Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1958
Page 2
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Page HOPS STAR, MePti ARKANSAS THREE FACES OF LOVE by FAITH BALDWIN i) IIS) l> fo.it, t«ld*lft i 1 , tHE STORV: Hof>« SHd Adam have just discovef-ed that Marty, 6 Widow, Who IS .Adam's buil- Hess partner, is in love with Hal, Who Is abaut 20 iotiriger than Marty, Mu» bliOibof»d by NIA Slfvkl, lAi nt:hfi ' Ilr thouuht When there's a pro limnrl. \alid liptvl whfil's You ht'vrr know f rnulrl have found hei in a night cli.b or ori a tennis court. '-.Don't tell me about you,- hidious past." end hi« wiff r nn- forlnbly sealed upon ms lap Mnrly and Hal were married in a small church, with very fr-v present, II n p c slond with the britlc nn-.l Afl.'irn wilh UK- bridegroom. No one gave ihp bri':K> Mao Ousted in China, Says Tokyo Report By NAtfe ^OLOWEf2KV eomtn'ir.iquc sought to Fet at rofl repoits that grumbling over thf communes was a factor in Mao'^ decision. Thf communiqup declared the commune program to speed Up f)j od tirt ion will br cnrried on. News Briefs CAP) The London newspaper sponsoring an attempt to cioss the Atlantic by balloon said today it is confident the Hiy Is going well. TOKYO Txc-tung is * CHAPtEB XIV "People would laugh a( hoi." said. Hope forlonly. "She wouldn't heat- thorn, darling. She's n leasonabk 1 woman and she would have taken ,il) thnl into consideration first So, ii it's, worth it to hei—" "They'll sny he married her because he needs a motln'i "Perhaps. But 1 don't hold wilh Hope- s-.-iid. Ihink vi>u IT ,>IT'. I'm f<> i sli Still 20 nwfl.v She anu> he r s f I f I eltTfiVman who m.iint-r' I coulil was old pnd g t> n I 1 c. The , ^ . . . ,. +* * down fl s President oi" Red Peiping cnnfirfned nn-nii. , . . . ,, . He had b »* '<• "i<=i«tnd he is still boss. INT." if you i "Darling." hf sr.id gently, "you ncodtit bo, I'm certain of that ' f aid Thov fl ii shed suddenly. ( didn't t It i n k i)' inlkcrt to them a w,-«-k or so ha- k "'P>" 4. we**, fore the wedding ftr only. "Are you sure'/' had said they were. Mad a«!<Pr| ™P ' and tht-y I L " lls inriio Iri China s 600 hrtil- in on the news. The shift sny he married her for was reported last weekend oil ! mosa. and Warsaw diplomats got , „- Ul -,.„,„-,. : caJifirmation Tuesday. which outside help had boon en- Despite Peipingi's disclaimer. Later Adiitn drovo thcin • Uifi-n was a ft-flina in Hong Kong, SMo ' There- was which Hopo .1 small breakfast domiciled and r nt iiiono> 1 Tliat would br interesting and,'io Iho airport |-,rnvo Hirir ii.'nnrnnro Yours too, | When it was limr- to go. Mnrly that Mao is being downgraded by Susan ll.-ivc you fn.-|;ntion who I went upstairs with Hope Iho. Communist apparatus dml Will Hal's f.ifhor was? HP could have | "You and Adam are wonder eventually be stripped of power. bought .lim out overv odd Ttics i^ul; we're so ui ntrfi'l." She This opinion is based largely oil Seoul and Nationalist Poi-mostt chiun-.e. Mill WPS his only child." lliip< s'nretl nt him. She ssiid. I had f'irnntten fnther or mother complex in ' day and never mi.«ed tht small | Uirned on the dress-iiifi-tabl" bench reports of popular resentment if! •' ' ------- " •"- ........ ' ...... -• ' " ' ...... ' " !o lool; at the younger woman. I China over the rommttne system, Her movement wn? brusque and which deprives the Chinese of angular, "t know what you feel their individuality and puts them for someday, if|nnd think about this. I know wh.il : to live in communities whore their you fear, and 1 know. too. you every action is subject to strict are fond of me. Don't worry, i order* from above. Hope." She smiled with un esplie- I Peiplng's broadcast tod*v gave it radiance. "It will be all right. ".no clue on Mao's successor but .For the first lime Hopp began ' snerulntion has centered around to feel thai perhaps it would. She i Marshal P'ui Teh, now vice chair- find Adam hfld dinner out that j man of the government. Chu. at evening. "1 do pray." she said, j 72. is seven years older than Mao, fill rflnii-iagcs of disparate ages It could just be as simple as love." ,"Lovc'.s hot simple. Anyway. \vluit makes you think ho loves he d like it I nvght havn a part- ln'r or thai she loves him 1 '" net And this is a good hoy. You I Stnv them looking at each ? n - K \ * n ymu-self. He's Inherited a flair from his father as well as It«''s sound, and in- It I didn't know Why Be Satisfied ... WM Less TKan The Besf? — Buy A New —• POULAN ; POWER SAW I — From — W. D. HULSEY ! Washington, Ark. "Try These and You Won^ Own Any Other tlie money, terested. ' Interested you ] might think you were going along with this because of," she said flatly, "business." "I believe that if ever Hal decided he liked our set up he'd aslt lo buy in M:irty or no Marty," had said they were "Hut the whole tiling troubles me " "Love." said Adorn, "is a very odd manifestation. Who would i-vc-r have thought I'd find a girl in a garden, like original ancestor for whom I was named? SHIP STRICKLAND To All Points Other Than Those In Ark. CALL HARVEY ALLEN'S SERVICE STATION PRospect 7-9963 FOR DAILY PICKUP SERVICE that she'll be happy serves it " "What about Hal?" "He's nice,' Hope said, She de- | They have long been comrades' irrns "and clever. Considerate loo. and very good looking; also he seems lots older than his age. But I'm not thinking about him." "Unless he's happy, sh» won't be," Adam said. Martys marriage caused the mild stir, conversation, p.nd lifted eyebrows which she had anticipated bill not for long; the Fearful of undermining the Red Chinu regime or even planting the seeds for a possible revolt,''the Communist party Central Commtl- tee emphasized that Mao was stepping down voluntarily. Mao's four-year term as hcafl of government expires in Janiv nry. But he will remain in the powerful post as chairman of the Communist parly. The People's 'Congress meets in Peiping The Chinese loaders used cau- The Dally Mail said radio eX- i their communique to avoid j perls thought weak radio batteries were the reason no signals had been received liom the four British ballonists since Monday, the ballon Small World last ie- ported Monday from about B20 miles southwest of the Canary days before, Its destinalion is Barbados, 3,000 miles away in the firltish West Indies creating even the slightest irrtpli cation that Mao was forced out because of any errors. The 6"-year-o)d leader of the Chinese Communist revolution has been pictured as the gll-kfiowth{* puidc and counselor Who makes no mistakes. Much of* the lightly legmiehted structure of Red China has been built around this picture. Any clouding of the picture could cause cracks in the Cam* munist control system. This would be especially true if there Were any hint the change involved controversy over the new commune system, which is smashing rev* ercd family traditions lo force people into work camps. Foreign Minister Chen VI. ttt telling the diplomats of this change, admitted the Chinese peo- 1 pip would be disturbed by a. m., ihe Queen requested ihS eha cha. She dahced if wilh her husband while the hired heltf joined in. P*AfUS (At 5 '—A rare hurricahef swept most of France Tuesday night, leaving at least nine dead and thousands of dollars of dnm> age. (AP) — Buckingham Palace bounced to the beat until 2 a.m. today and Queen Elizabeth ii joined the hired help in f .he cha cha. tt was the annual party for U16 pjilace household staff. The Queen, Prince Phiiio, Margaret and Queen Mother Elizabeth danced almost nonstop for three hours. Just before she left news, /dhen repeated, said the i tit 12:15 decision would be announced in a way "to banish all fear and ajv | prehension." Indications are that this will be with Allied military progress, replied: "II would be wrong to conclude that there was i'.ny optimism or done by playing! up Be rnd onal lhnl_ there "".any °piirn,sm °r Chinese reverence for the scholar.! Pessimism. Realism would be a mt. _ , . . ., . .tt hi»1tpr wni'f . Tlie ooople apparently wilt be to that Mao is relinquishing one post to devote more time to study and writing. Yugoslav Communists said privately, however, that Mao had lost influence and power, Opinion was divided in the Yugoslav capital whether n more moderate or more extreme 'factions would succeed Mao. State Department officials in Washington were reported convinced that no policy change was involved and that Mao still controlled Red China. But Chinese span of people's interest in other i monln to e \ ec ( the chief of gov- (Nationalists on Formosa speou- peoplc'£ .business is mercifully , O1 . nmonl Uited that Mao, in trouble at home and in relations with Soviet Premier Ntkita Khrushchev, was slipping. The Nationalists did not expect policy changes either. short. But for the first tim* in a long while Barbara telephoned Hope and asked her it' (hey couldn't lunch in town. Foreign diplomats .drew varying impressions from Mao's retirement U.S. and British foreign officials took the view that Mao remained j however. , ,, , l.V»UJ\ Lilt V I V »% vitHl iiitiv* iii,*iii,i»«»^v. They met on a cool roof top | as powc) . ful ns over . S ome ,dip ST. t'tEttttfc. St. Pierre el Mt« quelon (AP) — These Hhy .wihdt swept islands off the south cdasl of Newfoundland have decided In 1 remain a tci-rilory of Frarice. Franco's overseas leri-ildries flf? given the option under the heW eonstilution of retaining their stat* Us, becoming self-goVernihM Within a heW FrertcH comtntitlity of fully integrating 1 with France. Antifreeze Forty" ' Leaves One Dead WfiST NEWBURY, Mass. (AP)Orte girl died alid three boys Were hospitalized today as a consp- quence. police taid, of drinking ar.lifroeze during a lockage party in the belief it wns a liquor, Carol Cui'ry ( IT, daughter at West Newbury's former poiii thief, feueli Curry, Hied Mondaf nifht in a Boston hospilal. flic- \titif Was at her hbrne Saturday night. Kichard Keilet, 17. of Mefrimac Jost his Sisht temporarily. Peter Bent BHe'ham Hospital, Boston, reported he had regained it today Twd other boys,- tiehe TraitoTl, J, and Thomas OSkihSon, 11 both of West Newbury, art? liatt* as "fait-ly good" in a Newbllry- port Jiospilal. Aullioi-ities Were lold thai Ihd gfeeh-colored fluid was ill a whisky battle and that the yottrtgsicV* nought il was clerrie de iriehtiic?! Not Until the Cllfiy glbl beeamo Hi-Sunday; Was il khoWrt what ihe teenagers had Cdhsumed. confident thai the Soviel wall not risk war over S FOR A WIFE WHOSE HUSBAND « I LOVES AND UNDERSTANDS HER! g g • If your wife has a weight problem, the one Xmas gift that will 5 J g|, make her happiest is a lovely, new figure. This Christmas, JJ thousands of husbands, will actually ft give their wives a beautiful new rt figure with the famous Stauffer g Home Reducing Plan. 5 The heart of the Stauffer Home Plan S ic tlm mnfn,»(yAr4 "IVl^Ml^ Cminh" IK the motorized "Magic Couch' pictured at left. For more information about this most wanted Christmas gift, contact: MRS. DORTHIA CAMP Route 4 — Hope, Ark. " '' Phone 7-2012 Where there were growing flowers, a fountain rising and tailing, and an orchestra playing softly. The food also was coo! and delicious. Barbara was brown as wet sand and against the color her eyes were quite 'uniuoise. "No hard feelings?" she asked. "Not any more," said Hope. "Bygones and all thnl sort of thing? Dan's happy with Alex Simons," Barbara said, "I don't suppose we'll ever be rolling but. speaking of riches, weren't you terribly ' surprised about Marty and that boy?" "Just at first," Hope answered. "You never knoss', said, "when n woman Barbara her ago will go off the deep end, Toll me about the boy.' / "Tell you what?" "Well, I've never seen him and lomats in Communist Poland fell that Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev had a hand in the maneuver—or ai least welcomed it. Mno stands as a potential rival to Khrushchev as the high apostle of world communism. The Chinese Communist party's or three years don't figure. How do you and Adam feel about it?" "We feel fine about it." "Well," said Barbara, irritated, "but you would stand.-up for her. You have lo of course,' Still, she hadn't quite said..that Adam knew upon which side, hia bread could, be butt.or.ed. Hope said evenly, "I. think Marty can take core of herself. Adam and I like Hal, and we ar.e i understand he's only 25.>" j very fond of Marty," i" "Twenty-eight,, I 'think,' said | "Dan absolutely sheared 131</pe. ' , jpm," said his wife, I "With that difference, a couple . To Be Continued) 'f •&<- J .-'£tf.l^^ 1/2 PRICE • TOYS 1/2 PRICE • TOYS !/2 PRICE • TOYS Vz PRICE | nt Of Toys Ya Price ALL SMALL APPLIANCES - 25% OFF i G. E, — VVestinghouse - Sunbeam — Toasters — Mixers — Coffee Makers - Irons - Electric Skillets - Electric Blankets 8 PC 2; End Tables 1 G of fee Table 2 Xamps Chair Sofa Bed Picture Bookcase' Box Springs - Jnneriprina, Mattress » Double Dresser f 2 Lamps • 2 Pillows Deluxe Kelvinator ELECTRIC RANGE Was 329.95 - Sgye-8Q.QO NOW Deluxe Hot Point ELECTRIC RANGE Wgs 309,95 - Sove 120/00 HPW Fully Guoronteed! Admiral RAiiaS &#$ y«iue ^llF.y5 '^W,^* ™W ri wS\', . Commander of NATO Asks for More Weapons By GEORGE MCARTHUR PARIS (APJ— NATO's supremo commander in Europe, U.S. Cen, Lauris Norstad, pleaded with tho Atlantic 'Pact 'COimtrie today to move quickly into missile .rearmament. In a strong presentation to the foreign ministers of the .15-nation alliance, Norstad outlined present strength and future needs in the face of 'Soviel military swaggering, primarily over Berlin. Informed. .Sources .said Norstad told the secret gathering his military command needs intermediate-range American guided missiles as soon as they 'can be placed on the -European . bases from which they could reach the Soviet Union, Only Britain has thus far accepted these mi'-ilos. The Italians are close to signing a similar agreement, French delay on acceptance is the bis stumbling block to stettin* what Norstad considers nn adequate force of missiles in Europe. Norstad's sneech was described as sober and serious, A NATO spokesman, asked if the ' com m a n d or expressed satisfaction Notice No. 8162 In the Chancery Court of TIempstead County, Ark, PANSY ELLIS .............. Plaintiff ' vs. EDWARD LEEJ ELLIS Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant, Edward Lee Ellis is wfliwl to o?5oear in this court within thirty days and answer the rnmplflint of the Plaintiff, Pansy Ellis, Witness my hand and the sea) of said court this 1st day of December J958, PLAT? A BVF.RS Clerk ' LAUTERBACH, D. C. (SEAL) Pee. 3, 10, 11, 24, J058 Leool x sip} Jn the Chancery Coyrt of County, Ark, SWEET ...................... - ..... Plaintiff - \>s, QFOBfiE ELJLJQTT SWEET ............. ,.„. Pefendant WABNIJN6 9BB£B Th,e defewignt, Gforge El?:o|f Swept 5« warned te appear in thi$ ppvu't wHhin thirjy^ays and answer the ppmjdnlnt of ' the PJaJijtif|, Witness my hand apd the seal of eovuH this 1st day af Pf eember biMter woi'fl.' Before Norstp.d s|3ol<c. many of the delegates displayed little or no sense of urgency toward the stt'c-ngthening of land forces or equipning them with missiles. For one thing, U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles had told them Tuesday with the statement that "our military advisers are absolutely Union Berlin." Soviet warnings of nuclear war if the West insists on continued access to West Berlin were termed by Dulles "empty threats which ought not frighten anyone." Norstad also appealed for speedy fuinilmpnt of NATO plans for 30 full strength combat-ready divisions in Europe plus 100 battalions armed with short-range, tactical missiles by 1963. So far the NATO force-lacks half of the divisions, due chiefly to the lag in West German armament and the diversion of most French strength from Europe lo fight Algerian rebels. 'A 'military report to the NATO ministers warned that the Russians -could launch a missive attack without resorting to weapons of mass destruction. Informants said the Russians could throw one million men- into a central European attack. Soviet military power was mated at 17 line divisions of'22,- 500,000 men, 20,000 planes und 500 Stereo-Phonic Phonograph Automatic 4 speed record changer, portable Hl»FI, Equipped, to play Stereo records. $89,95 Matching Speaker .i. r 16.95 ' MONTGOMERY WARD'",'' CHRISTMAS SPECIALS You can't afford to m lit. Come by and make your'ap- polntment early.. . ' / JANELL'S BEAUTY SHOP; West'Av'e. B and'MaVgaret'St.', CORNER STORE 2nd & Main Sts, Open Every Day, - fr $$&• /«|l%VkiA'C >wS?v-^ MAi S£E OUR TOYS • Plenty of .^^-yr^jbogs 2.99, Sissy Blouses r * , .' ) ' ii ' i • Sizes 7 to 14 Blouse 249 TITLE 1 (Home Improvement) HOME LOANS • Conventional. : -'. •/ FHA Build — Buy — Repair — Remodel — Refinance i Ours la a 'local institution, owned and operated by. local people, and we're-here to' help YOU with your loan problems. We have many facilities and'we'invite you to use them. ' FRED O. 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