Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 12, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1958
Page 4
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Page faur HOP! S f A K, tf 0 P I Kentucky Hails SMU But Baylor Posts Victory By tHfe ASSOCIATED PRESS Miijhly Kentueky o\>( i-vhplmrd SOutbein Methndkt VpVerflnv bi'l j tMaylor upheld Soiilhpp riinfpi-1 cilcp inlprsppimnnl pre-.'i,gf uiili 1 '8 defensive viplnry over OMiihnm;i Slate Tvo Kililucky •; iplmiv > . IM1,\ Liekerl and nick Parson.- 4 , enmbiii-! cd for -12 points tu load Kmlufky t« n 72-fin basketball victory over SMtT nt Lexington. THREE FACES OF LOVE FAITH "BALDWIN W by Feitti te.ld*i« Culhull. Bulribulfd fcj NtA J>rH«i, Int. By PAlfH tHE ST&riY: OH n plane Horse shd Adam iv» e « I Emile, a brilliant man Whd IS destined to play a great part irt their lives. Chapter X. H.ivina entered Ihrir lives, IV. Emile remainerl. unveil into the fabric, a thread appearing and then seemingly di.'-'ipprnring lOV pression thai scientists, medical Baylor's man-to-mnii de- u-erks in months, nnd then Sud- •fehse and rarrol) DHWCUI • «i 4 t- f dc-nly visible ngnin. Shortly after side * sniinno paV f. the B-np. a ,1ns first visit, they dined with liomp-coiirt 43-3"? triumph, him in an old brnwiistnno house, Lickcrt poured in '?,1 pnin's cnd|onp big flnnr n| J which 'no ocett- Parsons 10 as the unbi nien \Vilrli Pled. Contrary lo the Kcncral Im ca(3 rolletl (n their fmn'h <-iini..|it ' " " success, Kentucky. Ihe Nn L> (p.im never trailed -ifter i!io ,,pr.niin' Jninutc. but bad to fit-Mi porslstant Mu<-tMnc:s iv|.t ,-t Max \Vllinms hit fn r21 for SMU nnd Bobby .l-imr 4 not IP. | pnpei SMV hit -120 per reii! of its field goal shots and KentMekv nnly .'i7 nff the dlv points per eent. It was SMII'S s e c against two victories Hank Iba's Cowboys only two Held goals In :>• hall on 21 Iries- from th the Bears pulled away. The lead changed h.inds five times in the first half and was tied lour ti'nei Bui the Bears took the lead 23 to 21> with two jninutcs to KI, In the' half and stretched it to 27-M at intermission. Dawson dropped in 20 point* and Was tops in rebounds with eitfht Olin Clark was high man foi Oklahoma State with 13. The only game inv.ih ing Southwest Conference tc.ims luniffht matches Texas C'hrislian with Utah at Salt Lake Citv men. tenchers. nnd philosophers -••fur he was nil of thes-c 1 — must live in -i s-lrite of mild amnesia in M magnificent cltittei, the high- eellint>c(.l rooms were orderly, st-iL'kod. books in their pliipes. furtiiUiri! polished and duslli'ss. The man who looked after him seemed almost, as old, bui with a quick step nnd an ereci h e a liny which suggested the man.vj.pd ; nrmy. He was also like back- be •.. cond .ground music, harmonious, quiet, fading, and tbi'ii coming forward. And there were three bcnuiifnl cals. .In the library there Was a p'or- flralt of a young woman; she was on the vergo of laughing and Slowed a«ainst a dark tapestry; for she was very fair. The artist had endowed her with a quality of luminous happiness. How lovely she is," Hope said spontaneously And Adam youim! " They looked and Dr. Rmili- added. Elizabeth.' 1 Hope asked hesitating, have children?" "No. Elizabeth was thrown from her horse shortly before our marriafic; We were married' hi Ihe hospital room, and' a long lime later I brought dor home, Not here, she was never here." Hope said, "1 am so very sorry." .Dr. Em lie shook his head. Saratoga and Kirby Split Two Games Saratoga basketball teams split a doublclicader Tuesday night with Kirby in the Saratoga gym. Coach Lottie Singleton's Saratoga, senior girls lost their first game of the season 45-37. Molly Ellen made 10, Myra McLarey 13 and Sue Porter 0 for Saratoga while O'Neal sacked 25 and Yearger 18 for Kirby. Saratoga senior boys picked up their fifth win of the season by a score of 50-40. Slanton had 17, Smith 14 artel McJunkihs 11 for tho winnfers. Tongue made 17 and i Cook 11 for Kirby. Saratoga entertains Bradley tonight. Reported by Charlotte 'GrtH'ii and Jimmy Writ>hl of Sara- log a. n cl d c d. "How him, wnltiing, "My wife. 'You SWC Group to Take Up a Few Issues ] 'DALLAS (AP) — Tho f.iculty committee, governing body of the Southwest Con/pienco. mut today to discuss a handful of rccom'- .mendations offered by the coacbc? and athletic directors. . Earlv reports of n protest over ofCieiating by foui coaches at .yesterday's meeting of tho mentors . - - . s •.„« nnd athletic dircclois iippnrpntly I lrnl "- r ' p 'ishts. -AVhi-n they stopijpd ,wera' unfounded '"" - —-' — • • T h r e e of the four conches, Frank Broylet, of Arkansas, Dar- aell Royal of Texas nnd Jim Myor.; "Don't be. We life together" ,0n the way home Hope "I wonder how long shes been a wonderful said, dead — of course, she is. I , , . have a feeling she was always an " invalid "Perhaps. Yes, Adam answered I think watching so," the •of Texas A&M domed such plans \tooforo Ilie meeting. The fourth, 5ovd <il Haylor, in HIP week. 'As a matter of fact, the coaches id athletic directors locommcnd i the officials be given moip J money, They urged that t'hp of- Kut 20 cents a mile for'tho -fij-st 250 miles and 15 cents u mile •>'-,. thereafter, calculated on a ono- ty-j way basis from thoir homes to the game sites Present expense .allowance i_s IB cents a mile This a fee of $100 a in addition to game. ', The names of four new men ;wpre added to the list of uffn-ials. *-• L 0a >' lot ' W" s renre'initi'd at yi-s. I^Vorday's meeting by G-?oi«c> Saupr. liq djioctor who resigned last and basketball coach Bill ] 'Howard G r u b b s, executive - jf Secretary of the conference, said j'irthe meeting \\-ns routine.. •PoVqrites Win ;jh Notiono! ^age ffipati, SAKOWlTZ Associated Press Sports Writer ;,Keniuckv and Xavier of Cincin- the NCAA and NJT bfl.skel- tournament winners last have taken right UD where Ipft off last sec son. Both qix ranked second in this Associated Press poll and , No. Ifi looked inini'essivo niabt. The Wildcats RouUiorn Methodist 7?-fiO f °urlh straight while tlie coasti d to a 00-52 lri< lona for their third in lor n red one, ho put 'bis hanrl over hers. "Poor puy." he said. In the early autumn, Adam's partner. Dan, camo to the house without warning, n was a iter dinner Bov JHV bosidp Hope's chair before the fire, and >u the sound the bell Adam called to Mrs ;Hs (lint bo would answer.' When he opened the door he saw Dan's extraordinary altered face heard him sav, "I have to Spring Hill Loses Out to Genoa Central Spring Hill cage teams lost 2 out of 3 games last night in the Genoa gym. Coach Billy Mitchell's Spring Hill senior boys romped to a G2-25 victory wilh Terrell Townsend getting 16, James Huckaboe 12 and Bobby Thompkins 10. Mason made 6 for Genoa. Genoa senior girls cased out a 3327 win with Tibbit gelling Hi points. Linda Galloway paced Spring Hill wilh 19. Genoa junior girls won 18-14 as Turner made 10 points. Mary Lou Maxwell was high for the lot, ers with 7. EASY DOES IT—With Christ-' mas innil rush in the offing, San Francisco postman 1'Yocl Bidwe.ll breaks in- his carl for heavy duly to come. Cnrls were recently issued to lighten loads< ot and talk to you, I'm in trouble ' Adam loft him and wont lie said. she rose, to "It's smil sponk to Hope, Dan," and when , - ing, he nddod, "Ho wants to talk to mo, alone." She nodded and went out, Roy ay sophomores, jjijij and Dick Parsons, paVed over lath-ranked SMU B •**$*. Liokert clicked and Parson chipped in as $oach Adoloh Rupp's . _ led away in ihei second l}!/ IVfi->x Will'snis was high ' ilangs wilh 21. Dan Iricd smilins; ho was not successful, (He remarked, "As they said about the woman who a honk, I ve had a drink," He sat down in Adam's chair and mil his hand to tho warmth of tho fjrp. Thnn he looked.UP nt Adam. "I wish you'd sit down." he said, "Oknv. Now, what?" "Other people's money." It is strange that in tho moment -following three words, a man can see nil he has worked "or slipping from him 4 and. ivorso, contemptuous glances of iion. Theirs was not a brokerage 'inn; no "stocks wore io their keeping!. IJe rpmi«mhored, Jons vouns man who had sot UD a« an investment coun- ond who nHct a time had iprsuadod a rnimbor of innocent- v ifnorant women clients lo take heir certificates from the safes boxes and si an them so he mieht soil and reinvest, They did nulte well, too, until he •nnished with a loaded brief ease Dan said hastily. "Look, Adam, this hasn't anything' to dp with vou. with us ^as a" firm. This was Florida State Coach Is a Character LOUISVILLE, Ky. (API — T make a long, story shot, Florid, State University football coac' Tom .Nugent is somewhat oul o eh n racier, Nugent, whose Seminoles talc on Oklahoma State University h Ihe first anunal Blue Grass Bow football game Saturday, combine witty psychology with plain ok showmanship to gel results. For example, he has a brighllj colored resf-rvation box near th bench for players ineligible to ro enter a game. Nugent on occasions has tnkej a mentally and physically beatei jeain to a secret meeting .place sii| posedly for a blackboard session But the boys sometimes luivi arrived to find a complete orehes tra ready to give them two hour of music, Nugent says it helps rt- lax them. Despite his showmanship am humor, Nugent has a solid repu tation as a hard working coach. Tho 7-3 record this season, thi same as Oklahoma State Univor sity's indicates it. Nugent says he believes h sound foo(bali above all else. ''Sure, wo use tho T formatioi and all that tricky stuff," he «-nu( "We wouldn't use it, thouch. i) it didn't pay off, And il did as wn beat Tennessee among others, as we scored 20'touchdowns . . . thi' season." Basketball National Basketball Assn, By ThIE ASSOCIATED PRESS Thursday Results Detroit 107, St, Louife JOJ Boston 123, Philadelphia 114 Syracuse iO}, Minneapolis 90 (ot) Friday games St. L,ouls at New York Philadelphia at pelrojt Cincinnati at Boston PRESS stri"tiv on "How?" mv own." Adam asked. He . thoueht of the sound training, tho oautious atUU-de, middle of (he road, v-wM 1 ?" W a11 tlle wav against J«B»?j-Ifi,i*-Uini9 HanH Stein, (he «Tm «„• y Bluab , e playoi : j a§t veirrvn Joe vtv with 17 and State, ranked 20ih. 43,37, being lim- field goal? in the 'oo. was which bad greatly infiu older clients. He thoxiahi (hat bv tomperpmpnt Ran far loss ennseryntiya Hian Jim had bppn. IPSS, ponsevvative than Adam himself. Dan was osnlahu'ng. JJe'd hoard of v " good thing and knew that, W p member of the firm, he eoul 1 no« advise u, beini; striclly »-isk w i lv not take the >So ,he took his own ,-ind ma.de nwyp, T«is was 9P, pvjt?icie venture, jju-pugh his broteoj-s. Tlmn ftp" had' u^d wlW? rng^xej, All Jhls haa place ayer a, pe=jiQd' l of Umti ' , <n\d he '4 h,ec.qm,e in,ore College PY TH? ASSOCJATPB Colgate 72, Columbia 6n NYU 81, Boston College 70 Qavior (Ohio) Q9, lonn 52 I^SU 53, Louisiana College 53 Kentucky 72, SJMU" CO Georgia Tcfh 7?, Georgia G6 George Washington 91, Rich' mond. §7 Fwrmpn 78, Newborry 66 Wt»kp forest 73, Fla, State 0-J Louisville ijl, Stetson- 47 Oklahoma 52, Minnesota 45 Marshall IB, w, Michigan. 63 Chicago Loyola "37, Creighton, *X 43, pklflhom? State 37 at \V. " THi A§§Qgl&Tf:p Lo§ Angeles — Davey )?8. Springfield, phio. out J^ipnrdo Morcjxo, Ji?7. 'Penny , he lis- a setxsp O f superipv know!edge, an4 d.is.dgin JTpr'jh? plodder thf mi4*e p| the road., Tho hg,d eso]tii)g 'by paths, pan's ha4 laJteA J <ifU«t;a.ily, wetjr- Wg nei- eyi^enpe' on h^r $i\\\d,s fl))4 ayms. {11$ <-|p#jj slung aprons jvpv shoulders, ^ [^ f a i kc( ; LU'si lo" h£»- ||sft. who.NVSS envious an4 Star Classified Ads ASS MUST BE IN'OFflCt DAY IEWRI PUBLICATION -. PHONf 7-3431 FOR AD TAKER The schedule of Solunfli- PeM6d», as punted below, has beeB takefl from John Alden Knight's Solunar Tables. Plan your days so that you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during these times, if you w'sh to find the best sport that each dfly hatS id offer. The Major Periods are shows In boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last for an hottf and a half or two hours there* after. The Minor Periods, shown in regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration. A, M. P.M, Minor Major Minor Major Frid.-iy 0:55 12;40 7:25 1!10 Saturday 7:50 1:35 8:20 2105" Sunday 8:40 2125 9:10 2!55 S GETTING READY-Carefully j shining her shoes in Oklahoma : City, Okla., polio victim Pamela ! Henry, 8, gets ready to tour th$ ; United States as one of the < ; three 1959 March of Dimes pos-' ter children. Pamela will visit' ! cities coast to coast during January. •J'W^wt?» **•»•»>.. *wsr4« (fWW* iv^l iRUJ&S'sJUjfifid.fiplnfii KrpQg not P.l£, M 'W?ft»S\* . vho had •"VST., f^r., Iff*-,' fl?**ft*- . «•:••• ?•«-¥ &m\M Mm^W:^ < i-M* '8toe« W"- v A\\W-?f.lf >l 'W' iS»'^ai;i • • 'ilpi't.-^^fe -ife^WW % Aft-y^'-M * • • * A • V 1 ' ..lur.hte^d, i\ft w ^ I^.fe^ U9 jliSJftg ,4 s --, ! -gwtish, pspitgj, - . ' , t ' -• ' "• \' wS^ycfefB^® "I^fSx Ike and Dulles Talk Over Allied Unity By JOHN M. HlGHTOWER" WASHINGTON (API—President Eisenhower and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles confer today on efforts to obtain solid ^Allied unity in Ihe face of mounting! Soviet pressures against West; Bur- iin. ; Their afternoon conference was scheduled between' Dulles' -discharge from the hospital and his tukeofl for a series of Conferences starting next week in the French' capital. Dulles has been in Walter Reed Hosoital since lasl Friday -undergoing treatment for divcrticulitii. an intestinal inflammation; His chief task at iParis so'.'.far, as the Berlin issue is concernerl apparently will be to try to re- M>lve a split between Britain and West Germany. The (wo powers differ on tho kind of reply which sho»ld bo made lo the recent Soviet proposal to convert Wcsl Berlin Into a free cily and end tho Western occupation there. Chancellor Konrad Adenauer of West Germany has taken the position thai the Berlin issue should be disposed of before any new •proposals on Germany are made to Soviet Premier Nikita Khush- chev. Some diplomats say thai Adenauer wants tho Western powers simply lo re.iecl Khrushchev's proposition without mention of other issues lo be negotiated, British Prime Minister Harold (Macmilan and Foreign Secretary Selwyn Lloyd, however, are e- porlecl to favor instead Western counterproposals designed to open the way for negotiations with the Russians on German problems. Adenauer is unclers'lood to feol that the British reaction is too soft, Dulles' own attitude is reported to be that the Western powers must sternly reipc(. tho Khrushchev plan for West Berlin, but preferably at the same time put forth some kind of counterproposal based upon solving Ihe Berlin problem though Ihe unification of Germany \yith free eleo- lions. , A 4,000-word Sovioi statement Thursday night gave fresh evidence that the Russians are mak* ing a play for division among HIP Western powers by increasing war talk. The clatpment was is^ sued by the official Soviet news agency Tass. It accused the Western powers Of stalling, Any use by them of force. U said, would be met with force by the Soviet-Jed Warsaw •\JUnncp, The State Department commented (hat the Tass statement r- e p e a t e cl the arguments of Khrushchev's proposal with svha,t it called "an add^cj note of mpn« Wonted Hope Staf fotite open lot boys 12 y&afg a'fld oVeh Abpiy at Hope star OMIee, JiOtJSEWoRK, ba'by sitting, staying With sick or elderly person. etc. White woman. Phone 7-347G. +-,<> li-Btp EXP.ERtfiNCEfi /arm equipment mech&nic, Man must be Shop Foreman material. Good pay. good working conditions, well equipped shdp, bonus plan, paid vacations, ho'spltal insurance plan, in a mod' ern, growing community. A real opportunity for ' the right man. Write Box M, c/o Hope Star. 12-ltc Funeral Directors Ambultince Service Burial Association OAKCREST' FUMERAL .Dial PR 7'2123 20'lni.c Servkes Offered LET ui renovat* your old mat tress. We specializt In preisuri- ted' innerapring. COBB;MATTRESS SHOP 1W We§t ! 4th. Phone' 7-2«2J ' ^ 9-U RALPH Montgomery Market, cus torn' •laughtertog. W« have meat for your deep freeze. See u« before buying.^ ' 17. tf SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO, Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd. L. E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. 5-14-tf POWER Saw available for removal of trees, skimps and etc. For free estimate call 7-4052. 26-1 mo. c GIVE her a. gift certificate for Christmas from Diane's Beauty Salon, Phone 7-3118. 2-tf I AM taking orders for cakes for Christmas. Also havb limited amount of 2 ib. fruit cakes. Mrs. Milton Eason. 7-4622. 4-tf Soli ALUMINUM sct-eehs, dooi's, slofffl Windows, Weather » stHjjpihg", ifl« Stilation, roofing, awhlhgg, gtit« terlhg, ornamental railing. FreS estimates. Andy Andrews, Phone ?-586l ' fl^tf 3 SMALL tracts of land near town suitable for chicken farms. 80 acres limber land IWO rtiileg out of Foreman, Ark. See Ralph Sauliders or Phone ?>406i, WANT AD RATES All War-it Ads ore pb</6b'-3 advance but ods will be occep 6vSf fh6 telephone and d(-.-.omoda- tlon dccouhh allowed wifh thd Ufi- dafstofidlng Ihd accaunl is payable whsh stoffefrtertt is tendered. '51 OLtJS four door, A«l Condition, New tires, radio and heater. $4S)S XViii arrange financing, Call 7« 2487. 2*tf GOOD Johnson grass hay deliver'' ed to your barii. SOc per hale, anything over 5 bales. Call 12201 days or 7-2257 nights. 2<i2tp 'JUST arrived in time for Christ' mas. A load of Antiques from Chicago. Byer's Antiqtle Shop, Patmos and Shover Springs Road. 8-6tc CHRISTMAS trees. Beautiful Arkansas Cedar. Nice full, class A trees. Fresh cut, no fir, pine or skelton. Hundreds to 'choose from at Stuart's Texaco Service; 3rd and Pine St. PR 7-9965. 12 Sic ONE ; good saddle and work horse, Gentle with children. Three big •work horses. P. H, Stephens, Blevins, Ark. 10-3tp .Nufnb-Jf 5f Words Up to Is 16 td 10 td 25 ._ tb 30 31 to 33 34 to 46 41 to 45 46 te SO 6n«i Day .45 .60. .15 .90 105 1 20 1.35 1.50 fhrc& 6dys 90 1.20 I 50 t.PO 2,iO 240 270 3.06 Six boys 1.56 206 2 56 300 356 4.06 4 50 5.06 Montr 4.50 6.60 900 ( 1050 1200 1356 15.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 tlms , 86c pel Inch 3 titties 65c pcf inch 6 times 55c per inch Kates quoted above are fop cotV secUttVe Insertiorls. Irregular or skip ddte ads will take the one-day rate, All daily classified advertising; copy will be accepted until 5 p.m. for publication the following day. The publisher reserves the right to revise ot edit all advestisements of fered for publication and to reject any. obiectlonoble advertising submitted. Initials of one or .mere letters, groups of .figures, such as .house or telephone, numbers count'as one word. The Hope Star will not be'respon- sible for errors in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention offer, FIRST. InswMdn of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 80 ACRES of atoove average pine timber land with one-half'min- erals,' good road, good hdm'esile. Contact T. F. Grayson, 1423 Jefferson Street, 22-9779, Texarkana. 10-6tc Lost S'M'AILL block and white female Setter. Weight 30 Ibs. Russell Evans, 2120 Hazel St., Texarkana, Tex. on collar, Notify Herbert Arnold. PR 7-3188. Reward. 10-3tp Female Help Wanted GIVE YOUR' CHILD A FUTURE FOR A PRESENT Orders accepted now for 1959 Edition of WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA at Ihe old prices. A-SAVING OF $20.00 over the January 1st price. GREATEST GIFT OF .ALL—WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA $10.00 Down — $6.00 a Month Write or Phone Norma Jean Delaney, Representative 418 East 14th Street Phone: PRospcct 7-2126 ll-6tc AVON cosmetics has immedial openings for mature women no otherwise employed to service e> cellent Avon territories. Can ear $2 or, more per hour. Opening available.-in Hope. Car necossarj Write. Avon! Box 377, Hoi Springs Ark, 8-61 Lost WHITE and* black spotted femal terrier. Reward, Phone 7-4910. 28-1 'ONE Iin heater between town an Turner's Grocery on Hwy, 20 Briant Williams, Rt. 1, Box 107 Hope, Ark,' 12-3t,p f he Neqro Community Either Hlcki Phon« 7^678 or 7-4474 The department added: ...,„ United States, which has made no ,hreals, wtlj not l^ deterred by threats from defending jts rights and dischargina 'its responsibilities :Q the 3'4 million /rep people in Weist Berlin," .Thought fpr *he day - I don't like these cold, precise perfect people, who in oj-dor not to spefjk. 'wrong., never speak at all and "in* order' not lo do wrong nevpr do anything—H, W, " of Events Saturday, pec, 13 .The Jfome Demonstration Coun ty CQvjneil 1 wjl} sponsor its anpua <?)U'i?tma^ program Saturday, Doc 13 a{;' Beth>! AW^ Church, 5th and IjfluFa} St. Rev. J, S. Morg Pfistor.-The'wagram wil 'begin at \0 avnv with i^ev. 'A', c, Burton a§ guest sp,eak,ei', Th.ere will a gilt exchange smoijg persons at« tending. 'The public j s invited. 14 fo Eight CQM.ntJ«i Kansas counties wp're designated yesterday by the Apiculture r> -.artment as areas -where farmers nay ^obtain, emov^cncy loans frorn, he Farmers ffomo $dm,in!&ira(k-4'i s.The ppujatics ore--Ashley, Chicot, "•'••••••illlf'rt l-il "l r\j-ic»Un T~l..^.... 'T __ .r •* oln . • ^he depavtment,sak', farmevs hpse counUes §u|f,pa'ed prpji 4am, because of exegssiva rainfjjJJ, MHH* -M4 *!i«uss-t;' > if;-tv,-,>- \,.'> ;-A W^frtovWa^si^'jti Club will hole}' iv pa,u meeting in the homp pl -Mrs, A. 1- 'MeQweary Sunday, at 4 p.m. r 'AU members are to 'pe p spegjaj service wJU be at B e osei) Wvu'sfng Hqme jn Pep, 21 |t 3' P.TO. The .Garrett Church will be in ipe. Rey, \vi}l tjeliyer the TJ)§ pu'blip i§ invitea tq Tamil/ wjjl y jH and |pj- {Jo| ^ attend, the aunt, 4 Mvs, J { f, f " "& •g^^a^Jfa-^AM. ' ' ' U.IU" ,;.Li ; -«-«.. iW^Ailig^ m$"£siQSsi;$asM -t§«is 4m t e|jJ, ^Jjg|£ D§§. ' |§- mvr f ,. ,. T toas :#»&: ^whji'k ^SsOl^. stF--— .. *9$B" > '»? , =i^faKi^fi^'*^-^f,^ ^j^TJ-T-.-safj'aaTF'-f _. jsaiqa's ^.fej'ms^'^o/.chpmi PA, < '<*."••> -.. - '-- ^- f . FOR'Christmas, give friends, relatives Studio Girl Hollywood Moisture Cream >for dewy, youthful look. Contadt consultant, Joy Meyers, Phone 7-3329. , , ll-3tp 'RfEHyl'IN'GTON iporta'ble- typewriter, Practically new. Ip80. Call S'nyker Hotel, - ,- l2-3tip Mob Help Wanted WAN to do light assembly work, Retired .person preferred. Write Box G, c/.o Hope Stpr, Hope, Ark. ' i2-0tc LOCAL trailers, By'ers- Gulf Service. Call Day or Night, 7-9955. 8-lmoc Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by . STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President •j Alex." H.' Washburn, Socy-Tres, ot T ne Star Building 212-14 South Walnut'Street Hope, Arkansas (\ Alex, H, Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. 'Jones,' Managing Editor Done) Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmcr,- Mcch, SUpt. Entered as second class matter at the 1 ", Pott Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the'Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription kotos (payable In , advanc'j) By'carrier" in Hope and nelghhnrlna towns •— Per week S .30 Per year , ,1S60 By mall In Hempstead, Nevada, LaFayerte, Howard and Miller Counties — One. month : $ .85 Three month' 1.B5 Six months , 3.50 One year .' 6.50 All other mall — One month* , 1.30 Three.months , , 3,90 Six months .,.., , , 7.80 One year .'... , 15,60 NICELY Furnished 4 room apart ment- Adults only. No drinking 801 East 3rd. 3-t UPSTAIRS apartment, 3 rooms and private bath, 203 Higl Street. - 15-t 5 ROOM house, 301 N, Ferguson Street, Call 7-3378, EViERSMEYiER house on Soutl HVI'ain. See QVfr, oj 4 flVTrs, Laha>a Laha Cleaners, 9-6t| 5 ROOM 'brick house, _ See at 109 N, Washington, Wj'i'te ' Frances James, Emmet, " )0-3tc 4 ROOM house, $30 monih with bills paid, P|l 7-2247. JO-tf CHOICE business location, -Thi,and Walnut, Oposite eonjev, QI new bank at Second and Walnut Will'consider installing pejrnani ent partition creating t\yo separ? ate store spaces, Contact Talt FeilcJ Jr. •• .. 8-Qtp Notice Mot'l Advertising (leprcsentatlvos; Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Slerlrk Bldg, Memphis 2, Tenn., 4 505 "'"oxos Bonk 1 Blda.; Dallas 2, Texas'; 360" N Michlqan Aye., Chicago 1, III; 60 E, 42nd'St., NPW York 17, N,-Y.; 1763 penobscor Bldg., Del^oif 2, • Mich.," T.ermlnal Bldg., Oklohomo City 2, Okla, • r . , MembV 1 of Thi 4 ! Anvdated Presi: The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republlcation of all the local news, printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news • dispatches, ,,' Taylor & Jordan USED CARS — BODY, SHOP ~ FOREIGN CARS — 216>,» Hazel Phone 7-4022 QrvJIle Taylor » Joh'n Bill'Jordan WANTED TO BUY , Pine Pu!pw99° by~TrHcK Load Cut In Wocds or gtherwi?e! HAROLD HiNPRIX Phene' PR" 7^4321 GRILL CAFE — IRIAKFAST 35c -•-'-' 50e ..—i Hopjv-S^le'HQt WS BSTAT1 R. p. A. 'P- Pelpney, MATTBIS5SS H*rndon-Corneliu5 ' v

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