Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 13, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 13, 1958
Page 1
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HOPE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1958 To Cify Subscribers! you fdil te gef your please telephone 7=3431 by 6:30 p. rri. dfid d Special Will deliver youf pdpef. Jfaf 6» Hefic, 1899, jan. II, 60TH YEAR: VOL, 60 — NO, S2 Audioneet If C»Jven Huoting About ** l\«H»'»»Bfl> : ^i«ja iUufl^W^SW "toWt- inp*5 nnrl . cnm»Tlnioe ifiinnnirilnfi.^i JM ** f il x v/-* &* ] ^ -,^ * Ktiif* For Weather Report! fietumn at Bettem ef This Member: tin Ati«ci«l6d Ac, N«l falH tlttl, * mo». & Audit %uttaa bt ei»tut«tiafti *). 36, 19SI — 3,466 PRICE §5 Alford Likely to Be Seated as a Democrat WASHINGTON AP) — AlthiMnjIi lie ran ns iin independent Or Dale Alford ol LilUc ttoek hits n Rood chaticn of being seated HI a Democrat In (lie now House ot fteprcscnlntivcs, in... view ot past similar cases. Alford, segregationist member of the Little Hock' School Hoard, I'an as a Wille<-ih candidate <md r>e>fi>nlcd veteniti liep, D v o o k s Hays D-Ai-k) foi' Ihe Fifth District post. Hays had counseled what he called moderation nnd common sense in dealing with racial matters. Rep. John A. Dlnlnik D-Minn^ lias challenged Alfut'd's rluhl to be recognized as a Democrat In the House, since Alford bent the 13u- hiocTntlc nominee, [fays; Blatnik Indicated — but did not say definitely — that he would raise the issue in the caucus i>f House Democrats Jan. (!. In two cares in I ho past, winners over Democratic - nominees ecmc to be recognised themselves as Democrats. One case involved the late Hep. Percy Priest of Tennessee, He run as an' independent in 1949 in the Fifth Tennessee District and tlc- i'oaled Incumbent Joseph Uyrnes, a democrat, Priest subsequently V'as accepted as a Democrat in the House and became chairman of Ihe House Commerce Committee and nn important party leader. In 194>).FraiikIin D. Roosevelt Jr. was elected at a special clec lion to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Rep. Sol. Blood Ny). Roosevelt run as the candidate of the Liberal and Four Freedoms Parly, defeating three opponents, including a Democrat, Like Priest, Roosevelt sal with the Democrats, voted with them and was si'ivcn committee rnciits * by Democrats. -, . " He was reclccted to the 82nd anci *|"83rd Congresses. j-J* Under House procedure when "'/ ^independents arc elected Ihc con- 1 trolljjjg parly usually provides Committee alignments. Hope Awakes to Snowstorm Hop'e awakened Saturday morning io a fully-fledged snowstorm blowing In from the frozen North. The top picture of the Christmas tree on the lawn of First Baptist church was made by The Star at 7:10 a, in. The bottom flash-photo was. shot by LnGrone Williams In front of his home at 403 S, Pine St. at 5 a. m. > ses the Highway Dcpt. Budget L1T-TLE ROCK (AP)—The Ar- j kansas Lrgislalivo Council ycytui- ' day loft il up lo Iho General As-. som'My's joml budgel committee to decide on the Highway Depurl- ment's budget request Thai was Ihc only major budge! /or Iho nexl bieniiium Ihc council did not act on as il closed seven weeks of heanngs. The Ivghwuj agency asked for 583,900,000 in 1059-00 and }«flr>,!)2Q,- 000 in 19GO-GJ, un increase ovt-r current appropriations, In other action during tha fipjl session, (ho council: i, Approved $41,831,500 a year Continued on Page Four Says Russia Will Carry Out Threat WASHINGTON (AP) J — Wesl Gorman Ambassador Wjlhelm GrcWc predicted today "Russia will carry oul its threat to deslrry Ihe four- power slutus of Berlin' ,> lie* /aTd" the Soviet''ifnlop^migh't a^iiui''impose a total Plockadm on the city's 'Woslorn-o'ccupiod "part The Wcsl faces a' dangerous fi- liation, Grewu emphasuod, oven though Russia probably does not intend lo .start a major war over the former German capilul The German ambassador made il clear in a speech prepared fur n luncheon al Ihe National Press Club thut he soc-a little if any hope for ending Iho Bciim cribis m - talks with Ru^sipi "Thciq is not much, to negotiate op Berlin," he ?aid "Thu monostrosily of Berlin's feilualioi) ran only he done away with by Ihu reunification of Germany You cannot nusollatc, IIOV/T over, on the rcunificaliou Jssuc mi the basis oj a - Soviet ultimatum and undc-r the threat of a unilateral destruction ol mutually binding airrngomenls on fit'Huj aid Continued on Pugy Four Racial Issue Top Story of Nevys Service NEW A'ORK CUPU— The continuing struggle "vcr the racial in- tQ#ralion> of schools was chosen by ^clilors of United Press inter naljojjaJL lyQuy \aa (| U)c ->blg/{os t riefyfa';stoiy* of IB-if) ' ' They noted that ,lhe battle wa.s waged all the, wtfy^trom the Supreme Court of the United Status to remote hamlets in thy South Integration confronted thu American people with ope of the most acute sociological problem!) since Ihc days (il reconstruction The other nine top styrlca picked by the editors; 2 American and Rushiun probes iHto outer space, bringing within the range ot possibility interplanetary trayel by, human being* 3 {The Democratic victory at tho NoVembcr poll s, giving lh»> •panty the biggcsl congressional majority since the high tide of New Deal 4 Anglo - Amorjtv/n lion in hebunon and Jordan 5 The resignation oj Sherman Adams and the indictment of Bci"- iiard Goldline on churuos of con- Contlnucd on Pagt J'^our Springfield, Mo., Gateway to the Ozarks Is a Fascinating City in Its Own Right * - -r^T,*,- ,; -,y^' 1 >«•{*• 1 ' £ : a* r - 1 «55 c. H^^P^Wfc;-- •*&$*'£& -• :•• • • -. fm^im ^m^-. . -, •&/ "- ^ff^St ."W. " M/^L^-^ • ' ' " -'•• - ^S&m-* • :^.rf' : J W 1 Wthw«t Jwre an4 Wlt irgls tor e{ mjlp.i of pwnleg at fqr civic fel, V if ft««lft» sark fountains, U , ' (;(» «pj 9W e^ JJp B , f-^iiyjts,** the hunter- apd. After you huve pucii |n Springfield a few hows ^yo^i know, why ,. Become one of Missouri's st 'cities, it tvai. the cyrpbinattoo of, civic %eaj, •&TF Ujj4>-|4,lui(,' iiiid a iiistovic West Ministers Discuss What to Do About Berlin By PRESTON DROVER PA It IS (AP) — foreign mill* IfUi'rs of Ihc Western ttlft ThfEd , plus West Germany gathered to* day In plan what to do about Soviet efforts to gel them out of. West Uerlln. Advance indicallons were Ihufc they would lake a firm slnnd tof mHlntnlmng Wostein protection of the anti-Communist city 110 mllus behind the Iron Curia in. Secretary of Slate Dulles flew Itii. from Washington at !)'. 17 a.m. on Iho presidential plane Columbine 111, Before leaving the U.S. cay Hni h" had licensed Moscow ot going buck on its own pled gag when Premier Khrushchev pro*' posed to make West Berlin an un-* armed free city. , ^' Selwyn Lloyd of Britain, Mau-' rice Cotivc do Murvllle of Franco,* and Ifelnrich von Bronlanq lof Wesl Germany will mcel ' with Dulles Sunday to begin studying Khrushchev's ThanksglvlncJD'ax Vrf 4 note. v , v ,\', t - s Any decisions they reach will be reported lo foreign ministers ,of, 4 ; the other 11 Atlantic Alliance un- '^ tlons, who are expected lo^joln In ' f " a united front' against the Soviet' move, Tho regular December meeting of NATO foreign min- "< l&lors ,and other officials opens .In'.' Parly' Tuesday. • •£ i~ Berlin was not on the official^"* tigenda for the NATO meeting bul*^, was certain to assume a',lai'jfo 1 ^ place in t tho discussions. 'Prclfmi-'% nary talks within NATO have 1 ; in--*'t clicatcd support for a firm stand by the big powers. t ^''-.'',' There was a wide variety \6t , opinion, however, on just howthis^ lirmness should be exprpsstjd ,-ln. \ the formal answer to KhrushcheviL/r Washington, London and ' P have made il plain In v their formal cuminenls Ihal they do r noC;'|^ intend to be pressured out "of Ber- ; j"' Jin, where they have maintaiffeci^J troops since the end ot World,'WnK4,>» K by joint agreement signbd'iby*™ the Russians, • ;f ~l>,' n \ ; v Klmislichpr «a f < nVbnths to get ; out u: 'cs&Bcrlin? jw.,__ He said if they had not left in,-that!"Si lime, he would turn over to Corn-*"^ munis.1 ISasU Germany controlv pt ''/S Wcslorn access lo the city .'..'The' Wcsl refused to recognize, or .'deal 1 with tho Hod regime. , ""," - v Jn what has come to be. regard-, 1 ' ed as an annual Soviet threatening note -jufit before the NATO , meeting, Russia warned Thursday, thut any Wcstorn atlempl lo cross fc,'ast Germany without the. saicl-. lilc regime's permission would bo considered aggression against iho- uilirc Sdviet bloc. A'nuclear war could result, the Soviet news aeon- cy Tnss said. Sees Battl^ ,--,H : in'59 Over 7- Reassessment Ll'ITLE ROCK fAPl—Ai/nll out ; Eight over the state's properly-.re«J uhst'fcsrncnts program in tho'<?lD50 v General 'Assembly seslon is pj'"c?'> dieted by Sen, Jack Sljcltoji of» Monlicu!lo t Shelton s>v!id yesterday lie" be«- licvcd the only way the reassess"- mcnl program could be relainea would be through firm Icadqrghjo" by Gov, Orval IS, Faubus, / , ->' Fuubus has said he wants the,!: reascssment law retained bul h*e"' has nol vaid how strong a ship ho plans to excjt. Shelton .said the ro«5i>(! program was> being misused fg" collect taxes and declared! '• •• \' ''Tins wasn't meant to be a tiisj/ increase. It was meant (,o dsstripA* ute the tax burden „ more f^irjy^ ! Thu icasbossmpnt low reqL)U'(?|T counties to rai^e properly nssp$s«5 menU, to 18 per cunt of v, Dpc, }5 of this y«ur iiiid 2Q cent by, the samo date nex| > or luce partial Joss of state |y Only about'a third of ftrknR 75 qounUci have met thu rqcmi'vpsi' nueiUs. c,'«>'*•', said, the pin-pose of,, yiC and ppj&onal prcpoity—had defeated because moj.t eounUes'»'e» v Uised to lower miUage, j'ates #" ! 'Un{ch4 somecHip T ^.,,,,,^. iinci takes the Ipadcrship for » ff ,^-. iont, we'll have a dally ef"4r light pn that issue, 4 ' ai«>if?<« 1 - in'^icied. ^,,^ 1 V^ ^ ^y V^« •=w^'»«pJSSiW™-*TOK«>^ *BW»HiP

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