Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1958
Page 5
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Board Okays $11 Million School Loans . MffLE fifielc .<Ap">—The, §ta?6 Board of Education today okaye<! h 13 Million dbllafs worth, of School Construction loans and ejeb'f^sed /c'dhe'ferfi o<'fef IKe ifi€i»east ift sehoal district ifidebtedfies's", By law a school 'dhtriel is able lo borrow WMes* oft a basts of 13 per cent of the total property Val« tiati&n assessment in a dutfleti As various districts advance in ihfe t& assessment program nnd ftssess* ments are boosted, thfe district's bbrrowihg 'power rises, W. D, McKay of Magnolia, a | board ftipfilbeh *aid he felf sdhfcol districts were getting too close ta their IS pec cent limit and thai a curb should be placed oh them. However, Board Chairman '..' vin Bird oC Enrle said he saw way to curb a school cfistrclt shoM of the IS per cent feascssfnettt limit because that limit Was fixed by statute. Bird added! "1 agree that it ig bad business for a school district to continue to increase its indebt* ) edhess. while if we .had a re* Cession Sortie of them would be in deep financial ti'tible, But J see no Way to stop them without changing the law." A school official, who asked.not to be Identified, estimated, school districts are doubling thei» ; limits of borrowing power. He sa'id he thought the Arkansas Legislature "Would do something about this." Truman Says President Mad at Him , s WASHINGTON (AP) —Harry S. Truman said today ' that President Eisenhower is "mad at mo i . . .1 don't ' give a damn." The former c h. i e f executive made his. comment at a, National Press Club luncheon where he wns asked if he 'believes anything could be^ accomplished by" l.is serving in a consultir.gi capacity to the present president. "Of course I don't know. . .1 have never been in touch with ,the President since I loft . the . Whijq House," Trumnn replied in a 'sort of meditative tone. He went on to say that "there isn't anything personal between the President and myself." But then he began (o warm up: "I raised hell svith him in the 3952 campaign whon he didn't knock Jenner off the , platform when he called Gi'n. Marshall c traitor, and he's been made at me ever since." • Truman p aus e d and Hhen snapped: "I don't give a damn.' The reference was to former Sen. William E. Jenner '(R-In'd) and to Gen. George Marshall, who was Army chief of staff during World Wai- II and later secretary of state. U,i Attl^JP, ^^^^^^i^ - fg|e|p| Pt!!if8 . _ — _ •* IcM "§0ftal8 was 1-idtl'S § His, real fiahie Wai William S|a eaglet frewinme appellation . ai 6f the ! West 15 Bimifiutive 6f * SnliHc 11 Lbh| IS Hc'cdMpchstd hoictl liiortcef 2oenpllVate 2d Vefiial 6 Lfi'fgb jjiahiS 30 Biblical she)iefed side I'Aiillei-s j«-ohau« 7 Growing out 31 Babylonian 8 Wolframite acity (Cfol-hwail) .14 Spal 6 fcstoi- bf bleic 35 He killed 16 Afe 17 Gift's name 19 AhhUaf Income ( 21 Attiiosphet-e add HafiHinthe battle D! Ci-eek 3? SUbdutf as Plights o{ steps 39 Ddd job , 41 Large aHef? 42 gpot 4S Consumed 4S Come to tems " ~" tsb.) Chief Vell6\V 64 Pronoun .181? SSGtrnlfirt city, S4 Numbfef • 25 Indian tfibe 27 t>«dftl digits 29 Beam 31 Ettclathationi 32 Exist? 33 Brazilian ' 34 Brighten 36 Vppkt llmbl 39 Is able 4.0 AHlst'g frame . \ 44 Indohe'slah of. Mindanao 46 Concealed - ,,to dower 4t Droop 46 Elevator ', .Inventor 51 Rodent 52 Mix TIZZ « 15 & a •Mi m^ It ^ !L ^ L * zf J1 *• ~» 5 i^H« )> , ^ I , W' W/ It t-i M W' W/. > , V V 41) / r 15 K fe /"O H 11 )l PJ y/ t •« t W. ^ w> m u J» , m 7 , M , ^ )l J) ^ » t - i 20 Z7 _ 7( & 'V IV ^ ^ P 28. , Wi ^ u » 58 9 . Zl $', ' 7 , 44 li .- 10 ,„ — \ ,f^ 58 j •, It «, ^ f •• !>' „ . 9 By Weft uni§r CARNIVAL IftW WE LEPt HEI?/ FLASH GORDON Ex^crLy,^ we LOOKEI? AVWEReHE W VVfe \tJiSArPEW*ED WfeSt Me, UMPA, we CONE OUR BBS17 VSURB VWEWT VM6AN VLEFt BANtJ LL ALdMfe tR^CK3 dP.VlOLEMCS OR StUFF T1LLYUH HE JLISt THBRB "You just'don't know Allan, Daddy. In a modified way hV» everything a girl could ask for!" SWEETIE PIE By Nodinc Seltzer I NEVER FBUT. 50 LOW, KID1 fJOW ELLEW WILU KNOW I'M I'M WOT ONLV MMOST 1 HOPE-(AV,CO>AW(3 <"\ ELLENt 1'W AP AT THIS, TIME HASN'T )l HAV& MO,PLANS UPSET VOUR PLAKI$ /VBT.' ME WHW HAPPEN MOTHER.1 I'VE- NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED', BUtL.lW SURE IT'U WORK OUT SOME- SVAV! By Kate Oson CAPTAIN EASY THIS IS BLONDIE"I'M DOOR--VJH6N YOU THAT SANDWICH TELLME.SOI CAN COME HOME LIMBURGER /^ CHEESE AND ' C ONION SANOVJICH SI-IOULD TASTE ^GOOD TONIGHT , . ,., _„ "0. K., Butch—ryou're first!'* SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith "Ye», I'm still quite sick. I' have to rest quietly for a couple of days!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BOOTS AND HER,BUDDIES . FRK</ LETS Give THOSE DOLLS A 7 KIND ^-N WHAT'S OF RISKY,){ RI.SKY ISN'T i^V ABOUT \. IT? \, -L S'POSE- SOMEBODY IT/ YOU POLKS ALWAYS SET YOUR eARBAGE OUT TM NIGHT BEFORE PRISCILIA'S POP OUT OUR WAY With .Major Hooping By J. R, Willjoms OUR BOARDING HOUSE ( THAT'S CAUSE > THEY AIN'T / PAVIW NO V TO EACH' [ OTHER/ WHOOH'-THET'S TH' SNAPPIEST WRASSLIW'MATCH J EVER PIP SEE/ AN' AT 60 YEARS OFA6B.TCX?-- TH' FASTEST J OUT A •D5UC& PARLOR AS A ORSITET? KtTTYHAVJ Dulles Reportedly Making Progress WASHINGTON (API — Secro- ^, tnry of State John Foster Dulles today was reported continuing to make satisfactory proercss in recovering from the inflamed colon condition which hospitalized him Friday night, The State Department said his temperature wns normal nnd that he was in good spirits, A spokesman said the 7]-year- old Dulles still'plans to lojive for Paris Frid.nv or Saturday, t!i originally scheduled, .to talk with (pthe British, French, and West German foreign ministers about the Berlin, crjris, Press officer I4neo]n While said pjqns for (he trip assume? there will be continuing satisfactory progress in relieving the inflammatory condition, Dulles \yas opej'ated on two years ago at the Army's WalUl Reed Respite} for cancer of the small intestine, White tolc) ne ..men doctors still have found no ipevjctence of any recurrence of t))e • cnncor, , Dullps pjsns to spend Severn! days at the hospital '

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