Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1958
Page 3
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i Btiimirr 9, 1151 MOM fTAlt NdPI, AIIANIAI Nit flint SOCIETY PKene 7*5451 getween i A,M, and 4 P,M, I Calendar Bec*wbsc § .the friendship Class of the first IBabllsl Church \vlli have a i Christinas Buiher party, Dee, 9 [at the gt-ivale dinihg room of the ItJiaitioild Cafe at ? p, HI, Meltibers who can hot attend ffcleasc contact yotif grotif The Jett B. C-raVes Class of the st Methodist ChUi'ch Will haVS Christmas dlnncf at White's f Cafe ih Fulton oh Tuesday, £>e« ."icembel- 9 at 1 p, m. Gifts valued ['fit $1.00 Will be exchanged,' Ample transportation Will be available, and the group will leave from the f .enui'ch at 6130 p. m. Practical Nurses will meet Tucs« , Dec, 9 at 7:30 p, ni. in court* I foam of City Hall to elect their tiavv i olAcers for 1059, . The Fidells class of'first Metho- i,aist Church will have their annual [Christmas party Tuesday, Dec, 9 I Each member is to bring a $1.00 {"gift for exchange. Young People II Sunday School 3ept. of First Baptist Church will iJiave their December meeting on fouesday; Dec. 9 at 7 o'clock at'the [Diamond Cafe, Wednesday, Decmeber 10 '' Brookwood PTA will meet at 3 m CORNER tnd & Main Sts. Open Every Day * ' i 'Cept Sunday TIL XMAS • SEE OUR TOYS % Plenty of [ 99c Handbags 2.99 Sissy Blouses ; Girls Sizes 7 to 14 : Sissy Blouse 2 49 ' Merry Shoes Of The g Season to Youf From... £ FOSTER'S * FAMILY SHOE STORE '' tj'ciock lit the school auditoritttn, Bh John MdClflhahah will be guest Speaker, the film of "The Brook* Wood May Cay Festival will also be showtt, All patents are ihVUed to attend. The Jr,'Sr. PTA executive com' fniltee will meet at the High School Ih (Mf. Jbhes office Wednesday at 9 a.m., Dec. 10, Paisley PTA will ineet Wednesday al 3 p.m, In the school audi* loriulh. !6f fiussell Martin. Mf. ahd Mrs. $, the Guernsey PfA Will meet oh fRnifsday, at ?;SO Ih the hip School «t«d8toriuhi. An Interesting pw gram oil Character Building" will "be presented by pahel diseussloni Everyone is urged to attend. Refreshments will be served after the meeting. Notieg The Friday Music Club lundheoh thai Was scheduled for Dec, 13 Has 'been canceled. •, -Mrs, R, L, Gosnell's piano pupils Will give a program for their parents and friends in the Junior High (Auditorium .Wednesday, Dec. 10 at 4 p.m, Mrs. H, 6, WhltwdHh £.Hteftsin§ Friday Bridge Club Mrs. H. C. Whitworlh entertained her Friday Bridge Club on Dec. 5. Her home was attractive with seasonal greenery. Club members and oho 'guest, Mrs. R. 13. lAjrrbrosc completed two tables of players. Mrs, M- 'M. McCloiighaM and Mrs. C. C. Lewis won prizes for high score and second high, respectively. A salad plate and coffee was served by the hostess, Garland PTA will meet Wednesday at 3 p.m. .Rev, Rufus Sorrells will be guest speaker. The executive committee will meet at 2:30. The Paisley PTA will meet at 3 o'clock Wednesday in the auditorium. The children of Paisley will present a Christmas program. The executive meeting will be at 2i30. Thursday)' December 11 Hope Council of Garden Clubs will present First Holiday Homos Pilgrimage, theme, "Through The Ages," Dec, lil from 2 to 8 p.m. The Ji'.-Sr, PTA will meet Thursday, Dec. 11 at 3 p.m. at Junior 'High School. Spring Hill PTA will meet Thursday, Dec. 11 at 7:30 p.m in the High School Auditorium. Panel discussion and character training will be held. The -Baker HDC will meet in the home of 'Mrs. Lawrence East- crling Thursday, Dec. 11 at 7:30 p.m. Every 'member is urged to attend and 'bring a Christinas gi-ft for exchange. mdgdlH • Kauffman Exchange Vows On Saturday, Dec. 0, Miss Leona iRidgdill and Don Franklin Katiff- iman pledged their marlage vows in the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. .Ernest Ridgdill, The (bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John iH. Kaull'man. Baskets of mixed flowers in pastel shades provided a pretty setting for the double-ring ceremony performed by Dr. John H, -Median- anan, pastor of the i-'irst Baptist Church. The rbride -was lovely in a street length dress of white 'nylon lace over satin with a wide satin cum mcrbtind. It was .fashioned with a jewel neckline and three quarter length sleeves. With it, she wore Want! 10 Spend Life In Jail MIAMI, FU. (AP) «- «,.«.» Mason, 63, wanted lo spend the rest of her life in jail. Ihsldftd, the judge lurhed her loose, "I hoped 1'd'get life," said Mrs. Mason. "All 1 gol Id live oh is » $30 n hiohth pension flhd wheN! dnil you live ih iVtialtii oh $50 a" rttoftlh? In jiiil 1 never had It so gdotf-^ radio, food served ih rhy rotffH end ho dishes," Hetuined from a ydttr Ih ft rHdfl' lal hospital, the Whlle>halred Mrs. Mason pleaded guilty in CltcUll Court Monday la a charge of wart' slaughter and received n fiVd'J'drif suspended sentence. She was ordered confined lo fhi' stale menial hospital hi Clitillu< hooehc lasl year afler standing o second-degree murder trial for the Sept. 11, 1D57, slaying of hef DOROTHY DIX Heusewlfe Hunts Him§ On How to Speed'Up bear tiorolhj' OUt: Warnken and "WMU Begins" by Mrs. Dale Bonds. The prayer from Missionaries was read by Mrs. Bob Bonds, "Young People Want To Be Mis' sionarics, Too," iby Mrs. J. W, •Hardy. "Looking al WiMS Or,galil« zalion" by Mrs. Oils iHnrdy, The meeting was dismissed with prayer led by Mrs. \V.',B. Cum- linings. J feel t have bbdomc n recluse and its nil ftifr o*il fnilit. i eah't sochi to mix with MS' neighbors because f'tti a stow Mrkdi- dhd there Is never time te visit with tltertt, It takes me toflgdf Id frtnkd a bed, do dishes, dlisli everything. We just twill oitf own home and still don't have mahy appliances, 1 tighten up inside when Vislloi-s cofne. 1 feel my house Isii't looking as Hide as It should, the .boys aren't dressed up enough or I'm not as Seconch Change trow altitude. Strtp thlhklhg of sitnvhdss as . Have you forgotten the and the hare? There's tru% in that story than Is grasped at first, ftnlly chores must be bet-formed foul they need hot be distasteful. Turn oh the radio While you Wash dishes or dust furniture. cheercf. Third! ctil you can. dust with the sprays on and It's' a wonder-fid Use every short dook with mixes, new product that wipes off. clean your floors with an old reliable 1 tidy ns t should ibe. Then Iheie's, thnt doesn't need rinsing or drying, the problem of refreshments. The, Liquid detergents are marvelous fur dishes — and 1 could go on very thought so genres Hie that 1 never invite people to a meal. I'm scared that 1 won't have the right thing, but iwhiil 1 do have won't turn out right or 1 won't have it ready on lime (my chief worry), Have all kinds of fears', haven't 1? I'm nervous and husband and t are excitable, My active church- Rose Garden Club Completes Plans For Home Pilgrimage The Rose Garden Club complct* ed its iplans for the Holiday Homes Pilgrimage when it met In the home of Mrs. E, P. O'Neal on Dec. 5, The ladies also made corsages for ipalicnts in a local in Booneville Sana A Christmas story entitled "The r Star," was given iby iM'rs, Bob Hcrndon. Mrs. OWeal .and her co- hostesses, Mrs. L. D. Barnum and Friday, December 12 AVeslcyan Service Guild No. 1 Will have it's annual Christmas dinner at the Diamond Cafe, Fri, day, Dee. 12 at 7 o'clock. All members are reminded to' bring love offering for Nore'ne Robken. ' The Leslie Huddleston Post No. •12 of American Legion and Auxiliary will hold their annual joint meeting Friday, Dec, 12 at 7 p.m. in the old Elk Hall. Special music and a guest speaker has been planned. The ladies are asked to bring salads and desserts 'ior the lunch- con. , ' The Order of Eastern Star Hope Chapter No. 328 svill hold open !n- Stallatin of officers Friday, Dec. ]2 at 7:30 p,m, The public is invited, 'Gardenia Garden Cluto Christmas luncheon will be Friday, Dec, 12 at 12;30 in the home of Mrs, Gus Haynos. Each member is reminded to bring a gift of $1,00 value for exchange, Members iplease call 7-4945 or 7-2632 if you cannot attend, 'corsage of lavender orchids. Mr. and Mrs. John Kauffman of Magnolia, ibrothcr and sister-in- law of the bridegroom, were the couple's only attendants. The matron of honor, attired in blue, pinned, a pink carnation corsage :.at her shoulder. Both Mrs. .Ridgdill, mother 'of [ the .bride, and ,Mrs. Kaufl'mgn, •mother, of the groom, were dressed in shades of ;blue' and wore .corsages- of pink carnations. A small reception was held • in the dining room .of the Kiclgdill home following the wedding. The bride's table, covered with a white cloth embossed with white iflowers, was centered with an arrangement of pink and white flowers and white taipcrs. (Mrs. William Slephonson served the tiered wedding cake, while IMrs. Frank Schooley poured the fruit punch, Miss Beltye Ann Mc- Cullcy presided at the bride's book. Mrs. WI L. MoElwain of Harlington, Texas . was an out-of-town guest at the'wedding o'f^her granddaughter. "When .the.'couple left for a wedding trip to the Rio Grande Valley and Mexico, she wore 'a black woolen suit with a /white blouse and hat. Her other accessories were black and she pinned her orchid corsage at her shoulder. Upon their return, the couple will make their home in Hope. Saturday, December 13 The Hope Country Club Christ' mas Dance will be held Saturday, (Dec, 13 at 9 p.m, 'Hostesses are iM'r, and 'Mrs, Sam Andrews, Mr, and Mrs, Leonard Ellis, Mr, find 'Mrs, Cecil Delaney, Mr. and 'Mrs. Kinard Young, Mr, and Mrs, Car- Marlbrook WMU Met Wedn e sday, Deo, 3 ' Marlbrook WMU met Wednesday, Deo, 3 at the church. The devotional was given by M'rs, Andy O'Kolly. "Missions In The Bible," by Mrs, Bob Bonds, "Early Missionary Efforts," by Mrs, B. J, members. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Homer Fuller had as their weekend guests, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schrcck and daughter, 'Paula from Dallas. Mrs. Schrcck has just returned home from a 'two weeks vacation in Hawaii, while there she visited all the outer islands. Hospital Notes Memorial — Adinltt c d: Mrs. Annie Garanflo, Hope; Mrs. Ernest Gibson, Hope; 'A. R. iHamni, Hope; Noah Cox, Rt. 1, 'Patrnos; Mrs. Bryan Reese' IU. 1, Hope; Lillie May Garland, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. P. Campbell, 'Rt. 2 Hope, Mrs. Garrctt Story, Hope; Johnnie Rosenfoaum, Columbus. , Mr; arid Mrs. Bryan Reese of (Rt.. 1 • Hope announce the. ari'.'val of a baby boy, born Dec. 8,' 1958. •Mr. and Mrs. Ernest •Gi'bspnVqfc Hope, ' announce the arival'*of s a' baby girl, born Dec. 9, 1958. wc-rkers. I'm busy all the time but don't get much satisfaction from what I'm doing arid never have fun. f have thought of consulting a psychiatrist but my husband refused this because he says they are loo expensive and there is nothing wrong With mo anyway. — What to do Dear Girl: If hubby doesn't ob- Jpejt to the cost, 1 suggest, as Q .first step, thnt you consult a doctor who will give you a really thorough examination, consultation and treatment, I don't mean a ten- minute visit, either, This won't be this complete answer to your troubles, but it will help, a lot. brother. Irving '.DuBarry, ,C1, Xt her insistence, the stale recently agreed to rii-try her fur manslaughter, giving her a second chance nt her-goal-life .In prison. through the entire roster of duties. Fourths Change your altlludo lo- ward company. Regard guesls as .pleasant visitors instead of critical ogres. People jusl doh'l care It your house is spoliess or your children immncuialc us long as you are n pleasant person. A cup ol tea and some cookies Will do for refreshments. Fifth: For further hints, send a stamped, self- addressed envelope tor my leaf* let, "Home 'Management." Conwav Rtsldtnt COMWAV, Arfe, <Af*J "- A ta*l tJHvBf Sitld his Saw tf Mflf 1ft tliC hoHhofrt seetloh df CdfiWfty last night. .And a couple 1 sfJblted urtd just outside of towh. Ulll EUibfihks, the tlHver, repo ed that the bi-ulh hti spotted Whs "pf-elly big." Me described It as ft bifick tieaf, • Eubanks sairt iid saw' tlid tthl' Wnl ttenr the citmtnia of lleHdh* College. H entered a house imdef eoimrutilluH, he told uulhtnilies. Police found h'o trace of niiy, bears. The Conway 'bear sighting re. ports were me lnle.-u in rt scHos wiiieti started several wuuks ntfO. Bears invaded Jonesboru oil two sueeoMVc niKius. one nmbletl ih' to n coilon Held ituitr lidxte it i til sent pieUui-s iloelng. Theru weru scattered reports nt other bear visits mul n birt bruin »wtts siiiln at Sphiifjclalu, 'Ino Arlconsns Game & Fli.li Commission recently imported « number of bears from Minnesota to diversify wildlife. Commission Dorothy Dixi 'My parents say my 'boy friend doesn't I'mvu inlanders, lie comes in without knocking uncl sonic* times calls after ID .p, m. — Wendie. Dear Wcndlci Well, what do you think? 'Would you walk into someone's home without knocking? Your lolics should lock the door and issue on edict of "No culling after y p. in." Duar Dorothy Dix: 1 have a very Important question lo ask and prefer your opinion In writing. Do you reply by mail, whal are the cliarges, and is the matter kept dressed envelope is the only requirement for a personal reply. All mull Is handled In strlcl confidence.' aid the wrft hlffitc! loo&lift IHfe Balcl ftfift ~ '' 4 speed «c, ^enable HI-FI, equipped ta play StefCB f«ftbfdS, $S9,95 MatehlflS §peak«f • i 16,§§ M6NfQ6MfeHV WABB PRE-CHRISTMAS PERMANENT* DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON JEAN -EDITH - DIANE Phe, 7*3118 204 S, Main •'. .'X XMAS SHOPPING? For Accessories that are Beautiful and "BOUND TO PLEASE" ,". *' Shop The Fashion Shoppe 11S,S.,'Main 7-5850 '« condidcntial? P. P. Dear P, P,: A slumped, self-ad- FOR A WIFE WHOSE HUSBAND' LOVES AND UNDERSTANDS HER! If your wife hits a weloht problem, the one Xmas gift that will t ' make her happiest' l»-,a lovely, new. figure. This Christmas, thousands ,bf husbands will actually give , their, wives a beautiful new', figure with the famous Stauffcr. Home Reducing Plan. ' The'heart'of the Stauffer Home Plan Is the motorized, "Magic Couch" < ,-pictured,above. 'For more Informa- tion'about this, most wanted Christ- '-mas gift, contacfiv'* MRS. DORTHIA CAMP i* Route 4 — " Hope, Ark. Phone 7-2012 >1>IX News about the New Rockets! Branch Admitted: .Don Faris, <Rt. 4 Hope Discharged: IMrs. Dclton Clark, Rt. 4 Hope; Mrs, Edith Walker, Denver, Colo, CHRISTMAS SPECIALS You can't afford to miss, Come by and make your appointment early, JANELL'S BEAUTY SHOP West Ave, B and Margaret St, >ijii .^ ":& ./$ ' <H «$ ^ mt ousnoiiif ITNAMIC « HOLIDAY sroimEDAN- This distinctive new Okk body style (available in' all three scries) ia the hit of the new-car parade! Its sleek "Linear Look" is as tastefully elegant as anything you'll be seeing in 1959. And like every Olds for '59, .it has an all-new, thriftier version of the famous Rocket Engine, featuring' an eiclusive, two-stage automatic choke, With demand, running high, you'll be smart to place your "order early. Visit your local authorized Oldsmobilo Quality Dealer,.right away! E. E. DAVIS OLDSMOBILE CO., 500 SO. WALNUT ST. TONITE — 6;30 - $;00 DOUBLE HORROR tlie romantic spirit. ., by the romantic'spirit',, captured by tb* romantic vmantb spint,,, II 4*L " • uk *«d by V. in no* iron clwllis pajamas >,', , ^ conify,, cosy- warm in no . iron \vultf ' , blanket warm, clou4 cHalJjs pj's wi he§t'friend come wi Jiuay study ni • They can bo laundered, dry soft and, ** wiihout ironing. M4 afl, ihcU practicality^ idw of edge<| AH ihe frilly charm find sourness pf ihe jje(oved granny gown in wltz length in yet varm ohaUi? 19 beatify ypur . hour?, ,,. and 'to make } r 9«f waking sjeeyps and epkt «,;I;^ i 11 i * I & i^^^r&fo \M*&lhlti&^

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