Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1958
Page 4
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Washington's CehllnUcd from Page Thrr-o Gibson !,i«t \u-ck. Continued ftbtt fate »fi6 wnst Arkansas on what they have 2. Under the stall' planning law aft -nsldp the area. If approval i* ' nhtiiined through local option, for <lrvclopmprit as a historical site. .'!. Obtain expert ndvlse and t'oun- -rl on the dtn-plopmr-nl ,with all ^ nnd Mrs.'ow,^ Nix visited int^ted ngonc-ies InVnlvrrn^con- tMf. nnd iMts r.rlscl Ni\ and son irt Athens. Texas last Saturday and attended fir llnvliM-.m County Junior Collide foolhall game In tin- 1 idiiMi hil far. nnd AIi-* S A \Vhiilmv fehirltod t" thi'ii humr in Little JtoCk after » visit with Mr. ahd , Mrs. Jewell Mo.nc Jr and family. Lpligvirvv Ffl. ColU'lU 1 'l i' II" football Hi ii<-lei son roacli Aflt'r reeemni! his m.i'-li'i s degree In business adininisttattim at DIXIE DRIVE-IN THEATRE HELD OVER Fri.-Sat. Dec, 12-13 IN THE WONDER Of 4-1RACK HIGH-FIDEUTY .STEREOPHONIC SOUND PLUS — M> * Dt LUJE • In the Rondci ol ST[»[OPHON!C SOUND stunt consnllafioh and initiate .1 comprehensive plan for tho project 4. Invoke stiict reauliilory ro- qiiirc-ments upon the community. , .iftcr the plun has br-en npprovorl | by it. so th:il nil future construction and improvements will be In (icciirtl walV- the muster plan. 5. Seek the assistance of various foundations find funds for the tic- vrlopmcnt of such projects. | Preliminary eoiisiillnlion with the ' Instisalors of such restoration projects as Wllliamsburg and Arkansas Territorial Capitol at Little Hock, would prove on-valuable. i While it is important, at the out- , M't. to stress that the monetary iv- wnrds cnnnot be » major reason the U of A in January. Mflvin Thrash, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Thrush, will assume duties as business manager, under Dr. S. A. Whitlow, in the state offices of the Baptist Church in Little Hock. Hospital Notes i Complains the Unionignores Reform Idea . WAsMfftdtoN (APJ—A federal 'judge rules today ofi Complaints ilhal the eorruptioiiUaifited Team» slers Union is ignoring KefiSfrris suggested by the three monitors he named to guide a cleanup _ The possibilities bpofi to Chief Judge P. Dickinson Letts of the U.s District Court ihciu.de ofder< With an agreement Ih'at — othir newly pteeted iimofi coiild lake over fjfovielona . ttifc niohtiors named to poliSiS a tiniofi cleanup. Martiti F. O'Dofi* dghUO. a lawyer who helped de 1 feftd the Teamster? ihvearl.V Stages of thd case, eventually became Chief rhbrlilor. After eight mohths of trying <f$. the novel monitor ar.i-aligemem, d'Boneghtie and Godfrey P. Schmidt, ahother of the monitors, filed donipiainls with Letts doll* tending that Hoffa was gtvlftg them the rlihaioUnd and ignoring their suggestions for reforms. Schmidt wt,s chief attorney- foi' et out Tummy IIollls. Pat- Branch Admitted: mos. Discharged: Mrs. C. C,. Tittle, Hope; C. II. Brooks, Hope; Bertie Palmore. Hope. Memorial Admitted: Mrs. Virgil Cook. Fullon; t.illie May Garland. Hope; Kuthie Cu.*is. IU. 1 Hope: Karncst Duffle. HI. .'i H»i>o: Ri'sif Lee ,Ii)iies. Rt. 3 Hope. Discharged: .Earl Downs. IU. 1. Hope; E. .1. Juris, Rt. 2 Hosston; Miss Christine Frith. Hope: Mrs. Lettie iLandes. Rt. '1 Patmos; M'c- Rue 'Cox, Hope; Simpson Maxwell, IU. H -Mope. ANGELS IN THE SKY —The U.S. Navy's lamed "Blue Angels" make a dramatic picture as they streak past in a precision formation that places them within a few precarious feet of one another. Flying Grumman supersonic Tigers, the "Angels" show the earth-bound spectators below military play in its most spectacular form. for development, it is safe to assume that the 70 businesses serving travelers in Heinpstcad county will increase their revenues more than two million dollars the first ye:ir •following the announcement of this project. . This increase will be the type that can toe handled without any unusual expansion of facilities or manpower. The increase will continue as project develops. 'AlvlnnndUlllo May q»rl««d of! in« businesses Big Foreign Ministers Meet Talked "» By JOHN SCALI WASHINGTON lAPi — .A Bis L . .pi-muwi. U ^,w4^-. .Four foreign ministers conference Kestoration of Washlnfiton will be nex t spring is being mentioned by tremendous boon to travel-sow- m «ny diplomats and Individuals m to the cultural ER MIST FLOUR WITH COUPON 5N HOPE STAR oiisina Berlin. Some of East-West lens-ions'' 'over ProyerStarts Every Day for 80 Years FAIRVIEW, Utah fAP) — 1 the clays of their married have started with a prayer, today—their 00th wedding i versary—was no exception Peter and Cclcstia Peterson. ' He is 98 find she is 97. This central'Utah town honored All liiu cmd ani- for PURE LARD CORN BACON DY CHOCOLATE DROP YOUR EVERGREEN FEED DEALER" GROCERY AND FEEDS 2ME, SECOND }/.— Wl PEMVER ™ PHONI7' Lb, Bap -"^i nil. Tnis central uian lown nonoruu "•" s^ 1 - l " ••"• Some officials are predicting. ! l|lc couplc witn ., testimonial din- The yrain w however, the three Western, Allies i r Wcdncsday nif-ht. A tape re- their woddinj will propose thai such a mufitni" cording was made and will bo eight-day tri| deal with the entire problem ot , . t ., toclav because wagon througl -.---- problem Germany's future as well as Bsi lin. American, British and French diplomats ;ire reported givihR increasing thought to the -advan- iages of n new round o.f talks with thu Russians. This prospect has been weighed carefully in considering a reply to Premier Nikita Khrushchev's demnnct that West Berlin be turned into a free city The foaling that such new tallir, would be desirable appears to IM> gaining ground among West' m diplomats. But n decision is ho- iiiK delayed until after the 15-na tioii Mlantic Paul Council mcntina which stiirts in Pails newt Tucs- dav. Secretary of Staie John B'oslor Dulles, now hospitah/od by an intestinal ailment, is plunn'ns t" r.tlcnd the Paris conference, assuming he recovers in timf, Thn, State Department reported that Dulles is doing pome work in his hospital suite in preparation for the meeting. Allied authorities are in no hurry to rush an answer to Khrushchev's Berlin proposal. The Atlantic Pact foreign ministers will discuss the replygen- istors will discuss the reply sen- orally, informants said, but will ' is readily obvious. | At best, this development will re| quire considerable time and i'inam ! cing, which is not immoduUely in j sight. i i During the interim, some method j should >be found to .protect the slate i interest in the slate-owned block on . which the Old State Capitol is located. This probably can best be done by continued maintenance of the outsjde o fthe old capjlol build* ina ami restoration of the interior^c something near its Civil WfU'<»p poarunce. ', A retaining wall and uuthentie brick' walks on the grounds wcjujd add much to the stability, beauty •ancl attractiveness of. the site, . greatly increase its viikte us a tourist attraction now. played to them today because they couldn't make it to the dinner. Both arc hard of hearing. Mayor Otis Nielsen and Apostlo not seek to draft a reply. This conference would ippjove guide lines which diplomats would iol- low in drafting a formal note a few weeks later. LcGrand Richards ui' the Latter- Day Saints (Mormon i Church called their lives and marriage a shining example of love and devotion. They were married Dec. 11, 187B, in St. George, Utah, 250 miles southwest of here. "My wedding dress had rib toons on it, but Peter took them otf," recalls the silver-haired Mrs. Peterson. "He said, 'You're pretty enough without those.' " Peterson, then e. strapping 13- year-old farmer, had driven ff wagon load of grain eight days to get to St. George from here, was sold to pay i'oi joiirney, anothu 1 ' trip by horse-drawn wagon through rugged mountainous country .only recently clearod of. hostile Indians. Peterson credits their longevity to -plain living and the fact that neither . he. .nor his wile ever smoftcd or drank ''We have always lived con genially,' he said. They have 253 blood descend- ing James ft. Moffa to union president. Moffa contends he is tihdci 1 no compulsion to follow the rrionU tors' suggestions. Another federal district judge, Jamas C, Council of Cleveland, ruled only last week that the moll' itors' powers are purely advisory and that under a consent ot'ctef signed l.isl January by LettSi Moffa cotlld do as he pleased Sub' ject to the Teamsters Union Coil' stitution. Conncll's ruling Is being, ap jcaled. The issues in the case before ictts go back to the teamsters' 1057 convention al which Moffa vas elected president to ' succeed Dave Beck Sr. Beck and Moffa ooth had been named in testimony before the Senate Rackets Com' mitten thai large sums of -union funds had been mishandled A group of. Ncsv York area rnnk- a'.nd-filo Teamslers- m c m b c .r s brought suit here seeking to block Hoffa from taking over the union presidency on grounds h« and Beck had rigued the .election of delegates to insure Hotfa's ' victory. . - . . , That suit was compromised, . the original raiik-ahd-file plain tiff s. ants. Adding those related b> marriage, the family tree num bers 326. •" .: . "1 gave birth to 10 sons and daughters and only had ,a doctor for one -of 'them," says .Mrs. Peterson. Seven of Ihb. 10 .survive :md arc among those honoring their parents today. SERVICE CLINIC COMPLETE .REPAIR DEPARTMENT Alt MAKES ....--•., ..... jiii invisible hearing aid TARPLEY MOTEL* Hope, Arkansas Friday Dec: 12,1958 .10:30 Q.'m. to 2:30 pVm. BATTERIES-CORPS FREE HEARING TES^, The family of Mrs. Tom Anderson acknowledge with deep appreciation, especially to. the hospital staff, your expression cf sympathy shown to us during'our recent bereavement. o • !•> !•*•*** Your grocer p'ill acreji} She r. r ' u P°n below a- s P a ri purchase o{ nt\y »)/•« hug °f Silver mist Hour. And wlien you MSO Silypr Mist J''!our .You'll httye thrillins --yr-y-. swwss. BrijshU while ,SiJv«-r Mist l>Bkes.rii;hi Uwmis^it-MM^ 1 .«'»-. You'll marvel at Uw lisljlooss pf yuur bisevuts, rolls, csjKPS rinrt V P*. Yes, SJIvVr MM t-.ta.nf.Ue** vonAvfM rwjlu *i»h aU yw Jwkjng i* or your Jijunoy lujck. i this cpijpon la your grwrr and, save money DH yoyr mm Silver Mist '•'in'"'- l*"t aL 't ouicklv. This cnuHPJi l§ &SW ^ \\l\\\icA tin»p only, 70 YQUfl i§$ M*||«fl ippiiei « ewsws? ?»sea" ffi'M'lut.M" t ^Ij.^'TpVt pM PW'j'lt'^Mj'l^A If ^ j ll^SislSlli ^ ^^^ffl^'l«Swpl|*-ip|w'^J : ^ ; " 1 iiiBrSli^^ cane tw* IUAJL, sw f ^>r« t 'w«- H ,,. time for

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