Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 6, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1958
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Mart for Not Jumping In too Pool iOS ANSELfcS (AlW'i wa e'd fiiW IB jllffip ifiiB B SWlmfflifig to Humiiifde hihudf Afi'A he . tfiat, Sa^s painting MdWafd Nfewmafl, is why he shol and kukd a union bfrieihl OJi ' suspicion 8f ftiuMtif 1 after itk MacKenfcitv frit HuSl.tVbsj? top Local 35 of the Pail Met dqiihelt, <vM gufino'd front, of startitfl WhvkBi-8r Newman, at suburban .1 ..„„ ,,gwas Contractor on a baittting job *in pi'ogfess at a swimming pan, ebmiiany office. Sheriff's cteputies" said hd told this stoti 1 : He became angered at Mae Renzie Wednesday when the union offieial pulled a union painter off the job (because Newman had Jiit'ed non'itnion workers, "Mackenzie came right on the job and pulled one man off thai He knew was a union man," said Newman, "i brought a gun to knowing Mackenzie would he rlid show Up 1 said to myself, 'I'm Koniin make that fitly walk ovcf to the swimming pool.' 1 Wanted him to J.litn.p ,'nto thn ijobl to humlliu-to httTiiiClf ..... *'i told him to walk, and when He refused I shot- Him 'in .tho stomach. ISv-jn alter I shoi him 1H& i'irst tlm° I still' • wanted '. to rrihke him Walk to IHe pool and ^ jump in." %, MacKenzie turned and ran. Nrwman shol him in the back and leg. MacKcnzic fell. Newmai stooped over the Victim, turned his head over and shin .him again at close range behind the left ear, witnof.si.fF. said. Newman Went to his -office, Jaid the gun on his scci'etary.'n desk arid told her to cnll the police. « May Set Off Moon Rocket By Weekend Bp JOHN BARBOUR , Associated Press Science .'Writer NEW YORK (AP)—A huge U.S. rrioon Brocket—short on 'brains but long, on brawn — may .blast into space this weekend'on a trip,that •pould take just 34 hours, but might Viast millions of years. , , '• 1 It'is the U.S. Ammy'Si first, shot at the moon — aneMike its Explorer satellite shots, the Army hasn't spared the horses. • , •• This is perhaps the greatest 'dif : ference between ''••'the*''"planned Army probe and the Iqst three shots by the U.s'. 'A,Ui,,.^prcp,' one pf'whlch reached as.higha..s 79,000 miles. ice'- The Air Force satei;ite; weighed 'M' bout 85 pounds.' I|' \vag,,)aimed at ,t'n orbit or at loastftamsingle • trip around the moon, In its'iflnal stage it carried the electronic' 1 brains and maneuvering rocket to do~ the The 30-pound Army shot is less am'hitious, It too is" i a'i'mcd 'at Uir moon with the intentioft.'of hitting the lunar surface, But 'if all works well it ,mny be destined ' for a greater glory. i^ ' • The Army has packed its rock- fi)t, . dubbed Juno II, with enough powor and cpeed to overcome tho pull of the earths gravity phot, says it has 'a 1 Jn 2 chnnco -pf building up escape velocity — ' ^d t so blasting p way 'from the ear(,h' into a possible orbit around- the sun, , ' / Such an orbit might last millions of years, - This assumes fir,«t- that -r.\\ ii)^ moon rocket's engines will fire and that it will overshpot tho The moon Is not an ea'sy targef io' hit, So many things are un- ^nown a'bout its mass and behnv* Jor that it can easjly, be missed, J»st as unpredictable "'is the bfii haviov of. 'the rrioon rocket' jtsoJf, ( The Arn),v has kept nHm] op jls >oeket plans, becpuso |t said If doesn't wsrH to 05933)015 0 bujlri yp\ of public expectancy and. - the consequent pressure on jts rocket people, • Put two 'days agp tl)e' sorvire tower was pulled pac^ froitj- (!ip b;g" ninn n j-ockot at .Pfipe Canny- era), Fin., and it stM > v ilh its jjqse only shrouded, HUGHIS INSURANCE f flrt-t >|ft I, Jr.*,; Wf .WiMi. • •» ™ »4*» *$sa$?si ,-,,„, u """4f*liBp|| . HO.M .S.T.A.I* .H.OM, Amwir td : Pfi»lmii PuHtiy CAINIVAL Jordan Javelin 3 Wild dS o! 6 Soft Bid! il,aawate 15 sedy ef water wpuaisis appellation 41 16 Prtlil dHhk JefUSfllert • 8fiPe«ifl 42 Oteek Ictlef i? KiHd.W 6f* I Palis in dfdpS Zl AbStrael being 43 PISh sfilics ii TMtf . « "fcffietttd 29 Ictlandltf saga ,44 Matflt bn hie" 30 Mtmds used 4BP/ineibai FLASH GORDON tHAT H6K ifNE'ER RETURN! JUST • TH' t SURE HATE NAFTA, ea SAC BRfeAfc Tl-(' NEWS 88 Gollee'.it-n 6l IS Small shield (suffix) ,, ^ SOtSepot (ab.) 34 Organ of 62BfaziliaH fif (ff.J 22 Shoot the — - hearing , U a ,? a in a cahoe 39 Wife of Aeglf 53 feline 2s Grafted (hef.) (myth.) . S3 Seaport fab,) 34 River In - Germany 85 Ages S7 Arabian gulf S6 Light brown 30 Railway* c6nnebt Amman with Aqaba on the 'Sea 40 Expunge ALLEY OOP T.M. *•*'.«.«. HI wr.^ 1 ffl l«» fc) SEA S«r.l«,"». THB LA*t SHOW, SH& TO CHECK ^ MRS. HAKMO WOWi IP I WAKE I I'VE OOr THAT CAN'T WAIT HEY! PAWCEK WHO'LL KfJOCR 'BW' DEAD. Lfet 1 * PACE IT. HtJK 6HABBV C05TUM6S, "Vou sure this is a duck, call? Air I get' is game wardens!*' PEELING TIREP MJD ft\V,A<3EMT, HAdM SPOT 1(0 J£W JOIWT- 43 - is one of •• > its capital! 46 Earns " (1 Shakespearean .' king . • ; 62 High card 84 False god 55 Exude SORRV, EDIE. LKNOVM COUNTED 'OW WEEK HERE SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Seltzer 67 Curds: of milk £8 Peruees (9 Indonesian of Mindanao By Kate Oson CAPTAIN EASY • t AS SOON AS I FINISH DON'T VOU Uill'" * KEEL BETTER NOW NUW COME INSIDE WITH THESE COOKIES I I KNOW SOMETHING UNHAPPY AGAIN;r<i THAT SM ILL MAKE ELMO-- NWHW1S THE,TROUBLE JP VJHEELER '.filKE M,.* ^K^ ^^J you write your own material?" SIDE GLANCES ' By Golbroith '« 19U t, NC« kMct, M, TX. «.| U.S. Pit. Of. VI see they've broken the ice—'('suppose the dishes i , ' and furniture will be next!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS r^'li n' V\ , -I v * tJOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WHAT SAY STROLU BY THE SHOPS IPEAS ABOUr WHAT YOL/p LIKE N THE" WAY, OF A CMR1S7MAS GIFT, NOW I NEED A NEW DRESS 1 , GLOVE'S, ^ \< ^ SHOES..-: FIND YOURSELF AJ, NICE GIRL... AND GST PRISCILIA'S POP OUT OUR WAY < ' * « v- f By J, R, Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE , With Mqjor Hoople .'^ ~) HOW'S THIS 7 YOU'Vg / BEEW AFTER ME TO W5LL.THEV SAY VOU START AT THE BOTTOM ANP WO.VK VOUB WAV Ul^ BUT YOU'VE STARTEP AT TH' TOR VOU'P &ETTER WORK YPUR. WAV POWN/ ,A_HUflDKED DOLLARS, VPU % s BEARD, A __..... DAME KEEP VMSEUF TIPIEP UP'A LITTLE MORg,«5O } PUT 5OMB SOAP OM V ^V HAIP TO MAK6 IT IN PLACE/ MORE LUCK THAMTK&. ' TH5 SPOUSE'S UNCLE, A AMSgR .WAS NOT Ae , T* ta. V S- f«- 9" "Sb« itht you s perfymed Jstttr, all right, but if yow a§k mt, it's h«r eld man's " WHY, YOU'VE EVEN §TQPP£P THpM FKQM UQITERING PIP YOU PQTHAT? IA/APT *4ft-A»| V-* W* (W ,- , VY^K j. t, ,9n 1, h,r A .„' u, (I, t,

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