-.iv'.'ir negotiations. Kramer said this •_M\r uas a violation of the P.H : l\vay ,ip- Act. led u lib \ number of issues n\'" in- V(M\(^| in Ihe dispute, including ill,- ^.,K\ wor : ; rules. executives have w |ieiv Ihi' their companies .„, injunction to costs that push production ilhc t-osts would run 12 to Ij cents t , if , rks ?s higher and squee/e prof-| iin ho111 '- And they complain thai boost prices, or both. !«>sts alread.v are too high. Costs ; are restrain the ICxIcndcO Vucations The sabbatical leave, as i Another factor 'creased number is that the of employes sell Ihe payroll because of sabbat- STOCKHOLM — Swedish are complaining Unit from resuming the strike. The clerks, members of the I Brotherhood of R a i 1 w a y and skiersjsteamship Clerks, Freight Han- (uvo- rite runs are being ruined by foreign tourists. dlers and Express and Station Employes, struck the railroads June after negotiations wen Children's Canvas Leather Shoes DUKE BAKERY Hl!l Hrur> — Oilil HO 2-'J!fii FRESH BAKED GOODS DAILY We Specialize in Wedding and Party Cakes NELSON DIETSCHY'S MARKET SAM-'OIM) AT MAIN ST. HO 2-OMM Phones HO 2-OliUA B-B^Q S!iuce,^l5^o/..~.iiir 28c Old JuilKe .... .j^. II). OOC Velveutw Cl'ii'nsc. . ..2 Ibs 7(to iUfrTKR, qiiiirtfirs. . . .Ib 78c irCrniun" TopphiR a/ip_oz/57c SI'AMr "J2 m can 7. .'. . . . . 45c Roy iiol7]s"Wriip, 25 f ^.-jj^ 3 " Iloy. llmtvy Duty. . . .^. . .«5c Juice.. .. ..... 3»c 41 $1 S. 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