Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 15, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 15, 1958
Page 3
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1} iBtcimfcir 1!, IfSI HOM STAR, HOPI, ARKANSAS Pap iTIIPTY v-IC I T PH6ft« ?'5431 eetween i A.M. and 4 P.Mr JCa lender > Menssy, Bee§mb«f 1S [ WSCs Cifdld Nd. 5 of the Fifst Melh&dist Church will meet (Mon* day, tied. IS at ?!30 p.til, in the 'Motto of Mrs. kehhelh Will. Mrs. paiti Mtickatoeei iMrs. Bean Parsons and Mrs, James Burke are co- hostesscs, Each member is urged itWittond and bring their iOc gift for exchange and their Christmas ;. The borctis Class of the darrett Memorial fcaptist Church will have their Monthly meellhg 'Monday, t>ec, Is at 7:30 p.m. In the home of 'Mrs. Jack Watkins. E Ann Wollerman Circle of First Baptist fchurch will meet in the. htfrte of Mrs. M. S. Bates tonight at ?:% for their Christmas party, Members are asked to bring $1 00 gift for exchange and are reminded to bring their Lottio Moon offering. j Tuesday, December 16 1 The Builders Bible Class of the (First (Baptist Church will have a Christmas party at the home of (Mrs. W. M. Schboley, Tuesday, l)oc, 16 at 7i30 p.m. Co-hostesses ih'e 'Mrs. iL. E. Boothe, Mrs. 'Ray A>n and Mrs, M. R. Gleghora. faylof will bring the Christmas story. There will be tin exchange of gifts by all who attend the parly and a p'rtee will be givett for the prettiest wrapped package. Wednesday) Beeewbef 1? the pupils of Mrs. C. C. \vili have a piatto parly in the Gar* iattd school auditorium on Wednesday, Dec. il, at 4 p. m. Thursday, BecerHber 1g tile Harmony Bible class of First Christian Church will IniVe their Christmas dinner at the Diamond Cafe Thursday, Dec. IB at 7 p. m. Gifts Valued at $1.00 will be ex< changed, ;* Cub 'Pack 92 will have their Christmas meeting and party at (Brookwood School, Dec. 16 at 7 p'.rri. Each Cub is to bring a IOc present, gift wrapped lor exchanged, Refreshments will be served. : The Hempstead County Classroom Teachers svill have a dinner meeting at the Diamond Cafe on [Tuesday, Dec. 16 at "7 pirn, i* - % fA .' The Couple's No, 1 Sunday School class of the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church will have their" Christmas meeting Tuesday, Dec. 16 at 7JI30 p. m. in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Key, Jr':, •'on 'the Columbus road. Elder A. D f Livingston will bring the devotional. v All members are urged to come anil bring a friend. She American Legion Auxiliary NW. 12 will meet Tuesday, Doc. 16 a't 7:30 p, m. at the home of Mrs. E. P. O'Neal with Mrs. Clyde Coffee and Mrs, C, E. Taylor js co- hostesses. Gifts will be exchanged. Thursday) Deeember 18 Hope Chapter No. 328 Order of the- Eastern Star will hold its reg< ular meeting Thursday, bee. 17 at 7:30 -p, m, Following the meet> ing our annual Christmas party will be held and each member is asked to bring a $1,00 gift for exchange. Friday, December 19 There will <be a formal dance for the freshman and sophomore classes of Hope High School at the Hope Country Club on Frilay, Dec, 19, from 8:30 to 11 p. in. Hosts and hostesses are; Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Franks, Mr. and Mrs, Binford McRae, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Seamnns and iM'r. and Mrs. Kelly Bryant. srrivt-d Friday to spend the holidays with his mother. iMrs. A. J. arid other l-elalives. Dick Broach of .the ti.S. Marines •stationed in (Las Vegas. IWev. arrived Saturday bight to spend the Christmas holidays with Mr. and Mrs. R. L. 'Broach, Hospital Notes Admitted: IE, V. Jurk Rt. 2. j .RoSston; Mrs. iB. J. brake, Little fiock; Mrs. Sid Coffee, ftt. 3 Hope 'Mrs. Arthur L. West. V/illisvilo: I Na."h Stanlon, Sarato'a: Mrs. Carl \V. Gilbert, Hi. 3 ttnp". Mrs. Henry L. Bowden, HI. 3 Hope; Ricky Reese, Rt, 1 ilope; W. N. Muliins. Wt 1 Emmetj Ginny Gardner of OakhaVen. Discharged! Mrs. Wnllnco Bag- Well and ba'by boy. Hope, Martin Guthrey, Wopcj Mrs. Annie Garanflo, Hope) Mrs. Bryan Reese and baby boy, Rt. 1 Hope! M'rs Erncsl Gibson and baby girl, TU. 1 Hope; IMrs. J, S. -Matthews, Itope: Mildred Marlln and baby boy, Rt. 3. Hope; Ernest buffic, ft 1. 3 Hope; Ruthie Curtis, Rt. 1 Mope: Lillle (Mae Garland and baby girl, Hope; .Roy Dockery, R.t, 1 Emmet. Mr. and "Mrs, Henry L. Bowdeii of Rt. 3 Hope announce tho nrrival Meals This Week in Hope Public Schools Menus Ihis week Ih local schools: Monday — Barbecued kutclipon loaf, black eyed peas, buttered corn, hamburger slaw, corhbread, biilter, gingerbread, milk. fuesday — Vicunas, limas ( buttered cabbage, carrot slicks, com* bread, butter, fruit cobbler, Hillk. Wednesday—Soup, crackers, tuttn sandwcih, cheese sandwich, fruit jcllo, milk. Thursday — Turkey, dressing, gravy, finished sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, on* riched bread, applesnuco cake, milk. v*« Friday — Turkey hash, buttered of a baby girl, Dec. 14, )9:>l). House Takes Up Continued itofh ?n"8<* dft« nttoinoy for the Capilnl Cillien* Council, hod-said ho would Seok a piimary invcslignlion If t)io House committee decided Ic look irtlo the Ha.vs-Aliord race. Ctitthridge sold ha did not know of Pnlker's lolpp.ram, In Walls' formal petition to the committcf, UIP publisher charged thai election laws were violated rice, cntjlish pens, biscuits, butter, honey, milk. in the Fifth ttlstHcl Voting and thai Hi some pfecihds the number of VotffS eseftedta the* numbtr trf registered Votef*. Welts also challenged the !e«nl- ity of slickers Which Were dis- ti Ibtited to Voters to mnko it onsiu to "write In" Alford's nnmp. Alford Was n mernbti of tho Little Rock Schol Bontd nl the Uino lie defeated Hays by about 1.300 voles. Approximately 60,000 vcl*"» were cnsl til the 0-county cluclion. Hays, fi I'Merntt of Id ye/irs ih tho House, did not himself contest tho outcome but he did not disnvow Wells' protest. Alford, n Demoernl who run n» inn independent, campaigned ns n sfnimch segrepliorilsl, nlltifcfcrftg Mny*' moderate pasltiort irt the s c h pal IfilegrfiUtm cotilfSvtrSy, f h p physlelfih ftttftcmfteecl htS write-In candidacy only a week before the Ntov. 4 etccltoM. It was gefiernlly facticvotl thill Alford had Oov. Orvnl fc. Faubtis' tncit backing. In aiMillon lo Wcits. rnr-rnbers of n Women's Emergency domtnitlce id Open Our Schools sent the Branch Admitted! Joyce :Faye Carllori, Rt. 2 Rosslon; Helen iLindsey of Hope; Mrs. C. T. Tittle, Hope; IMrs. Cecil Rogers, Hope, (Discharged: Tommy Hollls. Pat- iinos; Mrs. James iMeCorkle and baby girl, Sheridan; Helen LincU scy and 'baby 'boy, Hope, Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain Nf» Vnfk, N, Y. (StlMUt) — Fdf lll(S rtfst tlmo sdctiec hns found ii new hoAlihg subslnhco with thd nuton- iBhlng nbillty to shrink hcmor- rlioids, sto|i Itching, and relieve pain — without surgery. 1 In cnsc after case, while Rontly rcliovint; pain, nclunl rodutitloti ('shrinkage) took jilnco. Most ntnniiinRof nil—results were so thorough that luffcrera mudo *UtcmcHts IIAVC censed to bo a problem I* The secret In n new hcnllng «il>tinned tHto'nyne*)-tliscoVcry af n woHiUfnmous rcsenrch InstlUUc. This sub«tnnc« is now nvntlnuto In »np))o»i(orv or ahiltfttnt farm undof the hrttrte t'reitnralion //.* At your druggist. Monoy hnck guarantee. •Ucg. U. S. I'.L Off. m<r6sltj2at6fi ments charging Atfard'* election, stale* W - Wbfflen'* . , RotK - ftflftf floV. FStiBtt* *hlil the cit^S hiuh sahool» let flvold Integration. The 'stieclnt investigations cotti* tmltee Is scl up by the House every two years to police elections Involving House districts, the' House Is the sole judge at Ihd tjunllficatlons of Us members. HOME LOANS TITLE 1 (Hdwe ImprevewenO * CoHventlenal • FHA Buy — Repair "- Remodel ours la fl loc.11 iMstltutloH, owned 1 and operated by local boople. and we're Here to Help YOU with your leijrt probierris, Wu have many facilities and we invite you to.use them. FRED 0, ELLIS Secretary 209.S. Main St. Phono 7-4661 Mrs. Tom McLarty Hostess To Bridge Club Seasonal decorations in a colorful array were in the home of Mrs. Tom Mt'Larty when she was hostess to .her 'Bridge Club on Friday, Dec. 12. During the afternoon, .prizes were won 'by Mrs. R. (D. Franklin and Mrs. R, E. 'Cooper. A delicious salad plate and coffee were served to the members present. The Cosmopolitan Club \\ ill meet in the home of Mrs, Teddy Jones Tuesday, Dec. 16 at 7 p. m. with Mrs. R, E. Jackson, Mts. Hamilton and Mrs, R. L, Broach as co- liostcsscs. f i« ' iT'hc Jayccltcs will have a Christman party and politick dinner Tuesday, Dec. 16 at 7 p. rn. in the home of Mrs. Dale Dunn with Mrs. Lynn Harris, Mrs. Don LaFanlasie and Mrs, Harold Knight as co- hostesses, • Tina and Ambassador Classes of Garrctt Memorial Church will have a joint meeting at the home of Mrs, Guy Watkins Tuesday, Dec. <}d|Mth Mrs, Waddle Cunningham ss'co-hostesses, '"'« ThctDoAnn Lilac Garden Club jvill have a Christmas parjy, 1 rues- day,'Doc, 10 at 7 p. mVjn' ; Jw! home of Mrs,'Jewel Burke, ^Mi's,J\.utrey f t --?« Gardenia Gard e n Club Has Christmas Luncheon A Christmas luncheon 'for the Gardenia Garden Club was held on .Friday, Dec. 12 in, the home of Mrs. .Gils Haynes. Assisting Mrs. Haynes as co-hoslesses were Mrs. Steve Carrigan Jr., (Mrs, Lyle Mc- UVfahen and IMrs. John Randolph. Yuletide decorations were seen throughout the home where, a -delicious potluck luncheon was served to 18 members. Mrs. Jim James and Mrs. 'Bill Watson were winners of games enjoyed by the group, Mrs. Tom Foster:told 'a Christmas story entitled "The Blue Beads." ^ i-Jff \ o 5 -; 1 j'~ fveryfody enjoys^ YOUR KOPAK AGINT ' '"*" ** Son isf [t C9nr$?sy, •'Quality * S?v)c» \WWetl 2nd '""r-f- ' Janet McKenzie to Visit Europe On Dee, 15,. Miss Janet M'cKen- >.ie, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Jim MeKenzie, went to continental Europe to spend a throe weeks vaca- tion'from the school she is attending in Sheffield, England, •A highlight of her trip will be visiting points of interest in Paris 'France, She wil lalso go lo the Netherlands and will visit in Amsterdam with Mr, and Mrs. Roel Cast, Mrs, Cast is a sisler of Mrs. H. O. Kyler Sr. o'f Hope. Mr, and Mrs, Lamar Cox , Entertains With Dance , •Mr, and Mrs, Lamar Cox enlor tained with a dance at the Hope Country Club on 'Dec, 12 for theii daughter, Miss Jennifer Cox, Gold and red were the colors used in the painted leaves, the Christmas balls and the candles. Even the Christmas tree was gold with red decorations, After an evening of dancing, the guests were served refreshments of punch and cookies. Cpming and Going Mr, and Mrs, Carl Ropm-ls hod as Friday night guests, Mr. and Mrs, H. 13, Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Grandispn R,oyston and children, e and Gvandy of Blevins, Mr. and Mrs, (Mitchell LaGrone veturned to their home in Pallas Saturday after a short visit with IM'r, 'and Mrs. Ro'bort (LaGrone. Mr, anci iMrs. .Lawrence and daughter, Lpvu-ie of Jnd, a. ( re spending the Christrnas with Mr. and Mrs: >B. Mr, Rid Mrs. iEvan Mrs, John GIFT . removes more lint than ever before possible (GAS OR ELECTRIC) NO NOT SPOTS! Exclusive new drying principle surrounds clothes with a safe, gentle circle of heat-ends overdrying! New Kind of lint'Filter WorHs Where the Lint Is Filters during wash and rinse cyple, f>fever interferes with loading or utir loading washer. Built-in Suds Pjspenser I? Right !- ' , in th§ Agitator Just pour detergent } ? agitator, Pis- ' penser spray? Ai|ly i, » , dissolved detprgont i- into wash watcr- automatic^Jly, OTHER BRYERS- TQQ HQT JN QNE SPOT EVEN HEAT SIJR- QWTHI5 Clothes corno id con- concentrated heat as high 2QOVHei,uH; Ovwdryjng js cgm- KeguJar loadi, dry at 105 to 115', Ends pverdrying, yet dries clothes as fast as them. Agitator Pumpi- Sudsy W§ter Up THE MAYTAS sudsy gently l9Qseru and, lifts 9U! 'Two Wash Speeds, Tvv-o Spin Speed?, pys button Water JLeyg} QQntrpJ and §uds J Qry ypur slsth?5 in cleio^ air. Special rcmpves dirt irwfl ajt incoming air, keeps clean. New! Push this, button fpr aytsroati? Ipecial "Wsh 'n getting rernoycs vve?tj Filter, Pullf lint djreotjy out pf df)'er, Spas oy{ Jfojr WASHER AND MORI SHOPPING OAYiTOBUY

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