Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 13, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1958
Page 2
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— Tu- HOPt STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, , 19S§ -v. x"**"-s II i—~ il '" \t i •vXUIETY "•'-.71 iiitween 8 A.M. and 4 P.Mi ,('lll :•• .;IP| C'lllllfll Ulll 11liV'e ( IK i--tfrins ciinttrT n( IMP Diamond '( .-!• Thin "dny, lice. II) nt 7 p. in. <;.n< v.ilwd iii $1.00 will be ex- 's ate - Mr md I Mis ' C.ii- .' I, Jr Sr. PfA HcldS Meeting Tin- .h- and Sr. High P T. A. hpld i ' ;t regular mrc-llna on Thursday, N"v II in the-.I r High Auditorium. I'n f»ip<.iclpnl Mis Oo Wright, I'M"irii ri durin/i the mooting which Mpfiipd witli prnypr by Mrs. K 1' Ill.VS PIP llit'h School] Olpp CUlb, im•'< i flip rlirrrtlon of Mrs. B. C. I' .H. prpspntrd Christinas muslp ' H included. "Jingle Bells," "A ' 'n "i'mas Round." and a "Mod- 1 nf Christmas Carols," Mrs. l''Mi<T Rpyerlp.v. Program Chair- M i). inlroclured thp program; the i'i he ing, "Character Training* if »<•• .Mb " This was presented as , n.ihi-l mid those pnrliolpaUhft • . Mnflpi-nlor. Mr. C. V. Niltin, MinMtpr. Mr. Win. K. Harris; "M fti'. Mrs .lack Lowe: Tpnt'hor. Mi P. I, iviiimj; ;-nd Sludent. ' Craln. I '';• ?t)i grade had the 1 i > nl-' |ii osp-nl Newly Bull* Church Burni of El Dorado fct, DOHADO Aik f/U'i Tho rpcrntly-cnufclrlirtpd Quakpl Rlret'l Church rtf Christ a I E.J Dorado \^as destroyed by flip nf tindelrr- mihrcl origin parlv lnria> the trsmc ehuirh u-ns Iniih by members. Thpy estimated thc-ir loss nl $0,000, i tlK- congregation ilaitprl hnklmji services in llip npu church iuo| weeks ago. nl Kremlin Clock Signals Same on Chimes By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst U'ASIIfNGTON (AP) — Thoi'ij Every Writer Dreams of His Book COLUMBUS, owo CAPI — MI- chap! Holllns' drp.tm came trup Ft wns the dretim of every writer — to sec his work published. tho Associated Press, along with hundreds of newspaper* across the land, printed one of | Mike's Stories Monday. j "To have other tjcoplo know you i wrote It nnd know other people are reading it — It's a pretty good fooling," he said. Mike saw only an prliilon of a local paper which carried two of his stories, along wilh a resume , rtf his riling career. He didn't most | ?OIJ ,, lnlcr L ,diUon which told of him having leukemia — cancer of ihe blood — and that hp cnly had a short time to live. The 8-year-old died Thursday never knowing ho had leukemia. "We mnclo certain he never found out," said his father, James Rollins of Marion, Ohio. "Mlko had a rough enough time as it was." When nearly 1,000 letters poumt in to Children's Hospital congratulating Mike on his stories, "it SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH «- The Navy's fiesulus I! missile Itaves the deek dl U§S K!H<J Gauntry in what the Navy termed ''a highly successful laUlcH, The missile flew the pfesdNbed 400'mile eoUf-se and was recovered in the dasert near Tonspah, Nevada, 47 minutes after firing time, It wafe the first time the Reeulus II has been fired from it surfaaj vessel, — NEA Telephatd Science Against TB -i- i." rti ,** 1 must be Kremlin clock that of c r - ** *• >".\9 '•t r>. m. rmiis t-vnry year just before tho f'H-ciKii ministers of the North At- lanlir military alliance meet In J'ai-is. It's beginning to rinj,' rog- ,u!:irly. You can see the pattern. Bon|j. the clock goes. Premier Nikilu Khrushchev jumps u|.> and toils llu- bo.vs in charfio of Ihc propii- i.'anda section: "Slnrl pvim'pin«." II iiappeneil last year. Nor it's fiaispc'iiod asnin, I, apt year Secretary of State .li'lin Foster Dulles was all set to •fly to Paris foUr the NATO mcol- Then, Iwn days, before Dul- was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to him" his /other said. le takeoff, the Russians threw '•>ut what (hey must have thought r blockbuster In a 3, 000-Word letter 10 Prest- Kisenhowpr the then Pro- Nicohii Bulpanin with 'Khiushc-hev at his side — sugesifd a sumrnil mbting and a ban tin atomic bomb (ests. There was nothing new In It — I in the way of fresh ideas — and j Stale 'Department officials branded it y propaganda triumph and lo clif(nr& and maybe split • Ihc Allies before they met in Pa'rif. Thursday the Kremlin clock ranc, ajrain, this time just a day before Dulles' scheduled takeoff for tho NATO meeting in Paris Sunday ' This time the Russians tried a i ne-two-lhree punch with Khrushchev, Moscow radio and Tass, the ofi'ioinl Soviet news agency, p.lf •'rubbing tho pump 'handle* The biggest and most critical woblem facing (ho foreign min in. Pans is tho demand bv Khrushchev that Iho Time ./^•/Stff i Mbr- ., *-. i' 1 *- 'AflOiOHDSR vi & Sesiql or* its t-i ".?*> t<r j> #*$<*%<» il isters. made Imilod Stales Britain and Fi'a.nco all clear their troops out of West Beilin and leave it a free cttv. | The Western powers — parllc- 'ulailv tho United States and Britain— lift ve indicated they'll do no Mich (him: The United States. I Drilain and France, under agree- monts marip wilh tho Russian*; alter World War If, have troops in Wost Berlin. Wost Berlin is '110 miles within Goimany. For the West* orn powers lo pull out would I'-nvo all Berlin, including the West Germans who have built up thoir sector, nt the mercy of Ihc IV.sl German ComiTumiMs. The Soviet Union proposed tp Uirn over to the J5ast Germims conlroj of tho corridors through which the Western powers now htjvc ae= cest to Borlfn, Tin? West German \snnts the Allies not to yield to Soviet pressure, Bui the Russinns since Nov. 1,0 have madp ugly suggestions indicating they *ro in for a rough time if they don't pull out, So Thursday, one day before Pullos WPS to fly to Paris, Toss opened up in o move clearly h?» tt-pded to disturb the \Ypstei)i for* oign ministers when (hey rnoei Sunday m Paris and ngain, \f posi Hble, to split , th?m, Tass aeqused tho Wost of stall» niYir PKiywN- I/I Alt THIATBi TON1TI . , Time THE ROBE ca^ jPJy| ffi*i Mon Cglled Peter ASTi^N I Not Everybody Quits Trips to Korea By VERNON SCOTT LJPI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UPD—Move Lylk once traveled to Korea by the planeload lo cnterlain American troops stationed in that desolate area at Christmas time, but such junkets no long'er make news and Ihe lours quit cold However,'" one little five-by - five Hollywood disc jockey will be making liis 2th trip to Korea this week with a plancful of pretty girls, entertainers and musician.': to cheer the lonely GIs. He's Johnny Grant, -a cherub- of a platter spinner for the radio Station KMPG t Johnny says there are aproxi- mately 100,000 servicemen still seating it out in Korea and that they arc starved for entertainment from Iho Slales. "We'll' be out there 16 days, doing Iwo shows a day," he said "There are 17 performers in our Wlth the help of i Christmas Seal contributions, scientists are •working to unlock the secrets'of tuberculosis. Ta this Northwestern University laboratory, Dr. Guy P. Yoiimans and his associates developed n blood test which may prove valuable for the detection of TB. Prescott News troupe, 10 of whom arc svell- Mrs. Buchanan Entertains , Medical Staff ; Mrs. A. S. Buchanan entertained thu members of the Cora Dorihell Hoppitnl medical slafl with a 'dfn- ner at tho annual sialt meeting al Iho Lawson Hotel, Monday evening December 8. The table decora- lions were beautifully carried out in Iho Christmas molifl', The cen- trul arrangement of a miniature sleigh and reindeer was interspersed with greenery and with red tan- stacked girls. Some ol those poor | c ,,. s at ]t)ler end Covors wcre guys haven't seen gals from home jj- ( ,,._ Dr . Q_ Q-. Han-Fton, Dr. O, G Hirst, Dr, J. B, Hesterly, Dr, C. A. Heslcrly, Dr. L. J. Harrell, \V, R. Durham and Miss Dorothy Bradford. Dr C, A. Hesterly, Chief of Slafl presided over thp business meeting which followed, Officers for the ensuing year wcj'e elected PS follows: Chief of Staff, Dr, J, B. Hester- Jv; Vico Chief of Staff, Dr, O. G, since they shipped out." Uses Hope's Jokes John's cornball humor is supplemented by a complete file of Bob Hope's jokes—including the usual jibes at officers, Armv food and hard -boiled sergeants. He wears a chesiful ol phony ribbons and « 30-gnllon Texas hat decorated with live stars. In pnsl years, Johnny has mnn- iiaed lo provide such stars as Debbie Reynolds. Piper Laurie. June Russell, Terry Moore and Jnyne Mansfield, This Christmas all the stars Grant asked lo go along bogged olt, Neither Johnny nor any oltu-r members of Ihe troupe are paid for thu refl'orls. Nor nre Johnny's jaunts publicized. > ' "We do it for fun. And because I'm a big ham at heart, too," ho grinned, "Talking into a radio every day you don't g'ot any au- dienen reaction. Out there those solcUers and sailors are the best iiudienoe in the world, "The shows are held on makeshift stages, sonutimes qul m tho middle of snow storms. But we always hpve a huge crowd t Oriental Alienee "One year I n\n through my usual patter to warm up the an- dienee, but nobody laughed,, I looHeci closojy at the prowd and rea|i?ocj that of about 3500 men there were ojily 40 QV 5Q Am«vi» pans, The rest were Oriental GIs. } asUod. a liaison officer Jo iiv Ip'rprot for (no, he ing "•\Yhen I crocked n joke translnlo jl for me. was a howling the show I IhanHed my in- fry hB>>djijig mj- gags SQ stuff?' he said, 'Heel?, I proposal It vvelU o'i} Khrushchev's neutrelljing pj the in B-eyiin '( with w ?hirp.pd scotprs of wiih to mart th, e sinpe, out -J* 1 )^ ,(jn cial hour. Hirst; Secretary,- Dr, J. Harrell: Chairman of Record Commit- toe, Dr. C, A. Hosterly, Leo Cox Davis Class Has Christmas Party ^ Thirty-fivp members of tjie too Co\ Davis Class of, the First tflo : thodict Church enioyed n covered dish suuper nnd Christmas parly on Monday evening in the home Pf Mrs Charlie Thomas with 3Vta. Servell Munn. Mrs. Alia Gramt and Mrs. Chnrlio Pye assisting hQ*s» losses. • The parly rooms were festjyg wilh holiday decoratioiis, Mrs, John Eagjo gave the devotional. The program for the evening was in ehnrHa of Mrs. J. W, Gjst, Mr?, D S. Jordan Knvo the devoi tional. Mrs. Kenneth J/edbettej- and. Mrs, Thomas san? several bers and Ihe group sang mas carols, Glftf were ex, from a benutifully decorated christ« mas tree, " " 0, W. F. Me?t§ At Phur?h ' Cpvistian Womon's Fellowship of 'he First Christian Chviroh n>et Monday aflernpon at 11)0 phyrohf" The meeting opened' with prayer followed by the softs *'P iiiltla To\vn of pethlehom," The' respoji* Reoree Pakei' and she, gave the Christmas story, During (ho business session, ooi> ducted by the president, Mrs, H.om/> er Ward, plans wen? Ohr^ijiips party, Mrs. vod . » foy u,sj?d own, Jp,hiV §Jy&YB?»s an,d. .. ._^ _ Ji\K "loluinjr lyrasey ig ihe stay the show pn4 ,51 fj-pft " "" " 'GIs A \vhQ write, i Jjy |yj i'islls 1 w. to Brownie Troop 2 Meets t ' f Brownie Toop No.' 2 met on Monday afternoon at the Teen- Age Club. The meeting began with prayer by Charlotte Arnold-Sandra Kay Anderson, hostess tor the week, assisted by her mother, Mrs, Aubrey Anderson, served hot chocolate and cup rakes iced in Christmas colovs ot red and green lo Brownies Janet Jordan. Dorothy Covington, Helen Friend, Gilda Fay IJinos, Janette McAnally, Vernon O^les- by, Glenda Smith, Kay Vandiver, Susan Ward and Mrs, C, B, Vandiver, During the afternoon the girls drew names for Christmas and on- joybd making a starry Christmas mobile made of Stars suspended from a metal foil plate, ,Ralnbow Garden Club >.Ha"s Dinner Members of the Rainbow G(U'' den Clulb entertained, their husbands with a Christmas dinnor on Moidav evening at 'the 'Broadway Hotel. Hostesses Wf» - e Mrs. N, A. Pelers, Mrs, B^i't Wingfield and Mrs, Wilbuyn WHHs, , Covers were Jnld for twenty four al the table dpcoratcd w}lh greerj ery, white aildnd cqn'''los and miniature Santa Clans. The invocation was given by Alberf .Penchov, Mrs, Albort Pofichev, president, was mistress" of ceremonies, Mrs, gill Pojtoi} PBVP the Christmas story, Mrs. poaohev told "Why We lEJxcfjanpjs GJfts" a,fter which gifts were exchanged fvorp a hoautif' IY decorated tyee. 'fhe poem "The Layne Made Difference for Steelers By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS "it's just coo bad Bobby Layne wasn't with the Pittsburgh Steel- ers at the start,.of the season, Me WOuld have helped them win the championship." That's a heap of praise for the blond-haired Texatii And it comes from a guy who laycd a heap of football for the Steelers several years ago^-Bullet Bill Dudley, Said Dudley: "Layne is. really something, I'vo been Watching that boy for a lona time, He's as fine a quarterback as I've ever seen." Layne joined the Steelers after the first two games, Since his arrival from Detroit in exchange for quarterback Earl Morrall, {he Stoelers have won six, tied one and lest two. The Steelers Wind up the 1953 campaign Saturday against the Chicago Cardinals in a nationally- televised game (CBS - TV 2 p.m. EST) from Pitt Stadium, The rest of the NFL. club"-.close.' out the season Sunday with the Cleveland Browns - New York 'Giants contest in Yankee Stadium in New York - the No. 1 attraction, t A victory for the Browns will send them into the title..game aeainst Baltimore, the Western Conference with nine victories and two defeats. New York has won eight and lost three. Should the Giants triumph Sunday, a playoff wilh the Browns will be held the following Sunday in New York; Ir other g'ames Sunday, the Baltimore Colts travel to San Francisco, the Chicago Bears play host to Detroit, Green 'Bay tangles with Los Angeles and Philadelphia plays Washington. Probers Told of Smoking in School CHICAGO ' (API—An 11-year-old pupil testified todav he had iraen. older pupils.smoking in Our Ladv, of the Angels school some months before < the' fire '"which killed '89 pupils and three nuns Dec, 1, Another witness at the third iiv otj the bjapp Jealousy May Have Caused Explosion dHAfsWdfcfii Calif. (AP) - Lohg-smotilderihg jcaloiisy b! 11% ex-shifjyaf'd Worker who 'Ijcatvrt' maslef of a religious rull v. as seeh today as the causfe of the dynamite death of 10 in the cult's headquarters. So deep was Ihe biltctness of two fof-mef- members of the Fotih- taitt of the \Vorld pitlt toward its lotinder, Krishha Vehfa, they Wilb ingly blew themselves lo bits (o carry out their plot to kill him, police said. Detectives investigating Wedded day's bombing have uncovered seething emotions beneath the eult's calm surface of flifcty and faith. In tape reeofdings left as their linal testameht before they Went on thbtf- mitfderoils mission, Petef Ramenoff nhd ftalph Mullet ae« eused Venln of immoral acts wilh women members of Ih6 cult. Prom other sources the invest!-- gators learned that Ramenoff had been expelled from thd cult after his wife complained lo Vonla that ho had hit he! 1 , and that Mullt?! 1 was "excommunicated" because hd tried to get his wife to leave the fold. Members of the ctllt drew a dif> i'efent picture, They told Ihe In- vcstlgators that both men were jealous of Vehta and tl-led to found fl , rival cult after they loft thtf Fountain of tho World, Question of Handling Money of the House 'STORftS, Conn (API— Who,decides who should handle the motley in your house? 'A University ot Connecticut social scientist says let the husband make the decisions Dr Albert Quade said today that this advice was based on a study he has made oh how bus bands and wives act toward one another in problem situations Dr Quade said he has studied many married couples confronted with two typical marriage monny problems—one of recreation, tht- other of budget ,^He said he found little difference ibetwe'ew the'behavior of happy and Unhappy couples when it came to 'making a decision abou£ recreaton lending Slit. t>ft Ihe more serious problems s'p-cftding the family Anphey., daftgCr signals cropped tip fre-~ tJitehUy Tho happy ,vifo, he. sail, is the one who Ms the husbar.d make Ihe decisions §ldetrack6d Switchman: "i 'broke my engagement to Sally." friend: "Why?" Switchman! "Because she wnrit- ed to iget married." If yoit \vaht a youthful figure, Take advice from this old sageC ¥611 dont haVe to diet or exercise Just ask a •woman her age. PRE-CHRISTMAS PERMANENTS DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON JEAN - EDITH - DIANE Pho. 7-3118 204 S, Main XMAS SHOPPING? For Accessories that ar,e Beautiful and "BOUND TO PLEASE" Shop The Fashion Shoppe 112 S. Malrr "7-5850 • Stereo-Phonic Phonograph 'Automatic 4 speed record changer, portable Hi-Fi. Equipped'to 'play Stereo records. • ; ; $89.95 ;' Matching,Speaker,. . 16.9S MONTGOMERY WARD. . CHRISTMAS SPECIALS • •• /> '-,/ .-, You can't, afford to, mist. , Come by and make your ap- -T pointmentjearly. . ", >.+ t : : JANELL'S BEAUTY SHOP 'West Ave. B and Margaret St. STORE 2nd & Main Sts. Open Every Day '.Cept Sunday > TIL }(MAS SEE Ol/R TOYS Plenty of 99c Handbags - i ,. . - a 2.99 Sissy Blouses Girls Sizes 7 to 14 , Sissy Blouse 2 49 Night Bfifpre Christmas" was given by M«- WJlUs. Pert Wingfjeld tjie sjupling of Christinas carols with Mrs, Wlnsfield playing the piano " -Ml'. Ipntred the school janitor's gtajp- mont thpt he i diFoovered the firp 17 to ?1 minutes before p, ifire da, ppi'tmcnt ' Rlsrpi »wns sounded, James B. Raymond, the .ianjtor, tnld the inauest Thursday hf po« lioed the blaze at either 2-gO pr 2:!?5 p.m, and ran to a neftrbv reo' lory and shouted to tho Jioij'snt keeper IJiere to call ihe fire f!e« partment. houseKeeper, Wor tnstified today that sjie was jn tho Hitphen when Raymond; }-ush?'fl and shouted! "Gqli the fire dp, pprtmenj, The school is on firn" She fixed the time qs "between g ; so and ?0 mirjutps to $t" She Jpjd the inqwept jury she im' mediately dialed the repprted the fij-e, Then Miss loney said, she was opnneoted, vyith a men ,'a.t the A vtry M«rry ChrUtmoi from.,. SOUTHWfSTHH HELPFUL HINTS FOR HUSBANDS If-most cif you; r^usba'nds' a re like me, you're probably still undecided about a Christmas gift for* your wife. - ' • " - , i Well/'search, no tnore, because here at ,the telepKone'office we have the,ideal Christmas gift for the modern homemaker — a color extension telephone, \ •' ' -_ ' We'll'give you a gift-wrap• r • ped miniature telephone to put • under the tree with the, other , T presents, then have the real one hooked, up after Christmas, Or 1 . we'll go aHegd and put it in'now, so it'll be regdy ahd working on ' Christmas pgy, Tgble phones now cprne in ,nine pretty colors, The new wall "phones," so popular for kitchens, are gygijable in seven colors, /jill of the' employees r gnd supervisors qt, the Tejephsne pffjet jpin me Jn wishing gll of ypu a Very Merry Shristrnqs on^ Be§t Wishes. for g Hgppy New Ye.gr, • - - - Mrs, \V, S. B.lapk spent Witnesses Jifl4 the fire ,yf)s spotted ,b?Jween, §;30 ar\4 §t4Q s ih.at ihe {ice {\5arm was ' ' ' " '" ' W» P. evim.rn.lnFs. Mrs, 'p. 13 PWpU in (ilth ( gi'948 cjass bQMsjgfl hj JupjJ858 sf ,jj)fe5t.'people wi ;§g§iyf hr§tn>fli' gift ©r twe> sills the-3flr§t'4' grt !Vifli$t'«! ( •*. f ,ttaev-.elG >p.t f^if-n »»• > •• .iflgm^sad '/ js" j for-"ealk , •

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