Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 13, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 13, 1958
Page 4
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FAITH BALDWIN <£> i95? fcy fdild SolJ*l» CaHirifl. DitfribuUJ b* NtA Jlrtltl, 1Mb HOP I STAR, HO.M, ARKANSAS t 13;1568 THE STOflY: Adam has just leai-Hed thst Dan, one of his business partners, has beconte fldaficllaly involved by losing ''other people's money" in speculation, Basketball By THE ASSOCIATED Hlrj" Schcol . SiicltoVtT 54 ninr 2fl. SmackoVer .Junior Chanter XI I In, "You mean Ihis will imnliea'e 39 you 1 ?" Hope risked and her cnlnr ( No ,.,i, ],,uie I?nek iM. Little Hoe* faded Catholic r >H "Nol in (hat sense, none of this niytheville f>7. F.I Dorado 49 lias anything in do wi!h nan and p 0 Yl smith !M. Van Buren 25 fne as hnrtners. Thr t r-uple [>,„,, |3i,,ff 02, Hot SpinRs 4-1 Thr.v All dicln'i conn- In lhe fun Ciime to Dan. a.s n-lalJ friend!;, or friend's nf fiieiul<: dul side tht> office " She Said, '•! still don't ounder - stand." ''EverythlUR paid .iff ;il first. SO liioy signed over n nuniDci of eonservalive, goncl Investments and the.v look (heir savings fiom their accounts. " •/.'.But wliat run 1 he do 0 " she tasked. And this crime I'mm be- heath the suifnee, "Po<M n.-m ' "Thai's about lhe M/e of it ' > lAdam agreed, "he'll sell what he can, to pay what he can We'll ~ have lo find the rest " i "Bui in Heaven's name, why? ' "We've been friends n long lime, for one thins ' ,'Aflei n while she snicl. "All rijjhl, J don't agree with you, IT I now anyway. But, all rmhl " Then he said, with patience, "Aside from that, the impliuatiun , would follow. Sn il isn'l all disinterested. 1'ci 'ike In keep llv 'firm out of shadow If — iel us say, and it's quite possible—som.^ • one sues or just talks there's open (rouble. The firm's in the e]*ur bul the shadow's c.-s't. Someone has only 'o sny. 'Isn't! >'~that the jjuy who is a parlnoi I , of—?' " I She cried "Is a partner? Ymi mean to sit there and sny you won't make him lei you buy out his interest?" , "No, If lie wants In, nil rK'hi '-I'll talk with iUarty about it, but |.; jVj 2 won't ask him lo, J don't want .*ii' '"1o, actually." " j^V * "^ think you're crazy,' shn I""-.. said. f^," ."Possibly, tvo always krumn 1\, '.there was an element of rifk 'Q'' wit' 1 Dan, without dreaming of t?.-"; anything like this, of course. |T|- ^Perhaps il cyme from the fact l^s'thal his people had, first, (oo "ii ' ijiiich money and then compara- a T V i lively little. That happened our ff~''-~ freshman year and he took it bis jf'-i There was enough for him lo fin- fe,',,i* sl1 but ' 10 ^ allowance-wise, ns it ^' ; >had begun, So he always .vnnted **<\" it- back, the financial freedom U'.-sjf'.of the early years. He ctiiln'l •'&•'*' >, wnnl il bit by bit — thai lakes [sS~!, too long — but fasl. a xljoww . Pie in lhe sk,\. He mar-' a girl with money, n girl I;-, 1 ;- j'who loved money, loo As fur lhe /•fr" t ' partnership, he know* Jim's ;illi- |,1;> '" tude. Jim was ns eonservalive us jlvj'fj a Sunday morning in n villarc Coins ny 37, Sheridan 3fi College Basketball Southern state 73. Hendrix 01 Southeast Mi.«sotiri 71. Arkansas Slate OH overtime) r Louisiana College HO, Ouachita 1"i Kim Slate (if), California 05 UCLA 72. Kansas 01 VV'ashinglon CO, ,Houslon 02 Oregon 7.'). Wichita .17 S. Calif. 71, lown Stale .02 Dregon Stnle fifl, llnwaii 40 Wyoming 8B, Regis 80 Idaho 73. Montana State 50 Brigliam Young 72, Wash. St. 50 Utah 7(1, TC'U 04 Navy (if). Rutgers 01 Boston Univ 6-t. Suffolk 44 Vill.-'.nova B,l, Gettysburg 5S M;iinc 77, Vermont 75 West Virginia 101, Duke 03 Michigan HO. Butler 70 Los Angeles St. 81, Arizona 77 Tex. Western 68, New Mexico o3 Springfield, Mo, dcmtlhUed Ftotn Page Ofie Says Russia .build streamlined plants; civic leaders are going fill out lo cnpi- laltee on the city's position as the gateway to the Ozark Mounliim playgrounds. Few cities of 100.000 can boast of five colleges, five iadio and two television stations, one of the nation's most modern and colorfully designed newspaper plants, originating a weekly network tele- Vision show devoted lo "country" imusic and dancing; plus dozens of new motels. (Here, distinguished visitors are given the Hillbilly (Medii). Now the whale tri-slate nren is stressing everything "hillbilly."' from pottery lo postcards. Miles bf Peonies Your iMagic Circle tour takes you west out of Springfield (U.S. 100) and through mile after mile of peonies at Sarcoxle. also noted for its strawberries. Slow your car almost to a walk here to 'breathe in the warm fragrance of sunshine-dipped berries. At Jnplin, turn south on U.S. 71 f-*r O.ark land — but not 'before you have taken time to !bc Impres3c.l with this very-American city, its swank motels, 11 public parks, swimming cedar-slab bench, despite the cftiah' lily ot fishing and camera .gear ih rnir car. in this area, (he sij^hS begin to appear advertising the almost countless number of privately owned caves that dot the making appealing trips for the motoring; family. Priwn Noel your Magic Circle route lakes you a fe\V miles across the state line, .before you head the car east from tl.S. fl, and on to Arkansas 72. Vou will want to stop at Pea Ridge Battlefield, where Iwo of the bloodirjsl Western •battles of the Civil War Were fought in 18G2. Neglected and hi' most forgotten are two marble monuments in a pasture, erected long ago lo honor the two Union and one Confederate general who fell in the action. Only the long StruBgle of 'Mrs. Filahees 'Cox Seoll, now more than 90, has sav* ed historic Elkhorn Tavern, where she was bnrn and where her fa» mily hid in the collar while the 'baltlo raged outside. Priceless relics have 'been preserved In the tavern, which served as a stage coach stop .first post office and first trading ipost in the Ozarks. Six Miles east of Pea 'Ridge Battlefield, turn your car back Into 'Missouri, with Roaring River iState (Park as the objective. To flshcr- 'tnen, this cool paradise is notable as one of the first places in the state to have two to four-pound To the tourist it Hope Star Classified ADS MUST SE IN OFFICE DAY BEFORE PUBLI6ATIdN — PHOMf 7=3431 FOK AD fAKEft ^^ &^^^^9 ^^9 ^^^^^^l^r I The schedule ol SolUttaf as printed below, has beeft takett from John Aldeii Knight's Solttnaf Tables. Plan youf days sd that you Will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during these times, If you w'sh to flftd ; the best sport that each day has to o/fer. The Major Periods are shown Ifl boldface type. These begirt at the times shown and last for an hour and a half or two hours there* after. The Minor Periods, shdWii ih regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration. A, M, PiM,. Minor Ma.ior Minor Major Dim knew mv attitude, %<r more flexible than Jim's, not sn i?:?^ flexible as Dan's. 1 v,ns the guy if&i in '(he middle. You know how i( *yCall happened: Jim had lhe most ?i^ T " money lo put in. Dan had Bar- rj^ b/ira's. I had a lillie, and you y/j" gave me your own." ty'~ "^ don't have inonev of mv <3 t ;",own," -said Hope. "We have some ,*' r 'Thnnk vnu,' he s-iid lovingly |.«5- 'JJini had the experience, and thn , but IIP wanted onl of ;) i-ic niirf into a smaller, with «'0"k. I fliink ho knew (hen JtC: «iat it was later sl of n<; for him lh»n Mv Continued From Page One the lenal position of the three Western powers in Berlin" Grewe. gave his views to the Washington press corps after .con- suliinri the Bonn government He arranged to fly to'Paris .Immediately to allcnd Western con- I'orences on the Berlin crisis, opening there this weekend. The ambassador declined to speculate about countermcasiires thai might be adopted by the Western powers He said there is "a basic identity of judgment and of atti.tudo and full mutual confidence" among'the United States. Britain, Prance and West Germany regarding the Berlin problem Various plans, ' proposals and opinions on how to deal with the crisis should not now be interpreted as differences of opinions, he snicl Racial Issue 'I':'- ;trusted and admired Jini; ui:t If:-, t)iev fell in love with Dan. A of Dei'snnaHtv — jhn gold- boy, fill, thcv Ipifiivi him too. mode n pond tor.m, Kven prft?v fi'ii'i' for hnnphc"!. his yen' .to nnmble, came info il, fur ?JJJ{W and thr-ji ho oxei'< s ispcl it ami Twnip out mi ton- jjn( hr> never ^exercised it- without ialking to or me." $ r.gbo Bairl, "j still don't see why ,," ... "»* '" knep him," v*5^ J 'J mu«l. \y« have to free him the bnianpp of dobl and, possible, save his marriage." t'ts il worjh ynvine.?" •"J think any marriage is worth her ngfln. aeainst Barbara, She said, I don't think she loves it life loves him." Adam said. nitieh as she can in the way aboui her. ,, - T -,. with him there,. jlfp:~fell , m,love with H «irl, \vho "--" -nonpy" }^e brnku (iff, i\i his wife, and for ihe smijed. "Come to think he said, "so did J. Susan," ' ?aid, "Noi then .ns Barbara's,' sop^reji again. '^ his soui to, make Continued Prom Page pne tempi of Congress G The death of Pope Pius XIT and lhe election of John XXUI 7 The economic upturn in the United Stales 8. Tho Red government's consolidation of its rule over Iho Chl- jiOFo mainland, and Ihp bombardment of Quomoy H was a year in which Peipinc appeared lo 'have won equal status with Moscow In directing lhe strategy of world Communism S) The. Chicneo sehonl fl'-» 10. The stabbing of Johnny Slom- nanato by Lana Turner's daughter Other stories thai won prom!- nent menlion; The Berlin cj'lsip; the cruiso of the Nmitllii"! undnr the North Pole: DeGnulle's rise <n DOWIM-' the railroad disaster at Newark B» V . N J; Pasternak rn* ieets Iho N'ibel Pri/o' Alnska wins .slalehood: the Rpringhill, K. S. mine disaster; .plane collision over Nevada kills 49; death of Mike Todd in an crash. Continued From Page One for fho Education Department, $},• 28^ Jess than il ve.oup^lec) g. Apuroved $Q?CO,000 a year for the University pf Arknns.ia, an In crease over'this year but $1,£Q1V line?" "I had forgotten lj?e rhc- snid. ( 'I had, to," said Barbara ."dAcsn't love, him," Hopo ' "until Dan swike of them. Mostly, h,a was talking about their d mother, This was one ' of Jhe bie JT\Q- meuts, go ho called Her - SusiR, and gravniy, for tins was reajly pig, \yheihe.r or not ?he knew It said, ''h-flvp Jo gro\v tlieir father.' TUflt fight out of Jhe booff it ! 5 true, Whpi) Ihby are not so thpy still rpsppfl or, aj!p9rdin§ W piaiuvpp Jyw^'iQjIcp, iwt so 'n\u?li, would;maybp pot f\( alj. -But U was thorp when they Jieedpd'it, a§ se ' about. J Wlxat will ', we I'm do?' 3 "She p; she Joy*;? tlTieJAnd |'il have jnd -,\vaiks iindlre^r of vp\jr" (tip pinft&r. d."aiv' ' ' (.Tj fg ., for ttlP ' visitors arc welcome at the 'four-slory-decip manblo quarries, largest in the western half of the United States. They're easily reached in your own car. Beauty, civic pride and sanitation have 'brought ifame to Ncosho, your flrsl slop south of Joplin. Called the "Flower Box City of the Ozarks," there is hardly a place of business or a residence that isn't adorned with displays of vivid blossoms. In winter the boxes have evergreen plantings. Even the street trash containers have live floral crowns to contribute to Neosho's 3,000 flower boxes. In a few .miles south the scenery becomes more rugged, climating in an unforgettable drive along U. S. 71 which passes under massive overhanging limestone cliffs at Noel. -Staggering' amounts of mail arc sent to this pretty little city at Christmas time (for postmarking.' iflere begins the 'fisherman's 'paradise that has turned the O- xarks into a vacation and weekend trip mecca for every car-owning family. Authentic Handicrafts Shopping J'or authentic handiwork of native craftsmen also starts at Noel. We found space to slow away a sturdy little red and blonde 000 less than university officials asked for, 3. Approved 545,000 a year for the'University -Medical Center and about half ' of lhe requested amount, 4. Approved n pay raise of $2,500 n year for Frank Broyles, University of Arkansas head football coach. The hike will make his salary $17,500 a year. 5. Referred the budget of the XPublicity and Parks Commission to tiie General Asembly's jplnt budget committee. G, Approved $3,003,900 a year for the Game and Fish Commission, ?J8,GOO more than it requested, 7. Approved $1,570,305 ii; 1950-60 and $1,588,540 jn 1900-01 for HID State Police, the amounts lequest- ed. 8. Approved $700,000 a year for Arkansas AM&N College al Pino Bluft, a Negro institution, $200,01)0 less than its current appropriation The council will meet again Jr,n 5 to review its actions. Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday 10:10 7:50 8; 40 9:25 1135 2125 3'. 10 3!55 just gape at the giant spring that daily gushes 28 million gallons of Water from a tfcrn-lihed cave at the base of a towering bluff. -It'be- comes a small sapphire lake, before tumbling down'over twin manmade waterfalls to start the river. Fabled Country Climax of your iMaiglc Circle auto tour of Missouri's Ozarks is the fabled, beautiful Shepherd ' of -the Hills country. Branson, friendly resort town on (Lake Taneyco.mo, will be your headquarters'. To capture the enchantment" of this area, drive up Inspiration (Point as sunset fills the moitmSains and valleys with .blue mist',,'>Thc view is unobstructed in every direction; il is easy to understand how Harold 'Bell Wright -got' the inspiration for his famed, novel 8i20 2:05 9:10 2:65 9:55 3S40 10:40 4125 Wectnes 10:55 4:40 11:25 5:10 5150 12:25 6135 1:10 7i20 1:55 8:05 Thursday 11:40 Friday 12:05 Saturday 12:50 5:25 6:10 6:55 Sunday 1:35 7:40 Wonted Mbpe StSf fotite opeh for boys 12 years flhd 6Vef. Aliply at StaF Offtfie. HOUSEWORK, baby sitting, stay- iHg with Sick or elderly person, etc. White Woman. Phone 7-3476. il-Otp Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Burial Association OAKCRESf FtMERAL HOME Dial PR 7^2123 20-lm-C Services Offered LET Ul fefioVAk your old mattress. We specialize In preisuri< zed tnnersprlng, COBB MATTKKS9 SHOP 712 West 4th, Phone 7-2623 '' " Mf RALPH Montgomery Market, ctis torn ilatighterlng. 'We have meat . (or your deep freeze. See us be tore buying, 17-tt SINGER,SEWING MACHINE CO. Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd. L. E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6895. 5-14-tt POWER Saw available for removal of trees, stumps and etc. For free estimate call 7-4052. 26-1 mo. c Shopping and Continued Fiom Page One causes ils victims to continue the pursuit again and again. Norther "hufnting" nor "shop-i ping' 'is restricted to the male or the female, but there is usuallly a tendency by boys for lhe •former S'MAibL -black and while female I AM taking orders for cakes for Christmas. Also have limited amount of 2 'lb. fruit cakes. Mrs. Milton Eason, 7-4622. 4-tf Lost rnd by girls for lhe latter. What I about adults? That statue is al- " ways lost in either case. The strangest thing about the ailments is that when lhe cause when ho camped here 50 years)is removed, the affected person is ago. Today, a statuary grouping in the little park on the crest immortalizes his characters of the actually apl lo grow worse. They look forward to the time when they are allowed by law or tradition to inuj v-ciJ4«tv;o tuo ^4i(»(.nuvv^i »J ui. h* iu - — -v ---. — - - TT -Shepherd, Aunt Mollic, Pete and hunt for n deer or to shop for a (Brave, his dog. dear. And when either is 1 in the A iplaquo erected iby the State | blood, it's hard to get it out. A pays' tri'bute to the 'author and to Hose O'Neill, who lived "just a piece up" Bear Creek, .above Walnut Shade. A museum a few hundred yards asvay contains 'a collection of her dolls with emphasis on her'"creation of Kewpie,' the lovable, fat, winged, top-knotted baby doll. And, svhile here, visitors shouldn't miss Old Malt's Cabin, also made famous by Author (Wright. •Other nearby "musts", (on, .Missouri 148) include the tiny brown one-room structure that bears this legend over the door: "U. S.Post Office — '"Notch, IM6, — Uncle Ike, iP. iM." You also will-want lo slop and talk to friendly Wash Gibbs, who maintains a It'ree museum of pioneer-day and Indian relics. Colorful Caves Of all the Ozcirk caverns, two of my favorites .are in this area, The smaller, 'Fairy Cave, is notable for lhe beauty and color of ils drdipcry-lincd formations and year-around 05 - degree temperature. Marvel Cave, ' said to be 'America's third largest, has the novelty of a 50-foot \vaterfall, 585 (feet underground, " (Liberty Bell, a huge stalagmite, dpminates the The Crane year, along -through October and Nove-m.ber, the wildlife men, naturalists,' bird watchers, 'and interested pvitdporsmqn of the Jtfption all go through a worrisome Hmo wlyjp watching* the last re- smaining 'flock of whooping crsnes make its fall .migration, to the wintering grounds in the Arkansas Na- tipnai Wildlife Refuge on the Gulf poast of Texas. * "For some years H was feared that .this impressive big bird was pstincj. Then in -193S a naturalist fjisepver^d a fjocl? of-14 of those .birds iir the vicinity of Gre,a.t Slave (Lake, .'British Columbia.' Jin- (mediately they were given every •protection possible — vermin and •prpdjttor cojjtroj dVH'ipg the nest njg season; and' what almost io 3 guided tour on sou til \VSrd migration-, -Qr.aduaUj' Jh? ftoqfe increased and topforp 'many /ours had .passed ,4 aw vviUUife rp'fu§p, was ps- UibiishejL in Tpxas SQ tli$U the pould sppnc} their \y»)ters Jn ffh{s yea,r th? t in as the came Its way to the 'A pail' 'pompleiely p|f gpwrse in Missouri in ^pjiiBany' i\yj,tu t sandhill pranp. t last 9 yeleasr datp^ Ifpv., ^ «tiidlifg awwunces »'iwop»i« thing, Three different groups of biologists — one in Worth Carolina, ope in Georgia and one in Missouri — have been marking. tlie(r stocked Cjsh Cor easy identification, the past several trout seasons or careful count was 'made. The results show thai recovery of the stocked fish run.from £? per cent, the low figure, (o as high as'64 per cent. <, Meanwhile, the uneaught trout remain in' the streams to help the normal supply of native fish add, to the population .through naturfirre^ production, all of which makes fay bettor fishing in future years," Rrowjh ef Angling When I was a. fljpy (which wgs so many years ago th,a.t {he rJon. ternplaijon. 'of ihesp years js not pleasant) not v$ry many 'men were ardent fishermen. Men who spent 'most of their leisure time in Jfte ' relaxing sport of angling w,ero apt 4 - bp frowned vvpon by the .WQj'p . . id and.' inoKistrioits niernbers 'nf the community. -The fjei'tha.t as President -Cleveland, ajjcj Yen flyHe sppnt ippgi S P9.''9' Mme fifhing ijacj Wight, These wjilph. -to PVPV.P J4ys Vulp'.*' : me te)teip,y si, iplkf JQ a hpHithfui |nid 'te^ficiai pstusno ,is plearjy wiiPcM >& &» sales •# -fi sinus.' 11 "'-»•»««.« Ji —i j. T^ n ^ x " of 'put Setter. Weight 30 Ibs. Russell (Evans. 2120 Hazel St.. Tcxark- ana.- Tex. on collar. Notifj' Herbert Arnold. PB 7-3188. Reward. 10-3tp Female Help Wonted Per Salt screens, doofS) stof-m Windows, weather * stripplfig, Ih' sulation, roofiftg, awhihgs, _|U{. tering, ornamental railing", estimates. Andy Ahdfews, •?-586t 3 SMALL tracts of lafid near town suitable for chicken" farms, 80 acres timber land two miles' out of Foreman, Ark. See Ralph Sounders or Phone 74001, i94f if Words Up to i5 6 t6 20 21 to 25 5A to 30 31 to 35 __' to 40 -11 to 45 46 to SO 51 OLDS four door, A-i Cohditlon. New tires, radio and heater. S49o Will arrange financing. Call ?• 2487. 2<tt GOOD Johnson grass hay deliver* ed to your barn. SOc per bale, anything over 5 bales. Call *?« 2261 days'or 7-2-25? nights, 242tp JUST arrived in time for Chi'lsU mas. A load of Antiques from Chicago. Byer's Antique Shop, Patmos and Shover Springs Road. 8-Gtc CHRISTMAS trees. Beautiful 'Arkansas Cedar. Nice full, clas^ A trees. Fresh cut, no fir, pine or skelton, Hundreds to .choose from at Stuart's Texaco Service, 3rd and Pine St. PR 7-99G5. 1.2 6tc 80 ACRES of atoove average pine timber land with one-half minerals, good road, good home-site. Contact t. F; Grayson, 1423 Jefferson Street, 22-9779, Texarkana. 10-6tc sure cure is rare, » Many times a silly "goose," ;i strange "duck," or an unusual "bird" is the object ot the quest. On those occasions the adjectives just used do not apply, for the disease has reached blinding proportions. Have you been stricken by either of those seasonal infections? Well, don't worry. So have, millions of others. And they like ; it, too. AVON cosmetics has immediate openings for mature women not othersvise employed to service excellent Avon territories. .Can earn $2 or more per hour. Openings available in Hope. Car necessary. Write Avon, Box 377, Hot Springs, Ark. 8-6tc Lost con- Clergyman Refuses to Enter Plea By ART PARKS ' CINCINNATI (API— The scjpnce of a wan-looking', wor- ha'ting clergyman and the majesty of the United plates government met heacl-io-head today at the bar of civil justice. The Rev, Maurice F. McCrackitv 53, again followed what he has said are the dictates of his conscience nnd refused to stand or plead to a charge against him. For the third time, the Rev, Mr, McCrackin, c}?ar°'ed with ( ,failure to respond to an IniernaJ Revenue Service summons, refused to walk into lhe U, S, District Court under his o\vn power, pie was wheeled in, (n a wheel chair .and lifted bodily to a chair n\ the defense table, He didn't stand whop- U, S, district Judge Johiv, H, P ruff el en' tered the cpurlroopi, Theodore M, Berry, o court-appointed defonsp Sitorney then asked Judge Drufl'ol to enter a plea for the minister and the judge eiiterpd the plea o£ innocence, Selection of ,a jury began imme« ciiateiy, ,, ' The lopky jwnister. who has re,for years to pay (hat portion ?OG-*foot high Cathedral Bpom, ' YOU will want jo inspect new -Eoek Paro Residents '- are because jt fllveady j la s say« ec| theni Ij'oro pije^ei'ipu? flood, " aj-e , will ton, the lsk,e into 'Waters into Jakes -whore big trout can be ea '4P59 some gQQ resorts are ' ipectpd. to' open on site o| ' •jn, she U ' |\ocH stat,e ' Jong -The. o| , vaeatipni?ts. -jo tog a i«s jn §?^Wb^i' it's „ ,.,4iYiU;'W.fsU« ids " ia|9iwBpgsmfe?yil>e. g/gm^liixBg^^^Ji^raUoj.k.jf?^"^ ONE tin heater 'between town and Turner's Grocery on Hwy. 29. Briant Williams, Rt. 1, Box 107, Hope, Ark. 12-3tp GIVE YOUR CHILD A FUTURE FOR A PRESENT ' Orders accepted now for 1959 Edition of; WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA at the old prices. A SAVING OF $20,00 over the January 1st price. GREATEST GIFT OF'ALL — WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA $10.00 Down — $6.00 a Month Write or Phone Nonna Jean D'elaneyi Representative 418 East 14th Street Phone: PRbspect 7-2126 ll-6tc FOR Christmas,.give friends, relatives Studio Girl Hollywood Mois ture Cream 'for desyy, youthful look. Contadt consultant, Joy Meyers, Phone 7-3829. H-3tp REMINGTON portable typewriter. Practically new. $80. Call Snyker Hotel. ' ' 12-3tp MALE, Collie and hound dcg, White ring"around neck and white chest, black back. Rest tan. Collie ears;' Short hair. S10 reward for information loading to return, ' Phone 7-4810, 13-(itp For Sole or Trade USED furniture of all kinds. Bed room sets, stoves, living room sets, .appliances, odd chairs and etc, ; City'Furniture Co, 7-2261. 2-12tp The NIero H|ck» Calelndar.Pf .Events A'call meeting of the Chavmetts Social Cluo will bo hold in the homo of Mrs, A, B, McQueary Sunday, Dec,- H, nt 4 p. m, AH members-are asked to be present. Verser-Shover p, T. A. will hold it's regular meeting Monduy, Pee, 15, pt 7:15 p, rn,. in the High Scliooi Study Hall. After the meeting, parents and friends a,r,e invited (o visit thn jShovor ' ''Street ^chopl to 'see the decorations. Mi'5. G, Williamson, 1 Reporter, at special 'sej'vjcg will be hold tbp Benson 'Nursing Horns. Nashville, ArKan,,'Dec. 21, ot 3 v, m, .The .fisiTeU Chapel Baptist ' Qf Jjppe syill po in ghar-ge Tjje, pu^ig }s cordially ,' J?cv. W. M O f tUe of invit'e«J to tases ha {ignres goes for war purposes, jpoked thin Stum the pfiepts of a }5-dny fast in the Hamilton Pounty jail. p| th$' Roy, Male Help Wanted IM'AN -to do- light assembly work, fiolired .person preferred. Write Box G, c/o Hope Star, Hope, Ark. 12-6to For Rent LOCAL trailors. Byers Gulf Ser vice, Call Day or Night. 7-995S, ' ' 8-lmoc NICELY Furnished 4 .room apartment Adults' only, No drinking 801 East 3rd.' < 3-tf WANT'AD RATES • All Wdnf Ads 3f« boyob'd !h 6dvafic6 but ads Will be Accepted ov£f the telephone and arxomoda- flort occounfs allowed with fhfl understanding ths account is payable when staterneht is renders i One Day .45 .60. .15 .90 1.05 1.20 ! $5 1.50 thccd Days .90 t.20 1 56 l.?0 2.16 2 •iO 770 SOO Six Days 1.50 200 ?50 3.00 3.50 400 4 50 5.00 One Month 4.50 600 750 9.00 10.5^ I2.0W 13.50 1500 UPSTAIRS apartment, 3 large rooms and private bath. 203 High Street. '15-tf 5 "ROOM house, 301 N,' Ferguson Street. Call 7-5378. , 3-lmo, EVERSMEYiER house on South Main. See Mr, or Mrs, Laha at Laha Cleaners. 9-6tp 4 ROOM house, $30 month. with bills paid, PR 7-2P47- - ' ,10-tf CHOICE business Joc^on, Third and Walnut/ Oposite corner of new bank at Second and \Valmit Will consider instaJJJng' permaP' ent .parlitipn cheating t\vo,sespar' ate store spaces, Cont?i<4 Tfllbot 'Feild J4', , < , • 3-Otp H'-D ers, W/Jte Arkansas., . SHOP, 9*isjness f p^A^ CapwRpy iw'.jn§awf8«Jui> |pg quality Jipit ys^4« l^lJl'sis." CLASSIPIED DISPLAY 1 .flw* ,....- 80s. (>ef Inch 3 flw« 65c pef inch 6 tifnas .1 i 55c per Inch Rdtes -Quoted obdve are for cotl- Secutlve Insertion^ .Irregular of skip dote ads will take the one-day fate. All daily classified advertising copy Will' t><5 'accepted UrtHl 5 p.m. fbf publication the following day. The publisher rusorVcs the right tc fevlse of edit all adycstlsemcnts of fefed fof Dublieatjort \ahrj to reioct any objectionable advertising submitted. Initials.,of one. or. more letters, groups of floures, such as house or telephone nurVibor 1 ; count as one word. The Hope Star will not bd respdn- slble for errors in Wont Ads unless errors are caller) to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and tlien for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE: .PROSPECT 7-3431 Hjbpe Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated .Jonuory 18, 1,929 Published .every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING C0. Mrs.'C'. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Woshbiirn, Secy-Trei, ' at'The Star Building 212-14 South .Walnut Street f Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor 8, Publisher Paul H. Jones,' Managing Editor Oonol .Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmcr, Mcch. Supt. Entered as second class matter at the Posf Office ot Hope, 'Arkansas, under the.Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscrip.tlon hate: .(payable In ^ By "carrier in Hope and neighboring •" ' towns •— Per week ...,.'. : S ;30 Per year 1560 ,By mail In Hempstead, Novodn. LaFayette, Howard and Miller Counties — One month ? - 85 Three, mpnths , Sin tnenthi ., One year 1.85 3,50 0.50 . .'.All 'other^'mall — One month Three months Six months 1.30' 3.9ft 7.80 six monrns <•,"One year 15.60 -Nof-l Advertising Reprcsentotlvcs; Arkonsos Dallies, Inc., 1602 Sterirk Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 ^.2x05 Bonk Bldg.,' Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N Michigan Ave,, Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42nd "St., New York (7, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscor ,SUg,, Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2,^ Okla. * W Member-of ,The Awoelatcd'Press: The Associated p/ess Is'entitled exclusively t° The,,use fpr.republlcatlon Of all'jjie'"^^! news "printed' in this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispafches, , Tavlor & USED CARS — BODY SHOP — FOREIGN CARS — 216 ,?} Hazel Phone 7-4022 Orvl)le Taylor -.John BjJI Jordan WANTEP JO PUY .pine 'Pylpvvpoo by Cut" In Woods or otherwise, HAROtp HENPRIX 'Phons.PR 7--43ST , "- 35c Hem§ StyJf He? Piscyifs .Optn 3 A, $> ts 8 P, W 'i'f ; *f

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