Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 17, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 17, 1958
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To City Subteribtri! II you fail to get y&ur Star pleasi telgpr16R§ ?*343I by 6:30 p. m t and a speglat earHif wilt deliver ysur paper, 60TH YEAR: VOL'. 60 — NO, 55 itar «» MSB*, For Weather Reports See gdfuftm a! Beffdm e? TWs . , II, HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 195S CAPTURED -^-,'San Diego, Calif.,. detectives clamp hand- • cuffs on 16-year-old Carl Eder, left, suspected In the killing of Mrs. Lois Pendergast and her' four children Deo. 12 In El Cajon, Calif. Eder was captured by,off-duty patrolman John E. Donohue, right. Police say Eder' confessed,' almost Immediately to part of the crimes. — NEA Telephpto',' Reds Penetrated 4 State Colleges, Probers Told By JOHN R. STARR LITTLE ROCK (AP)— A former employe of the House Un-American Activities Committee testified today that the University of Arkansas, the College of the Ozarks and three Negro institutions in the state "have been successfully ^sn«l rated" by Communists.' J. B. Matthews, appearing as a witness at the legislative , investigation into possible Communist influence in Arkansas' racial troubles, said ' the Negro institutions were Arkansas A&M College at Pine Bluff and Arkansas Baptist College and'.'Philander Smith College, a Methodist-supported institution both at. Little Rook. Matthews, under questioning by Ally, ,Gen. Bruce 'Bennett, said his 0sllmbny did not imply- that tho colleges and universities identified were controlled by the Communists nor that certain ,1'aculty members he had in mind worn Communist Party members. Some, though, he said, were unwitting dupes of the Communists through membership in Corn- munist-fronl organizations, He testified that the Southern Conference Educatoin Fund dKCEF) had engineered incidents or violence connected;-with— racial integration at public * schools, He named 51 Negro institutions and 94 white colleges and Universities in the South as having ope or more faculty members connected , with the SCEF, ; , , ' - ' , Their membership, ' apparently, was his basis , for- the statement that the- Arkansas colleges' nc jiamed were penetrated by the Communist Party, - > •LITTLE ROCK (AP) «- Ally. Gen, Bruce Bennett's probe into alleged communist influences in Arkansas' racial troubles goes into tho second vound today, no Indication, what ground_.w<U covered, „ y ' ° ,''.<" • The investigation d,U3; ye'sjej'day into connections pelwoevM'Mrs, L, C. Bates, Arkansas president of Ihe National ' Assn.tjor, Uie vancewent of AT&T Worker Dies in Train Accident POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (AP) Gilbert E. Peters, telegraph service supervisor at Little Rock Ark., for American Telephone & Telegraph, was killed yesterday trying to board a moving train. The 53-year-old Peters grabbed a hand rail on the ti ain's rear car and was thrown beneath the wheels, Physicians at a hospital said the train ran over Peters arm but he died of a, skull fracture. Peters was en route to Cincinnati for a convention and was traveling with' Fred M. .-,• Evans, central office chief 'for , the AT&T at Little ^Roek,v.,C-'». > <'•'• •'>*•<**• «f - Hs# Evans '~sai'd"*hcV and 'Peters' left the train, a -Missouri Pacific,' to eat and returned late. Evans got aboard safely. Peters' survivors include his wife, Nan, and a daughter Carol Ann, a student qt the 'University of Arkansas al Fayettevillo, AP&L Official Speaker at CC Banquet William M, Shcpcrd, vice president of Arkansas-»,Powcr & Light Co., fxill be the featured speaker at the annual membership meeting and banquet of the Hope Chamber of Commerce, it was 'announced today by President Jack Lowe. The event will be held on .the night of Jan. 22 at the Hope -High School Cafeteria. Tickets will not go on sale until after the first of the year and will be in charge of Dr. S. W, Strong, chairman, Chamber of Commerce officials were gratified when 'Mr, Sheperd confirmed the ' speaking dale in Hope, partly due lo'the fad the city,will have unlimited electrical power by next April •!>when the new'AP&L lines' ai-e completed, •New committees are toein set up under Presidentelect-John L, Wilson, and one of the first, drives in the new year will be for BO new momtoers,- The "present 1 «C of C roster numbers 180, ^ *'& W- • __liiir—— 82 Persons Die in a Colombia Store Blaze BOGOTA. Colombia (AP>— Fire bred panic in a Bogota department store crowded with Christmas shoppers Tuesday night and sent scores of panic-stricken men. women and children to death. Officials said 82 persons were killed and 50 injured. Most of them made a fatfil wild scramble for a rear stairway that led only OftLfiANS, La.' (A^)-A helicopter pilot line! lo drtrtgo two trains 'In picking U|) three shivering pipeline crewmen Tuesday nipht ft-om icy Lake Ponlehar- to a mezzanine. Some died with toys In their arms. Others kneeled as if in prayer. v "The panic spread very quickly," said Alberto M&zuera, the., rrtanagor. Explosion of holiday light? had fired the clothing of salesgirls and sent a curtain of flam cacross the center of the long 1 , narrow store:, named Vida, on Soptima Can-era avenue near the Capitol. Mazucra said customers started bolting when they saw the salesgirls' clothing afire. Those in front of the store had easy access lo the street, About half of the dead were cra> ploycs of the store. The remainder were mostly women shoppers, It was estimated 10 children died in the fire, which raged for two hours before being brought under control. A 16-year-old girl was found alive beneath a mass of bodies on the stairway. Her condition was critical. Msmt>*f: fh8 AiiacUfgrf PrtH 4 Aadll ftuftau Sf £rfehla?tSHI At, H*» Paid tlfel. 8 m»l. tltJlftl i.-M. 39, HSI ** 3,4*8 >;vi pRiei s§ SSPY','I: # i.v.r'l *;? Helicopter Pilot Dodges Two Trains Lt. Cmdr. Charles Maj'ds had set hip Coast Guard helicopter rlown on the only firm spot nenr the bdach— between double tracks at the Southern Pacific ttniiroarf. f Two trains appropchcd from ajv posite directions. Mayes want aloft Until the trains passed, then re- lumed to pick up (he men and lake them to a hospital, The crewmen swam nshorc lo summon help after their crewbonl began sinking. The cruwboat was less than a inilc from shore on a return trip from a pipeline laying Hlto across the 25-mile-wlde lake. Six Persons in Family Die Poisoning « vancewent of Cplpre^^pcojJle, i two persons peiwl(<!sal'd, j werg Communists, , V' ' t,iJ, .' * T ? 'The attorney genep'aV'cUpciifjVB witnesses, on the operiin,g"Wy ' of hearings, before tho ^vKansas^eg. 'jsjativc Council's .special ';gdU9a ? ion coniHtee, - - '.''<<- ^" ; ' - iion Three of ihe witnesses f,les{if(§d about Mrs,. Bates' §n4'.-fi e 2H al ' | i 1 fanner and fca<jlislay ? .pBRhjisr>ky, 'former Arkansans . j^entiflcsj i fl? Gonij-nunlsts, iylii?h s)iowe4 Mrs, Sates-,, Farmer 'ancj ' Puslika,rsky on thp stale 'Papjtpj 'steps wllh JJejU'y Wflll^f'O, the- Prpgressjvc- Party }9|8 pr^sU pepliaj candidate, ' , ' jaefloett- said tho-ponneption bo- iwoon Mrs, ggjes ' unfl \thf Qthars \vould' b,e osployecl -^lar-, • ' Secretary of 'States p, p. HaJl, p u 1 a s Is i ChancpHoy Quy B- ,WiJiia)ns ' and. JJobprt « 8le ppiplpyoi wei-e c §tjfy;ab.out NAAGP Gives Answers to Prosecutor - LITTLE "ROCK" (AP)— Answers havei been submitted by the National Assrt," for the Advancement of Colored' People, to a series of questions asked ( by '.Ally, ; Gen. Druce Benuelt in a suit 'against the Neg'ro grovip, The move w^s the latest in a Jong court fight between the NAACP , and Bennett, who charges the, Negro organization with doing business in Arkansas without registering as a corporation, Bennett seeks" a $3,000 penally . Both' sides have asked Gircijlt Judge J, JWilcehll Cockrlll to issue a judgement in then- favor without a trial, No date has been set for, a hearing on tho requests,' The ''answers to Bgnnett's questions were submitted by George Howard Jr, of pine Bluff, Howard's answers covm-ed the 1 following ground; J., The NAACP denied \i had pgents or representatives perform'' ing acts 'for 'it in Arkansas prior to April 29, 1957, the date jl ro- gi&tered , fis , a corporation, 3, II' admitfed it h- 3 '' retained attorneys 'who/' represented jlUf guilts jn suits'" in Arkansas 'i?Uv denied those •, attorneys appaareti' in pases on behalf of the NAAPP either as regular ' pounsel or for spegjfip JHigatipn,' 3, Jt admiSJed raec-ivin/ money CQiitributicins from, ArHansus prior ip the dste it regireaS.oOibut dpnic^ that, it solicited theso contributions 01' that its Agents 'received \ha '' '' , its 'agents* j apporljoned any, contyibutipus in A/fc&'W 5 ky\ a^m^l'tod ihe con- trib^iitio^s were mailed to Us yprk office. r - . 1 5, Jt denied, H hnc! any insipupti|ns i New School Board Holds Meet at L LITTLE ROCK (AP) — The newly elected iLittle Rock School Board held its first official meeting yesterday and chose Kd 1. McKinlcy Jr. as president, r ' McKinley was the only!- one of the -sixXboard rnej,nbers s who was ' Weather Experiment, Stalion report f 01 ' ( ^.^ 1 ^ wa ^ 1 . v ^ u „ „.„,.— ^. — _. 24-hours ending at' 7 a. m. Wed- t| le mee ting after being sworn in- Everett Tucker Jr, svas named the board's vice president and Ben D. Rowland Sr. secretary. The board members, split into opposing slates during the clue- presented a united front at nesday, High 60, Low 22; No precipitation; Total 1958 precipitation, through November, 52,03 inches; during the same period a year ago, 07.90 inches,, , ARK REGIONAL FORECAST By THE-ASSOCIATED PRES3 All sections; Partly cloudy this afternoon- tonight and Thursday Wlh mild 'days, 'and cool nights, Friday partly cloudy and mild. HJgh tliis afternoon '.upper 50s central, low to mid 50s porlheasl, mid to high 60s soulheasl and south- wesl - and upper 40s" Co mid 50s northwest; low tonight low to 30s central and northeast, mid southeast and southwest pnd mid 20s to Jaw 3Qs northwest/ 30s ARKANSAS; Generally f a J r through Thursday, no important temperature, changes, lowest . '«36 tonight, highest near 60 Thursday, , .; v • LOUJ3JANA.' Generally fair through Thursday with vising temperatures, )owc?t 3? -42 interior tonight. - THE WEATHER By THg A§§QQ1ATEB ' Albany ,~'snosv Albuquerque, Anchorage, c)ou4y Atlanta, " clear Bisma'rpls, clear Bo?ton, snow"'Buffalo,- Cloudy Cliicagp, c Cleveland, DCS Mowes, cjear pptroit, gnpiv ' Fort 4YQ\'th, cjeay ' , 'cjowsi/ ' • QJis, Cloudy City, c^sar Angejes, plPgp , cloudy sja'ar ' High Low Pr. "24 B .08 55 3? SO 21 ,38 52 §8 42 W - 28 37 T 21 18 .03 ' 36 24 ' 31 S3 1 41 37 go 2p T 53 95 39 3? W 3,9 8? *>$ W -31 50' 35 '70 68 1,36 10 offipe by Pulaski Counly Judge Arch Campbell. None of the candidates for board offices were opposed. Tucker was a member ot a slato opposed by Gov. Orval E. Faubus, Other board members on the sUitc with him were Ruspell Malson Jr. and Ted Lamb, MONTICELLO. Ark. (AP) — A Monticello couple and their tour children were found dead yesterday in their Chrislmas-ciccoraleil h.ume here, presumably victims of cfrrbon monoxide ooisoniiiK. "Neighbors discovered the bodies Of the six victims after none of the family appeared outside tho house in three days, All had been dead since shortly after midnight Saturday, Coroner Raymond Slcphenson said. Stephcnson identified them as James 'E. Steel, 29, his wife Betty. 29 V their sons Teddy, I), Timmy, 7. and Mike, 2, and their daughter Debbie, 4. Neighbors who broke inlo the house about noon yesterday found them sprawled in various parts o* the' fume-filled home. Christmas presents and decorations lay on a (able In Ih edinins rojm. Two gas heaters burned full blast. Slephcnson said there was no indication that any of Ihe family Ija'd tried to escape from Iho hpusc. «"II just hit them," he said >, 1 '.Deadly carbon monoxide, pro-, dUced* by a fire that is ,not sufficiently ventilated, is ordorloss . 'Vl'he -coroner- said Mhe'- Steelc couple, with their children, had spent several hours Saturday nii-lil at the home of Mr. and Mrs Charles Whitworth, He said lhe;y left about 11:30 p.m. It appeared thai "Mrs. 'Steolc was lucking the children into bod when rlie was overcome by the fumes. Stephonsr-11 said. All members of the family svcre in pajamas, The family lived at Little. Rock and Camden before moving to Monticello in June. Steele's father, J. E. Steelc, is a member of tho Helena City Council. Other hurvivors include Rowland was a member of •)' Ins mother and a brother, slate backed openly by tho Capital Citizens Council and tacitly by Fau'biis, R, W. Laseler and McKinley wero on the slate with him, In other C, SteeJo of Memphis. Mrs, Stocle is purvived by ho> parents, Mr. and Mrs. W,D, Swain of Memphis, and a sister, Mrs. Doris Norton ot San Diego, Calif action yesterday, the Funeral services will be at We 31 board voted to dismiss guards at the citys four high schools, closed since Sept. 12 by Faubus to prevent integration. The board also voted to seek to transfey 240 students from Bush Elementary School, a Negro institution condemned as a fire hazard, to the closed Horacci Mann High Schol. Board members plan lo consult Faubus before taking final action on the proposed transfer, Suit Filed to Hold 'Infested' Bean? WTTlvE RQCK CAP^—A govern- jnenl -suit was filed in U.S. District Court here yesterday seeking condemnation of 1,848 pounds of beans in possession of Feldmnni Commission Co., Jnc,, of Helena. '.The government charged that the beans wei"3 infested" with insects and had been hold under unsanitary conditions uftor they wero sljlpppd frum Cering, J\ T eb. Helena and burial at Memphis Suit to Challenge Four Arkansas Laws LITTLE ROCK (AP) — U. S District Judge J, Smith Henley plans lo make arrangements IhJ. week for a hearing on a suit which challenges the constitutionality o four Arkansas laws. The National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People attacked the lasvs on grounds they Were aimed sgainsl Ihe Negro organization. {lenley said yesterday he wil announce a date after contacting the other two judges a-signed to the ease, Judges John 12, Mfi of fprt Smith and John B Sanborn of st, Pflul, Minn, Tho laws under attack by the NAACP were passed last Aug in a special session of the state Legislature called to consider anil integration measures. Ally. Gun, Bruue Bennett authored the Mill All Around Town By The appeal has been made byi At Jlenderson College 'Paul 2-fu-d- U. G. (SfjJTptt for the re-jdleslou of Hope and fiuddy turn pf the Christmas lights and, toy of frescoU have been initiated other deporalions stolen last-night f'roin the Courthouse lawn, and entrance everything- was taken f,rorri tho front of the buiJdinjj and th,e War Dead iMemoriyl on tne lawn" . , . ''It yo,u~ need " J'U buy them "for you but please brinj or send ^ack tho county decorations, tljg Jud^'e appealed. into Phi Sigma jCpsilon fraternity . , . at University of Arkansas yes» torday the *UA Chorus and Choir a Qhrislmas prugram at the ts Concert Hall , . , Way«e of 'Hope \vas organist for the program. !{4'|ij:ine pvt, J. 'L,. Bishop of fs serving witij.the ThiJ'd Aircraft Wing &( the &\ T-OIQ Committee Reportedly Will Recommend That Alt or d Not Be Seated House Will Vote Watermelons in December Here ' / , ,— Star Photo & Engraving A HOPE MELON Was given to the Overland Mall caravan manager Harvey Hamilton here yesterday by Bob Garrett as Police Chief Jack Brown, left and Bob Collins, right, who travels with the caravan look on. March of Dimes Drive Planned — Star Photo & Engraving ;" A PINNER meeting was held last night and plans were*made for the annual March of Dimes drive in Hempstead County. In the past the drive has been made to combat polio jjut other diseases have bi-en added such as,birth defects,.arthritis and other crippling diseases, ' Seated, left to right, Mrs. Dorthfa Camp, Mrs. Mary Me- Morran, Mrs. Ruth Hughes and Mrs. Peggy Hughes. Middle row; Ralph Boyce, Blevins, Carl Ward, Hope; Rebecca Boyce, Blevlns; Dale Dunn, Hope, co-chairman; Annie Lee Bi-otherton of Blevins, George McMorran of Hope,' Hap Bpotherton of Blevins and Ray Hughes, Hopo, Co-chairman; Standing at hack, Bert L, Rettlg, Hope, Glen Thomas, Little Rock, state director and Paul McClellan, Hope. Annual Free Show to Be Held Monday Saenger Theatre Manager Jlqnry Seamans announced today that the annual free show for youngsters of this area would be -hoid Monday 'Deo, 22 ul 10 n.m. Admission is a can of food, The event is sponsored by the (Hope Kiwnnis Club «nd all fooc) collected will "be turned over to tho Lions Goodfeliuw Fund and will be distribuled on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, You are requu&lud not t<) 'wrap Iho cans but 'bring thorn with the labels showing. The film to bo shown is "Tins Happy Feeling," starring Debbie Reynolds and John Saxon, plus a color cartoon. s, Shapely, 95, 0/05 Qt H@r Home Hear Mrs. Laura 'Aim ghapiey, aged 05, a longtime resident of Jiomp- Unseasonable Cold Eases Somewhat , By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Blustery weather which hil northern IVIidweFl areas on the Issue in Ing WASHINGTON (AP) — A spe^ Clal House committee reportedly decided today to recommend tfint Ihe House refuse lo scat Dr. 'Daio Alford, segregationist who,' bcut Hep. Brooks Hays (D-Ark).e'"•;,,„ An In fort! nl said the Vote vvnV *-*$>? 1-2. ',' *,-^$ A House committee invesllga|«>\^ campaigfn expenditures has,'-"^ been considering charges that JH there were Irregularities ,ln. Ilia ""*" 5 election. ' '_' >, •« Alforcl defeaUd Hays In a write"in campaign that pivoted around the school Integration Issue, >• '«-- i ^r>| In the special-House v commlU'*'^ tee, the intormanl Indicated,"- lwo^/j Southerners voted agalnsl^a "UBp-"^;-] ommendation thai Alford not sealed, > > '-v- This Informant — a member'of \*Congress — said Southerners -were Chairman Clifford Davis and rioberl E. Jones (D-Ala').V The three other memibors are Hops. Thomas-'^H.-i .'5 O'Neill CD-Mass)) KcnneUv'jCcai-j'sf ing ,(R-NY) and -David Dennlsbn'f"' m-0hio>. . ",• •£?'"*/''' The informant said that,,wjiat'^, probably will happen Is' that,* on ^ (lie opening day'of Congress;7, when all members usually; (be oath in a--group, a member;J'| Of, |ihe Investigating committeo.'wiUlt 5 ? ask,. Hi at i^Alford"- stand 'aslde,*;j!$&$ . The principal .witness-hei !hO''c0mml(.lee was John' F, Little RocK.-, Ark,, weekly publish"^ CT who contended there wwe'/iir-? tj regularities In some of the clncls, ' commitlcafe^ Girl's Chorus Entertains Kiwanians A Hope (High School chorus o k .-,.»» nine, under Iho direction of Mrs, ;/:|| IP. C. Hyatt, wore featured Iff-a;'"^' musical program before Iho Hope-Sj Kiwanis Club Tuesday, A numberTl Of appropriate Christmas carols'/I were sung. Klwanlan Henry Seamons'' nouncod the annual Christmas T-«- ,.-,, ty for children would too'held*o»V 41 'the morning of !Dec. 22 ,at " * Saengor Theatre, Admission. J „,„,.„ he one can of,'/ood. u 'Al| of tliq 'lood ^'-'l ,stuff colected [will be turned'•over''" to the Lions Club for distributioif>3 to the needy at Christmas time,' itjk.1 Quests of the ciub -were: '---•"«' Clendon of 'Lewis'viJIe; ' IPrHehsrd of Little tfiock- Norwood, ^ V Banquet Hef<Jj for Brookwopcj Grid Team - Bropkwood School held its quet for the football team siead County, died at -her home near Jplevins yesterday, Survivors include t-wp sons, Johsj \A/_ .„ ._. i/__,., \A/U«« and Luthejr Shapely, two daughters Yf pintS tQ |\nQW Yynen iftjrs. Nan-Hay and 'M,rs, BprUia * n Withtinlrl pardwell all of Hope HI. 3. *» JlMfttlQlQ . Cervices will 'be announced by Into the Northeasl today but gen* uraJiy, thorn was an easing of the unseasonable cu|d in the j half of th« .(laiion. Froe/ing weather a^uto, chilled northorn Florida and it was epic in, most of the Southeast, warmer weather was on tho way alter rnpre Hum a week of low temperatures and snow fo; December in many areas. Warmer uir also was cxpeelei lo spread across broad areas ir the Gulf and Atlantic siutos, Northerly winds, with gusls up lo 58 ju.p.h,, rfunned a narrow stream of arctlu air into section ,f tho Ottkota« mad Ml»cn«ot«-r^"Bu,idfj£^T^ .,...„., Tuesday, Temperatures dropped of ceremonies, invocation was?'giy«^ ( ' ' ^, r, H+,r * U — f^rt... "I"*., f. ... «--_»!_ >TIi_VJ $J>'j D near jsojo m somu areas, The snow headed into, the Great Lakesand mos.1 of the north At- Jantie 'region, wilh cooler weather from t'he iiwer Great Lakes to the northern Plains, *f{\ufs(1ys at will -bo hutd at 2 p.m. Phapej > ' 4vn-Corn<ilius with.'buriai in Mrs* Herbert Dies iji Yirginisai spcond period Ql season, conUnues through Wf 'Mt'8. 'Qpprgp Q, Ba.s,t of |nyojsc'd are to any' Bounty which,' charier 'LT^S "l'««'iesta} with, ' pio 'U. t JIT, the ' ' t,. g incidentally the deer to l? fJtn- cent — State " J. Vt>nce Clayton plans to gonfef with other officials about when,' he stipuld withhold stjite; iujjdjs from ^ouuties which to rcHiclj the IB pgr, cunt property assessment level, ' "Th|s thing is pretty Complex ",R,d i 4o«"t want to gfct lino tvo^e," Clapton said yestwday. ' He said he would ask JTor w Uh AHy- ICfon and state JSdupaticga Coqi- en toy the Jley. Rufjis IPrincipal speaker was iRr, l\fcC)a«ah,8n, Hpifia'fks wei'o*' toy Coaches Monls and Holly Billy MeKemue making JU of gifts tq the . are; 'Richard _ , Gary Wlhite, William \VaHer, 'ry Waller, Carter (Mortage, '4Srown, , Tommy Bright,. ' Plurnley, Alton Wonts*. ~ don, Pill ~~ Sammy Strong.. J»h?llifi Jim Rabinson, f>at'3chPt4e Thompson, IJennie Woods, Wilkerson, Ijarr }y Bob White,' , mn.

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