Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 8, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 8, 1958
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Te City Siibicribtrti If you fail !a gst y3up Star please tetg^hdRS 7*343! by 6:36 p. m. and a speelal gamer will deliver y§ur paper. For Weathar Rtperii Sea Column af Battem 8? This Pogfi YEAR VOU, 60 —-NO, i»a> »» H60I, »S*t Pita Ja«. 11, HOPE, ARKANSAS* MONDAY, DICIMIIR 0, 1958 Mtfnbth the Auaeifllfl PMU I Au4ll ttuttta ft! A*. Nil Nid t\nl I met, tftdiftt 1,01. 38, MSI State Expected to Get Even By THE A&lbeiAfEB PRESS Colder weather is ekpectdd to hit Arkansas tonight as northerly wins march into the state after passing over the snow midsvcsl. covered The U.S. Weather Bureau at Little Rock said a few snow flurries were possible in the extreme « 'th\vesl portion of Arkansas to lit or tomorrow. Lows ranging from 15 to 25 de- gress in the northwest lo about 40 in the southtrn part of llv state arc expected early tomorrow. Mountain Homo recorded Arkaii* sas' bottom temperature early today-—15 degrees. Weathermen snld a low pressure area is expected to cross the state today, triggering a Clow of cold air southward from a high pressure jjji'ea in the midwest. '*A warming trend is forecast for the latter half of this week. Light scattered rains are expected when temperatures rise, 'Here arc some other lows early Rules Pipelines Con Raise Rates WASttfNdfoM fAP) — The Supreme Court loda.V decided Hal' Ural gas pipeline companies fnny raise their prices wilhoitt waiting for approval by the federal Poiv- or dommission. The decision Was given on an appeal by the commission aVid throe pipeline companies from ;•) ruling by the U.S. Court of AP puais here tfaal gas suppliers could not do so unless Iheir customers agreed to the rale increases. Justice Marian delivered Iho 5-3 j decision, Justice Douglas wrote n i dissenting opinion in which Chlci j Justice warren and Justice Black joined. Justice Clark took no part. Youth Tries to Shoot Another .in today; B'atesvillc 18 degrees, Gilbert 19, Camden, Flippin and Newport, 21. Arkadelphia, Morrilton and Dardanelle 22, Pine Bluff and Walnut Ridge 23. Fayettevillo and Fort Smith 25, and Hot Springs 20. y THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Swirling snow piled a thick while coal over Ihe expanse from the Continued on Page Three During the weekend local officers arrested one youth for trying lo shoot anolhcr,- a man was hit by an alilo on Highway 20 soulh of here, ono person was charged with assault and a man was found in crit-j ical condition from exposure. Saturday about 8 a. m. Billy Joe j Rogers, 18, attempted to shoot; James Roberts at the home of the lattor's grandfather, Joe Morton, Investigating City Officers said. I Police Chief Jack Brown and ity! vcstigating officers gave this ac 1 -' count of dhe incident, Rogers and Roberts had an argument Friday night at a cafe. Saturday morning .EVERYONE WELCOME — Peter Peterson, 98, and his 97- year-old wife; re'ad v a'large'edltlon of the Bible In their Falrvlew, Utah/ home as they await their 80th wedding anniversary celebra> tlon. Their decendants,..numbering about 325, Include seven living children, 47 living',grandchildren, 150 great-grandchildren and 39 great-great-grsndchlldren. — NEA Telephoto Experiment Statipii-.vr.eport for 24-hours^ending at 7 aVm. Monday, High 45, Low 21; No precipitation; Total 1958 precipitation through No- "jpmbcr, 52.03 inches; during the lime period a year ago, 67.90 inches. ARKANSAS: Partly cloudy to cloudy, a little warmer this afternoon, turning colder tonight, colder Tuesday, a few snow flurries e x t r o m e northwest tonight c,r Tuesday, lowest tonight lo - 2f> northwest lo 40 cxtro-me southeast portion, highest Tuesday 30. - 40, no RulesPrpfifs Can't Fix Attempt Made to Destroy a Church HOUSTON, Tex. (AP^— Fire department Investigators today told of an apparent a'templ lo blow up nielli, ni a taivi. kjciumunj juuiuiuft - . . - , or burn Ihe Trinity •Lutheran Rogers appeared at the Morton! an auto racing track cannot be! church nl ^ v/ hi c h 1,000 persons home and was told by Mr. Morton, I considered in fixing the ..value of who thought the boys were' going 1;ind on whicn tllc tl .., c |j j s located. hunting, that young Roberts was fl testimony ToMlial,effect asleep. -Rogers went into the bed- .• D1 - L '-' u::>l - >••—'_"" •> . , LITTLE ROCK (AP) —-The Arkansas Supreme Court, .today- held that net profits'from operation ot Group Opens a Rights Inquiry MONTGOMBRV. Ain. ('Ap)-A Ttifkcgoe Negro loader told (Hft Civil Klfihts Commlsf-ion today Ihal only 4 per cctil of the Negroes In his county nrc registered vdlors but that the pcrccnlnRC ninonjf white residents runs ns high hs (>0-70 per cent, Willinm P. Mitchell, who recalled that ho was rejected as rt ijrospectlvo voter until he fllocl a court suit 13 years ngo, Wtis tin* fii-si witness called In testify In the commission's historic Inquiry Into Negro Voting complaints in the South. Tho commission opened its first . . public hcnrln* in r. crowdocl U.S. I \«nMilo Bolnnconr , n velon.nU.-l> courtroom. JudRc Hi chard T. .M hflck from cxflc. wna runnl « floeves. in whoso courtroom the! 11 " 1 tron\. and s ron« todny with hearing is being conductod, ropro- [ '" ol 'o than hi,If the votes cotmtcct sentcd TuBkcgce registration offi- In Vciiczucln s first free presided Hearing in Little Rock Integration Case Set Jan. 6 by Judge Miller Must Abide by Leftist Out Front in Vote in Venezuela By RICHARD G. MASSOCK CAHACAS, Venezuela lAP) — lial flection in <i dec.ido. The 50-year-old leader worshipped Sunday. Church custodian William Lampp round a crude outline of a hammer and sickle ' ;buvned In to-'tin* room carrying a shotgun and fired was introduced -in Saline-;CSrcuit I |lool . of tnc Sunday School princl- ,...,,, 'p n i's office. Then he found gay jols open In Iho church kitchen and in the kindergarten' class- at Roberts, the shot his head. .Mr. Morton ran room and overpowered Rogers., Officers said it was very close with powder marks from the gun striking Roberts' face. Rogers has been charged with al- .tern.pl-.to murder, He was released on '$500 bond, Sheriff: Jimmic Cook said this-morning. Pedestrian Hit >t barely missing .'Court, vho high .court.-'-'oVdcre'd re- rlon ran into -the tria'l of a • eorule.mmitlon • suit brought by the Arkansas Highway Department. ' . ' ' , . Tho department look' some 4',a acres belonging to Charles cials in contesting Mitchell's lawsuit in 194!). That was before he became a judge. A showdown was delayed on HIP threatened refusal of defiant Alabama officials to produce voting records from six Alabama counties which were subpoenaed for Ihe hearing. The commission said il would hear testimony from com plaining Negro witnesses first Circuit Court Judge George C. Wallace ol Clay Inn. Ala., who ha:) impounded voter registration flics in two of the counlies, failed to answer when his name was called as .a witness. What action might be taken by Iho commission was lo .be decided lalcr. Mitchell, who is secretary of the Tu'skcgee Civic Assn., which has j spearheaded tho Negro registration efforts in Macon County, told the commission only 1,110 Negroes are registered ns voters out of a Negro population of approximalo- Jy'<27,000. He-said something ovor 14,000 of them are of voting age. the defeated cundidutcs in Iho L R. School Deadlock Is Unbroken UTTL.E 1«OCK, Ark, (AP) — Fodornl Judwo John IS, Miller today sot n .Jim. 0 hcnrlng d/itc fur Iho Ijllllo Htick school intoarntlun CIISO, Miller said any Interested party could appear to present iirgti- ments or sUfU!os,llons nbotil how an appeals court mandate ordering hilcurntinn here Is to I** cur- First services were scheduled in little more 'than hour. Lampp 'Addy, operator of the B c n t o. n I stamped out the* still smouldering i Speed Bqwlr: 'located at., the juii'c- fire'in the principal's .office and lion of U.S. Highway 07-70" and the Alcoa 'Plant Road;' •'• Addv testified'iiv Iho-lower-court r - e' lion, highest Tuesday M - -1U , iAhri.it nnnn va*t 0 ,-j-,,, in '-,«ii'»c •> »=="'"=.«. .v*-;-;. 1 --'."': " v . ; ---ind ni-o.mrl 40 south nortlori ---,,- n °? n ,-Ves.teiday, 10,, miles tnat 'he,made a-net'prof 1'of .nearly I dllt.1 cll'JUlHI' t\J OUUlll ItJl IIU1I, I <,«. .4 U.. nn TJ{ Jf]..,., n ,, nn n tt njl^n H,«i,, •., '• " '', • ' , nr-'ii J .•-•-. • • ' j souin on wignway 2U, an auto dnv-| jpg^oo from the oowl in 195G and REGIONAL FORECAST .: r B£THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 1 Central, northeast, .southeast 1 and on by Coy Bohansn of Spring Hill, i ?6 ' 775 ]ast yean other witnesses La., hit Mikn Didick, 68, of North < who testified about tho'value of Dakota, who was walking across| Ule m. 0 ,, e rly said they .considered sn ' d - ., ,, the highway to Powell's Grocery. ! pl , 0 rjt iVyels in determining the ! He said lhe arsonist poured State Policeman Al Smith said appraised value o fine properly j fluid on lhe floor in the shape of e. turned off jets, He called liremc-i) and police. .. . 1 Arson investigator 'D. ''A, entry and it was obvious that an- explosion was planned by someone who knew tho building," he said, and tonight, colder Tuesday. Northwest Arkansas: Partly cloudy to cloudy and warmer this afternoon, turning colder tonight and Tuesday with a i'c'SV snow flurries loniKhl or TH5.sdi.iy, i High this afternoon 50 central, f< 40s northeast, near 40 norlh- wost, upper 40s to mic ! oOs soutlj- easi and sonihwos 1 ,: low tonisht Jow 3Qs jentral, near 30 northeast, 15 to 25 northwest, around 40 southoa&t and southwest, M LOUISIANA: Partly cloudy and a little warmer this afternoon and tonight, Tuesday cloudy and turning colder north portion, THE WEATHER ELSEWHERE «3y THE ASSOCIATED PRESS w ' ' High Low Pr, Albany, clear 25 14 Albuquerque, cleqr 64 39 Anchorage, clear Atlanta, clear Bismarck, clear Boston, cjcar Buffalo, olosr Chicago, snow Cleveland, ?n<nv Denver, cloudy Dos Moinos, snow Detroit, snow Fort Worth, elcF.r Helena, snow ' Indianapolis,' ?|oudy Kansas Cjly. cloudy Los Angoles, cjoudy Louisville, cloudy Memphis, eU-ar Miami; ejet,r Milwaukee, snow flew Orjoans, clour New York, clear Pity, clear snow Philadelphia, plcar Phppnix, clear •Pittsburgh, snow Portjanci, Me., clear Portland, Ore,, pk-ar Jiapid.Oily, 'plear Richmond, cloudy • St, Louis, cloudy gait J<3kc G}ty; pjoudy 54 4? .0? Diego,' pjoudy J3H 5?' p, cloudy 6a 49 cjou«|y 50 33 ,19 a, pjpav • 28 58 clqudj 8 -6 51 33 -2 ,7 ,07 32 23 22 15 ,03 16 14 ,la J9 Jl .03 63 23 22 0 ,H 21 13 ,03 4^ 34 4 M 22 V3 3i 23 03 49 35 21 70 77 ,81 U 5 - Q * 54 -12 32 24 38 30 2i g .0} 30 23 T3 -$6 >8 13 T 25 19 ' 53 ?^ ,}? 9 -8 36 ?0 ?G 21 started walking across the road to| the store. A small'hill blocked the I view of the driver, Smith said the empact knocked 'Didick about -45 to 50 feet. He suffered head lacerations and body bruises. He was brought to a local bospjtal by a Herndon-Cornelius ambulance, His condilion is not considered critical, No charges were filed. On West Third Slreol a man was picked up by an Oakcrest Ambulance about 9 a. m, Sunday and rushed to a local hospital where he was treated for exposure, His condition was believed serious. Officers listed the man as Owen Neal. Sheriff Jimmy Cook said today that Floyd Wright has been charged with assault and was fre^e on bond. The sheriff said the complaining witness was n 25-year-old waitress The incident occurred Friday night, School Tax Gets Voter Approval Only "-S3 voles were cast in Sat' urday's school election in which voters gaye wholehearted approval to* the existing school mill tax and named Judd lYJartindale and Nor' man Moore to three year terms on the J-Jope School Poard. There wore 77 votes for the school and only si-x against, of the board members had opposition. Addy cited a recont- court decision' whore evid'cnce-'of profits was admissible in court. But Associate Justice Sam Robinson, who svrnte today's unanimous Supremo Court .hammer and sickle, then ignited tho fluid, a slow burning type. , "Whoever it was then turned on the gas jets hoping that by tho time the church services began the fire would have ignited tllc " > - • • .. , . l-IJC 11 i I' v> wu n.t >iMVt ij-^ain-w n*w opinion, said the .ruling cilec. by cscaping gas and cause d an ex- Addy; involved farm Jam! and was „,„_,„„ ,, wiahnm said. Addy an exception, A lower civ.ivt ju'r'y awarded Addy $20,0(10 for the p r o p o r ty which was taken from a fl'i-aoro plot of land, Justice' Robinson cited other recent jluoisluns which held the profit element- cannot bo considered in arriving at land value, Addy's wJtncssi.'a snid ropjace- menl value of tho land and im- provemeol,-- would bo $26,800. pnd that tho worth of Iho five acres left was unly 56,25(1 500 Year Old Book Auctions for $89,000 LONPQN (AP>— A 500-year-oJc| Flemish prayer 'bopk, fotuid in an oJd baskej by , a , London - auctioneer, was soid today for- $89,000, The, manwscHpt, v fl -15th, Century J3ook of HOUI'SI -was. written 'on !fi3 leaves of pjipor, and richly illu* in go}d, pqeoyation on-the calf b|n4jng include?! lh,e. name of the , medieval binder.- Livinus Stuavt, An" e^po|-t fvom Christie's, Lon, don's noted antique auctioneers discovered lhe book b.y Qhance in a basKet of.silverwaro at 'the Mont mouth, j-jomo gf the }ate Uan^wttQck. Three ' solars werp Jhe book» Three Arkansas Truqji 0rjy©rs Found ^ead jn Truck Slop Bunkhouss in Missou/i Tpwn ^ _ - 1 \ ' , ' *• & - ~H '-. MO- <AP> drivers, weary frpm the Jong dr|ye from oen.lrs\l Arkansas lo thjs jiprth Missouri village, went to sleep in 9 truck stop bunkhouso. AH three flf them eliod there, At tl>is stage, no png • , ,. n said ttw vjelim apparently died of a heart attgeK ( Autopsies on th.e b,a4(gs of thp othe? two were ive. Tissue sann3l.es vyi]l by gt^tp poli.ce. vy)ien i} ,oi;Ut% " It iva,s, \. a, . said i J^alvern, and-bp, hoi Ijon-restayrant on -y,g, Highway 63. ' Lgle lb.a.1 was fom\cj \Yaydcji Democratic Action party roller! up 501,644 votes to B2H.157 for Chtd- .longer Rear Aclm. Wolfgang Liir- rnznbnl in the thivc-wi;y conlost* Far behind was Kafao! Ciililern of the more moderate Christian Socialists. Ho hfid 341,802 voles. Figures on tho Communist vole were not available but the voti* was estimated at considerably less than 10 per cent of the nationwide total. the j rlcri out, Recount Asked by Two at Little Rock LITTLE ROCK (API—Two of plosion, Chairman John A. Hannah anil Viet Chairman Hobs/'- G. Stor.oy issue*! preparo:! slai.omciHs :il the outst'l of Iho invosligalion. cmpha- siaiii!! that live hearing will bo wljal they Icfpio-J a fact-finding inquiry and nothliu! more. The commit it in gave dctlnnl AJi'ibama official.! a new chance l,#"linswer -chav{!<.'3 ol diacrimina-- lion agains; pro-ipoet'.ve Nogio voters. But'as the he.'ivin.'! opened, lliero was no indication lhat subpoenaed voter regislriii'i'n records in six counties woul'.l bo surrendered to (lie commis.-ik'ii. Hannah and Storey withhold eommenl nn what fiction might be (alien if the u-ii- ncsses porsisled in their threatened rffusiil to produce roe-'-rds. Instead they said the hearing offered officials a chance to d.is- provo the Nogroos' charges, if The church is segregated and no j they can, and cxp-'cs-si-il houe they 'attempt is under way to integrate ' would take nclviu-.taRy of that op- it, iiorlunity. They said they had rocoh'cd ii substantial number of complaints that Negroes 'i.nv boon clunicil tho right to vole Ijacuusc of j-ace. Plays With Baby Brother, Kills Him NORWALK, Calif, (APj— Police j "" s>aid a boy's efforts to aniuse h ;s 0^1 r tA^.^ f*l*~-~~A btiDy brother ended in the older DODy iCtter V.narged boy's death by suffocation, With KidnaoinO Pojjce said Luis Crux, 8, had put ^ "" "MOnoping an air-tight plastic bjg ovor Ins WASHINGTON (AP)— A woman head and fastened The bottom w( , 0 )eft ono bab y. s jtu n g job lo around his nock. l3 i^ e a , 10 thcr — and carried UK; He was trying to amuse his 2- first cj ild a , ong _ was ))ojd todn> , year-old brother, Edward. on n charge of "Another'brother saw Louis fall, police said, but thought nothing of it at the time as tha baby was The FBI filed the charge Sunday night against Mrs. Dolly ZirK, 20 after she and tho missing 10- Littlo Rock sc'hool board election asked for a city-wide recount of ballots today, .Mrs. Charles Stephens and VV.F. Rector presented tho request lo the Pulaski County Klection Commission. "Unofficial returns' showed that Mrs,, .Stephens.. .\yu.s ,.,,clc.futitcd,,, by Traffic Judfie'Jl...Ay. Lasi'cr by an Ul-vole margin Saturday. Hector lost, lo Ben Rowland St: by 3JC votes. C. C. Railoy, another defeated candidate, didn't indicate immediately whether ho would ask for a recount in the race which he lost by 2«U votes to R. H.. Matson Jr. The election commissioners were expected lo meet later 'today lo act on the requests. Presumably recounting could begin loinornnv. "I am sure we will acl quickly because Iho oily noons a school board," said W. H. Laubach, commission secrolary, Lastur, Rowland and Railcy wore on a slale which apparently had Iho tacit backing of Gov, Orval K. J-'uubus. The governor had assailed as intogratiomst anolhcr sla'o which included Mrv Slephons anrl Reclor. The judge suld he would issue an order lhat same tloy (is tho hearing spelling out (Intails of how Integration Is to proceed. He snicl tho order would bo dl- reeled ntjnlnsl n now six-man School 13"ard elected Saturday. Tho mandate from tho U.S. Bill Circuit Court of Appeals nt St, Louis, received 'hero last week, instructed . tho School Boiircl to /ic- complish Intofjralion but lofl It up to Miller how lo soo that this is done. Meanwhile, tho deadlock ovor Intograllon hero remained unbroken following Iho election of a new School Board, In which tlireo businessmen opposed by Gov. Orval E. Faubus won seals. Fiiubus charged tiiu three wore inlcgratlonists who hud worked against his successful bid for n Ihlrd term in Insl summer's oloc- lion, Three others elected lo the school board hnd Iho i m p 1 led buck of Iho governor. Seemingly split on the degree of resistance to ln(eurnllon, tho now board soon will iiavo to cope v.'Kh nn uncompromising federal ordur for. "affirmiillvu climbing over Louis aj Jio often mont h..,,i d ba by were founr] at the did when they played together. At- lern.pV5 - lo revive the youngster failed, Co-op Speaker 1$ Clyde T, Ellis ROCK Ellis, executive manager of the home of the second employer m suburban Mount Rainier, JVM, The baby, Victoria poLuah, was unharmed, •Mrs, girk was identified as a former mental patient and herself the, mother of a 10-month-old child now in her husband's custody. 'Police said Mrs. Zirk, hired lost Friday by Victoria's parents JXaljonal Rural Eeotrie Co-openj j ,, s „ ru jj. t j mo baby sitter, live Assn., will be the featured pea ,. cd from lhe pcLosh hume qt speaker at the annual meeting ofi noon Saturday, taking Victoria the Arkansas Slate Electric Co-1 w)l u operative horo later this month meelins? will bo hold. Doc TSllis will speak at a banquet Doe. 15, The FBI said Mrs. £irk accepted, the second baby-sitting job alter starling to lake cure of the PeLosh baby, She told the second , - . . . . ... j 4^V*-4W»?t4 Ulftuj , v^..^. .-..--^ Tlll-f _—,,_, Also fealured as .speakers \vill, cmp i 0 y Cl - victoria was her child j Gov, Orval B. Faubus and ..,,J wns . eivon oermissioii to take be Pougias G, -Wright of Tulsa, Okla,, of l.ne Christmas Tree Blaze Extinguished A Chrisitmas tree caught fire at the Country Club Saturday night and only quick action by adults 'present, prevented serious damage, A birthday party was in progress 'honoring Oraydon Anthony Jr,, and •presents wrapped in tissue paper, 'were pilod under <the tree. Some- 'how ono of tho packagus cumo in 'contact with a light on tho tree and 'was ignited, sotting Iho tree 'and presents on (ire. Tho .tree and sumo -birthday prp» scnts wore damaged by -firu and "wpler 'but no one was injured and •only slight diunugo resumed to the 'Blub house and furnishings, . toward riv oinlly mixed clas^i.-s ln<publit schijols;"' " ' ' * * '""" " All II) unndidntoti for the fix board seats had professed I" bo .'•egregntioni.sts, Thoir differences oenlorocl tn tho prloo. Apparently only diiy-by-rliiy do- v'clopmcnts will tell what direction the now bonrd will taki!, As lo the implication of Saturday's rehitivciy ligh-, but cicise voting, thy i 1 '- 1 wore as many views as 'viewpoints dospito the governor's |'iost-i;K'!,jUuii silonco. "This is Iho first crack In UK- Faubus odifico and I predict (hut his entire political umpire, founded ns it is upon rnlsrcT/resontatkm and bigotry, will soon bo crumb- line at his feet," assorted Tod L. Liunb, an advertising o.xocutivQ who defeated two staunch segregationists in a three-way raco, J^ut Amis Gulhrldijo, atlrjrnoy for tho proscgrogaliim Capital Cili/.ons Council analy/.i-cl the voting this way: "Our people look Iho election for granted and ro- fused to run seared." Gov. Faubus Injected himself into Iho School Bonrd ruce in an cloclion-oVB maneuver. Ho said thesis livii candidate:-, v/oro into- -"Lamb; W, f, UliUyj Huolor, an insurance oxocutivc; Kvorett Tnc^ kdr Jr,, executive director of an deyolopmont ciiniptiny; Matson Jr., a contractor, doj'sed slale. Triumphant pro-Kaubus dates included Ben. D, Rowland Sr,, an attorney, and Robert W. Lastor, a city traffic judge. Tho sixth spat wont tu Atty, fid I. McK-Inlcy Jr., who wu-» unopposed. McKinley also was endorsed by lhe Citizens Council, iinci Mrs. Charles tV. Stophc'ijs, fornier prcfjidont of the Centra) Jfigh School farent - Touchers Assn. Lamb, Tucker and Matson won. Rector and. Mrs, glqihcn.-i lo.;>t ejose races to members of the pro'Faubus, Ciu'v-ojiii C' o Mandate From Appeals Court By JOHN U. STARR LITLK ROCK (AIM — Federal Judge John E. Mlllor lodny sot; a Jim. (1 hearing dale for tho Little; iKoek School Integration case* Mlllor said any Interested parly: could appear to present >r suggestions about how Mh, appeals court mandate ordering In* tegratlon hero is lo be carried out, Tho judge who wns expected lo conclude the hearing In n few lows and probably would Issue att order thai same dny spelling out. details of how Integration Is to ceod. Ho said the order would be directed against a now six-mail, .school board elected Saturday, Miller said the fad ho planned to Issue an order for Integration 'doesn't moan I have In mind now what Iho order will bo." '. , Ho added; ' "I have il In mind generally but not the exact provisions. I will-', determine tho exact wording o£ Iho order from the hearing," Miller said the mandate from tho U. S. Eighth Circuit Court of* Appeals at SI. Louis received hero last week, left IHUo room tor judicial discretion about whether , Integration was to bo resumed, The appeals court mandate lii; blructcd lhe school board to accomplish integration but loft it up , to Miller hosv lo see lhal llvls Is ,' done. ' ' The judge said his court would Issue no order deviating from i-hg \ mandate. ' . %,,' , , . $<$• ' Miller said no subpoenas- would bo Issued for the Jlc would not speculate fact that iho school iboar<Mjssi'biy would vote to defy lh<T^^ mandate: He did say thr-^Ji any conlcmpl cltallon, the cnU^ftboard would bo held liable —J^en \t there had been a split Bui Miller said ho clidi?? think tho board would defy federal court orders, Meanwhile, tho deadlock ovor integration hero remained un» ~ broken following the 'election of a new school board, in which three businosmcn opposed by 1 Gov. Orval 12. Fnubud won seats, A Jugul source said that If the- school board encountered difficult lies In Implementing any order Judge Mlllor mighl issue, it would, 'bo up lo tho board to remove ths obstacle. •'-" This would refer to the recently oncctcfl school closing Jaw, Jhv voked by Faubus to shut down alj four city high schools to avoid in* - tegration. ISarJier U had been pointed out by legal observers lhal constltu* tionality of the school closing law probably would huvo lo be joineci , in "lhe Integration case. So far.thUi, hasn'l boon done by Iho two liti' giinls, lhe school board and thy' .National Assn, for tho Advun.(.'c> mont of Colored People. Man Accused of Killing Wife CAULISLK, Pa, (API — A 25t year-old carpenter has boon 3C», cusect of fcleas-mg the hand braHo. on his car and lotting the car fpJJ over his wito, killing her, At Jirst, the death of 24, last Oct. 12 was and was' given permission to take j hc;i along, agems bjid. Thyy add-} administrator of tnc Southwest p£) , n t ( hc g ccon ^ Power Administration. They ^w^thing -about the baby's disup- sj.}cak on the concluding day. ipc>ar;mco Others appearing o-n thu pi'<"', " __ gram, will include Paul Jones of Stuttgart, an Arkansas direwtor of and Justin Willems of Subjaco, prosi-lwH at Hie Ar- Kansas Yallpy Klcctric Co-yjK-ra- He suffered f-cotP »" heart ailment', His'dpftlh-v/iif Attributed io disease a,iyj hjf feody "was sent to Ljtjjc'fjoefe, , . jywfe'ej- P-S ' w HOS•--' '-- drivers; I 0?£jrk, Dividend Declared by toc^l Firm ' Trapped 12 Hours in ley Wafer/ Ux§§ SJSNTON HARBOR. Mich. (AfO A woman clung to life tuUay af- tor bein^ trapped in u cur in icy croejt waters [ur hours. body tPinpuraiuri' uf Mrs. All Around Town By The Star Staff as an accident. J^ator police re^ c- opened tho investigation. Oyor the/ -_y weekend her husband, James J} ' < Dr. John McClunuhuri gets a froe rjdp Tuesday morning ut Jt:30 a.m. Its not likely hy will onjoy it too much you see, tho fiev. Sorrolls will pu^h Dr. John 7 , , ..,, .... meeting the Board of -jv.jyjjy Louisa B,a«u:U Qf Qf Hope- Federal. Savings s Harbor was only (j-i doBrpcs-r-3'4 'V41}"&Q .th,e,^8,th coiisecutiye sentH roa4 inlo a creek '/pur miles east jjn/Mjjjl dividend at neyer.less than-of Bi-nton Harbor- Saturday. £H? l';£\ "*•'• •-' i «< v -j 'sidf/u'e'-j mulU'jiy froclu,rvs, ii ~ '" ~ jtsry-^Jafl^ger .of di-ilj;).cjjtpd ; 'ip ocid «';n(;vw'!'U. 'said that ttppel AuJhorHie's said Mi'5. J[2 around downtown Jlope streets a wheel barrow , . . lyjr. Sorrolls AVas lhe luscf in tho r-jcenl QooU< {cllow iiuction contest sponsored by yxe Lions Club , , . with the mercury down to 21 this nwrni»& H seems the one doing Uw pushing fnsy have the better deal. second deer season got wh H*-*-)v»y. ihis morning and. coiiU'Hies .'thrugh Saturday . , t|i,e season was a good, one (or -who bagged. ,7,0.^0 dpei^ln-thjj stpiu in Homp^teard'Cuunty . . < fpw'pr dc«r UIK 'wuu^u'r is tu "b^ a big fag tar .this fewot Jiun-U'i's was arraigned, on charge of muider. Authorities said Rowlos rii-cl on Nov. 29, but his new w|Jo, i-'aye, appurantly know nothing tho circumstances suirpVtjidJ Janet's deyih. State police saict Rowlos tcl4 IJjpjn, he wns out foi a drivu his svife and then.' daughter Su«y. Uc stopped w\ ,, ... ,, , „ ... ,,, . igroclo to fix a tiiv and. 14s wife Quernsoy7thGrudeEnglishClubSwajki.fi around tp tnq r(!ar * o( " the biting cold. Officers include, President, orvcll. . var . Hc ,-oieascd tho . w«. .prosulonl Jerry ; and (hc cur roUcd bac kward soorc.tf.ry, Carolyn Pu- , h d crushing his wife. ° fvt, R. ftf.-ftoss of ilupo lo finish Jour i,p4ivkl,ual eombftt ti'itintue .Pee, J 9 at thv Marine Qgr-ps ,ftg,se ul treasurer, Joy Clayton and ryporters, Sue Mullins and Helen Self. At JJendersoji the Kappa Sigma Kupjju annual Christmas formal is pjiinncd for Dec. J2 . . . among the four-new members recently pd w^s ,C'hui"les Flowers of J^opc , , . and. 0on Bailey of Hope svas | initiatpd into thp Phi L.amba Chi

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