Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 11, 1958
Page 2
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Twa HOPE STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Thursday/ Bomber 11,1§5§ Big Pay Raises Continued Fiom Page One Jrienrli'fl pny rnisr<! »f /I'lnnc 1 ">0 p^i Sent for DIP stale's 13 prose rvitins aftotncjs. The pny increarc of prnspeutnrs ill first Class judirinl rirmil;' Would br> raised frotn $7.200 n year lo SlO.ilOO, ih second class riicnits from SO.600 lo Sfl.600, (hurt rln-ss Jrom $5.600 to $8.-100 and fourth class li-arrt $3.000 to $7.200. To pfovidr Hie Ifjrrrnsts. the tolil slat? appropriation foi the prosecutors would tin up frum .$111.000 a yenr lo $102,000. The recommended pny rnlsps are the largo*! agreed in slnr-o the council opened budge t lii'ur ings Oct. 27. The council also decided In iisX the IftfiO Legislature In consulidatt all the microfilming of stiitn IP'.cords in one new deuiirtnirut. ;\ml to pass a law requiring 27 smnll licensiHK and regulnloiy boaids to deposit their money in Hie st;ito treasury. tn other action, the council 1 ,l.i Turned down a request for SfiO.OOU a year for walei short planning by the Geologic^! and Conservation Commission. ,2. Approved $30,000 D vear tot the State- Sovereignly C iminls- ;sion, the same amount -is tho current appropriation. ,3. Approved $135,000 a year, n raise of $30,000, for Stale 1 ive- stock Show premiums. , 4. Approved $•104,500 n yi;,ir for the Arkansas Military Department, ihe same as the cuiienl appropriation. . fl. Approved $03,100 in 105!! 00 and $91,100 in 1900-01 for the stale Auditor, an increase from the current figure of $85.350. . 0. Approved $158,850 a year for the state Supreme Couit, with $3ill! a year pay raises fo rthree em- ployes. , (7, Approved $51,780 a year for the Secretary of State, compared to the current W8.000. 8. Approved $188,000 for tho Comptroller, Administrative Oria Budget Division, the same as the current figure. . 9. Approved STR.OfiO a year for the Board of Pardons and Paroles, compared to 579,000 in 1357-58 ; 10. Approved $10,400 n year (or the lieutenant fiovernor, allowing -a pay raise for a cluilt. 1 11. Approved ?47,8QO for Vele- ^o-ans Service Office, a doorcase 1 from" the, current $51,400. J2. Continued the current appropriation c-J" $250,000 a year for the Pea Ridt'e National Park Commis- Crew Killed, Five Missing in Crash , • ALTUS. Okln. (AP) — A Bf>2 1 Stratofortress, trailing fingers of -lire, crashed near its home base ( today. , The Air Purer 1 stud oighf crow- men ni'o inissint>, Tin- piano's commander was .found alive, but Unconscious, n quarter of n nulu from the fiery crater the bi« bomber dug 6v\t. Air .Force and civilian search jjortios searched a wide an>n of southwest pklahcimn in frot:/!inrf weather jp n waning hope that there would be others who pnrti- chuted' to safety, § DON'T MISS THf | FUN Of Adloi Heads Dinner for Brooks Hays By BROWN WASHINGTON iAPi — Headed! by Aillai Stovenson. friends of Hop nronUs Hays itJ-Arki plan a i)iK dinner in his honor shortly be- fnro he M<rrenders his congressi- Dual scat to a Little Hockg segregation leader Hays, who advocates n moderate approach by Ihe South to Its racial problems, lost nut lo Dr. Dale Al^ ford, a strong ser/regationlsl. Al- fnrd entered the race as a write- in candidate a week before the November election. He defeated Hays bv some 1.200 vot("i Subsequently, many friends o{ Hays decided on n dinner next I Thursday tn show how they fcfcl ! about his defeat. Caludc n. Curlin, fomer llltle in Hays and general chairman tor the evi-nt. said at least 400 persons, many from Akansns, Will be hero fur the dinner. It is beln« sponsored by 22 Well wuhcis Included arc Stevenson. Bens John Kennedy (D-iMflss> nhd A. SS. (Mike) Monronoy (D-Olda). evangelist Billy Ornhatn and others. Curlin said many Republican big* wigs will be on linnet. Among them will be Secretary of Welfare 'Arthur S. Flcmming, Wirtlhrop Rockefeller of Arkansas and Boyd Leo« dom, chairman of the National Labor Delations Board. Since Hays is president of the, Southern Baptist Convention, the guest list also will include mtitiy prominent Baptist and otliei- churchmen. Among the invited clergymen is Dr. Kclward L. R. Klson. pastor of the Natiomil Presbyterian ClHifch whore President and Mrs. Elsen- hower worship. Another of (lie guests Will bu John F. Wells, owner and editor o.f a weekly' newspaper in Arkan- Alabaman Tells Ike to Explain 10 Amendment MoNTGOiMKttY Ala (API — proposal overwhelming approval, An Alabama White Citizens Couiv ell official sugffpMnd today tluil J'rcsiclettt Eisohhowcr would ct» well to find "nn nblo cotislituiiolv til lawyer" In explain tho 10th Amendment to him. Wlllltitn K. darner, vice chairman of tho pro-segregation Montgomery Citizens Council, made hi.i fiUKgcstiun in a letter Addressed la the President. Miss letter was in reply to Eisenhower's criticism Wednesday of public officials who refused to co. operate with the federal civil heal- iillit- c"mmi c -i"<) ing hoio this week The Pi evident termed the Cnh- duct of the Alabama officials "re!5- sns, Wells is challenging Alford's election, contending Hint gummed! stickers used by Alford supporters j were illegal. The slickers were i pasted on the ballots, with the "x" . mtii'k (j/'lnted on them. ' si on. IH. Approved $73,300 in 1950-00 and $04,000 in 1000-01 for the Penitentiary Retirement System, It spent ?2!).121 in 1057-58. | '.. .14. Approved 380,100 a year for j retirement of Judges, (lie s.'in'ic 1 as the current ligure, 15. Approved a total of $12.000 for expenses of constitutional officers, the same as the current figure. IB. Referred to the Legislature's joint budget committee a request for $2(5,400 a year by the 'Livestock Srmitary Board's egg^ grading and inspection divi. c ion. A Hey Kids! FUZZY The Comedy Star of Over 100 Movies is coming to SAENGER Theatre THUS. DEC. 18 a Monlgo.neiy said tho President himself \vas guilty of I'.u- "iiprehensibld" kind of actions ho attributed to tho Alaa bamians. "The 'reprehehsi'olo" kind o/ thing which you talk about — - the widespread disregard for the law' of the land— really is happening," Garner wrote, "but not in A1a-« bama. It is in tiie District of Co- lumb'P "There the Supreme Court has arrogated In itself Ihe shaping of national policy and the decreeing ni' law by its whim: the radicals in Congress are nbtindoniiig principles to court the vote of lRfU wing mlrnritii'S and you slavishly ar.) serving .is errand boy for Both of those branches of government rather than acting as check on them as tho Ponstltuliort commands." Darner said American people, if called on to list "repchensiblfi'.' actions in U.S. history, "could place at the very lop much of your own conduct — such as your sending elite troops to occupy and American city and bayonet its cilix.cns. ' Garner accused thr President of Ex-members of Cult Blamed for Bombing By 'Qfe |(J £ HANBSAKEft C'HATSWORTH. Calif. (API — T.-'pc recordings discovered nerif dcnmincitig radicals in political spccehos but "inviting them into llv White House lo advise you, ,'s you r!id on June 23 wheri yoU r,inferred with an NiAA'CP delega' lion tr-o members of svhich have scores of citations of Coifitiuhisl liont affiliations." 'You have sounded an appeal iv r espoct for the law." Qarnet* siicl. "We suggest that you begirt Mich n movement yourself by mooting pi tin early date With Attorney General Rogers and members of the Supreme Court and asking some able constitutional lawyer to explain to all of you the meaning of the lotlj Amelia- moot to the U.S. Constitution." j This amendment provides Ui9l I powers "not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by It to the states, are reserved to the slates respeo 'ivoly. or to the people."' the dynamited wreckage of the Fountain of the World moiiastcfj' point to two former cull iflfettt' bers as the bombers, police saj-i Nine persbns. possibly io. were killed in Wednesday's eaHlt-jar« ring efcploSion. the (wo dynamiters are believed '.0 haVti shared the fate of their Victims. Detectives said the blast appar* ently was touched nff by Ralph Muller, 33. and Peter Kamehoff, 42, both of Joshua Tree, C'alif. Tape recordings made by tlld flair the night befofe the ctymi' uniting indicate they were atlgr.v at the leader of the full, ttrlshhti Vcnta, and wanted to "bring him to justice," officers Said. The tapes, an 'hour long recital of grievances against Krishna and the cull, also were described as farewell messages aiirt detectives believe the men deliberately blew themselves up. Vcnta. b barefooted, self-styled m"<<Uc, five of his Hock and two Children were killed in the CXplo-, sioti. One and perhaps two oilier bodies haye also been recovered Tlie vidlent explosion and the fire that followed made Identification nearly impossible. Muller and Kumenoff were seen in tin argument with Vontn about tin hoilr before the >blast. Details of the quarrel Were not khosvn. 1'he tape, recordings were found in Muller's pickup truck parked' hear Ihe cult's 29-acre colony in Bok Canyon, about 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles. After listening to them, officers pieced together this «tory: Mullfer and Kamenolf left their desert home ih Joshua tree — about Ho miles east of Lo§ Ange- lies — picked Up 20 slicks of dyna- | mite and electric primers and drove to the ctill area. They registered at a motel to nearby Tarzana, set up their rd* corder and taped their last words', "They said they wanted lo bring Krishna Venta lo What they" termed justice." said tmdershcf« iff S. S. Cummittgs of Ventura County, "Whether they meant ro« ligious or otherwise, 1 wouldn't attempt to say, Officers said Kamenoff blahied Ventd for separating him from his wife and child by persuading her to slay In Ihe cull's M6rtie.fi Alaska, colony. Rafnertoff also loft a written farewell note, said Bpdhe men were construction workers. Kamenoff was a mem* ber of the cult from 194!) until 1BS7, • Muller Was a member off and on for several years. Turkey has a woman military air pilot. She is the widow of a Turkish air force officer. Her name is Sabiha Gokccn. Man Crippled by Burns, Dies in Fire Pfcftfti AMBoV. JU. (At 1 ) - HePry Merrlsoh, ?3, crippled by bllrtts IH his childhood, bifrhed to death W his apartment WediiEs^A' while his Wife stood outside, ton shocked td tell firemen h» w-i* trapped, i Ah oil stove explosion sort fi»p rrtiishl'66min.'> through the Ihrco- room aparthneht in seconds, trapping Merrison In the hndrcmm. iriis 'Wifd Carolyn, 54. barley cs- criped, fireniert arrived and found her sobbing before the* burning btti)d> ing, ''I told her to stand bacW 1 said Pii'd Chief Joe fiosid. "«lt for sdme reason she didn't tell me her hucband was in there." The Merrison apartment svas on the first floor of a three*story brick apartment bulletins* near the business district. More than a d62» en people fled the building. 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