Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1958
Page 4
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Nil Fsvf HOPE STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Cincinnati Ge!s First Place in Basketball Pol! By fHM ASSOCIATED PRESS the University of Cincinnati \Vhich ncHlc'Vod a tnp 10 milking in Meader Ranked 5th in Rushing Yardage NKW YORK lAP) — fiddle M< nclnr of Arkansas tech, a tic All America hnlfback, up. 1.030 yards this sonsoh, IM fifth [jlficc nj Mi«hiii£ amori# lh<> n.-itmn's small coll'Ro football pl.'t.VM'S. T!,i> finnl in53 statistic:; of the' NCAA Service Btiiomi rrlenstd .M «.lriHn.v. shuWC'l tlvil Mcadrit basketball for the firM \-n\c I.T=I with only Ifl firsts to I? for West season' and porpnintillv "lionii Virginia, pflsrtl thc MmintniMc'crs Kentucky. 10f>8 NCAA rhnmpn.ii. | for third 641 to (534. rife the chnicca of ihr f>\|trrf<; ..?( Con,pic-ting (ho first In word Nr Iho teams to beat this season The first Associated PI-PSP poll of the season. Cinrinnnti'r Brir- cats wpi-p ft ffilltl No. 1 nnd Km- Hicky a slrong second. Thr?p ra'- ihps.'Hverc 1 based on the ir^nlls of | m P ;urnthr>se<: games through last Saturday. !Vr 6, and on the opinions of 102 p:ir tidlpntlng sports ui'lcrs rnrl broadcasters. CinciMIIflti's hifc'li rating iinqiirs Uon'nbly 'wn's based in pint on tlio fact that tho Baarcals ntill hnvc All America Oscar Robrrtsoii While such stars of lust ri'i.son ;>;, Wilt Chntnberluin and l\li>in Kaylor have gone on to pro bnll. Tile Bearcats were given firs'. Carolina State, Mississippi Tennessee. Stale. St. I/OMIS nnd Northwpstorn. All wore unbeaten throngh Saturclay. top 10. with fir<s>-|>l{irf< votes l.Cinrinnaiti i3Ri R34 2. Kentucky (20) 803 3. Kansas Slr.te Ofli G41 4. U'csl Virginia (17» 034 n. N cv stnto fii aea 0. Tennessee (2i 333 7. Kansas 184 fl. Mississippi Slale (fli 177 !). St. Louis ]fi| IO.Norl.hwpslPl-11 148 Porkers P|qy LSU Tonight of Shreveporf SHREVEPOUT La. <AP")—thf ArkafiSflS Rfwu-bdeks and Iht- Lhlllsitina Slflto tigpfs will clash id n basketball gnme herd (o- » Dieemfcef 9, 195* ft will bo this sensdft. Saratoga in Double Win 1 *' at Guernsey Saratoga bas-kctrcrs won a double header from Guernsey last Friday night in the Saratoga 5ym. ffyra McLarey hit for "1$ points , to pace Iho Saratoga srhior girls LSUs secof.d garnc i 0 their 7th straight win, 31-33. Hope Star Classified Ads ADS MUST 01 IN DAY BfFORE PUBLICATION — PHONE 74451 POP. AD TAKER Last Thursday the Tigers tinned back Birmingham- Southern 79.72. The ftazorbncks opened their season iby dropping aM overtime centrist with Missouri, then de* feated Oklahoma. In addition to Arkansas, the Southeastern Conference Tigers will meet three othel- Southwest Conference teams this rnojith •*•*• Ricn. Texas and Texas Trch. Lihda Srlslow made 17 for Guernsey. Saratoga senior boys romped to' a Gl-31 victory with Mr/Elroy Dill- lard getting 12. William Foster The schedule oi SoiUBSf took scoring honors for the losers as printed below, has be»efl tike! With 22. The place- on 3R of the H12 ballots innl Auburn 1^7; North amassed « total of HIM nouits ,111 SI. Mnry's iC'nlil'.i second 10: Notro Dame ISO; Carolina 112; Stnti Micliigan Xnvier (Ohio) 85; Mar- the usual basis of 10 for enrh fir's! place vole 9 for second etc. Kentucky drew 20 first-place j Indiana (in; Oklahoma State; and votes nnd 6.95 points. Kuns.-is Stiile, SI. .John's iNY) 56 cnch. quetlc' 77: Southern Methodist 60; got his yardagt- on t;)fi curries ihi nino games. This compared with 1,358 yard thai Dale Mills of Northeast Mli sour! State Teachers as rushirii lender, compiled in 180 chrrio during nine games. MILK AO BUTTER MBADlSotf, Wis. (/!>) — WiScon sin, best known for its cheese, Ins year for thc'first time used more milk for making butter than Amei lean cheese. The fiVe billion pounds of milk tfV. fct^ LOOK & LEARN How you get so much more for much less in... BYSTUDEBAKER f Uinly l»b*l«d or) «v«ry ctf [ Big.car quality, sized just right, Seats six adults easily f nearly three feet shorter outside, easier to get in and out of. ^ Delivers top mileage, peak .performance, on regular low-cost gas. ^> Easier to park and turn, fun to drive. ^ Costs less to buy, far less to operate, Sjnart . . . $/? It's Your New Dimension in Motoring Look and Learn today at , , ,. ARCHER MOTOR CO., 114 \V, T^IRD G message Drivers Under 25 M ANY DRIVERS in yogi- age group, because of their attitude and the misuse of thpir automobiles, qrejjamaging the reputation of all moforjgfs, under 25 and qre forcing insurance companies to charge- higher premiums for the entire group, As a class, you could be the best drivers on th,e road. Your ability. Jg learn, to gauge distance and spe^d, and ta reoct qyickly in emergencies is exceptional. ' ' * Why, then, is the death rate in motor vehicle accidents greater for youthful drivers than for any other age group? Why, also, i§ the freqrjengy of accidents tragically high as well? ' , The accident record gives us the answer, Some indiyjqlugls jaek/rp9' Jgrity, responsibility and good judgment. They ljk§ to tgj^p 'ch'gnses .gnd, show off. This minority in your ag<? gipup usually ggt§ infe f/pyfe'e 'Jby excessiye speed, failure to yield fhe right of way, driving c>n tj}§ wisng fids of th? rood and even driving under the influence of .alfphol, ' ' * . , .. Young driver? everywhere are organizing. You., too,' fgn hsJjB, The foUowiog ore g fey,- exAerpts from Q cod§ of driving etHici rgsgntiy'fldoptea fey p group of youthful motorists: ' " ' ' "I shall ' , • ' Kgep 'myself physically, mentpljy gnd emptlongjly ' ' • fit af all times while I'm driving, ,Keep niy automobile m^bflniegjly §qfe, Giye fyl) attention to my driving. Practice courtesy ond gooci sportsmanship whiJ? driving- . Pgsp my actipns on comoion §§^iS9 cmcl thf ^sgrgilf of my best judgment. Join with other? in sKqwing .djs^pproypl pf the i dtvKjuals whos,e fflj(yr^ t§ ',- . bangs critipis.™ on ypyng ^ Jfj thf f insl pi >gjysis, all pf you — wojrkina name tto nghtfylly belong? |g you. 'Thj wgllsjUlsn 8f ' «sa Bob Petit Has Lead in Pro Cage Scoring NEW YORK (AP) —Bob Pctlit from John Alden Knight's Tables. Plan yotif d6ys so that you will be fishing in gdPd nr hunting In good CPVef dUflftj , these times, it you W<sh to find th« best sport that e&en day hag'to offer. I The Major Periods &fe shown _ boldface type. These begirt tit the times showh and last for ah hour and a half or two hours'there* after. The Minor Periods, shmvfl Ifl regular type, are ot gotftewhfrl of the St. Louis Hawks produced i shorter duratiori, d05 points in four games last week A, M, P..M. to displace rookie Elgin Baylor nf ' Minor Ma.ior Mlridf Major the Minneapolis Lakers as the Tuesday 3:5510:15 4:30 10140' landing Fcorrr in thc National : Wrdnes 4:5511:15 Basfcciball Assn. j Thursday 5:55 Pettll, the 1955-56 scoring cham-j Friday 0:55 12140 plon, has compiled 533 points in: Saturdny 7:50 1:35 'M games, figures released b.v; Sunday 8:40 2:25 league headquarters disclosed to-; — day. His 29.2 nvoragi; also is tops { Bay] ar, who only played one 'game last week, dropped to second with 535 points in 21 games, Paul Arizin of the Philadelphia Wnrriors, a two-time scoring leader, ranks third wilh 5!6 in 20 5;30'11:40 6:30 12115 7:26 1:1o 8:20 Si05 9:10 '2:S5 games.' Arizona was fourth a week ago. Kenny Sears of tho ' Nuw York Knickerbockers maintainef* h i s 'fold The Niegro Community Esther Hlcki Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Thought for the day Let us never 'forget that every lelcl goal accuracy load with a , station in life is necessary; that 316 percentage on 143 baskets in ! each deserves our respect; that 277 shots. Bostons Bill Sharman, > nnl th c station itself, but- the Wor- connocting on 96 free throws in 103 attempts fpr a .932 percentage. remains tops in this department. Bill Russell c.f the Celtics has snared 426 rebounds compared >yith 353 for runnerup Pettit to set .ho pace' in this category. thy fulfillment of its duties does honor to man — Mary Lyon Lubanski at Top in Bowling Tournament -*_ CHICAGO (AP) —Ed Lubanski if Detroit and defending champion Vlprion Ladewig of Grand Rapids, yiich., paced a field of 32'finalists nto the match play phase of the eco'nd annual World's Invitation;) Bowling Tournament today. The 16 men and 16 women whc cached the final round will bcgn iead to hqnd matches, todify'uftat lie Peterson point system. Ens ill bowl four matches a da'; hrough Friday night when th hampions will be crowned in th' Chicago Coliseum. Under the Peterson system one ioint is given for each game woi lus an additional point for eacl 0 pins. An additional half-point ii i\',e.n for losing .the. majority o. ames in a match, while out-lotal ig the opponent. Lubanski rolled a 3G-game totu f 7,778 to finish far ahead of the Calendar of Events Tuesday, Dec. 9 Camp No. 15, American Woodmen, will meet at Hicks Funeral Homo tonight (Tuesday) at 7:30. Wednesday, Dec. 10 The Hopewell PTA will hold its regular meeting Wednesday, Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. All members are :ask- cd to be present. Thursday, Dec, 11 Members of all choirs of. ,the city are asked to meet at Lonoke Baptist Church Thursday, Dec.:.:ll at 7 p.m. for rehearsal for Christ mas service. A. IM.. Charlie.Englis chairman of music committee, Wanted H6pg StaF route open fof boys 12 yeafS afid ovef, Apply at Mope Star Office, Funeral Directors AmbUlahce Service BUfiai Associatibn OAKdRESf FUNERAL Dial PA 7-2123 20-lrrt-e Strvices Offered LET ui Mflpvifc yaw- aid m«t- " tfeif. We ipeeiaiiz* In preisturt' ltd"liAettfffag, ' ' COiS MATTRESS SHOP ?1J Wist 4th, Phone 7-2«ffli I-U RALPH ItotittfofflerT Market, cu» " torn ilitightefyig, We" have meat (or jour deep freeze, See Us be fore buying. n-tf SINGER SEWING MACHINE co. Sales and Service. 513 East 3rd, L. fi. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. 5-14-tf POWER Saw available for removal of trees, stumps and etc. For free estimate call 7-4052. 26-1 mo. c .GIVE . her a gift certificate for Christmas from Diane's Beauty Salon. Phone 7-3118. 2-tf PIANOS tuned, repaired and rebuilt'. Guaranteed. Write H. Woosley, Prescott or Phone Bodcaw TW 9-2385. 4-6tp I AM taking orders for cakes for Christmas-. Also have limited amount of 2 lb. fruit cakes. Mrs. Milton Eason. 7-4622. 4-tf For Rent or Sale 3 BEDROOM' home. 416 S. Grady. Contact or call Mrs. W. I. Stroud. YUkon 3-2302 Washington. 14-1-mo c Far Salt ALUMINUM screens, doors,- storm Windows, Weather * stripping) ifi' siilatioft, fooling, awnings, gut* teHhg, orhamehtal faillfig. & tee estimates, Andy Andrews, Phone " 3 SMALL, tracts of land neftr town suitable for chicken farms, 80 acres timber land two miles out of Foreman, Ark. See' Ralph Saunders or Phone 7-4001. WANT AD RATES * All Wanf Ad? are poyab'g !rt Sdvonce but nds will be -accepted 6ve? th£ telephone and aixomodd- tlon accounts allowed with the understanding the account Is pdyobtfi When" Mofe'ment is rendered, Number Sf Words Up to 15 16 fa 20 J1 to 2S 26 td 36 i\ ta 35 36 ta 46 " to 45 '51 OLDS four door. A'l Condition, New tires, radio and heater. $49o Will arrange financing. Call 7« 2487. Mf QOQD Johnson grass hay deliver? ed to your barn. 50c per bale ( anything over 5 bales, Call 7* 2261 days or 7^2257 nights. 242tp ONE 9 room hottso and bath. Corner lot. 150 foot front, 200 feet deep. Plenty of shades. Four bearing pecans and 3 or 4 young trees. Garden space. Good quiet zone with excellent neighbors. See J. R. Anderson or" call"PR 7-6000. . " 3-6'tp EQUITY in 1958 four door Mercury. Practically new," Excellent condition. Good chance for some one to own Big M for small down payment. Already financed. Ph, 7-4047. 4-Gtp One Day .•*5 .fiO. .?5 90 1 0*5 I 20 I 3S 1.50 Three Davs 90 I 20 1 50 1.?0 2 tO ? 40 ? 70 300 Six Days 1 50 2.00 2 50 300 3 50 4.00 456 500 Monfh 4.50 6 go 7 50 900 10.50 m 1500 IS^tf 46 to 60 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY t tiriiS 80c per inch 'JUST arrived in time for Christmas. A load of Antiques from Chicago. Bj'er's Antique Shop Patmos and Shover Springs Road. 8-Gtc NICE used 24" boys .bicycle. New 'tires. $13. Call PR 7-3381 or 205 High Street. 8-3tc Real Estate for Sale CHRISTMAS, trees. Beautiful Arkansas Cedar. Nice full, cla'ss A trees. Fresh cut, no fir, pine or skelton. Hundreds to choose from at Stuart's Texaco Service, 3rd and Pine St. PR 7-9965, .5-6tc eld. Mrs. Ladewig, already seedec nto the finals, finished with a pfal of 5,111 pins for 24 games n his gave her a 173pin edge oyoi econd place Jerc Price of For Voilh Tox., who had 4.93H. For ier All-Star champion Sylvia ene of Philadelphia finish'ec lird with 4,810, In the men's division, Lubansk •as 6G pins ahead of second place Dennis Chapis of St, Louis, thp youngest entrant in the field Chapis posted 7,7112 pins whilo de fending champion Don Carter ot St, LOJ.US, who although o.xemp; from qualifying, finished tMj'C with 7,687. • • Baseball Great Dies After a Fishing Trip By THE ASSOCIATE!? 'f Baseball jnon P y e v y w'b mourned -Tris • Speal? ev"{o4ay' as a grea^ center fipld'er r— perhaps' tho ^best of all 'time -- • a f}uu and i understanding manager, a , influence on younger players and | a wpnderful person. ' ! I ^peqkpr, YD, d\ed at ,\VJii)ney, [Tes. r Monday, Expressions of sympathy find pdm|rsi io » in tofjay from his ifqrmpr mates and rival? a"d from ball official? evpVy.\vhpre . , ( 'fje was the best center fjgjdpf of ^ajl tie" said. ' Gepjrgo (Duffyi ^PWls, .wiiQ pjayed >yjtji Sp.e,a!??r gp-^. . pjayed Hoopeiviira' of \the few!? -rjow ry pf Jhg gjpjd }ip wgs at the jiews an{l ppakej- was a.-gpp,4 ot mine and the outstaixding er among! y_ ; e jforpp . o| , j,js helped 'Hoope rand me a ' Ii^djps ,dyrij|,| v's pljiyjug 'days ' Mn't sav "nnvfhi gpealj, was a, fine man in '' ' .a Sunday, Dec, '21 A special service will be heli nt Benson Nursing Home in Nash ville Dec. 21 nt 3 p.m. The Garret Chapel,Baptist Church /will be ii charge of the service; Rev." F. R Williams, .pastor, will deliver th sermon. The pu'blic is invited t attend. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs, Tyreo Jordan, ac companied by Mrs. Neva Csrmi cheal and Mrs. Edna Co'nway, mo tored to MgrshaJl, Texas Satur day, Dec. 6-: where they attendee (the 1'ootball game between th (Wiley Wildcnis and Mississipp Delta Devils .of Etta Bena, Miss Tile Mississippi 'College Band un der the direction pi Thomas Jor dan, son of Mr, and Mrs. Jordan participated 'in the half-time acti vities. C. P. Staggers hq,s returned to his home in Ozan after spending nn extended vacation with his chjl dren in South Bcixl, 'Ind, •M'cssers C. W, and R. A, Hick? rnolored to "Little Hock MoncJ where they attended a meeting, o, the Arkansas Burial Assn. Board. pf tho greatest managers J cvci played for — one >of the fines persons I ever cnmc into with in baseball," Baseball Cofnrnissloiior Frjck said: "It's fl shamp we aro losing so many o/ the olrl, stars, These are the plnyers who meant so nwch'to tlia game." Will Harridge Amevican L president said he , -wos saddened" and addpd; ''He $ great credit tp thc , gsrinp on and off t«e fjpld." National Leagvif. president Pif Qjlos recalled' ijiat Spug done an .ovttstaoiting Job promotion war!$ I bo p) }i4b end for basgbaJl long afjer ceUrejiiont ' «s a player, ' One inipyeasipn | got ' f roip hirn, s h(s appvpciaiioji qC "what t had done fot hlnrj ^ntl th IP Wfmt,ert, to c(p soineiljing fov i Qjles a^id, ''Too many of )ie.m i'orgpl jt itl'Un' they get oyi o| \mifprm but he a {oi ; m?v teammatj? nnd Jjke ' gpofik' y >v g. member nj jg'sp^all's JJpU o_^ J?umo, 'lie 'was on? of U}es greatest ows J pyer knew J»IU as a playey- and, ,as a }p will alw^jf? be e of t|\e gained o ' grpn.jes Ty pobb, ' . Amprican admitted- hj,s ii'jwjp PjPJl' 1 CGI niv',«fs f^'sfs^f^K""^ ,-r'n'>''~' "fw;- c* '- k^ M^^^-i -, "i^fe-,7 ff«;-,",iy,w!; > ^.4«-,S!. "-.i" 5 " 1 '^^*>-;•-' v<^S:f Ne\v three bedroom home-, car port, 100 foot frontage, attic fan, Tloor furnace, Venetian blinds, near school. Owner said: "Sell It!" For sale or rent, two bedrooms, den, double carport, bath and half," good neighborhood, vacant, 1514 Pecan. CHOICE business location. Third and Walnut. Oposite corner of new bank at Second and Walnut Will consider installing permanent 'partition creating two se-par ate store spaces. Contact Talbot Feild Jr. S-6tp: GIRL'S 2fi" bicycle. Good condition. Phone 7-2637. 9-3tp Five room home, lot and half, on' 'P'A'PER SHEUL pecans. 35c pound. pavement at 210 North Ferguson, clean, cpmforlable, immediate possession, $3,000, Modern six room hotTie in excellent condition, built-in, garage, floor ;furnace, fenced' 'backyard, plenty of storage, 412 F,nst l<Hh. We have other Selections In Good Locations. ' LEONARD ELLIS Repl Estate, Insurance, Loans 108 East Second Phone 7-2221 4-Olc SREND XMAS IN YOUR OWN HOME On West Avenue C this lovely home is vacant now, 2 average 'size 'tood rooms and one extra large bedroom, two fbatfrs, double carport. ,FHA approved. 'No loan closing costs. Down payment $1,200. Will .axccept your present home in trade, FHA, CONVENTOON & GI LOANS Russell White, Spring Hill Road. PR 7-3909. • " .9-3to FOJ* Rent LOCAL' trailers. Byers'Gulf Service. Call Day or Night. 7-9955, 8-lmoc NICELY Furnished 4 room apartment. Adults only. No drinking. 801 East 3rd. 3-tf UPSTAIRS apartment, 3 large rooms and private bath. 203 High Street. 15-tf 5 ROOM house, 301 N, Ferguson St, Call 7-3578. , 3-6tc 2 OLEAN 5 room houses. Close in, Vacant now. T, N. 'Below. 7-4308, 8-3tc 'JVTODER'N 4 room house. .Division, Strout Realty, 602 W, 7-3766. 9-3tp FOgfEfl REALTY 2jf South' ! M9i/i,' 'Hope, Ark, PjRogpee't 7-4601' ' 8-3tp OPPORTUNITY a .lovely Spinet Piano wjJJ. trans.fer to reliabje local party pn'srn'ali-monthly payments Write before \vp send (truck, BOOK' KEEPER,— ^OptJfT P,IA'NO CO., 3J2"MAJtT. JQPIWN, 'MO. B- Wanted'to BMV J.IJ ,pr pjhej- smal) tracto; with diso.and turning plow. Write 8-1^, ' g-eto IOWJB js tlie top popcoyn produc ing sjaje in~*,thp na h tjon, O.tJ^er top pppgorn states a,i' e Indiana, Illinois, Netyasjj^ |ipf4 .Qhip. Jfpipp at- Hot 'Springs JSmroet at Hill at Bodcaw Frjjjav Ni^t.'Bee, Ig EVERSMEYiER house on. South M'ain, See CMr. or Mrs. I/aha at' ' Laha Cleaners, 9-6tp N of ice WE Buy - 'We Sell . Wt Rrat HEAL ESTATE ' '' R D PR^KITCWN COMPA3TT A. P.-Delpney, Mjna^er * CoJUpr, S«}e|m»p " ' ' f '-' lect Rates. ffaye t<no?- ~ Fare* Col, ltH IT* ers. Write and sep Antiaue SfJOP, f?osd, , 7»?Q57> Help Wonted A.YON cosmetics bag imrnedjfite openings for tnajyre 1 WQRiffi jpioj; otherwise' employed tQ'seyyjpe ex. ejlent A,vop territories, .pan $2 or pjore pey hpyr, ailable in I|ope Write Avon, go* Lost ............ 3 times .................... .... 65c per inch 6 times ........................ 55c per inch quoted dbwi? are for con Insertions. IfCetjular of skip date ads will take the one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy Will be accepted until 5 p.m. for publication r^>[? following day. The publisher reserves the rlqht tn revise or edit all advostkernents <%/ feted for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising sub- mlHcd Initials of one or more letters, groups of fiotiffs, surh os house or telephone numbers count a? one word. The Hope Slar will not be rosoon- stble for errors in Want Ads unless errors arc called to our attention after RIRST insortion of ad and then for ONLY tho ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 IF Hope Star Star of \Hope'.1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published evcrv weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secy-Tret, ot Thc Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, AVUansas ^ r .Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. .Jones, Managing Editor Donol Parker, Advertising Mgr. Ocorge W. Hosmer, Mcch. Supt. Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Mcmucr of the Audi! Bureau of '• ' Circulations Subscription Rates (payable In advan='j) £*, By carrier In .Hope and neighboring towns — Per week , .S .30 Per year IS 60 By.'ma|l in Hempstead, . Nevada, LaFayetre, Howard and Miller Counties — One month $ .85 Three months 1.85 Six months 3.50 One year , 6.50 All other mall — * ' One month ^O Three.. months 3.90""" Six-months , 7.80 One year' ,.,.. 15.60 Wat'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Sterirk Bldg, Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 "'exos Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N Mlchlpon Ave., Ctjlrogo 1, III.; 60 F. 42nd 'St., NPW York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklnhomo City 2, pkla. _ ^ Member of The Associated 'prais: The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republlcation of all the local nws printed !n this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. "JToyfor, j8 USED jCA,RS — PODY SHOP — "FOREIGN CARS — 818 S. Haze! Phone 7-4022,^''' John Pill Jordan TO BUY Pine Pulpwppo by Truck l_pad Cut In WPP.ds or ptberwis?, HAROLD HEN ORIX rfhen? Pp 7-4321 ' 16th 4 Uoulejan/a, Hppe, Ark, GRIU-.CAFE f StyJ§ Hot Optn 3 A, M,>e S P. M, «r , Fyrnltwrt * : '117 991 ;:Funtral;HsiT^ ' Twa-Way '

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