Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1958
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Mrfay, Deeeitifeer 12, 19I§ MOM STAR, HO Ft, ARKANSAS Page P!f« T-*M ; KEYBOARD — with a - key. board similar to a piano's, instead tit the usual holes, this German miss tries out a new flute, called "Melodica," manU- 'factured in Munich, '. '<• '.;-,-'* CROW'S N E S T - Standing fast in the best naval tradition, this "undaunted" British cadet ignores the feathers in his cap. SU/I'ly at attention, the-cadet was mistaken for a statue by the "pigeon during a-ceremony _in-London's Trafalgar Square. &•>?- 'fffii •,f'#.*« —WWiara Fug"ste, ^fa,they of Car}) Fwgate, is sbowB. Tleaving t^.eourtropffl in Wn. coJp.rReb,, dujipg a rpcgss w hip'daughter's rpurdeF tmJrThe j§,ye§rr9jd gjrJ is so >trial gs • ap' agges^pry"-Jn tile S,tSffe» .• weather piuj'der spj'ee,' ' H^9 t Fire t Clfg * 1P§ I, Ird. Phons 7«*?|1 ? M, S, Partnerships Answer ta Ppevlsui Paula | CAHNIVAL §y 5iek Turner Elf3CT!*JCJl-J nuararaa rasat^i JOT i 8 joss* fuith 12 "Much «• Abdul toothing" 18 filevatdf ! ihV^Hlor 14 feager i§«aj» JrtseJ 16 Gelling dimensions 18 PcHls 20 Middays 21 CiHelilal eoih 22 **«* O n th^ cob 24 HUH , 26 Japahdie cilj 1 27 Tahgle SODllecl gt-ape 32 Lahded lafo)ierty 34 Obstflirt 35 United —» 36 Balaam ahd his.— 37 domfoft 39 "As the twig , j s L . ,.» i 40 Burden 41 Neither 1 42'—-showers 45 Meinbranoiis covering 49 Enjoyment* 51 Coming of 52 Protect, by grayer 53 .Withered 54 Meadow 05 Volcano in •Sicily 50 French . 'summer* 57 Place TIZZ 1 *»*-* and glovS i Notioh 3 doubly division;. 4 "LiltlS -=W 5 Passage lit thl braih 6 Ridiculous failure 25" Mechanical "wolm parts 8 Noblemaft 2fi Mahibiiiatd l) Exchange dough bteniium 2^ Pabi-icS • 10 dermal! city 28 Jioiar disk 11 Ham and «"» 29 Try 11 bisquiet 21 High 16 Silly bit d$ standards 23 fat 55 Drum 24 OpcMlitf sold 38 HidtieH 41 Smelling organs 42 Church tecesi 43 Braid 44 dhetJt 46»«»and there 4? Molding 48 Tidy HASP10 My&§t TMI EA fF AM* i?M t* * . —• ' - • • — • . tMWU&ITTHAf VT 8 ^ T.M. ».| U.» f,|. OW. PLASH GORDON i \V6U.,THM-« NICE,/OH, t PONT THINK OLD \ IN VIEW Cf THB dftEfiWHECUS* W(LL #JSH~ iTis'dOdD ) trtduBLe t'M \ BE ANY TedueLt... IE) SEfe VOU ./ABOUT.td CAUSE A WE'LL JUST, TWlST A AfiAINJ/r*vWOU BO^/fc^B A^^Sl^W DIALS W THAT'LL BE ALLEY OOP WHOA, NOW OSCAR 1 THIMK, CHECKING ON THIS renew W1UU B6 PRfeTTY, MUCH A PftedSl Jdfe r HA! A 60t3V'P 7 THAT'S JUST THINK vdu WE.RE vvvt^r f AM 5(3IW(3 td /^SR U9V <3CIN6 It) ' TO TAKE LAB TO v-#v w f IH« f W »*t U fc Ci* Off " "He's everything I've w'ahted for Helen. He's able, hard-working and 'scared 'to 'death of depend* me!" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer I I'M U$6P tt) > " HlP^i 8UTI >we WITH you- THATi ELLEW1 I'M THRU 5.»],AfA ALMOST AT .'MSUOPE... ANP y 8W?ELV HANcSW(5 OM' T 3 " Ji By Kate Osan '=©^ °& $11958 b, NM Stnlct, Ino. T.M. Rtg U.S. f>t. Oil. r * >?* - tc T* B-g. B.S. Pat, Oll.^ ^V WSfl by NCA S«rme. (TIC. IZ-li CAPTAIN EASY rve eiuBw EveRyTHiw61 HAD TO THE siAae ...AND WHAT HAVE I GOT TO 3HOW-FOR If? A SCKAPBOOK OP(3Lt> N(jri«6»3UT NOT BMOU6H SECURIty TO LOOK AFTEFC WT OWN DAUiHTBR— WHy, MAX HOW IN TH PIP yOU PIMP WEBBBRl VSI6V6R Mi,Wt7, iWAN TOS6E-VOU. ^Olft. TALK OVEROL6 TIM HOW ABOUT M66TIKK3 ^ ^ 958 liy HE* 9irvl c> , Inc. T M. B«g. U.S. l'«l. OH.' CORA.MV DOLL- DAGWOOD WANTS ME TO PLAY CARDS AT HIS HOUSE TONIGHT -C LOOK, DAGVJOOD- pr SHE WON'T EVEN VI_. ANS\WER I \ • t- • — If: »*i»^ . THAT'S BEFORE . YOU'RE < MARRIED nW AFTER YOU'RE MARRIED,®! SILENCE MEAWS JUST, PLAISIt BLONDIE ,'- 'A, 'You sure are lucky—being able to listen to trie juke' - - ," ' . ' box all day long'." ; FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS "He gets afl his older brother's hand-me-downs!" P SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith SEEN DAISVf DAISY-DOLL// Hl-YA/f ft© 195* B^BCA S*rYTc« Inc. TM i 1 \ : :O ^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ^Si IES Fi '" PsVV- *.VbY\T\ 'E Tma b/"<l»5MVlei, lot, T.Vi Hoi Ufc, Pl| 0». i"«. r (K^ *4» i 12 DAYS, 7 HOURS WE-rH&'gHinj- yrr^ rJ^'", NOW IT'S 12 DAYS) 7'HOURS AND <. 38 MINUTES TILL .CHRISTMAS' 1» f& PRISCILIA'S POP OUT OUR WAY AND NOW ITS-12-DAYS, 7 HOURS AND 37 MINUTES,, ~ -J ARE YOU SURE POP \ ; _WOUND THE, 3 CLOCK? IT'S GOING/ AWFUL SLOW f.W Py ), R, Willioms OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MQJO; Hoople I wai » boy, the horses Balked 'just Jik« the ( rest of MS!" . ,4 MORTY TOOK WINTHRQPeOWNTQ QIPWINTHR0P 'T' OWE H3WB WITH }( lUQNQWHITI /BEARDS' / " WHAT? YOUHEARP HIM,., A ¥.«! f VE&, I V JU&'FC>R,A 1 WE CAM 1 TILL HE CAN USE HIM 'THIN', '- WITH HIS CPt-LEfip THAT'S TH' WAV \ VEH. } KWPW-PUT \ 1 STAKTEPt-TILl. / TH' KIPS TH«O(J0H ] BILLS AN'THAT,' THEM J SOT. / BUT THAT ONLY WHY, ,AH- WHEM;i HAP THAT PAIP FEK.THENJ I BOU&HTAHOUSE/ THEM A CAR" VEAPS--THEN VOW CAW GUiTAH'LpOK ' FPRSOMETHIJ" PETTER, AN 1 START AT TH' BOTTOM.' s ,.w. 12-1?. T^U . WlW~THi§f ft . * IXL LQAP YQy JHg^ J'LL €AR WHAT'-i LEFT, ,1^ 'APERTEUS OFAFANMVV OF 14 ,4HO FACE- CH^ISTA^AS VilTHOOT $<?J MUCH AS A FA<SOT IN w^ts < FIR6PLACP/THE &TOKV WOULpJ ; THAhJTHe-D0U6Hj U,WITH YOUf? i"' 1 **?"*^' iv-iiow* »»^^--|^»v"«^' i *'T>»r^>-*^™ ^i \Y/-A 1 \w^ i) 5CR0065 HIMSELF/ ^ AM MOVEpJ\ $55 TO-, TO HPLP TKE POOps. *~'° l " w'LJAT A / V* sl -' M: *' *r I ?<r, ^ Zl IT; L9<?^$ u^e, TQ f^ffl?^F%y?jy&t : -^ " ',' — '& " 5 .5" S^TJi*W4V T'" fflfr L^l't

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