Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 15, 1958
Page 4
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Page feut HOP! S f A R, « ft ? 1, ARKANSAS Legal Notice Porkers Take Ole Miss, Stout Oilers Are Next By THE The ASSOCIATEb PRESS SALE NOTICK IS HKKKBY rMVEN. That in puiMinnco of the niithority and dupctions i-ontnineil in the de- cretal order of the ChniM'-iy Court of HempMt.id Counly. Aiktmsas. Ilinde nnfl cntcrr'd on '!;<• HMh flay of Dei i mbei. HUSH, in .1 c-< rtain cau^O iNo Rt'<0' thin pending • theiein between W H llnlliday. | Complainant, and I/nnis Hyer, Tom • Dyer. Mneaie O On-i M Minnie D, ' Il'ollldav 1 f'Sie H P.,lnn-i. .l-.'ie D. Cnmplon. r Meek? Dyer.; \Vheelel DM r, Vida P Reed. I.vlcj iD.vor. tva IT l>.-l";u-h. I i--1i-i- n>-: or. Hleiin liver, f'-iy DV.-I-. Hob. rt ' l')yer, Marie P Brouninc. Wassip _ K tTaiu-. M Hide K Wm-lry. Pearl p|Mithv . ( , R( cnl . ncr of snit i tfE<4 g\yi/ 4 ' 2n-io--.-20\v.: run (hence East to the i tinnnl of (he scasnfj basketball Is at ttoirStnn next week. I Texas A&M. the last inlfecatcn J leniri. rimy be in for the toughest test. The Aesi-s ti« to Birmlng-j hhfn. Aln., to enhipft'' in n tourna- ! iTient wilh the liker ol Auburn. I Two teams fell from the rartfcS last week as Texas Christian took H ¥f)-B4 tt-imrning from Utah artd Texas Toeh was beaten by loA'3 ! 'T'ft-t.L But the Aggies downed Sam Houston Stale 81-34 and Centenary H8-S7 lo remain All (old lasl week the won nine and lost five ahing the id for the Sniithwi"-t Conference i intersectionnl front and it loft •Ulslfle i record at 14-10—the best ih 3 for this point in the schedule, M i I h flips relative im'h of tin team? .is tin y loott iv.ard the 1 annual pro-seasoft K Pim ' Komp. .lohnnie K. niio B Ki nip. Sonny fcsfello Tiftm. Klsie Moore. Oale'^^ 11 Compton. Oildy Reed. Winona . sl '- 'i (L-amb. l.c'is Harris, Cenl 1 ,mnh. ' f/iu'n Johnnie Oieen. l.ulhei- l.amb. Obi of the said NWV4 2H-IOs.-26w.. the point Of be- CV)ii(ainin(» 55.3 ac'res, Pat Boots Giants to a Victory §y DdN WEIS Associated Pr-eSs SpbfU NEW YORK AP>— A field goal through thc snow by n follow who wasn't expected to play . . , the keen eyes of a balltewortt . Tettn'h ^ v ,,._ . . . arid what everybody thdtight the "barraeoTor"'tough battles 'tht» I wan n boner by foottanll's master coach. They added up torlny lo a bonus for -National football 'Lea-gUe fails, next Sunday's playoff between the plucky Now York Giants and the Hope Star Classified Ads A5S MUST BE IN OWICE 5AY SttORI PUILIgATION — PH6NI 7*3431 fOfc ADTAKfR That eoiild be wiped out xvttti wools. The Assies fton't play until day when they go to Rlrm 1 bo there Friday artel Saturday nights. Texas, Te!<as Tech and "RICO si art the week off with intcrsuC' „„„„„„. „,,-,-,, „. :,r l.'ss. All of said lands be-, Uoll||l b!lUlos . lhc Lonphorns. who Lnmb Klvin Lamb Klb.Tl Lamb, S ln « situated in llempstead County, i ,, nvo woh only nnc gnm0 mi* •' *"' " 1 season, InckllrtK Louisiann State On a credit ilt B n t oll Rouge, Tich journcyinc '" to Lincoln Tor a crack tit Nebraska and Dice taking on Tulane 'jit New Charho Lamb. Ollip , and j-AHi_ansa_s. li^sinnrr or said ° r I 1 ''-' 1 ' 1 '•'" m""l-hs. Iho purchase' nnrl or purchasers boms? required signed. Court. Will offer for sale, nl public Venduc to Ihe highest bidder. ;>t the Rulh K f-ninb farm sltualed in Sort ion 29. Township 10 South, Range 2(> West, Hompstrntl County. Arknii'-iis located on l-lighwny Number Four t'l> about five i5i miles Noilhvvosl of O/an. Hempstead Countv, Arkansas, within the lm ' hours preset ibed by law for .judicial P">' sales. HO 00 o'clock A. M. and; Cl 3:00 o'clock P. M.i on Saturday, i "">' tbc 3rd rl.iy of January. A. P., | 1950, the following doscribcd real estate, lo-wit: THACT NUMBKR ONR: W4 NE'j, except fo\ir (<0 acres in the Northwest rnrner thei-eof. Section 33, Township 10 South. Range 20 West, and the W'vs ft'-i of the NFl'i of Section 33 Ti.wifhin 30 South Range 20 West, contain- in C IHi ,irii«; more oi- less. TRACT NUMBER TWO: That pail of the NW 1 !, SF.'<'i, that pait of the NF,'/i SW^i. that part of Ihe SE'-'i NW'ii. that part of the SW i NRi-j, and that part of the SE'i NK'-i lying Norlh of State to execute a bond as required by JoHe.ans. law and Ihe order and decree of Wednesday Southern Mettiactlst. . i ill VY 11II ILmiClJ >j« ill i l il I i i i»j v » i i\-«*.i >« "• ,,aid C'oui-t in said cause, wlh ap- wWch m \, von in „ F0lllhc «, proved security, beann« ititcicst U)l l { wock _ losiiw lo Kentucky ,,l ,!„> rate of Per centum per VanrinrblH 80-72- annum, from date of sale i nt Oklahoma at Dallas while Ar- paid, and a ben being retained on, f ,, h , 0 ( (n LtlUlslana sold to secure the ent of the purchase money | ^^ k lhc phmi o , lepa ION under my hand this lOtn I necember, 1S15B. premises Missis!S | pnI . J. P. Byers Commissioner in Chancery Dec In. 22. I9S8 nt Fayctlcvlllo. Thursday iRice hosts Missouri and TSaylor tries Tulnne at New Orleans. In addition to thc Aggies:' efforts in the Birmingham classic, Arkansas wil play Tulsa at Fayet- mighty Cleveland Browtls -foi' the Eastern Conference chtinipiohshlp. The 'two arch rivals tied for the regular season i.'hampionship wi'.h 0-3 records Sunday as Texan 'Kyle Roto scl up a louchdoWti with 10 minutes left, and hobbled Pat Summerall booted a 40^yard field goal with two minutes remaining to give Now York a 13-10 VicHory. A lie would have Riven Cleveland the Illle. Thc winner of noxl 'Sunday's playoff will iilay host to thrj-'Wcst- frn cbampion Baltimore 'Colts Dec. 28 in thc pro tille game. The other NFL clubs linve completed their seasons. Baltimore lost 21-12 to San Frnncisco Sunday. Los Angeles and the Chicago Bears tied for second In the "West with 8-4 marks as the Rams closed out with a 34-20 decision over Green Bay and the Bears 'defeat- ^^^^w^^^9 ^^r ir^^F^^V ^^^f ^^^^^B^^^B^ > I The schedule of Solufiaf Periods, as printed below, has beeti t&kefl from ,tohn Aldeh Knight's Sdluhaf tables. Plan your days so that .you Will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover dtifini these times, if you W'sh to-find the best sport that each day has to offer. The Major Periods are showfl ifl boldface type. These begin at the times shown atid last for an hour and a half or two hours there* after. The Minor Periods, shown In regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration. A. M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Monday 9:25 3:10 8:55 314P Tuesday 10:10 3:55 10:40 4125 4:43 5:26 6:10 6155 7:40 Legal Notice m TlTir' PR^ATE COURT teville. Texas Christian engages i cc \ lne Detroit Lions '21-113. 'Wash- OF II MPSTKAD COUNTY. ! L'qj-oln at New Orleans nnd Te.xhs -• -- --^-—^ ^ J JTocb phiys Louisiana Slate at AHKANSAS TN THK MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF O. B. RODDEN, PEC EASED, CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF HOPE, ADMINISTRATOR NOTICE Lubbock Friday ni.uht. Saturday night Rice visits Now Mexico A&M, 'Southern Methodist mel Minnesota at Dallas and Texas Tech entertains Missouri. Probably the most impressive sitinted m Seclmn 2 . I own- slup 10 South Ran.'.- 2(1 \\esl. ni.d rj]cd petition in said court i fo[ . nutho ,. it (o sc]1 to A . p. NOTICE fS HFRJSBY GIVEN, I showing last week -was Baylor's That the Citizens National Bunk of.43-37 triumph over Oklahoma ., Hope, as Administrator of the (State. The latter seldom loses a Highwav Number Kour (4). and be- _ . o B nodf)en Deceased I-game to the Southwest Conference •--- •»-•-'•--•> •--• f- --'••••- "" rp i '- ... , _ oi . (o iipy (llllel . conference for that matter. Baylor, of all people, ••hadn't been expected to lake slate down. Southern Methodist beat Wisconsin 83-63 last week and had il not •been ,for Texas Tech's -loss to Iowa the league would have a perfect record lo dale against Big Ten learns. 11 now is three oul of tour. . . more particularly described as fol- , |>lonoy thc , ands hereinafter de- lows, to-wit B east corner of the 10s -20w , and run South- ; NW SE'4 29- thence North 204 feel, to Ihe point of beirinning. Run thence Northwesterly, and parallel with s;iid State Highway scribed for $1,425.00 cash, at .private sale, free of all encumbrances, said land being situated in Hempstead County, -Arkansas, and • described as follows, to-wit: Ihe Southwest thence North fiHO feel; run thence,, , Easl 792 feet; run thence South' 495 feet: run thence Easl 1,188 /eel; run thence South 792 feel; run (hence West GOO feet; run , thence South LOfiG feet, to the point of boEn'nnuvi except two (21 aci'ps : (241 West, North 49. 1 ) feel to an iron stake, thence East .144 foot to a slake on Ihe Easl line of 131m Street in Ihe City of Hope, Arkansas, as extended, which is THE POINT OF BEGlNNJlvrG: Thence North 17'/-i degrees West along said East line , , fl f f oul of the NW'i SEMi Section 29, Twp 10 South. R»m;e 26 West, and the Southeast cortuM- of the said two eolllilH1(; wilh snid -East 3ine (2) acres being 2W feet North o - Q the Southeast corner of the said ' Legal Notice 78.7 acres, more or less. 4J ' TRACT NUMBER. THREE: lion (i feet to thc center of the alley, NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMP'STEA'DXJ.b'U'NTY, ARKANS'A'S IN THE MATTER OF. . THE ESTATE OF John S. Gibson, Jr., deceased Last known address of decedent: :123 S. Grady'Sl: Hope, Arkansas I,-- * Date of death: December 4, 1958 vAn instrument 'dated July 29, .1954, was oh the 10 day of December, 1958, admitted to probate as the last will of the above named decedent, and the undersigned luigj ington blanked Philadelphia' 20^0 in Sunday's other game. Pills- brush. No. 3 in Ihe -East, -finished Saturday with a 38-21 victory over Ihe Chicago Cards. It's doubtful the Giants would -be still alive, if it hadn't been foj' u call by Paul Brown, the coach of pro football's greatest organization. Leading 10-3 midway in 'the third period, the Browns 'drove to the Now York 13 behind : thc gre)it Jimmy Brown — Who gained 148 yards down in 26 rushes. With fourth and five to g'o, Lou ' "The toe) Gro/r. stepped back to the 20 for his fourth field goal try of the game. He had missed twice, hit once—from thc 22. But instead of kicking, 'Brown had called for a fake. Bobby Freeman took the snap from center, jumped up and took off 'around left end.. He ran full inlo Giants' linebacker Harland Svaro,, who Ibrcw him tor an eight-yard-"loss. After-an exchange of kicks, and a Milt Plum fumble, the Gianls' •Frank-Gilford fired a 39-yard pass to Hole *io Ihe Cleveland G -on n play JRoic called when he spoiled • a weakness in the -Browns' pass defense. A running play lost a .yard before GiCford passed lo Bob Schnelker in thc end zone f or a touchdown. Summerall's conversion made it 10-10, and all that port of the NE"i SW«i of Section 29, Township 10 South, Range 2G West lyina South of Stale Highway Number Four (4), more 53t)i;ticularly described as follows, toXyit: Commence al the. Southeast corner of the NW'i SE'4 29- 10s,-2l3w. and run thence North 2G4 feet: run thence Northwesterly, and with said Stiite Highway Four <4i and on the South feet buck to THE POINT OF BEGINNING. By order of said court said pe- I'ill bo heard by said court at 10:00 o'clock, A. M,, Friday, Jan- \iary 2, 1959, in Iho Court Room in the Hempslead Counly Courthouse in the Citv (if Hope, Arkansas. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, T hereunto set my hand and tho day * on this boundary^ of «,«, state «,«h-| " ^'^ *• ™ way Number Four Ut. 2,244 feel, | to thc North boundary lino of the j OTS'a ?\\"i 2!>-lOs-2fiw ; run thonco West G60 feiM, lo the Northwest! corner of the NKVi SW^t 2!)-10s.-j 20w,; run thvnep South to the' ARNOLD J, M1DDLEBROOKS Clerk of Ihe Probate Court of llompstoacl County, Arkansas By; AUTHOR C. ANDERSON D. C. Dec, 15, 22, 1958 IHTi^ATIQNAL under. A contest of tho probate of tho. will can bo effected only by •filing a petition within'the time provided by law, -All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit thorn, duly verified, to thc undersigned within six months from the date of the .first publication of this notice, or Ihpy shall be forever barred and jrccJtided from any benefit in the ?state, This notice 'first published 15 day of December, 1968, Edna Gibson Executrix 123 S. Grady St, Hope, Ark, Dec, 15, 22, 1958 BlevinsGets 3 Victories Over Bodcaw Blevins basketball teams won a triplehoador Friday night from Bodcaw in the Blevins gym, Ava Hicks looped in 12 points lo pace the Blevins junior girls to a 25-18 win, Dorothy Loe wasjijgh for the losers with 9, " ' Blevins senior girls copped a 38-25 victory with 'Fern Stone getting '17. Harlin Ward made 15 for Bodcaw, Bob Hicks sacked''25 tallies to lead Blevins senior boys to a, 63- Wectncs 10:55 Thursday 11:40 Friday 12:05 Saturday 12:50 Sunday 11:25 1:35 12:25 1:10 1:55 5!10 S:5p 6! 35 7120 8!05 The Negro Community Esther Hlcka Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Thought for the day Never omit an opportunity ' o- doing a kindness, speaking a true word or making a friend — Ruskin Staf foUte open for boy^ 12 years and oven Apply at Mope gtaf 6fftce\ baby sitting. stay« ing wiih sick or elderly pel-sort, etc. While woman. Phone 7-34td. it-dtp ;farm equipment mechanic, Man mustibe Shop Fore' man material, Good pay. good working conditions, well ecltiipprtd shop, bohiis plan, paid vacations, hbspnal insui-ance .plan, in a mod' ern, growing community, A real opportunity for the right man, Write Sox 'M, c/o Hope Star. 13-ltd Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Btlrlal Association OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME Dial PR 7-2123 20-lm»c Services Offered LET U« renovtU your old mat tress. We specialize In presstiri ted Innerspring, COBB MATTRESS SHOP 7WW«»t ith, Phone 7-J62J "RALPH" Montgomery Market, cu» torn slaughtering. We have meal for your (Jeep-freeze, See u«.be- fore buying, IT •SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO Sales and Service, 513 East ; 3rd L. E. iBooth, Phone PR 7-6695. 5-14-W Calendar of Events Monday, Dec. 15 The Yerger-Shover P. T. A, will hold its regular meeting Monday, Dec. 15, at 7:J5 p. m. in the High School Study Hall. After the meeting, parents and friends are invited to visit thp Shover Slreel School lo see Iho Cjhrlstmas decorations. Mrs, G. Williamson, Reporter. Tuesday, Dec. 16 •The Presiding Elder's Council and Planning .Conference of tho 12th Episcopal iDislricl df Ihe African Methodist Church will ^convene Tuesday, <Dcc. 16 at 10 a.m. at Belhel A.M.E''Church and Shorter 'College, 'North Lillle.. Rock. All Presiding Elders, Pastor.3, Conference Officers .and Missionary Workers are expected to be present. The Rt. iRov. O, L. Sherman, -presiding.'bishop of lhc Disl., comprising Arkansas 'and Oklahoma will preside. Mrs. O. L. Sherman,. /Episcopal (Supervisor, -will preside at the Missionary sessions. Saw available for remova o'f 'trees, stumps and etc. For I free estimate call 7-4052. 2G-1 mo. c I AM taking orders for cakes foi Christmas. Also have limited amount : of 2 Ib. fruit cakes. Mrs Milton: Eason. 7-4622. 4-t ALUMINUM screens, dobfs. stbrW windows, weather ' stripping, ifi* sulation, roofing, awhingSi -gut tering, ornamental railing, estimates. Andy Andrews, 3 SMALL tracts of land ne.tr town suitable for dhickeh farms. 80 acres timber land two miles out of Foreman, Ark. See Ralph Saitnders or Phone 7*4001, ' 19-tf 'SI OLDS four door. A4 Condition, New tlreSi radio and heater, $4fl5 Will arrange financing. Call 7« 2487. 2'« GOOD Johnson grass hay deliver* ed to your barn, 50c per bale, anything over 8 bales. Call 72261 days or 7-2257 nights. 2-12tp VVdnf AdS are poyob'd but ads will be • 6Vef the telephone arid ao-ortibda- flori accoUhfs allowed with the Uh- ciefstaridihg the account is payable Wiert sldfernefif is rendered. Nurhbef 5f Words UMo IS l'6 to 20 }1 to 25 56 to 30 31 to 35 36 to 46 41 to 45 46 to 50 6rie Day .45 .60. .75 .96 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 three bdv* .95 1 .20 1.50 1.PO 2.10 240 270 300 Six Days 1.50 2.60 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 Orie Month 4.50 6.00 10.50 2.00 13.50 15.00 CHRISTMAS trees. Beautiful Arkansas Cedar. Nice full, class A trees. Fresh cut, no fir, pine or skclton. Hundreds to dhoose from at Stuart's Texaco Service, 3rd and Pine St. PR 7-9965, lU-dlc 80 ACRES of above average pine. timber land with one-half minerals, good road, good homesite, Contact T. F. Grayson. 14-23 Jefferson Street, 22-9779, Texarkana 10-6tc GIVE YOUR CHILD 'A FUTURE FOR A PRESENT Orders accepted now for 1959 Edition of WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA at the old prices. A SAVING OF $20.00 over the January 1st price. GREATEST GIFT OF ALL — WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA $10.00 Down — $G.OO a Month Write or Phone Norma Jean Delaney, Representative 418 East 14th Street Phone: PRospect 7-2126 ll-6tc CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ) time .................... 8.6e pit Inch 3 ti.rndi ........................ 65c per inch 6 times ........................ 55c per inch Rates quoted ab'jVe are fOf con Secutive Ihseftlbhs. Iffeguior 61- isklb dote dds will take the one-day rote. 'AIT dally classified advertising copy Will be -accepted until 5 p.m. fu-. publication the following day. The publisher reserves the right to revise Of edit all atJvesfisements of fered for publication and to reject • any 'Objectionable advertising submitted. Initials of one -or mere letters, groups of fiauros, such as house Or telephone 'numbers count as one word. The Hope Stor will not be respOn- .slble for errors .in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST Insertion of ad and Ihen for ONLY the ONE 'Incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-343$ Lost ONE tin heater 'between town and Turner's Grocery on Hwy. 29. Briant Williams, Rt. 1, Box 107, Hope, Ark. ' 12-3tp MALE, Collie and hound clog. White ring around neck and white chest, black back. Rest tan. Collie ears; Short hair. $10 reward for information leading to return. Phone 7-4810. 13-Gtp Male Help Wonted IMANi to do light -assembly work. Retired person preferred. Write Box G, c/o Hope Star, Hope, Ark. 12-Glc Wednesday, Dec. 17 The Yorgor (Band Mother's Club wil Ihold its regular meeting in the 'Band 'Building on 'Wednesday, iDec. 17, at 7:30 p.-m. Thursday, Dec, 18 The members of all choirs of the city are asked lo mool at Lonoke Baptist Church, Thursday, Dec, 18 at 7:30 p.m. 'for tho .pu'rposo of rehearsing music for the Christinas service lo bo held at Lonoke 52 triumph, Robert Cornelius was foy Bodca\v with 18, Officials were Gene Anderson and John Watson. Scorekeopers were Nova Lynn Wilson and Larry McNatt, Blevins entertains Guernsey Tuesday night, Doc, 16. Reported by Nova Lynn Wilson of Blevins. • PI WHY NOT GIVE A GIFT THAT LASTS THE ENTIRI Yf AR? A subscriptfpn to th@ ! H©p@ StgJ" .-means' y0wr, Gift will gv Into' the 'h©m@ _9f yegjY'os 9 reminder ^f ysyr- th&wght^ f ylnsirsnd good eh'ger at 'Chri§tm©i« time. . ;L> ' : S-~ sbX V.i>,'<, ^" V . -JJ •'T'l -ihV'"<,'SeV>-- ', * *1 :ii-' ki^'?m r !«•" a ^t?l u$ ^ * i , ^ •- " P iir if?*' rv<afe?"- 'M.-, ?«*;; iiHi >afe^' Wonted to Buv REMINGTON portable typewriter. Practically new. $80. Call Snyker Hotel. . ' 12-3tip For Sale or Trade USED furniture ol all kinds. Bed room sets, stoves, living room sets, appliances, odd chairs and etc. City Furniture Co. 7-2261. 2-12tp For Rent LOCAL trailers. Bysrs Gulf Service. Call Day or Night. 7-99o5. 8-lmoc NICTCLY Furnished 4 room apartment. Adults only. No drinking. 801 East 3rd, ',3-tf HIGHtEST prices paid for mink and coon hides. A'fter 7 p.m. call iBob 'Rateliff, 500 S. Hamilion. '7-2782, 15-flte Female Help Wanted 1959 cani be a year of profit -for you, Valuable territories for Avon Cosmetics now open in this arfa, Avon customers svaiting i'or service, ."Representatives needed for Fulton, Mcfs'pb and 'McCasldll and vicinities. Car necessary, Write 4von, Box '377, Hot Springs, Ark. live direction to your home, 15 6tc at 11 a,m, Christmas Day, Sunday, Dec, 21 A special service will be held at -Benson Nursing Home in Nashville 'Deq, 21 at'3,p,m. -The Oarrett hapel Baptist Church will be in charge of the service, Rev. F. R. Williams, .pastor, will deliver the sermon, The publig is invited to attend, 1 -Special, service wi}J be held the Benson Nursing Home, ' UPSTAIRS apartment, 3 large rooms and private bath, 203 High Street. 15-tt 5 ROOM house. 301 N, Ferguson Street. Call 7-3378. 3-lmo, EVERSMEYE-R house on South Wain, Soo Mr, or Mrs, Laha at Laha Cleaners, 9 : 0tp Nope Stor Sfor of-Hope 1899; 'Press 1927 Cbnsolldoted January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by ' '.'STAR PUBLISHING co. "MrsrC; E. Palmer, President i <Alex.<M. Washburn, Secy-Ti-cs, »' ot The Star Building » 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Alcx.lH. Washburn, Editor & Publisher PauliH. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. .George W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supt. ios second class matter at the'Post'Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription fcotss (payable In advanrj) By carrier In Hope and nelghb'jrlna towns — Per week S .30 Per year Ii60 By mail In Hemp-stead, Nevoaa, LaFayette, Howard ond Miller Counties — One month * i'S? Three months J-?» Six monrhi J-jO • One year ,..» *' 5 V All other moll — One month Three months •Six months .. , One year 1.30 3.9C 7,80 15.60 4 ROOM house, S30 monlh bills paid, PR 7-2247, with 10-tf CHOICE business location, Third' and Walnut, Oposjte corner of new bank at Second and Walnut Will consider installing nerman- ent .partition creating two separate store spaces, Contacit Talbot Feild Jr. 3"6tp Notice WE Buy n ESTATE A, P, Delopey, Howard Collier, S«leim«» at Nashville, 'Arkpn,, Doc, 21, at 3 p, m, Tho QarreU ChapeJ Baptist Church of JJope will bo in charjfe of service, The public is cordially MYitcd to attend, Roy. W. M Benson, Presi'dent of the Nursing Home Home (HP £lub H9ld? ' 'fhe 'BJevin'sflron pmongtrfltion 'Clu'b be]d r westing in the horn? of Mi's. /. B. Wilson Tuesday, Cep. 9 with the pVf?ident,'Mfs, Thelma Bifhjo pre.sjdjng, • '' ' a -short business session, th& PgWl. 'Mi? 3 'P' L-. ovd, gae - reereaijon period the gj|f'-5psp.tlgrjge was conducted W wti -Mr?, Walter conducted l?,v Mrs. p'f OSScpjSsWH. A Fishing pon^vjqted toy Mvs, Wfide ,»»pWf. , . -; ; upd hot chocolate was 'nie«*ers, five Pis Pond land LOB/? lect P92. Frep Uatea. Have Vsnd «r, WIN Tr«vtJ c«ii col- 50. .. Brothers HPttse' M9Y* ers, Insured, and free'.: Write Bartjsm Brotjjew- and and sell Antioue Furniture 1 ?.gQP7, SHOP, Mot'l Advertising HeprosentoHves! Arkonsas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Slerirk Bldg, Memphis 2, Tonn.; 505 T .3xas Bonk Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N Mlchiaan Ave,, Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. <2nd"St., NPW York tf, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mlch^ Terminal Bldg., Oklohomo City 2, Okla, Member -of Th<? Awoetated Press: The'* Associated Press Is entitled ex- clusively'to the use for republlcatlon •of r oll jthe loqal news printed In this newspaper, as well as all AP news 'dispatches. -aSTavlor & Jordan USEb'jCAflS — BODY SHOP) — JPOREIGN CARS — • 216iS..Hazel Phone 74022 'OrvHIe'.Taylor« John Bill Jordan - WANTED TO BUY pine Pwipwopo by Truck Load Cut In ".Woods or otherwise, HAROLD HENDRIX -Phon?<PR MWi . „ 0 16th * Uouisianai Hope. Ark, v GRiU CAFE "BREAKFAST Herne Sty!? \\jft BIwwlU 3 A, M.'to 8 P» M, '

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