Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1958
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

FAITH BALDWIN MOM STAR, MOM, A R K A N S A I , De^mbtr 16,19S8 THE STORY: Hope and Ad- 3W afS slowly striving to (-each an UfidSfStntidlng of the lack lit Ihftlr lives. They have been happily maf-Hed for 10 years, yet they still do not understand each other. Chapter VIII There was privacy not only i!) ALL 6 VOLT STARTERS AND GENERATORS - REBUILT « $4.95 EXC. • All Pacts Per Cars And Trucks • All Size Full Cap Tires, Also New Ahd Used Tires! Wylie Glass & Salvage Co. Hwy, 67 West Hope, Ark. Phone 7-2786 \ \ V y « v N M ,v •$ v V I V V y 1 1 ,,<"»«• S «,»•«.« beat the LAST MINUTE RUSH! Come in now so you can have your choice of our complete as» sortment of Christmas Cards and Gift Wraps. f i ft We have a wide selection of Hallmark Christmas Cards in boxes, albums, or for individual selection . , . and gift wraps to please every laste. Shop now and avoid the crowd. Wcard Son DRUGGIST SERVICE, QUALITY, COURTESY PHONE 7-2292 102 W. SECOND Adafn'S mind, 6S in fief- own, bill in MS ffhotiohs. ihi.* Hofcfc nftd hot known ahd did hot know uniiJ the following suAHier. Now she hntt definitely turned 30 and irt July they cclobrnlcd Adam's birthday in a place guarded by mountains with swift - rtmilihg brown water; there were lake.? and streams and many trees, ahd (•n the hills a continuous shitting of color, llphl and shndosv. It was here Hint Jupiter was murdered; and here thai lltipu wns unable to give Adnin the familiar support, for his reaction, incredible to her, was one of anger, not merely ngalhsl the driver of the car, which was rational, but against Jupiter, They were in the hotel bedroom. Hope's eyes weru reel; she wept for the Irish of whom she hud been fond; she wept for Adam. The driver lino stopped. There v,as a veterinarian in the village iKiyond. Adam did not try lo spcuk of the trip, and the unhappy, apologetic man at the wheel, of his wife, who talked loo much, nor of the weight of the clog in his arms. No use. No use a I all. Bui after a while he said, "lie tried to pay me!" tt had happened toward Ihe ' fuel of (he holiday. They spent j their last week in another place, as mountainous but different; they had their own eotluge. Hope liatl said. "Let's gel out of here." 1 and he'd nodded. By the time ' they went home — to face Mrc. | RIAL'S — his anger wus controlled , l.nil still there. I During the rest of tlie holiday i J lope tried to think her way into Adam's anger, and found hcrscir I thinking into grief, for grief can I contain anger. Now she reniem- ibered the time when the baby was lost lo them; there had been a moment when she thought, Incredulous, that Adam was angry at her ) Furthermore;, she recalled for i the first time in years that he j lird spoken of it to her, weeks JcHcr, as together they looked back upon the b?.d time. "I was so mad." lie said. She- remembered that she had asked, "At me','" not dreaming* he'd say yes. He'd said it. "Of course. Because 1 was scared, I thought, How dare you threaten me? Crazy that was. Me too." This memory h<id remained submerged. Now it rose to the surface and she knew that his anger against Jupiter was pure grief. Not, in Jupiter's cise, fear, oxccpl perhaps for the brief time when. In Adam's arms, the clog had lived. How dared Jupiter V>erm}l his own murder? How dared ho inflict his wounds upon Adam? Adam had said, going home, "We'll never have another clog. Too much wear and tear." She did not argue. It was not the right time, perhaps there never would be a right time. Instead, she put all her courage U>- gothor in one heart-shaped piece Publishes a Book Author Didn'tWrite CAMBRIDGE, Mass. {AP) — Massachusetts Institute of Technology has announced publication and bought the puppy for Adam's Christmas. She went to great pains to conceal him, courtesy of Mrs. Riggs's «ott, who fetched him early Christmas hiofnlhg fisleep in a basket ahd they put him under Iho tree, Mrs, Riggs and Mope pi-nying silently that he would continue to sleep; Usually they don't. Presently he came downstairs, half falling, his hair on end, Mrs. Riggs kept discreetly out of sight but peered around a door. The Christmas present spoke?, Adam swore. Me said, "SusHii—" this u-as the Susan in anger — "You didn't —you know 1 didn't wont—-" "You don't have to have .him," Mope said; "thr-rc are other people who'd wnnl him." She looked away. No tears, shu thought. I never have, just to get something. I won't in order to give something. The Titian - haired object \vo\i- hktti from (ho basket and looked at a new world. He didn't like It particularly What Intelligent infant does? He was old enough to leave home, however, and so experience a sense of adventure. H( smelled something pleasant; it smelled, he though, like seeurii^, H,e wandered over to Adam ahd chewed sharply at a slipper loo. She had had many doubts and had. consulted Dan about breeds, and Dan advised, "Get him a cocker or terrier. Something clit- feront." But she hadn't, been., able (^ imagine Adam with anything bin an Irish. The dog now scooped up in Adam s arms was a distant relative of Jupiter's but would develop his own personality, "What's his n a m e?" asted Adam. She told him the kennel name. "Kennel names," said • Adam, 'are fantastic. Aren't they, Boy!"' So the dog which wasn't intended to replace Jupiter — for, if Hope had learned anything,••; it \vas that you don't replace—the dog which was merely to grow up and into Adam's heart wus Boy. A commoner name you couldn't select. Of course he would go to every passing stranger who snapped his finp.ers and said. "Here, boy." A generic title, just ;is people call tnxi drivers M.ic and Pullman porters George or Sam. Adam conceded it was without dignity and, in tho collective sense, an affront, but he had every intention of leaching his dug the difference between a term and his personal name. (To Be Continued) .1 book which its author did not write Tnf book, "nonlinfear prcfolfimSt with which Ihfe book is coheenied, arr those in which addition of tfri- i's 'Iocs not produce additan of Ulltp'ltS. fin example, me pill may fnakfc yd i well, two pills won't make you twice as well. As M.t.t. officials explained abi'iil the book Monday: Dr Wiener did hot want It* Write the book because he • Was" reluctant to strain his eye's. Ho couldn't dictate it bd(*fHf.*e fin mathematician could friaica mus fast enough to keep Up wiltl him. A stenographer was of ho value brijiuse he couldn't understand thfe toftf and complex w6nt ifitd It.- b f o b 1 6 m, howevtr, solved by two colleagues, Pfot's Vuk-Wing Lee and Amar G. Rose they persuaded Dr. Wiener lo present the material In a seriys of lectures. A tape recorder made a verbal record of what Dr. Wiener saiil. Dr. Led, a mathematician and ardent amateur photographer, sal among the students ahd took hundreds of pictures of the mathematical formulae which Dr. Wiener drew oh blackboards. Theh DCS, Lee and Rose organ* ized a team of students and a secretary and translated tho pro* tographs and tape into a manuscript. Seek ing Ways to Eradicate Pink Worm LITTLE ROCK (AP) — fhre<? rccommendatiofis which would eradicate the pihk boll woriri threat in Arkansas will be adopted by the State Plant Board, ah of' tidal predicted today. Floyd JTulkerson, chairffiatt of the board, said the i-ecoitiMehdd- tions were; 1. Cotton stalk destruction in every Arkansas county by Jatt, 31. 2. dosing or a gins by Feb. b arid disposal o£ all seeds ( gin tr^sh and other refuse by Feb. i™ 3. FiirriigatiOn of Seed growrl if! tflay GJouh.tS' ahd in the Buffalo is* lithd areas of Mississippi aM Craighead counties before planting. Seed sent to oil mills would be cscluded. The Plant Board held a public hearing today to consider revision of Arkansas' pink boll woirn rules. Fulkersoh said the three recommendations were made by Ittf board's pink boll wortn coming tee. "We ask only that the ch'anihg and destruction be carried out a little fu r t h c r than is ordinarily done," said Fulkerson. "Arkansas Is the only major cotton producing area in the world hot corripluteiy infested with the pihk boll worm " /'«/«•< lamily pn:},<!nt; one ol M)moitth't 10 new Million <t«ga/is, ]ni>t « few more Pbinouth-thoppiiig 4«yi> 'sit /fig Plymouth Station Wagon.,.biggest holiday hauler In Its YOU E(W load //iw wagon willi lljo tnllesl (rpo pud all Jiho Yuletinip uiiuiiuags, |'br liyJid,ay hopping jmd shopping, Pjynioulh buasls ihp mpsl wrgo fli'c>i ul utiy >v«gon in il* ftla?*, ihe puptilar veiu'rlauing »oal, u ww sviudow thai wH» figlu du>\n, uiuny otliQt< siaijo;\ wagou iliis incrvy uavvic-r i* jusi as heaulifuj and glaiworpus as it is useful, ifjp- womlw yoii spy s« many JPlyjimuilj ^vaous on [ho wa.d lliis ypavl) Sep youv biggest slaiiou wngou it) )Jf? cia§s s 4 tvl any pvko,«, '§9 flyniuuUjj jf jrs WEW ( i TTO mim ,Jj JHISUBpTJ'QNS cpatiol driving, ^cu^ui$> ycuUli*.(iiijj. , '&SWEL FRONT SK4T§i «wji« yo«.eiiiijy ]n-pr «UU 'lUJCUtS^lvATIOS CAB SEAT /|ia> rc^'/fiaUU lli(W «d«Kf '"4|||§4pJi-;AH^O itlJ-Ui \VjtNp r QW Apl{ e jWu^a tower wHpa, &' AUiUlOM * auuf'A^ai^t Am"?>• •,; •|jr'ny*inr)HP*T»'!i»»*uB*5J"^^*M!w-jn«»*jtm*»^?je*4», W" f '" *,• 'j " ,v •***-"" -t - -^ JA ' ,> 'i ,'l »1 , f i Jj, > «?. 14 PENNEYS 0 u A;M• w PRE-CHRISTMAS CLEAN-UP M TREMENDOUS REDUCTIONS! VALUES GALORE! You Get MORE When You Shop at Penney's Doors Open at 9 Sharp DIKED TO SELL! AND EVERY DRESS PRICED BELOW COST! You'll Find an Outstanding Collection of New Fashion Styles and Fabrics in These Groups of Dresses — Misses and Half Sizes! DOOR BUSTER F VALUES TO 12.95! Women's DRESSES NOW Priced Reduced From 2,98', Girls Full NYLON SLIPS! uo NOW! large Group! Values to 3,98 Women's Jersey KNIT BLOUSES ENTIRE STOCK REDUCED! WO'S JEANS 1J GIRL'S JEANS Now , , . 1,00 Money Saving Values! Odds and End Glean-Up!! BOYS BLUE JEANS ^iooi SANFORIZIP BOYS |ETtEiSP0RT COATS Jr «»• i4^a ««- M JR, eoYs SP§P f IATS ^ ^ i(! u,»»• J30Y§, S JAC^EIT^, v YAWIS fO 7»95! 8 j?4Y SJXIS 14 TQ 1| ' , BOY'S "•"-"-""•• • 1,00 NOW! 8*00 NOW! 4 NQW «•/» JSQW! LOP 1 EA iSV I^QWI liQO NQVV1 ]«PO ^''"NQ r I

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