Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 16, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 16, 1958
Page 2
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P»§e §TAR, H8M, ARKANSAS Hoffia'sFoe Is Removed His Job HK\V YORK tAPi— Thomn« r. Ilickt\\, long an ouUpokpfi for of 'fefimstus Union I'i r.-sicjpnt Jumps i It. Moffo, lins beoh removpd as general organizer of (lie Itibor un- Soil. . ills successors Js John O'Rmirkc. president of the Now Voik Join! Council of Teamsters and n strong Hoffa supporter. The action was taken by thp union's Executive Board ifi Miami Beach, Fla., Saturday, • .Hickey told a Sonnld investigating eohimiiloe in August io.it (lint Hoffa forces -wero then moving to tro.tle his utlioh career. Hickoy Was one of three candidates who unsuccessfully ,-aii against Hoffa for presidency nf the union to succeed Dave BorU iii September 1951. iThe dispute between Mickey and Hoffa stemmed from (he efforts of Hoftn forces to win control of tho Joint New York Council, which supervises the activities of all locrils in the nrea. , 'Jlickoy testified before the Sen ate Rackets Investigating Com miitce that Hoffa wntf the oiigina- toff of the phantom local system of winning \inion elections will the aid of racketeers, "The aim of the bogus locals - tljpso having pfficers and charters byt,. no- members — was to cast votes in election of officers, Hockey said. jThe • action in Miami Beach Strips Hickey, who was previously also a vice president of the Teamsters, ofj.nl! of his union offices' except, that as SQcretary.-treasurer of- New -York Loon! 807. ' Common Stock Opens ! bf $59 Shore j v '"JTEW YORK (AP) —'Great At.' ">"- lantic & Pacific Co. common stock '" '"tP 11 of which now has voting pow- r>i e ll^ or - 'he firs-t time in the, cgm 1 t^ jwny's 90 year history—opened on, J<, the'New York Stock Exchange to-' |-;> day £U_$59 a share. $*'' i.Tli'e "opening was delayed more' f >¥ than'half an hour ns the specialist in the stock matched buying and ^.;sgllinff orders. " • • • f^,,.Th'is is thp only' oulptnndlng, |;-'-stock of the eompnnv. Last PrMavr along with me." >if p£ the first'"stockholders meeting "I have to," she said. ^.•irjj99 years the shareowners -ip- menu it the way it s , GINGHAM PIN-UP— It's turning lime backward for Connie i Towers. From her real-life night-club career she goes back to Civil War times for n movie, "The Cavalryman," now mak- i ing. She rides on a 000-mile raid—but nol In this costume. Chapter XII She said. "Mother Icfl il to .'on ns much as to me; I mean, Hint's how she meant it." He said, "You won't have to scrub floors, darling; the income rom the firm will be as before, bnrrinp something we can't foresee. Just not the e.\lras. Tor in case Dan does w.mt to bo bought out—" She said, "1 don't need Mrs. Adam." He went around the table and Hilled her to her feet. He said. 'You're a good girl, Susie, you're ny girl. You don't approve of his, you don't like it, and you. lon'l understand it. But you go ii ..proved a recapitalization pinn, .T spotting' the old common shares ,- any .exchanging referred shares 4^9;- common, *,>t, «"Thc old common shares were It \traded on the American Stock Ex» get They closed Friday nt 1 n share. TJiese shares wore , 10-for-l in th? recapiti.lizap: lion." The 'prof erred shares closed j> ,.p|i the American. Friday at $103 £hare. old preferred, is exchanged for three of the ' common. If^" : Tjie dividend rate on the new ^ rnrnjiion has not l^eon sot hut " Raloh Burger, president, told thfi JJ hloijkholders it would bo approxi- 'J^alpiy 80 cents, a share a year. f/ The A&P. founded as a little ( e,i -Kji'oro in Manhattan bv p.'lfwttn(fton Hartford, is the in America's Inmost In- goods as. Its nenresf corn- "I don't sounds, mean I must.' They went - into their room, Adam sat down c-n the bod and reached for the telephone, He dialed and Dan answered. Adnm said, "It's all right, Dan. I've boon, talkinf. tp H<»j}e. Bring we fiinirpK with you tomorrow." derecl. The laundry continued to go out and (Hope cooked often, sometimes with pleasure, most.iy with resignation. An inspired, intuitive cook routine bored her. Three meals a day, well balanced, she'd always liked -'to leave to someone else. But on the nights out, she had let herself go with herbs and exotic ere- Henrv „.„., .,„.. nb . ( ,, -, -T-", nllons of which Adam was fond. I £u" c> _! top j st ' ° k , a ^'^schoo] oils at a suburban BrideminH Union Cost in Cleanup Is $25,000 WASHINGTON i APi — Senate investigators said today appoint* rnenl o| px-Sen. George Bohdoj* If head a teamsters Union elean> up eomrniUee tins cost the tihtoA fipfirly $25,000 so fnr 01 the total, snid Chairman •lohh L. MeCltDan iD-Ark) of the St-nate Rackets Commlltco. $la.> 750 represents fees paid to Bendef since his appointment last Aufi, 18 by Tepinslers Prnsident James Hoffa. McClellan said information obtained by the committee show* th«t Bendor charged the Tallin- slers for (13 working days, over & period of about three months, at the rate of $230 n day. In addition, McClellan said, the union has spent $3,OCO for th* s-alary of Bender's personal see* rotary and lesser amounts ./or postage, telephone bills and othw expenses to bring the total to 424. B00.5R. The expenditures Were detailed by McClellan in a letter to Martin l f . O'Donoghue, chairman ot » court-appointed board of monitors for tho scandal-tarred Teamster* Union. McClellan told O'Donoghue he was bringing the matter to Hi* attention because of "your Interest in possible wasteful duplication of Teamsters Union funds." Bender said there was nothing new in the money figures—that Bender himself had alre»cly n>. leased them. '. ^t\ He said the financial arrangement was worked out in advance with union ofiicials and "they're satisfied with It," Bender, former Republican senator from Ohio, was named --by Hoffa after the board of monitor's had been charged by a federal judge with responsibility for over seeing the affairs of the union and conducting a housecleaning, Tram Hits a Bus, Students Escape SAGINAW, Mich. (AP) —, A train, grinding tosvard au emer- Business as usual. They saw Marty. Barbara, and Dan. Usually there w.erc others present whan Dan and his wife 'were with them. They saw Dr. Emile, and when they had figured things out on paper found they could return to tlie. place .by tho sea. tor about 10 days. Dr. Emilc was neavV during their stay, so they saw him. The house was not equipped for overnight guests, but he camp to picnic' on tlie bench nnd watch the sandpipers twinkling along, and to follow in the wet brown sand tho. delicate signatures of I'^S. ,, j^ i^ He said "You're tircil, Adam." Ho hung up , "Tomorrow," he j ."] toil, poor welched'„„.-, said, well take tho securities Adam explained. "I'm alway I I'M 111 I H 1-1 Kl-.V- Vk 11^1 -I'll . . », „ i 1. r. .„,. J • J ^ tired, come summer, and duo lo the Jast- fiscal year A&P ro- soles of JH,-7fi9 2-)S.'t88 and -pf $50,G<50,a8B. There in,- 37 states, tho , ,- , J?ipt)vot. of Columbia and three prairie sprovinpns. RCK!K (AP) — Gov. R, Fouhus rotumnd (o Little fl 'Pnv Houston, Tex., today about o bomb sea no Delayed Ws speech there ' who returned hv -told som? of h,is ^arty on "the , Ihftt, -"jf this stuff keeps ,MJ?e niaking theso trips 'by my- foJI; none of you win, want to go iong,"' - • . s' address and an observ- |p|e- of, .BilJ of Rights Day was 'by the Sons of (ha Rjsyolylion, His subject ,s; the safemnrd of slates rights. Jrom the box and I'll use them as collateral for a personal bunk loan. Then we'll sec how wo come .out. If it isn't good, that's one tiling; i;f it is, then we'll have them back, or part anyway, ns a hedge." He looked up at her and added, "I've never loved you more than right this minute," So. it was arranged. But Barbara did nut keep her trinkets, for Adam svtmt to see her and said, "You have to sacrifice something, Barbara." "As if I hadn't!" she said furiously. She wns a very \\i\iv\some young woman, and imperious. "It is my only condition. No one knows about this except Hope and Marty, of course,"- • "Why, of course? Are you' out of your mind? Jim's dead, Marty doesn't figure in this at all," "In effect she's n silent partner, or* weren't you intorosHoci enough to learn that she retains Jim's 'inlprcM' nnd trusts us to administer ty?" "Dan never discussed business with me, until recently," sha acidly. "Marty will help," snid Adnm. "She's under no obligation but is a comparatively rich woman she's fond of Dan," ''She can't stand, me;* Barbara said- 'my lovinig wifes notion that I don't get enough exercise ;it home, she fired the occasional yardman and pressured me into mowing grass," "Hag-godly," said Hope. "Ignore her. Also to putting up shelves. ' "Crooked," she said firmly. suburban Bridgeport crossing today. Most of the GO pupils aboard the bus man-aged to get out ahead-'of the crash, but .five were -hospitalized for injuries, including! a 'boy with a possible skull ' fracture. Court Docket GRAPES OF JOY—Everybody gets to share the contents of his huge wine bottle, centerpiece of the annual grape festival in Marino, Italy, near Rome. Prescott News resigned. Adnm asked, without resentment, "II moans a lot to you, going with Simons, doesn't it?" "No, I'll never be n partner. When the old boys die, I wohlt have the money to buy" — he shrugged— "but I can make myself useful now and the offer Brownie Troop 4 Has Meeting The weekly meeting' o'f Brownie Troop 4 was held on Wednesday a'Cternoon in the home of the leader, Mrs. D. L. McRac Jr. The meeting was opened with tile pledge of allegiance to the Hag after which the president, lEllen Gordon, conducted the bu:",i- :iess session. The Brownies enjoyed making Christmas tree ornaments. The troop will join Troop No. 3 and go Christmas caroling on Christmas Eve. Betty Woodell -was hostess arid served refreshments to Barbara Wilson, Sara (Lou Pounds, Beth 1/ambert, Ann Vandiver, K-athy 'Bratton, Kay Ferguson, Ellen Gordon, Ellen Mo'R-ae and Ann Bolton. New Aluminum Building Announced LITTLE ROCK AP) Plans "I -see." "You don't, said Dan, with passion. "W I hadn't done this, B;irbcirn would have divorced Adam spoke to Hope that evening. "Why?" he wondered aloud. "She can't stand seeing- lis or Marty,"'- Hope said, "nor being under obligation. But mostly knowing you know that 'Dan—or Kiwanis Club Have Meeting The Klwahis Club met in regular session on Thursday evenin.g at the Broadway Hotel with the president Russell .Moberg, presiding. There were 22 members -present. Don Hays was program chairman for the evening and discussed insurance and several other topics. The annual Christmas dinner will be held on Dec. 18 with the Kivvanis'Queens as guests. were announced yeslcrdjiy for n six-story, $700,000 "aluminum skinned" office building to be constructed near the slete Capitol. The structure will be built by the Capitol Building Investment Corp., whose members include Claude Carpenter, president; Roy Finch . Jr., secretary - treasurer; Kay L. Matthews. O. L. Dailey Jr. and Sam Watson. The east and west sides of thu building will' be covered by alum inum louvers to prevent direct rays ol the sun from entering the glass walls. This will give tho appearance of -aluminum skin. The building's major tenant .wp'U be the recently - formed First Security Lite Insurance Co. Watson is president of the insurance? iirm. Carpenter and Dailey al.sc- are members of the company. Private Classes ''to Be Checked LITTLE ROCK (AP — Private- instruction offered as a replace' ment for Little Rock's closed higli schools soon will be checked by CfTV Joe fc. Padgett, Heck'less Ing. forfeited $"5 cash bond. Billy Burns, (Hazardous driving. Forfeited $10 cash bond. C. fi. Whilten, Failure to give hand signal. Forfeited $S cash "bond. Bessie Maney, Steve Brown, Petit larcehy. Forfeited $25 dash bond and 1 dav ifi jail. Hai-fiel Mill, Drunkenness, For- fcited $10 cash bond. Calvin iMePherson. firuhkehttess Tried; fined $iO, F. ft. Porter it., (Driving while intoxicated. Plea guilty; fined $50 and 1 day ih jail. Daniel Levels, Possessing UntaJJ ed intokicatihg liquor, Forfeited $50 cash bond, SViary Ellen Dehman, Possessing unlaxed intoxicating liqlioj' for sale Forfeited $100 cash ibond, T. C. Turtle!', Resisting arrest. 'Forfeited $25 cash ibond. James i), 'Pierce and M, H, Johnson, driver, Mauling -for hire without P,SC authority. Forfeited StOO cash bond, T, C, Turner, Kenneth Pratt, Overload. Forfeited $25 cash bond, CIVIL DOCKET Easy Pay Tire Store vs. Allison Christmas 'holiday's. Accreditation of the institution.* themselves will not be considered until next spring, he added,. • McCuislion said - the 'private schools to be visited Include Kanoj> High School operated by the Littl? Rock Private School Corp.,'Bap* list Hi g.h School operated by Ouaohita -Baptist College, the Conway academy operated by Conway Baptist College, and, the Trinity Episcopal Interim Academy. He said private school teachers must meet the same standards as public school teachers to -enabln the students to receive credit for their courses. Stereo-Phonic Phonograph Automatic 4 speed record changer, portable Hi-Fi. Equipped to play Stereo records. $89.95 Matching Speaker . . 16.95. ' MONTGOMERY WARD' CHRISTMAS SPECIALS You -can't afford • to*-nils*. Come by and make your appointment early. • * •, • JANELL'S BEAUTY SHOP •West Ave. B and,Margaret St., r 17 Petidfts Meet Death Violently gy THE ASsSeiAfgB PRB&5 * * Seventeen persons died vittteh ly in Arkansas during the week Which ended last midniaht. Traffic accidents accounted for eight deaths, fire six. a plan* crash two and one person WHS stabbed fatally. • Ah bSplosioft Afld fire irt d •hd'i«>Q al Bradford yesterday killed Hick Willis, 49. Marshall G"eorge Libby said tractor fuel that Willis Used to start A fire ih a stove exoiodorf fihd flarnes quickly enveloced the house, Libby said Bobby Duncan, 59, also Was in the house, add that the two had planned lo go hunt* , ing, The marshal said Duncan' suffered btii-ns oh his hands in. a futile attempt to siivc Willis. At Little Rock, Mrs. Retha Jean Lane, 21, died Saturday of injuries suffered ih an automobile abfiidoiit the previous night, Mrs. Lane Was riding in a ear Which skidded on an icy street and struck a Utility pole. None ot the other persons in the car Wcru hurt Seiiotisly. 'Woodberry, Action on 'account for $287,25. Dismissed, . tEasy 'Pay Tii'e Store v>s. Randolph Brooks, Action on account .for 1 $8'1,00, Dismissed, CORNER 2nd & Main Sts. Open Every Day 'Cept Sunday TIL XMAS SEE OUR TOYS Plenty of 99c Handbags 2.99 Sissy Blouses Girls Sizes 7 to 14 Sissy Blouse 2 49 Cub Scout Den 8 met on Wednesday afternoon in the home o,f Den Mother, Mrs. Bill Beck for the regular meeting, (Vle ? t " 19 £ el , d ' he S ' ato Department of Edu Dr. LEmile listened. These were '• mother once said that gratitude people lie now loved, lie said, is born in the heart and so is that a i ?eon the Houston M. «sic Hall, Jbp goyprnQr spako, held up ' by SO minutes. Nothing snjd.he wns pleased by in fioustpn, nnrty found their at WUle Pork's Union thpjr absence, had, vyjUi snow nyer the governor pitched in ice and. snow Adam didnt bpthor to deny it, He said, "{lev main aljegjan'cp is to Jim, She? knew Ujpt during tho time he was the biggcgj ptjj-t of the linn he Joyed, it. -Maybe that's npt the right, word; lpj.it he gpyo jt so much; in interest, in money, in experience, wouldn't, V ' prpyent it, Jet it go down thp draju. ' "I \youldi\H know." said p^r- J?ar,a. "J'm ' 'not intpyp^tw} jn Marly 01- her "npbjjity. yijqts whjjt ypu're saving. Voii'JLJ g)J go arpund ssorifirinp/ ail iwee mjcl light. ,A11 -ripht', sn I'll in with tho jevyejiy jijjd I'H ppj so»t to sell the house ciud. I pqse. '"-we'll pontii)y,g* b.P Socially, when \y,<? jjayc- to ^- But I don't like YOU,."- -she soicj, "nor 5\1,ariv nor ,Hopo, and '" have " took, Hone didfi'J, afford you, \ ee'n/ ina'autJoys. Uxpm as Mrs. <o rt not havo rpsist'cf! In the next . 3'Jd a VVOVJl ft" *' - to 41 -><* "I didn't menn your work nor being Hope's handy mnn. I meant tired jn, I think, your nerves, and perhaps, your spirit, But flu's," he said, ''you will overcome," CHAPTER XIII •• Aft?)' the holiday was over, Dan had a proposal to . m a k ,c, with apology nud , uneasiness Barbara wanted out, The proposal was that they work things out so that Dan, in relinquishing his interest in th<» firm, would also,' be pnncelins: much of his debt; He would think it oyev Adam said. He talked to Hope and Marty Hope s«id "I've wanted t*tis, nil .along," nnd MiU'ty cold thought. fully, "So he's going in'o tho Simon? office, You know "hat a number of c 1 i e n ts will follow him, don't you, Adnm? 11 "yes." He lookpd - tm OJ1 ,j laughed, "jt's funny, really/ ho sqio;, "how ho got the pfJer frgw Simons," . "ft irritates /on," said Marty comfortably, "I suppose §o, Barbara kjipw ' pne who knew Unions ?o- Ht ramo about that way " "PJeasanl evening," said UQPP, .Martinis yp ry (fry, and thp iaiH ypyjig man sitting at the fepi of wis4om-?J can sep it," "Wi l9t U get you," said A.d.an-1, "Pajj jmplied to Sloans thnt he'd go^g^er it, th?'Qffpr, jf J'4 buy JiJnj pu.(, fJa\y that yes., gjinons .. is /inc." and £asi§ the you. P{ never a sense of obligation, which is born in thp mind or the conscience." "I never wanted Barbara's gratitude," said Adnm, startled. "Oh, yos, you did," said Hope, "without knowing it. \\'e all like gratitude," After a moment Adarp asked, "Do you, really think slje \voulct have divorced him?" "I don't know, but if she hadn't and things went on ns they've iboen going, H ,thlnfc he would have cut his throat." "Literally?" "\V"elJ, sleeping pills," she conceded. "Do you remember when Gwen remarked to me that our marriage was physical? Well, tht- night when I to)d you parbnra didn't love Pan. you argued with mo. That's tlipir marriage, -and no more, I'm sure she needs him, She hasn't met anyone else she thinks could, fulfill her need. It's a bad marriage." She thought of tenderness, and of compassion, which is « part of passion and does not pxist in sonsunlity, ' 'May-bo a bad marriage is bet-. tor than none," said Adam, She tli ought that pyer, "j wouldn't kno\v»" she said., "I've neyer had a bad .rnarriage, 1 In matters ppilaining to Jove, women are assumed to be more intuitive than men, pj- so every* one has ejajmed singe t{i? first cayewomRn invited an as yet urt« clubbed, female home to dinner, together with her husband's best, unattached Mend anc} watphecl them, signing, . as they gnawed Ihp festivp feoties. Yet ij was Adam j,vhp discoy, " Jerry Beck the ihv/ication .,„ „. ,,. , i,. ..... i ----- „,, «v,ii^ jjuuiv guvv; um uiy^iciiuon MI she thinks-iet her down My Bn(1 refreshments were served by .mnthp,. nnn» =,,H „ ....... „ ..... ^ . Garner, Jerry and Gary Beck, Johnny Reclfern and Bill Oliver. Tlie Cubs made puppets and tion, Asst, Commissioner Ed McCuistion saic! yesterday. McCuistion said the quality of .instruction offered by private schools and tutors would be checked to protect the e ffort o£ "students to obtain credit for this year's school work so they can graduate or be piomoted to UIP next g'rade." marked their arrow point and) Some of the private schools may .,„!,: 4. ... _,__-, .(ij 0 visited this week, he said, 'but, most visits will be made after thp achievements on a chart. 'Brownie Troop No, 3 Meets With Mrs, Archie Johnson On Wednesday afternoon Brownie Troop 3 ,in the home of the leader, (Mrs, Archie Johnson, Saj'a Purtle led the Brownie ipromise and the pledge of allegiance to the {flag. Mnrita Jane Bc- mis was flag bearer. During the afternoon the Brownies made door decorntions. ^Refreshments . were served to Joan '-Bratton, Phoebe Johnson, Jane Bemis, Mprvana Cum- ningrjam, iPam 'Fore, Anna Gordon •Sara Pm-tle and JCathy Reaves, Lo;ijse Martin nnd Ray pooko of Shrevepovt spent the weekend svjth her parents, Mr, and iMrs. Leroy Martin. Mr-, and. iM'rs, Martel Pace and (Mr, and .JVJrs. Horace Jones motored to 'Little 'Ropl? Friday. crcd that Rfarty \vtjs i He reported, this to Jf&pe tired and i-je^sed, 'he s&t 4>y |he Mr, and Mrs. 'Peck Huffman of kolonc! were Friday visitors in Prescptt. Mr. and (Mrs, Calyin Duke and of tHope were the guests r, and MV«- 'A llen Gee, 'Miss Poroa has returned. . ! from several days stay in kittle s. /- 'H, Bemis is spending sl ,days in 'Little Rook to be with her- sjster, J\lrs, y^ian Vaughn wh,p \in4pwent s list Pospita) on Rock were the weekend .guests of M'r, and Mrs, J. H. Bomis and, 1 attended funeral service for Fra.nk Turberville at the First Presbyterian Church on Friday afternoon. To All Points Other Than Those In Ark. . HARVEY ALMN-S SERlE STATION ;'PRospeeih 7-9963 DAILY PICKUP SERVICE FOR A WIFE WHOSE HUSBAND LOVES AND UNDERSTANDS HER! If your wife has a weight problem, 'the-ope 'Xmas gift that will & make her happiest is a-lovely, new figure. This Christmas, % ' ' _.: thousands of husbands will actually ft give their wives a beautiful, new A figure with ' the 'famous Stauffer « >Home'Reducing-Plan. • 'R • •The heart of.the $tauffer,Home Plan ; § is- tfie, motorized' "Magic -Couch'! 0 pictured at left. For more informa'-. S tion^about this most wanted Christ'. « mas gift, contact: • , <f MRS, DORTHIA CAMP % Route .4, .— Hope, Ark, 9 SEE * " " _ i The one new car that --costs jess to buy, far less to operate,,,/ gt Jhp Bap Madr? ^avv Jimmy Mf>- ^ W- MclJely«r of 'Little I "Have yoy Jlpt]cp4 Jliow plten {Jars iherfi vvl^gn we are?" ' J5 otlxors suffered puts and otlxer p oip (J yQu'v.6 fee,, { didn't But there $£5 syi th.an t ,h p, s P now > wljh - \ Jfy^U^Wy^^igr^*>5^ -'; rty^ '• ' ' j'-, _,-' > ••I!*, / 'i.-/' A''.,- A " lL ' t ' 7 t "*'"" ^ ''- /I ,"•, V -("•'V*'^ ;"'*j ' '" ^''^i-'ft^''-' 6 *I- -f ~\'fj r ' i,t -*f >% <i»*-""" 'J>- •i, «,',", -';;" ' ;V''tiiikij"ifii- i ^' l i Wii'^k'ii'2^'-'' ~&,« t jir.« '»'i"j^V^'^^g v ^^'-^'^^V^^^/-^' < ''rf-,^'S'<^'"'*?,''' ''-^ ^ ^S :"-fev, -^iilli^HMlsH^MliM

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