Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1958 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1958
Page 9
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, Pstemter II, tiff THREE FACES OF LOVE FAITH BALDWIN I l«f fcj FaffH liU*JR t*Hr*n. tfttHtrfW If KU i*WM, Itt, §f6RYi Hefcg aHd , lost Jupitif, the .dog Adam loved. She obtained s R8W dog, I Which Adam calls Boy, Chapter IX When it had lurhed toward spring, Adam fli-w to a southern city to talk to a client and Mope went with him to witness the breaking of blossoms from the dark bough, and to see her toother's cousin there, They re mained for two days and tholi flew to catch up with Helen. They tf) found her brisk ahd occupied, wholly satisfied with Tessa. "Best They had seen but not noticed — I cVer had," she remarked oVicr luncheon, in Tessa's prei ertce, regarding her secretary With something approaching uf- 1 lection, On the last flight home thei'e Was trouble; it wes not bad trci> ble, but the kind Which CaiisoS most passengers uneasiness and A fear, which compels them to talk *Jn cheerful determined tones to the stesvarclesSes end to each other. For' a long time the aircraft circled the landing field m heavy fog and there were rumors that, they must go on to this or that- place. During the more than an hour Hope had her hand in Adam's; she was not frightened, for lie- was Hhere. She would have been alone. But there Was an unccr- ,^\ tainty. They did not talk much x but each knew. In some measure, tire other's thoughts, and during this lime a man siting alone by the window ahead of them turned and smiled. He said, "This happens." They had sen but not noticed him, for he was a small man and. a stranger would think, glancing at him and away again, without distinction. Bui now they saw his eyes ahd forehead. The forehead high, the eyes most brilliant. Me Was hot young, and Mope though! ttis eyes astohishirlgj they looked yoitfiger than — at the moment-she felt. The HiaH 1-ose and came to sit, Without self-coiisciotlshesSi on the arm of Adam's chair. He said, "I travel a great deal, alone. I am always watching other people; thi? young, the middle-aged, the old, Who are together." He smiled agalh. This ekpresslon was as yoilhg as his eye-;, Hu added, "As you must have noticed, some are bored, Some disillusioned, some angry. 1 am sorry for them." His speech 'Was faintly colored, more by inflection than by ac» cent, as if he had early learned this language but had been born to another. "1 watched you today with pleasure," he went on, "you are not boi'ed, disillusioned, nor a gry, at least 1 do not perceive It. Tell me a little about yourselves while we fly in circles- where you live, what you do." Adam spoke their name and 'their residence and what his work was.' Hope was suddenly embar< rassed. She said "I don't do any thing," "I am sure you do a great deal," the older man said. He looked at Adam and shook hi: head. "I know little about mon ey. At one time I did, it inter. csted me, for a definite reason Not now. I have sufficient, for who can eat more than a meal or sleep' in more than one bed at a time?" So Adam asked him his profession, He laughed, then, and an- ALL 6 VOLT STARTERS AND GENERATORS - REBUILT - $4.95 EXC. • All Ports For Cars And Trucks 1 • All Size Full Cop Tires, Alio New And Used Tires! Wylie Glass & Salvage Co. Hwy. 67 West Hope, Ark. Phone 7-2786 FRIDAY & SATURDAY-DEC 12- 13 SLICED CUDAHY PURITAN NUFFSAID Lb. PICNIC CUDAHY'S READY TO SERVE Lb. BEST IN TOWN Lbs. PORK — FRESH MEATY Lb. COUNTRY SPARE KNEE DEEP IN MEAT Lb, KIMBELLS BEST KJMPEU.$,BE$TJ Can PRINCi Lb$. Each 4thMarrioge Folds, Myrna Loy Silent 6AV W6men'i NfcW VdflM (UPlt jf, whdse foUHh m^fflnic is oil e i-ocks, isfi'l sayiBf whethet a irth is in ihe makifig, Thd SS^ednold dclfCSS who be* afrie a top Hollywood boJc bfticfc tU-acUoH as the "peffeet wife" H the fhifi Mafi sfcHds, has sep- s-aled from Hewland Safgcanf, ottnet assistant sbdffttflty of _,lalc. Oosslji eolUHlft^ have linktd ior Jlaftie With,, that of actoi' Vionlgoitiel-y Clifl. "We ai-e fHettds good fficHds, aid Miss Loy in an interview. "1 admii-a him as an ai-Ust." Bui he was silctlt when askdd whcth. it- thei-e dlso svas a foninnce with he handsome Clift, who Is 15 eat-s her junior. Miss Loy Wiis ujst as i'cluciant o discuss the reasons "for lha rcakup with Sargeanl. who now s head of ttadio Llboi'ation. "1 lon't want to dlseuss my private ife," she snid. "other than to s«y hut now t will devote more time ,o 'my career." Talks Of U.N, Work But she talks readily about her Vork with the United Nations, her aTcst movie, "Lonely Hearts," in vhich for the first time in her ong career she plays a tragic •ole, ; and reporters who pry into the personal lives of celebrities, There seems almost a' diabol!' cal dcsit-e to destroy," said the ictress. "Some of the stuff used o be confined to the Police Ga' tette. Now it's creeping. even into lie fan magazines. It's the rule of sensationalism at any cost. "There are lots of happy mar- iages in Hollywood, .you know. But whoever discusses them? "I suppose the .truth is so duU. Who wants to read about movie stars getting up at- 5:30 to be on the set by 7. Incidentally, that made me an authority on, agriculture. I used to listen to all the early morning farm shows." Was U.N. Delegate The actress was a delegate appointed by former President Truman to the United .Nations Educational, Scientific and ...Cultural Organization arid, although no .onger officially connected with it, she still is interested in its cultural exchange program. "I felt this was an opportunity where people like me could 'make a contribution to understanding others. . .where, I was needed even if I didn.'t go to Georgetown University," she said. Georgetown produces a lot of future diplomats. The actress began her film career in the silcnts and slinkcd her way through a lot of siren roles before the Thin Man comedy scries. Her other husbands were Arthur Hornblow Jr., John Hertz Jr.^ and Gene Markey. Now she has fettled -down in 9 modest apartment In • New York', but sha said this does not mean retirement, "I'll act as long as good roles come my way," she said. On the banks of the waterway leading to Liege in Belgium, following the Mouse River, there arc now huge steel-mills, a university and a helicopter port. EAvercd, "Several, as 1 have taught and now .am occasionally consulted — with a, pleasing deference — upon my former subjects, Usually, I, write difficult books which few 'read,", He s^id that his name was Eniile, stopped nnd fished a card from his pocket, adding, "The' surname is as difficult as my books. My students settled for Doc when I was— they thought — out of earshot, My friends call me Emilo," "Adam looked, at the 'Card and raised a mental eyebrow, Hope leaned on his shoulder to read it, The name aroused vague memories in her; st;ono time or another, she had, somewhere, seen it in print, He said,' "I have read and heard a great deal, about you, sic, and 'I had a cousin, opce jo ope of your classes,", ', "What was his name?" ' Adam told Jiirn, and was asked, "So, what Became of )um?" - "J-Je's yjce^pregiderit of a conv pany which, manufactures , useful gadgets, and is very pvosperoys,' "He WPS brilliant." s^id the fop jyier instructor, Without irony, Adam asked, "You don't • approve of prosperity?" r "Certainly, 9nd for main' rqa- s>oiis, An.4' iwumPI'sWe brilliant men create prosperity 'lot only ior themselves but lor others. I ajri pleased for Henry, yet poyjd. have wished he had continued in the field - in ' which T^ H HC .broHe pff, then asHcd' ruefully. "Now, why 3o- I 'sgy tnat? Actually } have been gone 3 Jong time }rojrj teaching,"- > "I know," A4«m said, "wd have Yvpfld,ered. V t96<Mh?r witti.8 large pail st' the wQria, "wny y&M retireij," ' '' , " ljt lt wou,J4 fee 9 }9ng answer; the Plane wsyW run, put gf ga^, £rief» iy« I earns ta the ggncjusiqn thit What J he4 'Id' ?e lOflS, 'feejicyed. j&Rd, w*?J;im|jarUng to ethers Jjac} teasotas I jgpuj.d, | ypu hs jpfwfirp. the »'gnws 'Ji.sht went W - a ad fee 44gfi ip^^ajdj- stand', .W?} *R v .'i|9,m'*.lwife ftftalBi '" •''i.muia lifee.vcry if NOfl ITAB, HOPI, ARKANSAS •... •••". • .<• .'.. • i •-'•• > < . CHICKEN WITH RICE, CHICKEN NOODLE, VEGETABLE, BEEF ^- BtOOKS SOUPS7s $ 1 oo VEGETABLE CHRISTMAS TOYS IABY BETH DOLL ^ $3.49 TOAST AND TEA SET s., $2.98 TANKS TURNOVER . ,. Eoth 59< PUZZLE MAP Ki.sAw . oil 79 < TOILET SOAP GOLDEN RISE PACKAGED BISCUITS CAMAY VbUtlAbLt IflflAA BROOKS SOUPS 9s $ 1°° *8, Z ?^« 4J Pkgs! M**t WAKWIUK> LAKAMtL f% ^% PECAN DELIGHTS S: 39' S:49' WARWICK CARAMEL ANN PAGE MAYONNAISE Reg. Bars. TOILET SOAP CAMAY 2 !± 27< WORTHMORI PEANUT CLUSTERS WARWICK — AU-MltK MILK CHOCOLATES WARWICK-. MIIK CHOC. CHERRIES 12Pk ° 8 ': WORTHMORE OLD-FASHIONED MRK •$: . I6 p?i:65< DROMEDARY "DIXIE" FRUIT CAKE MIX "JOVUS": ASSORTMENT OF SO CHRISTMAS CARDS Pko , 89 < "SUM" ASSORTMENT OF 55 CHRISTMAS CARDS Pko . 59c CELLOPHANE PKO. OF 12 CLEANSER Spic & Span CHOCOLATE DROPS ^fj; 29( CHRISTMAS CARDS Pka . 19< WORTHMORE ANN PAGE ROYAL LUSTERS ; }fa; 29« IMITATION VANILLA ,"!!: 23 ( No Limits at A&P HAND SOAP LAVA AUTOMATIC WASHER DETERGENT DASH 9-lb., 13-ot, Box DISHWASHER DETERGENT CASCADE 20-oz, JlOi Pkg 1*1 DOLE FROZEN PINEAPPLE JUICE 6-oz. Can .. DOLE FROZEN BLENDED JUICE PINEAPPLE- 6-oz. ORANGE Can 23* 16-oz. Pkg CLEANSER- COMET Pkgi. 31^ Pkg^ RANCH STYLE CHILI BEANS 2 cL 300 ............. 25* /\ UNPAINTED NORTHWESTERN FIR /»^ Christmas Trees ANN PAGE PURE STRAWBERRY PEANUT BUTTER ^S^Z 29c PLAIN GELATIN ^ X': 89c STUFFED OLIVES W UANA ± TREE STANDS Small 15< Mod .20« Urflo 25< JANE PARKER 8 INCH SIZE ""'' ti ' • Vi'- •''. S s ' ' ' '' • '- SPECIAL! f *fc w "SUPER-RIGHT" RIB HALF PORK LOIN "SUPER-RIGHT"' COUNTRY STYLE BACKBONES "SUPER-RIGHT" LOIN END ' PORK ROAST DEPENDABLE "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY MEATS! SUPER-RIGHT" LOIN HALF VIII..Ib. "SUPER-RIGHT" CENTER CUT. LOIN Ib. • 'Ib, .. Ib. ., Ib, "SUPER-RIGHT" CENTER CUT RIB •...Ib, "SUPER-RIGHT" RIB END PORK ROAST Ib, SLICED BACON BANQUET CHICKENS PORK SAUSAGE St Mb. .— FROZEN FISH FEATURES — OYSTER STEW S, ,.,'. 2 ffi* ,.2'L 894 KWiLED CRABS K 5 , ft 39<f JANE PARKER " ' ' ' 5 BLUEBERRY,PIE,;.,n,, rfl . 53«, 'JANC PARKER * ANGEL FOOD 'CAKE,..)?;- 39< JANt'PARKCR JELLY-TOPPED BUNS.. na . 271 JANE PARKER ' . SEEDED RYE BREADjA'Sr 15< JANE PARKER FUDGE COOKIES,,,,, Pko . 25< JANE PARKER COOKIES pFEfFCRNU5S6,..Pkd. 35< JANE PARKER Fruit Cakes SIZE 3-lb, SIZE *2,65 T/».|b, CAKE $135 I KEW UOW PRICfS ON A&P COFFEI RED CIRCLE EIGHT O'CLOCK BOKAR A&P VACUUM - . ^ u,.*,,..,:-- 3'W?. Bag , , . 1,69 U?, Con Fresh Fruits RED-QELICJOUS APPLES u KENTUCKY WONDER GREEN BEANS 2 -.ii. 5QLOEN , - , ' ' 2 l'5c 25c For, QQLDEN SHQRIENING FLUFFQ %i,''- >."-.':-•"' .:: > ' ,, • '• -''•.'^ ,, ~, .'^ ,: • •'- •''.' :' ' "--. ;

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