Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 12, 1963 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 12, 1963
Page 18
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGfcAPtt PAGE NINETEEN Clark Descendant Will Speak to History Society WOOD RIVER—William Clark Adreon, a great, great, great, grandson of the famous explorer, George Rogers Clark, will speak at a 2:30 p.m. Sunday meeting of Lewis-Clark Historical Society in the public library. The public may attend. Adreon, prominent St. Louis business man, will speak on the topic: "Intimate Glimpses Into the Life of George Rogers Clark." He will relate facts which have never been published and will display a photoslatic copy of George Rogers Clark's original orders and commission by President Thomas Jefferson in 1803. A nntice of St. Louis, Adreon is active in historical groups and is a member of the committee planning the celebration of the 200th anniversary of St. Louis which will be observed next year. Picnic to Close Vacation School WOOD RIVER—Vacation Bible school of the Evangelical United Brethren Church will close with a picnic at noon Friday in the Westerner Club grounds, the Rev. Thomas Lowery, pastor, reports. The demonstration program will be presented at 7 p.m. Sunday, and articles of handicraft made by the children will be on display. An ice cream social, sponsored by the Youth Fellowship, will follow the program. Proceeds of the social will be contributed to the camp fund. Father's Day and Children's Day will be observed during Ihe 9:30 a.m. service. Youth Dunco WOOD RIVER — The public- may attend the 7:30-10:30 p.m. dancing party sponsored by the Loom Club, youth group of the ' Moose Lodge, in the Moose Hall Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Weeks, club sponsors, are assisting the young people with arrangements. Plan Luncheon WOOD RIVER - The Senior Citizens group will have a potluck luncheon in the Roundhouse Thursday during a meeting which starts at 10:30 a.m. Plan Classes At Bethalto Swim Pool Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily GRAVEMANN WALLET PORTRAITS 100 for $9.95 Thli Is our regular price always BETHALTO - A four-week class in swimming instruction and junior and senior life-saving will be taught at Town and Country Swimming Pool this summer, Ron Lawson, pool manager, said today. Lawson said those persons interested in the swimming instruction should meet at the pool Monday morning at 9 o'clock. "The instructor, Robert Snyder, will assign persons to groups thai will meet Tuesday through Friday for the four weeks," Lawson said. Al 10 a.m. Monday, persons wanting to lake junior and senior jlife saving classes will meet and a time and dates will be set for the sessions. Chesterfield Bible School Under Way CHESTERFIELD — Sixty-five registered Monday morning for the daily vacation Bible school, sponsored by the United Sunday school. Sessions are from 8:45 a. m. to 11 a.m. Those assisting with the leaching and recreation are: Mrs. Ed Leach, the Rev. and Mrs. Rodney R u b e r g, Mrs. Wendell Dams, Mrs. Darell Johnson, Mrs. Charles Duckels, Miss Judy Sarin.son, Mrs. William Kahle, Mrs. Wayne Bowman, Mrs. D w i g h t Brown, Mrs. Olive Wheeler, Mrs. Robert Keele and Mrs. Tom Chism. The school will continue through June 22 and on June 23 a special program will be presented at the church at 7:30 p.m. Keller Club CHESTERFIELD — Mrs. Everett Gracey entertained members of the Keller Ladies Aid Society Tuesday afternoon at Keller Community House. Mrs. Mary Parker, Mrs. Charles Reynolds, Mrs. Phoebe Mathis and Mrs. Emma Dams were guests. CHESTERFIELD — Miss Elizabeth Wade and her niece, Mrs. Curtis Eldridge, and two daughters of Wilmington, 111. visited Sunday with Mrs. Myrtle Burns. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Dams and sons had as guests Saturday eve- Young Deer Seen Near Fosierburg To Name 'Father of Year' at Wood River WOOD RIVER — A "Father of the Year" award will he pre- |sented to the father, selected by the popular vote of the students of the Bible School of the First FOSTERBURG— If you see a : Church of Christ. Christian, dur- liltle doe around loose, its prob-: in R thp Sunday Bible School hour,; ably one of two young female !Wncn Father's Day will be ob-j deer seen in the Bethalto-Fos-! servPc) - and al! fathers in atten- terburg area. [dance will be honored. Several persons during the| State Adds 4 to County Aid Staff Hong Kong to Import WaterFromRedChina HONG KONG (AP)-The Hong Korrz government decided today to import water from Communist China to relieve the British colony's severe drought. Three caseworkers and a clerk j A government spokesman said stenographer were added to the- ;i ntirr.hev of tankers were being past week have seen one or two Vacation Bible School of t h e church has been attended ^ an of the young deer in that area.l" vera £ e ° f over 200 students each This morning two young boysi^' E ' Porter Estes ' P astor ' ve " saw one of the deer on the Fos-iP° rts - The demonstration program terburg Road, about a mile north of Cloverleaf Golf Course. Marvin and Garv Wells, sonsj will be presented at 7:30 p.m. af- tei which the assemblage will view the articles made by t h e , ,. , ,, , „, „ .youngsters in the craft classes of of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wells l| hc (wo wcpkg sphoo , were walking along the road! when the young doe crossed the lighway and went into a field, a few blades of grass, and then proceeded east into a wood- rhnrtc >-ed to bring water fr.-m the Pea •: River, about 40 miles imm staff of the Madison County Department of Public Aid duringj Hong K()ng May, it was announced by tho, A ~ .seven-month drought, the PLEASE who lives north of Bethalto, saw two young does on his farm and they also ran off into a wooded irca. HAS WORLD'S BEST DAD Byron Fleming, 14, of 3553 Aber- the DAI promotion committee, Tuesday, deen Ave., won first place in a World's He also won a transistor radio. His Best, Dad letter writing contest spoil- father, Eugene, was presented with a sored by Downtown Alton, Inc. Flem- $100 gift certificate and other prizes ing was presented with a winning cer- from downtown merchants, tificate by Harry Ruedi, chairman of Mrs. Friemann Elected Regent at Wood River WOOD RIVER — Mrs. Harold Friemann was elected senior regent of Women of the Moose at Ihe Tuesday meeting in Moose Lodge. She will succeed Mrs. Harold Tant. Other officers elected are: Miss Pat Cross, junior regent; Mrs. Eugene Cross, chaplain; Mrs. Lena Sly, recorder; Mrs. Clarence Hert, treasurer. Installation ceremonies will be held at 8 p.m., June 26. Plans were made for the induction of new members in the Academy of Friendship in the "ring" ceremony June 25. Mrs. Wesley Dudley, chairman, and the Academy of Friendship conducted the meeting and the initiation of six new members: Mrs. Walter Scott, Mrs. Clayton Bond, Mrs. Mary Joyce, Mrs. Cicil Thurstin, Mrs. Henry Oiler, and Mrs. Harry Emery. It was announced a public card party will be sponsored by the organization at 8 p.m. today in the lodge hall. ning her sister, Mrs. Curtis Eldridge and children of Wilmington, 111. Birthday Dinner At Graf ton Home GRAFTON — Mrs. Edith Nairn and daughters entertained at a potluck birthday dinner on the lawn at her home Sunday honoring Mrs. Margaret Finn, Mrs. Herbert Elevens and Mrs. Mary Patton, whose anniversaries occur in June. Others present were Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bradshaw of West Alton, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Elevens of Pennsylvania, Miss Barbara Brown, Bob McGinnis and Herbert Elevens of Alton and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Nairn and sons of Grafton. Grafton Notes GRAFTON—The Rev. and Mrs. Arnan Williams and children moved last week to Stonington, where he has assumed the pastorate of the Assembly of God Church. Donald Jennings of Wood River is visiting this week at the home of his grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shafer. Miss Pamela Clay of Granite City is visiting this week at the home of her cousin, Miss Oleta Clay. Miss Joan Duncan returned to Springfield Sunday following a weekend visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Duncan. Miss Kathleen Whaley has re turned to her home from St. Louis, where she underwent foot surgery at Deaconess Hospital. Tans you in 3 to 5 hours Without the Sun...orWh it! Q.T.® by Coppertone® gives you a DOUBLE TAN! Vnretouched photo and affidavit on file prove pictures accurately represent results of using Q.T. INDOORS-Tans You Overnight! OUTDOORS-Deepens Your Tan! ... plus the finest sunburn protection you can get! Look superbly tanned all summer long! Use Q.T. indoors and outdoors—get a deeper tan, a double tan—stunning, glamorous. Q.T. is a new way to tan, developed by Coppertone. Its indoor action is made possible by Keto- chromin, a natural tanning agent, proven safe for every normal skin type. It's been checked by doctors, used by literally millions. 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Subjects used popular suntan lotion or cream (by other makers) on one side of backs-kept other side covered for 6 days—then Q.T. was applied to un- tanned side. Next Jay the Q.T. tans outscored the 6-day suntans! In still more extended tests, Q.T. double tans (indoors plus outdoor sun) far excelled tans obtained by usual methods. "I found when using Q.T. other make-up (except for eyes and lips) Is unnecessary as one acquires • sort of youthful glow." Sally Nolgate, Fresno, Calif, THRIFTY DRUG STORES I. I SKK SAYS 7. Hi quillly picducU of Ploujh, lot. Modern Paintings Sell for Record High LONDON (API—A virtually unknown private collection of 47 French impressionist paintings and one bronze bust was auctioned Thursday night for .S2.921.- 052. It was a record price fo. a collection of modern paintings. The proceeds went to the estate of William Cargill, a Scottish shipping magnate and recluse who collected the works of Degas, Monet, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, Gauguin and other impressionists. cd area. Last week, Walter Jansson, TEHRAU—Iran's now building paper mills plans to have Eldred News ELDRED — Terry Flatt. son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Flatt left Sunday from Peoria for Tamp Pendelton, Calif., for two-weeks of reserve training in the Marine Corps. Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Hancllin and children Kimmy and Kelly spent Sunday at St. Charles. Mo., Illinois Public Aid Commissioni worst in Hong Kong's history, has today. en' the water ration to four hours The vacancies were caused by!even- four days, resignations and by expansion of the staff under a special program to reduce case loads for caseworkers with the aim of helping more aid recipients YOUR CAT WITH ALL-CHICKEN become more self sufficient. New caseworkers are Thelma Cox of East Alton. Mrs.' Fannie Hersman of Alton, and 1 Mrs. Isabellc M. Krejci of Ed-; wardsvillc. The new clerk ste-i nographer is Mrs. Verna Frcrichs of Godfrey. er-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. John Myer. an annual outpul of 60,000 tons, as guests of Mrs. Maudlin's broth- KEEP SLIM, TRIM AND REGULAR" THE SUNBRAN BREAD WAY ALL-BRAN TO AID REGULARITY FREE SUNBRAN BEAUTY BOOKLET. Just send in your name and address to the Bakery address listed below and you will receive a free Sunbran Beauty Booklet giving you valuable pointers on how to be your most "glorious" self! BAKED BY Taystee 4101 Cook Ave., St. Louis 13, Mo. A STRONGHEART PRODUCT SILVER SPECIALS WM. A. ROGERS* SECTIONAL SILVERPLATE Made and Guaranteed by ONEIDA LTD. 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