Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1958
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

V, C. * Tttsielay, Dgeimtur 1 fi, 1 S$|- H 0 P I S TAH, MOM, ARKANSAS Allies Turn Problems in Own Ranks By MMiS AP)—Meassurcd ihat ,th~\Veslei-ln fei« Three will stand asl agaiiist Soviet pressure on Vest Berlin, the North AtiafUte Ities tiirfied today to critical dis* •jtites within Ihe alliaHcie. The agreement Suhday ofl fieN h by the foreign hilnisleH of ritath, Frahcc and the United Itates led off a Week of foi-tfidl Werehces Vital to Wcsterfi Eu?£>e's future. A communique said the fiig is foi-eign tnihisters "re-af^ the dcterminbtioii of theif :ovcfHfnents to'maintain their po- ^lioh ahd their rights with 1'es- iect to Serlin, including the right ' free access." The statement rejected the Soot proposal to give the East crmati Communist regime coil' i'ol of Allied traffic with West erlin. In effect, the ministers .lied out suggestions that ti)n 'est deal with the East Germans gents of the fittssiahs. IB three ministers — U.S. Seo tary of State John Poster Dili* s, French Foreign Minister Mali' cc CotiVe de Murvillc and Bi'lt- r Jh Foreign Secretary SclWyn ifiloyd — gave no indication of *"*;hat counterproposals they would ake in reply to the Soviet noto 1 Nov. 27. But they said they were agrciitl i the basic issues to be covered n their replies. They saM they « d consult with Ihe ollie>' O allies in tho NATO Coim- 1 meeting f beginning Tuesday d then would .formulate their 'otes to the Soviets. Premier Nikita. Khrushchev in e Soviet note said the Soviets re withdrawing from the four- wer occupation of Berlin. Hn oposed that West Berlin, 110 iles behind the Iron Curtain, be Bade a. demilitarized 'free city. She Russians said regardless of Ibft was worked out- for West _JCTJin, they were giving the East Jermans control of all cbinmunl- :ations within the city in six nonths. [The Western refusal to deal with e East Germans apparently loft ft) alternative but force to insure ticess to the city if the Russians |p ahead with the transfer of covn- hunication controls. The Russians lave said they would constitute [gjressiqn .against East Germany that Soviet troops would go o the satellite regime's aid in ac- lordanc.e with tho Warsaw Pact. West German Foreign Minister leinrich von Brcntano ioinerl, Jn be later half of the three-hour •onference at the Fovpign Office. Vest Berlin 'Mayor Willy Brandt ilso spent half an hour in 1he nesting, pivini? his views to tho oreign ministers. Dullp.s told him fter thn meeline, "You "don't lend to be woried." <§F)day tho Allies turned to trade md economin policy with q meet- of the 17-n-ilion Or?n»'zalion or European lEconomic Coopera- ion. The OEEC includes (.11 En- •opean mpmbprs of Ihe Atlantic act Dins surh nniitral countries >s Ssvedon, Switzerland and Ttip French recently rejected n 3ritHi proposal to associate all 7 OEiF.S mpm'hers In a free trade irjn. Thp British slill arp IpiHp.r iwl (he Frcnnh action, and 'their fficials say thnt reprisals mp^v lave to bo taken to defpnc) i|>e British economy, The Scandinavians i and gome other nations re pa'yins tho same, Other items to he taken up dur ng UIP mentinu 0 ih's w°oK include! 1, France's dolorminsdpn for T >ipgor voice in the Atlantic Aliance; Cpntinental h'esil alien to ac- Americari nuclear rocket 3,. The dangerous situation . Jn iyprus, 4, The' fjshinir \var in thp Noj'th fAtJanlic, involving Jcojajidic flPd - ••• • ships,' Fast and ( thought you said thjs 'bathing -vas in fast,colors," said the • customer, "Why eyej'y sti'jpe '•-- oqipe oiff on 'me," "tvti o«t wait," said "the §a,les, ^nan swayply, "wa.it until you try An get ti)em off ypu—-then ypii'll CARNIVAL SereenStor !3 J §c!-eeh slaf ( I fool (Jewish) »-"«HaJ-worln 2 False god S She has been • 3 fit-late ih movies with 4 fokef stakS as" Mitthufii 5 i3chUdes g «=» Lefhfnhft 6 Mlhtfal took also haS eo«' 7 t&fcAt filling staffed with | sudd*n jei-k hf.f 9 scope 12 Arabian fiUlf lOU.S.coIR 50 §()ced contest 44 dnfiUtfiB i \4b*M ' H Leg joint SO AHzbhfl l-U-ef ^SSbStfigie u fiililiVnl halite 19 ArHfofm file! 31 f J'be fif ch6eSe4f{ Ehtangtes i Js V iHrfhJifw SlSnlhte (ab.) 32 LbW hflUhls 4? Oismouhldd | ii t ?* i, IB? 23 Cohipass point 38 doghi*ahti6 49 f iowef holder j IdLfcgalMht 24Moofs 3SSchlbl-s 60 «o5'al JlallftH 17 unasfilt-ated 2 g p ei . si!l 40 "Smallest fatnily hatne ISAffit-m 26Kt;slde Stale" (ab.5 fil Staggtr 20 Landed 37 American 41 }lohej'*makef 62 Bugle cfill fcfopeHy . Indiah 43 Cit-eal feW 55 By Way of 22 Property item 24 She stat-s ihftiotion pictUfe 28 (Jame foHh 33 Assam silkworm 34 Military assistant 35 Naval forfies 3d Tribe 37 Type of soft shoe 41 Rays 42 Skip over 44 Recommit 48 Return to 53 Pertaining to an age 54 Night before an event 56 Bewildered 57 Against 58 Narrow inlet 59 Pace 60 For fear that 61 Sorrowful 62 Lampreys II lif 2.4 ?7 II W 7)'. M 17, ID / ~v^- If / *Z*fi ,3 V . S PUSH GORDON «s t.M. R»t. U.S. C«t, M. ijl t»U by ktA sirvlct, Inc. —:irit J. A6WM ^yuin> *•>—»i i— MA.N VVILU 101 r^' 1-16 •V- we' VEtft* LlKELV h* '.. M0MEMT m ' ***. ALLEY OOP 51, >Therc's 24 hoursJii a dayr-60 minutes \n:&n hour;. \ v and three TV; cpmmercialii^§miiiujt«r//" , . SWEETIE PIE Hodine Seltzer TIZZ By Kate Oson / J) & ^ ~~£>e> '-*y ^ jj. „» ^t, ^ 1KB bf Ho'tinte. M. UK. K«(. UC. P» Od. , /^-/» ! \>f • SSs •((( III E i )r-& .TW. Rf£, US P»l. Oil. ' @ I9DS by NEA Ssr.itt, IDC, AL' .HIS VEMI fix -> *^IH mnr*l»i* i i'i>' H6MJPI I LOST TRACK * Htt" —'*" W A PEW Cl $ ftEFO DEATH- i MM i FLwrr Ct^l iw*'* ' *rr^t- !•••]• VBARS HE,W?OTB SCRIPT* POR- „ HE ,V THE B8C. At 5EEWED 06S6SSEO tlis " WlfH TH6 lt>6A THAT HE'D " "" 6SOKE) AND LEA^S Hl> (gOTHlMp- [Tl» w» I V TTOI AHIT.SUT- h^r CAPTAIN EASY i,, e . T.M. mt. u.a. Pit, " • j ' f ^\'^n <"• l Vvs/ift* CONGRATULATIOMS/ 1 DAGWOOD-TOOAY-WE CeCEBRATE ASIOTHEIS NNivERS , OF" YOUR ASSOCIATION- THIS VEARI DECIDED TO 11111 " PRESENT VOU WITH A i ' F?V FINE PRESENT TO SHOW MV APPRECIATION FORALLVOU'V/E-i DONE FORTHE ' COMPANV . \v; BLONDIE >55> //A BUT 1 LOOKED ALL OVER TOWN^ AND I COULDN'T, FINDj— ANY PRESENT •> GOOD ENOUGH j _j,, TO GIVE v-^ -&fa VOU <S AW THAT WAS'A MIGHTY f-IN&;l -i COMPLIMENT TO, i-^r MY WORK-) " *•!think I'll keep the decorations for my Christmas party SIDE,GLANCES plain and functional. Just some red and green ribbon r -' . and plenty of mistletoe!" _; FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS "It was a 'plow and run',driver!" '<£. r 'j ' ' , fh ' - , .. 'v By Galbroith 7 u rfW, &' ^ t*. ^ *^ W LjfS-vCj" . T ^ GOOD, •/^R. svv- M L-^ V !J^^?>\ / m \^ AfTS' /••( ^ I V ' -H ^ -. Ai' ^^ A I ' •rl l:r^ S3 1C® M f ^V* ,/<." v-'-M^frr^X //^Mv,--.*•*• , «'/* , ''>_^4«« r • f^Ji.i^.v*/*^ T A'O'oX 0.' KuV-TW'c'S^. fcOOVS.'b U'wl? -^ k' 1 -, '" BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES , CV.OW ,-.TO _<J, ,»SB t.^!E/^!fr.c<, Inc. T.M. B.g. U.B. Pit.'OH (THERE'S SO-MUCH i WANTTO'fGIVE YOU (•FOR CHRISTMAS, HAZEL.' ff V <v PRISCILIA'S POP OUT OUR WAY FURS/JEWEURX FINE CLOTHES, A MARINER'S JACKET/ / Q- f BUT WHY WOULD YOU GIVE'ME A MARINER'S i JACKET? r :» 3 \ v^r ^^ /^TO WEAR IN OUR BOAT, 1 «./ (THAT'S WHAT i WANT, YOU TO GIVE ME/ 'V, c-'«1 1<« \ , W f iXfelii Ill-It <» 1S5U tv HCA bif.lc.. Inc. TM U.K. ^1 § the sweetest'thing!" He r § taking/Qyer the. ' ^ Kome,manag§nri§ht'r.." : '-•*' -. >»<^ ^VT 1 nT HE WAS • ! gA$H "" J -r;-. •.-• • r nff MORTYMEEKJ.E •n « r IPIPN'T^VENKNCW HEP B66N AWAY, WHERE r PIP HE SO? P®*'.-« 'S^Ud! -Vifl 1 #'')•§•; *A i'li P. S9' ,4*1 "*=«& •f^^?>lS^ TW ft'/4 By J, R, Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE Wirh Mojo r Hoop!e> \j SCO ONP TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX' UEV£M . \E16HT/ SINE ^ V ¥ i->-. :,r^ w ^ ALMOST H5AC?A, PU5SON CHAN5& HISMINO/I5SW fffOKUKJft m& rp'ftWW^f • ^uy/wi.^ ^fwaaui^ 4I^RF^ • «WF«K -• -V*J x*.l *.-:^ ?s^ vS\ vVf M?* .|«MI1IOSIK , glSTKSFTii wsmywug- •"•«WMf" i^i^ ttti r^SSv-w '?.:>' xJ<" c* 5) 'A i .j) i fVsscB* l».-^ • y&\ L ir-t', ^i M •* -, -»>V k v >n> nmiv ~ '~^B ii^tW* •**«?*; »fei "« «w. iWd HI jfl i/ ^^™*i"»sr^»?ff^?i^^ <i WORP, HA^E^'T YOU MANOR AR5 ,„,_., .NOWTHe^A.'A Al6^E-~P5f?HAP5 ^£6(5 PIAKTA I. . , „ ', OP course, WITH ovsjf gj TXeSSIhVS/^AS FOR^-i^ ' TH5 VJNE LIST LgT M£ MUSE , B»T/ T& ,^& rjt > ^^ ^PJI hm$i% * $fi§RHgS§.Vi| k JAlUSTTw* §@M£IHlt^ li a. h* i "* i ^•i '^-^1**^ « '-> "Vi,-*.

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