Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 8, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 8, 1958
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Page SI* HOP I STAR, MO PI, AKK'A'N'SAS Opposition Offers No Solution §y JAMES MARLOVV Press News Analyst Basketball Rack Big Help WASHINGTON 'APi A highly critical Demon ;>tic Advisory Council —• of which former Pros, idelil Hurry S Truman and Adlai Stevenson are member? blasts ^ Ptosidfiil Kisonhower's conduct Of foreign affairs but offers no basic chance of its own. That sums up the long statement „ Issued Sunday niphl by the coin,Cil on Aniencnn gun's ;il home and abroad. II v. .is a lot nun e ex * plicit about domestic li.rgots (hail ' foi CIRII ones The council dul suggest thr 1 Pclnocrats, since the}'re running Cohglcss, could produce ii foreign policy tliey like if Kisenhowol f/iilfc to please them. The council said: i Congress "has its own constitutional tasks both in devising pol- i icy and in wisely exercising tlu- powcf to gr::nl legal iiulhority fur its execution. iil"i>M willi the n< c I ossniy manpower. materi,i] nnd I funds " I >• Hut the council is cnughl in n ' double Ironj : j The Democrats, who'll run Cm' glL'Ss these next two years, have been rimiiiiig it the past four. In lhat time they did not. as ,i party, produce any foreign policy baai- „ caliy different from Kisenhim er's r. They'd be in an einbarra.sinir' position if they aid. j *- Tile basic polic\ followed rigidly by Klsei.howcr since he took office in 195:5 - containment of Soviet and Chinese Communists bv rmp.ing tlum with military bases v and alliances — was the one laid ' f down and followed by Truman curt fore him. i The council even seemed (-, say ," — but not in so many words •i that it approves the government f. policy ;»ul wants no change in that, it said: "We ;irc wholly dc,' terminod that our country shall f cnrry out solemn eoir.iiutnieiit.s i-.. n " which it is a party." " The only place where the coun- 1 ril got specific cm foreign policy ^ was in the field of foreign <iid k,V -It wants that stepped up. -.' But on the oilier hand — since << Over the years neither party lins I i thought of something new or clif- *'* fcrent — there's no reason to ex^ pect ony changi in the no.xt two •" yea is !_,{ * Kor instance l.ci'it Week Secie(;•• tary of Stiite John Foster Dulles .,' "made it clear American policy to',; wards Red China — a policy uil- \" Haled by Truman — will remain (S rigidly unchanged for Eisenhnw- fl> 'cr's last two yenrs in office f-. The policy toward the lied Chili., J1e . hc — m addition to Ameririm *>, , military alliances with Formosa "~ is nonrocognilion $4 This country under botn Demo| v , crats and Republicans has. refused i'' 1 to recognize Ihe Ov-iese foinmu- St,', nis,ts as the lawful uile's of niiiln ff~ Jand China, has no formally ot'l'i- v ^, 1 cial dealings with them, and Is "f" 1 against United Nations mcmbur- Jjj-f ,ship for them. .Dulles — and he .s-?<>mcc! to be. projecting his thought into the indefinite future — said tint to ree- pgnize the Chinese Reds and welcome them into Iho family of un- tions would be to pave the road IP — Star Photo & Engraving THE NEED for a basketball rack at Jones Field HoUae w,is eliminated recently by Burgess Garrett, school AgH instructor and hit- boys and Coach Don Sevler. The completed rack pictured aljovc with Mr. Garrctt and Coach Sevler- liandlitlfl the balli saved an estimated $40, When not in use the balls can be locked In the rack. Senior Girls Work Out Daily f ( American disaster. fV This way: The prestige thus •I ^ given the Communists would in$* crease their influence in Asia — £ji - where (hoy are /bent on ehminat- p_ Ing American Hade and driving f-«the United States out of the west H'" ern Pacific. Since the Soviet end Kcd Chi- jiese basic fuieign policy is also —' push and lake over where can, alway no rci'l change on " either side is likely, at least soon. 2V- f • f t 9 HEY KIDS Santa Clous will be at MONTGOMERY WARD pt^ Pec, 6, 9 a,m, to 5 p.m, Come by and see him! — Star Photo & Engraving HOPE SENIOR HIGH girls basketball, Coached by Gordon Bcasley, Is working out daily In preparation for the season^ The eight returning letter winners are, left to right, Vaidene i onna- maker, Ceclia Godwin, Violet Tonnamaker, Nita Messer, Joyce Vines, Judy McDowell, Judy Weaver, Judy Rateliff, Squad members include Ida Nell England, Tonna Taylor, Sue Whatley, Brenda Mitchell and Judy Griffin. Managers are Bozanne Freeman and Helen Ramsey. The schedule: Nashville Tournament Dec. 17 18; Jan. 6, Emmet, there; Jan. 9, Saratoga, there; Jan 13, Emmet, here; Jan. 16, Guernsey, hers; Jan. 20, Spring Hill ttiere; Jan. 23, Saratoga tourney; Jan. 27, Guernsey, there; Feb. 3, Spring Hill, her; Feb. 10, Texarkann, here. THREE FACES OF LOVE "Tjy™ FAITH BALDWIN I 1957 by Foilh Baldwin Cuthicll. Distributed by NEA Strvici, Inc. fffl fiot Very inleUigWl," she %*• plained without rt-grel, "iftd ftol fieSrly S6 g6dd * Secf Staff. a$ y&r f)c»d. f sUpf>os« hdtf 1'fft d"ift' missed?" . "Mot immediately," said Hel«h. There was color ifi her thin • checks and she looked, Mope thought, fascinated. ChapUf VII Melon Was remarkably al a loss. "Why," she askdd, "did you become a secretary?" "Well, It's a beginning, sdid Miss Smith. "They sell you on* that, but 1 wasn't sold except on Hie begitiihhg. It's a liViilg. 1 didh'l want to be a nurse bi- loach school and f haven't a talent to my name. You know, it'si funny bul when 1 told you my hatno you didn't listen. You jiisl asked could you call me Alias smith." Helen explained, faintly apolo* getic. "That's because my first secretary really was and I called the second otic that by mistake, and so it got to be a silly joke." "My name is Jones," said Miss Smilh. "And you can't forget your secretaries names bocaUsd you sign the checks." Helen said, "How I must trust them. I doubt that 1 even look, 1 rimply sign. Suppose we rnakd it ttuby? But why did you lake positions with career women? You must have done so deliberately, alter, anyway, the first," "They all go places," said Ruby, "and meet people. So there arc always men around. They aren't all old or married. Sonic of them oven have money." Helen sal up straight. The stole that Hope had just finished was about her elegant, thin shoulders, She said with animation, ''You know, that's an idea for an article" "You've already written It,' Ruby said serenely. "I read it, my last year in High.' Hope asked, and the question was the reverse "Any luck?" "Finally. Last ni'ght, afler you were both in -bed. Of course, I didn't learn this at secretarial school nor in the article ach, well, takes you just so far; after lhal you're on your owh. There's a nice place In dance hero, downstairs." Helen said, "As long as you're slill my Miss Smith do you mirid telling me who—7" "Dr. Collins's assistant," answered Ruby. "I don't suppose you even noticed him. He's quite good looking." She smiled, ana was gone. THE STORY: Hope and Adam fly to the bedside of Helen, Adam's mother, As Helen recovers from her illness, Hope and Adam realize the years are slipping by. She Is 30, he is 38, "Mopp?" "Certainly. I see too little of her. Can't you get along without her for a few days?" "No." said Adam, 'not possibly. But I'll try, if you insist." BRING 'EM BACK ALIVE—The flisl man who goes into orbit around Ihe earth and returns is likely to do it in a free-falling space capsule Instead of a winged craft. Such a vehicle is shown above—bullet-shaped, about seven feet in diameter, with a blunt nose. The spaceman is strapped in a reclining position at the base of the cone. Retro-rockets will slow the cone down as it re-enters the atmosphere. During the last few thousand feet, the capsule will descend by parachute (folded object, center). Drawing'is based oh a Northrop Aircraft idea which appeared in Mcchanix illustrated magazine. U.S., Russia Agree to 10 Notion Talks Pope Wiii Have td Walt By t6M GENEVA (AP> — the liniU-d States and Russia agreed today that the 10-halion talks ofi preVt-h- VATiCAN. CifV <AP) — Pope John XXlli is going to have to Iwait awhile for the new gold i crown citizens of his native Bt'.t- igamo province are giving him. A I mistake was made in the design J Tlie crown was to have been ,oresehted today. It Was not disclosed just tiori of surprise attack reached a dead end. have was wrong with the design. 'Ihe crown is made of 50U grams of reached a dead end. golcl( decorated with anidthjsts, There was Ho si^an. however, j (, rtl( ,,. a i c!Si cora ] flnc) chiseled fig' lhat the foui-wenk^old talks would , U) . GS o( saints , nlal -tyrs and oihor religious figures!. Arti'.l Atlilio Nani made it on commission from the feergamo provincial government, News Briefs HAVANA (AP)—President FuK gcncio Batista has asked the Cuban Congress to declare a state of national emergency, giving .him of unfriendly, j even more swooping ipowcrs to combat the rebellion of Fidel. Castro. Congress was considered certain to grant ihe request. excused herself. •Helen said, "Well," and then added, "f suppose she'll bring him lo meet me." "You have met him, but \yere probably too ill to notice. Now SEOUL (AP)—South Korea to- be broken off immediately. They originally were planned lo last five Weeks. The Eastern and Western delegations have been deadlocked from the beginning over the pin* pose of the negotiations. Western delegates contend th-iy. an; here only lo study ways oi launching a surprise attack and the lechni- cal machinery to detect attack preparations in advance. The Communists have Iried re- pealedly lo lake Up cold war political issues. eonUmding lhat they are what will produce a surprise attack. Today's session chief, U.S. delegate William' il l-'osli-r. said the Western Powers . felt they could ni.l go any 'further in presenting technical studies dealing with surprise: attack problems unless the Soviel bloc eounlric.i participated in this work.-. Sov:ol Deputy t ; .)i dun Minister Vassili tKu&n&si'.v replied lhal the Westerly 'studies '.h.>a!;nj{ with long- range •Bombers, missiles and land forces' did not get down to the basic causes of surprise attack in the Russian view and therefore were nol .acceplalble. He urged Western delegates lo negotiate on disarmament and cold war issues. The West's latest technical study proposes an internalional ALL BUHNED UP RICHMOND, Va. M'l — Wood Farms foremen burned down* a home after selling it afire sev« eral times. The building was abandoned, They set fires in several rooms, then put them out. It was all to train volunteers. When the building finally burned the volunteers en» gaged in a water fight. sweeping political proposals for the establishment of neutralized, zones In Europe and the Middle* East and reduction of present forces. day accused the North Korean half of President Gamai Abdol Communists of kidnaping 42 fish- I Nasser, Kaisuny did not mention Hurls Challenge to Asian-African Group CAIRO (AP)—U.A.R. Economy Minister Abdel Moncim Kaissuny today called on the SO-nation ' tcm to keep a permanent check Asian-African Economic Conference to meet the challenge of tho European Common Market and other foreign economic blocs. Opening; the conference on and gounclinspectonsy- on the ground forces of all na- lions. Russia has suggested establishment of an aerial and ground inspection system but tied this with ings and blocs which are bet rig ermen and their seven boats off. i the six - nation West 'European ' formed or ai'c under way outside the east coast of Korea. The North Korean radio said the fishermen had entered North Korea's territorial waters Saturday TAIPEI (AP) Communists stuck The Chinese today to the strange pattern of warfare under which they shell the offshore islands only on odd-numbered days. Their guns were silent for the 13th consecutive even-numbered day, THE MUUMUU group by name. But his implication was clear when he said Asian- African economic cooperation is the "principal means for confronting the results of economic group- <Htr two continents." The conference includes representatives slates, 5 from the Communist 13 Arab countries. and 6 pro-Western stales. — Norman Hart- HONOLULU noil, dress designer for British That you're "bc"ttcr""hc ; ll probably ' loyalty, was asked during a visit be sent by Dr Collins." I ' lcl ' c his opinion of the Hawaiian Helen began to laugh. Hope' muumuu — the flour-length, shape- did not, Helen stopped laughing i less gown descended from the and asked, funny?" 'Don't you think it's Mother Hubbards of missionary I days. On arrivins they found Helen I For the lime that she remained alive and irritable, in the biggest |Hope made herself ; useful comb- suite in the be.si hotel, and the ing the tangles from the colorful 'Not specially.' i "Very comfortable, no doubt," j "Why? Oh — 'bul you can'l pos-1 he said. "These muumuus are very r sibly compare yourself and Adam likely excellent protection against'! .secretary walking on mental tip Iskcin Miss Smilh wove about loo. Nurses were in nltenil-!'broken engagcmenls, lecture bu- anct and the soothing, but duei-jrmm managers, telephone calls, pliiuirian, battery of doctors a j and the press, woman of her slain;, would com-1 "Why did you hire her?" mand. Then, were also roporteis. .smoking in the lobby or prowling to the doors. A smaller atljuning suite hncl •I was on a spot. I'd such a good earl in mind but she. ran away with someone's husband. Good girls sometimes do," said been engaged for Helen's son aivl i Helen, with a faint hoot ot his wife, 11 was suitable and iho i tor. secretary had , seen to it that ] there were tlowers. "Rut why do you keep her?" "1 hadn't had her long before Adum wi.s permitted to pee his , the wretcncd attack caught up mother for a few minutes, llopo! with mo. During that Urn" I "did must wait until the nexi unv. He .hall' her work, but she amused went into the room and llelon looked at him \\iih tired humor, 'To rather sec Hope," .she re- maiked; "you are too masculine*, me in a way. Hope, I bore her ;;s much as she bores me and she isn'l us terrified of me as she pretends. The others have always CORNER Every Day XMAS OUR TOYS Plenty 0 f Sissy Blguses 7tsl4 6l9U§9 ZM all subdued viiihiy. ThanKs, forU 1 " 1 i»e on a platform. This one coining, Adam. I'll live through. makes the, round oycs—" this and you'll probably have to! "You sound like Adam." make your entrance half a dozen' "Then he sounds like jne. 1 times beloro my exit, \\hon it thought of il first.. To continue this Miss Smith mak.es the roum eyes of admiration, but I ' think the .despises me," ' ' "Why?" said Hope, -interested, "My dear, J don't kn.o\v. Suppose we asked her to dine up* stairs svith ,us tonight, and, I'll inquire, 1 ' "That wouldn't be fair,", "Why not? I "-Because, you're h?v employer will bp convemiunally' imporumt j tlus AlibS Smith mal?es ^tlic round that you be around."' ' "* ---•---'••-"-- •--•' r -" • The nurse remarked tluit her patient "must not grow tired, "I'm always tired,"' said Helen fiettully. Adam reported lo Hope over late, excellent dinner. "Bui slv-'s ahva,vs had more vitality (lum you, mo, 4ml half a, do<-cn others, M he said, They remained, a few 'lays* aiid| rn<1 have the advantage, j the secretary• was srad'i'u'l lipi-i- s| )u wouldn't l«U you why, even if she does despise you," "We'll see,' • said Helen, "and if it upsets her, I'll fiio her with a month 1 ? salary and a spuriously giH-edgecl recommendation'" So they had dinner and tables were wheeled in and l out ami when coffee had been served and the doov was shut against intru- name was not Miss Sw.th, but Helen always introducod her as Miss Smith. Helen's - first seeir- tary had been Jliss S.milh HH.J when she acquired, a sec()iul, fol. lowing tho tnuial Miss Smith's breakdown, she was absunt-.nind- ed abQut the name. It b.'dt.na what is known as a Little ,luko vent home bect'-s 1 ho was needed there, and, not hevc, ' sion, Helen spoke tp Miss Smith. Lying on the docurativc did so with an abruptness provided by a eonsideinto mini-j thai was like ji cat corrims agreement and, with only iho two : « room; suddenly, yet soft, nurses taking the »lu|ts.' Helen] ''You. don't JiH-> 'T)9. Flo y°ut looked vipon IKT son ami &aid,. the way, what's ypup f if "H was good of you t>? yv^io ButJinmieV' you are still loo ruaevulmr ' "Not par.liyulorly/ J " spid. ^1 "What about thef'ilociors"' 1 Smith. "It's Ruby, }'iy ^pvry "Medicinal - only, Y'Jvi tiro nc say,' with your air of repressed vigoi.j For a inornerjl Jn y cyuple of cjays 1'JJ be rid of stricken, Hope i\v, ^ ,. teaspoons,- naps, and stcnl« te- Adam — bui Shu ai\vays j thought males, then Hppe ami can manage,' AkU YQIT STARTIRS AND Smith , th,u uo inaUor ,syhjii ,>ll,a without , JMm — \vcvp "Why don't yo'ij Jikp 1 un afcked. "Wc-U. M'5 not ,Jy," Miss Smi,th that i don'A HHg wpjeij lo"I don't, Helen, I never do." Her mother-in-law looked a't her and this time her regard was. corn- passionalo, or close to il, She said, "God help you, Hope,' "Ho has, Why did you sav that?" She. felt a wrench at her vitals. . "I'm always sorry for people who love too much," "There isn'l any too much.' "In my book there is, Of course, its capacity, The well is full, bo is the saucer, The saucer holds just as much as it can, I was, I thought — it seems a century ago—the well.' 1 Hope was quiet, She thought, clenching her mind against thir, like a fist, I don't want her to go oil. "Adam's father," Helen' said, "loved mo as much as l)e.i could, and Adam more, Adam Amused and interested him, I didn't,'" I was feverish about everything, Everyone thought it- svas; wonderful of him not to mind my having what Ruby calls a caveer, II wasn't wonderful. He v didn't care. He was a million light- years avvfiy. I trice) to ro-'ich hi,ni but it didn't work, HO w^s a good iriend to Adam, who dicjn't involve him i)i complicated emotions," Hope a a k c d involuntarily, "What happened to the svell?" . "You're thinking of other men?" She looked tired, ''J suppose oncp it had expended itself an a desert it didn't refill, just ran dry.' 1 Hope vciurned and Jupiter went into a slo\y spin, which wns unusual, Mrs, piggs j-eporte5! that the Mister atp to fast when alone. Al) this after AdB m ' hgri. met her nt, the airport and she, had madp p report to hjm. Helen was mucji better. She parfinily, great resiliency, 1 DI-. Coljins had said th In moderation, Hplon oo sumo jipr prpfessioi\al dui first she must rest. liope - JolcJ him about secretary. "Tessa flow in, Helen her; she's "What U ft p P c n c d t,o ^ up« .sopn, Jhp Jt WPS loW by the limp home. two. mi'lds; jt y&S fjtnny, Hqjpo thought, watphjng Mm, H.9 his ha,t tQ Rafcy. Jig Ul9V|ht limp Uiaj ffelpfl hjnj Jjocii i'P- t.h,,e sensed, tlu\i '.Ue was, a said., "tp you yp« Tessa,," invs • decided All Sin f Mil Ssp T«§i* Alia &*>' '•; :' V '--V /' : ' li;> Mip^i^^ •;^\iv } A \ ....;r/L-7,,y l?4^^W^VEys->H^. .^7.-^ .' '.a;-.'.:•*' - >y :. WX..x>."-r. mosquilos," called. She has exaclly ihe right qualifications, correct hairdo and suitable number of years." (To Be Continued) HOME LOANS TITLE 1 (Home Improvement) • Conventional • FHA Build —- Buy — Repair — Remodel — Refinance Ours is a local institution, owned and operated by local people, and we're here to help YOU with your loan problems. We have many facilities and we invite you to use them. FRED O. ELLIS Secretary ••"-'• •». • • 209 S. Main St. Phone 7-4661 5Jr Kodak reflex camera in a, jf y lop-value flash outfit jSj Sif low, low price — but this com- A' ^ ple(e outfit feolures Kodak's 0 S# great new Brownie Slarflex IK ^ Camera lhal lakes Eklaclirome § SS color slides as well a» Kodacolor $ H end black-ond-whlle snapsliors. -§ S# Oulfil also includes flasliolder, n bulbs, batteries, Vericlirome Pan ft Film, and full instructions 'fa All for $16.50 f 5 YOUR KODAK AGENT 1 Ward & Son Druggist : • Courtesy • Quality • Service 102 West 2nd Phone 7-2292 i ISN'T IT ABOUT TIME YOU ENJOYED THESE CAR COMFORTS AND FEATURES ? §TRETPH-OUT ROQM FOR THE MlPPli MAN WIDEST'DOOR OPENINGS FOR EASY ENTRANCE WINDSHIELD POSTS MOVED FORWARD *ys '"s"?,X,','"' % ,\ <f/>, 1 Y'L'.r''-y, -'VX*> **<*<?,, £l-;;<y^XU44XJ.^% ^ V?} l^Tbt' \^1/> • (VlQBf LEG'RQOM UP FRONT FQR. ^ TRUNK RQQIYI ANP EASIER AQCE§§ . "flR§T Sjpi-TO-SIpE WINDSHIELD WIPERS

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