Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1958
Page 3
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HtM ITAt, MOM, AUKANSAS OCIETY A.M. and 4 P,M, Blender Beesmbep 11 Hope Council of tkrdefl Clubs Mil present First Holiday ,Hdffies Wgriftiage, theme, "Through fha Ues," Dec, II ffom 2 to 8 p.m. * — . . ^. ^^ . f Tho iJf.-Sf, PfA will meet thurs* Bay, Dee, 11 at 3 p.m, at Junior 'Jigh School. f'Spring Hill PfA will meet thllrs' iy, Dec, 11 at 7130 p,m in the "gh School Aitdiloriuin. Panel dis- cUssioh and character training will be held. The Baker HOC will meet In ..me home of Mrs. Lawrence East* Sterling Thursday, Dec. 11'at 7!30 I|j.tn, Every member is urged to |attend and taring a Christmas gift dot exchange, _There will too a general practice the entire cast of tile Chrlsttrias ant at the Methodist Church nlirsday night at 7 o'clock, Cur* angels, little angels, shepherds and igtft ^bearers will be PlIYIC UlAIC THEATRE Due to Bad Weather ..-,. Sunday - Monday , 'fJELD OVER 'Fri.-Sot. Dec. 12-13 WMflH ™«^B^^B ^S^tetJ- w *t » The mHpF ^A*?*« • jj-j l-.~~^^#% tf L. IM ml WONDII OF 4.UAC* HIOH-FIDIUTY I praclicihg \vilh lights and 6re ed to tie present, Ffiday, Becimbep 12 Weslcyan Service Guild No. 1 Will have it's aHHual Christmas dittner at tht! Biamottd Cafe, FH* day, Bee. 12 at 1 o'clock, All members are reiiiihded to bring love offering for Norehe Rob' ken, The Leslie Mtiddleston Post No. •12 of American Legion and AuJtlH* •ary will hold their annual joint meeting Friday, fiec. 12 at 1 p.m. itt the old Elk Mall. Special music and a guest speaker has boon plan* hed. The ladies are asked to bring •Salads and desserts for the lunch con, Is Miss Jenifer Sax Wllfi lur^Mi! liKBda}- A group of igirl friends Surprised. Miss Jennifer CoJt with fl party In honor of her 13th -birthday, the party, held in the home of Miss Jah fcllis on bed. 6 Had attracliVe decorations of crepe ipaper itt many shades of blue and dute signs and slogans pertaining to the maste nuhiber 13. A pearl necklace was presented to the honol-ee by her friends ahd cookies and cold drinks were serV- ed to abut 20 guests. Mcs, Mettle tawim Hostess te Workers Sunday §(5Hb6l Class Meeting dfl The Order of Eastern Star Hope Chapter No. 328 Will hold open in- stallatin of officers Friday, toec. 12 at 7:30 p.m. The public is Invited, Gardenia Garden Club Christmas luncheon will be Friday, Dec. 12 'at I2i30 In the home of Mrs. Gus Haynes. Each member Is reminded to bring a igift of $1.00 value fo'r exchange. Memibers iplease call 7-4945 or 7-2632 if you cannot attend. Saturday, December 13 The\Hope Country Cllib Christmas Dance Will be held Saturday, Dec. 13 at 9 p.m. Hostesses are IM'r,_ and Mrs. iSam Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Delaney, Mr. and Mrs. KJnard Voung, Mr. and Mrs. Car- iter Russell and Mr, and Mrs. J. B, Martin, i i, The' Guernsey PTA will meet on Thursday, &l 7:30 in thd high school •auditorium^ An intcrcsling program on Character Building will 'be presented by panel discussion. lEveryone iA urged lo altend. Refreshments will be' served after the meeting] - V . ! •Notice | The Friday"! Music Club luncheon Hey Kicls! FUlzZY - , The, Comedy'Star, of- Over. 100 Movies is , coming to SAENGER Theatre THUS, ee s HAPPY GHRISTMliS" Do you want'an Eastman Movie Outfit for'Christmas? "' --- going'to give one away'FREE . . , , . { I CONSISTING Of: BROWNIE MOVIE CAMERA With 2,3 Lens \* - £*a*! 0 '*J M> ° k c °, mtr ?'''' "i* • »• i 'I, lOOl ;.'-"f ti^'ij^i^^ l 111 stowing',, , qwvm. fitrf'» a jsernplfts msyit »«tfi» - f!<sn sringiw^ly;Jftw priff '<«f §)J(k«'jn9yIffJ r »hfrj( > || 1 ' *' • Je9d?rpr<)wmt T , with ffljt 7/2,3 J fh'fro.IhiJt'j'Jhf'j BROWNIE "300" PROJECTOR t Retail Price — - Vou need nqf. purchase anything. All^ou have to do is come in gnd Register your Npme pndAddress, The drawing wi|| be held on Monday, Pec. 22, to, §§|ec;t name, \ -The name drawn^wil! be published" in Hope Star, pp§ted in oyr Windw and in'our store. , - \ Movie, putfit mu^ b§ called fpr within one\yeek gfter drawing; if not,\this name will be ?gn<;ejj^d and grjefher ngms dra^n. ,T,hii wijl» continue, ui\til M,QYJ§ Outfit is given sway, ' - V Pgrgnts will hgy§ to j-e« i§te.r fQr shil,drin yndej , .',».,..; ,.,..;,,,..;;,;„ .-., Phone ' fhe Workers SS' Class of rett Memorial J3aptist Church itidl Monday, Dec, 8 at 1 .p.m. in the iome of M'rs. Mattle forhliti for .heir annual Christmas program. The opchlhg ipi'ayer \vas Voiced ay Mrs, Dale Wunt. Mrs, Oia Smith gave the devotion, lakitig the scripture reading from Luke! Chapter 11. The business meeting was dispenced, Program chairman, -Mrs, Gladys So'berts conducted several contest and a Bible quizz with prizes going to Mrs. Clemmie Hazard, Mrs. Maggie Arnett and Mrs. Tomliit and Mrs. Mangum. At this time the gifts were exchanged and opened. The hostess served cookies and candy lo 14 members and 3 visitors. Mrs, A, D. Livingston voiced the closing prayer. Women Society of Christian Service M"etn on Mond-iy The Woman Society cC Chrisinn Service of'.First Methodist Church mel Monday, Dec. 8 in the sanctuary of the church. The meeting was opened with prayer by %e president, Mrs. J. C. Carlton. Mrs. T. S. McDavitt read the Christmas story and a poem en- tilled "Christmas." Mrs. Sorrells played a selection of Chrjstma? •music. Mrs. Robert Mooru had charge of the program. "1 Would Celebrate My Lord,'' Others on the program were Mrs. Johnny •Green, Mrs, F. C. Crow and Mrs. Ed Aslin. The meeting was adjourned with the group repeating the benediction. Miss Elizabeth Edna Y°unq Bride-Elect of Dr. David Horton Newbern of Hope Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E, Young of Pine Blulf announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, (Elizabeth, lo Or, David Horton Newbern, son of Mr, and Mrs. George P, Newbern of Hope. The ibride-elecl is a graduate of •Pine Bluff High School in 1953'and received her 'B.A, degree from Randolph' - iMacon Woman's College Jn 1957 'and .her master's degree from iMiddlebiiry Language College in 1958. She ,was affiliated^ Vith°the Sigma''Delta" Pi" Honorary Spanish Fraternity and PI Beta Phi Social Fraternity. The ibridegroom-elecl is a 1948 graduale of Hope'High School, he received his B,'S. degree from the University of Arkansas in 1913, and interned tit Parkland Memorial •Hospital at Dallas, Texas, He is now serving as a Captain in the U.S. Air .Force: The double ring ceremony will 'be performed-at 4 o'clock Jan, 3 by Rev, Fred R. Harrison of Hot Springs in the Lakeside Methodist Church at Pine Bluff. No cards will bo sent. Russia Mokes Many Claims About Weapon By J8HM M, Hl6Hf8Wif? ...> U ii.., U iwii (AP) — Prerhlcr Nikita KhHishchev claims the Soviet Uhioh has itiadc so miihj' nuclear weajiohs thai il rhaj* sooil begin dismaiitllHg some at ilieirt. One of the weapons, Kimish- -'hev told Sen, Hubert Humphrey a week ago, is ah elfieiehl tihd compact fWO'ftlegnion hi-clfogeii somb A megaton is cquivnldht to ihi: force of & million Ions o/ TNT, In missiles development, he said, the Soviets have achieved n missile with a range ot 14,000 kilometers (8,694 miles), These arc among Iho highlights - the senator's eight-hour talk With Khrushchev, on which ttunv ihrcy reported to President Elseii- jowever in an 80-mlnule convcrsa* Ion Tuesday and to Stale Depart* «ent officials Monday. Tho new, siieelflc information on Soviet capabilities, or claimed cajsablltUcs, in the nuclear weapons and military rocket field was described as nol surprising.^ U.S. officials expressed co)ifi,- dence lhal despite Russian claims, this country has a substantial nuclear weapon lead over Ihc Soviet in numbers, variety and quantity. The United States has tested hydrogen devices with Up to 17 megatons of force nnd n number with lO-mogalon yields, More recently t has concentrated on more ma- icuvcrablc sizes and reportedly ins developed H-bombs so small that several can he loaded into a single B52 bomber. The importance o£ a long-range nissilc I'cs not KO much in its range, officials said, as in its' accuracy. There was no inlormalion Jivailablc on Russian claims on lhal score, The Uniled Slalcs last week fired an Atlab missile 0.300 miles. Humphrey himself declined to talk about details of his report, and the While House withheld them at least until their propaganda content can be checked. But closely corresponding resorts of the contents came both rom Senate sources and government officials, Officials said it appeared that Khrushchev did not present his vcapons information for the im- nediale purpose of threatening or 'rying to scare the United States but rather to slress the adequacy of Russia's arsenals for a military showdown. Actually, officials here said the U.S. government and its allies lave Jong since evaluated the strength of Soviet military power ilong the lines which the informa- ion Khrushchev gave Humphrey would indicale. Khrushchev, left .Humphrey, In noi doubt'that" he intends to'follow a :ouKh line in the Berlin situation. ic spoke of the continued four- jowcr occupation of Berlin as a 'cancer" but at the same time :aid ho would be glad to consider Gnaydon Anthony Jr, Honored With Birthday Party Mr, and iMrs. Graydon Anthony entertained at the. Hope 'Country Club on Dec, i with a party to celebrate the-14th birthday of their son, "Buddy," The club was very festive with red and green crepe paper, nan- dina berries and hundreds of col' TONITE&THURS, 6j30 . 8;30 Pig your$€lf o fw Hole t , , , Ivery Seat on,the Front Line , , T , HITTING THC 5CRIIH ,W]TH JBBiSISTIIU. CAY HOV YIK^I ored balloons, Christmas 'bails and a Santa Glaus were on the mantle and the decorations were completed with a pink Christmas tree trimmed in White which had boon obtained in Santa Claus Land at North Pole, Colo,"The gifts were placed under the tree. The birthday cake had 34 different colored candles on it. Moving pictures were made ot the group, After dyncjng was enjoyed by 110 guests, candy, pop corn, cookies 'and cold drinks were served. Assisting with serving the cold drinks were Ray 'Puke and Harold Douglas., Also assisting were Mr, and IMrs,- Bill Roulon, IVJr. and Mrs, Charles 'Nelms, 'Mrs, F, J. Burrough and 'Mrs. 'Maurice Mer- Soys America Needs a Robert Frost By feB (AP5 — Take it from ftoberl Frost! what America heeds Is Robert Frost, It's got him, in a sense: he's n highly eminent poet, a saltily genial Old I84i ftew tStiglandor from Sah Francisco, and for seven months he has been "consultant In boetry In English to the Library of Congress." All this and four Pulitzer prizes are not enough for Frost. "t walil to bo consulted on everything," he told a news conference Tuesday, He said the White House has consulted him (on poetry only, Ihotigh) and the Supreme Court ins, _too (about whal lie didn't say) and of the three branches of government only Congress lias deprived itself of his counsel. "I don't want lo run for office," lie. said, "but I wtihl to bo a statesman." And he broadly hinted that If some senator wanted to retire and let him take claims which baffle mere politicians. Sherman Adams, for example. He •thinks well of Adams, vicuna coats or no vicuna coats, because he onetime White House Jiide understands poetry, Frost says, and several limes, While In oJlice, appealed for his advice. Then there's thnl little matter of sclipol integration: nothing to it, Frpsl said. Just give all the dds^ examinations and lei 'em into tiigli> s'phool when they understand rendiiV and writin' and ' 'rlthmc- Uc,, ' i ' Triads the way the white-haired poet talks down to eurlh and with nary a shred of fnlse modesty. He is, he said at one point, the greatest authbrifup and down llu; scale" that you can fjhd anywhere. He could .wish, he said at .othor points, that some recent presi- dentSf Jiad more book learnin" — or.ol'lcast more Ih'nl stayed with UieJm.'cHe wouldn't give full marks to an,V"president:'"« • Gov. Earl Warren of California, asked him that once and Ills answer \vas that he wns carr.ied away irom the west coast as a child—screaming. And probably chuckling, too, any constructive suggestions from thp Western powers"toward a Berlin solution. Court Docket gjf y Mrs. <j. P. ftuttft, l*olicrwing tod close lo BHolhfcf Vfchldle. Forfeited $10 cash bond. William Purvis, PasslnR In B restricted zone. Forfeited $6 cnsh Ibond. (Mftlfort ftny Knighton, Illegal lurhlnsS ih street! Forfeited $1 cash bond. Hoberf furlte, Drunkenness. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Wade Bradford, Possessing beer and wine .for sate, flea guilty! fined $100, Franklc Brown, Ficilliotts State car llceftse. Dismissed. StAfE BOCK6.T Dave Reed, driving white Intoxicated, Trlodj fined-$50 and 1 day in jail. Bobby Cone Mitchell, Possessing excessive amount of wine. I J lca guilty! fined $50. W. R. Whaler, Overload. Forfeit, ed $25 cash bond. Allen Bros,, Overload, Forfeited $25 cash bond. Ira Hnndrlx, Driving while intoxicated. Dismissed on payment ot cost, Navy Plane Hits 2 Homes, 6 Persons Die NORFOLK, Va. (AP)—A crippled Navy tanker plane loaded with tons of fuel wont out of control just short of Us home airstrip here Tuesday and plowed with a Jlamlng roar Hircnifib, two homes, The four crewmen and two Infants in one of Uie homes perished. The twin-engine North Ameri- can-AJ2, just scconda, away .from the runway ni the Nbrfolk Naval Air Station, clipped, tree tops and the roof of a house and sheared through a trailer tiiicU before it .'mashed into Ihe two humes. The Navy said preliminary in- CHRISTMAS SPECIALS, . You can't afford to miss. Come by and make your appointment early. JANELL'S BEAUTY SHOP West Ave. B and Margaret St. ./'" ".. - ...'!.."• '" '''• '^: :.;..^N"y''.twij|'^^i|i£i ^mttiium^&attmammii*aiaauaaHBaosmaxmat±*tnmmm-n<r-i,innMim 4| Railroads Wont o Rate Inertosf WASfflNdfOM (Aft - A half dozeh frtllrbftcts which operate in WesI, Soulh rthcl Cfcflli-fll stnles, Ih* thtcUhg Arknnsns, wnhl t« hiflkb rt solfdltfe S per cent Iriefefisb in Ihftlr ihk'rslftlc pnsiotigei- cofich lards, effective Jnti. 1. the thlet-stAlc Coffittidrce t?orrt« vesllgnliott Indicated Uie pilot Irled ta \vrtck In n swithip hoar the two homes, Jnmes II. Miller, who wolks ht Iho nir alfltton, snldi "t sow the [ilrtiic when II was ftl idnst n hnlf rt mite nway At Hint litnc It w-ns between 1 50 Hid 280 fool high mid funking a nurinnl approach, ,,1 noticed ns I! Crime ctcwor thnl the degree of bank of the wings bocnme (trentisr "Before the degree renehert 00 degrees, t knew it crush wns tm- mlnenl. '['he pin tin Wns hnt smoking and the engine didn't ?t>ut< ler," One of HID two homes smvnshud by the Hie other WHS unoccupied. fh vvei-o Mrs. Tondorn, wife of rt NttV'.V lieu Icnnnl, nnd two children .- Joseph Jr., I'l monllm, mid MIcliQiciie, two weeks old. l.U.t'bni'rt, 10, was In school, The nose necllon of the .tanker ripped into ll«c Tondorn Inhto, The Infnnts btiriincl to dcnth. Mrs, Ton- Horn wns biirncd. , ffitdcJ&e * * Sit VittTitti tT ttiifc TO perjTub wle l« m ihtetstate r — frttes 1ft Arkansas', taws aHd as, where the state leglsi have gsstihied Jurisdiction prtsscftaer ratts In an effort 19 fr, keep Ificiti down ", - >M flflllroads involved* are tf)fi Snh1a>< Fe sjistefn, the Hock Island, tl«/. IWals CeHlrnl, the KAf ¥» doltdtt 4 , Bell, Southern Pacific and tht s. toxas.l'Nfcw Orleans ttallrttad. PRE-CHRISTMAS PERMANENT* DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON JEAN . EDITH » DIANE ^ , 70118 204 S, Main XMAS SHOPPING? For Acccisocici thai 4 are Beautiful and "BOUND TO PLEASE" .Shop i • i ( The Fashion Shoppe • 112 S. Math 7-5850, : Stereo-Phonic Phonograph Automatlc'4'speed record changer, portable Hi-Fi. Equipped to play Stereo records. $89.95 ' Matching, Speaker . .,16.95 MONTGOMERY WARD Hospital Notes Admitted; Elmer Murph, Rt, 2 Hc'pcj "W, p, "Brashier, 'Hope, Discharged; Don/E. Faris, Rt. 4 Hope, i Admitted! "Mrs. Christine'Frith, j-fopej (Minnie Howard, Fyjton, PisghSrsed! A, R. fjamrn, Hope IMrs. Roy Thrash, Jiopoj Jessie 3 flopc; WUie Garland, #ppe, 'i by PRINCESS CLVR1KVKK 'With golden medallion on Florentine Cowbide. Popular colors, The REC1STHAH* IIILLFOLD tJ pint tux JIatcLiog accessories, from Made to GO together,.-GIVE together,,,USE together. Thank YOH (sr t/ we will yeyr csntinued swppsit at Fflmjily'Night. As jn the te present te y<?w the very best in Qgvd Egting ot 0 t * i* •* ., ., Rsi'wlar! Fries Family ^ .,'# * ', m^m floral embroidered Jloor-lenglh nylon tricot gown , ^ Jit * 3 *f* -I ^ • fy'/ A GIFT IDEA A gracefully flowing floor-length gown with fitted midriff that does such ' nice tilings for your figure.... ciubroitlored.iciiig, a niaxifmim of flattery. Tlia flornl embroidered bodice is % .completely lined. Opaque „, nylon" tricot in pink, 1 * -f ft blue, paradise, turquoise, 32-40. '." '- ' r 6.95 '• Sizes 42-46 in'paradise j* *or; turquoise. ' * \ * 7,95 > ( •{** i < .floral embroidered., opaque nylon tricot peignoir, by • Charmingly feminine,,, g,^ complelejy practical wjtjjfe^ buttnii.front closingn»,' Q pj-jon tricot that 1 flow? gracefully from the flpr^l t broj4e of this Paiiitv lac^ ed Ije full sleeve?, yei'it's fasy to care {brt» ,§^3^ * * <• f i * y •, ' J ^ throughout, jPinkt &»j*f ]se, turqvpU?!',:!^^ d, whitff, 3I4§, • wm Matching wa|t? gown, / ^,00

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