Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 13, 1963 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1963
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 1963 Fines Protests Re-Election Of Pickerill at Wood River Karl Fines, who said he lost a union election by eight votes Monday, today was protesting the re-HrcMon of James Pickerel as Local 338 business rrprownUilivt. Fines, assistant business agent of the laborers' local, said he is making his protest on the grounds Hint he did not receive a complete and correct voters' list prior to the election. Fines said he received 273 toj Pickcrill's 281 votes. The protest was in the form of a registered letter sent to the' Washington D.C. office of the International Hod Carriers and Common Labors, Fines told the Telegraph. Fines said he was first given an old voters list with the names of suspended and deceased members on it. A second list he obtained, said Finos, was incomplete and incorrect. According to Fines, the first list had 796 names and the second list had 807 names. Both lists were given to him by James Pickerill Jr.. local secretary and son of the re-elected business representative, he said. Fines claimed that the second list was given to him May 20, vns greeted mostly with critical cclaim. Thp premiere at the Rivoli Theater was a celebrity-packed 'harity affair, featuring the add•d glider o( two of the film's tars: Rex ("Caesar") Harrison nd Roddy ("Octavius") McDow- 11. Elizabeth Taylor ("Cleo") and which didn't give him enough time to reach the union's voters by the June 10 election. The local has members in Missouri, Quincy, Mt. Olive, Staunton, Hillsboro, Collinsville, East St. Louis and one in Indiana. He also stated that two of tbe local's six voting booths did not have curtains on them at the local hall on 48 Ferguson street in Wood River. Police Stymie Young 'Con Man' WOOD RIVER — A 14-year- old "con man" escaped with astern lecture after being picked up by Wood River police Wednesday. The youth was canvassing the community telling residents at various offices and homes that they had won a radio on a punch board — but the radio could not be sent to them until they anted up — to the boy — ?2 to cover mailing and handling. The boy had suckered seven or eight residents by the time he was apprehended. Another Churchill First LONDON—Sir Winston Churc hill now holds the record as longest lived ex-Prime Ministe of Great Britain. To Start on New YM This Week; Rain Caused Delay Construction on the new Alton YMCA will start this week it was announced at the YMCA board meeting Wednesday at the Mineral Springs Hotel. Construction was held up due to the hi?a\'y rain which fell Monday. An additional $32,000 has been pledged to the spring YMCA building fund campaign. The board approved a budget YORK (AP) — "Clciv | of $91.575 for 19(54. The budget will Cleopatra Opens in New York NEW latra." S-10 million worll nonunipiitnl movie. 1 o [ibc sent lo the Alton-Wood River JArea Unitrd Fund for approval. 01 ! irnn-nuf Coekrell, executive sec- Broadway Wednesday night andj ret . H , y rep0 rted R5 boys are at- Richard Burton ("Antony"), vhose real-life romance has add- d to the oceans of ballyhoo ac- ompanying a picture four years n the making, remained in Lonon. Outside the theater, about 5,00 persons, barely controlled by nounted and foot policemen, urged against wooden barriers nd perched on lamp posts and rash baskets to see such person- lities as Helen Hayes, Eddie Al- )ert, Paul Anka, Beatrice Lillie, ed Buttons and Joan Fontaine. Bosley Crowther of the New York Times called the four-hour nd three-minute film "a sur- iassing entertainment, one of the great epic films of our day . . . raught with imperishable ro- nance, adventure and tragedy." Wanda Hale of the New York Daily News termed it a film 'well worth waiting for," ap- ilauding the acting of all the irincipals and supporting players nd saluting producer, Joseph Vlankiewicz as investing "the :aesar-Cleopatra affair with de- icious humor." A "thumbs-down" for the extravaganza came from Judith Crist of the New York Herald Tribune, who wrote that the movie 'is at best a major disappointment, at worst an extravagant exercise in tedium." Justin Gilbert of the New York Mirror termed the film "A spec tending the YMCA summer camp this week at Camp Piasa in Pere Marquette Park. Cockrell said 360 boys are participating in the learn-to-swim program at the Y. The classes i from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. Saudi Arabia Bans Jewish Servicemen BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP)—Saudi Arabia has denied that American servicemen of Jewish faith "have jeen allowed or would be aJ- owed" into Saudi Arabian terri- The statement by the Saudi De- ense and Air Ministry was broad- :ast by Mecca radio. The U.S. Defense Department on Tuesday made public a letter to he American Jewish Committee which the department said ome American servicemen of the ewish faith had been assigned to duty in Saudi Arabia for the first time in years. acular, sensuous spectacle," and vas critical of Miss Taylor's die- ion. Rose Pelwick of the New York fournal-American said "tremendous is the world for 'Cleopatra'." William Glover of the Associated Press viewed "Cleo" as "merely one more overlong, gaudy £.nd ultimately tedious super-screen spectacle." Archer Winsten of the New York Post said the film "will not make back its money on its mer- ' adding: "Cleopatra, in the person of Elizabeth Taylor, falls flat, the dialogue leaves much to be desired. Although a beautiful spectacle it just doesn't ring tbe bell." Macmillan Still on Thin Ice By TOM KKKDY LONDON (AP)—Prime Minister Harold Macmillan rode through the second day of crucial Cabinet meetings over the Profumo scan dal today with an outward show of Conservative unity. But signs grew that loyalty of key ministers was near the breaking point. A 75-minute meeting heightened the tension of the crisis facing the 69-year-old prime minister. Rumors of resignations by at least four ministers were partly dispelled when two of them issued flat denials. The other two kept their counsel. The Labor party's "shadow" foreign secretary, Patrick Gordon Walker, returned from a trip to Moscow and declared the vice scandal involving former Wai Minister John A. Profumo, required the prime minister's resignation. "I tliink perhaps this is the last service he could do his country," Walker said. His remarks set the tone foi Labor's attack in a full-scale parliamentary debate Monday. Rumblings from the Cabinet meeting centered on Health Minister Enoch Powell, who stead-, fastly refused to deny the report he would quit over the moral issue of scandal in the private lives of men in high position. The Evening Standard said Powell is on the point of resignation, and added this could start a landslide against the prime minister. Reports spread through Whitehall that other men high in the party councils have been indulging in high life as was the disgraced Profumo. Macmillan's problem in the face of these rumors was to know if he could again be the victim of a "breath-taking betrayal" as he described Profumo's conduct. The threats of resignations, the denials, the rumblings even from the rank and file of the party conclaves, created an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty as dynamic as the Suez crisis which troppled Anthony Eden and put Macmillan into power. Rumors had spread that four ministers would quit over the moral aspects of the Profumo case. One, Sir Keith Joseph, housing minister, disavowed any such invention. Home Secretary Henry Brooke also denied he was leav- Biederman's "Vacation Time" Photo Sale! ng the government. Education Minister Edward Joyle was a question mark. If all stay in office, Macmillan las gained an important respite n the crisis swirling ground the conduct of Profumo, who lied to IIP House of Commons about his love affair with Miss Christine Kepler. The party girl shared her affections with a Soviet naval at- lache. The Conservatives expect Laborite opposition leader Harold Wilson to spearhead the attack. They said Macmillan would take up the cudgels. The Cabinet obviously was dealing with* the effects of the scandal on the party's election prospects. Illustrating that, the Cabinet called in Lord Poole, the campaign manager, who is not a member of the government. Macmillan's aides denied any mass revolt was shaping up. They insisted that the prims minister had received general—though nor unanimous—support at a cabinet meeting Wednesday which studied his handling of the affair involving former War Minister John Profumo. Macmillan apparently succeeded in convincing his ministers in the two-hour session that no breach of state security resulted from Profumo's affair with party girl Christine Keeler at the time an assistant Soviet naval attache also was sharing her bed. But Powell was said to have taken the position that enough had been known about Profumo's 1961 affair with Miss Keeler to boot him out of the government long before he confessed lying to the House of Commons to cover his guilt. Asks One Conservative member of Parliament, Donald Johnson, issued an open call to Macmillan to resign before the government faces debate on the Profumo af fair in the House of Commons Monday. The Conservatives' 100-seat majority in Commons insures that it will survive any motion of censure the Labor party may bring. And Conservatives rebelling against Macmillan's leadership are not likely to vote him out since it would force the party .into a national election it almost certainly would lose. But many Conservatives feel that only a new leader with a fresh, untainted record can improve the party's chances in the general election which must be held by October 1964. The prime minister also was buffeted by a rising storm of moral indignation from both the pulpit and press. Cubans Captured in Sneak Raid on Coast YAOUNDE — The Cameroon government hopes to increase rubber output by 3,000 tons yearly. MARATHON, Fla. (AP)—For he second time, a nameless title band of anti-Castro raiders has returned with captives snatched ri a foray off Cuba's coast. And it promises more such exploits. Manuel Quiza, 31, of Miami and Committee Rejects Tax Bill SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP)—By a vote of 10-5, the Republican controlled Illinois Revenue Com mittee today dumped a bill backed by Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to double the half-cent city sales tax. On a 9-6 vote, the committee also rejected two more Daley bills to permit cities to impose taxes on cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. Similar legislation is still alive in the House but the Senate committee's action doomed the whole program. Daley, who made a personal appearance before the legislature last week in behalf of the bills, said if they were enacted he would reduce Chicago property taxes. The bills were supported by A. L. Sargent, executive secretary of the Illinois Municipal League, and by many downstate mayors who said their cities need more income to provide additional services and meet salary demands of employes. At the committee session today, the tax proposals were opposed by the Illinois Retail Merchant Association, Taxpayers Federation of Illinois, State Chamber of Commerce and spokesmen for the liquor industry. Joseph Meek, president of the Retail Merchants Association, said if the half-cent city sales tax were doubled it would give Illinois an overall 4% cent sales levy —one of the highest in the nation. He termed the sales tax a "misery provoking tax" and said an additional levy would hurt Illinois merchants in border state areas. The bills would have allowed city councils to put on fj.other half-cent sales tax if they desired, tax cigarettes up to 3 cents a package and place gallonage taxes on beer, liquor and wine. his nine comrades said they killed two Castro militiamen in a battle vith a Castro gun boat Tuesday Both their light craft were riddled n the engagement, and they made Marathon in the Florid; Xeys aboard a commandeered tishing boat with its skipper and two militiamen they captured. Today, Quiza and his men were in detention—by U.S. authoritie who sought to determine whether they violated federal laws. One of the group, Evangelio Rufin Cal- ?ro, 36, is hospitalized with a bul- et in his back. The State Department said Juba can have the fishing boat its skipper and the two servicemen upon request. Warns That Racial Crisis May Worsen WASHINGTON (AP)—A Negro congressman told the House Ju diciary Committee today that the present racial crisis will become worse if Congress fails to pass strong civil rights legislation this session. Rep. Charles C. Diggs Jr., D Mich., made the statement after Rep. Emanuel Celler, D-N.Y. chairman of the committee pleaded with Diggs and other Ne gro leaders to halt planned dem onstrations in Washington. Celler said he had heard reports that Negro freedom marchers in tend to come to Washington and stage sit-ins in the offices of con gressmen who oppose civil rights legislation. "I assure you there will be a tremendously deep reaction to such moves," Celler said. "It. can only hurt your cause." If rational counsel is to prevail among the mass of Negroes,' replied Diggs, "then Congress wil have to give the moderates, such as myself, the necessary weap ons—and that means the whole civil rights package. "If the Negroes don't get theii demands they will turn to other leadership that will produce an even greater crisis than this one." Diggs was accompanied to the hearing by Aaron Henry, Missis sippi president of the National As sociation for the Advancement o Colored People, whose home in Clarksdale, Miss., was bombed last April while Diggs was visit ing him. Bill Would Hike State's Attorney Pay SPRINGFIELD, HI. (AP)-Salary increases of $4,000 a year for state's attorneys were approved today by the Illinois Senate. The entire increase would be paid by the state under the bill which moved to the House. Prices Bring Trouble COLOMBO—Foreign oil companies report difficulty with the new oil price restrictions in Cey lun. Morocco Bays TV RABAT—Three television transmitters each with a one kilowatt rating are to be bought aboard the Moroccan government. . • • "- ———Minna The giant bluefin, which can weigh up to 1,500 pounds, is the best-known among tuna. Other are albacore, yellowfln and skip jack, or striped tuna. DISCOUNT! LADIES' Wedge ana Stacked Heels • TIES • CASUAL* Nationally Advertised,. 12.95 sellers. Size* * *» « M,,"? 8 -- 4.96 Others from $2.9> to ** M WESTERN SHOE STORES 804-08 B. Broadway HERE IS THE VOILE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR . . 12 PoMer printed on A.B.C superfine Wash N' Wear Voile. The 8 gored flattering skirt is topped by a tocked frotrt shirtwaist bodice. Sizes 1*1i-22%~ Color* PWc. Btee and Orange. 98 Schaeflers Alton ELECTRIC EYE, ~~ _ 8MIUI MOVIE CAMERA 1 or BELL & HOWELL i "Monterey" PROJECTOR Coupled vie.. finder. See what lens sees as you loom. Bell Your choice Westinghousf Full time electric eye sets lens automatically. Fast, wide span zoom lens. Wide range of film speeds. Setting for every film made. if A WEEK 400 It reel lor tun Vj hour shows Here is, without o doubt, America's No. 1 name in home movies... ond we lop it of? with a camera and projector which we KNOW ore America'* greatest values! Buy them on credit terms that let you enjoy marvelous movies while you payl All these valuable accessories I-'REE when you buy both, the Camera and Projector at our $1 CQ.95 ."•"•rial Price of loony lenuint | iMttitr c*rrjin» OM. BtSOhr* tail or table- ' I- roc Curtoon Lltjhtbur with lights. .Shouts Indoors. Fast '1,6 coated lens for brilliant color movies. 19" Portable TV in easy tote case, Aluminized Picture, Wide Range Speaker! A Westinghouse designed for today's modern way of living, the Attache offers you all the performance features of a big console! "See-Matic" Circuit Center makes servicing jobs quicker and less costly! Aluminized picture tube! Master control panel brings all tuning and adjustment controls to one handy location! lifetime aluminum construction. EXTRA BONUS! 32 ROLLS FREE DEVELOPING WITH PURCHASE OPEN EVENINGS TILL 9—OPEN AN ACCOUNT •roadway and Piaso, Alton, III. HO 2-9271—Ask for Jewelry Dept. Westinghouse Stereo HI-FI Console with AM-FIYI Radio, too! 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