Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1958
Page 4
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Page fout H 0 S f A R., H 0 A I K A N S AS ^ -, »,'»,- J,. V ' '< Cincinnati is Rated Nation's Best Cage Team By HUGH FULteRTdN JB, Associated Press Sports Writer Cincinnati. Kentucky find Knn- . r.as StaU 1 kept on -.vinplni; bnske'- hnll comes l.i = t \vrr*ls 'inrl hold their 1-2-3 position? in Ihi- on--.>pd weekly Associ.'ttoH J'lm-, i-nnkinrf poll. The ha lints of 105 sports writers nnd brnadrnslei-p made It a lot closer contest for first plncn .than n weok nan. Cincinnati's nparrf.ts, who hnv Jtinintnined n SB-point "crtrine nv- frape while winning lh"ir first three games flu's- reason, rdgrrt out Kentucky bv juel oi'.p firs! place vote pnd Tfl point?. Cincinnati had 40 firsts nnd n.lft pninU. on the usual basis of 10 points for each first. 0 for second, etc Kentucky had .79 and 010. Cincinnati rolled river Marshall 10G-SO in its only a'ame tost weok While Konllirky ).wil South-rn Methodist 72-fiO nnd St. T.oiiis 7G-V? iln the first weekly AP noil Cincinnati wns ahead r.i Kentucky 38-?0 in first places and (W-l-G'flri in points. Kansas Stpte. winner over Cnli- /ornia nnd San Francisco by n total of four points, held third place with 7-11 points. West Virginia, fourth a ween ago, suffered a 75-72 setback at Virginia's hands Saturday after winning its first five gomes and dropped to seventh, barely boalinn out Mississippi Stole. North Carolina State and Tennessee moved lio one notch to fourth and fifth. Northwestern. idlo last week, jumped from tenth to sixth as Kansas and. St. Louis were knocked out of the first 1(1. Xavier of Ohio and North Carolina took over ninth and tenth pin cos. The lop 10, .with first-place voles in parentheses: i 1. Cincinnati (401 D38 2. Kentucky i3S) ... .0111 t 3, Kansas State (9) 741 . ,\4. N.C. Slate- <5> 4,'jrt '* r ~i. Tennessee . 431 '" G Northwestern <Z\ .inn v, .7. West Virginia "(A) ' 284 • \'tt. Mississippi State C2) . 27fi 9. Xavier 20S 30,'North Carolina (1) . 155 The second 10: Bradley and JNlichisan State 123 each: Auburn J14; St. Joseph's rpa.) 97; Call- ,fornin 71: Seattle (2) 50; $t Lonl-j 47; Pittsburgh 30: and UCT,A 35, Southern Methodist 34. Trapped Hunters Escaped Unharmed NOttTH Lftft.F. noCK Tun rlnrk hunlt'rs u cm trapped itj T'l.ulkiK'i-'s I.nkc. oust of NorlH I.ltllo Rock, for Uvn hours yesterday when Choir boat sunk after the bottom was ripped opt-n by ice. Tlir.i 1 wprp pulled out by the Lit, tic Rock Fin 1 UepniimehCs rescue unil nfirr an imlclpnlificc) hunter discovered their light nnd liotU fk'd the firemen. Prto Walker. 3ft. of North Little Rock, \viis sirnnded in the frepfcintf 1 water, which forluhnlH.V wns not nbovo his hcnri. UP sloori ih this s u n k p n boat. Walker said hfc j couldn't swim. | Turner CootK-r. 33. who li^p.f On". ;lhc liiko, wns sliehlly more fortu* iiiito rto managed to grab n tree big enough to support, him ami riirn'" to tho upper branches., i Aflprwnrd neither innn Seamed | txi linvp suffprod nay ill effects •from his exposure. T),io fii'sl steam sawmill boson operations in Helena in 11)20. SAVE OH YOUR HOME INSURANCE WITH ONE PACKAGE POLICY Cover your home insurance need* with one policy and one low premium. The new Hozncowneri . Policy combines fir«, theft, aad personal liability coverage* into one easier-to-procesi policy th*( parses the savings on to you, Roy Anderson Insurance Agency Roy Anderson Mary S, Evant George Frazler 210 So. Main Hope, Ark, Little Eddie Wins the Pro ! Passing Title j WASHINGTON APi — Consist- |pney won the 1058 Nalionnl Foot| ball League passing title for Kdclio Ln Baron. The sawed-off Wnshington Rod- skins' loser finished the regular .'•c.'json Sunday with one of the smallest yardage totals by air among NFL, quarterbacks, But he beat 'cm all for average gain with an 'unofficial 9.41 yards on 70 completions in H5 attempts. And that's the thing vhat paid off. "I'll bet you hear some more hollcriiiR to clu'.nR'e the system," Le Baron said. Le Baron is perfectly satisfied with the system of ranking passers by average gain fur toss rather than total yardage. Le Baron connected on 7 of 17 for I(M yards Sunday, incluchnfi one pass for 71 yards to Bill Anderson. That bomb capped tho Redskins' 20-0 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Final oflicia! statistics haven't been compiled, but Le Baron's total overhead yardage of ],365 Is likely to be exceeded by all but half a dozen of tho NFL's top 15 pasfers. He has thrown less fre- qimnUy than any of them since the Redskins concentrated on the" rush rather than the pass. Next season probably will be Lo Baron's last in pro football, "That's the way I feel now," the former College of the Pacific star said. He wants to gut started on his law' career. He's »par Ui,e- head of hi? class at George Washington Law School. Kansas State Loses First Game Monday Ksfisns Stale, fhtieh to its chiv gi-in, found btil "you cun't win *ehi all." 1M tindeienletl Kentucky brenthed n sigh of relief todny after sufviviri!* n close 'cnil. Kansas Stnte lost its first Monday nighty 77-08 to Briglnm Young at Provo. Utnh, Second-ranked Kentucky beat Upstart Maryland 58-RG In overtime at Lexington, It was Kentucky's sixth straight victory. The K-S(ate Wildcats played most of tho gnme without their 0-8 stalwart. Bob Boozer. Ho twice. wrenched his left knee nnd was used only about 10 minutes, scoring eight points. Sophomore Gary 'Earnest scored 28 points for BYU. Kentucky had to win the hard way after trailing by three points with three seconds to piny in regulation time. Benny CoffmatV drove in for a three-point play and sent the game into overtime. Aclolph Rupp'rt Cnts tnllind four points on a 'basket 'by Johnny Cox and Dick Parsons' pair of free throws and then sln.vc-d oil! the Turps, whose record is 1-3. Eighth-ranked Mississippi Stato was tho only other member of the tnp 10 to see action Monday night Bailey Howcll produced 38 points as tho (Maroons romped over Arkansas State 98-71 for their sixth straight, triumph. Elsewhere, the Big Ten Conference beat three nonlcaguc foe.s foes. Illinois built a 16-1 lead and coasted to a 68-4G victory over Iowa State, Wisconsin led all the way in downing Missouri 08-60 and Purdue broke loose in the second half to turn back College of the Pacific 78-62 as t,,ean Wilson netted 26. Seattle, No. 16 was the only other ranked team to pay. The Chiol- lains, who seemingly have not missed Elgin Baylor in the early going, 'beat Po.rl.Jnnd State 85-36 for their fifth success In n row Duke won its first in four outing's with a 68-61 conquest of South Carolina. Sophomore Bill Shlnn scored 32 points and paced David son to a 98-71 lacing of Washington & Lee. Nebraska bowled o.yei Texas Tech 54-40 for its fourth victory at home. Marquotle outclassed Drake 79-03 for Its fifth victory in six starts. LSU hit consistently from the free throw line to humble Texas 52-47 nnd Rice handed Tulnnc its first setback in five games 00-51. DROPPED — William O. KjeJdahl, executive secretary to lame duck Rep. Coy& Knutsoa (D-Minn,) ( says that Coya's husband, Andy, has dropped ; hls $200,000 allenatiott of affection suit against him. Kjeldahl=said he didn't know tf Coya, 46, and Andy, 50, would make Up, Osweqo Alreodv Has Full Quota of Snow QSWIEGO, N.Y. ,(APV— This northern New York community measured a full winter's snowfall j today, a weok before the official beginning of that season. A U.S. Weather Bureau observer said 88 inches of snow hod fallen here this month. The snowfall for oil .of last winter was J)8 jnches, Squalls off Lake Ontario added lour inches over Saturday niqhl to help produce the new total. Oswego police reported Sunday i night that that city of 23,000 was winning its fight against the incessant battering by snowstorms that paralyzed it much of last week. JUos streets were opened and downtown stores were jammed o\ er tho weekend with Christmas shoppers rushing to make up for los.1 tiny. Schopls .reopen today, Most factories aj'e 1 working at normal ca- SANTA SAYS.,. WHY NOT GIVE A GIFT THAT LASTS THE ENTIREYJEAR? -ygwr t will gp jntQ the home lQY§d ones ev§ry' w§ek dgy ,tjif y§gr y QS Q reminder 'pf' your thewght - fulness and gQ9d sHg@r ot Chri§tm® time, " \ 0,"' .%* READY—MaJ. Gen Barksdale Hamlett, CIS commander in Berlin, says his small West Berlin force Is ready for any eventuality. Hamlett, from Hopldnsville, Ky., Is the sixth career officer to hold the twin military and civilian responsibility in Berlin., WAGE BOOSTER-Leon JCeysei'ling, former chairman pf President Truman's Council "of Economic , Advisers, has come out in favor of. lifting the federal minimum wage level |o r at least $1,25 an hour, -It is pres-' cntly at $1, At lea'st a fourth' of the nation is Jiving in absgi , lute poverty, JC§yserling says.j Hope SMI 1 Classified ADS MUST IE IN OFFICE DAY BEFORE PUBLICATION *** PHONE 7=3431 FOR AD TAKER schedule of Solunftf Pfifidds, as printed below, haa be^fi tftkgfl from John Alden Knight's Saltifiaf Tables, Plan your days so that you will be fishing Ifi good teffitdfy or hunting in good dovef dtlfinj these times, if you w*sh to find the best sport that each day ha* to offer. The Major Periods are shown In boldface type, These begin at th<! times shown and last for an hbuf and a half or two hours, thereafter, The Minor Periods, shown In regular type, are .of somewhat shorter duration. A. M, P.M. Minor Major Minor Majdf Tuesday 10:10 3i65 10:40 4!25 Wectnes 1.0:58 4!40 11:28 8! 10 Thursday 11:40 5:25 —— 5!50 Friday 12:05 6:10 12:25 6:35 Saturday 12:50 6:55 1:10 7120 Sunday 1:35 7i40 1:55- 8!05 The Negro Community Esther Hicks Phone 7-4678 op 7-4474 Thought for Vie day The things that people give us may dissa.point us, and the gifts we give never fail to bring us joy — Rev. Sheen. Wanted §taf route djseft lot boys 12 years and aver, Apply at Mope Star OHiee, HoU&BWoftK, baby sitting, staying with sick or elderly person, die. White woman. Phone 7«347f). 11-etp Punerol Directors Ambulanee Service Burial Association UMfiRAt HOME Dial .f»ft ?-2l23 20-lfrt'C Services Offered LTfiT-tii r«ttbv»t<i yeut old msi- tren. We *t»ecl«lli« la prei§uri t«d inwei'i^flag. C01B;MATTRBS9 SHOP 711 W«ii 4th, Phone 7-3WJ ' " RAL7R Mont|otn»ry Miirket, cti» torn »l«Ufht«ring. We have meat for your;deep freest, See u» bp fdre buying. 17-tf SINGER SEWWO MACHINE CO. Sales ati'd /Service. 613 East 3rd. L. E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. , ' ' 5-144f PO\VE;R Saw available for removal of ti'ees, stumps and etc. For free estimate call 7-4052. 2G-1 mo, c I AM taking orders for cakes for Christmas. Also have limited amount of 2 Ib. fruit cakes. Mrs. - Millon'-Eason. 7-4622. 4-tf Wonted to Buy Calendar of Events Tuesday, Dec. 16 The Presiding Elder's Council and Planning .Conference .of the l : 2th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Church will convene Tuesday, >Dec. 16 at 10 a.m. at Bethel A.M.E 'Church and -Shorter College, North Little Rock. All Presiding Elders, Pastors, Conference Officers and Missionary Workers are expected to be present. The Rt. (Rev. O, L. Sherman, .presiding bishop of the Dist., comprising Arkansas and Oklahoma will preside. Mrs. O, L, Sherman, Episcopal Supervisor, will, preside at the Missionary sessions. Wednesday, Dec. 17 The Yerger Band Mother's Club will hold its regular meeting in the >Bnnd 'Building on Wednesday, Dec. 17, at 7:30 p.m. HIGHEST prices paid .for mink and coon hides. After 7 p.m. call Bob Tiatcliff, 500 S. Hamilton. 7-2782. la-file tost MALE,- Collie and hound dog. Ayhite ring around neck and white chest, black back. Rest tan. Collie ears; Short hair. $10 reward for information leading to return. Phone '7-4810. 13-Btp For Soli ALUMINUM screens, dapM, sl8fffi Window^, Weather ' stripping, ifi» stllatloh, foofihS, awHlfigS, .|Ut» terifig, ornamental frallmg. FfeS estimates, Andy Andrew^ PhefiS 9-tf 3 SMALL tracts of land Hear tbwfi suitatle for chicken fai-ffls, 60" acres litriber land two mile's' out of foreman, Ark. See Ralph Saunders or Phone 7-4001, '51 OLDS four door. A'l Cohdltioti. New tires, radio and .heater, $495 Will arrange financing, Call ?* 2487. 2-tf CHRISTMAS trees. Beautiful Ar- khnsas Cedar. Nice full, class A trees, fresh cut, no fit', pine or skellon. Hundreds to choose from at Stuart's Texaco Service, 3rd and Pine St. PR 7-9965. 80 ACR'ES of above average pine timber land with one-half minerals, good road, good homesite, Contact T. F. Grayson, 1423 Jefferson Street, 22-977.9, Texarkana. 10-6tc GIVE YOUR CHILD A FUTURE < FOR A PRESENT ' Orders accepted now for 1959 Edition of WORLD BOOK EN- . CYCLOPEDIA at the old'prices. A SAVING O'F t $20.!oO over the' • January' 1st price.' " GREATEST GIFT OF ALL — WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA $10,00 Down — $6.00 a Month Write or.Phone 1 Norma Jean Delaney, Representative 418 East 14th Street Phone: PRospect 7-2126 ll-6tc' MEAT display -box and gas refrigerator. Phone 7-2047. 16-3tp Thursday, Dec. 18 The members of all choirs of the city are asked to meet at Lonoke Baptist Church, Thursday, Dec. 18 at 7:30 p.m. 'for the purpose of rehearsing music for the Christmas service to be held at Lonoke at 11 a.m. Christmas Day. Fire Gufv School ot Pine Bluff PINE BLUFF. Ark. fAP)—-Fire destroyed a frame building at a Negro elementary school hero yesterday. The fire was believed to havn originated from a ffas stove tpft burning in the .building, :The main school building nouray [was not damaged. The'.burned building housRrt -first and s c.'c o n d g'rade classrooms. These classes wore transferred to other quarters, D a m a-'g e was estlmatotJ ar $5,000. ARTIFICIAL bouquets and wreaths for cemetery decorations. Campbell Florist. 17 miles East on Rosston Highsvay. 16-Gtc* For Rent .LOCAL trailers. Byers Gulf Ser- yi.ce.. Call Day or ;Night iV-9955. 8-lmoc UPSTAIRS apartment, 3 large rooms and private bath. 203 High Street. 15-tf Cub Scout, Pack 162 -will sponsor a ibaskeOball game Thursday, (Dec. 18 at Harris Gym with Men Teachers playing the boys team; Women patrons 'Vs. girls' team, Admission: A toy or 2oc, All proceeds will go to help under privil- edged children at Christmas time. Sunday, Deo, 21 A special service will be held at Benson Nursing Home in Nashville Dec, 21 at 3 p,m, The Garrett Chapel Baptist Church wi)l be' in charge of the service, Rey. F, R, Williams, .pastor, will deliver the sermon, The pu'blic is invited to attend, The Interdenominal (Ministerial Alliance svilj sponsor the Annual Union iChristrnas service Deo, 25, at 1) 'a,m. at lLonoke Baptist Church, Rev. J, iE. Coby, pa'stor, Director, Charles English; Piantsj Mrs. E, it, UicHs, 1 sermon, iRev, ,1, S, 'Morgan, pastpr of Bethe; AM-B Church; Aljempto, Elder 0, N, Dennis, pastor of Chuvpl) of God in Christ, Rev, J. E. Cpiby', president; Rev. E. N. Gloyer, sec* R?y. Q, S, The officers a|id m^m'bers of Light OW6 ' Church, NBS}}. ," sponsored a welcome pvp« gj'arri in hojioi 1 ' Pf the - Rey, an<j Mrs, C, S. Stearns Bujiday, Pee, H. AJ1 churches of t.hp city d in the service nyith, p. stuftovd of TP pastor 9f'Mt" glen B»p}isi oj-jjashvilje, deh'yprjng the in 0 ". , " ', r the service, a, y held, in .the uwm of h, S$ \vhipl) -tU«p .a r RlJd ojhev gifl^ were JQ th,p hpmoreps. , |00 Pali/- JP swd. 8 Mv , Ross ,aud |ewU>'. He IP*if 11* rm*- ' -^ II ' IK'*!' - s - ? «jt ; 5 ROOM house. 301 N. Ferguson Street. Call 7-3378. 3-1 mo. 4 ROOM house, $30 month with bills paid. PR 7-2247, 10-tf Plane Crashes Trying to Land on Highway McGEHEE, Ajk. fAP)— A li?hf plane ran out of gas while flying over the McGchee area early today and crashed on state Highway 4 when the pilot attempted t> for.ced landing, • The, pilot, Blyth Huntley, 35, of Lclgnd; Miss,, suffej-cd minor in juries. Ofli-cors sjiid tjie ono.-senter nlr craft liit an Arkansas Power Light- Qp, power line beside thp higljwa/ and plowed into the ro 1 1, Th,e plane was heavily damaged Pill Reed, a McGehee insurance man- who lives nnar the crash scone, took Huntley to McGehoe where ,a physician treated (he flier for lacerations nnd bruises. Hunt' ley left for his home Jatpr, The pilot said he had flown thp plane to jin area near the Missis sippi Riyer yesterday in .order to go dupk, hunting. Thp cj-ash occurred just ouisirlo the western ejty limits of MpGchoe,' Moscow Protests Latvia Incident JyON,RON ,(^p)_fhe Soviet Un- jon todny' 'protested the "unprp- vokgc| five ppeped by a U.S, mili- tpry flirpraft upon 9 Soviet fight* er" near Latvia, Moscow radio -The note >yss in reply to a U.§, of jjoy, 1 asking JDlorma, flbout Jl A'perieqn fliers plane- pjashpd in Soviet Ar- In September, !?r.ofi^ppst said the- note Jlint an AmprJpati mill, tary plane had opener) fjrp on is ist pJapp c n par \h<> tcrrilovy thP V. ,S. «. 8-. IP tljp flrea of of for i\nc} put purposes )n the far East. ' UT W.-toftef/*, jJiMi f» jKwwl * ! J awt/.d«a:> jwg»-*-3wt-j«» JWi CHOICE business location. Third and Walnut, Oposite corner of now bank at Second and Walnut Will consider installing nerman- ent (partition creating two separate stove spaces, Contact Talbot Feild Jr. 8-6tp Notice WE Buy - We Sell - W» R«T»t ' REAL ESTATE R n fp AlTKt,IN OOMP.ATnr A, P, Deloney, Manner Howard Collier, Salesman ' " WOVINGT Long Distance ',C«U C«? lect 592. Free Estimate*, Lower Bates. * >.!,,'" Have Van§ — Will Travel PRESCOTT,TKANSPE» ' STORAGE <?0, ' li* BARHAM Brothers • Rouse' Movers, Insured and free estimate, Write Barharn Brothers Gale, Arkansas, •, T 21--J Mp. WANT AD RATES II Ail Wahf Ads lie pdvob'g (ft advantg but -ids will be •accepted 6Vef fHS feldphdnS dfid ir'.oWiiXia* }ldfl actburtls allfiwed with thd U«- defHoftdlns thl accoufif li Wtisfl Stdterhdfit is . Sf Wofds US td IS U »6 Qne fHr66 biiy D^vs 4S $0 1 .50 To" i6 56 ,60. 1.20 5.00 J1 to 25 .75 .1.50 2.50 n t6 30 .96 I.PO 3.06 S) td 36 .1 rts 516 3.56 S4 ta 40 1.50 5.40 4.00 4t »6 45 1.35 '•>•>(> 4 SO 46 t6 56 1.56 3.06 5.66 . (,.(>$ 7.50 9.00 16,50 13TO 15.00 CLASSIPIED DISPLAY 1 tlws Sfic p6t inch 3 firtieS 65c pef Inch 6 times 55c per inch .Rates quoted above are for con secutlve insertidiis. Irregular or skip date dds will take the orte-day fate. All dally classified advertising copy will be accepted until 5 p.m. /of publlcatian the following day, Th^- publisher mservos the right Jji tev.lse or edit all advostlsemiSnts «> fered for publication and to reject dliy - objectionable advertising sub- rtiitted. jnltfals. of one or mere letters, groups o.r flnu'ros, such as house or telephone numbers count as one Word, i The Hope Star will not be respon- slble for qrr.ors in Want Ads Unless errors "are callecl to ouf attention after FIRST insrftlon 'of ad and Ihen for ONLY the ONE Incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Hop<e Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927 ' Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR ^PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C..C. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washbllrn, Socy-Tres, at The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street ._ Hope," Arkansas '4 : i Aid. H. Woshburn, Editor & Publisher P«ul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donol Porker, Advertising Mar. George ' W. Hosmcr, Mcch. Supt. tntered as second class matter at th» Post Office at .Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March* 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations , Subscription fcotss: (payable In ". » By carrier In Hope and neighboring towns — Per .week S .30 Per year 1i60 • By mail in Hcmpsteorl, Nevodo, LaFayette, Howard and Miller Counties — One month ..-. $ .85 Three .months 1.85 S!« month! 3.50 One,year , 6,50 All other mall — One month 1,3%l Three months 3,90 Six .months , 7.SO One year 15.60 Nat'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Sterirk Blda, Memphis 2, Tenn,; 505 T oxos Bank Blclg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N Mlchiaan Avo., Chicago 1, III.; 60 H, 42nd St., Nmv York 17, N. Y,; 1763 Perjobscpt Bldg., Dolroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Okliihomo City 2, Okla. k »< . Member of The f rcss: The Associated Press fs entitled exclusively to the use for republicatlon of oil the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as gll AP news dispatches. * E Buy and sell Antique Furniture and bric-a-brac. BYI5RS ANTI : QUE SJIQP, -Patmos ' Shover Springs Road, Phone 7»?057, to Rent } WA^s'T to rent a modern house with samp pasture land. Jo fjpp e School District, A, G. 'M^vjncr, 1 Rosston Road, R,t. ?, Jlope', Ai'H, •'.;.l9-atp Help 3959 pan be a yeof of profit if op. YOU, Valuable .terj'itofigs for tics nqw open Jn Uiis pustomea's' iyujtjng J Be»vpsetitati ve ^ needecl for yuiton, Mc'Nab au4'McQas yicinjlies, Qa}> necessary. iAvon,-BpJ{ 577. Jiot Springs,. Qiye tjiveptipq to ypur horpe. ' . 15fitp Sa light,asysw^'J" fsvsap 9j,u- (iri»r ^'V^gi'SrapM.^^^, ^ed? 'e^Muliy* typ&^,atefl8W'%'fU Toylor & JcurrSon USED CARS — BODY SHOP -^ FOREIGN: CAR5 ~ 216 I. Hazel Orvllle Taylor Phone 7-4022 John Bill Jordan WANTED TO PUY Pine Pulpvyooo fjy Truck * Cut )n Woods of otherwise, ' HAROLD HENPRIX r 'Phene PR 7-432] . *• Uufsjana, Hope =& GRIU CAFi Style Hot Ojwi 3 A* M, rs f, M, P B f, > V DAVIS * i?5 4 a. '$$£$$£ »*i& ; to • Wi 1 $&& b>nu| if ,jfw §$& ywalftf^Bysp 1 SVSlr^

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