Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1958
Page 5
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, D«timb«r 11,1911 JMMMLfT A * .>u U 0 M, At * A N IU Page Johnson Will Everything Well in Check §? JAME§ MABL6W Pf«s N«wi Analyst WASHINGTON <AP;~ Itmk at the. indicsitei; sen JtihhSdfi of fcxaS, idadet- of the Senate iJeffioCi-alS, ^bii't haV6 a lough lime as Hilght be ek» ne*t ycni- in kecking a in on the hcu-ly elected fiefrtodfals. -'lUcl-e Ate ilo of thehi, Not one « tff. them cah be called alfh6st all' afd inodei'a inodei'ate in their vi'e\Vs. A majoHiy O r them— eight of the 15-Mvere hiembers of the this yeaf or ih the i-ecent past, ;lh the House they Woi-kcd pretty cjWclly tmdei- the leadership of .Speaker Sain ttay.buwi, boss of the House tocfnocrats, Raybllrti, like Johnson, is a Texan. Both men are, moderates, arc close frietuU tt'bt k closely together. ' So, Tor a' majority of the 13 now -Silrtate Democrats, moving from the' 'House is like exchanging Ray' burn for Johnson, ' •''.•The three Republicans who won. Senate scats this year for the first iwtt «ii membefs oi _iho Caution Aaoinsf lhi§ y6af t The}- arfc Keh- » » »,.•».•. H.««..J fteih Meaiifigi New Yof«; Hugh Marriage Bonnea Scotti Peblniai ahd 'Winston ' 4 L, Proulyj Vermont. I TOK¥O (AP) — A JoHhSoh, Who recently outlined eauHahlM r.galnst m»rrU«. be d i&palfil program for the Sens.c., ^"".^fica.is fihd loi-digherS, ih 1959, bmmitled any Petition of ^ art j c VT 1 ? , ot , Bn , ,, L, i 1 ^' u ? action oli civil HglHs. On u , is 'banned today frmiljlu- big Arrrtt-d polht'he MiaJ' have trouble ultli sbftie of the hew fficH. fhey riiay gnng up with the p"resbHt bahd of liberals in senate like Beltiocrats Paul Douglas (111) ahd Hubert Humphrey (Minn), and Republicans Jftcob Javits (N¥) and Clifford Case (N.J.). They c.v! well bWlv legislation on civil rights, if they wahl to, with unlimited debate. Changing the rule to make il easier to cut off filibusters would also Wake it easier to get civil rights bills through, Senators were members of the House Uiis year. They are: •Glair Engie of California! Eu» gene McCarthy, Minnesota; and 12. L. Sartlott, who had for years held seniority delegations in the House, without a vote. These four were House mcnv bci's in past years; Thomas J. Dodci, Connecticut; Harrison A. Williams Jr., New Jersey; Stephen M. Young. Ohio; and Jennings Randolph, West Virginia. The three new Republican Senators — Keating, Scott and lit Htfl hHtttMt Thtag powdw that govern! teUMtnteo acMon. Only when 9»*t ma tf irntinrnnih«linr |1 «• fat b* tutu of uniform ac•M to VM mluno bo»( plus that M riaa to light and Duffy tex- toM to •*• even .'.. That't the •avrof Ctobtar Glrl> balanced Forces Chapct ih *fnkyo, Seibi-e U.S. wilitftfy auilioHUcs thi'd\v il ftttli the pamiihldt "ff I Mai-f.V il foreighct" \vfis free Its* taking fruiti the chapel's hlei-atui-c . Chaplain Albert d. Schttf JF, of Columbus Ohio, snid the publication "is Hot ail official parti' phict olid was distributed ihfid- Vertently.' 1 The parnphicl Is atlributdd to Chaplain deorgc W. Thompson »not further identified — and wfl.« ProUty—were House tncrhbcrs this year. Engle—modcrnto to liberal; Carthy moderate to liberal; Byrd—jlbofdi: SrtHlctt — model' atci tiodd—moderate to llbei'alj Williams — libei-al; Young — moderate: Randolph — moderate. This same newsmnn, after watching the pei'foi'mance ot tho Mouse members day after day from away back in the 1940s, describes both Keating and Scott as moderate to liberal. ProUty is from the very conservative Vermont, No one around here is running for a bombshelter, either, at the thought of what may happen when thes'e other ncu> Democratic Senators—none of whom served in the House—come here to lake thoir ! Chicago, scats in Jwiiunry! Mayor Vance Hartkc of Evansville. Ind., who calls himself a middle-of-the-road Democrat; Edmund S. Muskie, twice Democratic governor of highly conservative Maine; or To Inherit $43,000 ButNofrUntil1991 fen-gland A is-year-old British boy will inherit $42,000 in 1991 If he haMVt spent two years in jail for lar- cency. He appeared ih Juvenil-* Court Wednesday — on a larceny charge. The boy pleaded guilty to steal* tng n camera ahd a raincoat. Tim charge normally would result in sentencing to a juvenile detention ectoor — not jail. -.•The boy's attorney said that Would leave him still eligible for the inheritance. money was left by an uc- dfihlric seaside postcard seller, when he died in 19RI, he said his fldopted son could have the money' When he became 48. Bill 'two or ftiore years in Jail for -larceny Tybuld bar the boy from ever get" ting the money, the wll IsllpulalecU Sentencing Was postponed for two weeks to await a medical report. The youth's name was With-* held. RELATIVE?— French actress Sylvia Lopez' coat looks likcjl might have come from a relative of the three tiger cubs she holds at a zoo in Rome, Italy. 'Truth to toll, it's a leopard* skin coal. printed by the Moody Press of "If you marry a foreigner," it said, "what reception will- your lun give' to the person you marry?" An estimated 30,000 If 40.,000 American servicemen have mar Michigan's Lt. Gov. Philip A. Hart; Howard Cannon city attorney of Las Vcga.s, N'ev.; Frank Moss, county attorney of Utah's Salt Lake County; Gale McGee, history professor of Wyoming; and Ernest Grucning, former Alaska governor who wants to avoir! being labeled either a liberal or conservative. ricd Japanese girls since the end of World War "ll. There was no indication who put the- pamphlets in the Tokyo chapel. Chaplain Schiff said "apparently they were lying around for severs! days." He added that ;as far as he knew, none had been found .in any -of the other U.S. armed. forces' chapels ih Japan. & t : LADIES MOJUD Slips & Panties We'are ,now carrying a full 'stocl< of,the'Mojud,Line ' • Nylon Tricot Shadow Panel Slip,. ..... 3.98 • Nylon Tricot Half Slip 2.98 • Rayon Acetate Panties'59c MEN'S FRUIT OF THE LOOM UNDERWEAR ' • Solids and Patterns • Sanforized UNDERSHIRTS ' Sizes'36 - 46 , . SHORTS 1 Sizes 28 - 42 , 49c 69c CHRISTMAS HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Embroidered 'Pillow Case Set • 1.981 Mohawk Colored Muslin Sheets 81x108 , 2,98 Pequot Peppermint Stripe Muslin Sheet 81x99 ,, 2,98 Nassau.Fitted Double Bed Sheets 81x108 .... pr, 4,98 3-Piece Towel Sets - Asst, Colors .,. 2,98 - 3.98 Single Control Electric Blankets , '.'. ..,'. 12,98 MEN'S JACKETS Wool and'Cgshmere §i?e§ 36 , 44 ' Asst. Cplor§ gnd Pottsrn§ 14,98 LADIES BANLON SWEATERS • 100% Nylon • Asst. Patterns and Colors • Dress Slip Over Sweaters • Heavy Knit Button Sweaters 4.98 - 7.98 USE OUR Lay-Away Plan You Have Two Weeks Until Christmas, Use Our Convenient Lay-Away Plan to Hold Your Gifts until the Big Day Arrives FOR THE,FAMILY HOUSE SHOES We have a complete stock of House Shoes for the Whole Family 1.29 - 4.98 MEN'S PAJAMAS •' Cotton • Cotton Flannel 2.98 - 3,98 .CHENILLE BEDSPREADS • Single'or Double Bed Size • Assorted Colors • National Advertised Bqtes Spreads 4.98 TO 12.98 MiN'S SPORT SHIRTS Woof Qottons 2,98 TO 4,98 UAPIES PAJAMAS Ladies Flgnnels Brogdcloth 36 - 48 1.98 TO 3,98 FOR THAT SPICIAL LADY NEW FALL We n«vv; ?orry g fyll e>f. I , Rsvm Acs tat? Rgyoa -in r Oif ; -Stcrfl,,§8 Qtst c»j.i>_i7 J/ i '• i« ~ /• - , |€5 CflOtS, kmm ji*J*A»A '" Loss of engineering and science talent at a senior level has reached serious proportions, reports President John T, Rettalita of the llli- nols Institute of Technology, Legal Notice COMMISSIONER'S SALE ' NOTICE IS H12REBY GIVEN, That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained In the de- cretal order of the Chancery Court of Hcmpstond County, Arkansas, made and entered on the 10th day of December, 1958, in a certain cause (No. 8130) then pending therein between W, B. Ilolllday, complainant, and Louis Dyer, Tom, Dyer, Maggie D. Green, Minnie D. Holliclay, Lcssie D. Palmer, Josie D. Compton, C. Mceks Dyer, Wheeler Dyer, Vida D. Reed, Lylc 'Dyer, Iva D. DoLoach, Lester Dyer, 'Glenn Dyer, Coy 'Dyer, .Robert Dyer, Marie D. Browning, Wassie K. Harris, Maude K. Worloy, Peart K. Camp, Johnnie K. Rhyne, Tom- mic B. Kemp, Sonny Boy Kemp, Eslelle Tiffin, Elsie Moore, Dale Compton, Dildy Reed, Wlnona BDa.mb, Lois Harris, Cecil Lamb, Johnnie Green, Luther Lamb, Obe Lamb, Elvin Lamb, Elbcrt Lamb, Charlie Lamb, Ollie Copeland, and Fern AVillett, defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will 'offer .for sale, at public vendue, to the highest bidder, at the Ruth E. Lamb farm situated in Section 29, Township 10 South, Range 26 West, Hempstcad County, Arkansas, located on Highway Number Four (.4) about five (5) •miles Northwest of Ozan, Hemp- jstead County, Arkansas, within the: .•hours prescribed by law for judicial rsales, (10:00 o;cloclc A. M. a'nd 3:00 o'clock P,' M.) on Saturday, >thc 3rd day of Jonuary, A, D,, -1958, the following described real estate, to-wit: ' ' TRACT NUMBER ONE: WVi; NE'/i, except four (4) acres in the Northwest corner thereof, Section 33, Township 10 South, •Range 26 West, and the WMi E'/ 2 of. the NE'/i of Section 33, Township 10 South, Range 2G West, containing 116 acres, 'more or less. TRACT NUMBER TWO: That part of the NW'/i SE'/i, that part of the NE'/i SW'/i, that part of the SE'/i NW'/i, that part of. the SW'/i N Ei/4, and ttiat part 'of the SEVi NE% lying North of Stnte Highway Number Four (4), and being situated in Section 29, Township 10 South, Range 2fi West, and' more particularly described as follows, lo-wit; Begin at the South- cast corner of the NW SEW 29- 10s,-2G\v,, and run thence North 264 feet, to the point of 'beginning., Run thence Northwesterly, and parallel with said Stale Highway Number Four (4), 2,244 feet, to the North line of the NE'/i SW'/i 29- •10s, 26w,; run thence North C60 feet; run thence East 660 feet; run thence North 660 feel; run thence Epst 792 feet; run thence South 495 feet; run thence East 1.J88 feet; run thence South 792 feet; run thence West 660 feel; run thence South 1,056 feel, to Ihe point , of beginning, except tsvo (2) acres ' out of the NW'/i SE'/i Section 29, •Twp. 10 South, Range 26 West, and the Southeast corner of the sale) (.WQ (2) acres being 3(H feet North of the Southeast corner of the said •Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 29, Township JO South, Range 26 West. Containing 78,7 acres, more or less. TRACT NUMPER All thai part of the NW'/i and all that part of the NE^ of Section 29, Township 10 South, Range 26 West lying South of State" Highway Number Four (4), owe particularly described as foilQws, to-wit; Commence at the South' east corner of the NW% SE'/4 29* lQs,-2|j\v, and run thence North 204 feel; run thence Northwesterly, an4 parallel with said state Highway Number Four (4J and °fl the South boundary line of said Stale HJghr way Nuinber Four (4), 2,24.4 |eet, the North bpundsry line pf . West 660 fept, to the Northwest corner pf llie NE'A S,W J /4 204Qs.. ?gw, ; run thence South tp the Southwest corner of said NE J 4 ^W'4 28-jQs,t26w.; run Ihence Easj, to the Southeast corner of the sajd N.W'4 go.10s.-26w., the point of be, g'. Containing 55.3 qcr^s, move or less, All o| saii^ Jan^s be, |ng situated in Hempslead. Arkansas. , TORIES QF SAL|3: On o| Ihrec C!j; months, tjie ani/pr'piirclia!.cr« being to pxeoule a bond . and the order-' and deorp? of Cowl i,n sai4 *a.u5e, wltJi %$i sceui'lty, be^rin^ ,inte/egt the rate ol './ from date ot b.y solii to secur$'|j£ . purchase Prices Good Friday and Saturday at Barry's Grocery and Barry's Quick Sak FOLGfRS Lb, mUmrt! FRESH EGGS Dot. 45c SHORTENING SNOWDRIFT 3 Lb. Con CANDY BARS HERSHEY'S 6 25c PECANS LARGE PAPER SHELL Lb. 35c WALNUTS ENGLISH Lb. Bag OLEO SUN VALLEY Lb. BISCUITS 3 Cans PURE LARD jf i H <• tv*»fe - ft* hJi 8 Lb. Bucket PEACHES COCK OF THE WALK NABISCO GRAHAM " Lb. Box FRESH PRODUCE SWEET POTATOES NO. 1 RED POTATOES 25 Lbs. 2? w ~ QUALITY MEAfS SAUSAGE COUNTRY STYLE MIXED 4 Lbs, STEW ME AT BRISKET - 3 Lbs, '_.' A SLICED ib, FRESH GOUNDBEEF Ib. SIMI BONELiSS f -'v*' : BABY .;•' Lb, SOOD LIAN BIG FAT

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